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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 18, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking right now, the search for survivors of the cruise ship disaster suspended. as the captain returns home overnight, far from the scene. this morning, the stunning phone call. crew members speak out for the first time. snowmageddon, comes to the northwest. they're not prepared for even an inch. up to four feet of snow in some areas. as 100-mile-per-hour winds slam the coast. and blackout. why some popular sites will be completely shut down today. garth brooks' bitter court battle over his $500,000
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donation to a hospital. his wish to honor his here. why neither side will bury the hatchet. good morning, everyone. boy, a lot coming in tonight on that "costa concordia." overnight, we're learning that the ship may have shifted on the rocks. there's a fear this may put the safety of the rescuers in jeopardy. >> divers were able to find the latest victims in the wreckage. 22 people remain missing. those families are holding out hope, including the family in minnesota praying for answers. sarah palin said if she were in south carolina, she would vote for newt gingrich. she says steel sharpens steel.
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will it be enough? and prince harry headed to the top of the world. why he's getting ready for an epic trip to mt. everest. let's get to the latest on the cruise ship disaster. the crew now speaking out. the phone calls that reveal that the captain refused to get back on the ship. chris cuomo, coanchor of "20/20" is reporting from the island. >> reporter: good to see you, robin. prosecutors are arguing against the judge's decision to place th arrest. they said he admitted to making a reckless move. he's at risk of fleeing, they say. and should be in jail. overnight, captain francesco schettino returning to his home. his wife facing the media as he
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slipped in the back door. and this morning, more reaction to the damning phone call taking the criticism to a new level. on it, the coast guard captain shouts at the captain ordering him back on the ship. he says -- you saved yourself from the sea, but i'm going make you pay for this. go on board. even then, schettino resists. sitting in a rescue boat as thousands struggled to escape. he sounds surprised to hear about the casuals on board. how many are there, he asks. i don't know, you're the one who has to tell me how many in are, the coast guard captain replies. he then offers reasons he won't get back on the ship. you do realize it's dark here. so what, you want to go home? get on the boat using the pilot ladder and tell me what can be done, now. but schettino's wife believes
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that call doesn't tell the entire story. saying in a statement, the many people who know him well testified that he's absolutely dedicated to his job and was a professional. three additional crew members may face charges this morning, including the second in command, who, with schettino, left the sinking ship. i'm with my second in command, schettino told the coast guard captain. so both of you go up then, you and your second go on board now, is that clear? some crew members have questions. like this woman, who was serving him dinner. >> somebody called him, he already went down, verified. >> reporter: she says it was clear that the sich waugs was not under control. this video shows a crewman explaining that the crash was an electrical issue. >> it was an electrical failure. >> reporter: they made their ways to lifeboats on the side of the ship that was not underwater
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the. you get into the lifeboat and it doesn't work. >> yes. it doesn't work properly. we must come back to the ship. >> reporter: she's stuck at a hotel in rome. she and hundreds of other survivors wait for new travel documents and trips home. desperate for this to be over. and yet it's still not over, because these workers are waiting to see if they can get on another ship, assuming they can still stomach the sea. so many have told them that their nights are filled with horrible images of the ship slipping into the water. >> boy, i'll bet. let's go to lama hasan right now. the search for survivors? nothing is happening. >> the search is suspended this morning. the ship is shifting and could boouf into water that is 300 feet deep. there's 500,000 gallons of fuel on board.
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if it breaks apart, it could cause a massive environmentaldy sanser. the strong currents may have caused the ship to move. before the search was suspended, they were scouring the waters for four full days. one coast guard officials says they're focusing on this part of the ship. there was an emergency check point near the restaurant. they detonated five explosives on monday and discovered five bodies inside. >> the plan is to keep looking for people. in the same area where we found the five people today is the place where it's more possible we could find other people. >> reporter: they believe those five passengers, still wearing life vests, may have been waiting to board lifeboats. so they just missed getting on the life boths? >> we think so. >> reporter: we headed toward the sunken liner to see the damage. you can see the ship lying on its side.
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this man who runs a hotel along the coast, saw the accident from his balcony. it lit up the coast, he told us. then everything went dark. he knew then he was watching a tragedy unfold. these women, who were at a nearby restaurant say they'll never forget the chaos. the screams, she said, the crying. some people even jumped into the sea. back in the u.s., friends and family of barbara and gerald hile, the only americans still missing just wait. >> everybody is offering up prayers for the free will and the hope. not just for bash and jerry but for everybody. >> reporter: for the family and friends of the heils, that hope is in the hands of the rescue workers. >> lama, thank you very much. back here at home to the big winter blast in the west.
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dangerous mix of snow and slush there. we'll talk to sam in a moment about the latest in the storm. first, neal karlinsky joins us from seattle. good morning, neal. >> reporter: robin, good morning. the snow just started coming down a short time ago. just in time to wreak havoc on the morning commute. these trucks have been coming and going all morning. this loader is about to put salt in this truck to send it on the road. they expect today could be bad. this morning, eight states from washington to california to utah are under winter storm warnings and advisory. schools are closed. more than two dozen flights to seattle and portland have been canceled. at stores, people are stocking up like they're expected to be trapped in their homes. >> i bought extra batteries, water, snacks, milk.
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>> reporter: on the roads, drivers are skidding out. it's a recipe for disaster. hilly streets plus an unusual series of snowstorms. with a region with too few salt trucks. a 66-year-old snow-shoer made it out alive after two nights burning everything he could find to keep warm including $1 and $5 bills and his sox. >> he's thinking i'm going live, i'm going to do whatever i can to live. >> reporter: getting through this day will not be easy. >> i think we need to remind folks that seattle is a primarily rain city. we don't handle snow very well. >> reporter: the latest forecast is calling for less snow than they were initially expecting. they're not looking at a record-setting day of snowfall. but they're still getting ready. they're expecting trouble any
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way, robin? >> thanks, neal. let's bring in sam for the latest on the storm. we said snowmageddon. you said slush-mageddon. >> not 15 inches of snow. probably closer to 6. go full throttle on the rain and the wind. ten states have warnings out. they range from high wind warnings, winter storm warnings, hurricane-force wind warnings. this is a bad western storm. it doesn't get the snow connection. when a storm rides up against the jet stream, it's like turning the faucet on full. there's not enough arctic air to make it the big snowmageddon storm. there will be enough slush and high mountain snow totals to call it a big storm. boise gets 4 to 8 inches.
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>> and a messy day out there. now to politics. "your voice, your vote." and the surprise from sarah palin. another boost for newt gingrich, coming off a strong debate monday night. will it be enough to prevent mitt romney from wrapping up the nomination? let's bring in jon karl. mitt romney revealed he pays a fairly low tax rate. >> reporter: that's right, george. newt gingrich appeared to have hit his stride off the strong debate performance and now getting a boost from sarah palin. she told sean hannity last night who she would vote for. >> if i had to vote in south carolina, in order to keep this thing going, i would vote for newt. he husband, todd, endorsed gingrich last week.
7:12 am
>> i would want this to continue. more debates. more vetting of candidates. we know the mistake made in our country four years ago was having a candidate that was not vetted. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of gingrich's strongest debate yet on monday at the fox news debate. he received a standing ovation. >> i'll talk to you. >> reporter: the new momentum comes as romney is under fire to refusing to release his tax returns. tuesday, he revealed he pays a lower tax rate than many middle income americans. >> it's closer to the 15% rate than anything. >> reporter: the average rate for those making more than $1 million is more than 29%. how did romney get away with paying so little? >> my income comes from investments made in the past rather than ordinary income or
7:13 am
earned annual income. >> reporter: those are taxed at the lower capital gains income. he has regular income, the money he makes from making speeches. >> i get speaker's fees from time to time. not very much. >> reporter: last year, $374,000 to give nine speeches. we won't know how much he pays in taxes until he releases his returns. he now says he won't do that until april, after most of the primaries are over. his rivals are increasing the pressure to release them now. gingrich saying romney is disrespecting the people of south carolina if he doesn't do it before they vote on saturday. >> the white house adding to the pressure. it was romney's dad, george, who started the tradition of releasing tax returns. he released 12 years of tax returns when he was running for
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president. we don't know how many years romney will reveal. >> reporter: george romney released those returns before the first primary. romney seemed to make it clear that he only planned to reveal the current year. >> thanks, jon. let's get to josh with the latest stories. a scare at the white house. flood lights blazing after someone threw a smoke bomb over the fence. occupy congress protesters were cleared away. the device was safely removed. the president and mrs. obama were out celebrating the first lady's 48th birthday. to the nuclear standoff in iran. israel is very far from deciding whether to attack iran's nuclear facilities. they said the situation is not urgent. iran has not decided yet whether it wants to build a bomb. serious new questions raised
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about the safety and effectiveness of tamiflu. the drug's maker, roach holdings ag, provided incomplete data. the government has already spent $1 billion to stock pile it in case of a pan democrat demipand. if you log on to the internet today, you'll see some purposefully made changes. wikipedia shut down for the day. they're protesting anti-piracy laws being considered by congress, which they say would amount to internet censorship. so questionably sourced information will not be available. >> a lot of kids will have trouble with term papers today. >> i thought the same thing. time for another check of
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the weather from sam. >> google it. oh. the rainfall totals are something. north of yoeureka is probably where you get the most wind. gusty in the northeast. it really drives home some colder air working into the area today. look where the colder air is coming from, the heartland of america. 26 below in international falls for tonight. the colder air is dropping in and pushing east.
7:17 am
>> six tornadoes in the heartland yesterday. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. now to garth brooks and his courtroom battle to honor his mother. the country music star is suing an oklahoma hospital over what
7:18 am
he says is a broken promise to name a new wing after his mother. >> reporter: good morning, robin. dressed in jeans and a black cowboy hat, the man who famously sang about having friends in low places showed up for a showdown at court. just like he warned -- ♪ sometimes you have to take the heat ♪ >> reporter: -- he's turning up the heat on his hometown hospital. with his wife, country singer trisha yearwood by his side, he showed up to get his money back. >> for three years, i've been taking this crap from them. in the next four days, i get to show a lot of character exposed here. >> reporter: he says in 2005, he gave oklahoma's integris ka nad
7:19 am
yan valley hospital a $500,000 donation after they promised to name a new wing after his mother, colleen brooks. he says hospital officials s solicited him for years. >> we offered solutions, ideas. we tried to move the discussions to a formal agreement. >> reporter: brooks' lawyer says three years after he gave the money, the hospital said the money would be used for what they had the money earmarked for, without further discussion. >> we wanted to honor mr. brooks' mom. >> it's about my mom, her honor. i wanted to it be sweet. it's just not going to turn out that way. >> reporter: the fight goes to a jury now. the two sides can't seem to, well, maybe garth brooks himself said it best -- >>
7:20 am
♪ we bury the hatchet leave the handle sticking out ♪ >> reporter: in court filings, the hospital said they only agreed that the donation would be anonymous and unconditional. brooks, in his attempts to add to the conditions after the deal was agreed upon, is now changing his tune. >> will he take the stand? >> he says he's prepared to do it. >> it's not about money, ever, with him. >> not at all. principle. >> i'm surprised. coming up on "gma," the explosive courtroom scenes on tape. a husband is on trial, accused a second time of killing his pregnant wipe. and new detail on the shocking plane pro peril accident that injured lauren scrug scruggs. for the first t tells his side of what happens. and the prince's promise. scaling mt. everest.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. on this wednesday, our headlines we are dealing with a roller coaster ride as we are dealing with tumbling temperatures today. it's going to be cold and windy and milder temperatures will be back and wintery mix to rain as
7:27 am
we head into the weekend. but for right now, temperatures in the sykesville right around 36. and the gusts the big story 35 miles an hour. glen burnie around 41-mile-an- hour wind gusts. perry hall around 39. the 30s are feeling like upper 20s mid-30s going through the rest of the day. now over to angela with traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning. on the roadways, wind warnings in effect on a lot of the madge area bridges and we are seeing a lot of heavy traffic now. especially on 95 traveling through the city. had an earlier tractor trailer fire on keith avenue off-ramp. tractor trailer is there attracting a lot of attention and we are seeing extra delays there. in the meantime, a lot of congestion for folks making the drive on 29. southbound lanes are very heavy making your way through the elk ridge area and traveling on the jfx heavy on southbound lanes starting at beltway making your way into downtown. now for local news,
7:28 am
here'scharley. 25 people have a exciting day celebrating the leg sigh dr. martin luther king junior. 25 citizenser will sworn in the american african american history and culture. they come from 16 different countries. and garchor -- governor o'malley will releets budget in and help -- release the budget in annapolis. another part of the plan people earning more than 100,000 individually and more than 150 will have smaller exemptions on the tax. back to new york and we are back in 25 minutes.
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7:30 am
♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ perfect choice by denise this morning, ain't no mountain high enough. prince harry, usually making the headlines for partying and girlfriends is now taking on a serious issue. scales mt. everest. boy, that is gorgeous. >> perfect music, thanks, denise. and the latest on lauren scruggs, the former model who walked head-on into the propeller. the pilot's side of the story revealed for the first time. also gaming in the grocery store. thank you secrets to cutting the bill way down on the next trip to the markets. now to the high-profile,
7:31 am
high-stakes trial under way in carolina. jason young faces life in prison without parole if he's convicted. young said he wasn't in north carolina when the mrd tuk place, right? >> and the defense is calling the case completely circumstantial. they say jason young was in virginia when the murder happened. the prosecution maintains he slip i had home in the middle of the night to end a rocky marriage that was bringing him down. he was seeing other women and his wife's life insurance policy is at stake. this new trial is expected to last six weeks. jason young is back in a north carolina courtroom, facing first degree murder challenges. he's charged with bludgeoning her to death when she was five months pregnant. in june 2011, the trial ended in a mistrial. >> the trial is adjourned.
7:32 am
we declare a mistrial. >> reporter: they're preparing to make their cases all over again. the prosecution claims young killed his wife this cold blood on november 3, 2006, when he was supposed to out of town on business. the only potential witness? the young daughter cassie. >> this man did not murder his wife and his unborn child. you're going to be compelled to find him not guilty. >> reporter: prosecutors claim he left his hotel room, drove to his home, murdered michelle, and then drove back. they found internet searches on his computer for head trauma knockout and anatomy of a knockout. >> the plan was to murder his wife. his plan was to get away with it. >> reporter: in a rare move, jason young stunned the courtroom in his first trial, taking the stand in his own
7:33 am
defense. >> did you kill your wife, michelle? >> no, sir. >> were you there when it happened? >> no, sir. >> reporter: he claimed to be devastated. >> i broke. i just didn't believe it. it was -- it just didn't feel real. it didn't feel like -- it didn't feel like it was -- it didn't feel like it was happening. >> reporter: over the course of the three-week trial, he admitted to cheating and explosive arguments. >> we're both very passionate. both very hard-headed. we didn't want to give in. >> reporter: young claims things never got physical. michelle's mother testified he was a volatile husband. >> she had that pep, the energy, she loved life. and he took it away from her. just took it away from her. >> reporter: now with jason young on trial for a second time, his lawyers will once again argue that their client is
7:34 am
not perfect, but he is innocent. we were struck by his changed appearance. we should also mention he was ordered to pay his wife's family $16 million in a civil wrongful death suit. and michelle's sister has custody of the now 7-year-old cassidy. it breaks your heart to think she was there. >> dan abrams is here. the crime took place in 2006. he wasn't arrested until 2009. lay out both sides of the case for us. >> it's a fascinating case. not surprising you saw a hung jury. he's got motive. he's having affairs. he doesn't want a pregnant wife. he doesn't want another child. computer searches that andrea mentioned. maybe the most important witness is a gas station attendant who says he bought gas at 5:30 in the morning and she's sure it
7:35 am
was him. he says he was sleeping in another state at that time. prosecutors said, no, no, no, he left the hotel, went back to kill her, tried to drive back. that's why the attendant cobs important. for the defense, no direct evidence. they're going to say two ore people's dna was found at the house. maybe one of the most horrifying details is the 2-year-old, who andrea was talking about, she was found in the bed without her socks on, and yet there were little baby footprints throughout the blood. it's clear that the child was walking in the blood and that the sox were taken off. prosecutors saying that's only a father. >> somebody who cared about the child would have done something like that. people were surprised he took the stand the first time. you think he'll do it again? >> it's always surprising if a defendant takes the stand. yes, i think he'll do it again.
7:36 am
i think it makes it tougher. if the prosecutors find change in his stories, they have an entire account to refer to. in the first trial, didn't you say x to each and every detail. >> does one side have an advantage over another when there's a retrial? >> it tends to be prosecutors. they can fix some mistakes. see what the defense did, see where the problems were. the problem in this case is, there really is actual evidence. the other people's dna found at the scene, that the defense can rely on. it's not just a question of how the case was tried. it's the evidence. it's the fact that you have a guy who is taking the witness stand, who the jurors, at least eight of them, found to be pretty credible. takes the witness stand again. if he's credible again, it may be tough to once again get a conviction. >> thanks, dan. let's get another check of the weather now, it's 7:36, with
7:37 am
sam. >> we continue with the out-of-season severe storms. six tornadoes reported yesterday in america's heartland. these were fairly weak storm. the storm damage, was it straight-line wind? a microburst situation or a tornado? we haven't settled into colder temperatures of winter yet. another push to cold air. look at the numbers. minneapolis, 1 degree on thursday, friday, 9 degrees. i'll be in detroit on friday. the morning temperature, at wxyz and the auto show will be about 10 degrees. atlanta, 53 today. dallas at 54. phoenix at
7:38 am
>> that's right. detroit on friday. haul that weather was brought to you by quaker oatmeal. >> you're going to have fun at the auto show. the folks at xyz will take care of you. prince harry's danger use new mission. why he's getting ready to climb mt. everest. come on back. mid grade dark roast forest fresh
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time now for prince harry's latest adventure. last year, he headed to the north pole. now he's tackling mt. everest. abc's nick watt joins us from the relative safety of london with the latest. i know you would be there if you could. >> reporter: i wouldn't. the only danger that will face me today is that i might slip on a damp, rainy sidewalk here. prince harry with an amazing year in front of him. his first solo royal tour to the c caribbean. first, he's going to everest. if they ever made an action man prince, he would have to have flame red hair. fast motor booiks, fast women, fast helicopters. he's unleashed on the taliban,
7:43 am
walked across the arctic. now he's headed for the world's highest mountain, with the same bunch of wounded soldiers. raising money and inspiration. >> it's positive. for them and everybody who is or will end up being wounded. no matter what, you can progress with your life. you can do things beyond imagination that you thought was possible. >> reporter: hairy, ice ax in hand, will spend a week at that top of the world, flanking this majestic mountain that kills 1 in 10 of those that try to conquer her. >> the only person that could say to harry, stop risking your life, would be his grandmother, the queen. she's not likely to say that to him. >> reporter: because she's head of the british armed forces. she can't let others' grandkids flirt with danger and war and keep wee harry home. he's headed back to afghanistan later this year.
7:44 am
william, the heir to the throne, is y coddled. >> there must be times that william looks at harry and says, i wish i wasn't born first. >> reporter: they indulge the wide streak when ever they can. for harry, the arctic trek and everest mission are about much more than thrills and skills and impressing the ladies. >> i was with the team before christmas. there's a genuine friendship there. i think harry wants to support them and throw light on their dangerous mission. >> keeping it in the forefront of everybody's minds. >> reporter: now, harry's only disappointment is he's not going to make it to the summit. that's a three-month expedition. he can't spend that long in a tent with a bunch of smelly guys up the side of a mountain.
7:45 am
he's a prince. he's got other stuff to do. he'll be there a week and then will go home. >> i was listening. you cracked me up. you do feel sorry for william sometimes. harry gets to have all the fun. >> he does, but william's married to kate. that's not a bad thing. harry gets to do the fun things because he's the spare to the heir. he has all the benefits and few of the drawbacks. >> plenty point on kate. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and we hear from the pilot of the plain in the lauren scruggs accident. here's a picture of my grandpa...
7:46 am
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here's "the play of the day." >> uh huh. >> it's okay. it's okay. >> it's gonna be all right. >> we come in peace, we promise. every has tossed out their
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christmas trees already. look where some go. >> ah. >> it's the world ast largest accred accredited park for large cats. people doe that their christmas trees. they're back scratchers and toys for these guys. >> redemption, josh. >> look how cute and lovely that is, america. >> i know. >> thank you, josh. >> make you cuddle up to your tv like a fire. >> can we have a bo-fer? >> let's go a bo-fer. i had a dog when he was a kid, you could say walky to him, he would do this. not like that. >> that's a boxer, right? >> don't torture the dog, take him out. >> he's going. >> he's got hops. >> serious hops. >> when you gotta go, you go that go.
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coming up, we have new
7:56 am
secrets to gaming the grocery store. we'll tell you how to slash your supermarket bill big time. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. happy wednesday. we are dealing with a blustery day. temperatures are going to be in the 40s and dropping but the big story is the winds. check out what we have here at baltimore. sustained out of the northwest, the west going through the morning at about 10 to 20 miles an hour. we have been seeing gusts up to about 50 miles an hour. satellite and radar not picking up on a lot close to home here as we will see sunshine building in as we go throughout the day. we are looking at snow and lake- effect snow into pennsylvania and back into west virginia and
7:57 am
high pressure is going to rule the roost going throughout the day. the cold front sliding through in the wake cold and within they and future -- windy. future trend picking up on sunshine. going into the thursday, there's a slight chance for snow to move into the picture going further north in all looking good as we go into friday, today's forecast right around 40 degrees. let's go to angela with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning. wednesday morning drive a big bit shaky with wind warnings in effect on the key bridge on the bay bridge and on hatem bridge for those on u.s. 40. otherwise we are dealing with quite a bit of congestion out there. key roots are backed up especially on 29. southbound is where you will see the heavy traffic making your way to the montgomery county line. here's a live look at jfx. we are almost sitting still. this is southbound starting at ruxton road past coalspring
7:58 am
lane. traveling around builtway heavy and slow traffic. this is the west side outer loop at baltimore national pike. now back to new york for more "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ if you like it then you should have put a ring on it ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh >> those are some hearty folks. >> man. >> it's brisk out there. >> i wonder if there are single ladies out there. are you looking for that special someone who makes your heart beat faster? how you can find true love before you say hello? cameron mathison goes undercover with the body language of dating. >> that oh oh oh was pretty great. >> that's what beyonce was
8:01 am
doing. >> nicely articulated, george. >> thank you, very much. i do my best. we also have new deals -- >> you're blushing. aw. >> because of the transition i have to make. we have all been following the lauren scruggs case. we'll hear the pilots side plus the new secrets of saving at the grocery store. we'll tell you how to game the grocery store to slash your bills by more than half. >> what do you mean by game? >> according to our incredibly talented writer, the tips, the tricks. get your game on. and you sat down with a legend, george lucas. talked about his new movie, "red tails." it's very close to robin's heart. first to josh elliott. we'll begin with new
8:02 am
developments in italy. the search for 22 people still missing has been suspended this morning because rough seas are moving the ship, adding to fears that the vessel could split apart, which would then result in an environmental disaster. the captain of the ship is at home. but prosecutors think he should not be. audio records show that he refused to return to the ship after the crash. and republican hopefuls are stumping across south carolina. sarah palin says if she were in south carolina and had a vote, she would cast it for nout gingrich just to keep the search going. mitt romney reveals he's paying a lower tax rate than most americans. he's paying taxes on investment
8:03 am
money, rather than income. a victim of murder, a vocal critic of iran's government. >> reporter: investigators in houston are reviewing surveillance video this morning. looking for any evidence why an iranian women's civil rights activist was gunned down yards from her home. >> according the family and the people we have talked to so far, she has no enemies. >> reporter: police found her body slumped over her steering wheel. her car had plowed through this garage door. >> her boyfriend doesn't recall hearing any gunshots. but a loud screeching noise. like somebody driving away. >> reporter: adding to the mystery, her car was found on the opposite side of the complex. her purse and cell phone still inside. she had openly criticized the
8:04 am
iranian government. she was outspoken in promoting women's rights. she requested her last name not be used for fear of her life. they have few clues as to why she met such a brutal and baffling death. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you, abbie. now, here's diane sawyer. >> good morning to you, josh. and everyone at "gma." a brian ross investigation into the secrets of mitt romney's wealth. what about this post office? does it hold the key to his millions? watch the investigation tonight. see you then. we have learned more this morning on the story of the 66-year-old snow-shoer able to survive two nights alone with no overnight gear in a snowstorm.
8:05 am
it turns out he stayed warm in part by burning cash he had on hand. he also burned his sox, he burned leaves. he was in such good shape when he was rescued, he didn't have to go to the hospital. if money can't buy you love, in this case, it can buy your life. >> lara? >> let's do it. first up, pippa middleton did not sign up for this. following up on a story we first reported last week, she is threatening to take out an injunction to stop photographers from stalking her every move. the lawyers sent information talking about the stress this is causing her. photos of middleton can generate thousands of daughters if they're deemed exclusive. therein lies the problem. our friend, tyra banks, has
8:06 am
found love in the far east. she met her new boyfriend, at a retreat in bali. >> is that him? >> i don't think it is. though it's a long distance relationship, it's a quote big deal. she was in china before the holidays shooting for "america's next top model." she flew around the world a few weeks later to see him again. good luck, tyra. in science news. these incredible shots of polar bears in the wild taken by a courageous photographer. as he swam inches from the beast. wearing a dry suit, joe buney captured the shots. at one point, they got so close that they touched the water-proof lens on his camera. they swaped the paws at the boat
8:07 am
he was in. that concluded the photo shoot. >> he was in the water with them? >> he got in the water with them. testing faith. >> too much too soon. finally, the home of the whopper is testing a new delivery service that want would allow you to have it your way without having to get off the couch. they're trying to one-up mcdonald's. first from select locations in virginia and maryland. if you're thinking that fast food doesn't travel well, burger king has thought of that with special thermal wrappers. keeping fries crispy and your w whoppers whoppery. >> you know how many calls they're going to get from portland? >> what is better than a junior
8:08 am
whopper? two junior whoppers. >> one more. one more. what is this sound. beep, beep, beep, beep. what is that sound. it's not the sound of a delivery whopper. it's the sound of my ever-widening fanny trying to get in the couch after a week of delivery whoppers. >> thank you, sam. >> what do you think? >> he said fanny. >> i did. i did. which is why i don't do standup. let's show you what is going on outside your doors. look at the snow pictures. from marysville, washington. big-time snow coming down. we'll put this on our facebook. you'll see all the areas getting snow. feel free to send us the videos. into the west, the big snowfall totals. the wind and the rain. more along the coastal areas.
8:09 am
in the east, dropping the temp which ares. the low moves out, do you feel it? do you feel that breeze? i'm warm in between all of you. and you, sir, are tall enough to block the wind >> i have the good folks to keep me warm. and lara, it wasn't that bad. beep, beep, it wasn't that bad, was it? >> no, it was all good until
8:10 am
fanny. thanks, sam. and here's a look at what we have coming up on our "gma" morning menu -- are you sending the wrong signals when it comes to dating? cameron mathison is helping these girls put their body language to the test. and the savings showdown. how to decrease your grocery bills by more than half. and robin sitting down with george lucas and the cast of "red tails." [ female announcer ] introducing coffee-mate natural bliss. ♪ made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. ♪ who knew being natural could be so delicious? coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle.
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8:14 am
board brings us new details this morning on what exactly happened to lauren skrugs. for the first time, we're hearing from the plane's pilot. ryan owens with that story from dallas. >> reporter: lauren is out of the hospital this morning. for the very first time, we're getting a view of what happened from the pilot's seat. the ntsb has interviewed kurt richmond, who police identified as the pilot. >> i'm, i'm lauren scruggs of lolo magazine. >> reporter: six weeks after she walked head on into the propeller, so many still wondering, how could it happen? this morning for the first time, the pilot is providing details. he said he warned the 23-year-old to stay away from the front of the plane. richmond says he leaned out of his seat and placed his right hand and arm in front of her to divert her from the front of the
8:15 am
plane and the propeller. he kept his arm extended and told her to walk behind the airplane. the pilot could not say if she heard him over the roar of that propeller. he just landed at this small airport north of dallas after taking the online fashion editor on a quick flight to look at christmas lights. he says he kept the engine running because he was just stopping long enough for skrugs to get out and a new passenger to get he watched her leave the plane, turned to the left, when he heard someone yell, stop, stop. and he immediately shut down the engine and saw the passenger lying in front of the airplane. >> letting somebody out of the airplane, at night, especially, with prop running or the engine going is not a wise idea. there's no law against it. but most pilots would not do that. one of the things that scares you the most is the idea of somebody walking into that
8:16 am
propeller. >> reporter: abc news has tried to reach the pilot several times. he's not spoken publicly since december 3rd. lauren's parents say they think she hit the pro peril when she turned to thank the pilot. lauren scruggs lost her hand and eye in that accident. she continues her rehab. her mother posted on the website that at times her pain is simply excruciating. >> i'm sure of that. thanks very much, ryan. we're going to change topics to the silent language of attraction. it all comes down to body language, cameron mathison, who is not single, tested that theory without getting himself in trouble. got some splaining to do.
8:17 am
>> that's right. send in the married guy. what signals do we send out with our body language. we set up our own behavior lab. sort of. we sent two women into the battlefield of the new york dating scene. >> i'm going to show you a maneuver that has a 98% success rate. you bend, and pop. >> reporter: and on television. >> observe. >> reporter: we're frequently told about what works. and what don't. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: when it comes to attracting members of the opposite sex. could scoring a date be as simple adds the blink of an eye? or the flip of the hair? yes, says body language expert tonya reiman. >> if i can be a 10 confidence-wise and send out the signals that say, hey, i'm
8:18 am
interested if you, you're more likely to come back and say, hmm, i like her. >> reporter: reiman is the author of the new bok, "the body language of dating." often we send out signs we don't know. >> hold the glass. anytime i touch myself, if i'm touching myself, i'm constantly thinking, what would bit like if he touched me. >> reporter: we decided to see firsthand what signals work and what don't. using two brave volunteers, kara and sabrina. we told both ladies we would be observing them. we didn't tell them tonya would monitor their body language. are you ready to go in and meet some men?
8:19 am
hands in. go team. i watch as the ladies sat separately and began teaching us all lessons. lesson number one, toss that hair. within minutes, kara began garnering attention. watch this man move to steal admiring glances of her again and again. tonya attributes the attention to her frequent hair flipping, a known turn-on. >> we might be playing with our hair. we're trying to get your attention to say, hey, look at me, look how nice i look. those are the signals that hit off on man's paternal instinct. >> reporter: put your mobile devices away. that's all right for a moment. but too much texting is not a good idea. >> men rarely approach women that send out the cig analysis. the first rule when hanging out is to never be the person
8:20 am
reading a book or checking e-mails. >> reporter: lesson number three, if you're not interested, cross those limbs. when kara is talked up by a much older man, she positions herself well with crossed legs and folded arms sending the message that she's happy to listen but is not interested in being pursued. when we put the ladies together, we learned the new lesson. when man is interested, he'll point both feet towards her and often do the touch test. >> he was touching you both, did you notice that? when man touches you, he's testing the waters. >> reporter: then more interest from more men. and lesson number five. smile. much of the attention our ladies attracted as they sat together can be attributed to their grins. even in a woman's smile is directed at a gal pal, smiles
8:21 am
are infectious. at night's end, the advice to the ladies? >> if you want to engage, look down, look back up. your arms should be at the side. >> reporter: what did you think about the feedback? >> i never thought about my body language. >> i'll probably think about it. >> reporter: are you ready to get out there and apply the techniques? one, two, three, go team. so the segment talked mostly about the signals women send out. guys, what about us? well, tonya taught me a couple of mornt ones. how many times have we stood there with our hands in our pockets and not thought anything of it. adam will demonstrate. if our hands are in our pockets like adam, we're sending a message of insecurity. if our thumbs are poking out -- go ahead, adam, it's a whole different deal. it's a message of sexual prowess.
8:22 am
so look out and be aware. nice job, adam. >> nice job by you, too, cameron. adam, i have never wanted you more. for the full list of dos and don'ts and signs to tell if he's interested, go to on yahoo!. paula faris, abc's coupon maven was put to the test against a fierce competitor. a mom with a website devoted to the secrets of savings. it's a story we learned about in "the wall street journal." paula told us how it was. >> you passed the first test. coupon or coupon? you said it right. all of us want to save a buck, right? what if you could save $100
8:23 am
every time you go to the store? what i'm about to tell you is not extreme couponing. you need about 30 minutes a week, you can get the groceries. back in the day when savings could be so simple. times have changed. it's not just higher price tags. >> come on, now! >> reporter: thanks to extreme couponers, cutting and clipping is an extreme sport. as a wife and mom of two, i am no slouch when it comes to shopping savvy. when i heard that the grocery guru was challenging me, i sharpened my kiddie scissors and started cutting away. teri is the head of this website. pound for pound, i may have met
8:24 am
by discount match. the arena, stop & shop in cli clifton, new jersey. who could get the most for 100 bucks. let the games begin. i need to find a chicken. >> it's on sale. aye got the coupon. i got instant savings coming back. >> reporter: she's usen one of her main moves. stacking sales, combining coupons with in-store deals. two can play at that game. i think i'm already over $100. she's got another move up her sleeve, investing. >> i love great meat sale. stock up. without coupons, you can save about half on your groceries just by doing the stocking up. >> reporter: it's 10% and then says 4 for $3.
8:25 am
i'm going to get my butt kicked. i need a break. >> woe with grab some of these. >> halle, getting married for the third time. i have no idea how much i have spent. i've lost track. uh-oh. little miss thing. she's going to show off. holy cow. there's though way that is all under $100. this is embarrassing. >> i'm sorry. we'll have to see how we do here, huh? >> you pretty much kicked my heiney. my total after savings, $108. i took off $34. i didn't need coupons. timing is the final tip. you don't have to redeem the coupons the same week they come in the paper. they usually expire in three months. you can play them like a card
8:26 am
shark. teri's total, before saverings, $209.50. with the in-store sales and coupons. oblg, this is just sick. her new total -- $90.01. savings of nearly 160%. >> oh, look that. >> reporter: she might have knocked me out this time. using her tips, we can all be winners. way to go. we did it. there are secret advertisements. they're not advertised in the circulars, okay. you can find out by going into the store or just go to she makes it so easy. if you have expired coupons, you can donate them to military families. it's on our website. >> thank you so much. flies job. up next, george lucas and the cast of "red tails" with robin.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. it's a little on the chilly side this morning. check out the actual temperatures coming in. dundalk at around 39. more of the same in chest he ever town. rock hall at 40 and 33 in hereford and 36 carney. but, the big story of the day is the fact we are blustery outside. wind gust up to about 37 miles an hour right now. carney around 41. 40 in laurel and also into arnold. as we go throughout the day, breezy conditions continue but we will be dry. let's go over to angela with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have got mega problems on the baltimore washington parkway. those of you traveling southbound traffic is actually stopped on the bw parkway
8:28 am
approaching route 198. the accident is at maryland 197. taking up the right lane. if you are in laurel you may want to take route 1 as a good alternate or hop on i-95 looking live at traffic. this is moving well especially in the southbound direction. so that's a good alternate. and heading into downtown, here's a live look at what you will see on the jfx. you may want to hop on charles street or st. paul that may be a good alternate. over to you. >> the split over transgender rights in baltimore county. last night people who supported the bill to protect transgender people a work and utes rest room showed up in purple at a council meeting in towson. opponents worried about women who say they could become potential assault victims when using the rest room. the bill comes after a year of the beating of a transgender woman at a rosedale mcdonald's. the 7 council members are expected to pass the bill. time to go back to new york for more of "good morning america. we have more coming up in a half-hour. go to facebook we are asking
8:29 am
you about modern family the curse word episode. go or no go. have a great morning.
8:30 am
♪ the crowd still here with us outside in times square. the man you're listening to is no stranger to flying high on the charts. now ne-yo is taking to the skies in "red tails." the story about the legendary tuskegee airmen. the movie is the passion of george lucas. he joins us for this. looking forward to sharing that to everybody. right to the latest report on the end of illness. all week long, abc news is reporting on the frontier of medicine. looking at how technology can enhance your health.
8:31 am
the series is based on a new book by dr. david agus. "nightline" anchor bill weir got a shock when he visited dr. agus. >> bill, have a seat. >> the moment of truth, yeah? is that me? >> that is part of you. >> reporter: i thought this would be just another assignment. >> the unfortunate truth is, you have some heart disease now. >> reporter: the first thought, i flashed to an image of my kid, standing on the same mountain write spread my dad's ashes opinion second thought, i deserve this. whoo! you see, for my first four decades, i carried a secret, arrogant hunch that i was bullet froo proof. sure, i exercise. but i don't have a doctor. i like a salad.
8:32 am
my favorites are spare ribs and six pax. and there is the result. in that red. >> one of the most important arteries in the heart, the l.a.d., there's one legion in there where there is kacalcify occasion. we hear or read in the paper about the 45-year-old who went jogging and died of a heart attack. these are the things we worry about. >> this is my fondness for steak coming back to haunt me? why is it kals fied? >> your genetics. blame your parents. you inherited a predisposition. >> reporter: for a second, i hope, hey, maybe he's wrong. who aim kidding. this is dr. david agus, whose patients have ranged from steve jobs, to lance armstrong, to ted ken did i. in his new book, he says maybe,
8:33 am
with targets prevention and common sense, we may not get it. it can't happen until americans like this bonehead can learn how they're killing themselves by not understands themselves. he tested my dna. i got a fit bit tracker to measure how much i move and how well i sleep. he did bloodwork. sent me through the latest ct scanner. here's the crazy part. the rest of me, healthy as a damn horse. >> this is your liver. it looked perfect. >> really? i'm a bit surprised. that's good news. >> well, i'm worried about your surprise. >> i'm from wisconsin. we like our beer. i'm sorry. what can i say? >> as we saw in the previous, it's liking the cheese. >> that was a great reaction,
8:34 am
dr. agus. he joins us with bill weir. what are you doing not going to the doctor? >> it's willful ignorance. doctors are for sick people. i don't get sick. i fooled myself into thinking if i hit the gym very hard on the daily basis, i can eat whatever i want. >> so this was a shock? >> total shock. and to prove my ignorance more, i had to be reminded after the fact, you don't know this. my grandfather had a heart attack when i was a baby. the dna test proved it was genetic. my wiring, my building block, and my fondness for cheesecake and baby back ribs, i was killing myself. >> what is wrong with bill's heart? >> when you're born, your art y arteries are clear. as you get older, they get congestion. that's plaque building up. cholesterol. in bill's case, it happened early.
8:35 am
we did a test. a simple test that not everybody should had. in the right situation, it looked that. we can intervene and reverse it. we can take the enemy head on. >> i had the full-body scan myself. it's quite expensive. insurance doesn't necessarily cover it. it lasts a long time. >> no question. this is technology that sometimes insurance covers. sometimes it doesn't. it costs hundreds of dollars. it establishes a baseline. it saves lives. it took 20 years to show that mammograms save lives. you as a individual have the right to say, i want to know today. >> has this changed your life? >> i got the treadmill out of the garage. i watched playoff football and walked seven miles. this tracker, this fitness tracker. a lot of brands. i have taken 1535 accepts, 0 .74
8:36 am
miles. >> and it's only 8:35. >> it's so empowering to see a chart and say, this is how well i'm moving. i always thought if you hit the gym hard, you're fine sitting on your butt in the office. you say it's worse than smoking? >> they looked at the british transport authorities. the hearth attack and death rate was half in the ticket takers from the bus drivers. you move, it's great. an hour at the gym, awesome. you negate it by sitting at the desk. >> what are the other things everyone can do to prevent this heart disease? >> simple things. meals that are regular scheduled. at noon, today, you have lunch. tomorrow, 2:00. all the stress hormones go up. walking around, wear good shoes. the inflammation that builds up from wearing those fancy italian
8:37 am
loafers, a day, a week, a month. then, get your flu shot. if you got a flu, you would survive. a decade from now, the inflammation from the flu could lead to kaenser and heart disease. >> i bet you're glad you got to the assignment. >> i'm being reminded by my boss that my job saved my life about every five minutes. >> tonight on "nightline" we get a tour of the doctor's office of the future. now to sam and the weather. >> i will say that michigan is one of our favorite places in the world. look at this. from rodney to royal oak. great pictures. the snow in the upper peninsula. a beautiful sky. and there's colder temperatures moving into that part of the country. and rain and cooler temps moving into the southeast.
8:38 am
from montgomery to orlando, that front continues to sink. some much-needed rain in that area. that front will go all the way south. it is just momentary. it doesn't last with the cooler temperatures. this does last. it's a two-day event, probably. big-time rain. 10 inches along the shoreline. there are hurricane-strength wind warnings out for the coast of oregon today. that is where the storm system will pound in. >> all that weather was brought to you by lens crafters. >> thank you, sam. when we come back, robin sits down with the cast of
8:39 am
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8:41 am
when george lucas could not find a film company to bankroll his film, "red tails" the story of the tuskegee airmen, what did he do? he used his own money, over $90 million to get this film made. it's a passion project for him and a film close to my heart.
8:42 am
that's my daddy, shortly after the war. he was a tuskegee airman. it was a thrill to go to if field and fly a plane just like the one my dad flew in the war. in fact, i think i was the one he flew in the war. so you know i enjoyed talking to george lucas and actors david oyelowo, nate parker and ne-yo, about "red tails." this has been a true labor of love. how many years have you wanted to do this? >> it's been 20 years since i heard the story. i bought the rights from the us the key gooe airmen and have been working on the screen play since. i wanted to make an inspirational movie for young people. >> you better have your popcorn early. you're about action, george lucas. >> no, this was a -- this is a
8:43 am
true old-fashioned popcorn movie. it's exciting. you laugh, you cry. you're on the edge of your seat the whole time. it's a lot of fun. it's like it was made during world war ii. >> stay in front of it. >> die, you dog! >> you had a chance to meet some of the airmen. >> absolutely. some of the smartest and sharpest 80-plus-year-old men. it's ridiculous. >> i want everybody to see a little bit of the action. in this scene, you're in the midst of a real dog fight. here it is, "red tails." [ gunfire [ . >> come on. just a little. >> congratulations, captain.
8:44 am
you're the first negro to shoot down a -- >> we have a studio nielsen. the crew stops what they're doing and -- we saw you there at the end, that was you in the last scene with the little accent going like this. you have been in other films before, being in this one, ne-yo, what does it mean to you? >> music was my main thing. i said i wanted to do actinging that has nothing to do with ne-yo, completely not me. once i got into it, started learning the story. i had a basic knowledge of who they were. i knew african-american fighter pilots, that's all they tell you in school. tuskegee airmen, so, adolf hitler -- and it goes. i was beyond proud to be a part of it. >> when i watched it, that's the first thing i thought, george.
8:45 am
i'm like, every young person, black, white, i don't care who you are, every young person needs to see this. we sent you to a screening. there were tenth graders. what was the reaction. >> the movie is inspiring, it's historic. it's educational. you almost don't realize you're learning from it because you're having so much fun. >> the ringing endorsement. alabama, shut out the number one team in the country, lsu. and he's there after saying -- >> you know, we went to see the movie "red tails" last night, which i would recommend to anybody. those guys motto was the last plane, the last bullet, the last man, the last minute, we fight. >> quoting the movie. >> that was the inspiration behind alabama winning the national championship. >> transformative. this is a football team. a football team in 2012.
8:46 am
the b clrks s national championship. that should give you a sense of scope when looking at the film. it's not just about civil rights. this is now. >> david, they were really drawn to your character. they loved lightning. because you got that swagger and that presence and you just inspired a lot of people. >> when i first read this script, i was so drawn to that character. he represents the awe daysty of youth. you fear nothing. death is something that you have given too much attention to. >> well put. didn't you go to a boot camp? didn't you come in together. >> they're all very anxious to go back. a boot camp reunion as soon as the film comes out. >> what is that about? >> it was -- george, and rick, our producer, and antony, our director, were very insistent
8:47 am
and quite rightly so in the fact that we feel what it was like to go through the kind of training they did. >>graduation? >> we didn't want to know. this man, i could have spent my whole life without knowing. it did, above all, it creates the comradery that was needed. >> how did you feel about it? >> it was -- it was -- it was one of those things with about halfway through, you go, okay, i get it now. in the beginning, we're in the snow, we're in tents, in eastern europe. we're in prague. it's not like we're in long island and then after we shoot, we can go to mcdonalds, go to the city. we were in prague. >> why should somebody want to pluck down their money and see this film? what are your hopes? >> anybody that wants to be inspired, feel better about themselves and the country and the people that fought to keep
8:48 am
it free, this is the movie for them. >> and this may be, george lucas' last big picture like this. he says he's retiring. he left the door open a little bit for indiana jones and star wars. >> how special it mousse have be -- must have been to watch? how closely did it match up to the stories? >> sam's dad was a marine. they don't talk much. daddy didn't say too much. the beauty of it, it's a film about heroes, not victims. the stories my daddy said match up very well to what we're seeing on the film. >> the coach of the alabama football team. >> it's a quintessentially american story in that way. you know, it's -- it really does transcend. it crosses every line.
8:49 am
boy, for nick saban to do that, given where he coaches and given that team did. >> and hopefully, my mom's talked about, she's going on friday in mississippi when the film opens, a lot of students are going. there's a wonderful memorial there at mouton field in tuskegee. if you're driving down the interstate, just stop by and visit. they would appreciate it. >> the movie opens on friday. coming up, something very special from one of the original tusk
8:50 am
8:51 am
and before we go, some special guests. the president of the tuskegee airmen. you helped make sure this movie was true to life. >> it shoots down planes over berlin. >> he is a red tail. he is one originals.
8:52 am
he helped them with the film. >> you have a preshl presentation to make. robin, the men and women of us the dee guy airmen incorporated, want to recognize you for being the spotlight that illuminated the accomplishments of the original airmen. they not only flew and maintained fighter aircraft and flew and maintained b-25 bombers and supported the bombers. they pioneered demanding equalitity of treatment. your father, colonel lawrence roberts would be proud of what you have drun to recognize the original men and wip. >> we want to give you this red jacket. >> oh, you know -- this is an honor. i remember when -- i remember when my dad would wear his red jacket to the reunions. we had the program in 2003, shortly before my dad -- oh,
8:53 am
that's it. thank you, so much. >> next time you fly, wear your red jacket. only if i can fly with you. thank you, gentlemen. thank you very much. thank you. >> you look very sharp. >> congratula ♪
8:54 am
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gentlemen, thank you again for making this such a special day at "gma." >> congratulations, again, robin. >> you deserve it. >> thank you. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most
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accurate by weatherate. good morning everyone. it feels very chilly outside. stepping out the door into baltimore around p 1 -- 31 and easton 34 and 20s over in frederick york and winchester and hagerstown. the reason why, we have the wind out there. west into baltimore and we are dealing with it in northwest into washington at about 15 to 20 miles an hour. that's the scenario going through the remainder of the morning. and the satellite and radar not pick up a lot in our area. we are dealing with again high pressure building in. back towards the west into western maryland maybe a couple flurries trying to move into frederick county. so if you see that today don't be surprised but going early into afternoon things will die down and more sunshine in the forecast as high pressure builds in behind the cold front. but again dealing with windy conditions as we go through the morning and things will die down more breezy as we go into the evening instead of all blustery like we have been dealing with this morning and
8:58 am
into the afternoon. future trend not picking up a whole lot for the remainder of today. thursday maybe a couple flurries but all in all things look better going into friday. today's high, coming in around 40 and it's early because temperatures will start to drop as we go throughout the day. wind will stay with us and this is what it looks ike heading into the seven-day forecast here. so again going through the rest of today, the temperatures will fall o windy conditions will be with us but we will see plenty of sunshine in the forecast and to start your thursday out. but the clouds will increase throughout the day. and nice and seasonable temperature wise by friday, we have a chance for some late snow showers and flurries that will linger possibly into saturday. we will see temperatures cold in the upper 30s by game day we are looking at 46 degrees and dry.
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