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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 26, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've found the best stories and videos of the day and it's time to show them to you right this minute. a drive errors another driver going awol on the freeway. >> wrong side of the freaking road. >> see the disastrous end. >> he blew up. >> and the amazing twist to this story. a man is badly hurt before his wife fight office an attacker. >> it might surprise you who she
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was up against. >> let's just say, she's never going to let him live this one down. a police boat capsizes and cameras capture -- >> a bunch of rescuers becoming rescueys. >> we have the story behind the drama down under. researchers catch some rare animals. >> doing their thing. >> but see how one of them sniffs out the surveillance. busted! we're going to kick this edition of "right this minute" with a story that nick found. >> got a really wild story with awesome video so let's get right to it. this happened near acad ya parish near lafayette, louisiana. story from katc. denny leblanc was driving along the i-10 when he noticed this truck up ahead swerving all over the price. >> going over 100 now. >> driving that vehicle is curtis shelly, 35 years old. danny, when he saw this guy driving so erratically, he
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grabbed his phone, called the police, and started recording. >> someone in this is going to die in a minute. >> he said he noticed this guy driving nuts for like 15 miles. finally you see the pick-up truck cross over the median. >> wrong side of the freakin' road. >> oh, my god, oh, my god! he just split a truck and car and staying over there. >> curtis shelly, driving that vehicle, finally crashes into a couple of tractor trailers. >> oh. he blew up. he blew up. oh, dear god, he hit them. he blew up. >> he misses the actual accident, but he goes to help out. he parks his car, runs across the highway and he sees the driver, who's already out of the car. >> he was coming this way, crossed the median traveling this way. not for like a couple blocks, t past that bridge. >> police arrive. leblanc and another guy help the officer tackle curtis shelly to the ground. there's another big twist to this story.
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state police had charged and booked curtis shelly into the acad ya parish jail on reckless operation and dwi charges but the police department didn't file their charges before curtis shelly was able to bond out himself with $1200 that he had in his pocket. he's on the loose now. there's a warrant out for this guy's arrest. >> no! an 85-year-old woman in alaska was recently in for the fight of her life. and it might surprise you guys who she was up against. you see her here, 85-year-old dorothy taylor and her husband 82-year-old george murphy were walking their dogs near willow, alaska. dorothy was back in the car while george was sort of rounding up the dogs, getting them ready to go. she looked back and she saw a giant moose. and she saw this moose stomping, so dorothy grabbed a shovel, ran towards the dogs and her husband.
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when she got there, she realized the moose was stomping her husband. these two have been married for 40 years. so she made a noise on the ground with the shovel. the moose started coming at her, she whacked it once and went back to attacking her husband. at that point she said that's it. in this video she told the "anchorage daily news". >> everything i had. >> she nailed it once in the face, scared the thing off. she called for help. her husband was motionless on the ground, taken to prove dense, alaska, medical center. suffered broken ribs and gashes to his face. >> [ inaudible ]. blood was squirting out. >> to death do us part. you never would have expected your husband doto go out like that. >> he didn't. she stuck to her vows. >> exactly. >> she gets this week's tammy what net award for standing by her man and beating off a moose. >> oh, boy. >> beat off a moose. part of a police officer's
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job is to go to scenes of an accident. it's not to be in the scene of an accident. this is in sol lon, ohio, where a cop is on the beat. he's driving down the street, in the right lane, seems to be going the right speed and then -- >> oh! >> so the officer, roy cunningham, with the solon police department was hit by this oncoming car that failed to yield. >> just involved in a traffic crash. >> he was hit by a 19-year-old driver in an el camino. >> how do you not see a police car of all cars. >> i'm trying to figure out how did the kid not see the -- no. i mean -- >> what? >> what you're seeing is the teen driver is coming from the opposite direction in his el camino and fails to yield because he wants to make a left turn into the gas station according to the police. >> didn't have to wait too long for help to get there. >> this el camino must have had
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a heck of a blind spot. maybe he misjudged it or thought he could re can didn't you see me? >> i think i'm okay. >> that wasn't the end of the story. another officer got to the scene, started checking the teen's car and found a small amount of marijuana. >> no way! you're kidding. >> police say the teen driver faces a misdemeanor drug possession charge and he will be cited for failure to yield. gayle, you showed us a pretty spectacular video of chinese new year fireworks. >> i know. everybody wants to go now and enjoy that. >> well, in thailand, they had their own chinese new year celebration with, of course, fireworks. this is in the town center. it looks like many other
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celebrations with lights, fireworks, the dragon. >> spewing sparks. >> like a fire breathing dragon. >> all of a sudden a huge, massive explosion happened. >> one of the fireworks misfired and set off a pile of unused fireworks. four people ended up dying, three of those were workers, coordinators of the event and one was a female spectator. and dozens of people were injured. >> at first it looks like wow, they've got this fantastic fireworks show. then you realize they're all going off at the same time. usually not supposed to do that. >> well, this sparked a fire that ended up burning dozens of homes as well. >> an explosion that close to the ground can never be good.
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some passersby pull over to help a driver who took a roll. >> at any point any other car can lose control and crash into them. >> see what happens when they come to his aid. and, a guy took the set of a popular tv show and turned it into a video game. >> i got to say, he did a pretty awesome job. it looks exactly like the show. >> we'll reveal the tv show and how he did it. later.
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. steven, what do you always say when you see people driving on snowy roads? >> slow down. >> this guy tried to slow down but didn't quite work. moves into the right lane to slow down and just loses the back end. starts looking like a fish and then bails off into the snowy bank on the right.
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couple other people passing by pull off to the side. this what is is dangerous to me. if that guy is on an icy road all these people are in danger. luckily no other damages incur from these people trying to help out. they run up to the car and what's nice to see is a lot of other people come to help. >> that's really brave of them to have pulled over and done this, because at any other point any other car can crash into them. >> luckily nobody was injured or any other accidents happened. they managed to roll the car back on to its wheels. hard to tell but i'm sure the driver got out of the car. you see everybody that came to help, light a couple smokes, walk away and that's it. >> that's a lot of people that stopped too. >> still think they're going to need a tow truck. i don't think that thing is four-wheel drive and it's packed in there. lately a lot of researchers have been putting cameras in the wild seeing what they can capture of animals doing their thing without interrupting them. the folks put some cameras into ka zik stan and look what they
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captured, images of the snow leopard, they are very shy, very difficult to find in the wild. they estimate there are only 4500 to 7500 of them in the wild in central asia. they had 11 camera stations they put around the waffle valley in ta jeek stan near the border of afghanistan. what they do is put cameras in pair and one pair had a camera missing so they started checking out the footage from the camera left behind and they realized one of the snow leopard cubs got it, started playing with it and carried it away. >> oh, look at his face. he peeks right into the lens. these guys are beautiful. >> good thing the snow leopards don't like to eat pairs because these cameras would be destroyed. >> there's the camera. >> what? >> there's the -- >> they're hidden in pairs. >> like pairs. >> oh, wow. hold on a second. i thought they were hidden in pairs. >> no. >> in two. >> in two. >> oh. >> p-a-i-r-s.
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>> i thought you meantuit. >> if i could direct your eyes back to the screen, it's showing the snow leopard with the camera. it's playing with it. >> oh. >> look at that. >> oh. >> now that camera was in a pear this picture would be a lot more interesting. there's a reason certain movies become blockblusters, right? they blow up. >> lots of cool actions and explosions you're saying. >> that's what this video is we found on gismo do. it's from discovery channel's show "destroyed in seconds." >> oh! >> my gosh. >> the bridge is coming down. >> yeah. that boat may have a little trouble getting to its destination. explosions. >> whoa, that looked like something from a hollywood movie. >> wow. >> that's a mushroom cloud in the middle of the city. >> a plane falling. looks like a jet. >> that's a stealth fighter.
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i remember that. i don't remember it was. fertilizer or tank or something. >> and all of a sudden you see people just running full speed ahead. >> it is hard to watch destruction like this. so difficult to see it. one video after another like look at this passenger plane. people just barely got off of this thing and now the whole thing is up in flames. >> they're also doing the series, showing how people come together when there is destruction. they're showing how people help each other in the process of devastation. >> cool show. i've seen it before. it's lots of destruction, i don't know, i guess if you're a dude you like that stuff. if you're dead inside like me. kind of just [ inaudible ]. ♪ the next video shows a bunch of rescuers becoming rescuees. >> see what happens when rough seas go after the cops. and, they're not your
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average igloos. there's a chapel, a hotel, a restaurant, a bar. it's some kind of snow dream. see where a little later. here's a friendly reminder. it's your last chance to get verizon's reliable high speed internet and phone for small business
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people love their video games. people love their tv shows. well, one youtube user put two of his favorites together. guys youtube channel blitz create 1981, i guess he likes
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the game counter strike source, which is like a first-person shooter game. he created a level, a map that looks like -- ♪ >> "the office". >> done der mifflin. i tell you what, it is exact. you see the reception desk. of course here's where jim and dwight sit. it goes into the conference room, the kitchen. it's the entire, complete layout. this guy created this. it took him 500 hours of playing and pausing "office" episodes to get this exactly right. i got to say, he did a pretty awesome job. it looks exactly like the show. >> why did he do this. >> just to say he could, i guess. >> it's pretty cool. >> and, of course, he featured a little bit of "the office" theme song in this, put together by the scrantons. ♪ >> it's weird that you're seeing it from the vantage point of a
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man holding a gun. >> yeah. it is a little strange. i half expected to see like dwight pop up with this own gun and do something a little weird. this guy started this thing way back in 2009. he just posted it to the web this month, so you can imagine he's working on this thing for quite a long time. the next video shows a bunch of rescuers becoming rescuees. this happened in new south wales, australia, near cornwall beach. these are some police officers getting overturned by rough seas. eight guys fall into the ocean. they were on their way to look for an 8-year-old boy who had slipped away and got pulled into the ocean by a rip current. the 8-year-old went to go swimming, as soon as he got to the beach with a little 11-year-old friend, he got pulled away into the surf. >> dangerous all the time. i don't recommend you swim down there. >> the sur rf can be quite lethal. >> thankfully his 11-yr-old friend made it back to alerted
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adults to what happened. rescuers fear he is now dead. the currents around the beach were really, really rough, as you saw by the boat getting turned over. the police then were put in a position to try to rescue themselves. there were no injuries to them, but now they had to go and salvage all their rescue equipment that got dumped into the water. >> the rescuers are thinking if we only had gotten out there sooner. i'm sure they're riddled with regret. the family went to the beach after the life guards had packed up for the day, so there were no life guards on duty at the time he went into the water. so they say that is a big no-no and that may be one of the reasons why he got into the trouble that he did. other people that saw what was happening on the beach, tried to rescue the little boy, but the currents were just too strong. about this time in every show we ask you to go spend some time at now yesterday, you guys did it in a very big way.
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so today, i'm going to take a moment to say thank you. >> oh, and go spend more time at ♪ there's one company that always seems to push the boundaries in their super bowl ads. will this year's go daddy commercial have you saying -- >> wow. >> you be the judge when we offer a sneak peek of -- >> another commercial with some not bad looking ladies showing some skin. >> next. square.
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>> we would doing a commercial for tropicana right now.
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>> i'm going to take you on a trip to canada. to be more specific, a replica of montreal, canada. all made out of snow and ice. there's a chapel, a hotel, a restaurant, a bar, the convention center and people can go and pay a visit to this entire little snow village. this is in park jean depot in montreal. >> it's in montreal. >> but they've got a replica of montreal but they're already in montreal. >> it's like a -- they're paying homage to their city. >> i bet if you live in montreal it would be cool to see the real chapel and then see the same version. >> you're looking at the hotel which is a functional hotel. it has -- >> i saw a bed. >> it has 14 rooms and 10 suites in the hotel. a functioning restaurant, a functioning bar. you can make reservations and go in and have drinks and dinner and say stay in the hotel and go
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to the convention and hold a meeting if you needed to. go to the chapel, get married. >> now that's pretty cool. brrr. >> in a standard room, at the ice hotel, it's going to cost you about 259 bucks. per person. >> if i bring a date it's more like 500 bucks. >> too cold to be romantic. you can stay by yourself. >> true, beth. >> that's why you bring somebody, to warm you up. one of the frequenters of super bowl air time in the fast few years, go daddy. they've released their latest ad that will run during the super bowl. we have a sneak peek of it. this commercial is entitled "body paint." danica patrick and jillian michaels are painting the model here to push go daddy's new domain name that ends ino.
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>> this is crazy way to draw domain names. >> she stands out like a hot new dot-co. >> wow. >> i think we missed a spot. >> spots. >> i think they're getting their message across here,'s dot-co not com. >> no one will see the dot-co because all they'll see is this beautiful naked person. >> i think that's what they're going for. >> there is bonus clips, but another commercial with not bad looking ladies showing some skin for go daddy. >> you can use sexually to promote. i'm fine with that. but they always seem to just be a little too cheesy. >> what do you give this overall commercial? >> thumb's down. i never like their commercials. >> no. >> let's see what our "right this minute" viewers think. head to our facebook page, this minute,
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thumb's up or thumb's down. all right, everybody. that's it for "right this minute." thank you so much for joining us. we're going to leave you with a look at a video called "icelandic moments" from iceland in 2010 and 2011 . we'll see you next time. ♪ . now, abc 2news at five.
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>> rain pushing in to baltimore's western suburbs, much more to come. i'm wyatt ever hart. if it gets out for the weekend. >> did you see this coming? him time next year if you buy a 99-cent i-tunes song by pit bull it'll cost you a dollar and a nickel. the state wants to tax apps. >> all the clouds closing n we stayed dry, an the way home, will be drive tomorrow in the morning in the rain? first, here is wyatt with the answer. >> a lost us were stuck on the jfx. what a difference a year makes with just a rain out there. there is rain on the western suburbs, northern baltimore. parts of 83 which were so tough last year. some improvement with that. the radar


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