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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 23, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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fog has been the deal with times getting tough to see. that's going to continue to be the case. as we take a look at the overall trend, most of our rain earlier has pushed east. that's come to an end. so the icy conditions becoming much less widespread, but the foggy conditions becoming more widespread. you see one mile in baltimore, wilmington and d.c. temperatures above freezing, not by a lot but mid to upper 30s. these should warm. upper 30s, showers to the east and patchy dense fog. much more on when the fog finally lifts coming up. >> thanks a lot. neighbors say two women and a toddler survived west baltimore fire by jumping out of a second floor window in the 300 block of south fulton avenue. brian kuebler has more. >> reporter: the baltimore city fire department is working to
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confirm how they got out. neighbors said they saw a near tragedy with their own eyes. it was just one alarm and took only 15 minutes to control but daytime video revealed that's all it would take to claim a lifetime of possessions and nearly the three lives inside. >> exactly what started this fire we don't know. we have our fire investigators and police arson detectives here performing preliminary assessments. >> reporter: but the cause pales in comparison to the effect. brittany hamilton got out of her home and into the middle of a jarring scene. >> i sought flames shooting out the door and window and shaw -- saw miss peaches. she had jumped out. >> reporter: on leashings pulled -- onlookers pulled her.
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another woman was pinned in the back of the house forcing her to do what any mother would. >> she grabbed the baby and jumped out the window. the baby was okay but the lady suffered injuries. >> reporter: none of which is life-threatening as its investigators work to determine it. while this house is a loss, thankful their lives are not. it's early in the investigation. they have not determined a cause but there's no evidence to sug it was arson -- suggest it was arson. a woman was hit and killed in perry hall. a car crossing per path -- her
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path stopped and another driver drove around and hit her. a dozen people had to leaver that homes after a two alarm fire started in perry hall at 7:00 on the third floor balcony and damaged section apartment -- six apartments. no one was injured. the cause still under investigation. a towson priest was spotted nude from the waist down in a move have i theater. >> reporter: deputies doing random checks spotted the man in the dimly lit theater in abingedon. he had removed his pants and underwear at one of the book's
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theaters. turns out he is known as father stew bullock. the parishioners learned that the archdiocese has removed him from the ministry. the owners of the business said they are a sign of selective enforcement. >> working with the sheriff's office, we hired extra security guards to be here when we can't be here all the time, making sure the parking lot, nothing is going on outside illegal. so we're doing what we can do. >> reporter: since mid-december sheriff's deputies have made four arrests at that same business. he was charged with indecent exposure and has been released from police custody. >> people all along the southeast spent the day trying to figure out damage after severe weather swept through the
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region. at least two people were killed and dozens others injured. >> reporter: when day broke in alabama, a number of residents had been wrecked. this bizarre string of winter twisters brought a frightening aftershock. >> the one safe place i knew everybody would be okay and basically everything just went wild. >> reporter: this time authorities say at least two people died, an 82-year-old man and a 16-year-old girl. more than 100 were hurt. >> looking at some of the damage. no doubt this sap tornado. >> reporter: the storm system was a big one stretching from the gulf of mexico to the great lakes. several homes crumbled in
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arkansas. >> a big beam that busted up but it didn't hurt me none. >> reporter: by the time it reached alabama, the storm seemed more intense, shredding homes, peeling back roofs and blowing out windows. >> i was on the other side of the window. a big log came up there and hit me on my side and i fell. >> reporter: in neighborhoods without twiflt-- twisters there were gusting winds. hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed, coming in the middle of the winter in recent memory. reporting from new york. well in tonight's consume alert, nearly 250,000, andable lunch boxes with freezer gel packs are being recalled because the gel is a poisoning hazard. they're made by california innovations and sold at costco.
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the company said a dog died after eating one of those gel packs. 145,000 kia vehicles are being recalled because of hair bags that may not deploy in a crash. the national highway traffic safety administration said it includes kia optimas. kia said so far in injuries have been reported but the problem was discovered during a routine check. the condition said they expect to -- company said they expect to start the recall in march. drivers can bring them into a dealership for a free fix. students have been gathering at the statue of joe paterno. he died from lung cancer. he was 85 years old. >> reporter: kelly, joe paterno will be remembered for his contribution to the penn state football team and the community. there's also the memory of his
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final chapter, one he would have written differently. at university park, pennsylvania, students like to chant "we are penn state," but no one could make that claim literally except a man immortalized by the bronze statue, joe paterno. >> he was what he lived by, built tradition. >> reporter: now penn state can't help but be something less. >> he had a great impact on this community, on this campus, on the world. >> reporter: paterno started as head football coach in 1966 and quickly turned the nittany lions into a force. his motto was victory with honor. he demanded success in the classroom, too. he turned away offers to leave for the pros. >> i felt like this is where i would be happier and that i could do more good. >> reporter: in his last month
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he was woven into the school's darkest hour when his former student, jerry sandusky was charged with multiple starings of sexual abuse. he was fired for telling administrators what he knew but not the limits students exploded knowing their hero and school was tarnished. >> it will take some time before we determine what his legacy will be. >> reporter: paterno died 84 days after coaching his last game. some say he died of heartbreak. public viewings for joe pa will be held on tuesday and wednesday and a public memorial service is scheduled for thursday. well, the sales tax, same-sex marriage and even table games, they're all topics expected to be taken up by the maryland legislature, but what's on the governor's agenda?
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some local students are get nghtd kitchen in the hope of -- getting in the kitchen in the hope of getting some help in college. it's been proof 24 hours since the ravens devastating loss to the patriots. ♪ ♪
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some baltimore city high school students are putting their culinary skills to the test. they're preparing for the invitation and will compete for thousands of dollars in scopes. sherrie johnson visited them as they prepared. >> reporter: students at the technical high school in northeast baltimore are hard at work. they're preparing for the maryland pro start student invitational, a chance for students to put their culinary
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skills to the test and compete for over $600,000 in college scholarships. >> anytime you compete, you learn how to work together, how to community kate. the opportunity to network with the industry professionals that are judging. we have folks from post secondary education. we have master chefs who are judging. those opportunities are life changing. >> reporter: high schools across maryland square off. it teaches students about the rust restaurant -- restaurant and food services industry. students will go head to head in the competition. students have one hour to proan appetizer, entre, dessert with two burners. they will be judged on check-in, knife presentation, taste -- knife skills, taste and preparation. >> i want our students to be
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able to say they had a good experience in high school in their culinary arts program, that some of the students aren't particularly great at sports or anything else and this might be their moment to shine. >> reporter: for students, the whole process can be intimidating. >> i'm excited to just participate, but i'm nervous to see all the different types of competitions, all the different skills that the people have. >> the hardest part for me is the nervousness about going to the competition. i'm worried about myself being ready. >> reporter: students take the competition very seriously. these chefs will not say what they're preparing. they're making a dessert and
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they're looking forward to turning it into a career. >> i love worith sugar. when i prepare my producted i see the, pressing that people get on their face, it's pure happiness. the same thing with food, but i like baking best. >> reporter: it will move to a daily practice as the competition gets closer. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> could be our chefs for the future. >> the invitational will be held on tuesday march 13th and the baltimore convention center. good luck. all right. as we look down on to the harbor, you can see that fog is not quite at the surface but at
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times this will descend down to ground level. 36 at bwi. the wind is calm. humidity near 100%. visibility at one mile at bwi. it is less than a mile in many, many spots in the state right now. here's our view at federal hill. still some snow and ice left over. temperatures were above freezing, above 40 in spots, no sunshine at all to help get melt going. if you look at bel air, you can see that fog get thicker at times tanned lifts slightly and lower. looks like the fog is getting worse through harford county. in laurel we take a look. fog at times thickening up, lowering a bit. this is what we'll be dealing with as we go into the overnight hours. we'll also lose our daylight. when you add that factor in, that's where you start to have trouble because you're losing any daylight, plus you have the fog to deal with. we find rain showers over della
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washings the lower eastern -- delaware, the lower eastern shore. mid to upper 30s across the center part of the state. that's where temperatures have been held down, eastern shore into the 40s. it's 52 in the mountains at deep creek lake. it gives you an idea of the difference getting sunshine can maifnlgt highs today did touch 40. now we've fallen back into the mid-30s, still some snow on the ground. the pattern here is changing for the bemplet -- better. things are clearing out, but it's going to take awhile. we have another frontal boundary that needs to push through. there's clear weather that will continue overnight. really, not much more rain. i think there could be a few showers east, some patchy
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drizzle through daybreak and skies will clear by 10:00, 11:00, a clear afternoon will allow us to get back into the mid-fist of the as they did today out in garrett county in western maryland. here it is for the overnight, down to 36, patchy drizzle, widespread dense fog, especially in the low valleys. in fact, as you go over the ridge top sometimes that will bring you into it. tuesday, 52. early morning fog will give way quickly to clearing skies, milder weather. 52 for your two degree guarantee. tuesday, nice. a cool clear night with no fog expected. here's your seven-day forecast. looking ahead finding a mild stretch on the seven-day forecast. this is late january. so typically, statistically, our coldest part of the year in
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mrksd -- maryland january. cold, blustery, snowy, now look at this, 50s, some sunshine. looks like we don't get another cold shot until the second half of next weekend. >> thanks a lot. let's talk some football now. cooped of a tough -- kind of a tough subject. >> the ravens had a devastating loss to the patriots. they held a team meeting to clean out their lockers and reflect on the game. the kicker who missed the field goal in the final seconds focused on the perspective today. >> in these situations they don't define the person. i can either go ahead and lull over it or pick myself up. i'll get back to work and prepare for next year. >> the season is over.
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many may be headed to hawaii for the pro bowl. traumatic brain injury in children is more common than you might think. the damage can actually last a lifetime. we'll take a closer look coming up no a new york times article is knocking the zen out of the yoga community.
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a new study suggests traumatic brain injuries can
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cause lasting damage to a child's intelligence. researchers followed 40 kids between two and seven with brain damage and found they had intellectual deficits as many as 10 years later. compared with kids the same age, they scored 18 to 20 points on average. earlier this month an article appeared in the new york times claiming yoga can cause serious injuries. the headline was how yoga can wreck your body and it included causing nerve damage, strokes, muscle damage, torn cartilage and cracked ribs but many yoga instructors took issue with it saying the authors used studies that were out of date. >> i think a lot of the things described in the article could have been created from doing something over and over incorrectly, out of alignment or
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pushing way to hard in a pose. >> advocates for the benefits of yoga say it's not just about the physical workout you get but also a mental and spiritual exercise. promising new treatments from people suffering from macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness for americans 60 and over. eating a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables, fish reduce the risk. well, it's been just over a year sense congresswoman gabrielle giffords was shot in the head at that community outreach event in tucson. today she returned to tucson to finish the event and announce she would be resigning from office. researchers made some
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progress today in the wreckage of the cruise ship disaster. what authorities are fearing could happen. and the race is down to four but three different candidates have one the first three primaries. what it means for the candidates who are now moving on to florida.
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the ice is gone but not the fog. it never really burned off today but the good news is we should stay warm enough tonight and tomorrow that we shouldn't see a refreeze. tomorrow will feel pretty warm. an early morning fire in baltimore forced a moth tore make a heart stopping decision. the fire trapped her and her


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