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tv   News  ABC  January 19, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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blue alert across baltimore city. for how long that is going to hang around and a warmup in store say hello, to lynette charles. >> good morning. i hope you have having a fabulous thursday out there. check out the headlines because we will have a bright start so you will get sun shine in here but yes, i am throwing in the but clouds on the increase throughout the day. scattered flurries are possible going through tonight and the colder air will invade us as we go into tomorrow as the cold front passes through. and snow and rain mixing in as we go into the weekend. and as we check out what's going on in terms of the temperatures this morning, it's cold out there. right around 23 degrees and into goldboro and make sure to bundle up heading out the door. to angela with traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. on the road right now, we are still dealing with this accident in cooksville. it's on route 97 at old frederick road. howard county police say we are shut down in both directions. again a pretty good alternate should be woodbine road. traveling between the capital beltway and the baltimore
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beltway i-95 as well as baltimore washington parkway should be in decent shape for yoin both directions. but traveling on 95 up in cecil county here's a live look at the tidings memorial bridge. we are getting reports of slow traffic approaching this disabled vehicle. you can see to the right of the screen. it's blocking your right southbound lane on the span of the tidings bridge. over to you. we are going to have to score more points than they do. that's the plan. whatever that means, that's what we will try to do. >> that means scoring more points than they do. that's coach harbaugh keeping it simple. in new england against the high powered offense of tom bready and patriots. ravens are practicing today and tomorrow before heading to foxboro tomorrow. they are getting plenty of rest but we want to know if you are getting ready for the game and if so how. stores are hoping you are buying more purple. corinne redman is live with one
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store that's popped up just for the ravens and the playoffs. corinne. >> reporter: good morning. we are live at the popup store here at the inner power at power plant live. i have. earlier i showed you jerseys but this morning i have a shirt for the ladies. they have ravens stuff for the ladies. this is dan who is the manager of the popup store. what is hot so far to we know the ravens are make a big playoff push what are people buying. >> we talked about the jerseys and t-shirts and now we will show you accessories. the peel and stick tattoos which is awesome. and we have the steam face paint. >> reporter: got to have the face paint. >> yeah. so -- for the fans crazy in the stands and the throw back slap bracelets. >> reporter: i remember those. >> we had those as kids. >> reporter: and what are some of your hottest selling jerseys? you got flacco who selling best. >> ray rice -- selling the best? >> ray rice and lewis and reed.
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>> reporter: tell us about the pop-up stores because the ravens are doing so well. >> trying to capitalize on the fans and all the craziness going on right now with the ravens. so we got this one. we have a kiosk in towson town center to get everybody in the spirit. >> reporter: are you fully shock. >> we are jam packed with stuff and we have a new shipment arriving daily many we have everything you need for the next week or so. >> reporter: tell me, what has it been like as far as business. >> it's been good. a lot of people coming out and showing support for ravens and it's going to be crazy as the week goes on it will keep building. >> reporter: and you have stuff in here for people of all ages. if you walk back here i have to today show this flacco onesy. even the smallest fans can get on the ravens retail action. so, you can see you can -- this is here and they have all the things for toddlers and kids but as dan said this store will
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remain open and the popup stores will remain open as long as ravens are in the playoffs and if they win the superbowl this store will remain open two weeks after the superbowl. so stock up on purple pride. reporting live, corinne redman, abc2 news. a big change getting in the game. small businesses taking their hands at getting ravens gear out to you. you heard the chant in stadiums now you can join the ravens 7 nation articley -- army. this two-person army started a small business out of the attic and made up t-shirts for the 7 nation army. >> it's going to take a seven nation army to beat the ravens and that's the entire theme behind the shirt and the song. >> they have sold thousands of t-shirts and if you want one head to and we have a link to the story again helping out small business. you submitted your photos
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with five golden logos tensileed through the the area and -- did stencilled throughout the area and this morning you will find out if you are the lucky winner for tickets to the game a random fan will be picked to go see the ravens in the afc title game. more than a thousand fans submitted the photos showing the stencil and to see if you are the big winner, head to the ravens facebook page and we will have a live at -- link at our website, abc2 news.con. look for the story -- look for the story on the golden logo. a georgia mother faces charges after allowing her 10- year-old son to get a tattoo. here's why. her other son died and the 10- year-old said wanted to remember his brother by getting his brother's jersey number tattooed on his arm. someone at the school saw it and called police. >> my son said i want to get a tattoo with malik on it rest in peace what do i say to a child that wants to remember his
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brother? >> authorities say they feel for the family but their hands are tied and police are investigating the tattoo artist. firefighters receives calls out of the ordinary andsometimes they want to get cats out of trees. what happens when they he get a call about a tiger on a roof. the houston fire department received several calls. you saw it. about a tiger on the roof and at an abandoned holtelp they checked it out and the animal was a fake. fire crews removed the tiger saying it posed a hazard because drivers kept stopping by and they were rubbernecking checking out the tiger on the roof. people are not only ones who can have fun in the wintery weather. this is new video of the day. maybe the video of the day. a crow having some fun on the roof of the house and we will en-- you will enjoy seeing that. we will show you again. a celebrity chef heats up on twitter. what anthony is saying after he found out paula deen has diabetes. details coming up after we get
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back from new york and a check of this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites it appears the internet protests did work more than a dozen members of congress withdrew the support of the antionline piracy bills as sites like wikipedia expressed displeasure. some posted on facebook they heard the protests from constituents. and if you are buying a smart phone or tab lid from at&t you will play more for a data plan. they are raying rates at each level by $5 starting this sunday. the amount of data is going up. now existing customers can't keep their -- can keep the current plans. data usage is increasing 40% a year. and facebook has 60 new apps to make it easier to share with your friends everything from what you are listening to and what you are wearing and what you are cooking for dinner. facebook is calling it frictionless sharing but limit who can see what. and those are your tech bites. have a good day.
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now "good morning maryland." check this out. this will be the video of the day. a crow in russia take advantage of a jar lid using it as a sled. the crow slide down the roof twice and crows are presumed to be intelligent and exhibit playful behavior. the playful guys guarded more than 2 million -- be garnered more than 2 million hits on youtube you know the problem with the video? >> what? >> he is not a rain. >> i love it -- raven. >> i love it. needs raven and i love the video. that's the video of the day. satellite and radar not pick up on snow. so you won't sled across the area. mainly clear skies and as we go throughout the day, the clouds will be on the increase.
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now, the reason why temperatures are so cold out there because we are dealing with clear skies right now. 15 degrees right now in towson and joppa right around 20. arnold around 25 and bel air 18 degrees. 19 over in manchester. westminster at 14 degrees so you know what you need to do heading out the door. you need the hat and gloves and scarf and everything and maybe double socks and go throughout the day. let's go over to angela with your traffic. didn't you like the crow but it wasn't a raven. >> reporter: and we are excited about the ravens. it's purple friday eve as we discussed earlier this morning. on to the roadways. we are following an early morning accident going to cause troubles traveling in the cooksville area. 97 at old frederick road all lanes shut down. i-95 traveling in howard county no reported troublings with all lanes open as you travel past maryland 75. on 95 another live look at 95 in cecil county at the tidings
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bridge. we are seeing some trouble now with traffic backed up approaching the bridge in the southbound lanes. here's disabled tractor trailer blocking your right lane. over to you. mark wahlberg is back ped peddling on comments he made e claimed he could have prevented a plane from crashing into the twin towers if he was on the flight. he says there would have been a lot of blood and he would have told passengers not to worry he would land safely. he has issued a statement of apology for the comments he made. the twitter war has begun between celebrity chefs paula de-en and anthony bordain. he she disclosed she has diabetes and is a paid spokesperson for the diabetes drug manufacturer. after hearing this, he tweeted thinking of getting into the leg breaking business so i could profit selling crutches a -- crutches. a little later his response. mitt romney might get a boost in the polls and won't have to lift a finger to do it.
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a tell all interview with one of newt gingrich's exwives airs tonight and this could be big for the former house speaker. that's ahead. plus... >> reporter: and a 6-year-old girl is left home alone in bethesda. how long she was there before police found her. [ male announcer ] how'd you learn to do that? when did you start that project? every new year comes with a few stories waiting to be built. it's when our brand-new to-do lists become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more, that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get this glacier bay vanity for the new lower price of just 39 bucks.
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now "good morning maryland." police in montgomery county find a 6-year-old girl home alone in an apartment. abc2 news linda so is here with the latest on the case and what could happen to the mom. >> reporter: we just learned the mother has been charged for leaving her daughter home i loan -- alone and could face more charges. police believe she was home for an hour and a half. she was found after 7 last night when police and fire responded to the apartment in the 6400 block of rock forest drive in bethesda. police say the girl was trying to make something in the toaster oven when it got smoky and set off the smoke detector. she wandered out of the apartment and a neighbor saw her and called 911. she was taken to the police station until the mother picked her up. the mom said she was buying groceries. linda so, abc2 news. iowa caucus mitt romney will know if he secured the
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narrow victory over rick santorum. the republican party of iowa said they would publically release the certified totals at 9:15 today. the 8 vote differential was the closest vote total in the caucus's history and the first test for the race for the gop presidential nomination. and president obama is said to jump on the tv airwaves for the ad wars today. he will have a 30 second spot on energy and ethics policy and will run in 6 battleground states. the president reelection campaign has bought ad time in michigan and virginia and ohio and north carolina and iowa and wisconsin. and the president has been mentioned in a host of ads but their spots are being are by opponents and -- being run by opponents and those wanting to challenge the president for the term in the white house. brian ross talked exclues with one of newt gingrich two former wives and she breaks her silence in a interview set to air tonight. thee says there are things
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voters need to know about her ex-husband and reveals what he says about his current wife. here's a preview. >> he said she doesn't care what i do. >> the he can collusive interview with newt gingrich's second ex-wife will air tonight on night line. that's 11:30 and catch it here on abc2. the white house has rejected the controversial keystone pipeline project to a move forward. house republicans gave him 60 days to approve or deny the pipeline. the behight house wants to push it until 2013 after the coming presidential election. the 1700 mile pipeline would run from canada to the texas gulf coast and supporters including the oil industry and many repun cans -- republicans says it's a vital job creator and lessen the dependence on foreign oil when feel like you don't have time for lunch? you are not alone. the lunch hour is a thing of
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the past. pressure to perform at work and -- the pressure to perform at work and be more productive may to be blame. 35% of employees across the u.s. say they almost always take a lunch break. about 65% of employees either eat at their desks or don't take lunp breaks at all. companies have no rules requiring employees to eat lunch. first responders in baltimore county will get a little boost in the bank accounts today. senators barbara mikulski and ben cardin will announce a 2 million dollar grant to purchase life saving equipment. and pg county is making it easier to learn about emergencies and severe weather in the area. a new system allows you to receive emergency notification and alerts through e-mail and text messages and pages. it is voluntary and covers emergencies including amber alerts and severe weather and school and government delays as well as closures and emergency proceedness measures. for more information, sign up by heading to and click on the news and local
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then state and then you link to the website where you can receive the automated alerts. if you are looking for a way to beat the winter blues, get ready for restaurant week kicking off tomorrow going until the 29th. the 3-course dinner will from 20.12 to.30.12 not 35 like last year. the price depends on the restaurant and all participating restaurants and menus and can found at abc2 now 35 years ago today, snowflakes briefly duffed the palm trees and windshield and people from miami to west palm beach. it was brief winter wonderland and the only south florida snowfall on record in the 20th century. people woke up to a dusting that morning but by 9:30, the florida sun melted all of that away. this is what they are dealing with on a more much more severe case in the pacific northwest. exactly. we are not dealing with anything around here except cold temperatures. but seasonably cold.
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24 is where we should be for this time of the year into baltimore. 14 in york, pennsylvania right now. the winds are light out of the northeast at 3 miles an hour. calm over in hagerstown and winchester but it doesn't take that much to have a wind chill. the 24 feels like 20 into baltimore and 17 in easton and 16 into frederick. so you need to bundle up heading out the door this morning. satellite and radar not picking up on a lot. dealing with a mainly clear skies as -- with mainly clear skies as of now. high pressure slides off towards the east. cold front approaches and pass through going through the overnight and drop the temperatures by tomorrow. and also maybe a chance for a couple flurries in the northern counties. so, be prepared for that. but all in all, most of it will stay off toward the north here. so going into the saturday, yes, there's a chance for a wintery mix, but for today, that temperature coming in right around 42 degrees and some sun and clouds and it will be seasonable and by tonight that temperature coming in
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right around 29 degrees. clouds will be hovering and it will be breezy outside and tomorrow's temperature is colder right around 37 degrees partly cloudy skies, and here's a check of the ravens forecast at the patriots. kick off at 3 p.m. and temperatures right around 32 degrees and it will be partly cloudy of course cold and those wind not so bad out of the northeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour. angela how's the traffic? >> reporter: it's getting pretty busy. traveling around the beltway now we have an accident on the west side outer loop that's going to be after you pass liberty road approaching security boulevard. be prepared for sudden delays. and if you make your way around the east side of the beltway no reported troubles. look pretty good on i-95 and bw parkway looking live at 95 and maryland 175. here's a look at the beltway west side at liberty road. outer loop on the left side of the screen as you can see we are picking up the pace with a lot more volume. if you have any delays there will be -- it will be past this point because the accident is past this point approaching security boulevard.
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over to you. coming up, at&t raising the prices but if you are a customer, you don't have to worry about paying. how much more new customers will have to pay and why the new rate effect is not going to affect you. plus, herman cain is out of the presidential race but that's not stopping him from endorsing his favorite candidate, now speculation is kind of waiverring on who it will be. but we will get a preview as "good morning maryland" continues on this thursday, january 19th. that's a live look at atlanta herman cain's hometown. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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news time 5:55 and five things to know. penn state administrators charged with failing to report allegations in the child sex abuse involving jerry sandusky has been diecioused -- diagnosed with lung cancer. tim curley's rife i was-- wife says doctors are monitoring hi condition after being first diagnosed in 2010 and flamed up again. the gop presidential hopefuls will hold another debate in charleston south carolina as and is the phenyl opportunity to sea the candidates leading into the primary. it will air on cnn.
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he vanished from the campaign spotlight month ago and now herman cain is stepping back out today. georgia businessman known for his unconventional style says he will make an unconventional endorsement and guess what? he is doing it in charleston, south carolina. and at&t plans to raise prices on data plans for smart phone and tablet customers. it will come up soon. it will be called the move in response to the explosion -- exploding number of wireless usages. begin january 22nd users can on the for the $30 a month for 3 gigabytes to the previously $25 gig. the president will be in florida up to the. touting we can't wait on congress. it will focus on tourism industry in the u.s. and from there he travels to new york for a series of fund raisers. he served overseas and now they need to find a job. the push underway for the maryland state and what's being done to get veterans back to
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work. also, some of you may not like the idea of trying on clothes when shopping, some stores are making a reality to go virtual and did you get a good night's rest. farm here says this's a financial benefit to a good night's sleep for his cattle. we will explain coming up in the 6:00 hour lynette has the forecast and angela has traffic and good morning maryland returns in a bit. [ male announcer ] what makes the weekends so memorable?
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morningmorning maryland. we are standing by for new developments in the case of a virginia teen found dead in baltimore three years ago. what her parents could be telling us later today. for the third year in a row the mystery man is a no show at edgar allan poe grave site. coming up, more on what it means for the tradition. getting ready for the game. i am corinne redman at th


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