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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 17, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have all new videos and stories for you "right this minute." a mangled car dangles from a high bridge with a terrified mom and her two kids pinned inside. >> this the most haunting shot. >> hear the amazing twist of
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fate that put this forecast in the right place at the right time. a man tries to ditch a state trooper. >> and is pinned by the trooper's car. >> see why you don't outrun the long hood of the law. >> have you ever been a beer chugger? >> like this? i didn't think so. >> just pop the top. >> and what is that erie sound. it's an internet mystery but steven solved part of the puzzle. >> it's time to kick off our show with video nick found. >> we found this at kcoi, a semi truck crashed into a bmw. the car was perched on the edge of the bridge. inside that bmw is a 36-year-old
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mother, her 10-year-old daughter and a 10 week old baby. that semi truck went over the railing of a bridge, plummeted 50 to 100 feet into the river bottom below, burst into flames. the driver of that truck was killed in the accident. firefighters are doing everything they can. as they are trying to remove the people from the car, they could feel people slipping. stuck in traffic were cbs, construction engineers of the navy. >> they came up and wanted to know if they could help with traffic or something else. they had a large forklift with them that we were able to obtain and have them use so they could support the bmw as it was teetering on the side of the bridge. >> it can't fall. >> this the most haunting shot. you can see the mother peeking out of this mangled, twisted wreck. >> i can't believe the three occupants survived this crash. >> what are the chances that somebody coming that direction
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with a forklift thing like this and willing to help out. >> just by chance they happened to be coming through. it was actually good luck on our part. >> the mother, the 10-year-old, and the 10 week old baby all with nonlife threatening injuries. >> miracles do happen. no way to describe that. sometimes married couples renew their vows because their marriage might have lost the spark. like this story we saw in the uk. this is barry and ann watson. they were married in 2002 but the marriage lost its luster over the year, you know. things weren't going so good. so they renewed their vows in 2011 except this time barry was named jane. barry, as you see here on the left, had himself a sex change and became jane, and the marriage is still going as a same sex relationship.
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>> what? >> yeah. barry said she thought he was cheating on her with another woman but turned out he just wanted to be one. >> they looked happier where barry was a guy. >> complete sex change with all the works. >> i believe so. ann says she does miss barry at times. now she gets to talk to jane about hair, clothes, and makeup. she'll love the person whether that person's name is barry or jane. >> what does she miss about barry? does she say? >> i would think it would be the really main part of barry she's really missing. >> a little bit of a weird turn. >> i imagine they may say love is love no matter what form it comes in, whether it is in the female or male form and they go with it. >> romantic nick calderon here. >> thank you very much. i have two rescue videos for you.
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one is a couple years old that's trending again. >> come on, buddy. >> look at him. he's like oh, gosh, please help me, i'm freezing. >> he's got those puppy dog eyes you can't resist. >> i want to jump in this video and save the guy. >> look at this little dog. this is charlie. charlie is stuck in the indian river in new york. charlie fell through the ice and all these people come to the rescue. you can hear this little dog charlie wimpering. >> you know, i'm glad to see that professional rescuers are attempting this. some people are so in love with their pets, they will try and jump in after them and then they wind up getting in trouble. >> once they got him out of the icy river, they take him and start treating him for hypothermia. they treat him just like they would a person they rescued from the ice. >> they wrap him up nice and snug. >> he's not shaking that water off. he's like blanket around me
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quick. >> this video is 2 years old. it's trending again. it popped up because it's so darn cute. charlie made a full recovery and likes to go hang around the elementary school and say hello to the kids. >> it's going to get taken away by the currents. the next rescue just posted over the weekend. a few guys on a trip to colombia, they are rafting down, pretty tame rapids, but a moving river nonetheless. you can see off in the distance there's some krause right there grazing. look down toward the shoreline. a little cat fell right into the water, slipped through the mud and fell into the water. so the people on this raft, they spring into action. three different guys from this raft, they all dive in together and they all go to this cat's rescue and get him out of the water and back safely to his herd. >> i have to give them credit. they wasted to time springing to action. >> all for a little calf.
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two. >> russia. >> utah. >> i found this story on abc 4 in salt lake city where the dash-cam video of a routine traffic stop goes really bad. a utah highway patrol pulls over this guy for speeding of the police officer asks for his id. the driver turns over what turns out to be a fake driver's license. as you can see the guy took off. he's speeding through the highway, loses control of the truck, veers off of the freeway. the guy tries to escape, tries to jump over a fence, and is pinned by the trooper's car. >>his bonetry to bail out of his truck. i'm thinking maybe he thought if i jump out the police officer will jump out and then i've just got to beat this guy in a race.
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>> the police officer did say he tried to slow down the car but because of the grassy area he was going over he wasn't able to control the car. >> was this suspect hurt by being pinned. >> minor injuries. immediately after arrest he was taken to the hospital for medical clearance. now he is under arrest. >> now he's being arrested for evading and running and all those other -- >> come on our show once in a while. realize that they are not going to get away if they try to outrun the cops. >> always turns out bad. a boxer puppy meets a herd of cows. we dissect the meaning to a lot of sniffing. >> sons of anarchy, hell's angels. >> now this band of bikers with one guy who might be a bit too
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brave. >> this is nuts.
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welcome back to the show but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. have you ever been a beer chugger? have you chugged a beer? >> i dabbled in beer chugging, sure. >> can you chug three in a minute? >> no. >> this man specializes in super human tricks. he will demonstrate to brits he can drink -- >> three bottles of budweiser with the tops on them, no hands. >> his specialty is opening the beer. watch. >> one, two, three, four. >> he pops the top with his tooth like a dog. that's one, a little bit of a
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belch there, have to create some space. do you think this guy was fun at parties in college? >> probably a real dud. >> probably the social chairman of his fraternity. >> the stupid human trick is so popular, it's gotten over 1 million hits since friday. >> what? check out what happens when a little tiny box of puppies meets a herd of cows. >> oh, boy. >> when this was shot lucy, the boxer, was out in the field and runs into a herd of cows who becomes completely curious by this little four-legged animal a fraction of their size. >> everyone being friendly here. everyone kind of like, what are you?
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>> what's so weird about it, they are sniffing the dog like they are a dog. they are not sniffing his behind. >> this one here is going in for a kiss. hey, what's up? hey, lucy. how are you doin'? >> the dog lays down. >> it's amazing to see how these huge animals are so gentle also with the little doggie. >> this is a video from summer of 2010 but it is just now becoming viral. i can see why. it's completely adorable. >> i just got really sad. i just noticed these cows are tagged. that means they are beef cattle. that means this dog could technically be eating them soon. >> after lucy met them all she started a facebook petition page, save my new friends. they are friends on a farm. >> they are probably sniffing each other as we speak. i have a really cool story about something a fast-food chain did.
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wimpy is one of the most popular fast-food chains in south africa. they have a full braille menu. they set out to let the visually impaired community know about the menus they provide. they visited the three main braille institutes in south africa, braille services, a lewis braille house and blind sa. with a tiny little pair of tweezers they put messages on all of the sandwich buns in braille using sesame seeds. the messages were description of the burgers they were about to serve to some blind indiduals. >> wow. >> those little sesame seeds, ough, they fall off all time. >> i think they were very meticulous making sure there were no missing parts. you can see the buns coming out of the oven. they made 15 buns to serve to 15 individuals at these three different braille institutions.
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this is my absolute favorite part of the video here. what the message says is 100% pure beef burger made for you. now, watch the the reactions of these blind individuals. i love it. >> she's so tickled. >> look how gleeful they are. they are smiling and laughing. this is the first time they have experienced food like this, with a message on it. >> something they read and were just going to eat. >> right. because all these people had such a positive experience with their wendy burger they put information in their news letters and things they sent out to the visually impaired community. these 15 burgers ended up reaching 800,000 different people in the blind community, letting them know the burger had these braille burgers and is very supportive of the community. >> videos of strange sounds are creating a stir on the internet.
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long.
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put on your detective cap because we've got a bit of a youtube mystery on our hands. this video is from an area in alberta, canada. you see some workers here and they are filming because there are some strange and eerie sounds in the forest. >> what? >> repeat. listen. there are a lot of these videos circulating youtube right now. this is just the latest one from canada. there are videos coming from sweden, hungary, costa rica, all with similar strange sounds. >> what?
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>> that is the same sound almost. >> this has to be some keend of really bri -- kind of brilliant ad campaign for a horror movie. >> i'm thinking the same thing. i also have to say, guys, i mentioned videos popping up all over the place. i found one i think is probably the best one from winnipeg, canada. listen. >> can you guys hear that? listen. >> i knew it. i was going to say it sounds like your horn. >> my secret santa gift. >> messages. fifteen seconds, i have to tell you after the show you should head over to our website but i did it
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in 10 seconds. for those of us that love animals, specifically cats. first cats donclimb anywhere, sp anywhere. they do not care. here is sophie, head cat. sophie likes to crawl on the roommate's head. >> it's like a coon skin cat. >> they were adopted from the humane society. they don't know what kind of cats they are. at one point she gets in position like riding a ycle. bars, ready for adventure. she let's the wind go through her ears. she doesn't move, scratch. she's arching her back. >> watching. >> she's fascinated.
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what the heck was this guy thinking. >> i'm slack jawed at this whole thing. >> a video that will leave you slack jawed, stunned and shaking your head. and bruno mars latest single hit number one. ♪ rain >> spawning imitators all over the
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we should save this where is nice. >> show them our video.
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>> to russia where george of the jungle is about to swing off the bridge. here goes the tarzan move. >> right on the corner. you know that hurt. >> as much as it hurt it's funny. >> took the style, wore the banana hat. >> speedo, nice touch. what was he thinking. he should have let go. he should have let go earlier and he would be flying. you let go, don't break your back on the corner of this bridge. >> it's not like he didn't see this giant gray bridge coming. >> that's what he was swinging from. obviously he knew the bridge was there. the bridge came out of nowhere. >> his stupid fault for letting go. do you think he was able to swim out of the river with the broken back. >> i'm sure they found his body down the road a mile or two. that's going to leave a mark. >> yeah. i don't know what's crazier, the fact that this guy is doing a stunt on a motorcycle or wearing white pants while he's
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doing it. >> oh, my god. >> he's doing a one-wheelie without his seat anywhere on the bike. he's pulling his seat behind him. i don't know. the video has been out there a while. it's kind of trending. we need to share this with people. this is nuts. >> as a man, he's putting in danger a very sensitive region there. >> i would be more worried about his face than his hoo haw. >> nick is open mouthed. >> i'm slack jawed at this whole thing. the amount of pure stupid it, holly cow. >> there's like a whole train of people behind him. >> a mob of people riding together. >> sons of anarchy, hell's angels. >> silly cyclist.
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>> johnny white pants and his band of bikers. >> that's it. >> ding ding ding, you win. >> that's it for our show today. now, bruno mars hit song "it will rain" just reached number one on vh1 countdown. here is the official video. we also have a video of the same song covered by megan nicole. the video is trending. enjoy. we'll see you next time. ♪
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a 16-year-old accused of killing his father appears in court. why interest's -- there's growing support. >> a rude awakening for neighbors in howard county. we know texting and driving can be deadly even talking on your cell phone while walking can be dangerous. why we should think twice before going for a walk with our head phones. xd the 16-year-old accused of murdering his father had his day in court. while some of the family was there, brian kuebler joins us. >> reporter: he turned 16 a few months ago. a growing number ofeo


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