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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 17, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." the search is on this morning for three men who forced their way into a glen bernie home. i am linda so. how they tortured the people inside. and occupy protesters hit the streets of baltimore once again speak out. i am sherrie johnson with more on the latest problems and arrest. we are taking your e-file questions. today is the first day to file your e-tacks. tips coming up. all that is straight ahead on this tuesday, january 17th including a check of your commute with angela. good morning. i am charley crowson sliding into position. time for a check of the forecast. let's say good morning to meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. we are dealing with some rain out there. so i am calling it a soggy tuesday. as we check out rain, it's going to be off and on for today. that's good news. not a steady rain. now we will get mild temperatures in here as well. 54 degrees is what i am forecasting and getting
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coldagain going into tomorrow and the sunshine is going to be moving back into the picture. let's talk about the rain for a minute. maryland's most powerful radar picking up on that. we can see the heaviest rain is to the south at this time. but there's still a little light rain trying to pushover middle river. eex will -- essex and sliding into the eastern shore but sliding down we can see the -- c. is starting to die down a little bit. -- d.c. is starting to die down a little bit. the heavier rain sliding over into easton and into cambridge. so if ure are -- you are going that way be on the lookout for heavier rain and you will have the windshield wipers on high going into time. temperature wise, not so bad. you can see that's why we are seeing rain and not the snow or sleet or even freezing rain. as we go into tow cont temperatures around 39 this morning. and aberdeen around 40 and annapolis at 42. heading out the door, don't forget the coat but do not forget the rain gear because
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you will need it as you go throughout the day. now over to angela with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good morning everyone. getting ready to head out we have been talking about the wet conditions. an update on the accident we have been reporting all morning in davidsonville many unfortunately nothing new changed. we are blocking all the westbound lanes of 50 at 424. police say it's taking sometime to move the tractor trailer that was involved in this incident. we are getting by with one eastbound lane. traffic is jammed in the area. your better bet may be to take a drive on rossback road as an alternate. i-95 at maryland 175 wet road but traffic patterns move wet well north and southbound on i- 95. on the 695 at herbert road, inner loop travel move towards jfx no reported problem. outer loop heavy make the ride through the catonsville region. so far, we are okay but that's bound to increase as we move
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forward with the morning rush hour. harris bushing he can presidentialway, 5 -- heirsi -- harrisburg expressway just a 5 minute drive. investigators are trying to find out what caused two alarm fire in owings mills. no one was injured and authorities say the flames destroyed the home. also, a another fire from this morning in howard county. this one happened a little before one on middle meadow road. no one was hurt and no word on the cause. more on the developing story this morning as police are searching for three suspects who broke into a family's home and terrorized a man while his family was upstairs and listening to the whole thing. abc 2 news linda so breaks down the details and gives us an update on the man's condition and linda, this is horrific. >> reporter: yeah. the man is in the hospital and he is going to need surgery from the severe burns he got while being tortured. police are look for three suspects. we want to -- looking for three suspects.
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we want to warn you, the images are hard to watch. he had to get 7 staples in his head from being whipped by a rifle and the burns on his palms are so bad he can't feel his hands. the victim says was home with his fiancee and three kids ages 18, 3 and 19 months when three masked men forced their way into the glen bernie home on cedar furnace circle. the feeson say and three -- fiancee and three kids were held at gunpoint upstairs while he was tortured down stairs. >> they put the knife on the stove and trying to cut it off. he was trying to slap the finger off and during that time he burned his finger trying to slap the finger off. >> reporter: now the suspects left with the victim's car found a short time later. they he took cash, cell phones and lap tops and a gaming system. the family installed an alarm and looking to move. they don't know why they were
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targeted. linda so, abc2 news. occupy baltimore protesters are at it again. they occupied mckeldin square for a couple months and are speak out in east baltimore. sherrie johnson is live this morning with details of the latest protests but more importantly the city didn't wait aroundp they went to arresting the demonstrators -- around. they went straight to rate offing the demonstrateor. >> reporter: the protest --straight to arresting the demonstrateor. >> reporter: the protesters say they are not going anywhere soon. a group of the protesters gathered in east baltimore to make their voices heard. they gathered at the site war new juvenile jail is being built. they were there to try to convince the city to stop building the jail. they want the money put towardsfixing up schools. at some point protesters climbed the fence into the construction site and started building a structure. six of the people were arrested fortress passing. >> the state's proposing to build a jail for youth at 104
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million dollars, when they presumably don't have any money whatsoever and they could spend that money on schools that are in serious need of repair rather than jailing the youth. if they spent it on schools, surely the significant number of youth wouldn't go through process of incarceration. >> reporter: now once police cleared out the protesters, police moved in and took down the makeshift school the protesters put up. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it's 6:06. the oldest senate building in annapolis will be happen open this morning. the 74-year-old rusted pipe couldn't take it and burst. water was everywhere and 35 of the 47 senators have their offices in the william s. james building. floors 3 and 4 are going to be closed for a few days. sam cook who runs the building tells us what they are doing about that right now. >> we do have a contractor that will be on-site tomorrow morning to do necessary repairs and to pressurize and check
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system out. >> most of the damage was to ceiling tiles that fell to the floor and the floor is wet. building was e-- the building was evacuated because the sprinkler system was not working properly. opopes of the death penalty are promises agnew push to abolish it. they brought high-profile speakers on monday to make the case including kim davis whose brother troy davis was executed in georgia last year despite some witnesses recanting on their original testimony. also at that rally kirk bloodsworth wrongfully conticketed of -- convict of rape and murderer in 1984 -- convicted of rape and murder in the 1984. he was the first person in the u.s. to have his conviction overturned through the use-dna evidence. >> maryland got it wrong. the only way to make sure you don't get it wrong a is don't do it. >> i think aid strong deterrent to crime and we will see what happens this session. >> two years ago the general assembly passed a bill placing stronger limits on the kind of case that is could lead to the
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death penalty. supporters say they have gone far enough. the death pnlt opennant are a-- penalty opponents are crafting a bill to bring about a total ban. tomorrow the mayor will outlint budget for the year and lieutenant governor says it will include increases to funds of transportation projects to put people back to work. the governor gas tax increase and height to the flush tax for sewage upgrade that are being under consideration as well. are you looking to get a -- get a head start on your tacks. today could be the day because the irs will begin accepting e .-file returns. corinne redman is live with details you may not have thought about. >> reporter: good morning. we are live outside the h&r block in rogers forge before a -- for a very good reason. today starts the day the irs will accept e-fileed tax returns. and joining us live is duane
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henderson with h&r block. so first tell us what are some simple mistakes people make before they start to e-file taxes. >> one of the things you want to concentrate on is making sure to a don't transpose numbers. it's easy to a get a digit wrong. you can save time if you have the correct information. they may have the wrong filing status that can get confusing but we will be happy to help at h&r block there. are errors you can make but if you take your time we can help you get it done. >> reporter: what are benefits to e-filing. >> you can get your money back or refund back in 8 to 10 days. much faster through the modernized e file method. if you mail your return it will take as long as 8 to 10 weeks to get the money and you may lose your return so you want to electronically file. >> reporter: even though today starts the beginning of the e- filing people don't have their w-2 forms which could be frustrating if they are anticipating a return. what should they do. >> we have a w-2 early access. thousands of companies
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participate this year. it gets bigger each year. come into an h and r office and perhaps your w-2 is online and you probably could get it 2 or 3 weeks faster than mail distribution. >> reporter: he will be with out throughout the hour. if you have questions, post the questions on the abc2 news facebook page and hopefully he will get an answer for you. reporting live, corinne redman, abc2 news. serving a 33 year jailsentence, what could happen asthe house -- to the house o.j. simson owns in miami. people use them for all kinds of reasons doing chores or taking a walk. but could headphones and ear buds do pour harm than good? and it's been a record year for snow. how residents in an alaskan town are dealing with, a lot of the white stuff. 20 plus feet. we will look when we get back from new york and check of the latest business news. >> reporter: good morning.
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topping america's money, bad timing for cruise industry. this is the peak booking season for cruises and the coast. costa concordia will discourage many passengers. analyst were forecasting cheaper fares this year because of the economy. the famous jeweler tiffany's is among companies whose bottom lines are affected by the european debt crisis. its holiday sales in europe were nearly flat. other companies that sell overseas reporting disappointing sales. many of us are raiding our savings to get through the uneven economic recovery. personal savings rate is back down to 3 1/2% that's the lowest since the start of the recession. and burger king is testing the delivery of its food. first restaurant to aust $2 service are in washington and burger king won't deliver drinks or breakfast, but yes, in fact, you can get fries with that. and that's morning's money. 3q
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and welcome back. news time around 6:15. and wintery weather all around the country. these images coming out of reno nevada where a strep of i-80 is briefly closed by highway patrol blowing snow and icy roads resulting in nearly a dozen accidents. and check this out. this is the video of the day. valdez alaska getting more than 320 inches of snow. this was as of saturday. that's 27 feet. some people remain trapped in their homes and as a reminder as lay -- alaska is the halfway point. much need fuel delivered to alaskan town of nome. more than a million gallons of oil off loaded giving the town of 3500 people power and heat
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through the spring. and this is something people don't think about. especially in place like alaska, because when they go through the frigid harsh winters, these people are stranded. >> exactly. and that's what snow i don't want to see that. i know you want snow. >> come on. >> what? >> it's a foot and part of the four seasons. >> you never know. it could keep coming and coming like we saw two years ago. i don't want to be parts of that.let's show you what's going on. because around the nation here we are looking at the fact that it's cold especially as you head out towards the west and northern plains. look at around 5 right now billings right around 10 but back here at home, 44 in baltimore. we are not cold enough to support any type of snow. so if you want the snow, i proimis, we will see some but not -- promise, we will se some but not today. satellite -- we will see some today but not today. satellite and radar pick up on the rain. we will get off and on showers going throughout the day.
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make sure to have the rain gear. winds are picking up a little bit and out of the south at 10 miles an hour. 10 to 15 going into afternoon and gusty going into the evening. the weather pattern showing system will move through the area. first the warm front that's going to warm us up as we go into the afternoon. and that forecast temperatures coming up we will have the cold front slice through and that's when it will drop temperatures as well. your future trend pick up on the rain we will receive going into time and lots of sunshine that we will see as we go into tomorrow. but for today, there's the 54 i wanted to show you. mild and breezy and then by tonight right around 35 degrees. rain will taper off and it's going to get gusty once again. and then here's check of tomorrow. we are looking at 39 degrees amel sunshine and colder and still a bit breezy and a check of the 7-day forecast. i will jump into the weekend where we have a chance for showers on saturday look better on sunday. angela. >> reporter: all right. on the roadways this morning, a lot of incidents out there. if your morning drive includes
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a trip on the baltimore washington parkway, watch for bottle necking around route 198. northbound 295 at 198 an accident on the off-ramp and it's attracting quite a bit of attention. heading on 95 this morning, we are looking pretty good so far through howard county as is 29 here at maryland 108. traffic flow is around close to speed. be alert for sudden slowdowns as you can see we are increasing in volume. now here's a live look at 795 and could bys mill road. southbound drive at 795 becoming heavier between owings mills boulevard and 695 make are way to the beltway. drive times okay for the most part. we expect them to increase suddenly. got the wet conditions out there especially traveling on the west side of 695 from 795 to i-70 about 7 minutes to get you there. charley. in health news, a major plan for the government to attack alzheimer's. a newly released draft of the goals sets a deadline of 2025
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to find better treatment for the mind destroying illness. and a warning for all of those wearing headphones and ear buds while walking down the street. new research shows the combination of the two can be deadly. it's not you can't hear the traffic but it's rather your brain ignores what it is hearing. abc news has more. >> reporter: watch this woman texting fall headfirst into a fountain. >> is there water? there? >> yes. >> reporter: it's risky to text and walk but popping in the headphones could be just as hazardous. a study finds the number of people killed or injured while walking with headphones on has tripled over the last seven years. and that same time the popularity of digital music players has exploateded -- exploded. today 3 out of four teens use onech the problem is not as obvious as it seems. when you put these on, it is not just that you can't hear the traffic around you.
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your brain actually stops paying attention to it. so that even with your eyes open, you are essentially walking blind. >> the brain is multitasking and we can't multitask all that well. >> reporter: headphones are the latest digital distraction that made walking and driving more dangerous. >> you worry you could get hit by a car. >> sometimes, yeah. >> reporter: washington, d.c. we saw this man texting almost get run over.there you are and you are just texting away and the car goes right by and you barely noticed it. you could have gotten hit by the car. >> well, what goes through your mind when you see that? >> i don't want to think about it. >> reporter: and the problem is bound to get worse as more and more look down or listen to the tunes instead of the traffic. abc news, atlanta. parents you want to hear this. new research suggest babies read lips when they are learning to talk. they don't just listen to the sounds. more scientists say at about 6
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months, babies study mouths. the lee search offers more evidence than quality face time between babies and parents meaning that is much more important. and moms and dads here's a big reason you are going to have issues giving your kids into pre-ka report shows that shrinking budgets in school district are to blame. the report says kids who don't attend a good preschool will be a year behind the other classmates. about a quarter of the 4-year- olds and more than half of 3- year-olds don't attend preschool. we told you about this. a unique action figure for steve jobs. an update about the future of that toy. and a new way to get your gossip. a new app for an old tabloid favorite straight ahead when "good morning maryland" continues in a bit.
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well, a consumer alert this morning. nearly 90,000 mini coopers are
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being recalled. company says a water malfunction causes a possibility of a fire. it includes a certainly 2007 and 2011 mini cooper convertablessibles. bmw of north america says no accidents or injuries have been reported thus far. and plans for an action figure of the late apple founder steve jobs has been canceled. apple and jobs family apparently put pressure on the toy maker to call off the project. it was to feature his black turtleneck glasses and jeans and sneakers and it would have sold for $100. all right. guys, listen up. a study by the university of minnesota find when men think women in the population are scarce you won't have a girlfriend or wife or mate, we spend more money. researchers found that men would borrow 84% more each month and save 42% less. think of it like the cave man theory. there are -- they are more likely to tay $20 now -- take
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20 now over waiting a month for 30. they showed pictures with more men than women. that's a unique study. national enquirer makes it easier to get your hands on the latest gossip the new way through the app. "new york times" reports the tabloid magazine launches a new app for the ipad. the time says it will be inqueerer plus and includes content separate from what's online and what's in print. out of italy, the search continues for survivors and answers to a horrible cruise ship off the coast. the captain is going to be in court later today and that's a live look at what we are seeing off the tuscan coast. we are back in a bit. 3q
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so you can breathe happy guaranteed. ♪ you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." another body is found in the cruise ship disaster inly the. what else divers have recovered and the latest on criminal charges against the captain. and gop hopefuls take the stage in south carolina. who said what and what they said that may surprise you. and latest on where to grab your tickets to this weekend's afc title game. the pats ravens and we talked about it a little bit. here's problem. it may cost you. all that coming up on this tuesday, january 17th. good morning. i am charley crowson. hope your day is off to a great start and let's check your
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forecast with meteorologist lynette charles and great day yesterday, and good seasonal day. woke up this morning and it was wet. >> yes. so we had the rain that moved through and got reports of sleet across the area. and into carroll and york county but that's long gone. and we are dealing with some rain as we get warmer temperatures and milder air moving in here. let's show you maryland's most powerful radar as of now because the rain is moving in upon us right now. you can see it to the south of us you can see heavier rain moving in around goldboro and chestertown rock hall churchill centerville getting in on the action. so if you are along the eastern shore you are pretty much getting nailed with steady rain and it is a little bit on the moderate side like cambridge and you are dealing with that into trapped church creek as well. this is a scenario going through the rest of the morning. some off and on showers and that will continue into afternoon. as you head out and about, definitely need to grab a jacket. temperatures are above freezing which is


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