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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 16, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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\ s hel heldoeveryone. i'm beth troutman and it's time to look at the very best videos of the day "right this minute." thieves take note, girls do not give up their cell phones easily. >> she runs after him. >> see the attack where the victim fought back big time. you don't want to see this
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swimming around your boat. >> the shark circled for an hour. >> hear about the guys shaking in the fishing boots. >> actor in the harry potter film is paralyzed because -- >> he's been a victim of dwarf tossing. >> hear about the rowdy bar trend he says is to blame. >> and they are waking up the gators. see the dudes brave enough to go wakeboarding on the bayou. we're going to kick things off right now with a story nick found for us. >> we hope when you get to your home and the place you live you'd be the safest of this surveillance video from l.a. shows this is not the case. an 18-year-old woman gets surprise attacked by a guy behind her trying to steal her cell phone. she resists. he punches her in the face, the stomach, knocking her to the ground. she runs after him. he turns around and punches her again in the face. >> she goes to fight again. >> she tries to fight the guy
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off. he winds up getting away with just her cell phone. this couple shows up just a few seconds too late to try and help. surprise, quick, horrible attack in the lobby of her apartment building. >> you hear about this. a guy will wait for a young girl or person to come in late at night in the lobby and attack them in the lobby where they are not out on the street where there's more people to see what's going on. >> i think your guard is down, too. when you get to your lobby, your building, you're close to home, feel more secure. you're not as aware. >> that's one of the things potential attackers look for, distracted women, women walking through parking lots or down the streets on telephones to keep them from noticing their surroundings. >> what police would tell her, put your phone in your bag, have your keys out, know your surroundings and what is going on. that way you're not an easy target. >> lapd looking for this guy. you can almost hear the
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"jaws" music in the background of this video. >> here he comes. look at him. look how big that thing is. >> this is what they think is a 15-foot great white shark circling a fishing boat off the island of oahu in hawaii. great white sharks aren't usually in this area. >> smell the dead buddy on the back of the neck. >> the guy who shot this had just reeled in a 300 pound marlin. so there was blood in the water. as soon as he got the marlin in the boat, this shark came and started circling. this shark circled for an hour. >> no way. >> the shark still would be circling the boat right now if they hadn't gone back to shore. >> could the great white capsize the boat? >> this is just a standard fishing boat. it is larger than the great
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white shark. >> this thing came up and almost tried to bite the motor. >> he said he looked hungry. >> it's weird. you see that fin. that's a real thing seeing the fin sticking out of the water. >> i think the catch of the day is actually catching this on video. landing a plane at night is something that pilots do all the time. but being able to land one in a reee i d'ton thi athg t i'm sorry, did you say landing in a tree? >> yes, i did. this took place near green bay, wisconsin. the pilot landed the plane in the tree upside down. >> i'm sure that's not in training books. >> as far as tree landings go, it's a pretty good one because the plane is still intact. >> authorities say the pilot was trying to get back to west band from -- they think he was
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drinking. >> going up and down. his headlight was going on and off. he circled my house four times. i watched him as far as i could see him until he disappeared. i didn't hear anything after that. >> police say after he disappeared, he went to a nearby barn, took a nap, then went to the barn owner's front door and asked for help after the nap. >> how does the pilot get out of the tree? he was pretty high up. >> once authorities were called, he was taken to a hospital in green bay, wisconsin, because he did suffer some minor injuries. >> that's incredible. minor injuries for landing upside down in a plane. do you think when he woke up from his nap he was like, where did i park? how did i get here? >> where did i park the plane? gayle, i know you're a big harry potter fan. this story might break your heart a little bit. see this guy here, martin
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henderson. he's 37-year-old, a little person and actor who has been in the harry potter films. he's facing the rest of his life in a wheelchair because he was attacked. he believes he's been a victim of dwarf tossing. >> no. >> yes. he was out for his birthday back in the fall and was picked up and thrown randomly by somebody outside of a bar. when he handed, his back and leg went numb and he's not walked properly since that time. there's more to this story. martin believes this whole thing comes after news was made about mike tindall, a famous rugby player in england. news broke he was at an event where there was dwarf tossing at a bar. martin believes this person was like a fan and trying to emulate him and do dwarf tossing of his own. if you look around on the internet, you go on youtube and
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look up dwarf tossing or midget tossing and there's all sorts of events, all sorts of people where they are doing this thing. and the little people are willingly doing it, participating in these sort of almost competitions you see all over the place, just throwing these guys around. >> some of these guys have protection and being thrown onto mattresses. >> this martin henderson believes this random attack that happened to him as a result of what people heard about mike tindall. maybe it takes a guy like martin who is somewhat famous. he's been in movies, a known actors. maybe it takes a case like his to show people how ridiculous and mean and really stupid. >> it's degrading and disrespectful. a volleyball match that is a match. >> a big rally. a rally that's got the net buzzing. it's time for real or fake.
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three videos, how do you vote?
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. are you guys familiar with the fox tv show "family guy". >> yeah, i think everybody is. >> there's a kid in county dublin, ireland, who can do. >> i want you to meet sean burk. >> i just found out i'm retarded. >> someone behind me is honking his horn. >> you might want to get yourself tested. ♪ my left foot always gets me where i need to go ♪ >> if you close your eye, you
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think you're watching the tv show. >> i'm sorry i can't have you in here punching the meat. >> oh, my god. >> i know. >> oh, no. >> we need more lemon pledge. >> more lemon pledge. >> he lives in ireland? >> yes. >> i was waiting to hear some irish accent slip through. i never did. >> nobody but mcfinnegan could handle that creare. >> w ch episode to watch to be able to do this? >> how long do you have to practice? >> my name is mort and i live with my mother. >> please don't spit in my eggs. please don't spit in my eggs. >> the best clip from this show is that i want to see him do the impersonation? when he has the aaron neville bullhorn. >> breaking news for you nick.
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>> breaking news. >> it's really cold in canada. >> especially kingston ontario, canada, so cold you can ice-skate on the street. you think this guy has rollerblades on, no, ice skates. >> doesn't look like there's ice on the road. >> apparently they had freezing rain and it put a sheet of ice on the street. the guy said perfect time to put on the skates and go for a spin in front of the house. >> no wonder these canadians are so good at hockey. it's all over, all around. >> when he turns the corner here. >> a stop sign number one. >> two-minute penalty for blowing through the stop sign. >> yes. >> i don't know what that is. >> i'm not sure either. >> i'm not really sure.
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i know you play a lot of volleyball. >> i do. >> for that reason, i think you will appreciate the beauty of this breathtaking exchange. we saw this on chinese television. this is a game of professional women's volleyball teams. they have won eight of the last nine titles. >> they have quite a volley going. >> a big rally. >> you know why it's interesting, especially at a high level, a lot of times they serve, pass, set and kill it immediately. >> they will kill it. >> if there's one dig, two digs, a pretty good rally but this is back and forth. >> 16 times to be exact. it never ends. >> they are still going. >> 1:45 and they finally get the
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point. it was posted early this month and already has 2.1 million views. >> awesome rally. thumbs-up. >> that's awesome. i can ride this skate board. >> sorry. sometimes i see a new skate board like this and i just have to show it to you. and this is just paris. >> he took 4,748 pictures of himself. >> that's him with billy idol. but it's the story behind his pictures that we want to tell you coming up. here's a friendly reminder.
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. >> joining us for real or fake, what's up, max? >> what up, rtm and ebombers. >> is that bangs. >> i was disshelved so i did my hair last week. >> you have some interesting videos for us? >> only the best. >> start with wtf was he thinking. >> oh, no. >> this video would be in every news channel right now if that were real. >> mack, your opinion. >> it's fake but i think it's a
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great example of how you should do a fake one. >> the first part looks incredibly real. >> i went back and watched it frame by fame. there's not a frame out of place. i was impressed. >> the next one is giant footprints. >> at the famous site of the giant footprint or footprint of god, between 300 million and 1 billion yrs d. ol >>i inhis g is making a spoof. >> if there was any real scientific explanation, i think scientists or archaeologists would be somehow involved. >> i don't necessarily trust a guy in a polo. >> if it was where god walked, he only walked in the garden of eden and we can't get in there. he used the wrong logic. >> first of all i want to say it's great to have tupac back up. i think like tupac faked his own death, this guy faked his video. >> guys, we're forgetting,
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there's only one footprint. where is the other foot. >> aliens, bigfoot, yeti, but this is a fake. >> hot girl gets -- >> i assume this one is for nick. >> that was really well. it wasn't a that great. >> made me jump. >> i thought it was a two-way mirror and the prank was we were watching her put her dress on. >> back to the question. why was she looking at. was there a mirror? why a camera over a mirror. >> "csi" here. that's a lame prank i've got to say. >> i was going to say bank on this but i change my mind. i'm going to go real now. >> i love it, we're changing your mind. >> that's a first. >>
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i've got a ski board that brings in other words and skateboarders all together in one awesome device. this is the board of awesomeness created by chaotic moon lab. this is a motorized long board, and it's got these big gnarly, knoby tires on it. you don't have a remote control. you don't have to do anything other than let the board speak. using microsoft kinetic technology -- >> that's awesome. i can ride that skate board. >> i don't really know how the
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kinetic thing works, so i need our tech guru. how does the microsoft kinetic thing work? >> it tracks your body and visualizes exactly what parts of your body are where. in this case it's your hands and it's going for where you place your hands. if you want to speed up, you push your hands forward. if you want to slow down you push back or brake. >> now that they have successfully done this with a skate board, now with a car. go right, go left. >> what if you're a guy like me and italian and talks with his hands all the time. the car would be going all over the place. >> then i do not want to be in the car with you. if you love something deeply, what better way to show it than by rapping about it. ♪ >> speechless. >> hear the kentucky fried rap that will make you simply speechless, too.
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steel. look what they made. they made the reddest alien. sometimes you love something so much you've got to write a poem about it or make a music video about it. ♪ a sailor went to kfc prosecute to see what he could kfc ♪ axis of awesome who call themselves the world's most australian band. they put together this medley as an ode to kfc. >> a medley or melody.
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>> a melody. i know the difference between a medley and melody. ♪ ♪ the gravy ♪ some people think i'm bumping. >> kfc i am just eating my lunch ain't nothing crazy about me ♪ >> speechless. ♪ intergalactic kfc ♪ toronto, canada, native decided to document his life every day with self-portraits. he took 4,748 pictures of himself. >> my name is jeff harris. i'm a photographer from toronto, canada. i always had new year's resolutions about keeping diaries. my diaries tend to fizzle by february, but i realized i had five minutes in the day to take
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a portrait. >> this video compilation put together by of course he's in the picture so he got his family and friends to take pictures. he had some famous people take pictures as well. >> took my photo. i made a scenario like him. >> you can see all these years of what he's been through, including a battle with cancer. >> wow. >> when he was going through his battle, even his doctor took pictures. >> to share his story with us, we have jeff harris "right this minute" by skype from front ontario, canada. have you inspired people with what you've done? >> hopefully i've inspired them not with the photo diary but making the most of their day. >> how is your health? >> i'm paralyzed, will always be paralyzed but i'm cancer-free and doing pretty well. >> how this process affect your
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recovery. >> you lose freedom and mobility. this project was the one thing i still had. it's been very therapeutic. >> what makes you continue this project? >> for nine years i've been documenting a lot of trivial things. then all of a sudden i was like, okay, this is why i've been doing this for so long, the narrative. >> is this project continuing, jeff? >> yeah. it's going on. it will go on as long as it's fun. >> we've seen photo a day project, the really moving one. that's going to do it for this edition of "right this minute." we're so glad you joined us. we're going to leave you with a video called red bull swamp, some folks wakeboarding in a swamp. some folks wakeboarding in a swamp. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac -- blah
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one down, two to go. what kind of deals can you expect to get? the doors won't be open until june, but for hundreds of local job seekers, the action was hot, gambling on a job. and the presidential field is smaller now. first, it's been clear and cold. tomorrow may be a different story. i'm kelly swoope. let's check with wyatt everhart to see what's coming tonight and how much. looks like we could get wintry type showers. they will probably be west and northwest of baltimore, if anything, but


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