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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 17, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. and breaking news. divers exploding holes in the doomed cruise ship. frantically trying to speed up the search for 29 missing people. the captain in court right now, as we learn he was ordering food and drinks right after the crash, before he abandoned ship. the new abc news poll that shows mitt romney may have an unsurmountable lead. new pictures revealed of the two men under arrest for abducting the missing montana teacher. the reason police believe they were in sherry arnold's
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hometown. and star wars. sour notes between madonna and elton john in a bitter clash over who deserved to win at the golden globes. and good morning, everyone. good to have george back with us. all eyes on this particular scene right now and the race against time to see if any of the 29 people still missing could be trapped alive on the cruise liner. they're setting explosives above and below the water line. >> the missing still include this retired couple from minnesota. this was supposed to be their dream vacation. their family still holding out hope they'll be found.
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>> the children talking about what the parents gave up for them. new pictures of the chaos. we are learning so much more about the captain this morning. he's in court right now. and our brian ross is here. he's going to have those details. let's get to abc's la ma hasan. she's reached the italian island. the ship is behind you. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning, robin. underwater divers have located the second black box. they're working to bring it back up to the surface. the search and rescue operation is the most difficult for them. one described it as being like a labyrinth down there. they have brought in cave divers to help. rescue teams are searching for survivors above or below water, blasting through the hull for better access to lower decks where more than two dozen
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passengers and crew may still be stuck. these show divers inside the ship. one driver spotting an uneaten cake said the experience was the last moments of life on board replayed before us. the divers say they can hear the screech of steel every time the 114,000 ton vessel shifts around them. a 5-year-old girl is among the 29 missing. that is 13 more than reported on monday. three families came forward and said they haven't heard from loved ones on the initial evacuee list. >> we'll hope to save them, rescue them if there is someone still alive. >> reporter: fears of an ecological impact. the 500,000 gallons of fuel on the ship could seep into the ocean. now, new indications that the captain of the ship might have
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veered four miles off course on purpose. the sister of the waiter on the ship reportedly posted on facebook, in a short period of time, the concordia will pass very close. a big greeting to my brother, who finally gets to have a holiday. >> outside on deck. please remain calm. everything is under control. >> this is terrible. absolutely terrible. >> reporter: this infrared video shows people lined up like ants, forming a human chain trying to get to the boat below. you can see from the angle how difficult it was for the crew to lower the lifeboats into the water and how close it was to shore. >> it was chaos. we had to go through the center of the ship. >> reporter: in these newly released videos, passengers seated in the lifeboats are trying to figure out who was responsible. one woman said, take pictures,
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take pictures. it's very point to discover whose fault this is. just moments ago, we heard a very loud explosion. it was a controlled explosion to open up a hole in case the underwater divers need to escape. george? >> the ship's captain is facing possible criminal charges for deliberately steering the ship off course. he's also accused of abandoning ship. that's about the most dishonorable thing a captain can do. >> reporter: you're right. they're pushing hard to put the captain on trial and behind bars. building a case that his behavior was reckless, cowardly, and deadly. the 52-year-old captain was brought to court from the jail where he's been held since saturday. the growing evidence shows he was responsible for the accident and failed to protect the
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passengers. he claims that the ship hit unchartered rocks. he said we were the last to leave. that's not true, according to an account to the captain. captain, this is an order, now i am in charge. get back on that ship and coordinate the operations. there are already kaushlties. captain, how many? port authority, you should tell me that. what do you want to do, go home? now you get back on that ship and tell us what can be done. how many people are still there and what do they need. captain -- okay, okay, i'm going. as the captain, the dark-haired debonair schettino was described as a favorite, especially of the women. leaving the passengers behind would be a clear violation of
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the first law of the sea. >> the captain is the last person to leave a sinking ship. i find it very hard to understand how any captain would elect to leave its vessel. >> reporter: the costa line says he was wrong to steer so close to the coastline. this video is supposed to show the same ship sailing along the island. a course the costa line says was approved in advance. they say that captain schettino was a reckless show-boater. raising questions about the cruise line itself and whoa they hire to captain the ships. >> you want to scene out the risk tarks. the people who are not willing to take responsibility. >> reporter: this morning, someone on board is reporting that the captain was still
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asking for dinner and his drinks a half hour after the accident. prosecutors they plan to file manslaughter charges. it would bring a sentence of 15 years. joining us now are arthur and alex beech. they were on the cruise ship. good to have you both with us this morning. let me ask you your reaction to hearing that the captain may have indeed taken the ship off course on purpose, alex. >> i did hear that this morning. that is terribly troubling. i have been concerned about his actions from the very beginning. and, i feel there is some liability there. >> the captain, facing the charges he is, and the fact that so many said he left the ship early, both of you, how do you feel about his actions? in particular. >> well, you know, obviously,
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there's an investigation that needs to be conducted. if he violated the rules and policy, he should be penalized for it. >> i believe he delayed the evacuation order and that is what cost lives. if he had ordered it immediately, they could have lowered all of the lifeboats on both sides of the ship and gotten everyone off. and so, i think his actions caused the loss of life. >> and tell us about the actions of the crew, alex, after the accident happened. >> i thought they did absolutely everything they possibly could to help us. they had no direction. and obviously, they had not faced something like this before. they stayed with us. and helped us as best they knew how. i don't have any complaint with them. we saw no upper level leadership at all. and that is where i think the
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fault lies. there was no one giving directions from the officer level on the ship. >> you both were able to make it to a lifeboat. alex, can you tell us what happened once you were in the boat? >> well, it took five tries to get in. we kept going to lifeboats and they were already full. and people were pushing and shoving and screaming and there were some jumping on the lifeboat even though it was already full. we got to the fifth one. it looked like we were going to get on. but you really did have to be aggressive and push your way. art was behind me and pushing me forward. and when we got to where we could get on, i heard someone say there are nine spots left. >> your family was very, very concerned about you, including your nephew, jesse tyler ferguson, an actor on "modern
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family." he called you from the golden globes to make sure you were okay? >> he did. we got out of italy to barcelona, i think sooner than many of the people did. i got home and i had a message from him. >> your nephew and other family members relieved that your back here and safe and sound. alex and arthur, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. you all take care. >> our pleasure, thank you. >> glad they're okay. now to politics, "your voice, your vote." a new poll out this morning that shows mitt romney decisively breaking away from the pack. now holding a 2-1 lead over his closest rivals for the nomination. it shows a dead heat in november with romney holding a one-point lead over president obama. the republican rivals have not given up the fight yet. they took it to him in south carolina last night. john berman is here with more. >> reporter: here's a telling number. 72% of republican voters think
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mitt romney will be the nominee. that is a big number. the question heading into last night's debate, could his opponents do anything to derail what seems like an almost run-away train of inevitability? they tried. mitt romney tried to clug along overnight. touting his business experience. >> do i believe that free enter prize works? absolutely. throwing t we ne >> we need for you to release your income tax so the people of this country can see how you made your money. >> reporter: romney, worth more than $200 million gave a noncommittal semianswer. sort of. >> if that's been the tradition, i am not opposed to it. i anticipate i'll get asked to do it around the april time period. i'll keep that open.
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>> reporter: rick santorum knocked him off track. >> i don't think people that committed violent crimes should be allowed to vote again. >> in the state of massachusetts, when you were governor, not only could violent felons vote after they exhausted their sentences, they could vote on probation and parole. >> reporter: the crowd loved gingrich's defense of a proposal to work as janitors. >> you would be earning money, which is a good thing if you're poor. >> reporter: the crowd not nearly as in love with ron paul's foreign policy. >> don't do to other nations what we don't want them to do to us. >> reporter: that earned a rebuke from rick perry. >> i thought maybe the noise you were looking for was a gong.
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>> reporter: you could see romney get rattled, rick perry, rick santorum and newt gingrich have strong moments. romney could win because his sprintered opponents may take more votes from each other than romney. >> if he wins on saturday, it seems impossible for any of them to come back. to major security breach with a popular online retailer urging the customers to change their account passwords right now. zappos has more than $1 billion in sales every year. they seem to be the victims of hackers. >> reporter: zappos is famous for its outstanding service, free shipping, and as we recently profiled, the unconventional business model. >> welcome to the zoo. >> we create fun and a little
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weirdness. >> reporter: they may have just found the achilles heel. a huge setback. more than 24 million accounts hacked. now the company is putting its customers on high alert, saying getting e-mail addresses, partial credit card information. zappos got zapped. >> you have a penetration like that, it's organized crime. they're going after large numbers of identity to steal people's money. >> reporter: the company went into crisis mode, resetting all passwords to prevent further breaches on the website and assuring customers that full credit card numbers had not been compromised. the damage may already be done. sophisticated hackers can make use of partial profiles. >> typically, people use one pass word to get into a number
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of systems. if you have someone's password, you could compromise other accounts they have at other locations. >> reporter: experts say never use the same password for different sites. never use your name in a password. change your passwords often. >> cyber shopping is cyber warfa warfare. you have to maintain defenses against the bad guys. >> reporter: zappos discount site was hacked as well. it's not yet whoknown who is responsible. according to a recent survey, 90% of all companies say they have been hacked at some point. gnat's an alarming number. >> that certainly is. we'll turn to josh elliott for the other top stories. >> good news out of the pacific northwest. a miracle on the mountain. a 66-year-old snow-shoer has
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been found alive on washington's mt. rainier after braving a storm alone for two nights. rescuers found him alert and still conscious, even though he didn't have overnight gear and up to 30 inches of snow had fallen since he had gone missing. his family nearly gave up hope. thankfully, he had plenty of food in his backpack. much-needed oil is now flowing in nome. the spigot was opened overnight capping an epic journey of solid ice through the bering sea. one of the most notorious dictators once served as a spy? charles taylor helped get information on moammar gadhafi in the '80s. he's on trial for war crimes.
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did the u.s. government help him escape from prison in 1985? british airways is apologizing for a very bad mistake. they accidentally played a message on a flight. one warning passengers to prepare for a crash-landing in the ocean. the message played not once but twice. needless to say, not easy for the crew to convince screaming passengers to ignore the warning that they heard twice. the airline says it's sorry for causing, and i do quote, undue concern. and i end quote. >> oh. >> that is a big -- >> never mind. you fly so much, too, sam, wheels up. >> you can just imagine me on that plane that time. really? ignore that? what about this one? what about this? good morning, everybody. we start with a little 1 to
7:19 am
3-inch coating in new jersey. some delays. be careful where you're driving. a big, heavy snow in the northwest. 1 to 3 inches today. another 6 to 15 inches we'll get out of this storm system. strong thunderstorms and showers in the deep south today. these are the first tornado watches and warnings out in this area probably since 2012. the first ones.
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>> with another batch of fresh tasty weather in the next half hour. >> never quite put it that way before. and coming up, a new twist in the mysterious disappearance of the montana math teacher. the two prime suspects in the abduction of sherry arnold. can you feel the love
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning everyone. it's going to be a soggy tuesday we will get off and on rain throughout the day. mild temperatures a high near 54 and it's going to get cold by tomorrow and also the
7:27 am
sunshine is going to move back in mock into tomorrow. wet weather as of now. maryland most powerful radar picking up on the soggy stuff to the south and some moving in from the west. we had a brief break but now we are seeing some now moving into mount airy along i-70. and, of course, along the eastern shore dealing with heavier rain. let's go over to angela with the traffic. good morning. >> good morning. and good morning. on roadways this morning, going to be a lot of stop and go traffic out there. we have wet conditions and an accident we have been following all morning jamed traffic remains westbound on 50 as you approach 424 many down to one lane opened now and, of course, police still on the scene. here's live look at 29 through the clock still -- southbound lanes moving at a crawl. as on the top side of the beltway look live at 695 and har foreroad. traffic is jammed over to i-83. charley. jury selection begins today in a lawsuit over the death of a frederick man after he was
7:28 am
shocked by a stun gun. parents of jerel gray are speak over 100,000. sheriff hit gray twice with the stop gun trying to break up a fight the 0-year-old was hearing im-- 20-year-old was hear impaired. time to go back to new york for more "good morning america. we are back with another check- weather and traffic in a half- hour. see you then.
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live pictures now of that doomed carnival cruise chip off the coast of italy. divers are beneath the water right now trying to blow holes in the hull to see if they can find any of those still missing. 29 people still missing including a minnesota couple on their retirement dream vacation. we'll have the latest. a shattering secret with a deadly consequence. the love triangle revealed in therapy. which i the wife was trying to protect her husband. and superstar smackdown. madonna and elton john had it out.
7:31 am
we'll tell you what it's about ahead. and to the new details about the suspects in the mysterious death of the montana mom. police have launched an all-out search to find out where sherry arnold's body could be buried. >> reporter: they may not know where she is. >> we have reason to believe mrs. arnold is deceased. however, her body has not been recovered. >> reporter: both of the men have had run-ins with police. lester vann waters your has criminal charge. michael keith spell is 22. he's been arrested on charges of drug possession and unwanted sexual contact. those charges were later dropped. both men are from the same small
7:32 am
town of parachute, colorado. investigators believe they may have driven through the popular high school teacher's hometown on the way to north dakota, hoping to find jobs in the booming oil industry. >> we have reason to believe she may be buried in an area of matured, dying, or rotting trees. >> reporter: people are ternlging the terrain for any signs of arnold, hoping to bring her home. >> the primary mission is to -- get mrs. arnold back to her family. that's the focus right now. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. now to the deadly love triangle. andrea canning has more. >> reporter: this involved three highly educated people. a nasa specialist, an air force colonel and a therapist.
7:33 am
shannon and russell were working together. they say shannon snapped when she found out that her husband was having an affair with the therapist. this picture shows a woman, a former nasa training specialist, and her husband, were working on bumps in their marriage. attending counseling together. it was in therapy where the colonel revealed a dark secret that would shatter their marriage. he told his wife he was having an affair with 46-year-old psychiatrist irina puscaru. he refused to end things with the therapist and she walked out of the session. he was not the first person she would hurt and would not be the last. griffin, out for revenge, made the 250-mile drive to irina
7:34 am
pushcariu's hope. the mother witnessed a female she later eye fied as griffin entering her daughter's house. and then the unthinkable. griffin allegedly stood just four feet from the doctor and shot her three times in the head before leaving the scene. >> i was scared. i didn't know if it was a random death or if it was something personal. >> reporter: investigators say while driving back to kansas, griffin called her own daughter to tell her she committed murder and made several phone calls to her husband, again admitting she killed his mistress. roscoe griffin called his mistress' home to find out that she was dead. the wife was pulled over and admitted to having two unloaded handguns in her car.
7:35 am
let's get more from dan abrams. you have a witness, phone calls. what kind of defense can she mount? >> think the most likely one would be a heat of passion. it's in the a defense per se. it's not saying i'm not guilty. it's basically pursuing a lesser crime. she had the four-hour time period there to drive, prosecutors will say, that's not heat of passion. the defense will say it still can be. >> that shows premeditation, which would mean murder. >> you only need a few seconds to develop premeditation. the prosecutors will say, that four-hour period, look at the amount of time there. that was certainly enough time for premeditation. remember, the death penalty is a possibility here. what you might see is the prosecutors pursue the death
7:36 am
penalty to get a plea deal. it does happen. >> one of the people she told is her husband. will spousal privilege prevent him from testifying? >> it's possible. it's possible she could say this was a private conversation. we were still married. it was not an attack on him or our kids, and as a result, spousal privilege should apply. >> one question on the missing montana teacher. the police believe she was murdered. they're not holding the gentlemen on murder charges. >> they want to play it safe rather than sorry. they believe they have enough evidence to say these guys are connected eto take her. we don't know 100% certain that she has died. we have them on kidnapping, we have them. if they don't find the body, they can still pursue murder.
7:37 am
>> i was going to ask that. >> they could still charge them with murder. for now, they're holding them on the kidnaps charge. they're satisfied they can figure out the charges later. let's get to the weather with sam. >> this light snow is step one. in the next 48 hours, you'll add more snow and ice. come up to about 6 to 15 inches. this will be real problem for western washington. one of the online newspapers are calling it slush-mageddon. it will take trees, powerlines, roofs down in that area. a light snow into a heavier snow. a real pounding later on. seattle, 6 to 15, portland, 6 to 10 inches. cold air from that system leaking all the way to southern california. look at monterey at 35.
7:38 am
>> and all of that weather was brought to you by farmers insurance. >> thank you, sam. whose side are you on, elton john or madonna? we go inside a superstar clash of the titans. and a little costly. that's why the best agents present their clients with a lot of options. because when it comes to what's covered and what's not, nobody likes surprises. [ click ] [ chuckles ] we totally thought -- [ all scream ] obscure space junk falling from the sky? we cover that. moving on. aah, aah, aah, aah. [ male announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers ♪ bum, ba-da-bum, bum, bum, bum ♪
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the superstar spat that began on the red carpet of the golden globes accelerated after one of the acceptance speeches. in one corner, elton john. in the other, madonna. lara is here to tell us. >> oh, if looks could kill. when the camera cut away to a shot of elton john's face when madonna gave her acceptance speech, he didn't have to say a word. but he did. in the cosmos of music soup s r superstars, none shine brighter than elton john and madonna. >> elton's red carpet dis. >> madonna hasn't gotten a [ bleep ]. >> he said you don't have a [ bleep ] chance.
7:43 am
>> oh, damn him, those are fighting words. >> i said that. he said, nose are actual words. >> oh, okay. >> masterpiece, music and lyrics by madonna. >> she was at a loss for words at first. >> um -- um -- um. >> but sir elton's face said it all. moments later, his husband took to facebook saying, madonna, best song? [ bleep ] off. he said the awards have nothing to do with merit. he speech was embarrassing in its narcissism. >> i hope he speaks to me for the next couple of years. he's known to get mad at me. >> reporter: ma dod thdonna has known to be blatenly honest about other celebs.
7:44 am
and how strikingly "born this way" is to her own song, express yourself. ♪ i'm on the right track baby i was born this way ♪ >> and that doesn't feel annoying? >> um -- it feels um -- reductive. >> is that good? >> look it up. >> reporter: and elton john's husband ath had no problem expressing himself on that as well, saying her criticism of gaga shows just how desperate she really is. get ready for round two. it could happen if they're up against each other for the best song award when the oscar nominations are announced next week. this could get interesting. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and j. lo and marc anthony.
7:45 am
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it pays to discover.
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here's "the play of the day." >> sometimes there are no words. george, this actually all began on your program, stephen colbert coming aboard and saying, yep, he's going explore his options. and perhaps -- race -- a search for the republican nomination for president. he decided to get himself a superpac and turn that over to jon stewart. last night, stewart decided to spend some sof those campaign funds on, well, let's call it a special delivery. take a look. >> eggs. that is beautiful. now, obviously, it looks delicious. but there's much for me to say yet tonight. i need to preserve my jaw
7:50 am
strength. my saliva is considered currency in south america. >> it's going to cost you double, sir. >> what a ridiculous and almost criminal waste of the people's superpac money. i'll do it. mm-hmm. mm-hmm. >> oh, come on! >> no, no. >> uh huh. >> josh! >> what about this felt like morning tv? >> oh. >> what? >> what? >> no. >> come on. >> why in the world did you show that to us? >> in my defense, one staffer said, i think it's really funny, but i have the comic senses of a 12-year-old boy. there are not a lot of
7:51 am
12-year-olds watching the show. maybe that will change. >> so rare that we're all very quiet. >> oh, come on. and who racked it up for a replay? come on! stop. coming up, many other less disturbing things. liam neeson is here. go nowhere. now, ally bang brings you you're spending how much? hungry, how much do you think the average american spends in a year eating out at restaurants? for the answer, and to weigh in on what you spend eating out, to go on yahoo!. brought to you by ally. and had them read it. no, sorry, i can't help you with that. i'm not authorized to access that transaction. that's not in our policy. i will transfer you now. my supervisor is currently not available. would you like to hold ? that department is currently closed. have i helped you with everything you needed ? if your bank doesn't give you knowledgeable customer service 24/7, you need an ally.
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7:56 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning everyone. we are dealing with wet weather now coming in across the area. we had a break earlier and are seeing the rain from the west. pushing into carroll and starting to pub into baltimore county. heading out and about, be aware of where the rain is. it's filling up everywhere. mount airy along i-70 heavier rain. more into demass cuss and we are still seeing plenty of rin along the eastern shore as of nowp and into easton and church
7:57 am
creek and even along cease peek beachch this is what we are seeing going through the remainder of the morning. going into the afternoon showers but things will taper off especially going into the evening. we are going to be very breezy going through today. wind out of the south at 10 to 15 miles an hour. so the weather pattern will warm us up. i am forecasting a high around 54 degrees. but once again as you head out and about, don't forget the rain gear because future trend picking up more on the rain we will see as we go throughout the day. let's go over to angela with the traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning everyone. heading out the wet conditions creating a lot of problems out there. also still getting reports of icy spots especially west of walletmore -- baltwest friendsh the intersection of maryland 99 old frederick road at 32 is closed due to icy conditions. we are deeing with a lot of traffic dive -- dealing with a lot traffic involving. maryland 29 at maryland 28 southbound is where the biggest
7:58 am
problem is. congestion there heading into the city on the jfxa. live look at i-83 at cold spring lane southbound lanes jammed fromnorthern parkway into fayette street. now back to new york for more "good morning america. when a sore throat strikes, the pain can leave you feeling dreadful. and all you want is for it to go away. cepacol works fast and gives powerful sore throat relief.
7:59 am
that's because the numbing medicine in cepacol is the maximum strength you can get without a prescription. and it stays there after the lozenge has gone. tame your painful sore throat with cepacol.
8:00 am
♪ ♪ you gotta get on the floor a happy crowd out in times square this morning. what you're hearing is j. lo. it turns out that jennifer lopez and marc anthony are back together again. not exactly why you' lly chat w thinking. what does it take to get back to being friendly like that? you may remember tina yothers from "family ties." she's going to change places with niecy nash.
8:01 am
you have heard about extreme couponers, right? we'll introduce you to a woman who is an extreme contest c contesta contestant. the art of the freebie. how about some news? several new development this is morning. this the scene there along the tuscan coastline. divers work inside and outside that ship searching for 29 people who remain missing. earlier, crews used explosives to blast holes to reach areas where the people still may be trapped. infrared video shows a long line of passengers inches slowly down the side of the ship towards lifeboa lifeboats. the captain making his first court appearance this morning facing manslaughter charges. in a report, one of the ship's
8:02 am
cook says one half hour after the ship hit the rocks, the captain was still with a female cam pannon, asking for dinner and drinks. meanwhile, for a minnesota family of a missing couple, there's nothing to do but wait and hope. they set out on the dream cruise five days ago. this morning, they're the only two of the 120 americans on the doomed "costa concordia" still unaccounted for. >> we're confident that everything is being done to find our parents. >> reporter: back home, the family hopes for a miracle. barbara and jerry's daughter, sara, told a chicago radio station about the excitement of her parents. >> my parents have always wanted to travel. they raised four kids. they sent them all to private school so they never had any money. when they retired, they went
8:03 am
traveling. this was going to be a big deal. it was going to be a 16-day trip. they were really excited about it. >> reporter: friends describe 69-year-old jerry and 70-year-old barbara as devoutly religious. they were known for their kindness. jerry regularly teaching classes at church. and barbara delivering homemade treats to pa s ts to parishoner. now, their friends and fmly are praying for their safe return. as are we all. this morning, crews said they'll wait for all search efforts to conclude before they begin offloading 500,000 gallons of fuel. they're worried about a possible environmental disaster still to come. in politics, mitt romney has opened up a 2-1 lead over his nearest opponent.
8:04 am
despite a some what mediocre performance last night, he held his own. he said, under pressure, he may be willing to release tax returns in april. wikipedia shutting down for 24 hours tomorrow protesting two bills in congress aimed at stopping online piracy. the legislation will open the door to internet censorship. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> millions of us work out to feel fit. you're the picture of health. what if there were a ticking time bomb inside your body and new technology could find it? we'll show you what it is and how you find it tonight on "world news." >> thank you, diane. meanwhile, the mayor of a town near los angeles says his strategy has helped cut crime by
8:05 am
15%. take a listen. [ birds chirping ] >> it's the sound of birds chirping. it's playing on loudspeerks placed all across the town of lancaster, california. critics say crime is down everywhere, not just where the fake birds are fake chirping. >> i was imagining my dachshund hearing those birds. it would not be peaceful scene. let's get pop news. taylor twiswift, a knockout the cover of "vogue." her new album is about a crash and burn heart break relationship. many sec late she's talking about hollywood hunk jake gyllenhaal. they dated for a few months in 2010. he was the one to end it. swift says writing songs helps
8:06 am
her feel better. and being on the cover of "vogue" can't hurt either. this morning, it can be confirmed that singing may not come naturally to angelina jolie. in this never before seen video from 1987, angie, around age 12, singing karaoke. somehow, wearing giant ears and just in sixth grade, she still has that something special. in science news this morning, it's like being the only guy to wear a white tux to the golden globes. you stand out. an extremely rare, nearly all white chin strap penguin. spotted in the sea by national geographic photographers. in antarctica.
8:07 am
not quite an albino. his pigment is still in his eyes. without the typical black and white coloring, they have no camouflage to dive for fish. the chances of finding one of these blond bomb shells is just 1 in 146,000. time for our sneak peek of next week's episode of "the bachelor." courtn courtney. >> why would she be so stupid to talk about me in her one-on-one time with him? what an idiot. >> i think she's having anxiety. >> it didn't go that well. >> i hope she goes home tonight. >> you have one-on-one time with ben and you talk about me and how you don't like me? good move, emily. >> oh, them's fighting words. >> i'll say. >> you can watch monday nights,
8:08 am
8:00 p.m., eastern, right here on abc. >> getting mean. >> getting freaky. >> sure is. sam, what do you got? >> oh, hi. i'm sorry. we were just chatting. tell me your name. >> tory. >> from? >> knoxville. >> and you're -- >> university of tennessee journalism students. >> we do a good hit of news. you've been outside talking to the folks, josh. >> i have. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to show you. chicagoland, these pictures from earlier this morning. here's the thing. some rain, a little bit of fog as well, and then you have that bitter cold air. about 1 to 3 inches of snow coming. those temperatures really drop. they drop in a lot of places. all looking for a temperature plunge here as this swings in. today, this may be the hot spot
8:09 am
for some strong storms. some tornado watches and warnings are out. pay attention to that. on the west coast, cold air, frost and >> and we're live in times square. we have lots more weather in the next half hour. oh, lara? >> thank you, sam. why jennifer lopez and marc anthony are back together after their high-profile split?
8:10 am
and what happens when tina yothers breaks her family ties to move in with niecy nash's family? it's the most surprising "celebrity wife swap" yet. do you like getting something for nothing? who doesn't? this mom is revealing her secrets to extreme contest winning coming up on "good morning america." that was me trying to be discreet
8:11 am
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8:13 am
jennifer lopez and marc anthony stayed married for seven years. even though the split had its nasty moments, the couple's
8:14 am
working relationship seems to be going strong. andrea canning has more on how everyone got back together. >> they were on the cover of the tabloi tabloids, hated each other. now this. j. lo and marc anthony are back together as business partners. there were no dirty looks, no cheap shots, no wedding rings either. despite their public divorce and very public sexy rebounds, marc anthony and jennifer lopez are together again. holding hands, sharing laughs, posing for the cameras. it's all for their new baby, reality show, "que vira." they share passions. putting rumors op anthony's jealousy and concern for their twins' well being aside. >> we have always been friends. we were friends before anything.
8:15 am
we'll be friends after. >> we got to know each other working together. >> that's how we first met. that's the easy part. >> some exes are able to work well together after a breakup. things didn't work out well for justin timberlake and cameron diaz. drew barrymore and justin worked together. j. lo and marc anthony make working together and co-parenting their twins look easy. >> he lets me do my thing. >> reporter: she admitted to bouncing new ideas off her old flame. >> i've been working on "idol" on new music. i played something for him the other da >> she don't listen to me.
8:16 am
hello? >> that's not true. >> reporter: even though the couple arrived at the event holding hands, their divorce is still going forward. how day divide their fortunes depends on which state they rezid in? they have homes in california, florida, and new york. >> that is before the proe scee from the new show. to the great social experiment that is "celebrity wife swap." tonight, niecy nash swaps with tina yothers. chris connelly brings us the scoop. >> reporter: it's a classic confrontati confrontation, i suppose. happy families come in all shapes, sizes, and zip codes. a big bunch and an outdoor si
8:17 am
outfit get together, hi later ensues. >> why would anybody want to sleep on the ground if you don't have to? >> reporter: out in the sticks. >> what is going to get us? >> a bear, a coyote. >> reporter: dynamic diva niecy nash is a fish out of water. >> mommy! >> reporter: and looking to stay that way. >> did i mention i don't know how to swim? >> reporter: at home are farm animals in the yard. >> i mean, why is that thing jumping like that? what did i get myself into? i wanted to learn something from this experience. i didn't want to become a farm hand. >> housework is just as tough as your job and i don't get a dime. >> reporter: and child star turned earth mama tina yothers, this house hold needs to tighten up the family time. >> take the moments when you're here to have lunch with the kids, have dinner with the
8:18 am
family. that will help. that will give you many, many more opportunities to learn a lot about your kids. they didn't see each other. it was very separate. they came home and went to their rooms. >> i don't like all my family. they're not fun to talk to. >> reporter: when this world's collide episode, she's not the only young ter to register disapproval. >> maybe i'll throw some rock at you. >> you know what, bobby? >> you're going to throw a rock at me? >> meet tina and husband bob's force of nature 4-year-old, bobby. he's ready to speak his mind. >> i'm going to hammer this place. >> you're going to hammer this place? >> okay. >> reporter: and with that, bobby decides to go exploring. ♪ >> why don't you come back over here? >> come back over here, bobby.
8:19 am
we're living in his world. >> reporter: what is the most effective way to get him to do what you would like him to do? >> um -- >> reporter: we'll take that pause as your answer. >> stop screaming, baby. >> reporter: with niese's three kids, tina opts to get them more in touch with one another and stepdad jay. >> what do you know about horses? >> they have four legs. >> they're big. >> i don't know nothing. >> soon, they're all tall in the saddle. niese figures it's time for some bright lights, big city. >> this is what ladied do when we want to relax. give me a high five up top. hey! a little discipline went a long way with my new little best friend. >> reporter: after the
8:20 am
mani/pedis, a dazzling outfit or two. >> it was fun. i was thankful for what she got me. >> reporter: then the dolled up kids head for a red carpet premier. what were you supposed to do with your hands to pose? >> wow, that's fancy poses. >> reporter: whether it's cozy time together, or glam times in the spotlight -- >> what girl doesn't want to sprinkle her fairy dust? >> reporter: -- turns out there's enough room for everybody in these families. >> she's a city girl. we're -- >> what? >> -- we're a country family. >> reporter: for bobby, always a new adventure. are you going to have fun at the monster trucks tomorrow? what do they sound like? >> just like that. just like that. >> reporter: i wouldn't be surprised if we're all working for bobby some day. two families getting fresh
8:21 am
perspectives. >> i love the idea of niecy with bobby. check out "celebrity wife swap" tonight on abc. a stay at home mom leading a double life. she has an unusual addiction. she spends hours and hours combing the web for contests she can enter. abc's neal karlinsky looks inside her world. >> reporter: april jakes is a stay-at-home mom who h mastered the art of the freebie. not free samples. >> a tiffany necklace. i won that. i won the one i have on. >> reporter: diamond necklaces. trips. all free. you have heard of extreme couponing. it's a reality show even. april doesn't cut coupons. she entered contests.
8:22 am
>> here's a good one. >> reporter: not just a contest here a contest there. nearly 150 free online contests every single day. >> here's another one who my friends keep telling me i need to win. a dream home. >> an entire house? >> yes. so they have enter twice daily. that tells you you can only enter twice daily. >> reporter: is there anything you want to win? or just anything is good? >> no, i'm pretty te picky. i promised my husband i would try to win him nascar. that's one thing i would like to win. >> reporter: they're listed in online magazines and products. >> this was from a trip to the cma awards. and then my husband and i got to meet jason aldean.
8:23 am
>> reporter: vip, of course. she's won everything from purses to video games. even the chance to have the show "family guy" draw her as cartoon. the biggest win so far, a brand new fishing boat, which she promptly sold for the cash. 60,000? you won 60 grand? do you think you'll keep doing it year after year? >> i think so. i go through periods of time where i don't want to get on the computer. i'm burnt out. but then maybe a couple of weeks will go by, and i get back on there and start searching again. >> reporter: her winnings over the last three years are big enough that she reports them on her taxes. she's made her husband a very happy man. >> she calls me at work and tells me, guess what? i won another contest. you're not going to believe what i won. i'm like, that's exciting. >> reporter: what is your advice for someone who wants to start
8:24 am
trying this out? >> enter, enter, enlter. >> reporter: of course, a cash of luck doesn't hurt. for abc news, neal karlinsky, edmonds, washington. it won't be long. the academy awards nominations will be coming our way. billy crystal is returning to take on hosting duties. we have an exclusive first look at what billy's been up to. >> i think the thing that's special at the oscars is, it's the granddaddy of all the shows. the oscars, not just an awards show. okay, it is. but it's the best one. if you would tell me i would host the oscars when i was a kid, it would be crazy. only bob hope has hosted more than me. it's hollywood. how long can it last? that will be a theme of the evening, how did you fall in
8:25 am
love with movies. it's a common experience we all have. we have to celebrate that more. 1977, i did "soap." that was on ab -- good morning, america. >> you can check out billy on on the big night, check out the exclusive web streamed video, including you can go to the governor's ball. and we're going to do something cool on as well. we're going to have an oscars stock market. track what other people are saying. i like the idea. >> are we considered experts? >> no. certainly not plays of the day. but you can track in real time how things are trending. are they picking up speed, especially after the results of
8:26 am
the golden globes. here come this is movie a lot of people haven't seen, "the artist." >> i want to go see that now. >> if clooney's a stock, i'm going big. very bullish. >> it launches today. coming up next, liam neeson. standing by here live in studio. go nowhere.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. it's a soggy tuesday as you step out and about. don't forget the rain gear. we have rain off and on throughout the day. temperatures will be on the mild side coming in around 54 getting cold again as we go into tomorrow. but the sunshine will move back in to the picture. maryland's most powerful radar as of now. and we can see a big shield of green yellow and also oranges and that's where you are seeing the heaviest pockets of rain as we go throughout the day. this is the scenario so make sure to be equipped. now over to angela with traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. on the road right now. wet conditions out there. oisy spots west and north of baltimore. several fender benders report
8:28 am
around an accident on i-83 heading into the city at fayette street a lot of congestion on most key route. 29 at maryland 108 southbound to the left of the screen is where you are going to see the heaviest traffic slow. traveling on the bestway 695 at baltimore national pike, outer loop delays starting at 795 and continuing to frederick road. over to you. >> reporter: flags around the state will be flown at half- staff honoring a 24 -year-old air mayne first class nath you sidler who died in afghanistan when the vehicle he was riding in was hit by an iud. his funeral will be at 9 a.m. on rifters -- reisterstown road and buried at arlington nation am cemetery. pay respect to ron smith a memorial service begins at 11 on the campus of goucher college. doors open at 10. he died after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. back to newior for more "good
8:29 am
morning america. one more check of the forecast in about 25 minutes. we will see you then.
8:30 am
♪ just dance gonna be okay ♪ a little lady gaga right there this sometimes square. say that three times fast. there's louis van amstel on the floor with kelly osbourne. he's going to show you how to dance the pounds away. he's moving very well for 8:30 in the morning. we're looking forward to that. the most fun way to get in shape yet. >> we can do that one, too. >> i'm doing that, too. first, could you imagine living a long life without ever getting sick? dr. richard besser meets up with a renowned doctor who says it might be possible. you might want to start by giving up, high heels?
8:31 am
i think not, dr. besser. >> that is map of the proteins in richard's blood. first over to robin with one of the world's most acclaimed actors. >> wow. one of the world's most acclaimed actors. that's true. in the movie, "the grey." it takes place in snow and thy-high snow. you have to watch the thriller to the very, very end. we'll explain. liam, also a pleasure to have you here. i have to admit, i was watching like this a lot. it's suspenseful. a thriller. >> it's that and a little bit more i think. >> much more. it makes you think. it sparks conversation. >> good, good. >> it must have been brutal to film this. >> shall i keep talking?
8:32 am
>> please. >> we were up in a place called smithers. a 12-hour drive northeast of vancouver. some days, it was minus 37 degrees. it was severe. >> you didn't have trarls. you were braving the elements. did that help stay in character? >> it did. we were all bundled together trying to stay warm. >> it must seem balmy out here. >> yesterday and today is like summer time. >> your character is a tough oil worker. he's gone through difficult time. he's on his way home, the plane crashes. >> they work 24/7 for five weeks and get two weeks holiday. so they're all flying out in stormy weather. the airplane, let's say, has malfuncti malfunction. they land in the alaskan tundra. my guy, oddway, is trying to get
8:33 am
them to safety. all the time being pursued by mystical wolves. >> the eyes through the darkness. the cold was real. were the wolves? >> they were an amalgamation of puppetry and animatronics and a little bit of cgs. and real wolfes in the running shots. >> i want to play a clip. this is after the plane has crashed. and ottway, your character, someone has to take the lead. >> what are we doing? >> i say we need a fire. it's about 10 below and dropping. so we don't die. we build up a fire and we find food, and then at daybreak, we
8:34 am
figure out what way is south and we start walking. nobody is going to find us. not here. unless you want to freeze to death. because that is the one thing that will come to >> you seem, of late, to be drawn to these types of roles. >> i was certainly drawn to this guy. why? >> it was written by joe carnah carnahan. it was pure, and something cleenz i cleansing, primal about it. i don't like seeing the movies about someone driven by someone on a computer, a telephone. this is just man versus the elements. and man versus his own soul. >> when i was watching it, i saw it this weekend, i was like, why am i so drawn to this film? normally it's not the kind of thing -- >> because of me, robin.
8:35 am
>> it had to be you. it's so pure in so many ways. >> there's lots of layers to it. and you know, it crosses many genres. it's a thriller. there's a bit of horror. a bit of existentialism. not seeing you in taken, and "a-team." does it make you feel like a kid again? i heard you were talking about there's something that taps into the kid in you again. >> absolutely. when i was a kid, i loved these sorts of movies, like "jeremiah johnson" springs to mind. the survival type films. you're pitted against the beauty and the horror of nature. it was great to be out there with the bunch of actors. joe carnahan, the director, he
8:36 am
directed me on "the a-team" just the best bunch of actors. >> i had to go back and see it again because i didn't know after the credits, you have to stay in your seats, there's a last scene. you wanted to do that. it makes you think of what could possibly -- >> it may explain -- it may explain something. or may not. >> i think it's the may not. but it is -- um -- i just can't get over how well done it is. and how -- >> we're very proud of it, robin. >> you rightfully should be. liam, it's always good to see you. saw you in "love, actually" at the holidays. saw it over and over again. >> that was ten years ago we made it. >> it's timeless, as are you. >> thank you. >> "the grey" opens nationwide on january 27th. check it out. let's get outside to sam and
8:37 am
the weather. >> we're outside. a little bright moment. a few showers waiting for us in pennsylvania at this point. lit swing through. let's get to the maps. the twitter and facebook pictures. this is funny. just last year, i was drives with my mom through lafayette, louisiana. it's a neighborhood all around the lakes. i pulled off to look at it. now, someone takes a twitter picture and sends it to us. into the northwest, a bad storm. the headlines are already, the worst in 25 years. it could be 60 years. if they get 16 simpinches of snn two days, that's a bad situation. just be extra vigilant on your snow removal in that area. it's bad two days.
8:38 am
>> outside in times square. the weather was brought to you by mercedes-benz. coming up, he's moving, he's grooving, he's doing it. my man, louis van amstel from "dancing with the stars" shows how to move your way to a slimmer you. go louis, go
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
well, we have watched louis van amstel spin around the floor are the likes of kelly osbourne and niecy nash. your partners, as the weeks fly by, the pounds seem to fly off. louis has a new dvd series that brings the ballroom and all the benefits right to your house. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> there's such a joy in watching you dance. i imagine there is something to
8:42 am
that to have the pounds drop off your partner. >> it's so rewarding. like with kelly. it's amazing. right now, i got these. my new year's revolution was to be shameless. here you are. five dvds. >> i thought we were going have a little foreplay here. talking about "dancing with the stars." i want to talk to you about kelly, quickly. she danced the sizes away. and the thing about dancing, in my case with tennis, you find something you love doing, it doesn't feel like exercise. it doesn't feel like work. >> that's what dance is. that's what happens with all the celebrities on the show. now it's time for the people at home to learn the dances as well. it's a workout in disguise. you're working out for an hour. you don't feel like it. you just keep going on. that's the secret of losing weight by doing dance. i'm have proud of having the
8:43 am
lablast series. in the first three dvds, you learn all the dances. you can then work the specific body part in four and five. all through dance. >> you have said that it's all about stamina. building your core muscles. you teach a class in l.a. that a lot of my girlfriends went to. now you're bringing it to everyone at home. do i need to do this with somebody? >> no. that's the beauty of it. you watch the show, you always have to do it with a partner. lablast is partner-free. you can learn all the dances and, get that little bonus of losing all that weight. >> if you don't have the background, can you learn? at home, can i learn the steps from the video? >> absolutely. absolutely. that's why i have levels. level one is for the absolute beginner, person who needs to lose 50, 60 pounds.
8:44 am
anyone can dance. if you're wills to give up control, you can dance. >> well, enough talk. more action. let's get up and dance. >> let's do it. >> cue the background dancers. >> one of them is called hot and spicy. one of your videos. is that the one we're doing? >> we're going to be hot and spicy. a triple step. triple step. triple step. do it eight times. kick. step, kick, step. there's a rockette in the making. >> if you want to feel the core, twist the waistline. >> five, six. >> oh, i jumped the gun. left, and one. that's -- you're going love the body. and kick. left foot kick. >> i keep going right. >> just don't think. just do it.
8:45 am
watch and do it. and twist. >> oh, i always want to go right. what's the problem. >> oh, you just twist. always with the twist. back to the beginning. triple step. triple step. >> at home you don't have to think so much. >> can you see me whittling away? i went right again. >> five, six, seven, eight. twist the booty. and back to the begin. you can do this in three feet in the living room. >> are you feeling it? again, i wanted to go left. >> come on, lara. can i give a shoutout to my partner in crime, the gym. >> do you hear how we're panting. >> good. that's it. >> all right, everybody. there you have it. louis van amstel bringing
8:46 am
"dancing with the stars." >> lara spencer. next on "dancing with the stars." coming up, getting rid of these, can it lead to a longer life? say it ain't so. the answer coming up.
8:47 am
8:48 am
one of the nation's leading doctors has written a new book called "the end of illness." it's inspired a new series awe cross our programs. in today's piece, dr. richard besser explains how a simple blood test might lead to the end of illness.
8:49 am
>> reporter: what if we could find the key to making every person on the planet live longer and healthier? that's what dr. david agas is looking for. he's a researcher, and cancer doctor to the stars, treating patients like lance armstrong and steve jobs. his goal is grand. short-circuit our disease before it starts. do you really see a path to the end of illness? >> i do. i think we can really delay most diseases until our ninth or tenth decade. >> reporter: his research may change the way we look at and treat cancer. imagine, a drop of blood being all your doctor needs to catch an illness, even cancer, in its earlier stage. it's the budding science called
8:50 am
proteomics. i gave blood to have my proteins tested. it's like we're looking for a 70,000 megapixel camera at my own blood proteins. this is me? >> this is you. we can blow it up. you look at these dots. these are the proteins in you. >> all of those things sparkling? >> the stars in the sky. you can touch one, have they been discovered yet? some of them we though their size. others we know what they are. >> it's like star gazing. it's strikingly beautiful. this test can't tell us much yet. it's in the early stages. it did see something. these ones are blinking in origin that came up way higher than our normal patients. you had a marker that you were starting to get an inflammation. >> that's my cold. >> this was days before there was a kicker there. we're able to pick it out here. >> reporter: but the change is not just in technology.
8:51 am
dr. agus wants us to change the way we live. all of us. some ideas will be hard to pull off. high heels, you'll have to give them up. the pain and swelling they cause a linked to chronic swelling in the body, which is leading to inflammation in your body. >> it can happen from shoes, repeated head injuries. >> reporter: eat your meals at set times and set your alarm. a schedule is another key to staving off disease. the same time for everything. no napping. what about spontaneity? >> there are plenty of other ways to be spontaneous besides male time and sleeping. if you eat the same time every day, it's a lot healthier. >> reporter: can he get the world to take his advice? can he get medicine to stop businessed a usual. >> we have to be preventing
8:52 am
disease, not just reacting to it. >> and the end of ill nts series continues tonight on "nightline." anchor bill weir makes a discovery about his own health. he'll join us live tomorrow on "gma" with what he found out. we'll be right back. ♪
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great to have so many journalism students here in the studio with us. and you know what is really great? you at home, you're helping us get closer to our goal with our warm coats, warm hearts drive. we have been asking you to donate. boy, have you done that. we're getting close to 1 million. take a photo of yourself and tweet it to us. >> beverly said she took her granddaughters megan and emily to their burlington in massachusetts. there they are. >> and brett's mom got him off the crutches to take this picture where he donated in the great state of louisiana. way to go. take care of that leg, too, brett. >> you may see yourself here. tomorrow on "gma," you talked to george lucas.
8:56 am
that great film, "red tails." that will be tomorrow. >> thanks for watching. have a great day. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning.
8:57 am
and happy tuesday to you. it is a wet one that's for sure. as we check out maryland's most powerful radar see the heaviest rain moving in across bel air and also back west. let's take a radar tour. it's sliding into frederick and also mount airy along i-706789 getting another downs douse ofheavier rain. interstates will be on the wet side this morning as we slide over toward the north and east. well, around havre de grace port deposit and bel air and aberdeen and it's not going to let up for a while. sliding south, if you are traveling into dc this morning around silver spring getting some heavier ran across the area. apartment eastern shore the lower part of it easton trap cambridge and the second round of heavy rain across the area for today. we are dealing with the rain and we have breezy conditions out there. the wind out of the south at 10 to 15 miles an hour. we will be the scenario for today. we have that weather pattern that's pumping in milder air so that's good news at least it
8:58 am
won't be a chilly rain. speaking of the rain, future trend into motion showing you the rainfall that will be coming in as we go through the rest of the day off and on and things taper off and we will see more sunshine in the forecast as we go into tomorrow. but, we will be on the cold side. temperatures coming up. 54 today. and mild and breezy and as we go into tonight that temperature will be right around 35 degrees and gusty winds but the rain will start to taper off. here's forecast for tomorrow, 39 degrees ample sunshine and colder and it's breezy outside. that 39 is going to feel a little bit chillier and make sure to bundle up. going into friday, temperature right around 43 and the weekend brings showers in here on saturday but warmer and drier as we head into sunday. ughhh.
8:59 am
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