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tv   News  ABC  January 24, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EST

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gop debate from florida. live report in minutes from tampa. florida robberies caught on tape, what instore cameras captured when the robbers went to work. john f kennedy, final moments in his own words. what the president's library is planning to release for the fist time ever, all of that straight ahead op this tuesday, january 24th. good morning, i'm charley
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crowson. we begin with traffic. angela is following a deadly accident in baltimore city. police are telling us we have stopped traffic on hilton street before you get to south kayton, that's where your closure begins for the investigation of the accident. south hilton remains shutdown between south kayton and frederick, we are suggesting that you get on southmorely, that may get you over to frederick or south culver street. they are saying there is lots of debris, a block that has to be cleaned and overturned vehicle. one of the vehicles remains overturned. south hillton closed between south kayton and frederick road with a deadly crash. we follow this for you. another closure in the city, this is going to be on fulton avenue, baker street and press berry street. carry is a good alternate for
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you. there 95, traffic patterns starting to build, northbound and southbound, as you make the drive past maryland 175. a check of the forecast, and over to lynette. let's talk about what is going on, a dense fog advisory in effect until 8:00 p.m. we will get sunshine as we go through the afternoon. the advisory is for the counties shaded in the grayish color, again, we are dealing with visibility that is really low this morning. we can see over in to fredericks around one mile visibility, go in to baltimore. we will make it that way through the remainder of the afternoon. things are going to improve in to the maybe around 11:00, lunchtime, things will burn you have. we will see sunshine in the forecast, that will linger throughout the day. mitt romney released tax returns, this came hours after
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the showdown this one in tampa. romney, went after newt gingrich's work in washington and accused the former house speaker of being a lobbyist, claims newt gingrich denies. new polls show newt gingrich polled even with mitt romney. it is romney and newt gingrich who appear to be digging in for the long haul. ashley has been tracking the latest, she is live in tampa. it appear it is one claim coming out of south carolina was that romney needed to go on the offensive and stop playing it safe. that's what he did. >> reporter: that's right. that was the goal. it was achieved.
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our experts told us last night that though that goal was achieved, it may not have the affect of changing the numbers here in florida. again, those candidates will be making the rounds all over the state, trying to garner support for voters. >> one of the things that appears to be forefront for mitt romney now is the tax return. they came out overnight, he will be defending those today. >> reporter: he, in deed, will. that was the question in the debate. it was asked what surprises will be found. he says no surprises. he will release two years worth of tax returns and says that more than enough. >> thank you for your time. >> senator rand paul is speaking out after delayed by the tsa. the republican says something on his leg caused a security scanner to go off. when he refused to have the patdown he recollects was told to go to the concourse and booked a flight and passed
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security the second time. he spoke to reporters when he landed in the nation's capitol. >> some kind of scanner went off. i offered to show them my leg. i did, repeatedly, they didn't care about my leg too much. i showed them my knee, i have nothing to hide. it may thought be pretty but there is nothing there. glsh rands paul is the son of ron paul. crooks robed this business twice in one day. cameras rolls as thieves made off with cameras. the cameras catch the guys in action. the one guy comes back with a partner. the owner says the suspects got their hands on pricey items.
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few i pods, iphones, one laptop, et cetera. few electronics in the back. >> police arrested two teens in a chase that soon followed. aftermath of a rockside. bowledders came down from ad0partial evacuation of an apartment building. n of an someone in iowa claiming to have the winning lottery ticket hours before it expired. now lottery officials are demanding the owner reveal himself and critical details or risk losing the cash. iowa lottery says the man signed the ticket incorrectly, spelled the company that he said he worked for. they will refuse the $16 million if he doesn't provide
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information by friday. scammers are at it again, trying to get their hands on your money. a fishing scheme the government is warning you about.
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. 43 degrees, moms and dads, if you are fixing your kids lunch, be careful the kind of lunch becomes you are using quarter of a million lunch bocks a gel pack are being recalled because the gel contain as poisoning hazard. they are sold from may of 2007 through september of 08. a dog died after eitherring one
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of the gel packs. now the fbi says scammers are using emails that say to be sent from the feds to get your attention. if you open it, you are asked to click on a link. if you do, you are allowing scammers to download malware to your computer and grab banking information. grab a glass, star bucks will serve beer and wine at some locations. starbucks is offering alcohol at 7 locations in chicago area, no word if baltimore will be on the list. locations we know about include atlanta, and locations throughout southern california, they will be up and running by the end of the year. arc says the best time to buy tickets for a flight is six weeks out. the group founded a study last year, you need to book 6 weeks
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out if you are flying, saving you 20 bucks. more to get to this morning on good morning maryland. your news to go is straight ahead. a public viewing will be held for joe paterno, how current and former players plan to honor their legendary coach. i'm kuren redmond with a full list of the governor's priorities for the legislative session. at the top of the agenda, same sex marriage, a full report, coming up. change is on the way. i will tell you when the sun comes out. details coming up. an update on thely sent, south hilton re-opened. delays i-95, a check of the roads, straight ahead. 3q
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first you gotta start with the good stuff. then kick it up a notch with french's spicy brown. and look out. here come the new recruits! hey, rookies. not bad for your first game.
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time for your news to go. we begin with lynette charles. things are dreary as we start this tuesday morning. we have dense fog in some spots, also, we are going to do be dealing with sunshine.
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i have to put the silver lining in there. the clouds are starting to diminish a little bit, starting to see peeks of clearing out there. that will be the scenario throughout the day. we have the dense fog advisory in effect until 8:00 a.m., and see the counties have been added. more in to dc, around montgomery county, a county that's added. dealing with carol and frederick, under the dense fog advisory until 8:00 a.m. let's send this over for a check of the traffic with angela. good morning, starting with a bit, south hilton re-opened following the deadly crash we had. residual delays. the big road hazard is the fog, we have a dense fog warning in effect on i-95, between the delaware state line and 695, on 29, right now, starting to see increase in volume, especially in the southbound direction, no reported delays. i-95, through the rosedale
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region, an earlier crash at 895 split. a man in lorel accused of killing his girlfriend before taking his own life. the man is 21-year-old adam -- the woman, air ross, their bodies were found in the home near the 4000 block of randal court. police say he shot beard before shooting himself. the who had been in a relationship for about three years. thousands are expected to attend a viewing for former head football coach, joe paterno, for a preview in the days to come, linda so, this is a multi-day event. >> first of two viewings starting today at 1:00, tomorrow at 8:00 a.m., we have learned one and current former player will be there at the viewing during every minute of the 14 hours to serve as honorary guards.
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joe will be buried wednesday and a public memorial held on campus thursday. joe spent 62 years at penn state , the most successful coach in college football history. the sandusky scandal cut his career short. in the weeks following the firing it was revealed he had lung cancer. some are wondering if he died from a broken heart. tickets to the memorial held on campus thursday will be available starting at 10:00 this morning. closing arguments are scheduled today. trial is held in the baltimore city area with parents of 20- year-old gray, saying retired corporal torez used extensive force against their son. torez showed up to break up a fight in november 2007, gray's parents are seeking $145 million. live pictures many the u.s. capitol where president barack
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obama will deliver his state of the union address. he will hit topics like manufacturing, education and, clean energy. abc2 news we l carry the speech at 9:00. there are viewing parties across the area. here, supporters will host a watch party at zealous over on holland street scheduled to begin at 8:30. governor martin o'malley will hold a press conference about marriage quality. one of the top issues is the issue of same sex marriage. what else is on the list? let's turn it over to kuren redmond. >> we will be at the press conference at 9:30 this morning. at the top of the agenda is same sex marriage. martin says along with same sex marriage he will talk about job creation and health care, pressing issues at the session. the governor says he expects to talk about offshore energy act,
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proposing a fee structure, that money will be used to upgrade waste water treatment facilities and all eyes on the same sex marriage bill. the state tried for five years to pass the bill. the governor is hopeful the law will pass by making it more accessible for religious institutions. one couple who has an adopted son told us all they are hoping for is equal rights. >> we've gone to the extent of having an attorney and having just about every legal document drawn up that you possibly could have. all those kinds of things, because we want to make sure that our son is protected. >> in addition, it calls for a plan to reduce state tax exemption and spreading teacher pension costs with counties, the state picks up the entire tab for the costs. mike miller says the session
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will be the most challenging and in 16 years he has been around. kuren redmond, abc2 news. baltimore city house delegates, cheryl glenn, produced a bill to legalize medical marijuana. it's legal in 16 states, but remains banned on the federal level. maryland law does not provide legal means for accessing medical marijuana. the bill differs from past bills and protecting patients and doctors from being punished. state of maryland released the finance tracker. according to the washington post, it is an on line list that list businesses that promise to create jobs, open facilities or help the state's economy. it could help you find a job and you can sort out the company by year or incentive program. o'malley receiving report from democrats over the gas tax proposal. the journal is reporting ed case my ser leading the push.
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baltimore has topped the list for quality hospital care in america. health grades released findings for the excellence study based on the top 5% in the nation. patients treated have a 30% lower chance of death. baltimore ranked number one, rounding out the top ten, including phoenix, cedar rapids, rich monday, virginia and others for the full list, head to holly berry is headed to court today. [music]
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scientists say radiation is a concern for satellite
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interruptions and astronauts in space. 93million-miles an hours that is quick, but it has a lot of space to cover. >> what we are dealing with at home, a dense fog advisory, until 10:00 a.m., we have an update for the same fog advisory towards the west here, all the areas here shaded in this grayish looking color. we added countys in to this. montgomery county is in the advisory until 10:00. we are wait for the cold front to slice through. the winds will pick up a little bit more as we go throughout the day and scour out some of the clouds that we are dealing with. that's what we are waiting for. we are waiting to see the sunshine, yesterday was
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miserable. future trend picking up on the fact, while we will see sunshine, and more as we go in to wednesdays before next system tries to push in here, on your third day, that comes in from the south and west. for today, temperaturewise, we are going to be on the mild side. if we get sunshine , the temperatures could soar higher, 55, 56 degrees, i wouldn't be surpriseed about that. as we look at tonight's temperature, it will be chilly, and by tomorrow, that temperature will be a little bit cooler coming in around 45 degrees. the seven-day forecast, i think you might like it for example you like the milder air, because it looks like we will be staying that way as we go through time. wet weather in to thursday, possibly friday. the weekend looks gorgeous. we have get cold as we go in to sunday. the temperature around 38 degrees. over to angela with a which can check of the traffic. a tough drive for those of
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you traveling southwest of baltimore. police re-opened south hilton d there. traffic is beginning to move at a normal pace. dealing with dense fog advisories in the area. traveling on the bridge on 40, i-95, at the tightings bridge. harrisburg, southbound lanes, sluggish, as you can see, we are moving at a decent pace through the cockeysville region. we are seeing delays on i-95, we never recovered from an earlier accident at the i-95 split. delays there. showing traffic images, this is what we are dealing with. this is the fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. this morning. low beams on. >> especially on the bridges. we have fog warnings on the
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heydom and tightings bridge. [ male announcer ] meet lafayette.
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