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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  January 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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♪ the time is now >> temperatures continuing to fall below freeze outside. i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> fans mourn the passing of football great joe paterno. he loses his battle with lung cancer. bitter sweet ending to a season with so much hop. the ravens lose to the new england patriots. first tonight a cool night. now we hear that more can be on the way. for the big question tonight how much and when, let's get the latest from meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> those temperatures haven't
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moved all day. we've been hovering around 30 degrees all day. the type of freezing midst that can continue to come down overnight and glaze things up, it's the light precipitation. it's tough to see with doppler radar. temperatures now are at and below freezing. those areas that already have ice and snow on the ground and refreezes going on and some patchy freezing drizzle. you want to drive with extreme care overnight as we see potential for icy conditions for your morning commute. we'll talk about the dramatic change in the weather coming up. the snow is gone but the ice caused some problems for people across our area. in montgomery county, captured a crash between a white van a
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mercedes. >> my car hit the patch and i went into the traffic and got hit. >> this reminder, just about how dangerous that ice can be. this picture, she was driving on 295 with a sheet from a suv blew off hitting her car. it's really important to remember to remove the snow and ice from the top of your car before you hit the road to protect yourself and others on the road. we made it real easy for you to stay connected to learn about changes. right now sign up for alerts by heading to look for the alert link. click the link and you'll the list of all the schools listed in our area. check the box next to the schools you need to know.
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make sure you join good morning maryland tomorrow morning. a baltimore county catholic priest is arrested for indecent exposure has been removed from his post. father mark stewart bullock was nude from the waste down. in a letter, the head of the immaculate conception church told parishioners the baltimore archdiocese removed him to function as a priest. he could face up to 3 years in prison. tonight, a candle light vigil at penn state university to mourn the coach. he was 85 years old. word of paterno's death spread through the litany lions
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territory. >> reporter: a somber vigilant at penn state university. students past and present joining the fans of football dynasty. all day students flocked to remember joe paterno. >> people loved him. >> if it wasn't for the football program and penn state winning the orange bowl, i probably would not have been at penn state. >> reporter: joe pa was the most successful coach in major college football history. he his 409 career wins are a ncaa record. however the child sex abuse scandal that rocked penn state has cut his career short. university officials fired paterno for his reactions.
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but paterno's fans stuck by his side. >> he had a great amount of character and integrity. >> reporter: fans say the long time coach's legacy at penn state will far out live the scandal that led to his firing. i'm barbara hall, reporting. today arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords announced on her website that she will resign from congress this week. giffords is stepping down. she suffered a traumatic brain injury when she was shot in the head last july. the democratic lawmaker says she doesn't remember much from that day. and thanked supporter for their prayers. 23-year-old jared loughner has been charged with carrying out the attack that killed 6 people. you looking for bargains
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when it comes to coupons. we will help you sort out the good and bad. a new social media site that says forget about the words we'll show you pictures that gets people talking. we'll show you why an elevator became a make-shift delivery room for a newborn. we'll be back in a few seconds.
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. >> the ravens lose the game 20- 23 to the new england patriot. missing the afc championship, not moving on to the super bowl. it's a big disappointment. there were some choice words for cundiff in the end. missed touchdown pass and the field goal decided that game. >> reporter: a great game
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ended with a heart breaking loss. the ravens were just 3 points away from the super bowl. but the disappointment is not what fans call a memorable season. disbelief, disappointment, disgust. ravens fans feel all three after watching the game. >> he had the super bowl all in his hand and dropped it. >> reporter: a great game. it was 60 minutes of tension on the field. the ravens first lead came with just over 3 minutes to go in the third. >> they're not doing as well as they should be. they're letting them get too much running yardage. >> reporter: tom brady scored and the ravens trail with just 11 seconds on the clock.
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billy cundiff missed a field goal to send the game into overtime. >> every time cundiff gets on field, you got to hold your breath. i'm disappointed in harbaugh. >> reporter: the mistakes that kept the ravens from earning the afc championship title and a chance to the super bowl will linger. these fans tried and true. >> they're a young team and we're growing. next year will be better than this year. i got high hopes. >> reporter: it maybe easy to forget. billy cundiff did put 8 points on the board. we're all looking for ways to save on grocery bill. with dozens of coupons website popping up, how can you save on
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the coupons that are worthless? >> reporter: each year more and more coupon websites pop up. making it worse, many of them so called affiliate websites that anybody can post online. how can you separate the good from the bad? we turn to a coupon expert for help. heather is one of those bargain shoppers that other shoppers envy there were they're on sale this week for 49 years a pound. >> reporter: cooper goes by little miss no it all. >> this order will come down to $20. >> reporter: like so many couponing websites out there. besides the sunday paper, heather uses some of the same sources cited by smart money magazine. the first site to start with is
11:11 pm >> some of my favorite is that is 80% of coupons come through their program. >> reporter: heather say smart money is good. a slightly different site is retail me where you search for specific stores. >> is if you don't want to pay retail. >> reporter: finally why it's not on smart money list, heather loves still prefer to clip coupons out of the sunday paper, heather say that's fine. the bigger coupons you can find online and not in the paper. these sites are worth checking
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out. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar radar. >> take a look, temperatures 31 degrees right now out at the airport. we are below the freezing mark. it's a critical concern for refreezing of those likely untreated surfaces. still a lot of snow and ice on the ground. let's take a closer look with our weather bug network across the state. we are in the upper 20s. eastern shore we're close to freezing in goldsborough. these temperatures are going to hover near freezing through most of the rest of the overnight. show you some of the scenery across the state today, man, looked like a january sunday. walking out this morning, man, it is definitely a lot. you ask yourself is that the
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beginning of a major shift in the weather pattern. are ewith finally seeing more steady conditions? the answer is no. look how glazed that up in ellicott city. refreezing and just some fine mist coming down out there. freezing and drizzle. something you have to watch nonetheless. very light but just enough to put that nice glaze on things. be careful and drive with extreme care. warmer on the beaches into the 40s almost even in dover. i want to show you a couple other things, number one today's temperature was about 3
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degrees. we're getting some fog beginning to develop in northern virginia. we think more fog tomorrow night. take a look at the satellite, you can see those thick clouds coming through. these clouds ban can produce brief shots of freezing drizzle. to the south we are watching a warm front march in. moderate air will change the game completely. icy conditions is possible ahead of it. once this warm front purses through tomorrow, temperatures will shoot up well into the 40s in fact into the 50s on tuesday. so big changes. yes it will be more precipitation tomorrow but it will be all rain. overnight tonight, yes some freezing drizzle but through the day tomorrow, that's going to be purely rain, may wash away some of that snow. but the snow that's out could create a good amount of fog and then tuesday, sunny and low
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ons. you -- 50s. overnight 32, freezing drizzle. watch for icy spots at least through mid-morning. eventually, we're going to warm up tomorrow. we'll see fog overnight in areas. then, you talk about change, look at the 7 day forecast here. temperatures going to rocket back into the 50s with some sunshine on tuesday. that will melt off anything that's left out there, even on the grass. what a change. this was a good weekend for skiing. tuesday maybe a good day to get the golf clubs out. i'd say a fishing rod but i don't think they're biting now and into next week, look like we stay in the mild trend. we seen it all winter. we get a cold shot and it last 2 or 3 days and we bounce back. >> all right, we like that pattern. >> it was a little gray and
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dreary this weekend. pregnant woman and her husband had to drive through snowy weather to get to the hospital. definitely a challenge but it turned out to be easy. she got stuck in a elevator. on the way to the delivery nurses noticed some problems with the elevator. they decided she should move on to a mu one. katy didn't make it out. katy and nurse and midwife was trapped between the 12th and 14th floors. >> i was in such hard labor. the face of the people -- >> i don't think she was in the elevator between 10 and 20 minutes. i heard my son cry. >> tooked nearly 2 hours to open the door. luke was able to climb down into the elevator and cut the
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umbilical cord. let's get back to the ravens. it was a spectacular season. but today's loss in foxborough marked the end for the raven and their fans. it was a nail biter up until the very shocking end. >> reporter: this will go down to one of the all time hurts in the baltimore history. you don't have to go into overtime to get a sudden death loss and that's what the ravens experienced today. that close in indianapolis and the super bowl. >> this is how close. >> reporter: we thought he had the touchdown here. it was 11:19, i saw bob high fiving the patriots.
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lee evans. and then billy cundiff, 32 yards away, i thought sure, we're going into over time. >> you're thinking overtime momentum. overtime would have been a good thing. >> disappointing stunning loss. congratulations to the patriots. they're a great football team. always have been. two big strong football teams getting after it. i'm proud of our guys. they found a way to win. >> reporter: you talked about cundiff after the game. >> i give him credit. billy cundiff walked into at the press conference and talked about his kick. >> i think i kicked that probably a thousand times in my career. i went out there and didn't
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convert. those how the way things go. there's really no excuse for it. it will be tough for a likely while. i got two kids. lot of things i need to teach them. making sure you stand up and face the music and you move on. >> reporter: billy cundiff summed it up, he said i don't expect any apologies and pats on the back from my teammates. that's a kick i'm paid to make. you got to feel for him. >> in the ravens locker room, it was quiet. it was a locker room i never been in like that before. i saw ray counseling terrell suggs. i saw players hanging their heads at their lockers. helmets on the ground. it was tough. >> a lot of us wondered, was
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the last time we saw him dancing in baltimore last week. he had a pretty emphatic answer to that. >> this is my last time as a raven, absolutely not. let me answer that question before somebody ask me that question. absolutely not man. it's just too much. life offers too much. not one player lost this game. could you put us in a position to keep playing, absolutely, one player didn't lose this game. there's no man ever lost the game. for me to go to him, don't you ever drop your head. we win as a team, we lose as a team. >> we came in there and showed exactly what the city of baltimore is about. just because we lost, that don't mean we're defeated. we most definitely will be back and everybody in the nfl will know we would have to with us. somebody has to lose.
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thing for us, we were ready to go out there. we can all look each other in the eyes and say we left it all out in the field and gave it our best. >> proud of the quarterback. the plays he made down the stretch, it talk about his future. >> there wasn't anybody in that locker room had had anything bad to say about joe flacco. >> ray lewis, terrell suggs. plenty of people talked about joe flacco late in the game, putting him in position to win. he threw one pick and he made a lot of plays and he didn't blink here in the afc championship game. >> 23-30 we lose the afc championship here in foxborough in massachusetts. >> you talked about it disappointment, baltimore sports. super bowl iii, there were a lot of raven fans that won't
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forget this game for a long time. that close going to indianapolis playing the super bowl. >> i'm jamie costello and we'll get them next year. you ever had a hard time coming one something clever to say on facebook or in a tweet? a new social media website could eliminate all that pressure. you'll see where a picture is worth a thousand words.
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. >> in tonight's consumer alert, they say a picture speaks a thousand words. more than you can pack into a tweet or status update. maybe that's why another site is growing in popularity. we take a look at big interest in pentrest. >> i come across an image on a style blog and i want to capture it and remember it. i'm always going back and referring to books that i store. >> reporter: that imagery is one reason social media site pentrest caught her eye. >> it allow me to connect with friends through an artist i can side -- artistic side. >> reporter: it was launched in 2010. the premise is similar to the
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old cork board. users create virtual collections of stuff they like by up loading pins from the around the web. like twitter, there are followers. like facebook users can like images. unlike other social networking sitings it's more into cure rating a comment. >> there's an opportunity to collaborate about different ideas and different concepts too. >> reporter: pentrest has become popular among woman. right now it's invitation only but users can request an invite or get one from a friend. i'm karen in your now clicked in. >> we'll be right back after this.
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>> some freezing drizzle, maybe some precising overnight. after tomorrow morning, we're going to warm it up and melt thing off. big shifts this week. >> excellent work. warmer temperatures on the way. have a great night. ♪
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