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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 27, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." it's about getting over prejudice and about making sure that we protect families. supporters and opponents of same sex marriage in maryland will debate -- the debate about to get nasty between both side. and they have an app for just about everything these days. why you might soon pay a tax on certain apps if lawmakers have their way. this is one of the things you will see at the -- we will start them over again. see if he can climb towards us. not on cue? we will try time this out from the world of pet, poe. there he goes.
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look -- expo. there he goes. >> we begin with a severe weather alert. major flooding hit alabama this morning. much of the southern half of alabama spent much of thursday on a tornado watch while metro brimingham saw flash flooding atstorms moved across the state. severe weather follows alabama tornadoes earlier this woke. good morning, maryland, i am sherrie johnson in for charley crowson. let's get a check on the forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. that's major damage that we saw this. >> the southeast is getting in on that. but we are now getting in on some of the action as well. not necessarily tornadoes and flooding but we will be seeing a couple thunderstorms this morning. virginia got some severe thunderstorm warnings in effect but now those are expired. we are dealing with wet mild conditions today. we have the thunderstorms this morning and drying out by this
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afternoon. dropping the temperatures off and it won't be cooler by sunday. but this is a big story at least one of them this morning. rain moving in and you can see a line of showers and thunderstorms pushing towards hagerstown and we can see back to a the south of dc. this is going to be working its way going throughout the rest of the morning. right now, what we are dealing with around port deposit. perryville and elkton and we have the rain there along i-95 and even sliding down into graysonville and over to easton. let's go over to burt with the traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. wet road and patchy fog. things are not that bad on the roadways. let's look at i-83 in hunt valley. this is at shawan road showing traffic aring away from you moving southbound. also following i-83 no downtown baltimore jones falls expressway north avenue traffic is building but no delays to
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see. also traffic rung around baltimore beltway. travel times southbound 83 from shawan to -- and beltway from 795 and northwest counselor down through ip 70 total nine minutes. more news after traffic with sherrieionson. the fight to legalize same sex marriage is heating up in annapolis. heating with how first lady of maryland is joining the fight. >> reporter: speak at a annual conference katy o'malley says the same sex marriage bill failed because there were "cowards" that prevented it from passing. opponents will hold a rally ahead of the committee hearing on fuse. thousands of supporters are in town for the 24th be aual-- annual conference. governor o'malley wants law
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makers to realize -- be legalize same sex marriage but there are still strong opponents. it's what it really is all about. that's why they won't settle anything short of the -- it's about educating children into the homosexual lifestyle. >> and the same sex marriage bill got through the senates about waw killed in the house. new york city mayor bloomburg is advyings governor o'malley on how to -- advising governor o'malley on how to pass same sex marriage. new york approved same sex marriage last year with the strong support of new york governor cuomo. we have a new commend from ncaap president who says his organization is supporting legislation in maryland to give rights to transgender people
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and saying this is not new. he is describes hip as the closest person to me in the world. this story and issue will not end any time soon and it's just beginning on "good morning maryland. head to and read the latest on the story at the top of the page and the slide show. a 10,000 dollar reward is being offered to help find a murderer in laurel. gregory sears was killed earlier this month by someone who tried to break into a home in laurel. anyone with information is asked to call police. well, they say change comes slowly and soon the fox along charles street will know that better than anybody a2 year construction project is on the way. traffic on charles street between 25th and the university parkway will practically be brought to a halt. the project will involve changing lanes and eliminating lanes and creating an avenue of sorts. it's expected to take 750 days. >> what we are doing now is trying to make sure our
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businesses survive while this goes on a and the detours and ways for people to travel to and from work and the city downtown are reasonable and make things as easy as possible. clark says they want to keep it liveable and workable during the construction. work is expected to begin with april-- in april. a campus and penn state fans are mourning the loss of joe paterno. his son jay addressed thousands of mourners on what his father meant to so many. >> dad, you won. you did all you could do and you've done enough. we all love you and you won, you can go home now. >> nearly 15,000 attended a memorial service for the late coach yesterday. meantime, nike founder and ceo phil knight defended paterno's handling of child sex
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allegation against a former assistant coach and says if there is a villainit lies in the investigation and not in joe paterno's response. tonight on 20/20, taking 12 hours of terror caught on tape. nancy tyler's ex-husband richard sankman soon like the answer to her prayers. she was set up with a blind date and they were married after a year and a half but it was not long before she saw a darker side of her husband's personality. >> when did you notice the change? >> things were okay for the first couple years. as the relationship went on, he became much more controlling. my ex-husband just snapped. >> you can find out what happened to tyler on 20/20 tonight at ten. well, the navy is coming to town. baltimore is one of the 15 cities where the navy will come
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home. it will be june 11th through 19th and give people the chance to meet sailors and see navy ships at the inner harborch the blue angels -- harbor. the blue angels and leapfrogs will be in town. the week will include visits to area schools and community service projects. sounds like fun. you may be able to pop onto facebook this morning and when you do, a scam alert to avoid. new reaction this morning on a story abc2 news brought to you last night. also, if you travel a lot, you're probably looking for exercise and something healthy to eat. how a airport is helping to center your life. and they are training hard at world of pets expo in timonium. they are set to entertain you all weekend long. more of this coming up on good morning maryland coming up. we have the rain and fog here this morning. i will tell you when everything clears outch that's coming up. and the rain and fog will affect the morning ride. we have a few accidents to passe long. more details coming up.
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but first, let's head up to new york for look at the latest business news. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money the debt ceiling is up again today by 1.2 trillion dollars. senate republicans were unable to muster enough votes to defeat the president's request. this will increase the credit line to over 17 trillion bucks. and a young ruled the owner of the deep water horizon oil rig doesn't have to play plews claims. however -- pollution claims but they are not except from paying civil personalities ariseint from the fire and spill that killed 11 people. and starbucks posted the biggest game up 16% since the recession began. they attribute it to store openings in china and morocco and for those seeking a breakfast burrito you can go to taco bell that introduced a breakfast menu planning to
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offer it in all stores by 2014.
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now "good morning maryland." time is 6:12. facebook is warning its useers to be aware of a new type of spam on the timelines. the social networking site and washington state attorney general are suing a delaware company saying they are ripping people off. >> reporter: it's called leg jack drawing people to the like feature and enticing them to click on websites to lead to identity and credit card theft. according to facebook officials this is how it works. you notice an intriguing post on your facebook page that a friend supposedly likes and has
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sent to you. the post looks genuine. but it's a bogus type of spam that leads you to online surveys or products. the washington state attorney general's office joined with facebook to sue a delaware company called ad send media an online marketing company. >> this company is misleading you the user, the consumer into thinking you are getting a message from a friend. and in fact, that is an advertisement. >> reporter: assistant attorney general says the company lures you into giving your personal information and ordering products it never intends to send. then she says it takes another step by sending similar like messages supposedly from you to all your friends. that is a scam. facebook is devicing a fix but admits it's difficult to stay ahead of an internet scam. >> it's truly an arms race. >> reporter: the attorney general says facebook users are
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vulnerable because they are inclined to trust messages that appear to come from their friends. >> trust your instinct before clicking. if it doesn't look like something that your friend would send to you, it's not anally the way they frame. they don't introductory lang, check with them before clicking. >> reporter: we contacked them for a comment on lawsuits but received no reply. >> that was amy clansy reporting. attorney general's office doesn't know how many people have been victims of the scam. well millions of women and even men try to center their lives with yoga and now you practice it at san francisco's international airport. it's the world's first airport yoga room. exercise experts say doing yoga or stretching at the airport is a great idea because sitting for hours on a plane can be dangerous for your health. i think it's a great idea i tried it and it's hard to do the poses, but it's good
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exercise. >> i've done it before but i am too hyperfor you. you know what i -- hyper for you. you know what i mean. it's good to have it at the airport because we could see delays this morning because of the rain. we have the rain and we have the fog. but, we are dealing with the winds this morning. we can see the winds turning to the south. that's indicative of the warm front that's past through dc and easton. salisbury around 16-mile-an- hour sustained wind. so we are going to get breezy going throughout the day. we will have the cold front pass through the area as well. and the breezes will be sticking around. make sure to be prepared for what we are going to be getting going throughout the day. the satellite and radar, well, the rain pass through and some parts but we still have a lot more rain to come. so, cecil county getting in on the action and we have another line of showers and thunderstorms to work their way in here going through remainder of the morning. there's the warm front i am talking about and when you are in the warm sector that's where we are in between the cold front and the warm front.
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it's possible that you get some thunderstorms across the area. so that's why i am thinking that is what we could be getting as we go through the morning. speaking of the morning, you see the rain right there? things will start to be out of here by lunchtime. things start to improve and we get more sun ship and m tomorrow and a clipper will try to come -- sunshine and into tomorrow, a clipper will try to come in here. maybe 60 a is -- 60 is possible. colder and breezy and skies will be clearing. 52 by tomorrow. and here's a check of the seven- day forecast for you. we will see warmer conditions as we hop into wednesday which is the first day of february. wow. let's go over to burt with a check of your traffic. >> reporter: thank you very much. good morning. and we have wet roads and patchy fog for a friday morning. looking at tape 83. it's a bit gray and foggy. following i-83 let's look at
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jones falls expressway. this is at northern parkway with traffic running smoothly heading into downtown. traffic if you pick up the ride along key highway running into south baltimore off i-95 with no reported difficulties. even with the rain mostly free flow. looking at travel time where we see the ride on the outer loop beltway and the white marsh from 695 to 95 is 7 minutes. here sherrie johnson. a fire started on a roof in the -- and spread but this morning more than 2,000 firefighters are trying to fight the fire in one part of china. what he fueling it this morning. and legos may be something your kids will play with, but see what these two promised.
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time now is 6:20. our top stories. maryland democrats and republicans -- maryland democrats and republicans are hoping to show voters they can
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agree on somethings. among proposals one to ensure social studies is taught in school as a core content. and woman accused of killing her coworker is preparing to learn her fate. britney norwood is scheduled to be sentenced this afternoon. she was convicted first degrow murder two months ago in the march of 20 -- degree murder two months ago in the march of 2010 slaying. an announcement will had happen at 11:30 in front of the historic courthouse. and it's the 11th annual pet expose and if you have a dog especially you will love this. brian keebler is live where it's all -- kuebler is live where it's all about the pets. i have my dog taking obedience classes and i am loving how i can tell her to sit and she sits but i don't know if we are ready for those tricks.
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those tricks are amazing. >> reporter: they are doing cool stuff. and i have a dog and started to do a little training with her. you can get that here at the fair ground throughout the weekend. i want to bring in someone who helped set all this up. tell me what people can do while they are here. they can bring families and pets. outside of some entertainment what else can they expect? >> you can watch some very good clinations doing demos and dog trainers and bird whisperer this is the bird whisperer and he specializes in parrot training and we have a beginy pig-a-thon and gerbil show and great food. there's free parking so there's all this entertainment and it's so much fun and you can spend the whole day. >> as -- >> >> reporter: as we talked about you have dog train he is here
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-- trainers here too right in. >> they are here doing live demos in another areasonedda where you can get yes and answersessions and maybe tackle the problems you are having with your pet. there's many trainers you can schedule session was and meet them. >> reporter: obviously the mudville comic. >> we have johnny pierce here performing and the chesapeake doc bugs doing the dock diving. >> reporter: and can we get lucy. i think she is busy. oh we missed it. eric you missed the shot. so, before the -- you can bring your family. >> it's very affordable. about the price of an hour and a half movie you can spend the day with us and be entertained and storms. it's a fairly large situation going on. >> we are here and 165,000 square feet of pet loving fun.
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we have our chef has 50 different feud entrees and all different types of things to eat. anything and everything you thought of for your pet. >> thank you. so that's what's going on. at the timonium fairgrounds. world of pets and lucy jumping in the pool. reporting live in at this momium brian kuebler. looking at news around the world, the passengers on the grounded ship off the coast of italy are receiving $14,000 each to compensate them for the lost backage and psych long cal trauma after the crash and will be reimbursed for the fuse cost of their trip. if they are not satisfied with the deal 16 people are confirmed dead and 16 are missing.
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heavy rains have caused serious problems in australia overnight. rescuers say three people from the morning from the -- saved three people from their cars on a roadway a taxi driver was walked to services. winds have reached more than 50 miles an hour. and new this morning, afirefighters worked around the clock to tackel a fire and authorities say it started on the roof and spread and more than 2,000 firefighters are fighting the fire. strong gusts of wind are not helping and the cause is to the known. >> some creative canadian teens -- the toy came back to earthwith incredible pictures. digital cameras to snap pictures like the high up in the traits fear. it was a personal project. two years in the making on a budget of just 400 dollars.
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the on board video camera captured the moment the weatherballoons burst and it floated the capsule back to earth. america's military has been protecting us for decades and helping in a time of neat. how much could be cut next year. and look at this. you can drive on some lakes in minnesota during the winter. but the weather is is not helping matters this morning. you got that right. we are dealing with fog out this off some rain in the forecast. but you know what, we are going to get better. i will tell you when the sunshine turns. those details coming up. we will have a abc2 2 news traffic update in minutes.
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now "good morning maryland. a tragic death on a playground. how a 5-year-old girl died while playing. he should tell us how much money he made off how many households foreclosed by his investments. and the foys is fear in -- the fight is fierce in the gop candidate race for president. it's getting ugly in indianapolis. owner of the colts is unhapp


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