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nity. ♪ the time is now . now abc 2news. >> now and complete freezing rain. we will get it all. the very latest on the approaching storm. >> and our record of missing every major storm is about to end. how crews getting ready. >> we start tonight with the weather alert. you are looking at a live picture downtown. everything is purple but may have white on it coming up in a few hours as snow is expected to hit the area. we will see how much. we could see snow and icy rain. we have team coverage tonight. christian is watching the road conditions. first wyatt for a look at when the storms will start.
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>> right this minute. in the last two minutes we have seen the first flakes. if you look by the light you can probably start to see them coming down. if you are watching the west you have already been seeing it. into the radar and show you where we have been tracking the snow, coming up from the southwest out of the dc area into the city, now moving north this to the county. the wide per spentive, this is just the leading edge. there is a lot of moisture from the scout north and as we zoom into the warning graphic, winter weather advisory. it'll continue through 1 crack tomorrow afternoon. this is for everywhere but the eastern shore where we think you will get mostly rain. 30 degrees. cold must to have it stick. snow, then sleet as we go toward daybreak and then that sleet will eventually go to a
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freezing rain and finish as rain showers as we go slowly above freezing. we are looking for slick conditions, not huge accumulations but it does not take much when we talk about ice, sleet and freezing rain. >> the good news is that most drivers won't be trying to go to work tomorrow. we are live along the beltway and pikesville. >> reporter: that is part of the good news. the other part is that we depth see any rain leading up to what we are seeing now, the snow. when you don't have the rain it lets the highway crews treat the roads beforehand. the snow in pikeville started coming down, maybe ten, 15 minutes ago so maybe a little before. closer to townsend. like i said what it's allowed the highway crews to do without having that rain before the snow is to get the highways ready, they think they will be in good shape heading in to the
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overnight hours. shortly after 6:30 the temperature dropped right into the freezing part. salt truck around the area waiting for the storm to move in, whether it bring snow, sleet, freezing rain or everything. >> we are ready for whatever mother nature brings. >> reporter: they have pretreated maimingor roads with salt, once the trucks get out it'll help the salt they drop stick to the road. >> even before we are out we are trying to prevent the ice. >> reporter: a lot were doing their part at the lowe's sellers, snow shovels, and ice melt. >> never know when you going to use, that'sy. they say it's going be a little bit so have to be ready. >> reporter: its been a calm winter so the state has more than enough salt to handle whatever is coming coming. shipment one of those nights where the prediction is so
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horrible, just go home and stay home and wake up and see if it's turned over to rain. >> reporter: you can see how the highway -- i-695 is starting to get wet as we get past 11:00 here. just the past few minutes i have seen some of the salt trucks start to go by. they have been stationed around the beltway close to the exits and are now starting to gyp their movement here into the overnight hours. the highway, the state highway -- said that as wyatt said it could be rain during the day tomorrow and if it gets cold those trucks will be back out tomorrow night to try to keep the road from icing over throughout the weekend. tonight live in baltimore county. abc 2news. >> and even when he are off the air you can get all the latest weather and road conditions, log onto abc or use your smart phone or i-pad and down load
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the app. new developments in case of a missing child. shaun david was found this evening. the 13-year-old went missing yesterday afternoon. we got word around 6:00 that he was found safe and unharmed. a colorado man has been arrested in connection with a 12-year-old murder. it was solved using dna. in april of 2000 a woman was found strangled with her throat cut in her home. using dna at the murder scene detectives matched to a sample in the fbi's national database. that's how they were able to track charles bennett to colorado and make an arrest. he now faces murder charges. we have some -- we have new information about a four alarm fire that killed two children in cumberland. a 7-year-old was rescued from a second story window and pronounced dead. her sister was found dead in the bedroom. five others including an 8-
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month-old weren't hurt. it's believed to have started in the first floor living room and spread quickly. it took act three and a half hours to control the flames. city police are looking for a man who assaulted a teen girl at a park near the campus of johns hopkins university. it happened in the park in the 3600 block of greenway. police say two women were in the park when a man approached them when they wouldn't talk he exposed himself. then the two women fled but i tackled one of them and tried to assault her. they were able to get away and call the police. the park is just a block from the university but the school said the victims aren't students. more than 700 workers will head back to work next week at rg steel. back in december most of them were laid off because of money problems but today the governor, union leaders and the planter's owners announced a line of credit had been secured to keep the place going.
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the owner said they hope it'll be the start of a brighter future there. >> we need help. we need everything that the government and labor can bring to help save rg steel. >> though they wouldn't give an amount of that credit line they say it's in the nine figures. the first five hundred are expected to go back to work next week. another friday, another round trip for the purple care van. it made seven stops today including one in belaire. students got a break from the learning to hang out. it stopped in baltimore where diners had a chance to show their purple pride with the marching band.ravens cheerleaders. as it rolled on the team had their last big practice before sunday's big game. with all the media attention practicing was an escape for the team. they are ready to go but are
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expecting a tough game. >> -- if they give us a shot it'll be our job in this type of game take . >> they will leave tomorrow and if you happen to forget you know maybe you will, the game is at 3:00 on sunday. and of course the ravens had their sights set on indianapolis and if they go all the way we know one couple who will be there with us. the couple who won two of the hottest tickets in the country. >> reporter: now how would you feel if these super bowl tickets, that's right, i said all expenses paid super bowl tickets belonged to you? would you be happy or would you say have you to be kidding me sniffle. >> i didn't know this kind of stuff happened. i didn't know she entered. ie mailed her back and said
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this looks like a real opportunity, like this looks like something that really happened. >> she won them and i said are you sure? sometimes they aren't real. she said i got the document. i have to go to the bank. i said okay. that's great. i didn't believe her. later sea she said hats actual legit. >> reporter: who is this person that won them? her name is victoria. she is competitive and a ravens fan. >> i was just searching through facebook and saw on the right side they were having a lot of sponsors going on and one of them was campbell's soup and had a chance to win the tickets and i thought all right. i will try along with everybody else in the facebook world. why not. they sent me an e-mail about two weeks later saying congratulations you are the 9th person out of ten people and i thought no way. this can't be real. >> reporter: and what about the
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what if like what if she is not feeling well or what if she just doesn't want to go. >> she isn't feeling well i'm tearing her on the plane with me and we are both going yes. going down there. we will be in the game. i will have a trash can in this hand and her and we are getting on the plane and going. >> reporter: if you have a chance of mind about taking alex you can always call me. abc 2news. >> the ravens push on to the super bowl we want to see your purple pride. a lot of people have been sending pictures to us to the fan page. show us the purple. this one came from us in the folks at laurel bridge. all of them in a ravens jury civil kelly sent this shot from florida. she said the food down at the brass monkey is all crazy for joe. you can sharia photographs, log on to the fan page.
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abc and up load them to our wall. and the team is still relentless with the ravens coverage. that includes our special sunday afternoon, join jamie and scott garco as we broadcast live from new england and of course right ear in baltimore. the way to indy starts sunday at noon. new tonight it's a nasty type of contraband, trying to keep washington people from smuggling rats across the border to maryland. a new law in the district forbids them from trapping and killing them, instead they have to remove them and put them in a more natural environment. that could be in your neighborhood and they want to stop it. >> absolutely insane first of all that the dc mayor and council would pass such a nutty
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bill to start with and then number two that they would think it's okay to transport their rats, traffic them into our state. so, it is crazy to start with but something has to be done about it because even though it's insane it is dangerous because it's a public health issue. >> virginia has passed a similar law and he hopes to introduce the bill in the next few weeks >> tomorrow will be a very, very important day. we are going to take the first big step toward insuring that a conservative is nominated for president of the united states. >> he said it tomorrow. it could be a break or break day for gingrich. voters? south carolina head to the primary polls. if he takes the first it could do a lot to rattle romney's front runner status. >> reporter: just go days ago
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romney looked like a sure bet to win the nomination. there is clear evidence it is diminishing. in just one week his lead in the poll has gone from 24 points to just ten. >> i think i said from the beginning south carolina is an uphill battle for a guy from massachusetts. >> i knew that. >> reporter: south carolina unemployment rate is well above the national average. the governor a prominent romney supporter said voters here don't care about things like the candidate's tax returns. >> they are talk about jobs, responding and economy. >> reporter: santorum is campaigning hard to win voters and said today that he is the best candidate to beat obama. >> we ran a moderate against obama four years ago, how did that work out? >> reporter: if romney wins here tomorrow he could wrap up the nomination but a gingrich win would be historic. three states, three different winners and a new republican
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race. abc news. >> i know what i'm doing. almostst the last words of a man who shot himself in the head with a nail gun. and what should you put in your safety deposit box? some say not very much. we will explain in about 60 seconds.
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? new pictures of the man who survived after a nail got long lodged in his brain. he was working on a project when the gun recoiled. he didn't realize it had fired until he woke up 24 hours later feeling sick. >> when he thought happened was the teeth of the gun just got him and he was bleeding a little bit. what happened was the sensor recognized the surface it shot the nail into his brain
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>> it took two hours to remove the nail and replace part of his skull with metal. earlier this week we told you about a mystery illness at a high school in upstate new york. tonight one of the girls is talking about her symptoms. in october she woke up from couldn't stop stutter nice g. the same thing happened to 11 other girls. doctors ruled own environment, infection. now they blame stress. sarah doesn't agree. >> i don't think it's in my head. i don't think i can wake up from a nap and this just happens. >> it's not done on purpose. it's almost like thinking that the stress wells up in your body and has to come out. >> this isn't unheard of. doctors have seen this kind of thing before. the doctors who looked at sarah
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haven't found out why it would happen to a large group of people. >> in our consumer alert kia drivers we have a recall. kia recalling 146,000 cars because the driver side air bag may not deploy in a crasht. covers the 2006 to 2008optima sedan. they say nobody has been hurt because the defect. owners of cars involved should get a notice in march. >> we all know accidents happen. your house could catch fire, you could be robbed. that's why it's important to protect your valuables. that may not always be a good idea. . >> where is the safest place
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to story valuables in in a safe deposit box most of the time. there are some things not to lock up there though. if are you worried about theft or a fire there is nothing like the security of your local bank when it comes to your most loved treasures. yahoo finance said while a box is secure, it can be to secure in some cases, there are items you keep in a small fire proof safe at home instead where you can get them in a moment's notice. use a bank box for valuable old photographs, grandma's jewelry, the deed for the home in case the home is destroyed by fire or tornado. the report said keep the following at home. your will, health care power of attorney, spare car keys, and anything else you may need on a moment's notice. it says you can keep some cash in the bank box but keep some at home as well.
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your box is accessible only during banking hours and if you die suddenly it's sealed until a judge orders it open. for more of the reports go to my web page. abc 2news. >> now, maryland's most pairful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate. >> first things first. yes things getting active on the radar. lights snout in southern maryland. it takes good hour to half hour. we have senate flakes start to come down in the last half hour.
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a closer look -- belaire and hartford and another moderate snow band from indianapolis in -- this is just the opening line here. we will get more winter rounds and mildl air will make for a winter mess at times. from the chesapeake bay west. eastern shore not included. we think more of a rain event. not you that couldn't get some snow. the advisory, cecil, hartford, all the way west toward garret with a winter storm warning. keep that in mindt. won't be pretty driving to boston tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon may be a little easier driving. we are two to three degrees below average. let's take a look at some of the winter weather.
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deep creek late not a lot of new snow as the storm was just getting its act together. frost bug its interesting, some snow on the ground. watch the visibility start to reduce across the area. see it light up. that's the snow coming down. we look here in baltimore and clouds rolling in and just starting to get this first flakes coming down. temperature wise in the -- the low 30s. two above in the inner harbor. most spots at or below that it critical mark and you can get snow with surface temperatures 34, 35, 36. it's just a matter of how well it sticmaryland -- most of maryland is down near freezing. this freeze line, as the storm progresses overnight toward daybreak it'll shift northward and allow some of this to go to
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sleet and then we have briefly freezing rain before it's all said and one. very active across the midatlantic. storm really starting to wind up. there is a northern branch with all the energy and snow. you can see that coming and then moisture feeding in to this out of the gulf. it's a two part storm and this is going to continue to cross through at least midday tomorrow. here is the timing as we go toward two in the morning. snow gets more intense and then sleeting toward, four, five, six in the morning and then briefly to freezing rain. glaze ice on some areas and then all the rain as we go late in the day tomorrow. new england look cold but no new snow after the snow they will get tomorrow. it looks partly cloudy. overnight 30. we are staying toward the pennsylvania state line. 36 tomorrow. early icy mix goes to rain showers. cold and below freezing.
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we should see icy spots, as things freeze up again and there is your tailgating forecast. 35, partly cloudy, winter day but no new precipitation. maybe a rain shower late sunday but better looking weather sunday. >> all right. cool. thank you. coming up the president shows off his musical talents. which song he those to sing. first a look at night line. >> coming up on night line a tv weather man is lured to a fake miami nightclub by two beautiful women where is he scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars. it's all part of a russian mafia scheme. and a physic who says she can help you avoid traffic jams.
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. the presidents are usually seen stately and controlled and serious. sometimes even the most powerful man in the world has to show a little soul. i'm so in love with you. museum museum. >> okay. try to -- that's becausal green was at his fundraiser at the apollo theater. one of four fund-raisers he held in new york. >> good stuff. let's take a quick check. things going downhill. winter showers continue through the morning. we will see snow go to complete there it is in your morning if
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you can wait until noon to hit the road or later that's probably a good idea. >> we will be back.
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. that's it for us tonight. go ravens. >> have a good evening. watch out for the ice.
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