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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 12, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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. hell o,h ske a look at the best stories and videos the web has to offer, "right this minute." her name is imajean, but police say it should be "i'm a criminal." she was accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband. hear about the sting that
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shocked the whole neighborhood. >> i thought they were the ideal couple. >> some robbery suspects make it real easy for police. >> what's hanging out of the trunk of that car. >> here's a clue. it's evidence. >> not the most inconspicuous getaway by these guys. >> their proposal video was picked as a best of the internet. >> high five, internet. >> we're checking in with charles and allie trippy who reveal their newlywed adventures. >> i knew he would never have done that if it were not going to be on film. >> pranks are so great. >> until they go wrong. >> see why pretending to rob a store clerk might not be the best idea. >> give me your money! it's time to get things started and our first story is just going to make you go, what? in the town of aaron, tennessee, imajean lowry, a 70-year-old grandmother was accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband of 12 years.
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>> according to the tennessee bureau of investigation imajean lowry was putting out feelers around town trying to find out how to hire a hitman. it wasn't a real hitman she was hearing, it was a tennessee bureau of investigation agent undercover agent. >> how do you put feelers out for something like that? let me just ask around, see -- >> put a craigslist ad out. i'm looking for someone who's going to kill my husband. >> the deal was made on the lowry's front porch. >> our undercover agent met with her on her front porch. she told him that she would give him $5,000 if he killed her husband and the reason she wanted him killed was because she was desperate for money and she was the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. >> and the payout is $65,000. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's it? >> the lowry's neighbor dorothy helped get mr. lowry out of the house so that the tbi investigators could take over. >> so the lowrys still married
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or are they in couple's counseling after this? >> according to reports, imajean is in jail under $200,000 bond. but the sad part about this is imajean lowry is disabled and mr. lowry had been the person who helped her in and out of the home, built a ramp in the back of her house so she could get in and out of the house easily. >> i thought they were just the ideal couple. i would look at them and think, i hope when i get that way my husband is that nice to me. >> she's going to have new people taking care of her now. this is surveillance video taken in july of last year. apparently this businessman whose name is miguel sekal is asking the valet to help him change a flat tire. the valet refuses because its is not his job responsibility and he can't leave his post. this is what happens. >> people make me sick. this guy is doing his job, he has other people's keys back
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there he's watching. he can't leave. >> there are people around trying to assist and the guy still kicks him. >> he then gets on the phone to call the building's manager, and as he's complaining about this guy not helping him, goes around the counter again and starts beating hugo again. the reason i'm just showing you this video is because it was released two days ago by human rights groups and organizations in mexico. >> this video is highlighting the issue of the class system that exists in the country. >> hugo was finally able to escape through the security door in the back. but the beating did leave him with two broken teeth and injuries to his mouth. even though this happened in july, because he has no money, he hasn't been able to treat the injuries to his mouth. >> this guy with the porsche should have to pay for his injuries. >> according to prosecutors, he has been charged for the beating. mr. secal is known to have very aggressive behavior. a couple years ago he was cited for parking illegally and a reporter was there, caught it.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> he's being completely profane toward the reporter and also goes on to be physically aggressive and reach and grab the camera. people on-line have really been vocal about justice for this guy. they're even posting this guy's address so people can go and beat him up. imagine if there was a sobriety pill. a pill that would take away the effects of drinking copious amounts of alcohol. there's a chemical compound called dihidro or dhm. an extract taken from a raisin tree in china. they have been using it for years as a hangover cure. they gave rats the equivalent of 15 to 20 beers. >> what? >> they put them on their backs and it took them 70 minutes to get back on their feet. after they gave them the dhm, in
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five minutes the ekffects of th alcohol were gone. think about the classic movies like we've seen like "animal house" "revenge of the nerds" or "the hang overover," this would be a great thing cutting back on the number of duis people would have. here's the problem. how do you think this would affect people who have alcohol problems? >> even if it takes away the feeling of being drunk, it's not going to take away the negative effects of alcohol on things like your liver. >> i would be very scared at the side effects of what this pill may have. it might increase the amount of drunk driving cases because people could say i'm drunk but i had one of those pills, i'm fine to drive. >> you may not be feeling drunk but you're still considered legally drunk. >> does this sober you up or make you feel better. >> this actually is supposed to help you sober up. but it also is a treatment for hangover symptoms. >> never happened to like a couple advil and a big fat hamburger. >> there was another drug once
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they tried to put on the market they hoped would encourage people to drink less, but it actually had the converse effects. sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, especially if you're a tv reporter trying to catch breaking news. eric barahas a reporter for ktrk in houston and take a look out the window he grabs his iphone, there's a pontiac grand prix being chased by police. what's hanging out of the trunk of that car? >> a washing machine? >> it's a safe. >> oh. >> 30pound safe. ot thet inconspicuous getaway by these guys. it had just been stolen from kevin and lynn keller's home. neighbors saw the guys burglarizing the home. police were on top of the car and a chase started. look up ahead. the guys bailed out in the middle of the highway, jumped over the median and into
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oncoming traffic to get away. the grand prix wasn't quite up to the job because it wound up catching fire in the middle of the highway. >> where are there flames in the middle of the freeway. >> the three face charges of burglary and evading police. police are not releasing their names to see if they are related to other burglaries in the neighborhood. >> they don't make trunks big like in cars like they used to. >> pretty crazy circumstances and we're all laughing at this, which is okay because they got their safe back. they said our safe is going to be bolted to the floor and it's got a great story to tell now. so, why would these people roll around on leftover food? >> this will cure them of skin conditions. >> seriously? we'll tell you why some want to kill this ritual. and the trunk gets stuck in the water. >> but wait. there's more. >> then it gets stuck deeper in the water. >> but wait.
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there's more. >> then it tries to get out. >> but wait. there's more. >> you'll have to wait to see what happens next, because there's more.
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. >> an age-old ritual in india is causing some controversy today. i want to see what you guys think about it. look at this video that we're seeing from news 9. you see these people rolling around on the ground, right? this is called the modasnana ritual. members of the lower social cast in india roll around by food eaten by the entire cast. we're saying them roll around in plan tain leaves that the members of the higher cast were eating off of. they say followers believe that this will cure them of skin conditions. >> that's the hardest part to come to terms with, the fact
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that they believe that by doing this, they will relieve these skin issues. >> 25 religious leaders are trying to get the government to ban this ritual. they say that this is, quote, inhum inhuman, unacceptable and used by those in the higher cast system to demean those beneath them. >> it is humiliating and shocking so many people are still participating, that this has carried into the 21st century. follow the butterflies, take one. ♪
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steven, why show another cat video when we can show another really cool dog video. >> you're speaking my language. >> this is beagle the dog who loves to -- >> hold on. his name is beagle? >> he is a beagle. >> he is a beagle. >> this is a lemon beagle, named mamo who loves his toys. so much, he won't let go. >> i feel like this is like dog pilates. i feel like if there was a dog pill lat itties gym, this would be what they're doing in that dog pill lat itties gym. they're building their jaw strength and also strengthening their core. their doggy core at the same time. >> can i point out his expression as he's going around th . >> this is fun. >> this what is dogs love to do, they get a workout, they have fun. >> this is like a solid weekend for this guy. you know, remember back on saturday when i was swinging around on that chew toy, that was a good time. a few weeks ago i brought
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you guys this video. do you remember this? the wedding of charles and allie trippy. >> i remember it now. >> they have a website called and a youtube channel, charles trippy, where they basically do a daily blog of their lives. this is one of their latest videos. of the hufington post" poste top ten best proposal videos on the internet. >> wow. >> yeah. >> that's awesome. >> high five internet. >> as you can see, the proposal was on day 157. we're almost at day 1,000 now. and it's hugely popular. >> it's exhausting for me to think about how much work it takes for them to be able to keep up with this blog. >> their youtube channel has over 9 million views, total upload views 81 million, right this minute we have charles and allie trippy via skype. hi, welcome to shows.
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>> hi. >> how do you do this all day every day and why? >> after doing it so long, it's got like habitual, i guess. it becomes part of your day. >> how long do you produce your lives? >> went skydiving early on in the videos and i know he would never have done that if it were not going to be on film. one of the major things people have said to us over and over again is that there's just kind of like a resounding positivity surrounding all this and i feel like that's one of the major points that's like a really -- like a driving force for us. >> when you guys have grandkids, how are you going to tell them your story if they've already seen it? >> i think it's really cool. my father used beat percussion drums for greg allman for ten or 15 years. as a kid i remember him like telling me stories, whatever dad. you weren't cool. my dad, got gold records. my dad is pretty cool. and now when i have kids or
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grandkids and stuff, they try to say that stuff to me, want to see what i did? look at this. it's a tie game, a few seconds left and a final shot. >> think about how awesome that guy felt the next day in school. >> the shot seen around the web, next. and some crazy beautiful video. the kind of video you get to enjoy here on "right this minute." here's a friendly reminder.
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steven it's been a while, but i have to say it, to russia. >> i knew it was coming. >> yeah. this guy somehow swamped his truck in a river lake, i'm not sure, but he's all the way na the cab. the thing is kind of to the side. he's not going to let it go. so do you think he thought this was like, i don't know, a couple inches deep and i can make it across that, right? >> no problem. i've got a big truck. ♪ >> cool. there's a whole other axle back there. >> yes. >> but wait, there's more. he kind of wiggles this thing back and forth. crawls out of it. he has a whole flatbed trailer. how deep is that water? >> oh, no. >> do you think he's like, you know what, get this truck really stuck, film this and see if i can get out. >> love the video.
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>> this video is [ inaudible ]. ♪ time-out. time-out. our website is hanging out there on the web, right this minute, waiting for you to drop by. just saying you could go check out some videos after the show or you could upload some. whatever. now back to the game. it's basketball season everywhere, pros, college, even high school. we've got video of a buzzer beater from a high school basketball game in nebraska. as you can see, 37-37. 3.8 seconds left in the game. >> it's a nail biter. >> nail biter. >> inbounds here to number 15. this guy takes a shot as he's falling out of bounds and sinks it. this thing goes over the top of the backboard. >> is that legal? >> yeah. because it didn't hit anything and, you know, there are a few seats where you can be behind
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the basket and the angle he shot it, it went over top and sunk it. that thing is legal. >> i didn't go to this school, i don't know this basketball team but i feel like rushing the court right now. >> don't you? think about how awesome that guy felt next day in school. >> like just walking. i would wear all my basketball stuff to school the in exday. >> jersey, shorts,everything. what's up. tt sme. whatever. >> know which one i was? >> show us. >> down by the ref, on the bench, this was me. i was doing stats. >> okay. >> yeahp. >> oh. >> good shot, jimmy. >> cool. >> is this by number 16. >> awesome for him, stinks for the other team. great shot. in the wild, anything can happen and when there are two lions fighting for their territory, this is what happens. >> whoa! >> they play. >> oh, wow. >> getting play time.
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>> that scared me. i thought they were coming to eat him. >> i don't think they're full grown lionesses. >> they're lion cubs and when they saw the dog, look, they're their friend. this encounter took place in horseback, africa in south africa. >> you know what this reminds me the scene out of "ghost busters". >> dogs and cats living together. >> i wonder how this relationship will change once these lions are full grown. >> i think those lions will show the dog who's boss. >> pretty soon the lions will be a little bigger than that dog. >> a little bit. >> yeah. the robber approaches the store. what will happen when he enters? >> he straight up punched him. >> h marinara.
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>> so it's code. >> huggy motion. >> quiet on set, please. huggy motion. ♪ >> [ inaudible ]. ♪ >> [ inaudible ]. ♪ >> want to go potty? go potty. >> they're so great. >> yes, they are. >> until they go wrong. >> my great halloween mask and i'm going to fake -- >> i'm going to --
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>> these brilliant pranksters are going to prank their clerk friend at a convenience store in the middle of the night. >> oh, i see where this is going. >> with a robbery attempt. >> not a good idea. >> this is stupid. >> the poster of the video did say they have absolutely no intention of actually robbing the store. so i guess they just really wanted to freak the friend out. >> i don't know. >> oh, no. >> give me your money, give me your money! >> the friend that is working at the store, sees the robbery coming. this guy jumps out and he smacks them back, heeding the gun, the weapon, straight up punches him. >> the worker here should show the video to his boss and say i deserve a raise. >> yeah. >> what's going to happen if a robber comes in here, i'm going to sock him in the face. >> it was a joke. it was a joke! are you okay, man? it with az joke. >> why would you do that?
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what did you think i was going to do? >> i think it's funny. >> his shoe. >> sounds like he's the only smart one of this little friendship trio. >> he's the one who has a job. the rest of tese gu are drivinground in the middle of omeby. >> the crkas a whole new level of street cred. >> yeah. >> without hesitation, didn't wait a second. >> you want my money here -- >> it was a joke! >> you may say it's a prank gone wrong but i think everything went perfectly. >> yeah. >> it was a joke. it was a joke. that's going to do it for today's show. we're going to leave you with a look at matthew's shots of the alps at night. it's beautiful footage. enjoy. we'll see you tomorrow.
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. now, abc news at five. >> we have been following the family for more than a year after a truck driver changed their lives forever. now we learn what's next for the truck driver. >> the governor will have to look me and the family in the eye and say i will let this guy go. there wasn't any of that. that's the coward's way out. >> families in an up roar after the out going governor of mississippi pardons inmates including murder. and the worse excuse have you given for being late for work? hopefully not as bad as my cat had the hiccups. take a look outside. traffic moving, looking at 29 and maryland 108. it was a beautiful day but give it a minute and it could change and change is heading our wait a minute good evening and thank you for joining us. let's


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