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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 18, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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i'm beth troutman. there are all kinds of videos and stories all over the web, but we've found the very best for you, "right this minute." you can't even honk your horn at a chinese toll booth. did this guy think he would get away with a car jacking. >> at a toll booth.
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>> see the daring escape from the back seat and the brave take down by the cops. a twist to the disturbing beat down in chicago. could this video hold clues to a motive. >> they have their reasons. the most pissed angry beast on wheels i've ever heard. >> we have the ultimate ride for off-road warriors. and the ultimate parking job. a big challenge for a tiny car driver. it's time to get this edition of "right this minute" started and kristen has our top story. >> this incident happened at the end of last month and just released. i found it on cctv. shows a car pulling up to a toll booth in china. the driver rolls his window down to pay and all of a sudden you see a man approach him and pull a gun at him. and you see the driver get out
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of the car immediately the passenger sees what's going on and rushes out. the passenger is carrying a child. >> oh, my gosh. >> a very, very young child. >> and there's cops right there. >> the carjacker immediately jumps in the car and tries to drive away by backing up into the police officers. >> whoa. >> in a few seconds the car stops and you see there's another woman with another child in the car that manages to jump out of the car with her child and run across to safety. >> looks like she's just carrying the child by the coat. >> this cop is pretty darn brave. he knows that guy is armed. >> the police officer on the side of the passenger throws a tear gas canister into the car to try to get the carjacker to stop. eventually other good samaritans see what's going on and they all rush to the aid of the cops. >> what did this guy think? i mean -- >> it's a toll booth. >> there's always police there, always a camera. it's the middle of the day. there's a million people around.
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>> they manage to take this guy into custody and arrest him. later on they did find his car and according to reports, they found 2.2 kilos of crystal meth. >> oh. >> more bullets and another gun. >> if he had a car, why did he need to steal a car? >> did you hear her say meth? >> yeah. >> i think that tends to make judgment just fly out the window. early tuesday morning, mother nature made her presence known in missouri. ♪ you can see time lapsed video that somebody captured of the lightning that took place between 2:00 and 6:00 a.m. in st. louis. we've seen dramatic lightning videos on this show before. somebody also captured amazing sound. >> that's like the kind of thunder that makes you jump out of your seat. like scares you. >> and mother nature isn't done
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with the u.s. in terms of storms. >> really coming down there, dear. look at this. >> check out what happened in seattle when they got a little snow. >> about as heavy as it ever gets here. >> the mayor of seattle is telling people that today, we're expecting to 5 to 10 inches of snow, don't go out. but yesterday, somebody thought, we've got snow already i'm going to make some snow doughnuts in my car. >> what else do you do when you're -- got the right amount of snow and got to go out and play in it. >> quite enough to make a snowman. maybe have a snowball fight, but won't be that great. do some doughnuts. >> seattle gets snow, but 5 to 10 inches is enough to shut the town down. that's why the mayor is saying everybody, may be a good day to stay home. i'm going to take you to the uk for some pretty crazy rescue footage. this horse is caught in a little bay. apparently the horse was on the
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cliff above this little cove. >> oh. >> what? >> and fell into the water. >> it didn't get hurt at all. >> and is stuck in this current and you're right, he seems to be uninjured because he's moving pretty well. but is surrounded by cliffs. >> wow. >> two life boat crews from cardigan, near pem brookshire, came in to this water to try to rescue this horse and what they had to do was take a harness and put it around the horse's neck. >> the way you say that sounds really easy, but trying to get that harness on this horse is proving to be quite impossible, right? >> oh, it's incredibly difficult because this horse is so spooked, he just fell off the cliff into water, and is urrounded by unfamiliar peole tryi h the life boat crew put this halter around his face and you can see then here, pulling him along with the life boat to shore.
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the horse is swimming behind this life boat. >> do you know if it's a wild horse or a domesticated host? >> it's a dough mess cated horse. >> she breaks free once they get close to shore. they get the horse under control again and they do safely walk this horse to shore and here you can see then, loading on to a horse trailer and they took the horse back to its owner so that it could recover and right now the horse is with its owner recovering. >> do you think that horse jumped in the water because it just wanted to become a seahorse? >> i saw your head working on that one for a while. >> yeah. this next video i'm going to show you is exreamly difficult to watch. it's full of racial slurs and shows six guys beating up young asian boy in the south side of chicago. >> boom!
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during this video, the boy is dragged through the snow he's kicked, punched, they steal the shoes out of the back of his bag. >> [ bleep ]. >> they steal his wallet, take his money and the entire time they're screaming racial slurs at him. >> [ bleep ]. >> boom! >> he was taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises to his face and released. he's okay. >> this is absolutely infuriating. who do these guys think they are. all of this because he is asian? >> well, no. >> why? >> police are saying this isn't racially motivated. what's new in this is a video that's been posted up on youtube by a girl claiming she knows the attackers in this video. >> it was not right for them to do it. it was very wrong. i agree. but -- they have their reasons. >> she claims the asian boy that's getting beaten up here is
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part of a larger group. he was part of a group of about 20 kids that went and attacked two of the boys that you see in this video. >> apparently they found one of the group members that jumped on them and they went after him. >> she's claiming this is retaliation, that this beating we're seeing is retaliation for a fight that happened earlier? >> correct. this may be a beef going back and forth between two groups of kids. police are investigating this incident. so far no charges have been brought against anyone. >> hold on. hold on. >> get that [ bleep ]. let there be fire. and there was. right there in the streets. and then, the horses run right through it. we'll tell you why this is so controversial. and jesse the great dane, friend or foe? >> all of a sudden this dog comes out of nowhere, it might
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freak me out a little bit. >> it might when you
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. let there be fire. >> good sound effects. >> are you the goddess of flames? >> i think i am right now. i found these videos on a youtube channel. this is a big, big, big fire created by people in a town in spain called san bartolome de pinares near madrid and they're doing this on purpose. they are setting these fires on their streets. >> why? >> does this have to do with any kind of religious holiday? >> it does. the reason they're setting these fires in this part of spain is because every year in january they celebrate the festival of [ inaudible ]. >> did that horse run through the fire?
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>> that horse just ran through the fire. that is part of the tradition of this yearly celebration. they set up these fires in honor of the patron saint for domesticated animals, saint anthony, and they believe that by setting these fires and riding their horses, donkeys and mules through them, these animals will be spared of illness for the entire year. >> but they might get burned. >> i got to imagine that there's some people who probably have big problems with this. >> animal groups are trying to get this tradition top stop, but they know it's been happening such a long time it's going to be difficult because this has been going on over 500years. >> feels like it's dangerous for the people ofheity becausethe s some buildings. >> the owners of the animals say none of the animals are hurt by doing this and this, to the contrary, is a blessing to their animal. you guys know i love all
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things with wheels and motors but i have never seen anything like this. just listen to this monster. it is the most pissed off, angry beast on wheels i've ever heard. >> oh. >> thinks it's indestructible. >> it's like jumping. why is it jumping? >> they're bouncing it off the rocks to get up the cliff. >> look at these shocks on these wheels. i mean, that's intense. >> driving this on private land, seems that there's nothing that will stop. >> yeah. >> this thing. almost looks like a cartoon. >> looks like the inerts of the bat mobile. >> i think it's cool it goes up the side of that hill. almost like giant steps, jack in the beanstalk, giant giant
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steps. >> it sounds just like your jeta. >> probably need a pair of ear plugs when driving this thing too. >> what? next time on "right this minute" -- >> dan davids decided i'm going to see if my brother can get all this money. >> told jack, whatever he catches, he can keep. >> oh. >> that's next time on "right this minute." he set the web on fire with his cover of queen's "somebody to love". >> beth is going to freak out if we don't ask you to sing a little bit. >> hear why marc martel is about to become the next ready mercury. >> this little guy is about it to become, well, you'll just have to wait and see.
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a few months back, we here at "right this minute" were all blown away by this video, marc martel's audition for queen extravaganza singing "somebody to love." ♪ ♪ they say >> he sounds like freddie mercury. >> uncanny. >> he is one of the winners of queen extravaganza. he's going to be playing,cury w
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extravaganza starts touring in 2012. we're very excited because joining us right this minute is marc martel. [ applause ] >> you had to audition in december. i imagine in front of roger taylor, the original queen drummer and queen founder. what was that like? >> it felt like a really, really fun job interview. i've been playing with these five other people who i've never played a single note with ever before in front of roger taylor playing songs he's written. it's pretty sur real. >> when you sea this competition on the internet were you like, this is for me? >> pretty much that's what happened. how many times does something like that come true. people said i've sounded like freddie mercury over 20 years now. so i felt i had a decent chance of getting one of those slots. >> where's your sweet stash? >> that disappeared the minute my wife saw it. >> trefreddie was such a belove
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arti artist, what does it feel to play his role now. >> to be compared to one of the greatest rock singers of all time is humbling. i don't think i have the moves. >> are they going to make you wear the freddie mercury outfits? >> no. i think if you've seen roger taylor talk about the queen extravaganza, he doesn't want it to look cheesy. they want it to be musicians paying tribute to queen instead of trying to be queen. >> marc, beth is going to freak out if we don't ask you to sing a little bit. do us a favor so beth doesn't jump out of her chair ♪ got to have melf a real good time fl alive and the world turning inside out ♪ >> wow. ♪ yeah floating around in ecstasy ♪ [ applause ] >> unbelievable. if you haven't seen marc's
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original audition for queen extravaganza singing "somebody to love" we'll throw a link on our website, how would you like it if you were tooling around a country road and a great dane comes barreling at you at 30 miles per hour. >> is he riding something? >> just her four legs. >> i love to theling around on country roads. >> i don't know how you would feel if jesse is barreling towards you. the person who got this dog thinks they adopted her when she was 18 months old. while some say she's a large breed and you shouldn't run them as long and as fast, jesse apparently loves it and reaches 30 miles per hour. >> i would love it if i came upon this dog. this looks like one of the happiest dogs on the planet. look at that smile, that stride. >> i'm akay coming across this giant great dane coming full tail if i knew jesse.
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if i was tooling around on my dirt bike and this dog comes out of nowhere that might freak me out. >> this dog wouldn't hurt a flea. >> you don't know that. >> yes, i do. >> we're all looking at now -- >> the drool. >> the slobber. >> notice how it doesn't fly off her face. it kind of -- >> oh! kind of gross. >> she's a dog. >> i got to ask, do people really use the phrase tooling around? >> i do. >> we've used it. you said it, you said it, you said it. when i'm tooling around this what is i like. people use tooling around. >> apparently, because i said it. >> and i repeated it. do you tool or just say the word? if you do or don't, let us know on a reminder, you can find all the stories on "right this minute" today on >> plus, lots more. >> lots and lots more great
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videos. >> all day long, 24/7. >> it's a cool creation that's blowing up the internet. >> hello. >> hello. >> hello. >> hello? >> hello. >> see how lionel ritchie's song and a million movies make for a video masterpiece. here's a friendly reminder.
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>> you're funny.
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jay and the lemon. ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody kows the toughest part of the driver's license exam, the parallel parking. >> yep. >> everyone gets stressed out about it. i think they might want to check this person's license. because look at this. there is a driver in one of those tiny smart cars, trying to park in a spot that, i think,
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like a fishing boat could be parked in. these people inside this house happened to capture this on video. >> this video is three and a half minutes long and they think it's hilarious. >> come on, crank it, crank it baby, there you go. turn its other way. >> oh wait a minute. no. no. >> are you sure? >> little commentary on women not able to parallel park cars. beth, i know you are a phenomenal parallel parker. >> i can do it. >> you're not supposed to parallel park going in front ways. that could have been parallel parked going forward. >> probably lift up the car. >> now eventually after three and a half minutes, the driver finally sneaks this thing into this spot and they say by the end, he's still like 12 inches from the curb. >> wow. wow.
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guys, this is one of the coolest things i've seen on the internet in a long time. a guy named ma tee asput together a rendition of lionel ritchie's song "hello" using snippets from movie, dialog from movies. it's super cool and we'll link it on our website. check it out. >> hello. >> hello. >> hello. >> hello. >> hello. >> and that's going to do it for our show, everybody. enjoy a little more of this video and we'll see you next time and stay tuned for another half hour of "right this minute." >> you're all i ever. >> wanted. >> because you know. >> just what. >> to say. >> and you know. >> just what. >> to do. >> i want to tell you. >> so much. >> i love you.
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