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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  January 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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news, have a good weekend and a great night. the ravens heading to the super bowl. we're live with our fans getting ready. a wandering man in -- video of custody and why the animal control thinks she was abused. and we all -- what's not to love. we'll explain the $200 catch to barns and noble latest offer. temperatures dropping even more tonight. i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart how cold will it be on game day. abc2 news at 11:00 starting right now. >> in this town every friday,
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this one is the purplist by far. the raven haves a chance to take a big step to super -- second super bowl win. abc2 christy sanford is live with a look at how the fans are getting ready and purple looks really good behind me. >> reporter: they're 11-5 in the regular season. one of those five losses was to the baltimore ravens the fans are competent. they believe they can take a big step towards indianapolis on sunday. it's a ravens wrap for a playoff purple friday. if gnattic chris russell says he came up with the lyrics after last year regular season lost to pittsburgh. >> i focused on the positive that's all i want to do is
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encourage everybody and lift everybody up after such a horrible lost. >> reporter: no problem keeping a positive with the ravens caravan bringing the marching band and cheerleaders to locations all over the area today. >> the baltimore fans love the ravens and they love and support their team. >> they come out early in the morning. >> reporter: even governor got into the act at the practice facility and quick check with coach john harbaugh. meanwhile business was brisk at the ravens own in parkville. if they do that business will continue to be brisk especially what fans hope will be the purple friday before the afc championship and the super bowl. >> and all that super bowl stuff coming up. >> the tailgating is going to be going on here sunday morning
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pretty early in the morning raven officials hoping that fans get to their sit a little before their kick off at 12:45. live downtown baltimore christian schaeffer abc2 news. the bars and stores are full. playoff game means extra cash. economic analysts say the ravens games could put an extra 25 million bucks into the city. the playoffs will have a tremendous impact on tourism especially since this is a 3 day weekend. >> any time you can bring additional funding by visitors into the economy, especially in january on a sunday, it's great for the city of baltimore. >> reporter: january is one of the slowest months of tourism, but some areas are already filling up. >> we want to see how you are getting in the mood for sunday's big game. send us a ravens picture so we can put it on the screen. you can post it on our facebook fan page.
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people have been doing it all week, tailgating classics, i'll tell you, we want to see just how much baltimore loves the ravens at abc2 on game day abc2 even the most devoted fans in the stadium join jayme costello. don't forget to tweet us on that hash tag way to indy. tonight a teenager gets a very adult sentence. 15-year-old will spend decades behind bars. brian swanson was 13 years old when he committed dozens of burglaries, stabbed a neighbor and launched a brutal attack on a teacher. he was in the youth facility when his body was found in the
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snow 14 hours as he was treated as an adult here he'll now spend 85 years in prison. >> personality disorder that's not criminally exchange, that's dangerous. >> those who wait in our community, who kill in our community are not fit to live among us. >> in court today witnesses say he showed no emotion in the courtroom. when asked if he want today make a statement, he chose not to. he didn't have any family present in that courtroom as well. 18-year-old has been arrested in connection with a rape of a woman. police say kay van brandon heights forced a 22-year-old woman in a wooded area and raped her. the woman was able to call for help, both men are being held without bond tonight. repoman is threatening the city of baltimore housing authority because they haven't played a multimillion dollars judgment against him. the city says by being forced
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to pay, it will "threaten agency stability" the authority says it wants to address this in other judgments while -- authorities says it also dealing about 185 other pending cases here. now, earlier this month the sheriff's office started seizing authority vehicles and other equipment to pay the judgment in this case. weather wise it has been one cold blustery day around here. temperatures have not changed all that much tomorrow. take a look, clear skies and still quite a bit of wind out there tonight. wind steady from the west park west 15 gusting over 20. it is one breezy night with wind chill factors look at this feeling like 17 now in baltimore. feeling like 14 in hagerstown. tomorrow a slow climb into the mid maybe upper 30s if we're lucky, at least the winds will begin to die down tomorrow evening we'll talk much more about how things look on game
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day coming up. >> we have a laundry -- as you come across every day. a woman and her young daughter found the goat near her home and kept us before about a week to call animal control. conner got a glimpse. how is she doing? >> she's doing well tonight, she needed surgery to remove a chain that was around her name. the staff at animal control says there's evidence of abuse but now she's in a safe spot thanks to an 11-year-old girl and her mom. she's a bid timid coming off -- animal control put her through surgery when she was brought in this morning. >> it was a really deep gouge there. >> reporter: the adult female goat had 23-pound chain embedded in her neck. >> she ended up having to have surgery to remove the surgery because her skin had grown around the chain since it had been there for a link of time. >> reporter: they spotted the
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goat. she was along river road on the side but close to cars. >> i thought we should take care of it. >> reporter: they both figured their backyard would be enough room for a goat and they had plenty of food. >> grass, apples, oranges. but the howards started to notice problems around her neck and figured she needed medical care. in fact she might be pregnant. the staff and animal control says this 30-pound goat has a very round belly. the step one was taking care of the signs of neglect. sonogram will come later. >> we want to encourage everyone to properly take care of their pets to make sure they're set up to properly care for their pets. >> reporter: now animal control has not located the owners.
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anyone with information is asked to call (410)222-8900. the adoption process for a goat is similar to dogs and cats. she will be adopted when she's fit for human environment cheryl conner, abc2 news. black jack, another table game, they're considering up the antein the state slot casino. it was an issue that was first raised when slots got approved in the state table gaming in delaware pennsylvania west virginia some lawmakers in maryland the state is losing glambling dollars to other places. by adding will -- leading to revenue -- however some lawmakers say adding table games now probably wouldn't help the state's bottom line. >> i think we already have revenue, we ought to let it go, we ought to see what it raises for us and leave it at that. it's kind of, you know, jumping the gun here. >> reporter: now lawmakers
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don't approve table gaming this session it could go to referendum in 2014. around the nation tonight police in north carolina are not revealing what may have led a man to shoot four of his coworkers. police say ronald davis brought a shotgun to the lumber company today and knew exactly who he was going to target. coworkers say david never showed any signs of being violent. >> this is the worst thing we've had as far as this looks violent and this shows the potential. >> reporter: when davis left the warehouse he went back to his home and shot himself. he is in critical condition. at montana school so faculty and students could cope with the news that one of the teachers may have been murdered. he was seen -- was last seen -- turned up missing since saturday when she went for a run and never came home. they have one man in custody, another is being questioned.
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the school district says they will bring extra counselors in when students come back next week. a very different out come in texas where a missing toddler has been found safe. yesterday the 18-month-old aunt left him parked in a running jeep while she stopped at a houston wal-mart. a man stole the jeep with the child inside. today restaurant owner found the car behind his store. the child was inside cold but safe. police are still looking for the car thief. no word yet on if the aunt will be charged. the word that your charge -- worried that your child will not be able to pay their bills once they get out of college. we'll tell you new grad will get paid more importantly pay their own bill. a free nook, sort of, we'll show you -- so you don't waste your money. oprah opens a grill -- that that first class has got to
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graduate. that story is coming up.
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new tonight after failed bids of president and vice president a very case of infidelity and being charged with handling campaign donations. we found this out today in court when he asked if his up coming trial be postponed so he could have surgery. to say what kind of procedure he needs. the process is starting -- ready to begin in march. you thought mitt romney thought the iowa caucuses right, a recount is going on and the numbers are changing. >> everyone thought it was iowa [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: he should have numbers confirmed next week. in the meantime he remains 2
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for 2. he's taken iowa and new hampshire. well, it's one of the things you heard the republican candidate for talking about federal agency now president obama, is getting in on the smaller government bandwagon he calls it streamlining and wants congress to give him the green light to exercise that power. sandra has more now from washington. >> reporter: president obama points to a tangled messy flowchart to illustrate the nays of federal agencies. >> the government we have is not the government we need. >> reporter: he's calling on congress to give him the power to streamline the by roca city. he's proposing to make it leaner by consolidating multiple agencies. >> let me be clear i will only use this authority to reform the results in efficiency, better service and a leaner government. >> for example the president says he will combine the six departments and agencies
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focused on business and trade into one with one web site and one phone number. >> so with this authority we could have businesses grow, save business' time, save taxpayer dollars. >> reporter: emphasizing his commitment to the company, the -- economy president also announced he's elevating the small business administration to cabinet agency. lawmakers say they're waiting to get the details of the president's plan. spokes -- he responded in a statement, after presiding over one of the largest expansions of government in history. it's interesting to see the president finally acknowledge that washington is out of control. it's been decades since the president had this authority, the last time was in the 80s. in washington i'm sandra indoe. consumer late, making more money they're bringing in
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$41,700 a year. that's up more than 2% from 2010 higher than average income for all u.s. households. they're making the big bucks engineering and computer science. graduates in those fields about $59,000 a year. the pay is well below average. graduated in 2011 are making an average of $37,000 and at the bottom of the list humanity majors that includes criminal justice, english and psychology and probably journalism. some encouraging news for all college grads of people 25 and older with at least four year college degree 4.1% are unemployed compared to 8% of all americans. for those grads or anyone else looking for a job. says far grow north dakota is the best place for a job. it's followed by lincoln nebraska, burlington vermont, sue falls south dakota an r and
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omaha, nebraska what makes for a good place to work analyst say there are more opportunities with cities with a variety of different agencies. most. -- john explains so you don't waste your money. you don't have an ipad or some other tablet computer now you probably have tablet envy. chances are you don't have 200 to $500 you need to buy one. what if the tablet was free. that's exactly what barnes & noble is doing with a new offer it's running through march. lit give you a nook simple
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touch free of charge or a nook color for half price when it comes with a catch and unless you love the new york times this may not be the best bet for you. you'll get a $99 nook simple touch free or a 199. -- sign one year new york times on rime. that's a big if. the time subscription you see is $200 a year and automatic be renewed unless you cancelled be. >> if you're an avid new york times reader you'll pay more than you would -- look for more and more promotions like this in the future for the nook amazon kindle and low priced tablets. abc2 click on the money tab. abc2 news. >> now maryland's post powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right it has certainly been a january like day out there today, temperatures struggling to get out of the
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30s, very frigid wind chill factor. we've got the winds blowing out there tonight. not as windy, but still breezy for the first part of tomorrow anyhow. but, you know what through the day today we have some just gorgeous sunshine at times you step outside and you just felt the edge of winter cutting in. look at the chop here on the river whipping our camera around a little bit as we saw 30 to 35 miles per hour that was a serious arctic blast. i'm happy to say it will beless windy, not much warmer for game day sunday. let's get into it. 1:00 game sunday, early clouds then some clearing. we've taken that check looks dryer now. but just as cold if not colder that steady northwest breeze continuing to bring in the cold canadian air. if we're lucky we'll get a little further into the mid upper 30s toward the third and fourth quarter dress warm out there especially for tailgating
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in the morning. powerful radar crystal clear, and temperatures very cold to the west. down at the beach we're 3 degrees above freezing. it's cold across the state that steady west wind continuing to draw in that much colder air. that wind chill factor pretty brutal out there not fit for man and beast, 18 in new york, 14 in hagerstown, feels like 25 now in the state capitol. tomorrow we'll be in the mid to upper 30s, it will be breezy, not as windy it might be a little blustery in terms of what it feels like 10 or 12 miles per hour breeze it feels pretty cold out there. across the region there are some areas of snow, these are lake effect generated at this point, cold air over the lake michigan area bringing -- up state new york, but here in the mid atlantic we're still on the nice dry spot and that's keeping our skies clear right now.
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i think tomorrow we'll see increased clouds at time. i doubt we'll see any precipitation that it may be a stray snow flurry. the windiest of the area already pushing offshore. so tomorrow we'll still be breezy and cold but not as blustery, okay. and then as we look at the trend here, just, you know, some enhanced cloud cover at times tomorrow. right now looks like that will shut off into sunday, maybe some morning clouds or you're out there tailgating firing up the grill and then as you go into the afternoon sunshine come out and force. over night tonight 26, feel like teens obviously with that wind chill factor. tomorrow we'll go 36, partly cloudy. still blustery, not like today, but certainly -- tomorrow night, 22, even colder, but mercifully the wind will be gone tomorrow night at least. and 7-day forecast looking ahead, you know, after cold game day sunday, it looks like things begin to moderate as they have all winter, mlk
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monday 40. tuesday i think we'll be over 50 degrees before we get another wintery shot before the end of the week. >> we'll have a little break. >> i agree. we'll take it on the chin and kind of bounce back. everyone is aware of the frozen sundra at lambo -- frozen tundra at lambo field. talk about a tailgate, we've got 10 bucks an hour to shovel the snow. they only use about 450 people to use this job. even when they used that number there were hundreds waiting outside. the fact to take on new york football giants this sunday after the ravens game. coming up oprah says tomorrow she'll feel like a proud mom, what big event has the queen of talk shows excited. a look at what you'll see after abc2 news at 11:00. coming up on nightline,
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buying the big mack, we bring you one battle about mcdonald's to preserve the way of life. plus we go deep under water to show you a crocodile after dark. that's coming up on nightline right after abc2 news at 11:00.
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tomorrow to pray winfrey leadership academy will hold its first ceremony. it's remind the students how they come from places they -- .
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>> this advantage allows other people to look at you like you have some other disease and then lower your expectations. nobody had a disadvantaged mind. nobody has disadvantaged spirit. >> 75 girls who started there in 2007. 72 are graduating and every single one will go to college, some will go to school right here in the u.s. >> they're coming, it will be cold here in baltimore. >> different than our joe han necessary berg. look at this wind chill factor, we're down in the teens. bundle up, you know the drill, it's true january out there tonight. through the day tomorrow we struggle up into the upper 30s, the winds begin to let up in the afternoon. and for the game, of course, all eyes on that important sunday afternoon and it looks like low to mid-30s, it will be some sun and not as windy. that will help nicely.
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>> yeah, no cold rain or anything. >> that's great. >> all right. we'll be back after this.
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got to love it, good football watch. รณ
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