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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 26, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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of showers trying to push in across the area on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. just to the south of baltimore now. we can zoom into the areas around glen burnie, also severn, even into elkridge, pushing into dundalk as well. so we are going to be getting a couple of showers across the area. even as we go across the bay we're looking at showers trying to slide into that area, moving out of arnold, annapolis and also into shady side. this is pushing into grasonville in a matter of moments now. as we go through the morning hours, we'll have a couple of showers here and there. we'll get breaks as we get into the afternoon and things will definitely start to look a little better as we go later into friday. but, again, friday morning is the day that we will be seeing the bulk of the action. temperature this morning, around 38 degrees, not so bad in joppa, we're going to be dealing with the 30s as we go through your harbor school temperature, around 39 as well. today we'll warm up nicely to around 50 degrees, that's what i'm forecasting. so it will be a mild day on
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tap. that is the good part of the clouds coming in across the area and dumping a few showers throughout the day. let's check traffic with burt. how's it looking outside? >> not too bad. good morning. right now we're looking live at i-95 and maryland 175, both directions running without incident at this time. dropping in on the beltway, a look at 695, 695 camera at liberty road, traffic towards you is the outer loop and you have building volume but checking the speeds now down through that work zone on the west side, travel is smooth. also on the jones falls expressway with the camera looking there, no problems. also looking nice with the six-minute ride from 695 southbound, whitemarsh to 695 and from bel air to providence running seven minutes. a pair of sexual assaults in baltimore county has people in one area a little nervous this morning.
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sherrie johnson is here with more on the story and search for suspects. any new developments? >> reporter: this whole thing has made people very nervous. i had a chance to speak with baltimore county police this morning and so far one man is behind bars and authorities are trying to track down another suspect after a pair of sexual assaults in catonsville. one happened at a gas station along frederick road just outside the beltway. police say a woman was pumping gas at night when one of the attendants, muhammad zahman grabbed her and kissed her. he was arrested. the other assault happened to a woman walking along north bend road. police say a car stopped and men forced her inside. they sexually assaulted her and dropped her back off. the news of the assault has folks in the area on high alert. >> it's not good to have a woman getting accosted in the middle of the night. at 10:30 at night there's not many people out. >> reporter: in the frederick road case muhammad zahman faces misdemeanor sexual assault charges. he's being held in the baltimore county detention
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center with bail set at $75,000. an -- investigators are still looking for suspects in the other case. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. the man accused of being the east coast rapist is due back in court in march. an attorney representing 40-year-old aaron thomas has asked for a court-ordered mental evaluation for his client. the attorney says thomas is currently refusing to speak to him. authorities believe thomas is responsible for rapes and attacks on 17 women including one here in maryland over the span of a decade. a man aid cued in the -- accused in the murder of a laurel woman will be arraigned in two weeks. prosecutors in macon, georgia, say they plan to seek the death penalty. lauren giddings just graduated from mercer university law school when she disappeared. five days later police found her body wrapped in plastic in a garbage bin beside her apartment. steven mcdaniel is charged in the case. new reaction at 6:45. a former frederick county sheriffs' deputies is not liable for a man's death after he was shocked with a stun gun.
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the jury ruling says the officer used only enough force to protect himself. the parents of jerrold gray are seeking $100 million for the incident in november of 2007. a german man known for masquerading as a rockefeller will stand trial for murder. christian gerhardt's bail was set at $27,000. he's accused of killing a man who rented him a los angeles cottage in the 1980s. he was also convicted of kidnapping his own daughter. they were found several years after it happened. the harford county sheriff says disde spite a recent renovation project the county might need a new detention center in as little as five years because the recidivism rate is more than 60%. in other words more than half the people arrested in harford can't are back -- county are back in the detention center in less than three years.
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many have ongoing problems such as addiction, mental health issues, and no jobs. several groups work with those itches but unlike some counties harford does not have a formal coordinated re-entry program. that the sheriff says needs to change. >> it's something that is not going to cost any tax dollars to do. it's an attempt to get everybody working off the same sheet of music. >> the plan will be officially unveiled today at a meeting between the sheriff's department and other community leaders in harford county. today's ocean city mayor's prayer breakfast will featurary speaker whose comments put him in the national spotlight. william jerry boykin has spoken publicly about his believe islam is not a religion but a total tarane way of life. a group called people for the american way says he shouldn't be allowed to speak at the event but calling for ocean city town officials to boycott the event.
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he used skills to get the ravens to a winning season. now he's heading to annapolis. corrine redmond with more on when he's headed there, in a press conference for later today. >> reporter: in his eyes it's time to move on. pagano is one of a long list of coaches to leave for head coaching jobs. he joins mike smith, recollection -- rex ryan, and others who left for head coaching jobs in the nfl. pagano received a phone call from the colts owner jim ersay. a lot of colts fans say they are excited for the new coach. >> it will be an interesting year. i did text my friend from baltimore to get their opinion.
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they haven't texted me back yet. >> reporter: pagano will be formally introduced today at 3:00. to be expected the sportscasters in indy are having a little fun at our expense with this story. saying pagano will proudly hire mayflower. >> 0u67, that hurts. if you have little ones new research to tell you about. what health officials are finding in children exposed to high levels of chemicals used in some household products. plus, residents in parts of texas are trying to pick up the pieces after strong storms ripped through the state. lynette? >> we do have a few showers this morning but we're going to get some more rain in here and some heavy rain. i'll tell you exactly when it arrives coming up. >> just look at the traffic. it's moving very well now on the beltway but an accident reported in anne arundel county. we'll get you the details coming up. >> first to new york for a look at the latest business news.
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>> reporter: good morning. topping "america's money" -- interest rates remaining low for the next few years. the federal reserve announced no plans to raise interest rates until 2014. and short term rates remaining near zero. treasury secretary tim geithner speaking bluntly will his future. he says he's unlikely to be asked back for a second term should the president be re-elected. he's been something of a lighting rod at the treasury since the 2008 financial crisis. starting today airlines are under government orders to reveal all surcharges that are tacked on to fares. a boost for netflix after that customer revolt last summer. the company lost $800,000 customers after a price increase and planned to separate its dvd rental business but netflix regained nearly all the customers and shares up 13%. that's "america's money." 3q
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severe weather rolls through texas. look at these pictures from one san antonio neighborhood. a tornado ripped the roof off these houses. while damage is bad residents say it could have been worse, no deaths or serious injuries were reported. a city not far from houston massive damage. the side of a & j automotive you can see a huge section of metal roof that came off from a block away. arnold sutton heard that trouble coming. >> one door was open so i had to close that door. but i mean, the whole building started shaking, the winds starting coming in. the rain was coming in this door. >> he stayed inside the building. in the end the only problem was a piece of lumber that came
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through a window and he counts that as nothing short of a miracle. >> it's fate. i believe in god. i pray and he just answered it. >> next door at a gas station, another section of the same roof landed outside. the office windows were broken and things tossed about. an employee moved just in time. after seeing all that we can't really complain. meanwhile, drenching rains across north texas. roads flooded across dallas but that didn't stop some people from trying their luck and getting trapped in high waters. some drivers had to be rescued. >> you always have to be rescued because you're not going to make it safely through flooded roadways. don't ever do it. don't even try. turn around, don't drown. it's what i tell the kids at schools. turn around, don't drown. that's the motto. today we'll get rain but i think it will be more as we go through the overnight, maybe off and on showers throughout the day but all in all not so bad. we could see showers now trying to push in across some areas. we could see around essex this
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morning, but we can see snow, the further to the north we go. the bulk of the action definitely to the north. that's -- to the south rather. we're seeing that move in as we go through the overnight into tomorrow morning. so boy, it's going to be a rough commute tomorrow. the weather pattern looks like this -- a warm front coming in across the area. so yes, we'll get rain in here but at least it's not going to be a very cold rain. temperatures will soar into the 50s. mid-50s. i'm forecasting around 50 at 4:00. then as we go into the overnight we could be around 54 or 55 degrees. so once this warm front moves through and then we'll have that cold front push through as we go through the overnight it will drag the rain with it. future trends picking up on what i'm talking about, as we go through time we will stop this at midnight. you can see the rain trying to push in across the area. i'm going to put it back in motion. then you'll see it stop again. once it does that the fact is the heaviest rain will be in here as we go through the commute tomorrow.
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it will be a little on the wet side. so you're going to need that rain gear as you head out. so it is looking at the yellow, these oranges here. some heavier periods of rain as we move into the 5:00 time frame. on friday. then things start to look up as we go into time. this will move out, i would say around noon things will be more in the clear. then looking at even some sunshine moving in here and then on the back side of this, maybe snow across the great lakes as we go into saturday, not too bad. but for today that 2e6r789 will be around 50 degrees. a few showers in the morning. we can see more showers trying to push in here as we go into the afternoon but mainly as we go through the overnight time frame, that is when we're looking at more of that action. tonight, temperature around 46 degrees. then we'll be seeing more of the same as we go into tomorrow morning. then check out the temperature, 58 degrees. we'll take it. let's check the traffic now with burt, good morning. good morning.
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maryland 10 at the beltway, we're seeing delays there. this is a quick shout of i-83 at shawan road, no delays there, traffic moving smoothly but in aberdeen, harford county, route 22 a serious crash reported. delays expected towards i-95. a look at i-95 now at the gateway into baltimore city, traffic moving well there. 295/395 interchange, to baltimore. southbound 83 from shawan road to 695, only five minutes there. it's a little heavier on the outer loop beltway from 695 -- on the northwest corner through 70 -- we'll see a seven-minute ride at that location. back to the news. charley is off the air today but -- he's off the tv, not off the air. he'll join news a second. there he goes. you have two days off. not a vacation, you're moving? >> reporter: my wife and i are moving here.
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we're staying with channel 2, on facebook i've checked in with a couple of fans. we're not leaving the area. we're just moving to a bigger place. to clarify that. i guess i'll be back on monday, is that right? monday, linda? >> i hope so. if you don't hurt yourself. >> reporter: there's a pretty good chance i'm going to hurt myself. my back or pull a knee or injury my spleen. >> didn't you hire some people to do this for you? >> reporter: sort of but not really. >> what does that mean? >> reporter: some of the heavy stuff, we're getting -- there was a method to the madness. we're getting all our stuff out of here and then some of the heavier items that frankly i didn't really want to move because i'll be worn out, we're bringing guys in to move the heavy stuff a little later. >> got it. >> reporter: but, an update from an hour ago when we talked, four loads in, got my coffee, ravens mug, coffee good
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to go. so i guess you can say my apologies to my neighbors if i've disturbed any of them but we're already up and going. >> i told you the last hour but i'm really surprised you're up this early to start moving boxes out of your place. >> reporter: i get up early anyway, with the schedule we keep, an odd schedule anyway. on weekdays i get up at 1:00 in the morning. so for me to sleep in until 4:30 or 5:00, that is kind of sleeping in on our schedule. you were saying you get up at what, noon on the weekends? >> i wish. it's more like 8:00 a.m. but still feels like noon for parents with kids. >> reporter: you get up early during the weekdays too. so to in, i'm bright eyed and bushy tailed, four loads already into the truck. it's just -- it's odd the schedule that we keep but sometimes it can help. >> reporter: sounds good. we should have clarified you're not moving out of state.
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just across town. still going to be with us. >> reporter: i love baltimore and maryland i don't want to go anywhere! we're just moving to a bigger place. we need a little more space right now. >> i still don't know how i feel about that hat. >> reporter: here's the deal with 9 hat, all right. i got my orioles gear on. and my ravens mug. all maryland, all baltimore but the only cap, by the way, that's your bedhead for you. >> it's ok. >> reporter: it's the only hat i didn't pack. i didn't want to cross the stream. >> got it. >> reporter: baltimore, baltimore, arkansas. i just turned the hat around. >> i guess you're going to need it. the off and on rain we're going to get. >> reporter: good. you tell linda i hold her accountable. >> you mean lynette. don't blame me. >> reporter: i have to blame you too. her as well. >> see you back, monday. please, come back.
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new this morning, it's a decision that has divided the community. lawmakers in loma linda, california, voted to approve the town's first mcdonald's, no big deal, right? wrong. that town has been recognized as one of the healthiest around, in fact it has no liquor stores and has been tobacco-free for nearly 30 years. and are you looking to take off a few pounds? it's not easy but it can be done. you just need to know a few weight loss secrets. after you decide to make the change here's a few tips that can help. first, tr at least once a week and keep a daily food journal. >> keep track of a couple of things. one, what you eat and how much you eat. from that you can get calories or carbs or fat. >> watch for empty calories. too. drinks are big culprits like alcohol and sodas. last but not least, important to stay physically fit. the search continues for victims after two buildings in brazil collapsed.
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what officials say may have caused the buildings to crumble. plus, parts of queensland, australia, is under water as people there are preparing for more rain.
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a protest turns violent in australia. the prime minister had to be escorted out of a restaurant by riot police after a crowd of protesters surrounded that venue. it happened during a ceremony to mark australia's national day. some 200 supporters of indigenous rites surrounded the restaurant and banged the windows. in australia major weather worries. floodwaters are flowing through parts of queensland forcing thousands to evacuate. monsoon rains have been also pounding new south wales and a lot of homes lost power. in fiji severe flooding is
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forcing locals and tourists to leave the island. 1,300 have been evacuated. torrential rains are turning streets into rivers and triggering landslides. a father, mother and two daughters reportedly killed and two farmers swept away trying to save lifestock. searchers are picking through the rubble of two adjacent collapsed buildings in brazil this morning. one was a 20-story building. the other 10 stories. it's not clear what caused the collapse. the crews are looking into whether structural failures or gas leak could be to blame the the civil defense department says two people were killed but city hall says no deaths were confirmed. on saturday crews will begin to move fuel from a cruise ship that ran aground off the coast of italy nearly two weeks ago. rescuers found 16 bodies, 17 others still unaccounted for. a couple from minnesota are the only americans missing in that wreck. the captain remains under house arrest. this just in. authorities arrested the former
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top executive of a french company at the center of a breast implant scandal. implants affecting tens 6 thousands of women worldwide were pulled from the market in several countries beyond europe. there was concern they could rupture and leak silicone into the body. and wikileaks founder julian assange is under house arrest in the uk but still busy. assange will be hosting his own talk show on russia's state-funded english language channel. wikileaks says the series will start airing in mid-march. assange has been under house arrest pending a decision on whether to extradite him to sweden where he faces sexual assault charges. looks like a scene from an alfred hitchcock movie. a neighborhood invaded by a cloud of birds and boy, are they ruffling some feathers. 3q
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resolve easy clean. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. and try resolve triple oxi to remove stains the first time. the president gets an unwelcome earful from the arizona governor. why the confrontation was all over a book, coming up. >> the suspect accused of
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planning a bomb attack at a military recruiting center will be back in court this morning. what he's expected to plea. plus, a special ceremony for firefighters who donated with their lives. i'm linda so in for charley crowson. it's january 26th, thursday. let's look at the weather. you will probably want the umbrella? >> i would grab it because we're seeing a few showers now, but the bulk of the action is really going to get in here as we go through the overnight into tomorrow morning. better safe than sorry, right? we have the showers this morning, heavier rain as we go through the evening and unseasonably mild. first half of the weekend looks to be on the dry side. maryland's most powerful doppler radar picking up on the showers that i was just talking about. you can see it trying to push across the eastern shore. we also see some showers around bel air as of now. the fact is, westminster is getting wet. we're seeing more of the same into manchester, reisterstown, even down into owings s.


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