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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 23, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> and witnessed a chilling moment when the victim hears this. >> get the pistol, michael. get the pistol. >> some brave kids shimmy above a raging river. >> they are crossing this bridge to get to their school. >> it's a story for anyone who ever complained about walking in the snow. tired of your same old sad furniture? how about a -- >> coupe deville couch? >> we've got just the guy to rev up your decor. >> and an abandoned baby bat is in training. >> he can learn how to fly. >> see how little drac's a big bat now. we're going to get things started off on this monday with a story that steven found. >> i've got something for you guys that is just plain scary. let's go to january 16th in watkinsville, georgia. 28-year-old man responds to a craigslist ad to buy an iphone.
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and the transaction was going to go down in a kroger parking lot at 8:30 p.m. and he decided to film the entire interaction. according to the sheriff's office, he filmed this video with, like, a pen camera. that he kept in his, like, shirt pocket. >> what's up, man? >> pretty good. >> sees two guys here. a little chitchat. the two guys are acting kind of frantic. and then before you know it, these two men attack this guy with the camera. >> where's your [ bleep ] [ bleep ]? where's your money? come on. >> and if you listen, the one guy says, "get the pistol, michael. get the pistol." >> get the pistol, michael. >> they tried to rob me, man. >> they tried to rob you? >> yeah. i was going to buy an iphone. >> the attackers ran off. now, no weapon actually
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materialized. no gun materialized. and these guys made off with no money from this guy. >> so haunting to watch him walk back to the place where he was attacked hearing his breathing. it's like watching a horror th turned the footage in to investigators the very next day. they immediately recognize these two. as michael anthony fulcher and his brother, timothy shane fulcher. "right this minute" has learned from the sheriff's office that timothy has already been apprehended. it's unclear who's who in the video. and his brother, michael, still remains a fugitive, and the sheriff's office is trying to track him down. >> where's your [ bleep ] money? the girls are out in all their glory. >> yeah. >> and you weren't lying. and by girls, i really mean it. this is a group which we have seen on the show before.
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they protest around the globe topless. in this case, they are in ukraine at the residence of the indian ambassador with signs that read "ukraine is not a brothel. i am not a prostitute." what they're protesting is the addle attempt by the indian ministry of external affairs to tighten the rules for issuing visas to women in ukraine, russia and kazakhstan to women between the ages of 15 to 40 who want to go to india. because the ministry apparently believes that some women are going to india to prostitute themselves. >> beth, what do you think about this? like protesting topless? >> it draws attention to the issue, obviously, because people are stopping to take pictures. they're stopping to videotape it. they're stopping to talk about it. i don't necessarily think it's going to shine the right kind of light on this issue. >> at least they're getting their point across.
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>> some reports say that the senior ministry of external affairs official said that no such instructions have been issued. visa officials are continuing to use their judgment in the issuance of visas, but there is no discrimination. i have an incredible story of some students dedication to their studies. these students live in the leback region of indonesia. and they are crossing this bridge. >> whoa! >> to get to their school. that is like something out of "indiana jones" or something. >> this bridge connects two villages. >> they look terrified. >> absolutely terrified. and in some instances, some of the parents do cross with their children. but the reason they're having to do this, this region has seen a lot of flash flooding. and a lot of bridges that connected the two villages where these people live were washed away. this is the only remaining
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bridge, and it cuts about 30 minutes off of their walk to and from school. >> there's kids climbing on a top level, bottom level, and some of the girls are wearing -- it almost looks like ballet flats, not shoes you'd want to be crossing in. do you know if they make this trek daily or back and forth each week? >> this is a daily trek. they're crossing twice a day you can see they're scared but they're that dedicated to their studies. they're carrying book bags. that's not just the weight of their body they're holding up. they're hoping that the government will see this and come to the aid of these people and build some bridges or build at least one bridge that's functioni functioning so these students will have a safe way to get to school. you know it's going to be a good video when we get to say to russia! ♪ where folks take road rage to a
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whole another level. you see a couple guys arguing at the windows here saying come on, get out of the way! turn around! what are you doing? move, move, move! uh-oh. >> snap. >> the guy gets out of his car, comes back to the other guy, opens the door. >> he puts a foot in it. and he kicks the guy. and then somebody else is coming. >> yeah. this goes far beyond road rage. he's punching, kicking, really going at this guy. but now -- oh! you know it's going to -- oh! he brings a bat. he's, like, oh, are you going to kick my friend? back to the lane. >> you know it's real when the guy brings the baseball bat. >> take that! >> taking out your kneecap, your side view mirror, your windshield, that's it. i've had enough. i do sort of know the exchange of words because one of our interns translated russian for us. basically, she wrote back and said, uh, just a lot of cursing. really a lot of russian cursing.
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in canada, they don't fry eggs on the sidewalk. they freeze them. >> i think it's not going to take long at all. i'd say less than five minutes. >> how long do you think? we'll see when we come back. and two trucks racing in the desert. what happens next? >> they're ripping themselves to pieces. >> it could
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. if you're looking for some new home decor and you don't want the same old boring furniture, how about a custom hand-built '59 cadillac coupe deville couch. >> wow! pretty rad. >> you also have a delicious porsche parked in the middle of
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the wall. the coupe deville couch is on a little bit of a rotator. get your comfy seating. and watch some tv. ♪ the flat screen pops up out of the hatchback of the porsche which is built into the wall. >> perfect for car enthusiasts. not necessarily to everyone's taste, but perfect for the car enthusiast. >> now, these are actual cars. these are authentic 100% original parts of real cars. and the designer, tom, is joining us right this minute via skype to tell us all about this sexy automotive furniture. >> the couch is actually a couch in a storage unit, literally cut it off the back of the car, then shortened it. it's from the center of the rear axle back. >> tell me what this is behind you right now. >> behind me, next to me is my granddaughter, ryan. i was looking for something that was different. so what you have -- here, honey, sit right here.
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it's a mid-'70s bug. and it's a toy box inside. >> man. >> it's full of toys. >> tom, do you do these projects to sell? do you sell these to other people? >> i have a lot of fun building them. there's a lot of satisfaction in creating something. if i can build something for someone and they appreciate it, i'm satisfied and it's a great opportunity to try and do it because the house is getting full and my wife's patience is reaching the end. >> so ryan, what do you think of your grandpa and the stuff that he makes? >> think it's really cool what he does for me and my little brother. when it's really hot, they fry an egg on the sidewalk. well, in canada, it is below 45 degrees celsius with the windchill. and this radio announcer, scott mcgregor, decided he wanted to
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freeze an egg on the sidewalk. >> all right. there we go. >> how long do you think it's going to take? >> not long at all. i'd say less than five minutes. >> three to four minutes. >> 2:50. like "the price is right." >> 1:58. this is just about seven minutes in. oh, come look at this. look at the yolk on this side. you see how this side's freezing? oh, i can -- oh, gross! >> negative 45 celsius. what's that? that's about, like, minus 50 degrees fahrenheit? >> fahrenheit. i wonder if your fridge breaks if you need to get it fixed in a hurry. >> look at the white and then look at the yolk. >> time check, 10:51. >> they decided that a frozen egg has to include a frozen yolk. >> that's egg freezing 101. >> you know what? frozen.
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14:03. >> it takes 14:03 to freeze an egg at negative 45 degrees celsius. >> did they get a spatula and scrape it up off the sidewalk? next time on "right this minute" -- >> time for a little language lesson. language of beat boxing. >> that's next time on "right this minute." a new documentary has people wondering, how did they get these pictures? they did use some incredible high-tech technology. >> that kind of technology. >> right. but this time it's not the technology that makes the bird's-eye view impressive. see it next. and notice anything different about mr. steven fabian? take a good look. we'll point it out to you a little later.
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. i need that tech story! >> it is now. >> the bbc has a brand-new five-part documentary series coming out called "earth flight." you can see here this eagle coming in with these talons just picking up a fish from the lake. look at the bird's-eye view flying over these amazing sights. they did use some incredible high-tech technology. >> that kind of technology.
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if they would have used low-tech technology, it would have looked terrible. >> we're going to bring in our techspert, zach. how did they get right behind the wing of these birds? >> it was done by a guy named christian. he's an orothologist. they think he's their mother. so they'll follow him wherever he goes. >> so he raised these geese so they could make this video? >> not specifically. he actually trains them to go in different migratory patterns so they're out of harm so they won't get hunted. he's like the goose master. he has this little microlight airplane. this little one-man vehicle. and they'll follow him wherever he goes. you can see here, he has his camera. that's how he gets these great shots. he just takes it with him. he'll put it down and follow their path. he's giving us stuff we've never seen video of.
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>> this documentary series is going to showcase all of these amazing behaviors of these creatures from the birds' point of view. >> you know they say what's good for the goose is good for the gander? >> my gander's good. i'm grown up now. >> what are you doing to it? >> like a johnny bravo to the side look kind of going, you know? >> grown up, gail. you used to have spiky hair and i have spiky hair, so are you saying i'm not grown up? >> are we really talking about stephen's hair? i think steven would look cute even if he shaved his head bald. >> i had the messy haircut for ten years. i'm sick of it. taking stuff and going -- until it looks good. i'm not telling you. i'm just saying, i've done that for so long that it's just -- i it's time for a change. >> there are some major celebs that are bringing back the side part. will arnett's got a great one. >> bolder is better.
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it's an older haircut. bring it back. now i'm just trying to grow up, act my age. >> right now it's looking a little conan o'brien. >> also very successful. >> yes. >> i think he's bringing out his inner don draper. we want everybody to go to and tell us what you think of steven's new 'do. my vote, i like it. >> thanks, gail. we probably just show some cool crash video because it's cool. like these two trophy trucks. these guys are back on a dirt road. just two of them out there. looks like they're acie i racin against each other. before you know it, they crash. but that's not the interesting part. after they wreck, they sort of turn into almost like a synchronized swimming performance. synchronized crash. they start rolling at the exact same time. and then look. they're, like, doing the exact same motion. they stop, they land exactly the
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same way with their wheels up in the air. but as they're sort of, like, barrel rolling, ripping themselves to pieces, they look like identical twins. they probably practiced this. you think this is a stunt. you know, they practiced the moves, the synchronization. it's just like those old ladies in the pool with the swim caps. they do the synchronized moves. ourcameraman did something other than just shoot. >> he is so good. >> you did it, jake. >> whoo! >> a reminder, you can find all the stories on "right this minute" today on plus lots more. >> lots and lots of great videos. >> all day long, 24/7. remember this guy? little drac? well, he's growing up. >> so he's not quite big drac yet. he's like medium drac.
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>> he's taking flying lessons, and we're going to show you how he's doing. and a motorcycle video that even makes nick go -- the pictures that freak out our own motorcycle mad man. here's a friendly reminder.
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nothing left. >> it's time for an update on lil' drac. is he a short-tail fruit bat that was rescued by the bat snktware in mineral wells, texas. if you remember, little drac was
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abandoned so he was hand raised. they had to rub him with a q-tip so it felt like his mom. >> he'd rock himself to sleep. >> he is now eating goat's milk and bananas. >> so he's not quite big drac yet. he's like medium drac. >> he's still growing up. they put him in a 55-foot-long cage so he could learn how to fly. now, what you're looking at is them shooting this with special cameras because he had to be trained in the dark because that's when bats are most active. they're nocturnal. but they put him in a net bskt at first because he had to learn how to practice his wings. you'll see here some of his first attempts at flight weren't exactly successful. but each time he grew stronger and stronger. >> you've got to crawl before you can walk. >> eventually he moved on to the flight cage so he could be near his bat friends. >> he's walking. >> as you can see here, he still loves to rock. >> rock out, little bat. you think we'll see more drac videos on this same bat channel?
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>> i think we will because they have videos of other bats because that's what bat world sanctuary does. >> ka pow! we see a lot 6 extreme videos on the show, all kinds of people doing radical stuff. not too many of them give me the sweats like this one did, and i ride motorcycles. and this video still kept me going like this. here's a dude on his dirt bike. and he's riding the spine of a mountain with snow on the ground. >> he could slide off. >> there's no trail here. look to the left. >> that's a long, steep drop. >> you just kind of feel yourself like that. >> ooh, that one made me queasy. >> it's almost like a roller coaster. >> this guy gets the biggest kahuna award of the day. >> and if you fall down that, you're not stopping. like you're going to stop when you hit the bottom because that's steep. >> i'm a little relieved that there's a little dirt. >> the snow makes it worse. like if it was just, like, dry
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land, i'd say okay, this is still pretty crazy. but the fact that there's snow -- >> are these bikes meant to handle snow? >> do they have snow tires for motorbikes? >> they do have snow tires for them. i don't think he's using them in this case because there's not a lot of snow. >> that is crazy. don't you ever do that. >> i've ridden narrow trails. >> right on the snow. >> that was a beautiful shot when he stops and points the camera out to the landscape. that's pretty cool. that will do it for this edition of "right this minute." we're going to leave you with a little more of the footage you just saw of the guy riding the motorcycle on top of the mountain. nick loves this stuff. don't forget to stick around. we have another half hour of "right this minute" on the way.
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