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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  January 19, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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95 last night and you'll hear his story. le dodged enemy fire, war veterans have great resumes and you should hire them. we want to start with the weather. we could be dealing with wintry weather. what do we have in our future. meteorologist wyatt everhart joins us with more. a couple different rounds here. we're tracking it tonight on maryland's most powerful radar. look out in western maryland. we've already seen flakes fly, cumberland, between hagerstown and curb, a burst of snow where i-70 and i-68 split. this is the teaser to the bigger round of winter weather that we could see early saturday morning. when i say that, i'm talking more about icy conditions than accumulating snows, but we can
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see it, especially west of baltimore. we'll watch this tick disturbance continue to pass north of us hitting pennsylvania and new york more significantly tonight than the flurries we could see around maryland. temperatures still above freezing in the mid to upper 30s, so any flurries that fly tonight will not stick very well until we get into the overnight. by then they should be gone. those details coming up. we're watching the thermometer. the temperatures are going on. the gas signs are going up. the average price sup -- is up. now mid-grade is $3.52. premium $3.65. both up 20 cents in a month. the lowest near gust ryan, $3.23. iñi.
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no0 >> it used to be that, you know, you put a locked gas cap on and
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it would deter it. in this case they completely bypass it and went straight for drilling a hole in the gas tank. >> the state of the economy, people are likely to do anything. >> reporter: mike patent lives in annapolis and believes that's a brazen stunt. >> if they clan get away with it, they'll probably try it. >> reporter: police said with the cost of gas going up, these types of crimes will be rising. i'm don harrison. >> if you have any information, the annapolis police department wants to hear from you right away. a joppa man is free on bail after maryland state policenbñd .m0pneno carrierrin0
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a. >> i woke up, surrendered peacefully, explained my side of it. i wasn't trying to run. i was trying to be -- i was trying to do the right thing. >> this man claims so the-called victim cut him off and forced him into a construction barrel. he faces a series of charges. now to a developing story. back in 2004 the military got
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its hands on cd's that held some very scary information including photos and floor plans of schools it. was big news, remember? now there's word baltimore was included in that intelligence. kelly swoope is here to explain. >> the news about baltimore comes from a report which was recently declassified by the fbi. although other cities remain in -- were named in 2004, this is the first time baltimore was mentioned it. was made through the website and it talks about cd's which were turned over to coalition forces in iraq in 2004. those cd's contained things from islamic writings to guidelines on emergency preparedness. that included safety policies, floor plans and response measures for schools in 10 states, including baltimore. the city was never included when it was released seven years ago.
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the fbi in baltimore would not comment about the report. it's important to know no specific schools were mentioned and they found no links to terrorism and didn't believe there was a specific plot targeting schools. jamie, back to you. one more day of practice for the ravens and then it's off to new england for the afc championship. terrell suggs was singing opera. ed reed is the only player. they talked about how tough it is to play new england. >> this is an underrated defense. i'm sure they probably feel that way. it's the healthiest it's been.
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>> if we just play one or two things and let the tempo dictate what we do they will pick us apart. we have to do as good a job as we can. at the same time get lined up and play our responsibility, too. >> somebody said, hey, your super bowl quarterbacks, he said that's the first time help went 10 feet. with the afc championship game just under 69 hours, the mayors placed a friendly wager. if the ravens win the mayor will get a gourmet lobster dinner. however, if the patriots win, the mayor of boston has to seabed a -- spend a platter of
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crab cakes from lexington market. there's a burger fit for a raven. bgr, the burger joint will give one ravens fan a chance to take home this nine pound burger with all the fixings. the winning ticket will get drawn on saturday. you can share with everybody at your ravens party or -- >> the joke was if anyone could eat it in one sitting it's free. no one has done that at this store. the challenge is out there. >> you can buy the nine pounder if you want. you have to order it 24 hours in advance. it will cost you about $80. when the ravens win, they said they will double the size of the burger. we're getting you ready with
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an abc2 special, the way to indy. join myself, scott garceau and others. our show will start at 12. let us know what you will do on twitter. they left their lives behind to protect us. they worked 24 hours a day. so now that our veterans are back from the war, we should have their backs and put them back to work. roosevelt leftwich tells us the plan. >> reporter: it's an initiative between lawmakers and facilities to hire as many young veterans in many different fields. finding employmenti]çó is diffit m5
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>> reporter: today health care providers signed a pledge to hire at least one veteran a day month 230 skilled nursing facilities that crisscross the state. >> none of the resounding cultural -- one of the statements that sticks is service before several. as i think about employing people in the future, those are the kinds of people that i would like to represent cherry lane in
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terms of what we provide to our residents and our patients. >> reporter: hiring veterans just makes sense. they have skills like security, nursing and administrative skill that is they need. he served three tours in iraq and just got back from afghanistan. his employers said he could more than handle security. he's optimistic this pledge will get a lot of veterans new careers. >> if they can hold up to their and of the deal and hire and train these individuals, that's the bottom line. if they're willing to hire us and train us, then i'm sure everybody will be happy. >> reporter: the agreement put together by the lieutenant governor goes into effect immediately. the care facilities around the state are looking at everything from nursing, administrative,
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billing and maintenance and veterans do need to apply. all right. we have a shock study out. it says teenagers are clueless about pregnancy. what those with unintended pregnancy thought about their chances for getting pregnant. their answers will shock you. how can you help make sure that your kids lose weight and eat healthy. a reward system could help as well. out at bwi 38 tropical degrees. it was a cold january day. 42 was your two-degree guarantee. no winner today. we'll talk about the one-two punch. flurries tonight but a for significant storm. it doesn't look like much. we'll break it down when we come back.
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not a food reward system but a money reward s what i'm telling -- system. what you can do is establish healthy goals for your children. if they complete those goals they get one healthy buck dollar. >> that mean wise cut back on the allowance. for each weekly goalt child meets they can trade it for
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rewards. parents can pick up small prizes and trade them out or put together a treasure chest and let the child pick. the repetition will help the child develop healthy habit. a new device could help stroke patients move easier. linda so shows us how it works. >> reporter: she has strugged with paralysis for years. her life changed in a mat thr of second. is a brin na -- sabrina was taking lessons. >> my carotid artery dissected causing a stroke. >> reporter: she spent the next two years learning how to walk. the one thing doctors couldn't do is give her full use of her arm. >> about 80% of stroke survivors have upper exstreet impairment.
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>> reporter: so dr. steven page is taking a new approach by using the so-called biionic arm. >> the repetition seems to turn on the brain which is called neuroplasticity and actually restores the movement. >> reporter: typically stroke survivors have a few months to show ips=áqsq't in their arms onok anyq kid of improvement,xd but thisñiñiñ3 change that. >> theyw3t(t(qñixdt(vañ%zw3jf»á you can always move past the plateau. >> doctors say early test results show with repeated use, some stroke patients may regain movement in their arms. all right. let's get right into it.
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yes, a chance for a few flurries. pretty good round of snow showers in the hancock area. around baltimore, things are sitting clear. we think that holds up for now. as we take a look further west, these winter storm watches are for early saturday morning. i thought they had an advisory this evening, they do not. this is saturday morning. mainly a western maryland situation but we could see slick conditions around the baltimore area. it's due to our next brewing weather maker on the gulf coast, just an early formation of this system. it does not look impressive. by tomorrow night that may be a different deal as it's marching in our direction. bwi all quiet. 37 degrees. a light south wind, pretty decent january day. sunshine on tap through the early middle part of the day. i always think of days like this in january we get the sunshine a
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lot. a breezy day on federal hill that clouded up late. i love this shot, doing a lot of expensive work to re pair the monument. take a look at the temperatures across the state, mid-30s from ocean city to hagerstown. a little cold in the mountains. that's where they could see flakes stick on the roads. south breeze, we'll put the brakes on. so although we'll end up probably in the upper 20s, not a dramatic cooldown with the cloud deck and the south breeze kicking in. that snow situation could be pretty impressive toward pittsburgh, harrisburg but here in maryland we'll get clipped by a few snow showers, a few flurries on the south edge of the system. i do not expect much other than flurries. as we take a look at the surface
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map, high pressure south. the front marching through. the storm system is in new england. the precipitation dragging to the south side of this storm, again, just mainly going to stay to our north. we'll get out of most of this tonight. our trend is interesting. asñi we time the system tomorrow night,xd first tonight añi fewçd . tomorrow sunshine early. upperñr 30s, butñrñixd watch th. saturday, 2 inñrxdñi the mornins precipitationxdçóñr moves upñquy play, that rain snow line. s that's where baltimore -- that's where baltimore will be, western maryland and on the pennsylvania state line but by midday saturday we're up to 40 degrees. overnight tonight 28, clouds, breezy a few flurries. tomorrow a decent day, partly
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sunny. tomorrow night, early toward daybreak saturday morning that's where we'll get the wintery mix and the seven-day forecast, the bottom line there will be a time frame, it could be dicey especially north and west. as we look at the outlook next week things do moderate, low 50s. let's head out to kelly. here's a look at what's coming up tonight a question. are you smarter than your smartphone? do you know how much information you're giving to other people just by having it on. what you need to consider. plus, if you need to return a gadget, don't go straight to the store. you'll want to know where your personal information could be hiding before you hand it off to someone else. plus, wyatt's -- forecast. join us at 11.
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you see a lot of snow to the north. i think we'll get very little of this. later tonight 28, just a few flurries north of us, not much. >> all right. thank you, sir. all right. coming up next, world news at 6:30, we'll see you tonight. have a great rest of your night.
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