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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  January 22, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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it came down to the last seconds of the game. instead of heading to indy tonight the ravens are heading home. we were on our seats for the entire game. unfortunately many won't remember all the kicks that billy cundiff made all year-long. it will be the 32-yard missed field goal that ended the ravens season a few minutes ago. they have to be devastated. >> reporter: they are. i don't know if disappointment is the word. i'm not what sets the scen . we are at the avenue in white marsh. we are watching ravens fans as they come out of the bars. they were certain billy cundiff would kick them into overtime.
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he didn't. he lost the afc championship title and a chance to go to the superbowl. wayne is joining us now. we watched you as you watched the disappointing loss. tell us what's going through your mind. >> i'm not happy. i'm crushed. very disappointed. but at the same time, i have appreciated the ravens. they are in the playoffs every year. it is disappointing it is over this year. >> reporter: do you think the blame should come down to billy cundiff? >> no. but everybody is going to say it was not that difficult a kick. there were mistakes made before that in the game. it is team win or a team loss. >> reporter: what mistake did you see with the ravens? >> balls dropped and penalties. i didn't see any penalties. but we'll leave that one alone. >> reporter: three points short of going to the superbowl.
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you have been a ravens fan so many years. what is going through your mind? >> the feeling that it happened -- my heart sunk. i felt like it was going to explode. it is what it is. i feel bad for all of the fans. i feel bad for the guys on the team. i think the ravens played a heck of a game tonight. i don't think they have to hang their heads to anybody. >> reporter: thank you for joining us live. sorry for the loss. you watched it in the news room. it was a game down to the final minutes. in the end the ravens are not going to the superbowl in indianapolis. certainly a disappointment across baltimore tonight. back to you. >> thank you very much. we have to give them credit
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for a great season. despite the game outcome an ellicott city couple is headed to indy for the big game. they are headed to the superbowl. they entered a contest through campbells soup and won. she gets and expense paid trip to indianapolis for the superbowl. she will take her boyfriend. they are both big ravens fans but they'll be cheering another team in indy. >> on the right side it said campbell's chunky soup. a chance to go to the superbowl. i thought i'm going to try along with everybody else in the facebook world. why not? they sent me an e-mail two weeks later saying congratulations you are the ninth person out of ten people. i thought no way. this want be real. >> congrats to alex and victoria. we still want to see your
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purple pride. upload the pictures on our facebook fan page. head to share those pictures with us. it was a fantastic season. we have sad news tonight in the world of sports. long time penn state football coach joe paterno died this morning after lung cancer. he coached the nittany lions to more wins. a major sexual abuse scandal involving a friend coach cost him his job. we have more. >> reporter: the chant among the student body is we are penn state. for the 46 years he was head football coach, penn state was joe paterno. a native of brooklyn, new york and a graduate of brown university he followed to penn state as an assistant. disappointed by his father who
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thought he'd use his ivy league education to study law. he took over as head coach and built the university into a power house on on the gridiron. they had five undefeated seasons. paterno earned more bowl wins than any other coach in history. he was a five time national coach of the year. in 2007 was inducted into the college football hall of fame. more than 350 players signed nfl contracts. many of them loyal to their college coach. all the success on the field was never at the expense of education. graduation rates for penn state football players ranked among the highiest of any college football program. in 2011 the man known as joepa became the winningest coach in division one history. that 409th win would be his
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last. decades of excellence would be shadowed that paterno knew of allegations that his defensive coach was sexual abusing young boys but didn't do enough to stop it. less than a week later in 2011 is living legend was abruptly fired. >> joe paterno is no longer the head football coach. effective immediately. >> reporter: it sparked massive student risings. in the end he upheld his feelings he had for his players and for himself. his accomplishments are undeniable. but only time will tell what his legacy will be seen by the scandal that consumed the final months of his life. he leaves behind his wife, sue, 7 children and 18 grandchildren. the skies are clear tonight. early yesterday morning snow
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was falling. here's what it looked like. will it be a snow-free week? we have a look at your first forecast. >> we have icy spots from the refreezing if the surface hasn't been treated. there is a freezing rain advisory for the remanding of tonight as we could see freezing drizzle. maryland's radar doesn't show much of anything. this is fine mist. the stuff that does not show up on doppler radar. temperatures cold enough for mist that comes down to freeze on contact. 28 frederick. 38 easton and baltimore. 38 dover. any light showers will freeze and create light glazing of ice. drive with caution the rest of the evening. that includes your morning commute. an unbelievable shift in weather pattern coming at us again. that's coming up. >> thank you very much. a catholic priest arrested
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for indecent exposure has been removed from the church. harford county sheriff's deputies are investigating complaints that the father was nude from the waste down in a movie theater where customers could see him. in a letter to pa richers in the head pastor wrote that he had to function as a priest. he could face three years in prison. a 13th body was pulled from the wreckage where the cos costaconcordia sunk. survivors from maryland remembered their last moments before they were rescued. a mother and daughter from silver spring talks to us.
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>> we were so scared. i told my daughter if something happens we have to jump into the water soon. he left. >> the victim was pulled from the water and has not been identified today. we were told she was wearing a life vest. once considered a long shot newt gingrich pulled off a big win in south carolina. what does this win mean to mitt romney? we'll have the latest in tonight's democracy 2012. unbelievable story. a guy shot himself in the head with a nail gun and didn't know it. what was more amazing is what he was able to do while the nail was stuck in his head.
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in democracy 2012 it was a big night for newt gingrich. voters in south carolina gave him a big win in the republican primary. gingrich beat mitt romney by double-digits. now the race heads to florida. as romney tries to regroup and gingrich tries to keep up the scene. we have the latest. >> reporter: for newt gingrich it was yet another political resurrection. >> we proved in south carolina that people and power, with the right ideas beats big money. >> reporter: gingrich is savoring his dark horse victory a 12 point upset of mitt romney. he credited his success to an electorate fed up with elites. >> a gingrich nomination means we'll change things and makes tab lushments uncomfortable. >> reporter: south carolina was a set back for mitt romney, who saw a big lead in the polls
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trickle away by the 11th hour. >> we have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. >> reporter: today mitt romney was on the attack against newt gingrich. >> i don't think the people of this country will chose, as the next president of the united states a person who spent 40 years in a washington. >> i would release my tax returns for 2010. i'll do that on tuesday of this week. >> reporter: rick santorum finish a distant third in south carolina pledged to move on in florida on january 31st. romney leads in money and resources for a contest that's become crucial to preserve his position. >> i'll compete in every single state. >> reporter: now he is competing with what's being called newt magic. a chief rival with newfound confidence.
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>> it has been icy all weekend since we got the winter mix saturday morning. tonight we could see light freezing mist coming down. that could add ice to certain spots. watch out for that overnight into day break tomorrow before things warm up. two below freezing at bwi marshall. winds northeast at 5. as we look at our cameras you can see ice and snow on the doux at the inner harbor. our view from the maryland science center on ravens game day sunday. tough way to finish it. annapolis today a cold day. how about a shot of ellicott city? snow still on the ground. that's the case across central maryland with the exception of our eastern shore counties. things are looking white. maryland's radar shows nothing
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now. these light patches of freezing drizzle and freezing mist is the stuff that does not show up well on doppler radar. because you can not see it doesn't mean it is not coming down in areas and not creating thin ice in spots. be advised of that. lower eastern shore you are above freezing. most of maryland at or below the freezing mark. light snow pack on the ground helping temperatures drop quickly tonight and preventing them from warming up today. never above the low 30s today. definitely feeling like january. is this the big pattern shift? is winter settling in now? the answer is no. we are about to see another turn around in temperatures that will make things mild the next couple of days. cloudy conditions out of the south. we have a frontal boundary that's stationary now. this shifts north overnight. we'll get brief icing ahead of it through the overnight hours. early morning commuters give
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yourself time. realize there could be could be icy areas. we'll be out of freezing tomorrow. trend shows brief freezing showers overnight. rain showers tomorrow as temperatures get too warm to support freezing precipitation. should wipe out anything on the ground. tuesday looking like a sunny day. really improving toward tuesda . overnight tonight 32. freezing drizzle. freezing rain advisory from the national weather service overnight. watch out for icy areas through day break. 47 by late in the day tomorrow. slick spots early. milder with rain showers later in the day. we could see fog developing late tomorrow night. with a few rain showers. it is wintry and january-like as this weekend has been we don't see it in the outlook. early monday morning temperatures bouncing back to
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average. we are in the 50s with sun on tuesday. you go from skiing this weekend to playing a round of golf tuesday afternoon. maryland in january. >> i'm ready for ice to melt off people's cars. >> be careful tonight. >> thank you very much. this next story you are not going to believe. imagine having a nail in your head and not even knowing it. it happened. it there 36 hours before the man or his wife realized it. stick around. a her way into the record books. we'll show you her docking in st. martaan yesterday.
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head line sounds like a joke. the guy who shot himself in the
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head with a nail gun and didn't know it. a three and a half inch nail in the guy's brain. it was there 36 hours which he chatted with his wife, got a good night's sleep and plowed his driveway. we have more on the story. >> reporter: look at this image. that's a three and a half inch nail launched smack dab in the middle of a man's brain. days ago daunte was doing construction work when his automatic nail gun went against his skull. >> ripped my head open. i heard the nail went. i thought it went in past my ear. but it went into my brain. >> reporter: not knowing if it went in he walked around with a nail in his head for a day and a half. >> i continued to work for four hours. after that i went salting and plowing eight hours. >> reporter: only after feeling nauseous the next day did he seek medical attention. doctors performed a cat scan and gave him the incredible
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news. >> i thought he was joking. >> i said are you kidding me? he said no man, i'm serious. this is in you. >> this is the nail here. >> reporter: he was rushed in for emergency surgery. his surgeon says injuries like these are uncommon. >> the most concerning risk is infection. also that the nail may move in the brain and cause damage to the structures inside. it could have been fatal. fortunately it wasn't. >> reporter: his unbelievable story is the latest in a line of people who lived through extreme injury caught on x-ray. last year las vegas native survived being impaled in his neck by a two inch thick metal pole. daunte realizes how amazing his survival is. >> i feel really lucky. i think about my kids.
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the whole time i was thinking about my kids. >> reporter: and is pushing for one last souvenir of his or ordeal. >> i'm trying to get the nail that was in my skull. i'm going to build a frame and put it on the wall. >> that's the only place that nail needs to be. an end to a year-long voyage for a dutch teenager. he docked in st. martaan yesterday setting a world record for the youngest person sailing around the world solo. friends and family chairman cheered her on. she spent the past year sailing 27,000 nautical miles. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪
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we are not seeing much on the radar. there will be a chance for freezing drizzle. watch for icy spots in the morning. we warm up nicely by 4:00
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tomorrow. have a good one. thank you for joining us.
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