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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 25, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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vulnerable. >> reporter: the baltimore county police department said the woman pulled into the gulf station to fill up when the incident occurred. >> what she told us was she was pumping gas and one of the gas station attendants came up, tried to talk with her. she had a conversation with her politely, but when she went to leave he grabbed her buttock and kissed her on the mouth. >> reporter: the owner claims the attendant has a wife of 20 years and a daughter and has worked with him for two years without incident. it came a day after a woman was walking on north bend road what he car stopped. the men forced her inside, drover her around, sexual assault -- drove her around, sexually assaulted her and dropped her off.
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police do not believe the two incidents were connected. in the second incident they're seeking a suspect who was driving a dark colored four-door sedan. >> mohammed face misdemeanor sexual assault charges and is being held in the baltimore county detention center with a bail set at $75,000. a preliminary hearing for the so-called east coast rapist has been postponed. investigators believe 40-year-old aaron thomas is responsible for rapes and other attacks on women from virginia and maryland. he face up to life in prison. now the very latest on the breaking news we told you about last night at 5:00. a suspect involved in a dledly crash is -- deadly crash is charged with burglary.
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the three-car crash happened yesterday on dulaney valley road. investigators said yesterday afternoon the burglary was reported in the 3200 block of vance road near the scene. police say aaron mccoy and toliver were in a stole enhonda accord trying to get away from police. toliver jumped out and mccoy drove off and crashed and died at shock trauma. tonight the man trapped in a cave a few miles outside of dane poul -- at hagerstown is recovering. the man had been with friends when his leg became wedged
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between two boulders. >> wow. take a look at maryland's most powerful radar. we have five sweeps showing all clear. by midday tomorrow we look for rain and quite a bit of rain tomorrow night, so enjoy this evening being on the dry side. temperature wise now pretty pleasant, a di in the mid to upper -- pleasant day in the mid to upper 40s. clouds increasing. we'll have those details and a look at your weekend straight ahead. well, gabrielle giffords retired from congress today but she managed to get her last piece of work passed. jamie costello has more. >> reporter: the vote was 408-0. her last piece of legislation will impose tougher penalties on
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smugglers who use small low planes trying to bring drugs across the mexican border. but this day is about a woman who was gravely wound by a would-be assassin. look at this emotional hug from the president. tears flowed in the east chamber. it was one of the longest house good-byes in recent memory. then it was read that she couldn't speak and she resigned by way of a resignation letter, and then giffords slowly made her way up to john boehner right there to personally hand deliver the letter of resignation. gabrielle's mom was asked about her daughter's future. her mom said gabrielle remembers every boy she ever kissed, every song she ever sang and every bill she ever passed.
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so upward and onward. joe paterno was laid to rest in a private service. he died two months after being diagnosed with lung cancer. thousands gathered to pay their respect. a campus memorial is scheduled for tomorrow. in tonight's consumer alert, we have two important recalls to tell you b the first, tag usa ink is surrounding honeywell portable heaters. the inside of the heater, including the fan can pose a burn risk. they were sold at best buy and walmart. now for more information on this, you can call 1-800-370-8137. the replacement blade can
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break during use, which can cut the use are. the blades are for the 40-inch long lawn mower. to find out more about this, you can call 866-685-5449. well, the head of the national highway traffic safety administration is telling congress that they pulled no punches into their investigation of the chevy volt batteries. republicans on president house committee repeatedly raised questions about whether the government partial ownership in general motors created a conflict of interest. stay tuned. much more on that coming up. the big project at towson university today. mcshane bam foundry is removing the bail at steven tool repair.
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this glen burnie installed it. the bell will undergo several repairs. >> we're putting a new electronic ring system in it so we can ring it at any time throughout the classroom day. >> there's no word on when the bell will be installed -- reinstalled. keep this right here. we'll be back with a look at wyatt's forecast after this break.
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activists across the country are gathering to demand educational reform. this week is national school choice week with events in all 50 states. organizers say more charter schools and private school vouchers will boost student achieve m education reporter sherrie johnson take as look at
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this hot issue. >> reporter: this week tens of thousands of americans in all 50 states are gathering to celebrate education reform. it's part of school choice week. they want better educational options for children. the president of school choice week -- >> the goal is to shine a spotlight on the need for parents to select better schools for their kids, better private schools, charter schools, virtual schools, mag nat schools, home schools. >> reporter: one child drops out of an american school every 26 seconds. america's ranking lags behind other countries. critics are steadfast in support of public schools and the need for quality public school education. tina dub is with the national opportunity to learn campaign.
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>> we start focusing on the real problem, the children not being given the opportunity to learn, public education would work fine if we focused on the things that we need to be focused on. >> reporter: the bottom line, everyone want children to have the best education possible. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. all right. weather wise not a bad january day. look at this, a few passing clouds. winds east, southeast at seven miles an hour. a mix of sun and clouds. some increasing clouds later in the day. baltimore a mix of sun and clouds here. the temperatures were well up close to 50 in many spots, not as warm as yesterday but pretty
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warm stuff. maryland's most powerful radar sitting clear, so this is a good looking setup into early tomorrow morning. then things will change. temperatures throw upper 40s looking at 30s up toward the still fill region. take a look at some of the high temperatures. 49 at the inner harbor. 46 in cambridge. so this is a pretty mild setup for late january. our normal high would be 42. today marking the end of the coldest part of the season statistically. it was 41 the last couple of weeks. you can see the rain coming down parts of the southwest, also some winter weather impacting parts of the upper midwest toward indianapolis, but high pressure is sitting under control, so we stay dry and cool and really i don't expect a big change in the forecast until we go past midday. tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, yes, the chance for rain, maybe looking at some pretty heavy downpours by
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tomorrow night. dry air in place. as the storm begins to edge its way in midday tomorrow, perhaps we don't see rain making it to the ground until plate tomorrow night. i think tomorrow night is our window for the heaviest steadiest rain. you can see the pattern stays relatively dry until 6:00, time in -- for your evening commute. that's when you could see wet weather. then we'll look for the chance for more rain overnight. it could get heavy friday night, and then this whole thing will push out by midday friday. there could be snow showers out in the maryland mountains, too, late day friday. overnight down to 34, cloudy and chilly, rain moves in late. your thursday forecast, your two-degree guarantee will be back in the upper 40s. we're still honing that temperature. tomorrow night down to 42 with more rain. we check out the outlook. we can find that basically
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temperatures warm into the upper 40s. then they get quite a bit milder on friday and into the day on saturday we're looking at temperatures rocketing up right around 54 degrees friday. you got to keep the average temp is 42 and throughout the next seven days into the first of february. january looks like it goes out like a lamb. so there you go. you have to respect february. you think back to the big blizzards, they -- typically that first woke of february. a bit of a controversy growing about a new fashion trend called kitty couture. parents are spending thousands of dollars outfitting their kids in designer clothing. in november a new kid joined the top fashion block. gucci kids, a first of its kind
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sporting high end items all targeted for fashionistas under 12. last year children's clothing exceeded $32 billion and $800 million was spent on designer labors. the aggressive marketing for girls, they say, is damaging. >> it's encouraging them to grow up into sophisticated women when they're five years old. it sends the emergency you are only as cool, as good, as appealing as the price tag of your clothing. >> some moms say the high end collections make it hard to teach girls that beauty is not determined by a fancy labor or a pricey garr -- garment.
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we'll take a look at new guidelines for school lunches. plus, how a local organization is helping homeless men get back on their feet.
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well, in tonight's health alert, school lunches are getting an overhall -- overhaul. so what can kids expect to see more of. >> reporter: more veggies, less fat. the u.s. department of agriculture is set to implement their new starnsd, the first major overhaul in more than 15
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years. first lady michelle obama, vilsack and rachael ray headed to a school to talk up the requirements which will impact an estimated 32 million kids who get meals in schools. >> to make sure they get basic nutrition that they need to stay healthy. >> reporter: the overhaul is aimed at combating childhood obesity. nearly one in five is obese. month requirements more foods rich in whole grain and lighter in sodium. offering only fat free or low fat milk. it calls for age appropriate calorie limits and serving sizes and a reduction in saturated fats and transfats. the new rules will be phased in at a cost of $3.2 billion over five years. for consumer watch, i'm karin
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caifa. turns out a little bit of alcohol can double the life span. researchers at the university of california los angeles suggest the type of come found in alcoholic drinks may play an important role in delaying the aging process. it was equal to a tablespoon of ethanol. for beer drinkers, one bottle diluted with 100 gallons of water. breast cancer awareness month is over but anne arundel county firefighters are still showing off their pink. they're raising money for breast cancer awareness. they are selling special t shirts they designed themselves. today they were able to present
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the donation to susan g. komen foundation. we love that pink. is the place for all of the health information you need. log on. check out our page and find the headlines from today as well as deliver health subjects to find the information that you and your family need. that navy seal theme that took out -- theme that -- team that took out osama bin laden is at it again. say good-bye to facebook as you know this. when we'll be forced to use the timeline feature and where you can learn to bring back some of your favorite facebook options. plus, president obama takes his state iewf -- of the union message on the road. we'll be right back.
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the legendary penn state coach joe paterno made its way to a priest service. he died sunday, two months after being diagnosed with lung cancer. a campus memorial is scheduled for tomorrow. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords returned to the house floor today to officially resign. giffords was shot at a community eye vent in tiew -- event in tucson a little over a year ago. she handed in her letter of resignation. a baltimore city organization known for years for helping the homeless and less fortunate is taking steps toward getting men back to work.
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charley crowson explains. >> reporter: it's a look ronald brown hasn't seen in more than a dozen years. >> at my grandmother's funeral in '98. >> reporter: but today he's suiting up to change his life. how does it feel wearing a suit right now? after years of nowhere to call home. >> out on the streets homeless. >> reporter: now he's getting help from the franciscan center a program now two years old focusing on men trying to get their lives back in order. >> we saw this as an opportunity to fill avoid. >> reporter: the volunteers help men like brown develop marketable skills, build resumes and clean up their appearance, making them interview ready. >> help getting their i or their -- i.d. or their birth certificates.
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>> reporter: it ranges from contract workers to executives. to get the suits, ties and shoes, attire for hire, the franciscan center relies on donations. >> joseph a bank sent us donation. we've also heard from different clothiers. >> reporter: he gives both his clothing and time helping people like brown get started off on the right foot. >> it's great when you see things are happening. >> this thing is right on point for him. hopefully ronald goes and takes the bait and starts to make some changes that need to be done. take a look in the mirror. >> what are you hoping to do? >> one day i want to be a chef. i want to put a smile on someone's face when i watch them eat my food. >> reporter: with a and up, a
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new look and little luck, maybe one day brown will do just that. charley crowson. >> great story. for more information on it, you can go to our website at take a look at the roads tonight, 38 and shawan road, it is moving very smoothly, not a lot of traffic out there and not a lot of weather to speak of but what's in store for us. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. late january, it's a fast weather pattern. things will change quickly. for now we enjoy a quiet evening with a few passing clouds. you can she to the west rain and snow toward ohio. that's the leading edge of the next weather maker. take a look. temperatures low to mid-40s. not bad when you consider our average high. we're still above that. here we go, 40s the rest of


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