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tv   News  ABC  January 12, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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i'm corrine redmond. a truck driver accused of killing a local professor, the trial begins today. details coming up. >> women are not getting the sleep they need. i'm linda mcmann. we'll tell you why sleep apnea is on the rise in women. >> and, a mississippi judge takes action after a number of pardons by an outgoing governor. coming up, reaction from authorities on the pardon. thursday, january 12th. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. we got you covered with your news, weather and traffic. with the rainy start to the thursday it could affect your commute. let's start with the forecast. hello to meteorologist justin berk. >> hello. so much going on the next 24 hours. we have a lot to discuss. this morning it's heavy rain and a few more bursts coming in. it will end with a windy, warm day and clouds return, a burst of rain to snow overnight. in some places could have a quick inch tomorrow morning, could lead to travel problems.
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let's switch to maryland's most powerful doppler radar, heavy rain, severna park, arnold and annapolis, and just clipping the west side of -- this will be a problem for some of you as we continue to track this. maryland's most powerful doppler radar showing the back side of the rain just north of dc. that's good news, right? watch the wide picture here. we're looking at the arctic boundary to the west. this pivots in behind this system, that's what we expect to be here tomorrow morning. this morning we're close to 50. this afternoon with the rain ending we're close to 630 and there will be -- 60 and there will be winds close to 40 miles per hour. a lot of numbers to throw your way. we'll talk about the cold numbers this weekend in a moment. 5:32. wet problems on the road. here's angela. >> the rain could be a road hazard as roadways are wet and slippery. use caution an reduce speed for the morning commute. let's look live for those of you traveling on u.s. 29 as you navigate, be alert for standing
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water especially in the the southbound direction because we're picking up volume making your way past the clarksville pike. jfx and north avenue, keep in mind, west north avenue and park avenue approaching the jfx police still on scene of an early morning commission there. if -- collision there. the west side at baltimore national pike here. if you're taking mta, expect minor bus delays with the wet roads. also light rail running 15 to 20 minutes behind schedule. today's the sentencing for a truck driver found guilty of killing a stevenson university professor and seriously injuring her son takes place today. it happened in august 2010 outside of cleveland, ohio. corein ' redmond with what is expected today. >> reporter: ed slattery had been on a long and emotional road after the accident that left his wife dead and two sons slattery has even taken the
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fight to capitol hill to try to get tougher laws passed as to how long truck drivers can stay on the road. susan slattery, a professor here at stevenson university was killed. the truck driver behind the wheel was driving a triple trailer at the time of the crash. he's accused of falling asleep at the wheel and crashing into the back of the slattery family car. sentencing will be today in ohio. the law that ed slattery wants to pass is to increase the rest time of truck drivers. he as well as other advocates have been longtime critics of the process. >> we're trying to create a rule that will result in more rest for truck drivers and bringing down the number of deaths and injuries that occur because of tired truckers on the roads. >> reporter: the truck driver was charged by a gj with one -- grand jury with one count of vehicular homicide and two counts of vehicular assault to which he pled guilty to both.
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the former army soldier accused of trying to provide support to terrorist organizations in somalia, after he left the military, will remain behind bars until trial. that's what a judge ruled wednesday. the judge rejected arguments by craig baxam's attorneys that he was naive and impulsive and simply exploring his religion. the owner of a yourshire terrier now held on $200,000 bail on animal cruelty charges after throwing his dog allegedly from the top of a balcony. some good news, that little dog has been released from the falls road animal hospital and recovering at a shelter. he was launched from a two-story balcony in owings mills and thrown some 50 feet. animal control says the dog has serious bumps and bruises and fractured eye socket but is doing much better. we're still awaiting word on the condition of a man trapped under a train in downtown yesterday. this morning subway service is up and running as normal, that was not the case yesterday.
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paramedics were called in to pull a man who was wheelchair-bound from under the tracks of a train at the lexington market station. the man was on the lower level under the subway. city fire officials don't know exactly what led up to the incident but they were able to get him out and he was immediately taken to shock trauma. prosecutors say a podiatrist has been sentenced to 54 months in prison for a plot to bill medicare for nearly $1 million worth of services never performed. bernhart was ordered to pay restitution wednesday according to a plea agreement and forged the name of 200 nursing home patients to submit the false bill. if you're a woman you might have trouble sleeping at night, typically undiagnosed in many women. it's more common for men. linda so explains. >> reporter: you might have sleep apnea and not even know it. the symptoms can be different in women. that is why so many don't even know they have it. that is the case with kathy rossi. she wasn't able to get good
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sleep, was constantly exhausted. it took six doctors and six months to be diagnosed because she didn't have the typical symptoms of sleep apnea. for example, women may not snore, the trademark red flag in men. once kathy was properly diagnosed she slept with a machine that pumps air through airwaves keeping them open. she slept soundly at night, no longer dealt with the exhaustion. >> 4:30 a.m., everybody's asleep. i'm up. >> tired all the time? >> i just want to sleep. >> reporter: those are just some of the faces of the women dealing with sleep apnea. the symptoms some women should look for. at night if you have irregular breathing or gasping, during the day dry mouth, exhaustion or mood changes, signs you could be dealing with sleep apnea and should see a doctor. news around the nation -- some penn state university alum are fuming this morning at the university president, about 600
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gadge everyday in pittsburgh -- gathered in pittsburgh yesterday, emotions running high. some said penn state is trying to fix things after the sex abuse scandal and the allegations involving jerry sandusky. the president is preparing to fix the school's image according to him. other meetings are planned in suburban philadelphia and also new york. we found out overnight the imax tickets for "the dark knight rises" sold out in some cities. the moviesy doesn't come out until july. fans can still buy tickets for san francisco and los angeles but new york has already sold out. those tickets are sold through fandango. this is christopher norwood's final batman movie. having the colors and passion and spirit for the playoff game, but there's a shortage of jerseys for other nfl teams including the bronx. and that guy, number 15, tim tebow. also, the ravens take time out to have a little fun since they
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get ready for the playoff game this weekend. details coming up. why is ray rice sporting that fu man chu? we look at that when we get back from new york and "tech bytes." >> reporter: in "tech bytes" -- new apple speculation. an announcement in new york next week, only saying it's related to education. but "the new york times" reports it will be apple's push into the digital textbook business. steve jobs said he wanted to transform that market. lg is making headlines at the consumer electronics show with its 55-inch television. dan ackerman says it's already a favorite. >> they are incredibly bright and thin. this is only four millimeters thick and you have to see it to understand how insanely slim it is. >> reporter: it's going to be insanely expensive too, $7,000 to 8,000 dollars at first. and a new smart camera, a cross between a smartphone and point and shoot camera. like a phone it runs on android
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and uses wi-fi and 3g, those are your "tech bytes."
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sports news -- broncos fans will not be able to support their team with jerseys because they are already sold out. the team store in denver is running out of jerseys, tim tebow's jersey is especially scarce but not just denver. all teams are running low because reebok stopped making nfl jerseys. they lost that relationship to nike so when they take over that will be april. so fans are just joining the bandwagon and have to wait until next year for the new jerseys and new designs. ravens players having a little fun yesterday.
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ray rice showed up alongside ray lewis sporting the new fu man chu in a salute to joke joke who won more -- joe flacco who won more games in his first four years than any other quarterback in history. joe teased ray rice about his footwear as ray ran around in national national new -- fashionable new shoes. you can start your ravens day off with us. we start at 9:00 a.m. it starts sunday morning alongside jamie costello and scott garceau. broadcasting live from the press box, tailgate for m&t bank stadium. kickoff for the game as you know is set for 1:00 p.m. against the houston texans. good morning to you. we'll have interesting weather by sunday. until then we have interesting weather i think just about
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everyday. here's maryland's most powerful doppler radar and you can see the heavy rain that came through. even tracking some lightning this morning and some of you may have woken up with some of that pushing through perryville, havre de grace, east side of bel air getting socked. looks like bel air getting moderate rain and more from the bay. in towson now, looks like about jacksonville, four corners, picks up a little in towson but there's more. by the way, i'll be in essex later today at our lady of mount carmel store with the wind for change program as we raise money for the cool kids campaign an talk about weather. in annapolis, the worst of the rain is about to depart but we will have strong winds today and then we'll actually be looking for that boundary. this arctic boundary pivots behind us and we're going to have a shot of snow for some tomorrow morning. today though, a warm day, 58 will do it. a mix of clouds and sun and wind, 40 mile-per-hour gusts possible. a check of the roads with angela. >> we've got wet conditions to start off your morning drive.
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we have fog warnings on the chesapeake bay bridge and fire activity in monkton, this is on old york road so watch for equipment in the roadway as you approach sutton drive. another look at i-95, northbound traffic still moving well to 695. and a look at 50 at i-97, watch for an accident on 97 southbound at generals highway. disturbing photographs making their way on-line. up next, what the soldiers are doing and why the marine corps is now concerned about these photos making the rounds on-line. >> and the mississippi judge takes action after a number of pardonons by an outgoing governor. i'm sherrie johnson, hear reaction from the authorities.
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5:47. a mississippi judge forbidding the release of more prisoners after pardoning by governor haley barbour. he issued a temporary injunction wednesday night. and this morning, sherrie johnson with details. a lot of people down south upset about this. >> reporter: yes, a mississippi judge is putting his foot down. this comes after outgoing governor haley barbour approved
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full pardons for 199 people. this includes 14 convicted murderers, five convicts were released sunday. the law requires pardon requests be published 30 days in advance, that didn't happen for some of the people. the state's attorney general says haley barbour often acted as if he were above the law. >> he ran the state and governor's office, didn't follow the law. this is a very simple constitutional provision. the governor just didn't even follow it. it was clear he had to have this information and didn't obtain it before signing the pardons. that caused a public safety issue. these families are afraid out here and these victims have been through a terrible amount, it's a slap in the face to all the law enforcement in the state of mississippi. >> reporter: barbour released a statement explaining 90% of the individuals were nolonger in custody and a majority of them had been out for years. a court hearing on the matter is set for january 23rd. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. shocking images now making
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their way around on-line. it shows men who could be u.s. marines urinating on dead bodies. the video first showed up on line wednesday. mat recent corps is trying to id the four in the video. desecration of bodies by u.s. troops could be considered a war crime. a sixth grader in oklahoma is lucky to be alive after being hit by a school bus. >> i was walking in front and it started to go. it run me over. >> thank god he's here. >> little iowan's troubles began when he tried to cross the street. as the bus began to move he ran but it caught up with him. the bus driver took him to the hospital. he's going to make an impression in show and tell and yes, making his mark with the ladies. a woman driving 100 miles per hour going the wrong way gave drivers in takoma, washington, a scare. the 60-year-old woman was heading north in the southbound
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lanes. troopers say the driver topped 100 mile-per-hour speeds during an 18-mile wrong-way trip. they believe she may have had mixed alcohol with prescription meds. time for a check of the forecast. justin with i-pad in hand. >> people are off early this morning. i was amazed how many people responded to my 3:00 post. jeff at perry hall, good morning to you, dina, christopher, and among the many checking in this morning saying hi and maybe we're up because of the loud rain pounding on your window sill or even thunder. elkton in cecil county, emergency management center, they may lead the charge, close to two inches and you have some still coming down. mount airy you've had an inch and at least 2/3. those are the totals. temperatures mid-40s to near 50 for most of us. the wind ironically a little calm now as this little -- you
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can almost see a little circulation as low pressure rides up i-95 and about to pass bel air. your home barometers are probably really low. heavy rain bel air towards darlington, getting another return in cecil county. a quick look as we've been watching arnold and heaviest rain passing up today and east of essex and dundalk. the worst is over with the rainfall. it's already produced snow and still heavy snow in parts of new england, low pressure and local flooding in new york metro and southern new england today. behind the system we'll be watching -- there's the arctic boundary. that boundary swings our way and i think there's enough moisture left over we could have issues as we head through this time tomorrow morning. so quickly, today's temperatures upper 50s to near 60. most of the rain gone, a break of sun, return of clouds, winds could gust to 40 miles an hour. tonight looking at 31 degrees and after midnight rain could change to a quick inch of snow especially near baltimore north. we could have a travel issue
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tomorrow that we will pay attention to. we're back to 42 and windy tomorrow. 30s this weekend and still a chance of flurries or light snow sunday. as ady to head out for the thursday morning commute we have slippery conditions and already dealing with a couple of collisions. the accident reported on 97 southbound at generals highway has been moved off to the shoulder but they are now on the scene of yet another collision, 97 southbound at 695. for those of you taking the drive on u.s. 29, here's a live look at the southbound lanes where volume is increasing. making the drive from i-70 all the way to route 32. here's another live look at 50 and i-97, keep in mind accident activity at i-97 near 695. devastating scene in haiti, two years ago. up next, what agencies are doing to still try to get the country back on its feet. and nickelodeon's kids choice awards a show like any other.
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who will be this year's host? i'll give you a pretty good guess. it's going to be will smith. you're watching "good morning maryland."
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baltimore city celebrating martin luther king monday. the parade featuring 55 organizations from across the mid-atlantic region will honor the leader. it will begin at the intersection of martin luther king boulevard and eutaw street and ends on baltimore street, that is monday at noon. today marks the two-year anniversary of the massive earthquake that hit haiti sending that struggling nation into a tailspin. relief organizations estimate more than 300,000 were injured and 00,000 schools damaged or destroyed. 500, 000. and one million left homeless. will smith will host the kids choice awards on nickelodeon for the 25th year, not him doing it. , the show has been around for 25 years. it will be march 31st in l.a. he recently finished filming "men in black iii" due out in may and then will work on a movie co-starring his son jaden.
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low levels of funkyicide found in orange juice. is the public at risk? and the latest on the death on the -- the investigation into the death of natalie wood. and our transit system facing criticism for things like this. yeah. you saw that. we'll show you more when "good morning maryland" continues in the 6:00 hour. [ male announcer ] introducing kfc's new weekend bucket.
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10 freshly prepared pieces just 11 bucks. any recipe. any way. only saturday and sunday. so pick up a bucket right now. and make this weekend one to remember. today tastes so good. i'm corrine redmond. police are looking for two suspects in a home invasion in bethesda. details coming up. >> there's talk of another sales tax increase coming from annapolis. i'm sherrie joso


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