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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 23, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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hello, everyone, i'm beth troutman. it's time to look at some great stories and videos "right this minute." train surfing is crazy dangerous. but now kind of a crazy solution. >> grapefruit-sized concrete balls. >> yep, that might work. a deer all tangled in barbed wire cries like a baby.
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the entire herd of deer stayed up on the hill and watched this entire thing. hear who came to the rescue and got her back where she belongs. this woman claims she can tell the future -- >> not with a crystal ball but with asparagus. yes. the vegetable. >> see how she does it. and for the blushing bride, something old, something new. nude. >> the only one who's not going to like this dress is the father of the bride. nick is going to get things started for us with a story that he found about commuting. >> did you guys know surfing is huge in indonesia? >> sure. >> yeah, train surfing is huge in indonesia. this story coming to us from the uk's telegraph. the trains are packed sometimes with as many as 400,000 people. the government has tried everything to keep them from sitting on top of the train. they've put red paint up there. they've put oil on top of the
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train. they've put barbed wire on. to of the trains. they've even hired musicians to play safety songs. none of that has worked. so now they're hanging grapefruit-sized concrete balls above the trains. because if one of those things knocks you in the noggin, you're either going to die or fall off. >> that is really funny. >> it's kind of funny. but even the locals are saying, that ain't going to stop us. >> how close do they get to the train? >> the concrete ball s can't ge too close because it still needs to clear all the mechanics of the train. >> basically all they have to do is lay down. >> now it's become a game. they're going to start seeing how many stickers they can get on those balls or how many they can hit for points. >> or i just see somebody going up there in the middle of the night and cutting those things down and that's the end of that. >> how about give people tickets? >> the problem is they can't afford the train tickets to begin with. according to the bbc in 2008, as many as 53 people died train surfing. it's a big problem. >> doesn't then the government have a responsibility to give
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their citizens some sort of affordable mode of transportation? >> you'd think, wouldn't you? >> i like the musician idea a lot. ♪ don't get on top of the train ♪ ♪ we've got the best gig because we suck ♪ i want you guys to take a look at this video just released by the oklahoma city police department. and tell me what you think is going on. >> people shopping, really. >> it looks like people being held hostage and being forced to walk somewhere. >> beth, you are the closest to what this woman says happened to her. giggers says this couple came into her store she opened a few months ago. she says they were armed. they robbed her. >> their car was sitting right here. >> and then she says they kidnapped her and took things from her home. >> so they forced her to show them where she lived. and then stole stuff from her house? >> she says they got about $5,000 from her which was the
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deposit from the store. >> they took my baby's piggy bank, my purse, social security cards, shot records. i mean, just personal items. >> did they harm her in any way? >> she says she wasn't hampled. she says the blessing is that nothing happened to her. there's something a little odd about this story. it seems like there's more to this. >> it's creepy, too, how calm and collected these people are. you watch this video, you say, this is a robbery video. it doesn't look like that at all. >> it will be interesting to find out what happens as the police do further investigation. but at this point, we just have what she says happened. nick, if we get you married, i know it's going to be a motocross wedding, but i think i've found the wedding dress. this is a video of the caviar gauche fashion show at the berlin fashion week. and they're showing some really cool dresses down the runway,
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right? >> i like both of those dresses. very nice. very classy. >> that is the setup for their wedding dress that i think nick will like very much. >> i'm waiting for it. >> and enter wedding dress. >> whoa! >> this is a thong bikini wedding dress. >> they're classifying this as a wedding dress? is that what they're actually calling it? >> we are assuming it's a wedding dress because of the veil. i mean, where elsewhere you wear a veil to? >> you know who's going to not like this dress is the father of the bride. because when he's got to take that veil off -- >> like whoa! this is a fun bikini. just a little string. >> i have a feeling my mom would have a problem if my bride showed up coming down the hallway in that. yeah. i don't know. >> but you like it.
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>> well, if the bride's wearing that, then you don't want to know what i'm going to wear. >> yeah. you'll have to wear like a man thong. i have a video that is going to tug at your heartstrings. this is in keller ferry, washington, which is in northeast washington state. this is a deer caught in a barbed wire fence on the ranch of jeff and molly mite. but listen to the sound that this deer is making. >> oh, my god, the sound of the crying is just painful to listen to. >> isn't it so heartbreaking? i've never heard a deer make that sound. and you can just hear the fear and the pain in its voice. again, this is on the ranch of jeff and molly knight. they were going out sledding when they saw this entire herd
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of deer running through the fields and jumping this fence. and then when the deer cleared away, this deer remained. >> what it is is her hind leg is looped over the fence. >> molly said jeff, get out of the car right now and go rescue this deer. >> it's okay, deer. >> he had a pair of pliers in his car. and he just basically cut the one wire with the pliers. and you can actually hear molly behind the camera breathing heavily in anticipation of this rescue. >> there he goes. >> okay. >> then the deer actually did the rest, moved his body and maneuvered his body around. but the thing that's really going to tug at your heartstrings, the entire herd of deer stayed up on the hill and watched this entire thing take place. >> they were waiting for him. >> and the deer, once he did gallop away, you're seeing him run as quickly as he can off into the distance, he did make a
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circle and turn around and rejoin his herd. nike says that when you just do it, put this on your wrist and measure your just doing itness. >> i like that a lot. >> how does it work? we're going to tell you about that part next. and a frisbee thrown from a bridge, a motorcycle speeding below, and -- >> no way, how did they do that? >> an amazing catch you did not see because we want you to stay tuned after the commercial. we'll show it to you. amazing.
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there are a lot of ways you can track how active you are throughout the day. you can use one of those pedometer things. those can be kind of annoying to keep checking. or you can use one of nike's latest products.
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this is the nike plus fuel band. and what it does, it goes on your wrist. and it measures every move you make. they call it the ultimate measure of activity. now, you might be asking, every move you make. like what exactly does that mean? well, nike put together this montage of what they mean by literally every move you make. ♪ i see you baby ♪ shaking that thing ♪ shaking that thing >> you give yourself a number that you want to reach. today there's like a red, yellow and green meter on the fuel band. and as you are more active throughout the day, the little lights light up. and when you get to green, you reach your goal. >> that's cool. i like that a lot. >> what's the actual application of it? >> it tracks your movements through something called an accelerometer. this guy has 6500 as his goal for the day. and you might be noticing, i'm really reaching my goal every day. and like anything, it syncs with your mobile phone. he increased it to 6500 to 7500
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which might be playing basketball for an extra five minutes. >> that would be great for personal trainers to say, okay, on the days you're not here, you need to put on the fuel band and meet your goal. and if you don't, you can't sit there and lie about it. it's going to tell the truth like he sat on his butt. what are the things that the people keeping you how to drive told you when you first started to drive? that first time you were in the car? >> go easy on the gas. >> don't crash. >> and don't worry about the radio. >> this guy is teaching his 13-year-old how to drive. >> 13-year-old? >> yeah, 13-year-old. you know, he's growing up. it's time to start teaching him how to drive a car. in this case, it's his mercedes-be mercedes-benz. >> oh, boy. >> and his advice is -- >> don't be afraid of the clutch. stay in first gear. go really slow. >> pretty standard, right? >> yeah. >> good advice. >> slowly let go of the clutch and give it a little bit of gas. a little bit of gas. a little bit of gas.
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>> success. >> every stick shift driving lesson has involved this thing. the dad's, like, okay, just do a little bit of this on the clutch. let up on the clutch and the gas. there's always this hand motion. >> and then dad decides, you know what? it's time for you to drive the car alone. >> there you go. >> oh. >> this kid may have been behind the wheel once or twice before because a first-time driver can't bail like that. >> this was all a ruse. we were faked out. >> i think we were faked out. >> yeah, a first-time driver doesn't drive a car like he's in saudi arabia. i mean, come on. >> how did i do, dad? >> you did good. you did good. you did well on the turns. how'd it feel? >> great. >> they're trying to dupe us.
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that kid's been behind the wheel before. >> i think we were all punk'd. origami has fascinated me since the second grade. and this origami artist will impress everybody. his name is brian chan. he's at m.i.t. and productions followed him for a day. this is incredible. i mean, he's able to create facial features by folding this sheet of paper. >> well, this day that they followed him, he made a mantis. >> i forget the rules. can you cut it? tear it? glue it? it boggles my mind. i don't want to believe that all it is is folds. >> when he starts, it's not just creating lines, he even gets high tech with this. >> oh, sew has created a computer program that shows him exactly where he needs to make these folds. >> i don't know if he created it, but he is able to look at
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this graphic, figure out where he needs to fold and what lines he needs to follow. >> this is where m.i.t. comes in. >> this is the pattern of the mantis. it has two sets of wings. that's the tail. >> i don't think this is how they did it in, like, the sixth century. >> i made you a teradactyl. >> let me see how it flies. ooh. >> so he's using a little bit of glue. >> i think he's painting it. >> he's not painting it. he wants to make sure it sticks together. and that is his mantis. little tiny people and machines doing some construction. >> this is real or not? >> okay. we're going to take a break and give steven a little time on this one. so what does everybody have to do when you are in elephant traffic? >> be really quiet. >> no, this is not one of those stupid elephant jokes. just be very quiet, okay?
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>> holy crap.
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towards the end of 2011, toronto was experiencing a housing boom. about 132 different condos were being built in and around toronto. so one guy decided to take out his camera and do a little time lapse. but it's not an ordinary time lapse. he decided to do something called tilt shift. a specific type of lens called a tilt shift lens. and the way it focuses gives you
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this strange perspective. and it almost makes everything look like it's in miniature. >> yeah. i mean, the equipment looks like little lego trucks. >> they look like toys. >> this is real or not? >> these are real people, not like little figures. but the way they shot it, it makes it look like little figures. >> exactly. this is real life. >> it's just a lens creating a strange perspective. >> you can see sort of the center portion of your screen all the way across is what's in focus. and everything on the top of the screen and everything on the bottom of the screen is thrown out of focus. and that's what gives it that miniature look. >> i've never seen anything like
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it. >> yeah, it's weird. i don't know if you guys know this, but they figured out how to predict the future. they've been doing it for quite a while. i had no idea. yeah, this woman here, gem my ma packington, she's been predicting the future for a long time. not with a crystal ball but with asparagus. yes. >> the vegetable? >> she calls herself the world's only aspareamancer. >> is that a word she coined? >> here she is, ms. packington from england. she picks out the right affa asparagus from the grocery store, says this will do, pops it, throws it up in the air and then analyzes the way it lands.
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she's apparently allegedly, according to her, successfully predicted the credit crunch that everybody went through. also predicted the oscar win for "the king's speech." her predictions for 2012, would you like to hear them? >> please. that would be great. >> i'm dying to know. >> she herself has predicted two royal pregnancies. a change in the leadership for one of the uk's main political parties. and the death of a high-profile british figure. >> that's going to happen. >> a high-profile british figure. who could that -- i want to know how she figured out that she could read asparagus. you know, was she eating and she's, like, you know, i hate this. oh. >> sometimes you're eating alphabet soup and it gives you a message. and you didn't ask for it. okay. here's the problem.
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only so many videos fit in a half hour every day. >> but we find lots of great videos. lots. >> so where do we put the rest of them? >> here's the answer. >> great videos 24/7. >> they all fit just fine on the web. no problem. a video to just sit back, relax and enjoy. you'll want it as a screen saver or just a way to help you unwind. see it next. why work for it?
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we can all appreciate the old hail mary, right? i'm not talking about the prayer. i'm talking about the big, long throw. here's a hail mary of a frisbee off a bridge. zing, zing, zing, zing. there it goes, going, going, going, and -- >> no way! >> the catch is good. >> no way. how did they do that? >> there's two guys on a motorcycle. the passenger's the one that's catching the frisbee. >> pretty good grab. >> is this brody smith? >> this is brody smith. we've seen some of his other amazing trick shots. we saw the one where he whipped it off the bridge and the speedboat caught it. where he whips it down the field into the trash can. brody's the master. >> i'm impressed by it, absolutely. i could never do this. but when you've got a guy that throws a frisbee for what i
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think is probably a living, it's kind of easy. >> that's why it's amazing because not everyone can do it. >> how many tries? >> he doesn't release this information. >> for all we know, it could be 500. brody didn't offer too much description, but he did say his buddy, matthew, took this in india. >> i wonder if the street was closed. >> traffic is on the end and there's a car coming. so it was just probably not a busy road. >> what i think is impressive is that they're catching it sort of on the other side. >> opposite side. yeah. that's quite an arm he's got. imagine driving your car through a national park. you know, you're enjoying the scenery. and then all of a sudden you see an enormous elephant strolling down the exact same to your car. >> and he's obeying the traffic laws. he's staying to the right side of the road. >> he's keeping to a very safe
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speed. listen to them. >> he just walks right by. not even looking at us. >> everybody's, like, be really quiet. >> look at those ears. they pick up everything. >> whoa! holy crap. >> that's incredible video. i think they will never see anything like this again in their lifetime. >> once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure. that's it for this edition of "right this minute." we're so glad that you joined us, everybody. we're going to leave you with a video called 2011, a year of time. it was shot by chad gordon higgins. enjoy it. it's a trip around the world. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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some school delays. tonight the meltdown has begun. two women and a toddler forced to jump from a second floor story to escape a fire. >> a local priest charged with indecent exposure, what police say he was doing and where he was caught. the roads are slick and foggy. look at this. now most of the ice has melted away as temperatures hovered above freezing. will the temperatures dip low enough for a refreeze or are we looking for a wet commute. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. the story has changed to more of a fog situation. not that there couldn't be fog. for


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