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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 13, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. the first major winter storm packing a wallop right now across the midwest. snarling commutes, canceling hundreds of flights. it's heading east. sam is tracking it all live from the growing snow zone. and breaking news about the danger of what is on your breakfast plate. bacon an sausage could be a no no. troubled star. paramedics rush to heather locklear's house after a 911 call from her sister. and hero grandma. a gutsy woman, told that a bomb was vaped to her leg, put her
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life on the line to save a bank full of people. she and her husband speak out exclusively right here. oh, that's right. friday the 13th. mm. we have a half foot of snow and rising rite now, from chicago to buffalo. now new england in the storm's sights. sam will have the latest for us. >> he's in chicago this morning. looks like we have a brand new candidate in the presidential race, sort of. stephen colbert announced. we'll talk more about that. >> he is your drinking buddy. a big step forward for lauren scruggs. the milestone in rebuilding her body and her life.
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and big interview this morning with madonna. she really opens up. talks about dating younger men, her kids, her passion project and lady gaga. we begin with the storm hitting the midwest. sam is tracking it all in one of his favorite cities, chicago. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin. this storm hit the snow zone. a good punch of know out of this. the roads in chicago, a good slush. 4 to 8 inches fell in the chicago area. their plows, all of them were out overnight. things are moving in the area. here's the big headline. it's january 13th. this is the first official big snowmaker. the first major snowstorm of 2012 has come barreling in. snow and ice are making roads treacherous from the rock dois the great lakes. in greenfield, wisconsin, it wasn't a lot of snow.
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but it brought the commute the a stand still. and in missouri and iowa, at least three deaths are at tribu tributed to the weather. at midway and o'hare, they're looking for shovels. >> what are they saying, 5, 8 inches out here? i'll be out all night. >> reporter: it brings back memories of massive blizzard last year. at this time, 22.5 inches had fallen last year. up until today, they had less than 2 inches. now the jet stream is working its way south. the midwest, great lakes, and has its eyes set on new england. they could see up to a foot of
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snow in the mountain. take a look t the radar. the big swirl of snow and ice moving into new england. with the rain-snow line in new york state right now. the thing behind the snow may be as bad as the snow itself. the brutal cold air. the real temperatures will be sub preezing every place that gets snow. robin? george? >> we'll get back to you later, sam. not much comfort for the people in chicago. it could be worse. just ask the folks in alaska trying to dig their way out of a record snowfall. ginger zee is here. you kicked sam out in the snow. >> it's a little warm in here, isn't it? this is a serious situation in . folks there are scoffing at snow reports from the lower 48 saying, you want to see know, i'll show you snoep look out my window. wait, you can't see. it's covered.
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they've doubled their annual snow totals and it's still falling. more snow walloping a town buried in 18 feet, yes feet of the stuff. valdez suffering under 26 feet. one apartment building and at least six homes have been evacuated. >> people have been shoveling from 4:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. everyone is exhausted. >> reporter: the primary concern, structural damage. there's enough snow to cover two-story homes. roofs are stressed and collapsing. businesses are closed. schools and banks have not opened all week. there is nowhere left to put the snow that's shovelled. the national guard will be back out shoveling today. though hundreds of people are still on waiting list for help. meanwhile in nome, it's not snow but bitter cold causing a
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crisis. temps are as low as 30 below zero. they've been waiting for days to get fuel from a tanker. new reports, it's ten miles from the coast. >> 30 below, it's hard to get out and kick up your heels. if the tanker comes in, i think we'll do that. >> to get rid of the snow, cordova has bought a snow melter. now to the potentially dangerous fallout from the marine video viral all over the world. it shows four elite fighters desecrating the bodies of dead taliban. leon panetta condemned the video and reached out to allies in the muslim world. >> reporter: all four of the ma fleens the video have now been identified and two have already been interviewed by naval
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criminal investigators. criminal charges could be announced as early as today. two of them are at camp lejeune. the other two now with another unit are expected to be interviewed soon. the four seen on the tape were part of the third battalion, second marines. they were in afghanistan last year. one may be back in afghanistan again. investigators are not only probing war crimes charges and bringing dishonor to the military, which could mean jail time. they also want to know the circumstances of the death. who they are, why they were killed. four marines were part of a scout sniper team. they're highly trained elite forces that kill with precision long-range weapons. >> there's concern that the video would upend delicate negotiations just beginning with the taliban. >> reporter: that's right.
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the statements have been nonstop sh, calling the incident deplorable. demanding the investigation. lessons have been learned since abu ghraib. how will this affect the peace talks with the taliban? they said it would still participate. overnight, it became clear they may use this to weaken the u.s. position. >> okay, we'll be watching that. thank you very much. let's go to josh for the other top stories. breaking news out of houston. police have issued an amber alert for an 18-month-old boy there. evan montgomery's mother left him and his sister in the car while she ran to an atm. this man walked to them. evan's sister managed to escape the car. the man stole the family jeep, possibly not knowing that evan
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was inside. police are hoping the suspect will do the right thing and drop evan off somewhere safe. a developing story in new orleans overnight. police had to evacuate their head quarters after two live grenades were foundout side the building. they were in a car used earlier in a deadly home invasion. it took about an hour before they were safely disarmed. a warning for people that shop at bed bath & beyond. the company is urging anyone that bought metal tissue holders because they claim very low levels of radiation. they contain cobalt 60. it's used in medical devices. and escaping for pring break just got more expensive. first it was delta. now these major airlines are following suit jacking up fares. a larger than usual increase.
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southwest has raised fares as well. chaos turning to violence outside an apple store in beijing. a crowd of at least 1,000 people pelting the store with eggs. attacking a security guard, after the store refused to open on time. people had been waiting for hours in freezing weather joer night. one man said he traveled for two days just to get to the store. because of the violence, apple is delaying the sales of the new phone. finally, the showdown that so many of us have been waiting for is nearly here. tim tebow and tom brady. the big winner may just be some casino own neers in vegas. the broncos-patriots played last month. it set a gambling record that
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time. the bron kroes 13-point underdogs right now. two-thirds of the bets made for tomorrow's game have been coming in on tebow and the broncos. >> would you take 13? >> it's going to be -- 41-23 was the score the last time around. if the broncos can run the ball, they can -- they can stay close. >> you didn't mention the saints so i'm not talking to you. >> i only have so much time. >> i think the saints go to san francisco and get it done. how about that? >> all right. now i'm talking to you. now to a study creating big headlines. a new warning that the bacon and sausage on your plate right now could increase your risk for cancer. dr. richard besser joins us. big headlines now. the study suggests that if you add a serving a day of bacon or
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sausage, you increase your chances of pancreatic cancer. what more can you tell us? >> for every 50-gram serving you have per day, your risk goes up 19%. they combined seven smaller studies. it's out of sweden. pancreatic cancer is not common. you need to combine the studies to address this question. >> were you surprised by this? >> well, you know, i'm not very surprised. there have already been linked shown between processed meats and colon cancer. you have to be careful combining studies. we know a number of risk factors for pancreatic cancer. when you're combining studies, it's hard to take all of that into account. the question about processed meats and cancer has been swirling around for decades. >> people are still going the eat processed food.
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what is your suggestion to us? and also, what about turkey bacon and apple chicken sausage? is that any better? >> well, let me first put it in perspective. right now, your life time risk of pancreatic cancer is 1.4%. if you have a serving of pro sesds meat per day, it goes up to 1.7%. still very small. we have always said don't eat a lot of processed meats. if you want to cut down on that, look for products that don't have the nitrites. turkey bacon, some of those don't have them. >> all right, rich. thank you very much. now to the breaking news overnight about heather locklear. she was rushed to the hospital after a frantic 911 call from her sister.
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abbie boudreau joins us with more. >> reporter: more hard times for heather locklear. everyone feared the worst after a 911 call yesterday. the 50-year-old star was rushed to the emergency room thursday afternoon. media reports say she allegedly took prescription drugs and alcohol. radaronline says her sister was worried about heather's state of mind and was afraid locklear would harm herself. paramedics responded around 2:00 p.m. they determined she needed medical attention and rushed her to the hospital. all of this comes two months after breaking off her engagement to jack wagner. source say she was distraught over her relationship. her representatives did not respond to our phone calls or e-mails for comment. in these pictures, locklear can
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be seen with a drink in hand. online, some saying she looked wasted as her friend playfully takes the drink away from the actress. it's not clear if it had alcohol in it. >> not until you straighten out -- >> reporter: it's not the first time she's faced difficulties like this. >> the last few years, she's had a lot of problems with substance abuse. a dui. a reported suicide attempt. >> reporter: she divorced richie sambora. two years later, she was arrested for driving under the influence of prescription medication. she went to rehab. she went back to rehab two years ago. >> people want her to get through this and get back on her feet. >> reporter: locklear's parents say the actress is in no danger. she'll be just fine. hospital officials say they plan to release her later today.
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everyone wishing her the best and hoping she'll have a full recovery. george? let's get another check of the weather from sam in chicago. >> good morning, everybody. good morning. we are live in chicago this morning. this is the thing chicago likes to do. handle these snowfalls and handle them well. let's get to the boards. the air coming in behind the snow is brutally cold. these windchills are 2, 3 degrees below zero. this air will hang around for a couple of days. here's what the weather looks like in new england. inland areas and mountain areas will pile up the snow. a quick look at the board.
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>> well, it is friday. friday the 13th, by the way. that weekend get away forecast was brought to you by royal caribbean international. >> are you in the middle of the
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street? you might want to get out of it. >> i'm standing closer to the edge of the street. that would be more of the middle. i'm kind of more on the edge. >> just getting a few tweets, people worried about your safety. a splashy new possible candidate in the presidential race. stephen colbert saying he might be getting ready to run. abc's john berman has the details. >> reporter: what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the south carolina primary? comedy? maybe not. it's not that paul, santorum and beginning irish are not funny. they just could use some help. boy, are they getting it from stephen colbert. while you were sleeping, the race for president got funnier. >> i'm proud to announce i'm forming an exploratory committee to lay the ground work for my possible candidacy of the president of the united states of south carolina.
7:19 am
i'm doing it! drop them, jimmy! >> reporter: stephen colbert who is from south carolina, has been out thing a poll that shows him ahead of jon hundredsmtsman the. >> clearly, it's a tough decision. you wouldn't want to be in my shoes. >> reporter: he told one political expert there needs to be an alternative. >> there is one man that can beat him in south carolina. >> i know, george. i shave him every morning. >> reporter: he's been talking about this campaign to talk about the strange parts of the campaign finance laws. the superpacs. unlimited donations as long as they're separate from their campaign. overnight, he under the over control of his superpac to jon stewart. there are big, uncommitted
7:20 am
endorsers out there. sarah palin is not yet sold on romney. >> i'm still with the majority, searching. >> reporter: and donald trump says -- >> i'm thinking strongly about somebody. >> reporter: could it be his favorite somebody? back to stephen colbert, who this week made a key promise. >> when you announce you're coming on? >> if i announce, george. i just -- you have to give me some space. this is an incredibly important decision. i'm asking you to respect my and my family's privacy. >> that sounds like a yes. it should be noted, there's though way for him to get on the ballot right now. they don't allow write-ins in south carolina. so, this is kind of all fake. >> i got an e-mail overnight. >> so, we'll see if stephen colbert will be on this week. because george is going to be back on "this week" as we count down to south carolina. coming up on "gma," the hero
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now maryland's most he powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. we have ourselves icy spots this morning and sections of carroll county and there's been stickage. most of it is out of here.
7:27 am
winters mill 28 and winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. 29 in towson and 30 bel air and most of the snow is out only minor stickage hereford zone and manchester and hampstead icy spots and angela will talk about it in a moment. it's out of here with leftover flurries and there could be more flakes flying. most of the snow back in towards the mound mountains. we miss out on the storm cranking up heavy snow central p.a. and cranks in the wind. a wind advisory gusts of 45 miles per hour and we are stuck in the 30s today and there could be a few more flurries. here angela with more on the ice. >> reporter: that's right. this is the third accident in that vicinity this morning. we are get evening accident reported in sykesville near richards lane use caution and we are dealing with wet conditions and windy conditions. still got wind warnings on the chesapeake bay bridge. let's look live at traffic on u.s. 29. southbound very heavy and packed. making your way through the elkridge region to route 32a
7:28 am
live look at 95. pretty good right here at 43 but we are stop and go passing 43 heading down to 895 split. officials from the health department will be at george washington elementary school answering questions about scarlet fever. three students from the school have been diagnosed with the disease and the school system says they are in the same class and since that diagnosis, the school has been cleaned anddisinfected. stay with abc2 and for the latest. now back to new york for more "good morning america" and another check of weather and traffic coming up in half an hour. see you then.
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that is the courageous grandmother who put her life on the line to save a bank full of people. she thought a bomb was strapped to her leg. and she ran out the door. and she now speaks exclousively, right here to robin, about the stunning move that stunned the man that held her up. >> she said she didn't want anybody to get hurt. listen to this. [ my husband was just shot. >> a wife's stunning call to 911. why police suspect it was a fake. and suspect her of being the one to pull the trigger.
7:31 am
and now the story of lauren scruggs. the model who stepped into the proe peril. we have new information on that today. now to the arkansas couple terrorized by a man who said he strapped a bomb to betty davis' leg. we're going to talk to the cup until a moment. first, abc's linsey davis is here with this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we're learning much more about the harrowing moments. that suspect is cooling his heels in jail now. police say this man, paul bradley, tied up betty davis' husband, dean, on monday, before strapping a make believe bomb to her leg, driving to this bank, and demanding she take $10,000
7:32 am
out of the bank. he's nearly a senior citizen himself. police say bradley is 59 years old. and a long-time acquaintance of dean's. he saw him at a coffee shop last week. >> one morning, he paid for my coffee hen he got up and left. and -- i'd like to see him to pay him that back, being's he didn't get any money. >> reporter: monday morning, pradly waited for dean to leave his home for coffee. >> the suspect feigned an injury to get mrs. davis to open her door. >> reporter: police sau say bradley was wearing a mask, grabbed davis, and held her hostage. when dean returned, he was tied up. bradley drove betty to the bank.
7:33 am
when the bomb squad arrived, they found davis outside. >> i'm old. i've led a long life. a good life. i certainly didn't want nobody injured because of me. and so -- i just took a chance. and i -- and -- run out. >> reporter: police say bradley had already fled. they now say surveillance video shows him at a local store buying items used in the kidnapping. they say the daviss were also instrumental in his arrest. >> if we have to have victims, we could haven't had better people than the davis. >> reporter: bradley allegedly showed davis the denice and said it was a detonator. she thought it was a bomb and what courage she exhibited under fire. >> thank you very much. joining us from arkansas, betty and dean davis. so good to see you this morning. i know, like everybody, relieved that a suspect is in custody.
7:34 am
betty, tell us what happened when he came to your door monday morning. >> i was -- had just got up and turned the tv off and was headed for the kitchen and the doorbell rang. i went to the front door and looked out the window. there was nobody there. and so then i heard a tapping on the back door. so i went to the back door. and i picked up my cell phone as i went. and i looked out and opened the door, and the man was out there and he was crouched down. he told me -- he said, mrs. davis, i have fallen and hurt myself. can you help me? >> he knew your name. a lot about where your husband was and had really been watching you all and so he ties you up. dean, you come home, and he ties you up as well. betty, when did he strap what he said was a bomb on your leg?
7:35 am
>> he strapped the bomb on my ankle just before we left. that was the last thing he did. and then we went out the door. >> you're in the car. you're both going to the bank. and at some point, didn't he pull you over and say something to you? >> we drove and we got clear to town. very little traffic on that end of town. it's ten miles over there. but just about five blocks from the bank, he pulled me over. and he put a different color mask on. he had a black mask on then. he told me he wanted to warn me one last time that that bomb he could set it off at any time. i was to -- talk to nobody. i was not to write nothing. or anything. or he would just blow up me and the bank. >> and you had something else in mind. when you entered the bank, you told the material you had something strapped to you.
7:36 am
and then you ran for the hills. not thinking of yourself. but thinking of others. wants to make sure you didn't hurt anybody, is that right? >> well, i gave the girl the check. and she asked for my i.d. i gave her the i.d. then she went to get the money and count it, and i didn't keep that much right there. he wanted it all in 100s. i guess the man brought some out of the safe. man was there just a little ways away. and -- i just told the man, that i was forced to come here. i had a bomb on my ankle. i was getting out. and i ran out the door into the parking lot. and, of course, the bank was immediately shut down. and locked down. and i was left standing out there. i knew they would call the police. you know, there was lots of people in there workers and
7:37 am
everything. if he had blown the bank up there would have been a lot of people hurt or killed. >> i know you were thinking of those people and didn't want that to happen. dean, when all this is going on, you're tied up at home. i can only imagine what was going through your mind? >> i really never thought nothing until they left. and then after they went out, why, i -- i thought, well, he wouldn't bring her back like he said. and i -- i was just thinking of her. never really thought about anything else. >> we're so very thankful that you thought as quickly as you did, betty, and that everything turned out okay. seven a everybody is all right now? >> oh, yeah. >> everybody is all right. maybe i can get a full night's sleep now. >> you have earned it. you deserve it.
7:38 am
and so much more. have a great weekend. thank you both very much. bless you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> they have been married for 51 years. >> what a story. she told it well. >> she did. time for the weather again. sam is in chicago this morning. good morning, again, sam. >> good morning, robin and george. that is one brave lady. good news for northern areas. they have not had accumulating snow yet. now they do. this snow was manageable for a lot of areas. see the traffic accidents in wisconsin. about 6 inches of snow on the ground. their season total is so far 7 inches. they have not had much at all. that's been the story across the northern part of the country. here's what the maps look like. we have the snow system that pulls out of this area. goes right across northern new england. there is lake-effect snow out of this system. exactly what you would expect.
7:39 am
if you're looking for warm air, go to the >> all that weather was brought to you by folger's. we're live in chicago for the first accumulating snowfall of the season. >> okay, sam, thanks. coming up, inside a shocking murder case. is this woman a grieving widow or a scheming killer? ♪ mountain-grown aroma coming through ♪ ♪ a new challenge waits for you ♪ ♪ ♪ jumpin' into something new ♪ you really see all you can do ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up
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[ female announcer ] using less never felt so good. we all go... why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft. now to the cold blooded family crime out of texas. a mom is accused of killing her husband with a shot to the head while her 4-year-old daughter was in the house and then concocting a series of elaborate cover stories that the police didn't buy. ryan owen has more. >> reporter: the coverup is often worse than the crime? this woman is accused of murder. it's difficult to think of anything worse than that. but her coverup is no doubt worthy of an academy award. >> what is the emergency? >> reporter: a panic-stricken wife calls 911. she's so distraught that the dispatcher can't understand her. >> my husband was shot. >> reporter: detectives said her
7:44 am
tears, her hysteria, all an act. this morning, 42-year-old michelle williams is charged with murder. accused of shooting her husband, greg, and concocting story after story to cover it up. it took police months to unravel the truth. this murder happened back in october. in a well-to-do suburb of dallas. the first story, the one she told 911. an intruder broke in, hit her over the head, and murdered her husband. >> somebody was in the house. [ inaudible ] and he's shot in the head. >> reporter: officers found no science of forced entry. the neighbor's security camera showed no one approached the house that night. so michelle williams allegedly came up with story number two. she told detectives her husband committed suicide, she hit herself with a wrench and staged
7:45 am
a breakin so her-year-old daughter wouldn't find out that her dad killed herself. police didn't buy that one either. >> you walk into the house and see pieces of evidence all in one small area. that is very suspicious. >> reporter: detectives say here's the real story. they allege williams stood a foot away from her husband and shot him in the head. but only after she turned up the volume on their bedroom tv so no one would hear the gunshot. the big question for police this morning, the mystery is what is the motive? they so far have found no evidence of a troubled marriage. they have seized michelle williams' computer and other evidence in search of that. we reached out to her attorney. we have not heard back so far. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and the big exclusive interview with madonna. [ female announcer ] don't just moisturize, improve the health of your skin
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here's "the play of the day." >> a lot to get to. can we take a look at the wardrobe here? >> he's been giving me a hard time. >> you look great. you look great. >> it's friday. >> friday get away. and how. lots to get to. a big blooper at a game there with the utah jazz. they give a birthday cake to somebody h in the stands virtually every game. not supposed to -- whoa. whoa. >> the killer sheet cake. >> wow. that's -- that wasn't supposed to happen. it was -- everybody was fine, though. and the fans did get -- they got the cake in each other's face. it was fabulous. >> bo-fer. bo-fer. >> check out willow the dog. i have to believe it is willow's best day ever. the owners throw a --
7:51 am
>> good girl. >> the owners throw a ball into the pile of leaves. ♪ you ain't no friend of mine >> where's the dog? there she is. all right, willow. that's great. >> i love the ears. >> and where's willow? where's willow? and with the ball. oh, that's tremendous. coming up, the one, the only, madonna. ♪ ♪ baby, baby, come along ♪ baby, baby, come along with me ♪ [ air horn blows ] ♪ i love you and i need you ♪ just to hug and squeeze you ♪ baby, why can't you see? [ female announcer ] the space of a small suv.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. just about 8 temperatures now into the 20s bel air towson and especially this little area south of westminster. mount airy this is a triangle that had numerous accidents this morning. and because of icy conditions, angela will talk about. precipitation 31 arnold and 36 in edgewater but we have basically a break in the cloud right now. precip out of here. could be flurries skirting across the north side and again just the same out of most of the storms we have had all
7:57 am
winter. getting wind crank up. this is a big snow maker ohio up to p.a. and new york state but for us, it's about the wind maybe a flory. gusts to 45 miles per hour. and temperatures holding in the 30s or near below freezing in some spots. and we will all drop back down into the 20s tonight. let's check on that traffic once again with angela. >> reporter: justin you are correct. we are getting several reports of icy conditions and yet another accident in the mount airy area. use caution if you need to travel near sykesville mount airy or eldersburg. baltimore police on scene of an accident involving a pedestrian. this is on west coldspring lane. new green spring avenue. use caution in that vicinity. a live look at traffic flow. for those of you make the drive on 29 we are moving very slowly southbound 29, 108 to past route 32 and a live look at the beltway baltimore national pike west side delays starting at 795 and continued to baltimore
7:58 am
national pike and top side slow from harford around 2 charles street and jfx southbound drains at 659 passing coldspring lane. now back to new york for more "good morning america.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ yes, josh, already hugged that baby. he was out earlier. you voted for your favorite contemporary madonna song and "ray of light" the big winner. just ahead, a very revealing interview with the superstar. cynthia mcfadden has a way of getting people to open up. making them feel comfortable. this story had everyone talking. a sign of the times. this couple.
8:01 am
desperate to have a child. how they went about sit probable something you have not heard of before. it's growing rite now. we'll tell you about it ahead. and lara is in las vegas. getting ready to judge the miss america pageant. >> one more day. it's very exciting. the judges, myself, and the contestants, have been here for a week. spending so much time with them has completely changed my ideas on the miss america organization. we're going to give you a look at the girls' lives all week. we'll hear from their parents. we have learned some of their outlandish secrets. >> i can hear in your voice. it was a late night, wasn't it, last night for you guys? >> we judged the last night of the prelims. it ended at 11:00. we did the voiceovers for the piece you're about to see. i had to be up at about 2:45 to
8:02 am
be with you now. it's all good, baby. it's vegas, baby. >> looking forward the that. we're going to begin with some breaking news first reported by martha raddatz. criminal charges could be filed as early as today against the marines seen on video urinating on the bodies of taliban fight ners afghanistan. the charges could result in jail time. a new warning to iran this morning. telling the leaders that closing the straight of hormuz would be a quote red line unquote. iran has threatened to close it in retaliation of new sanctions. there's word of a potential new merger in the airlines industry. delta is considering mernlging
8:03 am
with american airlines. u.s. airways is considering a possible bid, too. a search is under way in houston for an 18-month-old boy abducted from a walmart parking lot. evan montgomery's mom left him in her jeep while she ran to the atm. a man stole the jeep moments later with evan inside. evan's 7-year-old sister was able to escape. authorities are hoping that the suspect does return evan some place safe. meanwhile, encouraging news this morning for lauren scruggs, the former model recovering from the run-in with the plane propeller. this week, she met with doctors that will give her a pro tetic arm. she's now writing once again. >> hi, i'm lauren scruggs. >> reporter: she's made remarkable strides lately since the plane incident that injured
8:04 am
her entire left side. this week this a blog post, her mother reveals the family's first visit to the team fitting her with the prosthetic arm. she recalls their emotions. anger, hope, disbelief, encouragement, discouragement, sadness. we came out exhausted and a bit hopeful. early this week, lauren wrote her first blog post since the accident. cheryl was so excited her daughter's spark was coming back. my knees felt weak. i got tears in my eyes. i breathed a sigh of relief knowing her passion is beingry unite -- reunited. her top priority in the post? to thank everyone for the love. my heart is so grateful. thank you, dearly, for the sweet
8:05 am
encouragement, the precious words. i'm so thankful for you and your loving hearts and sweet spirits. gratitude and love so far removed from the accident that only six weeks ago left medical professionals wondering if she would even survive. now lauren seasoned her mother credit their faith for helping to guide them through it all. now here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning, josh. oprah is on tonight because she wanted to change the lives and dreams of girls in south africa. now the first class at her school is about to graduate. she talks to us tonight on "world news." this might be for you, robin. every have a day where everything is going your way. one basketball player in north carolina had one of those days. kyle ford, just throw it up at the buzzer. nothing but net. can we see that again, please. slow it down for posterity.
8:06 am
they won the game, 59-48. he should get credit for four points. at least. >> so casual. >> flipping it right in. time to go back to lara in las vegas for the "pop news heat index." good morning, again, lara. >> good morning, robin. while i'm busy here, funnyman steve carrell is busy working on his comedy magic. he's filming a new movie called "burt wonderstone." he's been wowing crowds here with death-defying stunts and gravity-defying hair spray. the film hits theaters in 2013. proof that posing for a camera is not a talent exclusive
8:07 am
to humans. check out this baby seal hamming it up. frolicking in the snow in eastern canada. is that not the cutest thing? oh, my goodness. the seal mistook the photog for a modeling scout. he could teach the girls from "toddlers & tiaras" a thing or two. is this baby hollywood's youngest fan? he's posed for pictures with more than 130 different celebrities at the inch of 1. 60 red carpet events later, she's been snapped with the likes of george clooney, meryl streep, and tom chooruise. tyler is named after the brad
8:08 am
pitt character in the fight club. >> i'm not the only baby snatcher. it makes me happy. i'm in august company. >> you're not the only one with the secret. the secret of the baby. that's it for our abbreviated version of "pop news." we have more to tell you at the end of the to show about this event. now let's get some weather from sam this chicago. >> it's just not fair how you do that. you do vegas, and then you come out the me. and i have a single-digit wind chill. it's not fair. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want you to know about. there are 14 states with winter weather warnings, watches, or advisories out. for this, the first official snow-making storm of the season. 44 today in boston. you drop down to sunday, you're down into the 20s at that point. new york, a shot of cold air as well into sunday. this cold air will retreat a
8:09 am
bit. by the time we get into next week. as warm air makes a push. here's what's left of this snowmaker. some places will pick up more than a foot of snow. northern, far northern new york state. vermont, new hampshire, maine, they're happy to get a coating of snow in the ski areas that need it so desperately. >> and we're live if chicago,
8:10 am
where the wind chill is still in the single difficugits. lara is in las vegas where the temperatures will soar into the 60s. a look at the "gma" morning menu. the new online alternative for infertility. one couple's extraordinary quest for a baby. and madonna, one on one. more open than we have seen in years. the young boyfriend, her new movie. the one word for lady gaga. and it is not wow. i'll take you behind the scene of a wow. it's the miss america pageant from beginning to end, or almost end. secrets will be revealed so stay with us, everyone. on "good morning america." [ female announcer ] introducing coffee-mate natural bliss.
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10♪% florida. the wait is over. stock up and save big on canned cat food. save up to 29 cents per can and get more free during our canapalooza™ event. at petsmart. we have a startling story now about what takes this doum a hotel room to meet with a total changer who will help her have a baby. elizabeth vargas investigated
8:14 am
this new and growing phenomenon of getting help from donors they meet on the internet. >> reporter: what would you do if you were disparate for a baby and had already spent tens of thousands of dollars on in vitro fertilization. there are risks and rewards. >> my monitor said i have a high day right now. so it's a good day to inseminate. >> reporter: like millions of couples, beth and richard are on a quest to have a baby. but unlike most, their labor of love is launching them on a cross-country odd yssey. >> he just texed me back. >> reporter: richard's vasectomy could not be reversed.
8:15 am
they spent years taking in foster children. adopting some of them. beth still yearned to have a baby herself. >> reporter: after two years and $14,000 worth of sperm banks and artificial inseminations, they nearly lost hope. until beth clicked on the computer. >> some people go on the internet for sex. why can't i do it for sperm. >> what did you google? >> free sperm. >> reporter: to her surprise, there's an online univeers of sperm donations. this reporter spent months investigating this new online world for a yt newsweek" cover story. >> fairly common location for the exchange is star bucks. >> star bucks? >> tstarbucks?
8:16 am
>> they'll use a sterile cup. hand the cup to the recipient who goes into the bathroom. >> reporter: a few months ago, beth discovered the free sperm registry. and a donor named drew. he was a brilliant software engineer. he's also a member of the brotherhood who give away their sperm, rather than earn thousands of dollars selling it to sperm banks. why do this over the internet and for free? >> i love children. i wanted to have a child. i don't think i will ever choose to get married. >> reporter: why not? >> i'm a bit of an introvert. >> reporter: today, he was traveling to a maryland hotel room. this is how you have a baby. >> reporter: they've come here from wyoming to inseminate with man they have never met before. >> come on in. >> thank you. >> this is my husband richard. >> reporter: why are you so
8:17 am
convinced that drew should be your donor? >> i talked to him. he told me what he believed. he told me about the charities he gave to. i knew he was a good guy. >> reporter: armed with a good gut feeling, beth is ready to go the next step. >> we'll go downstairs. i'll have my phone on me. >> okay. see you soon. >> reporter: drew retreats to the bathroom with a cup and his imagination. downstairs, beth and richard don't have to wait long for his text. >> drew says he's done. he's ready for us. >> reporter: now it's time for beth to begin her part. >> well thank you. >> thank you. use? in the movies, you see a turkey baster. >> you just use a syringe. final delivery is entrusted to richard. you know people out there are thinking --
8:18 am
>> we're crazy? >> reporter: naive. >> i have to work extra hard to get a biological child. i'll do it. >> reporter: they've inseminated several times during her cycles. they have formed a real bond. drew is tested regularly for stds and gives her the results. at a sperm bank, t sit frozen for six months and tested. with online donors, that is not happening. >> the fda is cracking down in some respects. >> they are. a lot of regulations around the sale of frozen specirm not in place for the donation of free sperm. the fda is threatening to arrest people. >> that was something. never heard anything about it. thanks so much. full report tonight on "20/20." in addition to elizabeth's
8:19 am
report, you'll see the interview everyone is going to be talking about. madonna. honest. unplugged. one on one with cynthia mcfadden. she talked to you about things she normally leaves private. you were able to get it out of her. >> great to see you. what madonna is not is warm and fuzzy. she regards interviews with the same pleasure the rest of us save for root canals. she's a true american original. tiny in person. her accomplishments are huge. the top selling female recording artist of all time. but that's not enough for her. she's busier than ever. in february, a film she wrote and directed opens, it's called "w.e." and then two days later she's at the super bowl. ♪ and i'm a material girl >> reporter: she's gotten into the groove. ♪ get into the groove
8:20 am
>> reporter: vogued. ♪ vogue >> reporter: and of course, expressed herself. ♪ express yourself >> reporter: for nearly three decades. iconic songs and outrageous moments. the next few weeks are going to be huge. there's the new multimillion dollar music deal. you had just signed a new record deal. $40 million. >> nobody's handed me $40 million. i don't know about that. it looks good on paper. >> reporter: she's also headl e headlining a little show at, you might have heard of it, the super bowl, in front of some 100 million viewers. >> it's quite a daunting task. i have, in the middle of this very important event, in americans' lives, i have to put on the greatest show on earth. >> reporter: no pressure there. and then there's her passion project.
8:21 am
five years in the making. the opening of the movie she cowrote and directed, "w.e." the movie centers on the fabled romance of king edward viii and wallace simpson. >> your family will never stand for it. the prime minister will not stand for it. >> then i'll give up the throne. >> i wanted to know why he gave up so much for her. >> reporter: have you ever been loved like that? >> i don't know. i have never fallen in love with a king. i have certainly fallen in love with people who were willing to make big sacrifices for me. um -- possibly not as big as i would have liked them to make. and i have -- made -- very big sacrifices for people that i have loved.
8:22 am
i think that one does. >> reporter: you're a romantic. >> i am. sorry. >> reporter: these days, she's romantic with her 24-year-old boyfriend, dancer brahim zaibat. you're famously dating younger men. >> is there a lot to talk about? a boring old chest nut. what do you want to know? >> reporter: why? >> i didn't write on a piece of paper, i'm going to have a relationship with a younger man. it's just what happened. >> reporter: you said being with a man your children respect is important. >> yes, absolutely. it's a lot to give up to. >> reporter: then there's you. i think it would be hard -- >> i'm the easy one. >> reporter: i believe you. millions won't. are you the easy one? >> no, i don't know. i mean -- i'm still -- you know,
8:23 am
i go home and i wash my face and put on my sweat pants and lay on the bed and i say, oh, please rub my feet. and he says, no, you rub my feet. behind the curtain, i'm just like everybody else. >> reporter: maybe, but not many of us are working on a new album right now with the likes of m.i.a. and nicki minaj. >> reporter: you're kissing girls again? >> who? >> nicki minaj. >> reporter: tongue? >> it was a birthday kiss. i kissed her on the mouth. >> reporter: a chaste birthday kiss. remember erotica and her sex books? now she's explaining sex to her kids. have row had the sex talk with
8:24 am
the older ones? >> with my daughter, of course. my son, i don't think he's ready. he's 11. i'll give him another year. >> reporter: do you have the book at home? your sex book? is that banned at this point? >> no. it's neither banned. i'm sure it's somewhere in a file. i don't ban it. i say to them sometimes, look, your mother is an artist. this is what i do. i have lived my life pushing the envelope. i'm not going to suddenly stop doing that because i have children. >> reporter: in the final moments, we let viewers pick the topics. >> what is that? >> reporter: these are the questions people wrote in. what was the last meal you cooked entirely by yourself? >> i don't thing i have ever cooked a meal entirely by mist. >> reporter: ever? >> who makes the food? >> everybody. my daughter and son like to
8:25 am
cook. my nannies cook, the drivers cook. >> reporter: do you cook anything? >> no, but i do egg else. >> reporter: do you miss being married? >> certain parts of it, yeah. >> reporter: what parts? >> just feeling like being a part of a family unit. and -- not having to make all the decisions on my own. >> reporter: of all these, one question that almost blew up the internet. >> oh. >> reporter: do you have any idea what sit? >> i don't. >> reporter: they want to know what you think about lady gaga. gaga has admitted being influenced by madonna. but when "born this way" sounded more than a little similar to express yourself. ♪ express himself hey hey hey hey ♪ >> reporter: some wondered if influence was plain out copying. >> it feels -- reductive.
8:26 am
>> reporter: is that good? >> look it up. >> ooh! well, of course we looked it up. it means simplified or crude. robin, not so much i don't think. she says a lot more about lady gaga tonight on "20/20." >> wow, that was something to see. >> i have to say, she respects gaga as a talent. she has a lot nor smore to say this. >> super bowl plans? >> i suggested she jump out of plane on the stadium. she says it has a roof. not a great idea. the night we interviewed her, she was interviewing 150 dancers. >> enough said. madonna's movie oppose february 3rd. look at her photos online and all of cynthia's interview tonight on "20/20."
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. here we go cold air blowing in. 32 in baltimore. or alert system on the weather bug has been blowing with up 45- mile-per-hour wind gusts as the thresholds and we get an alert and it's been hitting baltimore in the last 10 to 15 minutes. 20s in york hagerstown and it will be a struggling to get back to the freezing mark. 19 current wind chill in baltimore. teens colder to the west and precip is out of here. got some sun clouds filling back in and there may be flurries. all the action is back to our west. it's about the wind advisory today and that's with gusts up to 45 maybe 50 miles per hour
8:28 am
and holding temp in the 30s. icy spots has been an issue on the west side. and there's angela with more on that. >> reporter: all right many you are correct. this is the 5th accident we have had reported in the region. we are in sykesville blocking all lanes of route 32. at deer park road with a collision. in the meantime, traveling on 59 southbound got an accident at 195 and yet another accident in the city involving a pedestrian and this one is is on lombard and green street a live look at traffic flow for those you make the drive on 29 we continue to see a bottle neck situation southbound 29 at maryland 108 and a live look at jfx and northern parkway crawling into the city. charley -- charley. monday is mart i can luther king -- martin luther king junior day and it's the first holiday visitors can visit the memorial. they offer educational programs throughout the day. ands in aal cathedral holds a special service monday afternoon. you may want to consider
8:29 am
the national parks. it's free admission from saturday through monday in hon over dr. king. back to new york for more of good morning america. one more check of the forecast in 25 minutes.
8:30 am
♪ she was an american girl raised on promises ♪ a big crowd outside. a little tom petty and the heartbreakers. perfect song for what lara is up to this week. she's the head judge of the miss america pageant. coming up in a little bit. the male version of "the view" this morning. >> we're going to bleed the time. we have to get to this. just ahead, look who is here. two of hollywood's best actors. bringing a story close to robin's heart to the big screen. cuba gooding jr. and terrence
8:31 am
howard. a lot of guys here. ty pennington. he and sam went to joplin, missouri. it's a new movie. it's called "red tails" about the tuskegee airmen that broke the color barrier. that is my daddy, colonel lawrence e. roberts. he was a tuskegee airman. i'm trialed to have two stars from "red tals" here this morning. cuba gooding jr. and terrence howard. good morning. >> good morning. >> i love this film. i have pictures of my daddy right here with me. i was fortunate that i got to hear these stories when i was young. did both of you, were you taught anything in school about the tuskegee airmen? >> nothing in school. my father was so afro essential
8:32 am
tri i thought red tail hon noered the planes. >> they colored the tails red so they could distinguish themselves. you were in the 1995 hbo movie. did you know anything about this before that is this. >> i was so frustrated when i read the script. i didn't know they were black fighter pilots. i was 22, 23. just finishing my education. you would think i would be like, of course, the tuskegee airmen. i didn't know. >> you have to make sure the kids get chance to see this. >> absolutely. >> terrence, your character, a colonel, just like my dad. you said your character is like the martin luther king jr. with his day coming up on
8:33 am
monday, how do you see the relationship? >> because colonel bullard, basically, taken from benjamin o. davis. he would go to the pept gone and argue on behalf of the airmen so they could be given an opportunity to participate. he ultimately integrated the military. which led to integrating the streets of birmingham, mississippi, and integrating the rest of america. >> kicking off the civil rights movement. >> that's right. we're going to play a clip in a moment. from you, first, with your character, because you got to show the airmen a little tough love. they're feeling sorry for themselves. thinking -- >> well, it's the flavor of the movie, george said, i'm not making a movie about victims. i'm making it about heroes. we want to establish the
8:34 am
relationship that these men had amongst each other, with the commanding officers and with the spirit necessary. >> when you say george, you mean george lucas. this is it. a little bit of "red tails." >> you all thought what? >> you would sign up, get shiny boots, a uniform, that would be the end of 100 years of bigotry? you're colored men in the white man's army. it's a miracle you're flying missions in italy and not mopping latrines in milwaukee. any of you feel otherwise, want to wash yourselves out, well, negro, please do so. i'll have you going home to make room for the men who want to stand and fight. >> we're given hand me down planes. fly patrols where the enemy hasn't been seen for months.
8:35 am
we have done every low down dirty job you have handed us, hoping we would limp along and go away. we will not go away. we have a right to fight for our country. the same as every other american. so you shut us down. or you let us fly. >> let them fly, man! let them fly! before i bust somebody! i'm sorry. >> that got people fired up. you know the alabama football team. they saw this film and then they went out and shut out lsu in the national championship game. >> we were so nervous. we were like, i hope they win. i hope they win. >> and i had money on the game, too, so -- no, i'm just kidding. >> you get that kind of fired up. that's why it's so important to have children see this. childre it, both, right? >> no, my two sons are 15 and 17. they're going to see it next
8:36 am
week. i wanted them to see the finished product. they're mad at me now because everybody is like, i know you have seen the movie. they're like, no, no, we haven't. >> yours have. >> my old u.s. was there in tears at certain points. so, um -- yeah. the two youngest, they were just loving it. they think it's the best work daddy's ever done. >> he'll be beating his kids. >> don't go there. it's not that interview. not that kind of interview. i don't want them throwing anything. you have a special screening at the white house. >> yes, ma'am. president barack obama will watch the movie in a few hours. >> today? >> today. we're on our way from here, straight to washington, d.c. >> you know, i wanted to say quickly, you were saying about the education of the airmen, george lucas is so fashion gnat about the story, he created a documentary called "double victory" airing on the history
8:37 am
channel this weekend. the movie as you see it, it's an amusement park ride. it's entertainment. he wants the legacy upheld and respected. >> he realized that red tails was like a popcorn movie. you better be sure you're in your seats early. the action is furious. but, it's wonderful that you're going to the white house. in 2007, the tuskegee airmen received the congressional medal there if washington. and then-president bush, the commander in chief said, i know you all didn't get a lot of respect. as commander in chief, i salute you. that was a moment. my daddy wasn't was anymore. it was a real moment of respect. >> i sat down with george h. bush and watched it over popcorn. he was delighted. he was exhausted at the beginning of the movie. an hour and half into it, he looked like a 6-year-old child.
8:38 am
exuberant, watching it for the first time. >> and barbara had tears down her face at the end. >> it's a beautiful opportunity to see something like this happen. >> it's a great american story. >> that's right. thank you all f >> thank you all for doing it. i have an interview with george lucas and the young actors in the movie. >> aren't we the young actors? i'm out, i'm out! >> thanks for hanging with me. >> i'm out. i'm out! >> it oppose fridens friday, ja 20th. let's get to sam and the weather. >> what is going on? what in the world is going on in there? the cold air came in as the snow was shutting down. it's a fine powdery snow that chicago area got coming in here.
8:39 am
a little bit over 4 inches officially. the wind chill here is brutal. we're down to about 2 or 3 degrees with the way the air feels. i have to tell you how much i love this town. because bartoma brought us coffee. people are bringing coffee, stopping by, here's the twitter pictures. i love this town. twitter pictures from michigan. finally snow in the syracuse area. look at st. louis at 3, 4 below in kansas city. if you're looking for the warm spot, you have to head to the southwest. l.a., 78, san diego, 75. a weekend fly by. it's friday the 13th today. i don't know if that matters to you. milder temperatures dropping in. by the time we get to monday, the chicago area will be almost 40 degrees. it's the push-pull of cold and warm
8:40 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by pet smart. oh robin? george? >> they couldn't stay mad at me. >> i'm back against my will. >> let me say, you all better behave, colonel roberts is watching both of you right now. coming up, lara at the miss america pageant. laga
8:41 am
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8:43 am
and please keep the coats coming. meanwhile, tomorrow night the big night for 52 women who dream of becoming miss america. a big night for our ver own lara spencer, the head, yes, head judge of the miss america pageant this year. oh, lara? >> what does that mean, really?
8:44 am
actually nothing. during the interview process, i had to be the wrangler. i was expecting a special sash. not happening. this is very serious. we have been sequestered. i have been here for nearly a week. this paj isn't a big deal. it's changed a lot over the years. these women are all about brains and beauty. how do they look so good when there is so much pressure? we were given the exclusive opportunity to follow them all week long to find out what exactly is behind the butt paste. oh, what a difference 91 years make. while the decades have ushered in new fashions and hair styles, one thing has remained the same. miss america is still the queen of class. after all, this bevy of beauties is about more than bikini bodies and gowns. miss america is about education,
8:45 am
community service, and making a difference. she's the world's largest provider of scholarships of young women. >> the organization is more than a beauty contest. >> reporter: to win, these ladies must bring the "a" game 24/7. >> get ready. get ready. >> this is going to be good. this is going to be good. >> reporter: so how do they prepare? with hard work, determination, and butt glue. >> everything stays if place. >> reporter: whether it's in glue form or spray, this is the number one must have pageant accessory. don't forget -- >> the makeup bag. >> a good secret. you have peally whites. >> gotta have the lotion. hair shiny. >> miss colorado and miss south carolina give us an exclusive
8:46 am
behind the scenes tour of the tent where all the off-camera action takes place. >> that's my princess dress. >> reporter: they know a lot about staying beautiful. there's more to their story. we first met bree last year on "gma" when she was celebrating her 100-pound weight loss. >> i've overcome a lot to be here. it feels amazing. >> diana's mother, rebeck la, was misamerica 1974. last year, she was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. >> it's a blessing to be part of this organization and share that with her. i think in some ways it's kept her going. >> reporter: did i mention this place is talent central? from tap dancing to singing to jumping rope, all the ladies have their own special way of
8:47 am
preparing. >> i spray with hair spray on my feet. the floor is slippery. it helps my feet stick to the ground. >> reporter: picking just one winner is going to be tough. especially for the head judge. i don't have a good poker face, do i? oh, no. what if i'm moved in one way or the other? >> i think always smiling is good. >> having a clear head. watch each girl for what she does. but there are a couple that shine. >> good, that's great to hear. >> reporter: and the poker face, not so good? >> work on that one. >> hey, josh, i hope you'll tune in tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. on abc. >> of course we will, lara. you get home safely. again, it's the miss america j
8:48 am
pageant. she turns
8:49 am
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fios. a network ahead. "extreme makeover home edition" has been moving that bus for a decade now. tonight, the last stop. joplin, missouri. we helped tell that story live on "gma" back in october. and sam was part of the journey. >> good morning, carr family! >> reporter: that famous wakeup call has brought smiles and tears of joy for nearly a dec e decade. >> man, has it been a long trip. >> reporter: ty pennington and his team have built more than 200 homes. helping families and communities in need. with each new home comes a fresh start. >> we're going to help out. this is what family and community is about. this is what america is about. [ chanting ] >> all: move that bus! move that bus!
8:51 am
>> reporter: they set off on the biggest challenge ever. a brand new neighborhood for the people of joplin, missouri. their town ravaged by a deadly ef-5 tornado. >> it took the lives of 162 people. we can't just build one house for one family. we're building seven homes for seven families in seven days. >> reporter: we were there live on "gma" with ty as he surprised the howard family. >> good morning, howard family! >> reporter: one week later, with 10,000 volunteers, 18 builders, and the whole town, ty's team delivers the houses. it's all revealed in tonight's 200th and final episode. >> go check out your new home. >> reporter: as the families move in, ty pennington is moving on. to a new show called "the revolution." >> and ty joins us now. boy, what a way to end. seven homes, seven days.
8:52 am
that's a real bang. >> it was -- considering how long we have been able to do what we have done and be able to finish up in joplin, where an entire community was devastated. it's -- i mean -- it's so weird. i can't believe it's ending. if we were going to recap the whole season, to be able to do this with seven families, seven homes, in seven days. to rebuild a neighborhood, an incredible experience. >> i bet you never would have marched this journey so long and meaningful and help so many people. >> yeah. i remember the first family we helped out. back then, we just used the bus as place to, well, shove all of the designers. and basically, we walked them around the bus and showed h house. i remember seeing it the first time, the reaction of the family and the huge construction guys
8:53 am
crying. somebody had the idea, wait a minute. we could just move the bus. that caught on. >> it sure did. you helped so many people across the country. we want to have you back on monday to talk about "the revolution." >> i'll try to be here for sure. tune in for the special edition of "extreme makeover home edition" tonight on abc. ty back with us on monday to celebrate the [ male announcer ] what makes the weekends so memorable?
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going to say good-bye to sam and lara. they told us to wave. >> lara. >> man's got some friends, too. >> the miss america pageant tomorrow night on abc. >> and a lot of nfl action. here we go. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the
8:57 am
forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. minutes before the 9:00 hour. temperatures down to freezing by the water. baltimore inner harbor this is tide point. 32 wind chill upper teens low 20s and wanted to highlight this gust 43 miles per hour -- 34 miles per hour. gusts over 45 miles per hour this morning and even a 53 up at patuxent ridge. we are ranging from mid-20s to 32 done town. we showed you that reading and check out other numbers. westminster 27 and we have had widespread accidents around sykesville eldersburg because of icing conditions on the road. that's hot spot or cold spot we are down into the 20s towson bel air and may not recover back to freezing. harboring near freezing and here's the issue pushing moisture out. band of clouds lining up northwest of the city and more sun south and east and looks like it's cold environment will build more clouds back so we will call it a variable cloudy
8:58 am
sky overcast north and west and there could be flurries skirting through but really they are winning out on the snow race here up across the poconos and central new york western new york lapping off the lakes and through ohio he that's where the action is and for us it's the wind wrapping around the storm. and temperatures teens and 20 to the northwest. and essentially what we are looking at for today is have the conditions really deteriorate high temperatures will only be in the 30s pretty much where they are with wind gusting to 45 miles per hour. and we are expecting temperatures tonight to lock back down into the mid-20s. now over the weekend, same general condition is breezy and mostly cloudy and there will be the threat of snowflakes for the ravens game good news for us and bad for the warm weather team 35 will do it on sunday afternoon. again warming up ahead into the next storm next week.
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