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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 20, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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hello, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's friday and that means it's time for the rtm countdown, the 10 best videos of the day "right this minute." it's a scene that has skiers slaking in their boots. >> you'll see the avalanche start, but this -- >> not what it seems. we'll explain. smoky the bear hates forest
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fires. the new picture shows why. >> looks like his paws are actually burned. >> we have the story behind this heartbreaking video. meet an 8-year-old with attitude that made our top 10. we've got a song that made us go oh! and a crash that made us go oh! see why this granny can take a hit. it's all coming up on the rtm countdown. we begin our countdown show today with our number 10 video and steven found it for us. >> yeah. when there's a heavy snowfall on top of a mountain, i think you know what's coming next, right? an avalanche, like this one in stewart british columbia. check this out. the guy filmed it on iphone 4. you'll see the avalanche start. this is a controlled avalanche just like you hear about
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controlled burns in the forest. governments do this to reduce the danger of big snow slides. when they do, they stop traffic and make it safe for all the snow to come down the mountain. this is all preventive so there's not a big avalanche or snow slide in the future. wait until you see what it looks like when it starts to get closer to the camera. >> it already looks like a giant cloud of snow. >> they like to do these controlled avalanches before the snow packs down. so when it's powdery and loose they do these. when there's a steep drop-off like you're seeing in this particular video it creates these big plumes, which are mixtures of snow and air. look at that. >> i've never seen anything like this before. this is really amazing to watch, because it really does look like a cloud on the ground. >> if you showed me this video and said this is a big fire in the forest, look at the smoke from the fire, i'd say, yeah, okay, right. >> at number nine on the rtm
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countdown today, the fire and the bear. >> in florida they started a controlled fire that unfortunately got out of control and started getting close to homes. one of the homeowners decided to go outside and protect this home somehow. while he was out, he saw this. this is a florida black bear who appears to be injured by the fire. it looks like his paws were actually burned. >> breaks my heart. >> as you can see, he tries to get on his paws, but the pain makes him get down on his arms and crawl. >> i've never seen that before. that is really sad. you can see a lot of these controlled burns across the country. in most cases they are a good thing. i always think the animals are like oh, smoke, we've got to get out of the way. but this poor guy had nowhere to go. >> that's what the florida fish
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and wildlife association believes, he was burned trying to escape. they were looking for him but decided to leave him alone because they believed that in the process of trying to help and rescue him, he would get scared and run away andinjure his paws more. leaving him aloe a place where be safe. and by licking his own paws heal them. >> i hope he can find a little pond or creek to stick his paws in, cool them off. this next video comes from what they call one of the toughest events on the planet. we call it number eight. >> steven, do you consider yourself a tough guy? are you tough? >> yeah, i'm tough. >> are you girls tough. >> yes. >> are you tough enough to handle the tough mudder. this is jessie burk, the tough
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mudder, about to finish a foot race, obstacle course in arizona last weekend. the little things hanging down are electroshock therapy. >> what? >> this is the last obstacle you have to get through at the end of running 12 1/2 miles going through 20 different obstacles, taking ice baths, jumping over walls, going through tunnels of mud. >> they are running through this. every time they touch one of those wires they get zapped? >> i'm done. >> a little bit of mud but a real tough mudder licks the mud off his legs. >> licks? >> there you go. >> yes, you pay to do this. >> do you have to pay to do this, or does someone pay you. people would have to pay me. >> people thought they could run through the wires but grown men were getting zapped and dropped to the ground. tell us a little more what it felt like to get through the
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entire 12 1/2 miles. >> i wanted a challenge. it would be a good way to accomplish fitness goals. >> is one of your fitness goals to get shocked 21 times. >> i was lucky and probably only got shocked eight times. >> only. >> i can say i made it through standing up. >> what other things do you have to go through during this competition. >> they like to make you uncomfortable. about a mile, mile and a half into it you're wet, muddy, then you get hit with the first ice bath. >> tell us what you get at the end of this. >> this is it. the glory. you get a mudder head band, which is pretty sweet and i'm happy to have. >> at number seven, a tough sport with an opponent of glass and steel. >> you guys know that famous scene in rocky, the training
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montage, rocky beating up the piece of frozen meat. >> this guy got it wrong. it's almost like he has a problem with these cars. he's in arguments with these different vehicles and squaring up and talking smack than like punching mirrors and kicking the lights in. >> after he does that to that little blue car, he's like take that. >> and all the while setting off alarms every time he hits one of these things. >> i feel like there might be something wrong with this man. >> i would say he perhaps could be under the influence of some sort of substance. >> yeah. >> maybe he couldn't get a car loan and couldn't get his own set of wheels, now he's mad at all the cars. >> he's pointing at the car driving up. >> you know what kind of car that is? that's the police. >> that's the police. >> so this guy's fun is over
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almost before it began. he starts walking away. the cops pull up, get this guy. and weirdly, he's not aggressive towards the police. he had taken out all his aggression on the parked cars and calmly goes with them. just what is that hanging on the power line. >> looks like when someone throws a pair of tennis shows on the line. it's a bird. >> it is. it's a bird hanging from its neck. see what happens next. and a woman crossing streets, speeding car, and -- >> you are here's a friendly reminder.
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countdown, everybody. we're on our way to the number one video of the day. first heavenly snow at number
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six. >> when snow starts falling and you're a filmmaker, you grab your camera and record the beautiful snowfall, right? this is in washington state at a skresort. you watch the snowfall, you watch it float. >> i think he hit the forest. >> they are tree skiing which means they are skiing right through the trees. to me it makes me incredibly nervous. i've never done that. i'm afraid i'd hit a tree. >> what if there's a stump, a tree cut down recently and you hit a stump. >> or a log that falls over.
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>> this is worst case scenario every time. >> worst case scene ar yochlt -- scenario. >> this is awe smchlt i love it. >> the snow is so powdery, it almost looks like smoke. >> it's top five time and time to rock hard. >> christian says i have a feeling you guys aren't fans of hard core music, head banging. >> i generally can't make out the lyrics. i have a hard time singing alone. >> since you're not fans, i have something that might make you change your mind. i think i found the next head banging star. her name is juliet and she lives in australia and she has her first hard core music video out. ♪ my name is juliet
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♪ ♪ >> she loves her dog robert. she sings about her pet fish, how her pet fish stinks but she likes him anyway. ♪ yeah yeah i love robert ♪ >> she goes mosh pitting with her stuffed animals on the trampoline. her dad is heavy metal producer rob sharp. she teamed up with him for this video. i've got to say, i could get into this. >> i could totally get into this. i'm a fan. i can understand what she's singing. generally when i hear heavy metal, it makes me
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uncomfortable. it's hard, heavy hitting. this one is pretty digestible. ♪ ♪ >> nice little exclamation point owe he said of the song, oh!. next one in the top five and it's easy to see why? >> power crews sometimes not only have to restore our power, they have to save animals that get stuck on power lines. >> oh, he's hanging by his neck? >> yes, in nova scotia, canada, a seagull got his head trapped between two power lines. >> it looks like when someone throws tennis shows on the line but it's a bird rainfall a live bird. it's not dead. this did not kill him. >> what part about this bird dangling from his neck shows me he's alive. >> just wait. >> here comes the power guy. he works his way up. >> any questions as to whether this bird is alive?
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>> look at his little feet going up. >> check out what the power guy does. before he saves him. >> takes a picture. >> the way the rescuer goes about the job, i have a feeling this is not the first time. he's got a bag. he's assessing the situation. he's thinking, you know, what i'm going to switch sides. so he moves the bucket around. >> hurry and get this thing's head out of the wire. >> looks like a bird guillotine. >> geez, that just went dark like that. you see the bird had his wings spread, brought them in. that's when the rescuer moves in, puts the bird in the bag. >> i thought they were going to open the wires and let him fly away. >> as you can see, the bird is okay. he's in the bag. >> he's like, it took you long enough. when this bird gets home that night, he's going to be like, i've had a heck of a tuesday. >> a reminder, you can find all the stories on "right this
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minute" today on >> plus lots more. lots and lots more great videos. >> all day long, 24/7. we're down for our last three and we've got the story behind this video. no, that's not the story at all. the real story is still ahead. and before this countdown is done, a whole
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scenery, wildlife, and fishing you encounter is such a
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welcome back to the rtm top ten countdown. we're down to our final three videos. at number three, one tough woman. >> i've got a video to show you guys that features one pretty tough lady with a dash-cam video, the guy drives along and a lady with bags is trying to cross the street. this woman gets crushed by this car. she gets tossed around. it looks like she lands on her head. look, as soon as she hits the ground, she just gets up, starts walking around, picking up her items. >> she's disoriented, you can tell. >> she's probably in shock. >> she knew cars were coming and she was kind of trying to walk fast. >> she went head over feet and then landed looked like on her neck. >> i'm surprised the guy driving
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the car wasn't out quicker. >> he casually walks over to her, doesn't seem like he's in any hurry. at the same time it doesn't seem like she's in any pain. >> bad day. >> she just bounces off his car, goes somersaulting. it's like here we go. back to work. >> you are evil. >> she's got a big padded coat on, a big puffy coat and a hat. >> this is someone's mother, someone's sister, someone's daughter. just think of it in terms of a person. >> i do. >> put yourself -- >> i'm thinking of it as a person who got up, dusted herself off, picks up her babushkas and went about life. it's time for the runner-up video in the rtm countdown.
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it's hard to beat a video like this one of a newborn. >> botswana has a new little resident and they made a video to introduce him to the world. that is mama elephant. this is a three day old baby elephant. >> he's doing pretty well for three days, up and around. >> he's a healthy boy, born in december. they just released this video. >> laying there all fuzzy on his back. he's so cute. >> tiny little baby born at 242 pounds. >> tiny. preemie. >> the youngest of three baby elephants his mommy had. >> she had three. >> not at the same time but she's the mother of three. >> can you imagine three 242
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pound babies inside of you. no way. >> mom is doing very well. she's actually one of the lead elephants. people can go and have this wildlife experience at the camp. they can go ride the elephants. >> do you think he can make the elephant noise yet? >> probably sounds more like -- >> probably sounds like a kazoo. >> i think it sounds like that. it's that time of the week again, the time when you're just minutes away from finding out what our number one video is. stick around. it's going to be good. is frivolous useless
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fun. they should have at least fake fish or fake coral or something. >> okay, everybody. we've made it. we're at our number one video of the day. guys, this is surveillance video that's going to make you do, what? what? >> if i don't go by that at the end of the video, i'm going to be sad. >> this is in winter haven florida at busy bubbles land mat. you see the video changes, goes into the change machine and fires at it with the revolver. >> right in front of it. >> he's trying to shoot the lock off the change machine to steal money in the change machine. >> so he fires more rounds into this change machine and never
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gets anything. >> how much change could be in the change machine and busy bubble. >> to make it worth doing this? >> that bullet could have bounced back and hit him in the face. >> he's thinking of that, totally thinking of the consequences of a ricochet getting into him. >> he gets nothing, leaves the laundromat and the police are still looking for this man. >> how can you see what he's shooting, blindly shooting a change machine. >> this is the product of watching too many movies, people thinking you can open doors and stop cars and unlock things with the shot of a gun. it doesn't happen. >> he did it from like a centimeter away, point-blank range on the change machine. come on. >> pressing the change return button, waiting for quarters to pour out of the machine. >> where he left his fingerprints because he's not wearing gloves. >> if i was a change machine company, i'd be like, our change machine can withstand gunfire. >> you're right, the video does make me go what?
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>> that's it for this week's rtm countdown. we're so glad you joined us. we're going to leave you with a go pro camera on a hula hoop. it might make you dizzy, just a warning. thank you so much for joining us and have an awesome weekend. thank you so much for joining us and have an awesome weekend. we'll see you on monday. -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac -- to know that the end always justifies the means in terms of phenomenal fishing, hunting, and scenery you'll experience. >> looks like us. >> babe: and once you've been there, you can't help but make it a mission to share the gospel of going to alaska with others. having been there a number of times already, my daughter karlee has a love affair going on with the state of alaska. however, she's yet to catch a king salmon, the fish alaska is so famous for.
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. police in baltimore are looking for a man who tackled a woman last night and tried to rape her, the latest in the investigation. ravens take the field in maryland for the last time, before heading to new england. how they are feeling heading in to the championship weekend. with hundreds of steel workers set to return to work at sparrows point, rg steel is talking about what prompted the shutdown and layoffs in the first place. first , the roads are dry now, that's not going to last long whether you are staying in town or headed to new england. we want to check in with wyatt everhart for a look at what to expect and when. looking good here in the next couple of hours, maryland's most powerful radar, clear now, a winter weather advisory up for central an


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