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tv   News  ABC  January 20, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EST

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powerful radar, nothing to see as of now, but don't let this fool you because as we go more into the afternoon, evening, yes, we will start to see that storm brewing across the area. i'm going to detail that storm, i'm going to bring you the forecast and that's coming up in a few minutes. but now let's send it over to angela. she has your traffic. good morning. it's purple friday. woo-hoo. reporter: good morning to you, lynette. it is purple friday. off to a great start as our traffic patterns start to build. we are seeing a couple of delayed spots here and there for those of you traveling on 95 heading towards the capital beltway, it gets a bit heavy once you pass maryland 32. here's a live look at maryland 175. we also are starting to see some usual delays for those of you making your way around the west side of 695. this is 695 and baltimore national pike. as you can see, a few brake lights off and on with sluggish traffic, making your way past baltimore national pike heading towards wilkins avenue. charley, over to you. a state of emergency in nevada from a wildfire that's been spreading rapidly. the fire destroyed homes, burning just south of the city of reno. abc 2 news linda stow has been
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tracking that overnight and brings us the very latest information. linda. reporter: charley, we've just learned that one person was found dead in the area, but fire officials aren't sure yet if that person was killed by the fire. they're waiting on autopsy results before releasing more details. this fire is fierce. what's making it worse are the strong winds. listen. luckily those winds died down overnight, making it easier for firefighters to stop the progress of the fast-moving brush fire. the fire has destroyed more than 20 homes and forced thousands to evacuate. it broke out just after noon on thursday in a valley along a highway. more than 10,000 people were told to leave their homes. it was a close call for vice president joe biden. he was speaking at a reno high school when the wildfire flared up right nearby. >> here's the deal, as we were riding in, i watched a bunch of fire trucks ride by me, and you apparently have a fire in the nearby hills, and they have just told me if i don't let you
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guys get out of here relatively soon, they're going to make you get outta here. reporter: well, biden had to leave the stage about 25 minutes into his speech. a main stretch of highway has also been shut down from the heavy smoke. linda stow, abc 2 news. news time now 6:32. and penn state alums, listen up, the board of trustees will meet in just a few hours for the first time since the chaotic week in november when sex abuse allegations unfolded. leadership positions will be up for election at today's meeting. also listed on that agenda is an overview of the future of the athletics programs. well, did you know that president barack obama has singing skills? last night he took the stage to new york's famed apollo theater for a reelection fundraiser. during a speech, he seemed to get caught up in exactly where he was and the moment. listen. >> and then to know that reverend al green was here i
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am so in love with you >> yeah. bring those lights down just a little bit, kick back and relax. president barack obama attended four fundraising events thursday. this is all in new york. and another with a private meeting at the home of director spike lee. no word yet, though, on whether or not the president serenaded the director. the diamond may be something for a queen, or maybe a kardashian. oh, yeah. however, a california jewelry store is now letting people try on an 18-caret diamond and letting them do it for free. >> as consumers, you'll probably get a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to see it, touch it and be able to try it on. >> the thing is you have to shell out a million dollars to walk away with that ring. a million bucks? wow! so it's not zucchini,
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fettucini or bulga wheat, but a huge bun and a huge hunk of meat. coming up you're going to see a massive cheeseburger in paradise. niep pounds to be -- nine pounds to be exact. if you watch college football, this makes no sense, why would a alabama pizza owner be crafting that of a gator?
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we are rooting on the raiives at the tgr burger joint. >> good morning, maryland! >> through the magic of television, one lucky ravens fan, that burger they showed you there, it's now in our studios. this nine pounds, a bunch of beef. this is from the welcome to the
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bgr. this is the burger joint in colombia crossing into howard county. the restaurant wants to share its purple pride by giving someone the opportunity to take home for the premier patty, the nine pounder. that is a bunch of beef no matter how you slice it. there's a 5 1/2-pound bun, a lot of lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions, pickles and the special sauce. linda, what's in the special sauce? they keep wanting me to eat this. look at that. that is something to see right there. definite crowd pleaser designed for 15 to 20 people. 15 to 20, not one person. it's available to purchase. if you want one, you gotta call 24 hours in advance and it's going to run you about $80 if you want the nine-pound burger. denver bronco quarterback tim tebow has a new claim to fame. an alabama restaurant has decided they want to put tebow's face on a pizza. okay. here's the thing with this, if you know s.e.c. football, alabama and florida
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do not get along. so why would a bama fan want a tebow pizza? who knew. the 3:16 on the pizza is a reference to one of tebow's favorite bible passages, john 3:16. it may cost you more to host a super bowl party this year. it to me this is the story of the day. the wholesale price of chicken wings has risen 50% in the past year. the supply of chickens is down and the cost of feed is up, therefore producers are losing money. if you want chicken wings, gotta pay more. "good morning maryland" continues with your abc 2 news to go. this is going to be gone. it's purple friday. linda, what do you have for us this friday? reporter: charley, an autistic boy attacked at a bus stop heads back to school today. we'll show you the disturbing video up next. [ crowd noise ] reporter: the purple friday caravan continues. i'll show you a preview of this
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big party for the ravens as they head into new england coming up. go ravens! reporter: i'm sherree johnson live at a local bakery that's taking raven's purple pride to another level. that story straight ahead. plus the calm before the storm. i'll tell you what sort of weather you can expect and when it will get here coming up. i'm angela foster with a view of u.s. 50 and i-97. we've got a check of the drive to and from the eastern shore and update your west side delays. that's coming up when we return on "good morning maryland." 3q new odor detect from air wick. a new air freshener so smart,
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subway. eat fresh. news time, 6:43. good morning, maryland, time now for abc 2 news to go and a lot to get to on this purple friday. linda stow telling us about an autistic boy attacked at a bus stop. it was all caught on tape. sherree johnson is in parkville with a sweet way to show your purple pride and corrine is here with the first stop of the purple caravan. first we say good morning to meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning, everyone. it is purple friday and we are
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not dealing with anything now on maryland's most powerful radar. i don't want to give you false hope because it will get a little bit more active as we go through the evening and into tomorrow. definitely going to be seeing lots of colors out there. speaking of the colors,late check out the winter weather advisory in effect in imrook a.m. to 10:00 a.m. you can see a lot of purples into pennsylvania. we have a lone purple here into cecil county. that is the winter weather advisory. the further back towards the west you go, you're going to encounter a winter weather storm and that is for washington county and all those areas there shaded in the blue. so right now temperatures as you're stepping out the door, you want to know how to dress, you need to bundle up once again because it feels like 24 into calston, good morning to you, 27 in sparrow's point and 24 into annapolis. 20 into fredrick. as we check out the fact that we are going to warm up as we go throughout the day, but it will be a little bit colder than it was yesterday as that cold front slices through the area. i'm forecasting a high today right around 38 degrees. let's send this over to angela. she has your traffic. good morning. reporter: good morning to you,
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lynette. a check of those making the drive from the eastern shore this morning. if you plan to travel westbound 50 crossing the bay bridge with no interruptions and continuing through the state capital all the way to i-97, we do have 50 looking pretty good for you this morning. now, for those of you making the drive from hourt county on i-70, it's clear all the way over to u.s. 29. 29 southbound is where you'll see your heaviest delays, making the drive all the way down to maryland 32. of course the west side of 695 as we continue to see bottleneck traffic on the west side, this is liberty road with the outer loop lanes on the left side. those delays continue around to wilkins avenue. over to you, charlie. we begin this morning with developing news of an autistic boy attacked at a bus stop and the entire thing caught on tape. abc 2 new's linda stow is here with the disturbing video and what's expected to happen now. reporter: charley, the boy who was attacked says he's going to try to go back to school today. police also say they'll charge the boy who hit him with second- degree assault. this video we are about to show you is disturbing. watch how the boy is bullied at
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the bus stop. the video was posted on facebook. it shows 11-year-old caleb coola, a sixth grader at elkton middle school getting punched in the head while everyone at the bus stop cheered. caleb says he's been bullied since the first grade. he has autism and adhd. caleb's parents say they have made dozens of requests for help but the school system didn't do anything until last year when the school asked them to fill out a report saying their son had officially been bullied. his parents say he'll try to go back today. caleb says he's bracing for another typical day at school where he's teased and taunted by the kids. >> i'm going to try to put this behind me, but then it's going to come right back in front of me and confront me again. but that's what i think will happen. reporter: school officials declined to speak about caleb's case specifically, but they say they have a policy in place to investigate reports of bullying. linda stow, abc 2 news.
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maryland state police are looking into a deadly crash overnight. the wreck happened a little before 12:30 this morning at 140 and collegeview in westminster. state troopers say only one car was involved in that crash. troopers found the car off the road. they're still looking into what the possible cause could be. a panel of state senators are now meeting today to discuss ways to improve the financial disclosure rules for lawmakers. the panel is meeting to prepare recommendations by march. maryland lawmakers have not had substantial review of ethics policies on the matter for more than a decade. today governor martin o'malley is scheduled to be in hanover for a meeting about jobs. he's actually going to be talking about sparrow's point. he'll be with labor leaders and officials from r.j. steel to officially announce the plant is going back online after more than 700 jobs and workers were laid off. they're going to be returning to work not in march, they're going back to work in just a few days. 6:47. and the purple caravan is in full swing this morning where the beer is flowing and the
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omelets cooking. corrine redman is live this morning with the diehard fans fans at alonzo's where the caravan is kicking off. what's going on, corrine? reporter: look, charley, the ravens. i know you've been sporting yours all week long. tell me, -- i know joe flacco was the inspiration, but how fast has this taken off for you guys? >> it's shot to the top like a rocket. we just wanted to create all the team spirit that we can and get baltimore in on the action. reporter: can you keep up with the demand? >> we're working really hard and we've got our fingers crossed for a big game this sunday. reporter: look, we have one of the ultimate fans, laura here, she's actually going to make the trip this weekend up to foxborough to support our ravens. tell us about your trip. when are you leaving? >> tomorrow on a flight. i'll wear this on the flight. reporter: tell me your predictions for the game this weekend. >> if we don't turn the ball over, we'll win, it's that simple. that's how we did it 11 years
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ago. reporter: and that's how we'll do it again, right? you're going to be there. >> i am. reporter: we're on the road to indy this year. behind us the beautiful ravens cheerleaders once again, they will be out all day with the ravens caravan. your first stop today, what's going to be for the fans today? >> we're starting alonzo's and hitting eight or nine different stops in baltimore. very important today, we are actually giving way tickets to the game at two of our stops as well as the galleria at the harbor and we're giving a presentation at mother's in federal hills for our miller light fan party. >> you all got to come out. how important is it for the fans to come out and support this? >> it's incredibly important. we're nothing without our fans. it's going to be an incredible weekend also. reporter: so you heard it, charley. the party has picked up, believe it or not. everybody say go ravens. >> go ravens. reporter: we're gonna win!
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going all the way to the super bowl! >> corrine redman, she is having far too much fun on a friday morning. reporter: way too much fun. >> corrine, thanks a lot. everywhere you look people are showing their purple pride and supporting the ravens. they're even doing it at local bakeries. one bakery getting in on the action. that's where we sent sherree johnson. have they put you to work yet? reporter: not yet. i'm so busy walking around eating, who has time to work. they're working. who has time to do any work? i'm eating, that's work. i'm here at the fenwick bakery in parkville and i'll tell ya, these folks get up as early as we do. they're in at like 3:00 a.m. they have everything you can imagine, all supporting the ravens and purple pride. look at this, they have these cupcakes here. they have the little football on them with the helmet, they're decorated in purple there. they spare no expense here. they go all out. look at this cake over here,
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absolutely delicious, i tasted it. it says go ravens on there. it has the helmet and the field goal there. they have all kinds of delicious treats. this is dawn over here. she is lacing the footballs. earlier at 6:00 we saw them dipping the little football cakes. now she is putting the final touches on them and she's decorating them and doing a great job. over here we have a tray full of cookies and other little cakes and things like that of that nature. and right now we have claudette wilson, one of the coowners here, she is joining us live. claude te tell us why you all go out and why you're so into this. >> we're all ravens fans here too and this is a slow time of year, so it really helping business and we get to see a lot of customers coming in, rooting for the ravens. we just have a good time talking about it. reporter: i see dawn over there, she's lacing the little footballs. i saw those mini football molds. that's one of a kind, not many bakeries have that. >> they're nonexistent. we tried looking on the
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computers and all and we cannot find them anywhere. they were a promotional item back in the 1940s, and the original owners bought them, and they're just irreplaceable. reporter: well, you have a lot of tasty treats here. i have personally been going around tasting them this morning and they're absolutely delicious. thank you so much for joining us this morning. and, hey, they definitely have their purple pride going on here everything from cakes to cookies and cupcakes, but i have enjoyed my morning here hanging out with them and tasting everything. reporting live in parkville, sherree johnson, abc 2 news. >> sherree, thanks a lot. more than a week after going on paid administrative leave following confrontation with a player, head coach todd bozeman has been reinstated. o's fans -- the fan fest will be this weekend at the baltimore convention center. the 2012 fan fest will feature autograph sessions and q and a
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forum, along with clinics, interactive game. fap fest runs from 11:00 to 6:00 tomorrow. opening day for the o's is friday, april 6th, open against the society giants. comedy central stephen colbert is teaming up with herman cain. in charleston the two will appear for the rock me like a herman cain south carolina primary rally. since cain's name is still on the ballot, colbert is pushing for the vote, saying a vote for cain is a vote for colbert. governor chris christie will address house republicans in baltimore city as part of a retreat. those attending will include former house speaker newt gingrich and texas governor rick perry. baltimore restaurant week kicks off today and runs through january 29th. a three-course dinner will run you between $20 and $30. for a full list of participating restaurant, head to our website, time now for a check of the forecast. when did you change?
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>> just a second ago. you got the spirit? yeah, yeah. you got the what, what, what. that's for you ravens, you better win. let's check out what's going on for today because we're waiting for this krr to move through the area -- cold front to move through the area as we go through the rest of this morning. it'll get colder behind that cold front. i'll show you the temperature in just a second. high pressure will start to slide in. it'll slide all the way out into the atlantic. once it does that, we'll start to get an onshore flow. so we have the cold air in place, we have the moisture and then we have another moisture source coming from the gulf of mexico. that's the scenario for the wintery mix that we will be receiving as we go through the overnight into tomorrow. future trend showing you what's going on as we go through the rest of this evening. so there's the snow, the colder air, then we have the milder air that's going to be pushing in here. we will be on that rain/snow line as we go into the overnight into tomorrow morning. then things will start to switch all the way over back to rain as we go throughout the
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day on saturday. so that's the good news. if you don't have to be out there on the roadways tomorrow morning, please don't do so. we're dealing with some icy conditions. sunday looks a little bit dryer. so with that scenario, we do already have a winter weather advisory in place. it goes in effect from 1:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on saturday for all the areas here shaded in this purple so cecil county, you are under that. if your travels are going to be taking you into western maryland, you're dealing with a winter weather watch. today this is the temperature, coming in right around 38 degrees, increasing cloud. it will be slightly colder than what it was yesterday. by tonight 30 degrees, mostly cloudy, there's that wintery mix that i'm talking about as we go through the overnight. tomorrow's temperature coming in right around 40 degrees. you can see that little mess that we have. and speaking of a mess, oh erks yes, we're going to bring a mess to the patriots as we go into the game day forecast. you could see maybe a passing shower across that area. seven-day forecast not looking too bad because we have a nice warmup on the way. angela. reporter: lynette, on the roadways right now, two incidents to watch for. if you're traveling in pikesville, county police on
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the scene of a collision righteoustown road and slaid avenue. also downtown we still have a water main break repier pair on lombard street. two lanes blocked between president and gay street for that. in the meantime, a lot of congestion around the area, especially on 29, going away from i-70 is where you're going to see the heaviest traffic on 29 as you make the drive down to route 32. as for those of you making the drive to the west side of 695, not too bad right here on 795 at cocky's mill road, but for the most part it picks up down towards owens mills boulevard all wait to 695. i'm going to put you guys on the spot right now. what do you think is going to happen come sunday? >> i think it is going to be 31- 24 ravens. >> i like the score, but i think the ravens will pull it off because tom brady is out. it's time for him to get out. >> can't you tell? we're in the spirit here. >> we can't go without asking our own tom. tom, what do you think?
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>> ravens! >> baltimore defense is going to stand out as well. i've got the fu man chu on. cheer us on. >> you got the spirit? ♪
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