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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 19, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. there are lots of great stories and videos on the web but we've got the very best "right this minute." a hotel clerk is taken hostage by a robber but then the robber is taken out by a rookie cop. >> been on the job one week. >> see the bold moves that got the job done. >> two fishermen stumble upon a
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national treasure. they realize it's a bald eagle. the depths these guys went to to save a symbol that's not even their own. >> a couple of canucks doing a solid for america. >> the old motorcyclist, grabs and airplane trick. wait, what? >> trying to catch a tiger by the tail essentially. >> see if two crazy brothers can pull it off. i have an incredible school project. >> by students in alabama hotel their stories in sign. now meet the teacher behind the video taking off. >> it's like reaching a gigantic span of audience. >> you'd think working at a front desk clerk at hotel wouldn't necessarily be a dangerous job. this video shows otherwise. i want to warn you guys it's pretty graphic. it's security footage from a hotel in sao paulo brazil.
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they get into a confrontation. the man in the hoodie is holding a revolver in his right hand. >> rather camly, weirdly calm. >> goes through the register taking out money. shortly of a you see the robber come back up the stairs. he's followed by a government police officer will the robber goes behind the counter and takes the clerk hostage. the officer has his gun drawn, the clerk steps out of the way and the officer takes a chance. fires once, twice, a third round of the clerk runs away. the robber is still barely moving but that man was killed. >> that was brave of that cop to take the shot with the receptionist right next to the robber. >> got to say that cop waited about as long as he could. >> incredible decision to make, right? what's more remarkable, this cop is a rookie, been on the job one week. >> one week.
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the police officer kept shooting at the guy even after he was already down. >> he had the gun in his hand. >> no telling what the guy is capable of. >> police officers are trained to shoot to kill, especially when they use their weapon, that's it. for the entirety of this story i tell you, try for the to shut your mouth. keep it open. because that is what life has been like for the past 21 years for this man. as you can tell, it's because he has a gigantic long, 4 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches thick. he suffers from something called macroglacia. it's a disorder where your tongue is larger than it should be. his teeth have been squeezed horizontally, his face deformed
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because of this gigantic tongue. it started at age 6 when his tongue started to swell, and he hasn't been able to shut his mouth. according to "the mirror" in the uk where we saw this story, he's had no luck with hospitals trying to get this thing treated. people don't know what to do. the picture we're seeing is his tongue at its largest. he's currently going through a series of five surgeries that are going to take up to three things to get this thing to a manageable size. i have video to show you that is just remarkable. two guys known as the rambling fishermen were oppose a fishing trip. off in the distance on the shore of this river they see this bird. as they get closer, they realize it's a bald eagle. they realize this eagle is injured. you can see that the left wing
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of this eagle is drooping down. >> he's trying to get away from these guys, too. >> they try and try to get closer to him but the eagles jump into the rapids. they are lucky enough to find the eagle again. the eagle had found his way back to the side of the river. >> they get right up on him. peter has the eagle in his arms. look at this incredible shot. >> wow. >> they are holding it like it's a baby. >> he senses they are helping. >> couple of canucks doing a solid for america. >> wow. >> so they got the eagle. what do they do next? >> they bring the eagle back to shore. one of the local news stations was there to meet them on the shore. >> kind of surreal. i was joking, saying i never been this close to an eagle, didn't know i would be holding it. >> contacted the society to take this into their care. here is the heartbreaking part of this story. this was not a bald eagle they
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could rehabilitate so they had to put the eagle down. >> you're kidding. >> on the positive side of things, the fishermen had a once in a lifetime experience. it also show cases what kind of human beings they are because they went to all that trouble on their fishing trip to save a bald eagle. >> there's been an uptick in robberies at drugstores in long island, new york. that has prompted pharmacists to not only pack pills but they are also starting to pack heat. pharmacist explains why he's considering picking up a gun again. >> it's either him or me. so we're going down that road again. we're going to apply for that pistol permit. i'm going to start carrying a gun again. >> recently a shooting spree at a drugstore. an agent of the government was shot following a robbery at a pharmacy. pharmacists are applying for more gun permits so they can
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pack heat. >> they are hiring off duty cops to protect them. they have even stopped selling certain types of medication like oxycontin because of fear of getting robbed. i'm not surprised. this is almost like the new front on the war on drugs. >> these robbers are coming in and they are not taking money from the cash register at these drugstores, they are only after the pills? >> they have been robbing drugstores for the pills. one guy got away with 10,000 pills before he was caught. >> you've got to do something to protect yourself if this is happening a lot. what do you expect them to do? >> that's scary, carrying a weapon to defend themselves. >> i lived in long island, new york, i was a pharmacist, i'd be seriously considering packing heat. >> i'd rather be judged by 12 jurors than carried by six pall bearers.
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130 miles an hour in the shelby cobra. >> do we know the condition of this guy? >> this is how it ended. we'll show you what happened. why is a certain website so addictive? >> it's basically one big bulletin board online that i can use as a resource. >> what's got record numbers of people taking an interest.
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. >> there's a new socia bulletin board i've fallen in live with. a pin tres, put up pins of things you like. you find a recipe on a website. let's say you take a picture of how you've redone your bedroom, post that on your board. basically one big bulletin board online. >> yes. >> that i can use as a resource.
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>> yes. that pretty much sums it up. in the last few months it's gone gang busters, particularly with women 20 something and 30 something, because it's all the things they like. for example, some people are using it to get ideas for their wedding. here it says repin, a retweet on twitter. >> great for the crafty person. >> something for steven, a beautiful woman in an outfit. >> i'm not mad at her or her picture. we've got facebook, twitter, why do we need another one to check every day. >> you can step away for two months. if you need an idea how to decorate your office, all you do is type in the search bar and it will give awe bunch of ideas. >> it's not like facebook where you post a picture of yourself at a halloween party. it's more like, hey, i'm going to post a picture of this halloween costume i made and here is how you make it. >> yes. you can find exactly what you're looking for. >> we can learn how to make
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chihuahua cakes. >> not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes. >> okay. all right. words of wisdom by christian. >> more like confucius. this is an installation at the museum in shanghai. it was created by an artist. >> looks like a guy who just jumped off a building and landed on the floor. what is it? >> like a murder scene. >> here is confucius inside a steel cage resting. then all of a sudden -- >> like a haunted house. >> so he jolts up and starts going crazy inside this cage, which when the exhibition started was filled with nine monkeys. the purpose of this installation, according to the artist, is to provoke conversation about societal
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issues in china such as the rapid economic growth, their unbalanced values, environmental changes. wants people to talk about, you know, the responsibilities that come with china's international importance. >> that's a pretty deep conversation. i feel like the conversation can be more like why are there monkeys in there. >> confucius exhibitionism. >> it's confusing. >> this is number six, another one. >> this is a huge bust of confucius chilling in a pool breathing. look closely. >> this is ghoul. okay. that might make me a little more reflective and introspective after i saw confucius. >> this doesn't start slapping in the pool. >> this is zen. >> i'd worry about the other
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five. there's seven total? >> there's seven. car lovers listen up. that means you, nick. check out this shelby cobra. you'd probably like to have a car like this someday. >> i would love to. >> you can buy this engine for this particular shelby cobra. the rest of it not so much. here is why. guy has had shelby cobra kicking it up to 130 miles per hour on a straightaway. will willowsprings international raceway in california. the guy who is the driver of the vehicle and the owner has a little commentary here. what was that? something didn't feel right. the car got loose for a second and then seemed okay. before you know it, the thing veers to the right. and then -- this left a 60 foot gash in the asphalt and also
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bounced around for like 500 feet with a guy inside. >> wow, do we know the condition of this guy? >> the driver walked away with minor injuries, bumps and bruises and scratches. the car, not in the best shape. >> wow. >> look at this thing. automobile enthusiasts, grab this thing is mangled. there is what is left of this shelby cobra. >> how sad. middle school kids with signs. a school project booming on the internet. >> i talked to people who used it in a church setting and people who use it on friendly >> hear from the guy behind
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motorcycle stunts are awesome, airplane stunts awesome. >> awesomer. >> add in sibling rivalry and you get awesomeness. billy worth is a stunt pilot of a biplane. >> it's the biplane stunt. >> it is. >> his younger brother david worth is a stunt racer, motorcycle. they are attempting the tail grab. billy upside down in the biplane getting as low as he can with
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his brother on the motorcycle, trying to catch a tiger by the tail. trying to grab the tail of the plane on this speeding motorcycle. here they are practicing this stunt. >> i'm nervous with the tail getting that close to the ground. >> i'm nervous with the guy flying upside down. >> so after a bunch of practice, here is what the tail grab looks like. there's david speeding along. you see his brother come in overhead, upside down, lowering the plane. >> what? >> no. >> that propeller is too close to his head. that is really incredibly, impossibly amazing. flute. >> fiddle.
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♪ >> i have an incredible school project to show you guys. this is a project put together by the liberty broadcasting squad there in madison, alabama. they are part of the madison schools. this broadcasting class, along with their teacher daniel wit, decided to shoot this video called "i human" the premise is a compilation of different shots of students and teachers holding up signs they created themselves that says something about who they are, what they enjoy, what they are scared of. >> they are incredible signs. one says i'm dyslexic. one says having kids scares me. >> one says one who my dad is
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purcha heartbreaking. >> one guy held up a sign that said, i'm small. >> i was so moved. we have daniel to talk to us about this project. >> like any art you take from it what you need. so we're hoping everyone gets their own message. i've talked to people who have used it in a church setting. i've talked to people who used it on it's reaching this gigantic span of audience. it's moving a lot of people in a lot of different directions. really that's all we're after, letting everyone see how different we are and letting everyone take a step back and see how serious the human condition is and the fact we're in it together. >> do the kids have cart blanche. >> we're careful how we pull it off. most of the signs got sensored, let's tell the students let's paraphrase this. we were able to get the message out and not mute their voice and do it in a slightly politically correct way so we didn't stir
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the pot too, too much. while editing, they were like oh, my gosh, this is more beautiful than we thought it could be. my broadcast team is diverse. we would have seventh graders who didn't know anybody in the room. i'm sure they were terribly afraid of coming in a room with ninth graders and teachers and holding up signs that were just crucially personal about themselves. it was a really beautiful week. i think it says we kind of got something right. something right is going on at our school. >> okay. i'm supposed to remind you to go to so there. what would i have to pay a task rabbit to read this tease for me?
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like it's going to be deflated, slipping on the ground. oh, man i forgot to take my dry cleaning. can you do it for me? >> sure. >> if only i had some help to get me through the day with all my tasks. >> so busy, in fact, she doesn't have time to give kobe dog food herself. that's where task rabbit comes in. we go to and post for a dog food rub and name the price she's willing to pay.
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>> post whatever task you want. then a list of task rabbits will bid to do your task. task rabbit will then assign that duty to whoever the best bidder is. there you go. task rabbit was just named one of the top six startups to watch in 2012. to tell us a little bit more about it, we have leah all the way from san francisco. >> we have 2500 task rabbits across the country. >> how do you find people to become task rabbits? >> 100% of our task rabbit network goes through a bidding process, an online application, video interview. >> what are the costs involved. >> name the price you're willing to pay. i'm willing to pay someone 10 bucks to go to the store, pick up a 40 pound bag of dog food and drop it off at my house. >> how quickly are you expanding? >> boston, chicago, los angeles, san francisco, seattle and portland. we've got our eyes on the
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midwest and southwest in the next quarter. you can log on and favor your city. we're calculating where we get the most requests from to decide where we go next. >> are there anythings the task rabbits don't do? >> anything illegal. other than we've had people post, i'm throwing a birthday party for my friends. we want you to pick them up in hot dog. >> one of the producers friends was a task rabbit and for 20 delivered ping-pong balls to some guys in a park. >> nice. that's it for this edition of "right this minute," everybody. thank you so much for joining us. we're going to leave you with a look at the aurora off the coast of australia. it's time lapse footage and absolutely beautiful. enjoy it. absolutely beautiful. enjoy it. we'll see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac --
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it's a case of he said he case. the search resumes for the missing after the italian ship capsized. investigators want to talk to the woman who was with the captain before the crash. the suns a given way -- sun has given way to clouds. a joppa man face as series of charges after road rage ends in gunfire on interstate 95. jeff hager joins us with the details. >> reporter: motorists on i-95 couldn't miss the pair of suv's traveling at break neck speeds cutting each other off. then one driver pulled out a handgun and began firing shots. a race


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