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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 25, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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it goes downhill from there. was it a case of over kill? >> i'm surprised the other officer fired the five shots. >> meet the woman who beat off an intruder with a bed post. >> he was right here. >> hits him once, thinks that's not enough. >> one heavy-duty bed post too. >> boomer the mascot makes a run for it. >> what do you think will happen next. >> we'll show you and you'll know why the crowd went crazy. >> koayashi, ready, set, go! >> and he tried to break a twinkie eating record on "wendy williams show" she gives us the results and latest to the crew side. >> the response to the save the twinkie crusade has been pretty overwhelming. >> to the tring kis. >> i have a video that's been passed around on the internet quite a bit the last few days. i have to warn you it is pretty graphic and also pretty hard to watch. police were called to a karls junior in monterey park, an area in southern california, on
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monday, around 9:30 a.m., because a man was inside kind of casually breaking windows with something that kind of looked like a crowbar. you see the guy come from inside the restaurant, walking out and the police are instructing him to put down the crowbar and he is ignoring their commands. so, they then dec taiz the guy. the taizer apparently has no affect on the guy. you can hear the guys who are shooting this say it hit him in the face. you almost see the guy go and pull the barbs out of his face. >> right in his face. >> right op his face. >> oh! >> you see the man sort of lunge at one of the officers. a second officer on the scene lets off five shots. hits the man. the first officer comes in with another five shots. >> oh. >> i'm surprised the other officer fired the five shots, but we don't see what's going on. >> you also don't know if he's carrying a concealed weapon.
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>> the man was taken to the hospital and, of course, after you take ten shots from close range from a police officer was pronounced dead. so far it seems as though the officers did follow protocol, as any case where officers aim and shoot their weapon at somebody and somebody dies, the district attorney is looking into this to see if there was excessive force. so farm it seems as though it was all standard procedure. alabama was hit by severe weather this week, including at least three tornadoes. according to the national weather service, the winds were about 150 miles an hour. this video just shows some people trying to salvage whatever remnants of their past that they can. terry keler's family woke up to realize they were about to get hit. >> we got downstairs got his mom awake, got our son awake, got in the closet. something in my mind told me to start singing "jesus loves me"
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to calm my son down. in the amount of time to sing that song the storm came and it was gone in a heart beat. >> how do you go on after something like that when you walk out of a closet and everything you owned and your house is destroyed. >> two people died. hundreds of homes were damaged or completely destroyed. >> storm season and tornado season usually like late summer and fall. >> the national weather service does say in the month of january the southeast averages about 35 tornadoes. in this video we see kent thinker, a survivor of this tornado, and he's talking about this woman who was literally sucked out of her window by the tornado. >> oh, my. >> she is recovering nicely and was blown out of the window over there. there were chunks of bricks, 200 pound chunks, on top of her. >> can you imagine being sucked out of your window by the forces of this tornado? youuys remember thes pota,t?
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>> uh-huh. >> apparently that game is part of training if you're a member of the people's liberation army of china. this is how they train to avoid a grenade. they're passing around a live grenade. each guy takes it, throws it in the hole and boom. i don't think it's a game of nerve. i think it's just how they train. they keep passing around the supposed grenade in hong kong, china. i love their diving leap to the ground. not just getting on the ground, doing this full-on -- the person that unloaded this and the description it says they're passing around c 4 and c 4 is a plastic explosive, not an actual grenade. >> it doesn't look like a gre raid in. looks like they're passing a coconut. >> a lot of people are claiming fake. i'm tempted to believe this is real. it could be fake because it could not be a live grenade,
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there could be explosives inside the hole on a timer. >> the second one is a little suspect because the guy that throws it down -- >> he misses. looks like it lands on the outside of the hole. when i first saw this is definitely fake. >> the choreography of the whole thing, kind of raises a red flag for me. >> i feel like we're not seeing the whole thing. >> but you know what, it's so crazy it might be real. friday the 13th, proved to be very unlucky for a robbery suspect in raleigh, north carolina. investigators say that a man walked into a house and this little girl, chelsea massey, and her 9-year-old nephew, were wondering what's this guy doing in the house. >> i was like thinking like, what if i screamed and he could have did something to me and my nephew. then i was -- i mean, my life would have been over. >> she and her nephew ran next door to get help from the neighbor. police say the suspect didn't
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leave. he went down the hall where victoria jones was getting into the shower. >> this is the first thing i see, so i reached and i did like this and it came up and when it came up, he was like right here. and -- >> you nailed him. >> i nailed him. >> that is one heavy-duty bed post too. >> he's right at the threshold and i hit him one last time and he went out cold. >> grabs the bed post, hits him once and thinks that's not enough. she beats him down the hallway to the threshold of the house, hit him one last time at the threshold and he collapsed. that's when neighbors arrived, they held him down until police arrived. >> the guy looked like he just went ten rounds with mike tyson in his prime. >> what i'm scared of is what could have happened. that's why i gave it all i had. >> miranda was charged with first degree burglary and possession of stolen goods. investigators found her car keys in his possession. ♪
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a little mountain road driving. >> oh, heck no. >> oh heck no when rocks roll. see it all caught on camera. >> and a fan rushes a stage, a guard tries to help, and a singer gets sacked. the funniest part about this video is the guy working the spotlight because he's trying to follow all the action. here's a friendly reminder. it's your last chance to get verizon's reliable high speed internet and phone for small business for only $84.99 a month. call now or visit only $84.99 for high-speed internet and phone. plus your choice of either no annual contract or a two year price guarantee. call or visit today.
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hurry -- this offer won't last long. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. >> have you guys ever driven through a mountain road and see the signs, beware of falling rock. >> all the time. >> ken taylor and his wife were driving their big rig in southern oregon on highway 42. they had just been let through by a flag man who had seen some rocks coming down, they had a loader in place ready to move some of the rocks. as he was let through by the flag man -- >> oh, boy here comes some more.
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>> more rocks start coming. >> oh wait a minute. heck no. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, wow! >> right there. there's more coming. >> there's more. >> here comes a couple tons of rock and dirt sliding down. ken says this area of highway is monitored closely. he said it's prone to rock slides. but he said you know we got lucky, we didn't get any damage to the truck and we were in a good place to see the rock slide and get it on video. >> my goodness. huge rocks over there. >> how many times have there been accidents where a husband has told the wife, we can make it baby, we have a four-wheel drive. >> i'm glad in this case they didn't do that though. >> you see all the debris on the road and there's a loader up front. clears away the rocks and debris. kent and his wife are the last on allowed throughon the hihw bor tey closed imp folks behind them, a defour of
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75 to 100 miles to get around the stretch of highway. these guys got really lucky. >> no kidding. my goodness. it's a middle of basketball season. boomer, the mascot for the indiana pacers, decided to pay a little visit to a high school basketball game and entertain the fans at a game between new palestine high school and central. he's playing to the crowd. he's known for his dunks. he goes in for the dunk, hits the trampoline. what do you think he's going to do next? >> an awesome dunk. >> he does do an awesome dunk. >> oh! shaquille o'neal style from the 90s, boomer does a complete front flip double hand slams this basketball and breaks the glass on the backboard. >> this isn't nba where they swap one out, swap another one in. >> i'm sure they don't have a reserved backboard there.
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a guy named steve steal was in the stands and shot this video. of course the crowd loves it, all these students that are in attendance. they go wild. this dude high fives his friends. boomer, you know, put on quite the show. >> yeah, man, that was awesome. we aren't the only ones who think this video is pretty awesome. only posted on january 20th and already has a few million hits. how many of us have been to presentations that have bored you to tears? i think we can all agree. >> yeah. >> well, they've come out with a video called every presentation ever. >> mediocre icebreaker jokes, that doesn't quite land. >> does any of this seem fam particular to any of you. >> titled dramatic pause of my presentation. question about how long this session will last?
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annoyed vague response. exaggerated eye roll. >> i know all these people. we've encountered these people. i have bean those people. >> poignant quote from unknown philosopher to kick off dramatic fashion. >> juvenile slide presentation to spice things up. >> oh, yeah. >> what is that? >> the desk top accidentally -- your desk top background goes up on the big screen, so embarrassing. >> unexpected technical difficulty. >> these presentations don't work. we've seen them a million times. people do the same things. i think, you know, it's a bit of a commentary on how we should communicate. >> this is an ad for communicators. they're basically trying to -- their goal is to teach people how to communicate effectively. they're showing how everybody else has been teaching people how to communicate and setting people straight. >> hilarious. >> the video has a universal message. >> we've all been there before. >> and i don't want to go back
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any time soon. >> excited someone came back for a follow-up conversation. >> grabbing pen that i accidentally left. next time on "right this minute" -- >> artists often use unconventional ways to create their art. >> to be able to use that medium is unbelievable. >> that's next time on "right this minute." one of america's favorite lunch box delicacies is in jeopardy. we're talking about the twinkie. >> check out what she is doing. >> now talk show host wendy williams is stepping up to save the iconic sponge cake. >> twinkies are almost the same age as betty white, you know. >> she gives us the latest on her campaign, next. >> two girls fresh out of college take on the world, for four months. they're sharing the story of their amazing adventure with us. >> we were able to connect with so many people and so many ways i don't think i would have expected.
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>> we're bringing it to you a little later.
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you guys probably already know that one of the greatest american plurs is in jeopardy. that's right. i am talking about twinkies. >> yep. >> very heartbreaking. >> hosess filingor banupy. but they ha a wendy williams is using her talk show to try to drum up support
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for the hostess company and twinkies. check out what she's doing. >> america, it's time to take action. go to my facebook page and join me in my save the twinkie campaign. >> to talk to us about her campaign is wendy williams herself. right this minute. wendy! >> the response to the save the twinkie campaign has been pretty overwhelming. >> koayashi to eat a bunch of twinkies to break a record. did he do it? >> koayashi was on the show and made the guinness book of records for eating the most twinkies and he ate 14. yeah, he did that here on the show. twinkies are almost the same age as betty white, you know, and people understand that saving the twinkie is know shall gic and the facebook fans have been going crazy. i love it. thank you to the wendy watchers. people have been giving recipes about how they like to eat their twinkies. my personal favorite which i haven't seen any place but i suspect it would be delicious, twinkie with a piece of bacon drilled through the middle,
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right? the salty, sweet, smoky. >> what can i personally do and other people do to help hostess out? >> if you would like to help go to facebook/savethetwinkie and lep us save the twinkie. believe me the hostess people and the people out to get them are monitoring everything we do. >> let's toast to saving the twinkies. to the future of the twinkies. >> to the twinkie. i'm not really here today. this is i'm doing what all of can do. i'm checking out it's got the best videos on the whole planet. that's right. the whole dang earth. all in one place. okay. i'm gone again. for singers and artists when they're on stage they need a security team to protect them to make sure nothing goes wrong. we found this video on [ inaudible ].
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this is at a music festival in brazil. latin grammy winner vanessa demata is performing in front of her fans. ♪ and then -- >> oh, whoa. >> oops. she's performing and she seems to, you know, kind of run away off to the side of the stage and then you see what maybe seems to look like a fan coming to greet her and a crewmember, who's probably trying to run and stop the fan, ends up knocking her over. >> but they were there protecting her because somebody ran up on stage. >> yeah. and then they knocked her over. >> oh geez. >> this guy is running up to try to intercept the guy who's trying to give her a hug, meanwhile lays her out. >> and then he tries to help her up. >> yeah. the funniest part about this video is the guy working the spotlight because he's trying to follow all the action. he didn't even brush up against
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her or sort of bump into her. he completely ran through her. like she wasn't there. >> it was a straight up tackle. >> shoulder blast. >> but you know, at the end of the video she gets up and she makes light of the situation and kind of gig les at what just happened which i'm sure got her a lot more fans. >> heard it was a knockout performance. ♪ we're hitting the streets of san francisco to celebrate the new year. the chinese new year, that is. see how they do it, next. lings instead of
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large trees. >> the sound is too [ inaudible ] though. ♪ >> this video is the trailer to a new web series called "six penny globe." two friends, just a few months out of college, decided that instead of getting a job, they were going to travel the globe. >> some say it's what makes the world go round. nearly everyone says it keeps them from going around the world. it doesn't have to. >> 12 countries, four continents on $30 a day. >> can't put a price on freedom, good company, and the kindness of strangers. go on, get out of here. we did. >> can i ask nick something, did i hear the paying of jealous come out of your mouth when you
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first started watching that. >> i'm going crazy right now. this is something i would love to do and will do some day. >> we had no schedule, a bag of cheap cameras and just enough money to get by. the same amount of money, in fact, it would have taken to pay rent and phone bills had we never left at all. >> how did you manage to take this trip on just $30 a day? >> we worked minimum wage jobs before we left, obviously, and were able to buy our plane tickets on that. we kind of winged it and since we only had that much that's all we could spend. >> was there ever a day you realized we didn't even spend our $30? >> in india it's really cheap and you can spend $10 a day and live richly. in europe 30 bucks gets you a cup of coke. >> 30 was really the average. >> the average. >> talk about the kindness of strangers. >> so many nice people and they would give you food and then from there offer you a place to stay, crazy. >> we were able to connect with so many people in so many ways i don't think i would have expected.
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>> what would you say to other people your age thinking about making some giant trip like this? would you tell them to do it? >> absolutely, yeah. >> it's the perfect time. >> before you're tied to anything, go out and do that if that's something you want to do. >> were you ever scared? >> i had never felt unsafe. >> there's a few times. >> a few times. >> you'll see those in the series but not severely scared at all, no. >> do you feel satisfied now? >> i don't think we'll ever feel fully satisfied. >> opens a door to a million other doors. to end the show, let's celebrate a little bit of the year of the dragon with chinese new year in chinatown in san francisco. got this video of the celebration. ♪ ♪
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today my journey continues across the golden state, where everyone has been unbelievably nice. mornin'. i guess i'm helping them save hundreds on car insurance. it probably also doesn't hurt that i'm a world-famous advertising icon. cheers! i mean, who wouldn't want a piece of that? geico. ah... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent oh dear... or more on car insurance.


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