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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 24, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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much nicer than what we were dealing with yesterday. today is a cake walk. bush, the question tonight, what can we expect throughout the rest of the evening?
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meteorologist wyatt everhart has more. what a difference a day makes. that's what we had from the fog, tough visibility. we're clear over the seven -- severn river. the skies are generally clear. you can see, you know, just a few clouds over northeastern maryland toward cecil county, but most of us are clear. temperatures are comfortable for late january, low 50s after a weekend when we barely got above freezing. light west breeze. clear visibility of 10 miles and no fog at all. we'll talk about 40s with a few clouds. a new storm is on the horizon. we'll talk about when that arrives and what this pleons in -- means in your weekend. it's all coming up. military veterans returning home looking for work nosk havea better chance of getting a job c
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the countyñr announcedñiñrñi añw hiring policywa+x thatxdokçó mos ioztheñ. timñrñiñijfñr rutherfordxd as t- has that story. >> reporter: at the national guard armory in towson, he spells it out. >> effective immediately, baltimore county will implement hiring preferences for veterans. >> reporter: the county will now give added priority to veterans applying for county jobs likely, fire or corrections. >> in all other county agencies when a vacancy occurs and two or more candidates are equally qualified, the veteran will be given priority when filling the position. >> reporter: baltimore county has been engaged in returning veteran's issues since when this formed the group to lend support now this new county
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employment policy makes -- moves qualified vets to the front of the hiring line. >> it provides them a recognition of their service to the nation and to get a leg up. >> reporter: the county as already been deploying its mobile career center with yellow ribbon reintergracious events -- reintegration events. >> it's very difficult for veterans to meet it. all of them areñr guaranteed employment when they comexd back home. this is a good way tocgd get si rñ reporter:8ñ returning vr havexdñrçó much toxdxdñrqçó over employezs% @/c county is hoping to jump start their careers. >> since 9/11 more than 10,000 soldiers and airmen have been mobilized from maryland's
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national guard. the department of veteran as affairs said there was a problem with 123 grave sites including eight cases where people were buried in the wrong spots. it consists of headstones or markers that were incorrectly moved during renovation. the department plans to contact families and apologize. the problems don't appear to be the scale of those at arlington national cemetery, which is run by the army. now let's talk about the severe weather that hit four states. 26 tornadoes across arkansas, tennessee and alabama. the storm had wind speeds up have 150 miles an hour. one person woke up at 3:30 in the morning, realized how bad it was and rushed her family into a
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safe room. >> you could hear a scrash and that was a -- crash, and that was a tree. >> alabama's governor toured two storm damaged areas today. at least two people are believed to be dead including a 16-year-old girl and an 86-year-old man. more than 100 people were hurt. it's looking like your morning glass of oj may cost you more cash. the "wall street journal" said orange juice prices have settled in at a new high. there were reports of fung icide. we'll be right back after a break.
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some new video. a florida store is burglarized in one day. the store owner said you can see the suspect going straight to the gun. cameras caught the suspect back in action. the store owner said the suspect
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got away with some pretty pricey gadgets. >> took a few ipods, iphones. one laptop, et cetera, a few electronics. >> police say two teenagers were arrested. they're facing charges of burglary and grand theft. scary moments for a snowmobiler. he ended up being buried alive and his rescue caught on tape. out of nowhere an avalanche cuts lose and heads straight towards him. his buddy saw it and knew exactly where he was. >> check out this video, a boulder comes down crushing a car and an apartment building. one person said it felt like an earthquake. the public works department plans to put up concrete
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barriers. the good news is no one was hurt. a minnesota man is reeling new customers and giving questions to ice cold beer. it's where you can ice fish, have a cold one and stay warm at the same time. it's turning into a hot spot. politicians are known for their big speeches and also their promises but there's another side to their personality. coming up after the break, some of the lighter moments on the scam pain trail so -- campaign trail so far. >> reporter: tonight the president talks politics. i have a look at the state of the union address. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] we asked real people if they'd help us with an experiment
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>> anybody who knows me knows that i believe in the hedge -- message of herman cain. i want you to vote for herman cain because herman cain is me.
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>> i am going to ask you to not vote for herman cain, and here's why. i don't want you to waste your vote. >> here comes the rain. oh, my goodness. pull out the umbrellas. use those signs for what they're made for. keep your head dry. >> the best known minnesotan is soon to be former mr. or miss kardashian, kris humphries. i don't want you to feel too sorry for him. his marriage lasted longer than my presidential campaign. >> i'm really happy to be going home. >> i'm always worried about giving my wife a bat. if i mess up -- >> i'll take the bat.
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what a difference a day makes. sunshine is out. it's a good look and finish to a late january day in baltimore. typically our roughest weatherxd com'vñr plate j,e and earlyxd thisçó season. five. visibility e xd 3 unrestricted.w3 through the day, the weather was really pretty great stuff for january. some sunshine, a few clouds coming out of the dreariness of monday and very winter like weekend. look at this, a view from st. vincent high and some nice clearing late in the day and clear at summit ridge and mt. airy. the clouds are holding tougher for a little longer. we did get clearing at the end of the day. maryland's most powerful radar showing no rain.
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tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night. as we go into thursday, things will begin to change with the approach of our next weather maker. first, let's enjoy these temperatures, 54 easton. the beach is 47. the coldest spot in the state is oakland. five degrees above the freezing mark. visibility, just to show you, just to compare with 36 hours of heavy fog. we like to see a that change. all right. across the mid-atlantic, the few clouds that we had, beginning to blow out of the state and across the entire east coast. it is a quiet pattern, quiet on the range, very quiet by late january standards, very little in the way of wintryt( weather. xdxd pressure cell. this isw3okq ant( area of paii%d air, soñiñi"n notñi lastçó frió canaz.@siñi anñixd arcticw)ip %
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ñrthis is a pacificñiçmkñrñrñi ó coast itself, 50s and 40s. you have to get up into the upper midwest to see those 30s. even there it's not that bad for those areas for again late january. all right. take a look at the trend, clear tomorrow, a nice sunny day. don't forget sunglasses as you head out. i think we'll be in the upper 40s after a colder start. but, clouds increase tomorrow night. we're still dry. as we were go into early thursday, that's when things change and bring in the chance for rain. this is toward 6:00, so anytime after 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, i'll look for rain on thursday. it could get fairly steady on thursday night and linger into the first part of fly day-- friday. tomorrow 46, and tomorrow might cold and some increased clouds. let's check out your seven-day forecast, and again, the outlook shows, really pretty nice stuff. our average high is 41. we're five above normal
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wednesday and thursday. mid-50s on friday with some rain still around. we clear this out for the most mart this -- part this weekend. in tonight's democracy 2012, president obama will address the nation. republicans are saying it's going to be more of the same. give us an idea of what we can expect to hear. >> reporter: we're starting to hear more and more asxdñi we get closer to the state of theht un everything. what we've heardçó s/@wiñr is president obama plansxd toçó use thn hisxd speech just oq&q monthxdd kansas. in that speech he talk lad little bit about the -- talked a little bit about the middle class. people want to know what is he saying about the future, because this is an election year. >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states.
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>> reporter: the white house said president obama will lay out an economic blueprint, part of the basis for his reelection bid. the four pillars include american in manufacturing, workers and values. the president's proposals will be heavily scrutinized. >> he's groant size of government to unprecedented levels. >> reporter: obama is expected to push for the bush tax cuts to expire and for a buffett rule tax rated for people earning over $1 million. it's part of a threem the white house call -- theme the white house call as fair shake for -- calls a fair shake for all. >> a rerun, higher taxes, more spending. >> reporter: we'll she if the
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president take as bipartisan approach. >> this is a make it or time for the middle class. >> reporter: kelly the state of the union address will happen just after 9:00 tonight. if you're wondering who the republican response is coming from, it's indiana's governor mitch daniels. obviously, a lot of pressure on him on the republican side for the rebuttal. and herman cain is giving the tea party response. >> how does this year's address signify it's an election year? >> reporter: we've got a few things going on. first, president obama sent out a video to his supporters earlier this week. he said please watch the state of the union address. tell your friends to do the same thing and i need your help campaigning. so figure out what you want to do. if that's not proof enough, kelly, he's going on a three day trip tomorrow, five battleground states and he will talk about
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those four pillars from the state of the union address. >> all right. we'll be watching. in other political knew -- news, gop presidential candidate newt gingrich has a new endorsement. this time it's from fred thompson. it came has gingrich debated the other night. coming up at 6:00, we had a close call for a mon who got -- man who got stuck on a tray track. we have more news on his escape. it is a tough decision for any expecting mother deciding on a birth plan. we have information for women. we'll continue to follow that breaking news out of timonium and lutherville. here's what's on world news at
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6:30. we're heading to washington, d.c. for the president's state of the union address. the republicans have been hitting him hard. tonight his turn to make his case. we'll bring you the big picture tonight on world news.
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the iphone sells more than $4700 square foot of stuff. the run are up, tiffanies. but the luxury jeweler lags
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behind. meanwhile, verizon sold more than 4 million eye phones in 2011. the wireless profits fell 5% in the fourth quarter. that's because verizon heavily subsidizes the cost. x


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