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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 27, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. and breaking right now. danger threats for a new american hostage. his captors moving him three times in the past 24 hours. vowing to kill him after jessica buchanan's daring rescue. will navy s.e.a.l.s go back in? mitt romney and newt gingrich get personal. the testiest debate yet. >> this is a nonsense question. >> wouldn't it be nice if people wouldn't make accusations some place else that they're not willing to defend here? >> who has the upper hand? demi moore leaves the hospital and is now headed to rehab. the 911 calls are set to be released today. and ashton kutcher reacts for the first time.
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wheel of fortune. >> and drunk at the wheel? the surprising admissions by pat sajak. how tequila used to help him and vanna spin that wheel. i'll take a "d." >> whoo! >> margaritaville. >> morning, everyone. we'll get to the latest on the new american hostage situation. a lot of other news this morning. a chilling plot in utah. two teenagers planning to bomb their school. >> new details about the assault allegations against the son of new york's police commissioner.
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and michael jackson's children, rare words from his son, prince, as all three were there yesterday in l.a. to honor their father. >> i'm surprised he had never done that before. first, let's get to josh. starting with the new hostage. we're going begin there. kidnappers in somalia are threatening to kill an american hostage that was taken there over the week fend the u.s. stages another raid. martha raddatz joins us with more. >> reporter: a frightening turn of events for this american journalist and author. we're not using his name at the request of his family and friends. the california native covers surfing but was in somalia writing another book. the threats are specific. their actions very concerning.
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since jessica buchanan was rescued by navy s.e.a.l.s, the pirates have moved the journalist hostage three times and today, warned the u.s. not try to rescue him. they said, if they try again, we'll all die together. hostages are not usually killed because they're held for ransom money. but the u.s. is taking these threats seriously. a chilling new image of terror here at home. an eczex-marine taped himself driving around the washington, d.c., area in 2010 shooting at military targets, including the pentagon. >> a military building. and that's the building i'm going to start targeting. punks. [ gun fire ] >> police arrested him last summer near arlington national cemetery with ammunition and
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writings about osama bin laden in his backpack. he pleaded guilty yesterday and faces 25 years in prison. meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton is making it clear she's looking to step away from the political spotlight. if president obama is re-elected, she plans to stay only until a replacement is named. this morning, the owner of the "costa concordia" offered some $14,000 to passengers who survived the disaster to cover lost luggage and psychological trauma. people that don't accept this are free to pursue other legal action. a volcano has erupted outside pueblo city. a terrifying plume of gas and ash were sent into the air. no injuries have been reported.
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and no magma has been seen. meanwhile, an asteroid the size of a school bus is set to make a close encounter with earth this morning. it's nowhere near the size of a previous asteroid. this asteroid, named vx 34 will pass within 40,000 miles of us at about 10:30 this morning eastern time. less than one-fifth of the distance to the moon. astronomers stress there is no cause for concern. finally, one experiment in space going viral. two teenagers in canada built man out of legos, attached him to a helium balloon, and atta attached a camera. he cleared the earth's atmosphere, getting 80 miles into the air.
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waving to vx 34. these two teens saved $400 to fund the mission. they got the camera back after the balloon burst because of gps technology. >> canadian astronaut. than thanks, josh. now to "your voice, your vote." the former front-runner pulled out all the stops last night. romney's strategy clear from the start. hit hard, never let newt off the mat. >> mitt romney just hired a debate coach, and, man, it shows last night. he showed up with a bucket full of zingers. he dumped them all on newt gingrich. in the final debate before florida votes, mitt romney was not just loaded for bear. he was loaded for newt. unleeching on him. >> the idea that i'm anti-immigrant is repulsive.
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>> reporter: romney was just as prepared for a new line of attacks from gingrich. >> so maybe governor romney in the spirit of openness should tell us how much money he made have house holds that have been foreclosed on by his investments? >> have you checked your own investments? you also have investments in mutual funds that had money from freddie mac and fannie mae. >> this is a nonsense question. >> wouldn't it be nice if people wouldn't make accusations someplace else they're not wi willing to defend here. >> reporter: a spanish language
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ad that was misleading. [ speaking spanish ] >> i doubt that's my ad. we'll take a look and find out. >> reporter: turns out it was. the cleanest hits on romney were from rick santorum on health care. >> what governor romney just said is that government-run, top-down medicine is working pretty well in massachusetts. think about what that means? going up against barack obama. >> reporter: gingrich has been hit by a barrage of attacks from republican leaders. including bob dole. gingrich got backup overnight. from sarah palin. >> you're trying to crucify this man and rewrite history. rewrite what he's stood for all these years. >> debates were supposed to be newt gingrich's strong suit. last night came off flat. how bad was it?
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jon karl reports that when they asked who won the debate, gingrich's team said it was a push. >> let's get more on this from jake tapper in washington.ed it. last night's takes from mitt romney more of an all-out assault this week. >> a friend of mine said, it's the empire strikes back. you had newt gingrich leading what is legitimately a resurgent campaign. for whatever reason, they seemed to be backing mitt romney. they've pulled out all the stops against gingrich. in florida, you had bob dole issuing a withering statement. if gingrich becomes the nominee, it could mean a landslide for president obama. gingrich seemed rattled on the stage. >> yesterday morning, the entire
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front page of the drudge report seemed to be an attack against newt gingrich. meanwhile, yesterday in the interview with diane sawyer, president obama started to be show some leg. >> governor romney say this is is class warfare. and it's social engineering. >> i think whether it's romney, gingrich, santorum or any of the folks, the question to ask them is, we now have the lowest tax breaks in 50 years. we had a -- an economy that was built on debt, and flim zi financing deals. it resulted in a huge crash that lost u.s. the most jobs since in 1930s. why we would want to adopt something we just tried and did not work doesn't make sense. >> the president echoing themes from the state of the union. we can't go back to the policies
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of george w. bush. >> what is interesting is the conundrum that president obama finds himself. he can't run on so many of his legislative accomplishments. regardless of the merit. they're not popular. president obama is putting out other issues to discuss. raising taxes on wealthy, on corporations so as to bring jobs back to the united states. these are the issues he wants to talk about because it's going to be difficult for him to talk about his record when it comes to his big achievements. >> the white house still betting the opponent is going to be mitt romn romney? >> they still do. gingrich is now the front-runner. the obama campaign still keeps attacking mitt romney. >> jake, thanks, weal see you sunday on "this week." guests newt gingrich and john boehner. new details on the sexual
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assault allegations against the son of the country's most prominent police commissioner. we're learning more about greg kelly's accuser and what had that night. jim avila has more. >> reporter: greg kelly have asked for time off. sources tell abc news that police are looking at what could be important communications between kelly and the accuser after the alleged attack in which she appeared to wonder why he hadn't called. >> this is good day new york. >> reporter: the morning news on the fox new york flag ship station went on without one of its cohosts. greg kelly, accused of rape, was not on the air. while there was no direct information, the program did cover the story. >> a come came forward to detectives and claimed that kelly attacked her on october 8th. >> reporter: kelly, a war
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veteran and former fox news channel white house koerntd has made no comment or appearances. the attorney denies any wrong doing and is confident that the investigation will prove mr. kelly's innocence. his accuser is around 30 years old, a paralegal who works at a law firm where she is well regarded. multiple sources say there are significant yes about portions of the story. multiple sources have told abc news that there were a series of text messages between the woman and greg kelly after the alleged incident. prosecutors are attempted to see if anything in the text messages incriminates or vindicates the accuser said she believed she had become pregnant because of the attack and subsequently had an abortion. investigators are working to establish the facts. mayor bloomberg said his
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department and commissioner did exactly the right thing this turning over the case and not asking questions about -- answering questions about it. >> i thought they did what they should do. you don't want the appearance of a conflict of interest. >> reporter: so far, greg kelly's attorney is saying he's innocent. now to the chilling story out of utah. two teens have been arrested for planning to blow up their school and escape in a stolen plane. neal consider lynn ski joins us with the latest. the details are so unsettling. how much preparation and planning the teens were able to do. >> reporter: the planning was meticulous. this is the school right here that the two teens allegedly planned to attack with explosives. it was foiled when another student here received a text message from one of the suspects.
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if i tell you not to go to school, make sure you and your brother are not here. if they pulled ate off, 18-year-old dallin morgan and a 16-year-old student could have killed hundreds. the plot included setting off explosives during a high school assembly. they then planned to steal a small airplane from nearby ogden hinckley airport. >> if they would have achieved what they wanted to achieve, there would have been significant loss of life. >> reporter: they had detailed maps of the school's layout, security systems and cameras. they say that the teenagers logged thousands of hours on flight simulator programs in order to teach themselves how to fly. >> they're pretty realistic. someone is teaching you how to start the airplane, take off.
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>> reporter: the two were arrested after this 16-year-old girl came forward and showed authorities text messages. i've been kind of planning to get back at the world, reads one. then talking about the airplane. we ain't gonna crash it. we're going to kill and fly our way to a country that won't send us back to the u.s. one of the accused plotters was obsessed with columbine. >> the people he cared about, he said, if i told you not to go to school on this certain day, would you not go? >> reporter: no word in the boys' parents. police have not found any evidence of actual explosives. no suspects other than the two are believed to be involved. school is back in session as normal later this morning. george and robin? >> wow, what a plot. we're going start with fog in the northeast. pictures of new york city. a lot of folks flying in and out. there's already a delay at
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laguardia of about one hour. there's about one-quarter mile visibility. and in teeterboro, they have a measure of slowing down the traffic. look at the area in red. charleston, richmond, dover. i wouldn't be surprised to hear thunder in the new york city area. here's a baby. tiny, little, baby minisnowstorm for chicago, marquette, traverse city.
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>> phoenix flexes the desert muscles today at 73 degrees. robin? >> sounds good. a big day in hollywood for michael jackson's children.
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prince, paris, and blanket making a rare public appearance together at place they say their father always dream of leaving his mark. ♪ gotta be starting something >> reporter: they're calling it the first annual michael jackson immortalize day. the stars came out to remember the late, great, king of pop. >> i'm here to pay tribute to my little brother who was just awesome. >> reporter: it was jackson's children, front and center, his son, prince, who never speaks in public spoke in public. >> this is what he strive to get. this is what we're giving him now today. >> reporter: all three kids pressed the moon walk shoes, the sequined glove and their own prints in to cement.
7:20 am
>> i want to introduce you to a performer who found stardom at a young age, just like my dad. >> reporter: i think she's carrying a crush. ♪ rocking and bopping and singing his songs ♪ >> i don't usually get nervous. i'm kind of nervous right now. >> reporter: and the clan matriarch was there, choking up. >> if michael was here, i'm sure he would agree. >> reporter: i'm sure he would. the cirque du soleil immortal tour. i think mama jackson is right. michael would have loved it. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> i want to see that show. i have the utmost respect for mrs. jackson. >> how about the eyes paris has for justin?
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>> you saw that, too? coming up, the latest on demi moore's health crisis. new details on what happened right before her collapse. ashton finally reacts. and also coming up, 12 hours of terror caught on tape. held hostage by her own husband. you won't want to miss there. drunk at the wheel. pat sajak's stunning admission. seems they liked their margaritas. i love that my daughter's part fish.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning everyone. and happy friday to you. we made it through the week but yes, today we are dealing with some wet weather moving into the area. not deeing with a lot -- dealing with a lot of dry spots. oranges and yellows around westminster and tawnytown and manchester.
7:27 am
reisterstown gets in on more heavy rain in just few minutes. mount airy i-70 and interstates are wet this morning. so have the rain gear as you head out and about this morning. 270, rockville, laurel so i-95 is getting in on some reel cry wet weather. we will contend with this through the remainder of the morning and things will dry out going into the afternoon. let's check the traffic now with burt good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let's look at the roadways. this is i-95 at maryland 175. cameras looking southbound traffic running well in both directions. the wet roadways are causing problems on the beltway -- beltway. providence road an accident in the towson area of the outer loop block the ramp to yorkroad. liberty road through route 40 running heavy. and now back to the news ding with sherrie johnson. >> thanks a lot. in the news a woman convicted of killing her coworker at an upscale yoga clothing shop is preparing to
7:28 am
learn her fate. britney norwood will be sentenced this afternoon. she was convicted two months ago in the march 2011 slaying of jana murray. baltimore county executive kevin kamenetz will announce a make development project. it will happen at 11:30 in front of the historic courthouse. and we will have more weather and traffic coming up in about 30 minutes. now let's head back to good morning america in new york. have great day.
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recovery as new details are coming out about the 911 call. and the first response from ashton kutcher. also ahead, 12 terrifying hours held hostage. she was held hostage by her own husband. you'll have a special our of this tonight on "20/20." >> it's chilling. we'll have a preview. and seven letters causing a big stir right now. the surprisinged a pigs from pat sajak. why he says, tequila used to days. >> he said they've grown. they're older now. we're going to get to all that. but first, the latest on demi
7:31 am
moore. she's reportedly out of the hospital and headed to rehab. there are questions about the health crisis. they could be answered when 911 tapes are released today. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: we're going the hear the 911 call made the night of the breakdown in just a few hours. moore's team is still citing exhaustion. new details are emerging about the final moments before the paramedics were called. she's reportedly out of the hospital and headed to rehab. the 911 call will be released today. but due to patient privacy, the l.a. city attorney tells abc news a specific but limited section of the call will be redacted. the portions related to her medical history and information about any drugs she may have taken will be cut out. >> rumors of abusingtion drugs,
7:32 am
adderall, sometimes used as an appetite suppressant. >> reporter: new details are emergin emerging. the star was acting hyper all night while hosting a birthday party. >> could sniffing inhay lants have sent her to the e.r.? >> reporter: they could have been inhaling before suffering a seizure. her ex, ashton kutcher, was seen leaving a nightclub in brazil with a tall blonde. kutcher is deeply concerned. but also moving on. >> hi, rumer. how is your mom? >> reporter: meanwhile, her daughter had little to say when confronted by photographers. ashton kutcher is back on his way to l.a. no word on whether he'll be
7:33 am
visiting moore. he'll be back to the set of "two and half men" after a week of some heavy partying. we're joined by christina. thanks for joining us again. we saw in andrea's report. these reports that demi may have been using these whip-its. some reports maybe using prescription drugs. none of them are confirmed. we do know she was treated for drug and chol abuse back in the 1980s. and that there was, with all this public divorce, this might have been a high-risk time for her. >> absolutely. stress is always a high-risk time for those of news recovery from addiction. when the body is under an immense amount of stress, when we're least able to access our coping skills, why it is such a high-risk time.
7:34 am
why it's so important that we're surrounded bier healthy support so that under time like this, we can access coping skills that allow us to stay sober. >> one of things that sets her apart, she's a high-profile celebrity. we also saw heather locklear recently. how does that intensify the trouble they face? >> well, i think being in the public eye is always -- it intensifies everything. all the emotions they're going through. the truth is, behind the celebrity is a woman in a lot of pain. she's going through grief and loss. those are difficult things on their own. then out in the public, they're intensified. they're held to a different standard than just the regular person going through this process. it's painful. it's a painful process for her. >> you were struck by something she said in a magazine. i would say that what scares me is that i'm going to ultimately find out at the end of my life
7:35 am
that i'm really not lovable. that there's something fundamentally wrong with me. >> this quote took my breath away as a professional and a recovering person because it speaks to the hallmark of addiction, which is shame. shame is the psych loll call prop propellant for all abusive behaviors. the belief that i'm not okay just the way i am. if you really knew me and saw me, you wouldn't love me. it's the universal haunting of the addicted mind and spirit. i've watched amazing and talented individuals try to escape that into the gates of insanity and death. >> yet, it's so important for anyone in recovery to be surrounded by people who love them. we know that demi's daughter is by her side.
7:36 am
that is so important to this coping mechanism. >> to have healthy support around us is imperative for long-term recovery. this is what i knee about addiction. it's a family disorder. it affects everybody in the family system. her children included. for all of them to be in recovery process for the long term is going to be so important. >> okay, kristina, thank you very much for your insight. we have a story about a divorce that descended into 12 hour of terror. a husband determined to take his wife's life rather than let her go. i spoke with nancy tyler about her ordeal and how she managed to escape alive. nancy tyler had been kidnapped at gun point by her exhusband, richard. just seconds before he grabbed her, she called for health. >> it was within about two miles
7:37 am
of the south windsor police station. >> reporter: meanwhile, a terrified nancy drove with shankman behind her. he was taking her back home. once inside, it became clear shankman had prepared for this day. >> he had a big duffel bag on the counter of the kitchen. he took a set of handcuffs out of it. he said, put these on. he brought me into the living room. i saw that there were monitors set up. he turned them on. we could see the outside of the house. he started talking about they're going to be here soon. >> reporter: within minutes, police s.w.a.t. teams arrived. >> every officer that steps foot on this property has to understand it's a suicide mission. i'm leaving this property in a body bag. how many other body bags you
7:38 am
need will be determined by how stupid you are. >> reporter: he had a list of demands. among them, a marriage license, a judge, a priest. >> i want a marriage license. my wife and i want to remarry. >> reporter: did he really think you're going to marry him again? you're being held at gun point. he's forcing you. >> i don't know. i don't believe he had feelings left for me or anybody. i had my head on the desk, the gup at my temple. and his finger on trigger. he was doing a countdown, screaming at the police on the phone that if day didn't do what he said by the time he counted to ten, he was going to pull the trigger. >> one. two. three. scream at them. >> please make him stop. >> five. >> richard, richard. listen. >> your head is on the table. he has a gun pointed.
7:39 am
he's going to count to ten and pull the trigger. >> yeah. >> and he got as high as -- >> six or seven. >> the audio of what we have of what happened is absolutely chilling. and -- she had an imprint of the gun barrel on her head. her family finally got see her at the hospital. >> it's amazing they got him to stop. >> there's so many levels to this story. it's true, also, a tale of survival and what she has to say about those in an abusive relationship. >> you're going to have a full hour tonight on "20/20." time now for the weather and sam. >> let's start with pictures. alabama. it's been a difficult week in alabama. sunday into monday, the tornadoes. then yesterday, flooding rain. and a lot of places that were damaged by the tornadoes then had to deal with that. cleaning up after water.
7:40 am
just a terrible week for the folks in alabama. the better news there, today's 50s and 60s, with bright sunshine. it will allow folks to try to clean up after what has been a difficult week. ice and snow in the eastern seaboard. central new york state, most of vermont and new hampshire will go over to rain. it's milder air. then the cold air comes in behind the low. the southwestern winds are doing some good stuff. it dries out the northwest. gives them beautiful days. kicks up the santa ana winds. i wouldn't be surprised to see lchlt get above 80.
7:41 am
>> oh, why not? all that weather is brought to you by capital one. >> we need that. we need that right about now. it's happy friday, indeed. coming up, when the wheel wasn't the only thing shall we say spinning for pat and vanna? what was really going on behind the scenes of "wheel of pho fortune." well, almost everybody... ♪ would you like 50% more cash? no! but it's more money. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? woah! [ giggles ]
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pat sajak is making all kinds of waves today. in an interview with espn, he talked about his long, liquid lunches with vanna white. david wright has the details. >> all: wheel, of, fortune. >> reporter: the clue is mexican spirit.
7:45 am
three consonants. four vowels. now causing quite the stir. >> "wheel of fortune" host pat sajak made a shocking revelation. >> reporter: when you're behind the wheel of the most popular syndicated game show on television, apparent lirks sobriety is optional. >> have you done "wheel of fortune" a little bit drunk? >> yes. >> reporter: how about a "t" and a "q." >> we had a place across the street called los arcos. they serve great margaritas. vanna and i would go across and have two, or three, or six and come and do the last shows having trouble recognizing the letters. >> you did a handful loaded up on margaritas? >> we did. i think the average number was
7:46 am
quatro. >> reporter: i would like the solve the puzzle, please? sure enough, across the street is a popular staff haunt. the name is changed. it's called el torito now. the place is going strong. i'm in the a tequila drinker. i gotta say, the margaritas are pretty good. sajak later said he was joking, exaggerating. >> a lit show, a little cable interview. two guys joking about margaritas 30 years ago. >> reporter: turns out, pho fortune's wheel with turn on its. >> thanks to pat for giving us more fun for a day. coming up, josh has a "play of the day." and a reality check for one of the real house wives. [ female announcer ] what makes florida's natural orange juice
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here's "the play of the day." >> really? really? >> you missed "the play of the day." >> it's the second "play of the day." for every oscar nominee that has been there before, there are all the unfelonious, who sacrifice lives and finances hoping to hear or see their names.
7:51 am
take a look at andrew and gigi. the minds behind the film time freak. >> for role. for animated. for art direction. cinemaing to if i. documentary short subject. >> i can't take it. >> all right. >> only three. >> oh, wow. film editing. >> short animated. short film live action. okay. here we go. [ screaming ] >> it was worth it. >> josh, that was a long, long setup. but it was worth it. >> look at that. >> oh, my. >> electroshock. >> and best of luck february 26th to those two and their short film.
7:52 am
can we see it. rafa nadal and roger federer. they were trumped by a ball boy. take a look at that. take another look. at that been. >> oh. -one. -two.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and to the r -- and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. happy friday. we are dealing with some wet weather now and satellite radar shows we are socked in. a line of showers and thunderstorms around the city. all this is pushing off to the north and east. we will get a break behind it but we will see more showers possibly a thunderstorm work et cetera way in here going through the remainder he of the morning. we will have a wet morning and then we will dry out going into afternoon. weather pattern is warm. we will have the warm front push through the area. behind the warm front the cold front will pass through later on in the afternoon. and then that's when temperatures will start to drop. future trend picking up on the
7:57 am
wet weather going into the 8:00 time frame. goes into motion and we clear out nicely going into two and i will say we are safely dry for the most part and then more sunshine and especially as we go into saturday and then a little clipper roll through and bring a few more clouds but we should stay dry. let's check the traffic now with burt. >> reporter: good morning. we have more daylight to see the wet conditions on the roadway. maryland 125 on i-95 southbound looking heavy and sluggish at this location. live look at the johns falls, pressway he the view at northern parkway heavy volume and basically stop and go now make your way to the jfx into baltimore many beltway ride heavy with outer loop delays from bel air on the northeast side across towson and liberty road to things inial pike with heavier traffic affecting most of the ride. your 95 through the tunnel tolls no reported problems through the totals and we have got no major accidents but stay
7:58 am
cautious we have wet roadways and give yourself extra time. i am burt clay with the traffic on abc2 news. now back to new york and "good morning america.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's friday friday gotta get down on friday everybody going for the weekend ♪ you go, girl. that's all i have to say. and we needed this today. we need to get down on friday. a big audience out in times square. they don't care that it's raining. love to have them here. we have a -- we'll get ready for a big, new, "show me the money." >> oh, that's right. our show went on the road to tell a whole town what they have. >> almost half a million we have found for people. >> and we're still going strong. also ahead, a stunning
8:01 am
revelation by one of "the real housewives of beverly hills wp" her sister, kyle, will join us live. and madonna's new gal pal. she's seen ever where with the superstar. she'll be lighting up screens across the country. we'll find out what it's like to have the material girl as your biggest fan and possibly bff. why did you run off? we have a special announcement. we -- >> really? >> good boy, good boy. we're going reveal the invebl new cast of "dancing with the stars." it's exciting. not today. tuesday, february 28th, from hollywood. an amazing celebration full of surprises as we count down -- gotcha -- to the most exciting season. >> he looks so handsome today. >> we love you so much, by the
8:02 am
way, because that was disappointing. i thought you were going do it right now. >> i thought you were running out of the review. >> no. >> back to the -- >> now that he's back, josh, give us the news. we're going to begin with the new hostage crisis in somalia in morning. pirates are threatening to kill an american journalist recently taken hostage in the u.s. stages another raid. the journalist was researching a book about piracy. abc news is not names him as the request of his family. the other big story this morning. another massive attack threatening to destabilize iraq. at least 32 people were killed today. it's the latest in a wave of attacks following the u.s. military's withdrawal. and a new poll this morning shows mitt romney opening up a nine-point lead over newt gingrich in florida.
8:03 am
last nigh's debate may help reinforce the momentum. romney was the clear winner, attacking gingrich early and often. especially over the claim that romney is anti-immigrant. the two exchanged attacks over their investment ties to mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac. now to standoff in ohio. the manager called 911 to report that a woman was holding her hostage and had a gun pointed at her back. >> 911, what is your emergency. >> i'm nicky. i'm the manager of the mcdonald's on vine street. a woman says she has a gun and i need to evacuate the building. >> reporter: it was a remarkable 911 call. a woman is in her restaurant, threatening her with a gun. she asks the customers to leave the building. there's an emergency, i need everybody to leave. i'm on the phone with the
8:04 am
police. i'm sorry. >> that's okay. the. >> thank you. >> reporter: then she asks the woman if she can let her employees leave. >> everybody take their headset office. >> reporter: she asks to speak to the police officers outside. the dispatcher continues to question nickie. >> can you see a gun on her, nickie? >> it's on my back. >> reporter: police are finally able to coax schulze out of the building. >> i don't want to hurt anybody. >> you don't want to what? >> i don't want to hurt anybody. >> okay, then, please, do not. >> reporter: schulz did not have a gun. but she made a threatening move and police fired twice. now she's in the hospital this morning in stable condition. meanwhile, actor robert hegyes has died. you knew him as epstein, from the series "welcome back,
8:05 am
kotter." he died on thursday of a heart attack. he was just 60 years old. and the king of a castle. he's been battling a disease for five years. he was presented with this. a massive castle build billionth in his own backyard. 24 by 24. it took months to make. and david calls the whole thing mind-blowing. i can think of no more deserving king today. that's for sure. >> for sure. >> really nice. >> that is great. and speaking of magical. great transition for pop news, everybody. talk about a fairy god mother. though yet to confirm it, beyonce and jay-z are rumored to have chosen none other than oprah winfrey to be blue ivy's godmother. oprah sent a trunk of children's
8:06 am
books to the baby when she was 3 days old. we're thinking if this is true, on her 16th birthday, she'll hear, you get a car! little blue ivy! >> that was good. >> blue ivy! apparently, mariah carey is really relieved that nick cannon is getting better. she bought him a bet well present in the way of a shiny ferrari. and to think i used to get mad libs when i was sick. mariah, i feel feverish. >> i got ginger ale. >> it was a big day. archie comic books. uggie the dog is going out on top. he's retiring. the 10-year-old deserves a life of leisure after working so hard
8:07 am
for so many years. he's 70 in human years. his little brother, dash, has worked as a standin in the past. >> i was going to volunteer k.j. she's a free loader. that's my dog. she could have -- she's ready for a closeup. >> i believe she is. now, for our favorite song done elmo-style. listen up. ♪ i'm elmo and i know it >> yo! ♪ you need the help my hands ki curled i'm in elmo's world it's time to go so we don't make noise no shoes no shirt ♪ ♪ and i still get service. oh oh oh i make art ♪ >> all right.
8:08 am
this is a parody of "sexy and i know it." the video stars big bird. and since the kids wrote the lyrics, they're cleaned up. instead of girl, look at that body. the refrain is, kids look at these crayons. the letters of the day, lmfao. >> i believe it's snuffleupagus. >> i get confused. >> in the interest of journalistic exactitude. coming up in our last half hour, we'll dissect the origins of snuffleupagus. >> no, we're going get some weather. sam? i want to show every face in the crowd today. it's pouring down rain in times square. it means so much for you the be
8:09 am
here. you graduated and it's your birthday. tell me your name. >> it's page, jones. >> where are you from? >> north carolina. >> this outfit needs no rain. this outfit repels water. >> doid you see the shoes? >> i did. you look boofl. we love you for being out here this morning. we'll show you cool air. no winter, really. it's been very warm temperatures. a little pulse of cold air. minneapolis gets to 17 on sunday. detroit, 29. how long will this one last? not long. the warm air pushes back in here. we'll show you where the thunderstorms are rolling. charleston, norfolk, dover. l.a. at 80 degrees.
8:10 am
>> look at your sign. holding up even in the rain. nicely done. oh, lara? here's what's coming up on the gma morning menu. kim rip ards makes a stunning rev likes. her sister, kyle, is here to tell us about kim's struggle. and madonna's new best friend. why she's stepping into the spotlight.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
"real housewives" and beverly hills might not seem like they fit in the same sentence. but our next guest is just that. kyle richards is on the show. she has a book. she's dealing with real real-life issues. >> right now. >> stop it. >> you're a liar and an
8:14 am
alcoholic. >> oh, my god. >> that's right. i said it. everybody knows. >> it's the ongoing saga that has riveted viewers since that limo ride. it's tale of two sisters. kyle richards, the supernova, known for her loving husband and their brood of beverly hills children. and her older sister, kim, who seemed to struggle on the show. rumors of substance abuse, gossiped about at every turn. >> your sister is in the bathroom. she's wasted. >> reporter: now the speculation is over. the explosive three-part reunion starts airing next week. kim will admit for the first time when she went to rehab. >> can you tell us what you sought treatment for? >> yeah, i'm an alcoholic.
8:15 am
i'm an alcoholic. >> reporter: before this show, most people knew the richards as aunts to paris hilton. it's the housewives franchise that made them into household names. they were show business veteran long before. raised in hollywood, kim was the star of the family, appears in movies like disney's classic "escape to witch mountain." >> tony, you've got to get out of here before it's too late. >> reporter: while kyle was on tv shows, like "little house on the prairie." >> reporter: today, the most challenging role to date. watching their real-life relationship playing out in the public eye. >> it's impert active for families to be part of the process. >> reporter: despite all the drama that the housewives bring, the sisters are poised to take
8:16 am
on this challenging time together. we're so happy to have kyle richards back here. welcome. >> thank you. >> how are you all doing? how is kim? >> he's doing fine. she's strong. she's moving forward. we're proud of her. >> you had not seen her admit, to say it out loud, i am an alcoholic. >> i'm proud of her. that's the biggest step in recovery. >> what was it like having to rewatch everything you have been through. as a viewer, so many were cringing just watching it happen. for you to go through it once and go through it again. >> it was very difficult. because i think what happened in season one, there was a lot of passive-aggressiveness going on. >> the limo fight. >> right. i had had a lot of pain and
8:17 am
built up anger towards her. she did towards me, too. it was a virus cycle. it was difficult to have people dissect and analyze your relationship thinking they know you from a tv show. >> when you are watching your sister struggle. so painfully, do you regret signing on to let cameras follow your every move? >> absolutely there are those moments. like the limo, those moments. a lot of season two was difficult also. absolutely. >> the one thing i think a lot of viewers were asking. people wondered if there was a substance abuse problem. we were watching it happen as you were living it. what was the final straw that led your sister to get help? >> think she really did realize, you know, being prompted by our family, to go and get help. she, i have to give her credit for making that decision on her
8:18 am
own. i think it was just an accumulation of things. >> no one, big, house wives intervention? >> no. nothing to do with that. our family and sitting down and she really felt it was time to go. i'm very happy and proud she made the decision. >> how is kim today? >> she's great. really good. you know, told her, i don't know if you want to watch the show all the time. i don't want her to look back and beat herself up. i want her to stay positive and move forward. >> do you think watching the show might have led to her getting help? going wow, that t is me. i hit bottom. >> actually, no. she's not into watching the show, or the tabloids or internet. >> that's a good thing for her. next week is the big start of the reunion. what can you tell us? was it -- >> oh, my gosh.
8:19 am
it's like mental torture sitting there with all the women. we had put our arguments to rest a few months ago. to rehash everything is painful. if you're honest, people are highly sensitive. it leads to an argument again. in the morning, we're run around, laughing, joking, by the end of the day, it's as if you're not talking, feelings are hurt. >> drama, drama, drama. you talk about it candidly in your new book, "life is not a reality show." i wondered if sometimes you forget that. the cameras seem to be always here. you have a terrific chapter on sisterly love. it was so important to you. >> i don't think you can love anyone like a sister or fight with anyone like a sister. i talk a lot about that. my sisters, kathy, kim, and myself, were all very close. our mom raised us. any accomplishment one makes is a feather in all of our caps. we were always proud.
8:20 am
i think for kathy, kim, and me, we're all very happy and proud of her. >> kathy, of course, being the mom of paris and nicky. >> and i have four daughters. >> i know. how are kim's kids? are they okay? >> they're wonderful. they're good. >> they are. okay. so the book is "life is not a reality show." the finale starts next week. hang on to your hats. and we're glad to hear that kim is better. sober. >> yes, yes. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> robin, over to you now. now to madonna. the superstar once starred in the movie, "who's that girl?" now everyone is asking that question of the woman seen with madonna on the red carpet. she's a costar of madonna's new movie. i have to admit, i'm did say,
8:21 am
who is that with madonna. >> you're going to know. her name is andrea riseborough. what does madonna have to say about the movie star? what does the star have to say about madonna? perhaps she's best known as the woman on madonna's arm these days. sharing any number of red carpets with the material girl. don't know who she is? wait a few months. you will. andrea riseborough has an astounding five films coming out this year with hollywood hotties like clive owen, jason bateman. and she's landed a new role starring opposite tom cruise. tom cruise, that's pretty exciting. >> it's very exciting. i'm truly just -- feverish about it. >> reporter: she was madonna's date to the golden globe this is
8:22 am
past sunday. what is it like to go out in a circumstance like that with her? >> really, it's a trip. >> reporter: the one cast member mentioned by name when madonna won the award for best song. >> andrea riseborough who is sitting right in front of me, because truly, her performance in my film is a masterpiece. >> reporter: what were you feeling, thinking in that moment? >> i felt very lucky. it was so -- so -- so very kind of her. >> reporter: the pastor piece of her performance is in madonna's new movie, "w.e." she plays wallis simpson, the duchess of windsor. it's funny to see someone playing a character and then see them in life. every once in awhile, you have an expression that i say, ah, the duchess. >> it took me all of 15 or 20
8:23 am
minutes to do that. she's very likable. >> reporter: when i talked to madonna about the movie, we met in the sweet at the waldorf astoria. >> their friends would lend art work to make them feel at home. i would never lend my picasso to anybody. >> do you have one? >> yes, should i not have said that? >> reporter: madonna, tell me about the first time you met her? she's intimidating at times i think. >> she was gentle and graceful. and then talked about the project with tenacity. i was utterly taken with her. from that moment, we spent every day together for the next seven months. >> reporter: she wore
8:24 am
meticulously researched outfits. the film picked up a nomination for best costume design. >> we were so fortunate. one seamstress got on the floor at my feet and cried when the pattern came together. it's not my birthday. >> reporter: cartier made a replica for the movie. madonna said when she asked to keep it -- they said no. >> they said we consider it a work of art. as a consolation prize, they made this brace let for me and asked me what stones i wanted this to be made of. i asked for the by the stones of all my children. >> reporter: though the woman playing wallis simpson didn't get any jewels, she got a special gift of her own. >> i had a gift i was given by my director. >> reporter: will you tell us
8:25 am
what it was? >> it's a very beautiful signed picture of wall lis and edward, it's very special to me. >> reporter: i think it would be safe to say that your level of celebrity is about to go into the next phase of whatever that is. do you feel ready? >> i don't know. i didn't set out to be famous. i set out to be successful. i realize now that what i want to be is happy. and fortunately, i am. >> andrea riseborough. if you want to know how close they have become, they got dressed together to go to the golden globes. i said, what did you talk about? she said we talked about hemingway all the way down the red carpet. >> is she ready for this? five major films coming out. >> it's a lot. i think the celebrity part takes
8:26 am
time to get used to. >> have great weekend, cynthia. "w.e." opens in theaters february 3rd. coming up, a brand new "show me the money." people have to claim the money today.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate byweatherate. >> good morning and happy friday. we are dealing with wet weather across the area. we have a break in the action though back around carroll county and frederick county. but the wetl is -- weather is here and it is pushing to the eastern shore we are seeing wet weather and heavier rain in the reds and yellows and oranges and we are seeing more of that in aberdeen down into lake shore. so we will get that for a couple few more minutes and then we are seeing again into severna park and crownsville and arnold and another batch of rain from the south that will work its way in going through the remaining hours of the morning. i will be here to give outdetails how to stay dry. let's check out traffic with burt. >> reporter: good morning. the first look at traffic ip 95 at maryland 175 in the jessup
8:28 am
area. heavy friday morning volume at a good clip but heading into baltimore, the jones falls expressway, what you see is what you get. heavy with sluggish traffic from 695 through cold spring lane down into baltimore. rain outer loop delays with sluggish traffic and inner loop from green spring into towson. that's traffic many now to the news des glk in the news this morning maryland -- in nurse this morning re-- in news this morning, among the proposals outlined on thursday, was one that would ensure social studies is taught in schools as a core content area. and u.s. house democrats will take a trip on maryland eastern shore. this morning at 10:30 vice president joe biden will address house democrats annual retreat in cambridge many now back to new york for good morning america. have a great day.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ the best things in life are free but you can give them to i need money ♪ behind the scenes at "gma" on friday morning. this morning, get ready for big money. we're going the take you to a city where $250,000 in unclaimed cash will vanish by the end of the day if they don't claim it. >> so glad you don't have cameras on side. just use your mind. also ahead, okay. creepy guy, teenage girl. >> this is a new story. >> creepy guy, teenage girls. if you saw this playing out in front of you, we'll see if anyone intervenes. >> i sure hope they did. on a more positive note.
8:31 am
chef fabio viviani is here with some of his favorite dishes. italian wedding soup and his grandma's roasted chicken. smells so good. first, time again for "show me the money." so far, "gma" has helped viewers get back $433,723 in unclaimed money. we're not done yet. the city of pasadena, california, has more than $250,000 in unclaimed money. if the people on the list don't claim their money by the end of the day today, the city is going to keep it. elisabeth leamy rushed to california to get the word out. >> reporter: when we brought the show me the money mobile to p s pasade pasadena, california, some people were no longer at their last known locations. that's a lot of money. others didn't seem to believe
8:32 am
us. zblr 4,0959. >> okay. >> reporter: most were overjoyed. is this welcome news? >> are you kidding? this is fantastic. >> sandy and her husband tom will get $1750. >> if you hadn't come, we wouldn't have known. >> next up, the comic factory. >> that's fascinating. >> reporter: $270 is not a ton. but think how many books they would have to sell to get that. are you going get yours in time? >> i will. thank you. >> reporter: neither saw their names on the website or in the paper. last october, the city council member bs voted to set a deadline then keep people's unclaimed money. after the department of finance assured them the staff goes
8:33 am
through a rigorous procedure to find them. get this. one of the entities the city of pasadena couldn't find is the pasadena unified school district. can't be that hard. let's take a look. and there it is. two miles away. here we go. the journey was 16 block. just 4 turns. so that took six minutes. and, this is it. did you really try that hard. because we were able to find many of these people easily. >> well, let me explain it this way. we used to be able to have staff to make phone calls and to go after those type of unclaimed checks and try to find them. the resources that we had four or five year ago, we no longer have. >> reporter: cynics will say this is a money grab by the city. is it? >> absolutely not. the city's budget is over $80
8:34 am
million. we're talking about $40,000, $50,000 unclaimed a year. the city has the right to put the checks in a separate account, track it, investigate it. it's a burden on the city to hold it. >> reporter: so we hit the road again to help. i'm from "good morning america." there are $225 in unclaimed funds waiting for the local girl scouts. that's 56 boxes of cookies. >> thank you very much. it will all go in the girls. >> reporter: we had high hopes at the next stop. it was a biggie. this check represents the amount of money the city has for you. yep, $3,300. he says his company probably overpaid for permits. >> i'm glad to know there's somebody out there like yourself looking after us. >> reporter: yes, "gma" to the rescue. >> there you go.
8:35 am
>> reporter: weshl not done yet. the city of pasadena has a check for you for $1,176. do you understand english? >> a little. not too much. >> reporter: muy bueno. eventually, her son translated. will this money with helpful for you? [ speaking spanish ] >> she said, of course, because she's not working now. >> reporter: as the sun began to set, we went for one more. seriously, i'm with "good morning america." i spilled the good news to dennis that the city has $2,772 waiting for his wife. >> she'll claim it by friday? >> reporter: yeah. >> we definitely need it. this is perfect. mortgage for next week. thank you very much, "good
8:36 am
morning america." ♪ >> we managed to alert people to a total of $14,452 all in one day. we hope that number will go higher as people see this story. you have to claim your money today. by the close of business. if you live in pasadena or know somebody who does, check out the list of recipients. we have a link on our website. >> can they streamline the process? >> absolutely. they're pushing people to go for direct deposit. some people have a problem with opening the mail and cashing the check. >> to find out how to claim unclaimed money in your city, go to on yahoo!. >> it's raining in new york city. but, i don't feel it. i don't notice it at all. basically, don't notice.
8:37 am
there's any rain. all right. one or two things going on this morning we want to show you. we're going to start with where? the cold air? no, twitter pictures and facebook pictures. josh and robin, their arms are like, i can't -- augusta, maine. keep sending in the pictures. here's the little, some would say a weak -- a weak snowstorm from traverse city. suddenly, i'm more wet than if you weren't here, josh. how does that work? the wet weather returns to the west. enjoy the dry skris now. that's the weather
8:38 am
>> and suddenly, i'm soaking wet. all that weather was brought to you by j.c. penney. >> we have taken a giant leap towards our big goal. 1 million coats in the warm coats, warm hearts drive. we have sent sal masakela to the x games in aspen. take a look. >> what's up, "gma." special agent sal masakela here. a special agent for warm coats, warm hearts coat drive. even here has coats. i'm going to get some. what's going on, man. two-time gold medalist. are you fired up? >> looking forward to this week,
8:39 am
for sure. >> i'm looking forward to that and i'm looking for coats. >> i have one here for you. >> you know where else i can find one? >> kevin probably has one for you, too. >> two-time gold medalist for ski superpipe. going for three in a row. i'm working for "good morning america" right now to get coats. can you help me out? >> i can give you mine. >> right off your back. >> heard you were coming. >> as i understand it, you're going to take this sled and do flips to win medals. >> hopefully a couple of golds. >> i'm going for coats right now. >> in is one of the warmest i got. i know where i can get you another one. mr. o'brien. >> bronze, silver. going for 1 million coats for warm coat, warm hearts. i'm a special agent for "good morning america." >> here's my extra coat.
8:40 am
i'm always prepared. >> as cow can see, mission accomplished. everybody here in the giving spirit. these folks on the way to you in new york. >> all right, thank you, sal. thank you to the athletes. now it's time again. the new tally, ladies and gentlemen is -- 982,329 coats. we're closing in on the 1 million mark. drop your coats off at any burlington coat factory. you can see the winter x games in aspen on espn. espn3 and espn 3-d. winter x continues through the weekend on espn and abc. coming up, take a look. this guy seems to be taking advantage of those young girls. if you saw that, what would you do? >> oh, no, he didn't. no he didn't.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
what would you do is back tonight with a scenario that everyone who has daughters would want to watch. you see a photographer chatting up teenage girls. he offers them a chance at what teams to be the big time. john quinones is here with more. >> we have two starry-eyed teens
8:44 am
out for a meal when they're discovered by a creepy photographer. he promise to make the girls' modeling dreams come true. they have to go back to his studio in his house. what would you do if you saw this? ♪ >> reporter: a photo shoot. magazine covers. fame. ♪ i'm a supermodel >> reporter: just like the song supermodel, young girls are obsessed with it. how gullible can they be? >> it's great. >> oh, yeah, actually. do that. it's good. >> reporter: at first, mark and katie seem to think the girmss' dreams of making it to the big time are funny. that'until one of our actresses seems concerned. >> your studio in in the house?
8:45 am
>> it's in the basement. i have a pool. i'll be back in five minutes. >> reporter: as the couple begins to debate over who should say something, we tell one of our actresses to go to the bathroom. >> i think this could be our big break. think about it. >> reporter: mark decides it's now or never. >> don't let her. >> you don't think i should go either. >> no, that guy looks so creepy. >> reporter: it's time for mark and katie to try to reason with our blonde. >> we overheard that little conversation. kind of -- um -- creepy. like, i don't think you should trust that guy at all. >> reporter: jeremy returns as the mood gets tense. >> here he is. >> you can come along if you want to. but she's actually -- >> i don't feel comfortable. >> reporter: again, mark tries to help the girls. >> they have your card, right? so they can get back to you when they're ready? >> it has to be tonight.
8:46 am
any way. whatever you want to do. i have a deadline i have to get to. >> a deadline for what? >> this is how the business works now. >> no, it's not. >> you don't have to do it. i understand. >> reporter: and now, mark has heard enough. >> i think you should leave, dude. get out of here right now. all right? >> okay, all right. all right. okay, all right. i'm going, i'm going. >> how are you? >> oh, no. >> are you okay. >> how's it going. >> good, good. you weren't going let him take them? >> definitely not. >> it could endanger you are you. >> yeah, but better than not doing anything. >> another hero. those two young girls are actresses. they say this kind of thing happens all too often. their advice is follow your instinct. if something doesn't seem right,
8:47 am
it's probably not. >> i like that guy, mark. coming up, fabio viviani from top chef is here with an italian family feast for a friday.
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're so excited to have chef fabio viviani join us. he started working in restaurants at the age of 11? >> i had to. i was forced into. i loved it. i got stuck with it. >> you found your calling. that was in italy. now you're a californian. you have cooked for the likes of william shatner. he's your b.f. apparently.
8:50 am
>> he's a good friend. he's been a good man to me. >> good food leads to good friendship. >> california and america teach me a lot about the local grower. i always say i have the big backyard. the biggest backyard ever. california is my backyard. and seeing all this there, the produce. the fresh vegetables. the meat, the cheese. you got everything you need in the backyard. >> you do. >> this is one of the favorite american soups. the italian wedding soup. but onto honestly, i never had italy. it's so simple and fresh. anybody can do it. carrots, celery, onion. fresh spinach. adding fresh spinach to it. while the spinach is cooking and reducing, some chicken stock. please always make your chicken
8:51 am
stock. we're going to cook all the vegetables together. and then, there you go. and then -- >> you do it like i do. >> chefs are a little messy. but that's okay. >> but you're cute. >> and then the italian part. the best part. the meatball. >> that's all reducing. we got the stock. now, italian fish or pasta. there's not italian -- it is good, isn't it? >> delicious. >> it's orzo. one of the classic italian pasta soups. while the orzo is cooking in the broth, we're shaping the meatballs. we have to do little, tiny meatballs. coming from california, maybe not everybody knows, generally, is the california month for the restaurant business. if you want to enjoy the true
8:52 am
food, the cuisine of california -- >> this is the time to do it. >> the time of the month is january. if you're planning a trip, just make sure it's in january. every month of the year is a good month for visiting california. >> fabio, you have never been more true. i'm making meatball soup here. we have to focus. you have been eating. look at you. >> thank you. >> how long does it cook? >> as long as the meatballs are fully cook, it's time to go. the pasta has to be al dente. >> are you serving me? >> i am the. >> let's leave the two -- >> i know. >> this is the first -- >> all right. >> thank you very much. josh. >> i can't. i have to serve you first. i can't do this. >> it's delicious. will you stay with me, please. >> i'll have some chicken.
8:53 am
>> and the chicken. i'm getting tortured all day, everybody. the roasted chicken recipe is delicious. trust me. you can get the recipes on our website, on yahoo!. thank you for coming and endu enduri enduring. the name of the show is "chow
8:54 am
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you are -- >> you made fabio blush. >> i think we've been hanging out with pat sajak and vanna white. we have elton john and lisa marie presley next week. thanks for watching. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. it's a happy friday but it's a rainy friday out there. we can see on maryland's most powerful radar now
8:57 am
rainstretching into chestertown right now also reaching rock hall and churchill and heading towards galena. heavy downpours across the area and then we see another round of rain stretching back down to the south. that's working its way in through the morning as wept and things will get much better going into the afternoon. so that's what we are waiting for a big look at the satellite and radar, we are waiting for this moisture down south to work its way in through here. across the eastern shore andas we go through the remainder of the morning you saw where the clearing line is not too far away and that's what we are waiting for the warm front to psh through and temperatures warming up. but we will have that cold front move through as we go through the afternoon. and that's going to drop the temperatures down as we go throughout the day. but in the meantime, we are dealing with the temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in some spots and even got to the 60s for today. future trend picking up on what's going ongoing into motion we will get the last batch of rain out of here. and i see we should be mainly dry going into the 2:00 hour
8:58 am
and then we will see a little bit of sunshine a few peeks of sunshine and the real sunshine and clearing won't come until we go later into the evening and into tomorrow. now as we reach saturday, well, things will be sunny but then we will have a clipper system clip us but i think it's going to be bringing us mostly cloud cover. no type snow with that. 58 degrees early this morning. and we will get windy going throughout the day. and 32 clearing skies and we will take that and then by tomorrow, the temperature coming in right around 52 degrees and it will become breezy throughout the day. 7-day forecast gets cooler heading into monday. and then as we head into the first day of february, 56 degrees.
8:59 am


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