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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 19, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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now for the up to the minute details on some of the top stories. a joppa man is facing several charges after he shot at another suv while the two vehicles were speeding and cutting each other off on interstate 95 in harford county. police tracked the driver down and raised him last night. joce sterman got ahold of a report recently declassified by the fbi that shows safety
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policies, floor plans for schools in 10 states, including maryland were found on computer discs in iraq by troops. the baltimore field office would not comment but in 2004 the fbi did not believe there was a specific plot targeting schools. divers are back in the water off the italian coast still searching for people missing since the cruise ship ran aground authorities are looking for the young woman who was with the captain when the ship struck land. the roads are dry for now but they may not stay that way as we head into an important weekend for football fans. what can we expect. let's check in with the man with the answer, by -- wyatt everhart. we're tracking two weather makers. there could be one tonight. most of the snow is staying up through pennsylvania and points
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well north into new york but we'll be clipped by a few snow showers. weather winter advisories west. you can see those here on our winter advisory map. just above freezing by five degrees. any flurries that do fly probably will not stick very well but we'll keep an eye on that. any flurries we see will probably come in later tonight. this next storm, more significant. we'll talk about when that arrives. there's nothing better with great football than great food. we take you to columbia where one lucky ravens fan will winñr the ultimate tailgate treat. >> reporter: welcome to bgi the burger joint at columbia crossing in howard county. they want to show their purple
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pride and give one raven fan the opportunity to take home the nine pounder. >> it's a huge burger. for every purple shake that we sell, we give out a raffle ticket. >> reporter: to really appreciate the prize, let's break it down play by play. >> you got nine pounds of beef. then we've got a five and a half pound brioche bun. >> first we put the clees on. >> reporter: then lots of will the toc, tomatoes, grilled onions, pickles and the special sauce. >> the joke was if anyone can eat it in one sitting, it's free. to date nobody has done that at this store. >> the challenge is out there. >> reporter: this crowd pleaser is designed to feed 15 to 20.
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>> it's huge but delicious. >> reporter: but they have an added offer for the ravens themselves. >> i would venture to say we would have the whole offensive line here if they feel they want to car bow load for the game or carbo load for the next one. pick that you purple shake and maybe you'll win. in howard county, reporting. >> oh, my god. the nine pounder is always available for purchase. you have to give them 24 hours tend's just under $80 for the burger. sinai hospital still as its purple fever. they're once again offering a savings bond for the first baby born during the afc championship. they offered $2,000 for last
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week's game but no baby was born. this week it's up to $3,000. if the ravens go to the super bowl, it goes up to $5,000. >> the abc2 news team is still relentless with the coverage. join jamie costello and scott garceau. >> last night would have been edgar allan poe's birth day and there was a no show. >> reporter: the so-called poe toaster left a rose. many gathered to watch for him. but like last year and the year
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before, he never came. >> poe has been around. there's lots of fans. it will not be the end. >> this year, just like the last, at least one impersonator visited. edgar allan poe died in 1849. the poe house curator plans to pay tribute and they hope the readings will turn into a new ritual. the washington monument -- even though the cracks look minor repairing them is, extremely exexpensive. that's where philanthropist david rubenstein comes in. he is donating $7 1/2 million toward the repair efforts. >> i come from modest
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circumstances. i'm fortunate to have achieved -- wealth. i have the pleasure to giving it away to things. >> officials plan to award a contract to make the repairs by this august. they expect it will take 10 months to complete them. what would you do if you saw a tiger on sop of a roof? some houston drivers called the local fire department. how they managed to get the beast down without injury. facebook is making changes. will you like them or too many changes too fast? i remember the days before copd.
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firefighters aren't sure if someone was playing a prank. they received a call about a tiger. they managed to get the tiger easily. it turned out to be a stuffed animal. they ended up taking it away because they thought it was dangerous for drivers. what do you get for the star wars fan who has everything? how about a six foot fall storm trooper tank. this one is made of yellow cake
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with vanilla, butter cream filling and marshmallow. the layers were supported by legs made from rice krispie treats, took nearly 600 people to eat this. california likes to say it's home to the happiest cows but at one town in ohio, these cows each sleep in a stall with a water bed. the farmer who takes care of the cows say the beds are much more comfortable and they eliminate some of the pressure on the joints. they said the quality of the milk has gone upw3 since the bes were put in. well, apple make has big announcements that could affect your child. what they unveiled that could lighten the load on young students everywhere. another candidate bites the dust. forget everything you thought about those results out of iowa. we've got latest on the campaign
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trail coming up.
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apple is taking school lessons to the next level with new apps. will all kids have to of a the apple tablet? >> reporter: the first product announcement from apple since the death of the company's founderçóxdxdñi wouldñiñi have e
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>> reporter: the company didn't announce plans to discount or give away any of those. >> so it's taking off quickly. >> reporter: apple argues over time an ipad is cheaper than books. students got used to seeing this low ghoa school -- logo in schools. >> we hope that educators will look back on today's announcements just as fondly and see that they were more profound on their impact. >> reporter: if nothing else, this might lab lesson in marketing. apple knows kids wanted ipads more than anything else. now they can tell them it's for
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doing homework. you heard it here first, qothing but homeworkñi onñr thei
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sunshine early on. then we cloud up. how about a look at washington. a view over the capital and the monument. and a beautiful finish to the day in the nation's captd. you see the clouds rolling in, in gaithersburg, not too far from weather bug headquarters in german town. temperatures running above freezing. any quick burst of snow might not stick. temperatures still in the mid-30s. we got a south wind going. that will put the brakes on how fast we cool down. to the west we do see these more significant snows north and west of our state up through pennsylvania, up through ohio. the main disturbance is centered over eastern canada.
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the trailing front dragging down wintry precipitation as far south as ohio. parts of western maryland getting snow showers. our front stalled west of us. that's going to march through overnight and clear the skies, clear the skies and not allow for warmup. upper 30s again, but another disturbance diving in tomorrow. this one's going to be a different situation. today it was a northern s we barely caught the southern edge of it. this system tomorrow, kind of brings in moisture from the north and south. has it moves over our state towards 2 a.m., friday night looks fine but early saturday, that's where we get what could be a wintery mix. maryland is right on that rain snow line. we could be in that ice zone in parts of northern maryland, northern carol county, harford county, pawk -- baltimore county, cecil county. then it goes to rain by 1:00,
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2:00. so overnight tonight 28. clouds breezy, and then tomorrow 38, a decent day partly sunny. tomorrow night we get that mix in here after midnight. that will be more of a saturday morning situation that will clear out by midday. we look for a warmer afternoon after an icy start and sunday looking dry. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. in tonight's democrat si 2012 -- democracy 2012, cnn is hosting a debate in charleston, south carolina. i understand the field has narrowed by one. tells about rick perry. >> reporter: rick perry is out. he said he didn't see this viable path moving forward. perhaps the biggest announcement was that he endorsed newt gingrich. >> i believe knew the is a con
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-- newt is a conservative visionary. we've had our differences, which campaigns will inevitably have and newt is not perfect, but who among us is. >> reporter: let's take a look at sort of the latest stands in the state of south carolina. it's a political poll. you see mitt romney and newt gingrich behind him. the gap has been cut in half. since the south carolina primary as heated up, you also see rick perry only had 4% of the vote, so an endorsement doesn't mean much. you can slay it's a hit to some of the campaigns like mitt romney but will be a good thing for newt gingrich. moving forward, we've been talking about the social conservative vote and how -- the potential for it to be split new south carolina. so newt gingrich, it will be a
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big thing for them. >> tell me what we can expect to be the big topic in tonight's debate? >> reporter: going into tonight's debate, first, there will be four candidates, so it will be a little different in that sense. i want to show you this picture. it shows you the mood. one of the podiums had to be taken down. john king talked about what he expects as a moderator. >> it's an interesting campaign to begin with in south carolina. rick perry said he was in through south carolina. he gets out. he endorses gingrich. we wake up to find out that santorum won iowa, not mitt romney. this is a fascinating race than we thought 24, 48 hours ago. >> reporter: you said it before. i said it before. this race sure isn't boring. >> we'll hear from you tomorrow. thanks a lot for the live
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report. also on the knew the niewpt front, bien ross -- newt gingrich front, brian ross talked to newt's second wife. it airs tonight. here's a preview of what you can expect. >> i said to him, newt, we've been married a long time and he said, yes, but you want me all to yourself. calista doesn't care what i do. >> reporter: what was he saying to you? >> he was asking to have an open marriage and i refused. >> reporter: he wanted an open marriage. >> that i accept the fact that he has someone else in his life. >> reporter: and you said -- >> no. no. that is not a marriage. >> after his adult daughters her about it they came to his
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defense. they said anyone one who has been through a divorce knows it's a tragedy. the full exclusive interview with newt gingrich's second wife is scheduled to air on nightline right after abc2 news at 11:00. you've seen gas prices continue to go up. the numb -- how some of these thieves are being more brazen. teens with unand pregnancies said they didn't know they coulr become pregnaá
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listen to a song or eat at a certain raw. the new types of posts would link them up with a time line
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feature like if you booked a trip through certain sites it would automatically update your page. wal-mart thinks you might have the next great idea, the product that you want out there. the retail giant is launching a contest called get on the shelf for people that submit products that could eventually be shoulders in walmart stores throughout the country. that would be great. if you resolve to get your kids to lose weight and eat healthier, there could be one way to do it. how to will reward your kids but only if you set an example. we have that and much more with jamie costello at 6:00, which starts right now. some people are sphealg gas in pape -- stealing gas in annapolis, but not like you think. i'll tell you how they did it. we know his name. we know where he lives. police think he fired


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