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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  January 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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didn't uphold to that commitment. anne arundel police arrested john thomas cook, iv and charged him with theft of more than $10,000. >> working with mall management. they were instrumental by providing us information, also assisting us with the surveillance footage and able to determine it was a mall security officer. >> reporter: mall administrators released a statement reading -- reading arundel mills maintains a zero tolerance policy. after police looked at the security footage, they went to cook's house. >> we followed up and conducted two search warrants. ultimately detectives were able to recover some of the stolen
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merchandise which included a significant amount of money and jewelry. >> reporter: cook has been released on a $25,000 bofnltd anne arundel police said there's a second suspectt( they're look% for. ñxdçó mills mall, i'mn harrison. a man is behind bars charges with sexually assaulting a umb student after she stopped to fill up her car. the attend dan approached the woman and she politely carried on a short conversation. when she turned around mohammed zaman grabbed her buttock and kissed her on the mouth. >> reporter: he is charged with sexual assault. he is being held on $75,000 bail. >> now the alleged attack came a day after a separate sexual assault, same town of catonsville. now in this case investigators
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say a suspect in a dark sedan approached a woman walking on north bend road, forced her into the car, attacked her and dropped her off at the original location. they are still looking for suspects. county police are telling us that the man who was killed yesterday trying to get away from police was driving stolen car. they believe the second an -- in the car who jumped out before the crash is connected to two break-ins earlier in the day. toliver was arrested on merry man road. the honda accord was stolen on january 18th. man attorney representing the man accused of being the east coast rapist has asked for an evaluation. the attorney for -- aaron thomas
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was supposed to be in court. he is expected back in court in march. we have exclusive video of a man who was rescued from a cave in western maryland. emergency crews were called about 12 miles west of hagerstown. they found a man stuck between rocks about 200 feet down inside the cave. he was trapped there for nearly five hours before rescuers were able to pull him out. this was a mild day. looks like a nice evening commute. it's a great night to eat outside. feeling more like spring than winter. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. i think the mild weather will hold for awhile. as we look at the end of the month of january, no big cold shots but there will be rain. take a look across the region. we got just some passing cloud
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cover but further west is where we're watching the approaching storm this putting down heavy rain in louisiana, arkansas, the midwest. "t(áuu(áq and will arriveok asxe go past middayñi tomorrow,k asxe certainlyçói] byxdçóñr tomorrow. noord 45,ñi mostly cloudy,ñi chd for showers going up and a better chance of steady rain between 6:00 and 8:00. how long will the steady rain last? we answer that and give you a detailed outlook coming up. the grades are in for our public school teachers and they are not good. overnight a huge report came out detailing how the teachers are fairing. kelly swoope is here to break down the results. >> we spoke to some educators today. we read through the report which overall gave maryland public school last d plus. the document comes from the national council on teacher quality, a polyp and research
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group that works to make sure every child learns from an effective teacher. although the d plus grade is not ideal, believe it or not it's an improvement from the last report of 2009 when maryland received a d minus. they stayed flat in terms of expanding the teacher pool. the state is identifying teachers better but got a lower grade for retaining teachers. maryland got a failing grade for getting rid of ineffective teachers. overall the state showed some progress and is now ranked 17th nationwide. for more information about the report, you can head to our website, you can find a link to that entire report. kelly swoope. the state was number one last week for state schools. how does that happen. hey, the legislative session is almost a week hold.
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that did not stop representatives from stating their demands. the first one up, dr. andre alonzo. whether the city schools get the money will depend on state funding and the proposed bottle tam increase. >> we have good news for the kids. there are new7tandards. 1 offerçóñrlpçó moá produce t milk. the new nutritional rules go into effect in july. >> well, today cardinal designate edward o'brien making his first appearance since returning from rome. he talked about a trip that he's
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going to be taking to haiti and about his replacement. he said his replacement in baltimore has not been named yet but believes someone will be named in the twex to -- in the next two to three weeks. he also addressed the same sex esh up. >> and o'brien reiterated the archdiocese's position that marriage should be reserved for a man and a woman. >> i wrote to governor o'malley before he made his decision and said i would like to talk to him but i've never heard from him. i called maybe eight or 10 delegates over the last month and explained our position and asked if they could give us some serious consideration. i think we have a pretty good chance of having some success. >> cardinal to be o'brien is
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heading to haiti. joe paterno was laid to rest today in a private funerali] and burialñrxd serviceñi but thousai at the spiritual center to pay respects to the coach. they waited nearly two hours. for many a special appearance by joe's son scott helped give them closure. >> really emotional having scott standing there shaking everybody's hand. >> a public memorial is scheduled for tomorrow at the bryce jordan center. there were about 10,000 tickets available but they have all been claimed. president obama wasted no time hitting the road spreading the emergency from last night's state of the union address which could end up being his lavements the president told the joint session of congress he has a
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plan to restoart american dream but it want only be achieved with congressional approval. he highlighted his accomplishments like the death of osama bin laden and for the first time in nine years there are no americans fighting in iraq but the theme that kept coming up is the gap between the haves and have notes. >> a quarter of all millionaires pay lower tax rates than millions of middle class households. right now warren buffett pay has lower class rate than his secretary. >> the republican party delivered its official response. the tea party delivered its rebutle. they selected former presidential candidate herman cain to deliver that. although he brought energy to
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the podium his speech sounded like that of the gop. >> sot(çó i sayi] inxdt( responn behalf of the teaçów3 party and citizen people across this country, with all due respect, mr. president, some of us are not stupid. the state of the union is not good. >> now the tea party rebutle was delivered by another republican presidential candidate, michele bachmann last year. the board voted to raise our parking rates at penn staismghts the city's park authority requested the change. the monthly parking rate will go from $200 to $210. the rate for park up to 14 hours is going up a bufnlgt -- buck and the increase is being made to pay for repairs to some of city's garages. as early has this summer --
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as this summer you could be buying a lottery ticket from your home. online lottery sales could be available including scratchoffs and northbound games. supporters say it would increase sales. well, how about a and today for the -- about a hand today. what a job they did in anne arundel county. it has to do with the color pink tend has to do with the women they love. that story is coming up. the bell tolls for towson. >> all right. today is an important day statistically past hour coldest part of the day -- our coldest part of the day. three degrees off. i just can't buy a two-degree
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guarantee. we will have thelp answer strait ahead. lp
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having breast cancer should not be remembered just during the month of october. that's why you have to be so touched by what firefighters in anne arundel county did during this month of january. the professional firefighters of iaff local 1536 have raised $10,000 by selling special t shirts.
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they designed themselves. they donated it to the susan g. komen foundation of maryland. one of the volunteers was on uúfirstr ip &c% íñ=hp(uup&ly i ááctñi saw this i the firefighters and telling him how much i admire the shirts. they described how some vast white t shirts. some have the blue t shirts and they were brainstorming on the next t shirt project. >> the firefighters were authorized to wear them has part of their uniform for the month of october. outstanding job. for more information, log on to our website you can learn how to donate, participate and do much, much
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more. all right. let's get into it a little bit, quiet at harbor place. 42, not bad. believe it or not, our coldest part of the year statistically comes through mid-january. we're now climbing out. over the coming weeks we'll seat 56 -- see the average high. take a look at the sunny skies we had over baltimore today early on. then the clouds kind of rolled in late in the afternoon. no rain with these, though. same deal in annapolis. state capital, a sunny start and sunny start in ellicott city. maryland's most powerful radar, you can see five sweeps all clear. we will stay dry other than a stray shower. weave should be fine until tomorrow afternoon. that's when our better chance for steady rain will come. temperatures running well above
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freezing with the exception of york pennsylvania where they're at 33. hight( temperatures up aroundñi. that'sxd not bad. tomorrow jus+i asq warm, maybeça te few sunny peeks early in the day. then rain chances getting steadier by tomorrow night. annapolis close to 50 tomorrow as well despite the increased clouds. the rain itself still holding on. our main rain maker kind of split into two different areas of precipitation, the center of low pressure over memphis, tennessee but the rain and snow trailing thunderstorms across the deep south and the whole system eventually headed our way. high pressure keeps us dry. but eventually that rain will begin to make it to the ground by tomorrow afternoon. our trends times it out pretty much in line with what we've
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been saying. the main line aprieving tomorrow night. look for heavier steadier rains as the rain maker continues to push in out of the south and west, but a long moisture. the deep thunderstorm convection into the gulf of mexico. typically in late january, this type of storm could be an issue for us but it won't be this time. overnight down to 34, cloud ky di -- cloudy and chilly. the better chance for rain comes late in the day tomorrow as we climb to near 50. tomorrow temperatures stay in the 40s, your seven-day forecast, looking ahead, finding temperatures running well into the 50s. here's friday, saturday and sunday not bad, 44. a mild outlook for the last week of january, jamie and there's the part you said counts the most, the weekend.
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partly cloudy, mild temps. >> pretty nice stuff. >> we now give youçó a two-day p &c that's good. o giveñiçó way way. there'sxk plenty offá time for u to win one. let's meet your luckiest winner. we gave him an ipad and two kids. no, those were his own. if you want to clean up, just download our free news app at congratulations to you, anthony. students and teachers pass it every day a crew from towson university removed the bell. they will restore it to its former glory.
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>> the framework for the bell, the hoop that holds it as well as the bell itself will look in brand-new condition. it will have a golden patina. >> the school is installing an electronic ringer. it will play teddy pender grass, tko. the hall of fame has a shore soldier -- sore shoulder. but others are still planning on playing. i guess you heard by now, mike smirkts mike singletary, rex ryan and now chuck pagano.
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pagano has been hired to be thei next head coach of theñiñrñiçó indianapolis colts. 51-year-old's paganoñr first toi wilidñr be to seexdñixdóñi ifçi willñiñiñi be coming back. the most about flying are going away. it's a big step to passenger rights. we'll tell you about three new rules that airline will now have to follow. black birds are invatting one town -- invading one town. now residents say they're make their children sick. i'm kelly swoope. we'll have those stories and more, plus wyatt's complete forecast. ♪
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