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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 27, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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hello, everyone, i'm bethune-cookman, we've been scouring the web for the best stories and videos and it's time to show them to you, "right this minute." a pack of girls attack the new kid. see the astounding video that had a lot of people asking -- why isn't this bus driver doing anything? a rich ball player pitches a fit when he's thrown in a cop car.
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>> that's awesome, dude! see the story behind the arrest. tired of plain pizza on super bowl sunday. tired of trying to please your picky eater friends? listen up, we've got snacks to make them shut upeat. and meet the dude who did -- >> one back flip every single day in 2011. >> why he did it, and -- >> why the naked back-flip? >> there's actually two. nick will get things started for us today with a story he found. >> when you send your kids off to school, you expctcthey're intoese, that yore to get to school okay, unharmed. to ocala, florida, where a security camera on a middle school bus captured a very disturbing sight. 13-year-old girl, her first day on the bus, she's being forced to stand on the bus by some of the other kids, because it's her first day.
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she decides to sit on her sister's lap. the kids begin teasing her for that. at some point, a shoe was thrown at her. it looks like a boy gets under her face and she's just trying to ignore the whole situation. and the bus is very crowded. and they, other girls just start swinging at her. she kind of brushes it off and then things get really ugly. >> oh, my gosh. this is infuriating. >> why isn't the bus driver doing anything? he doesn't seem to be paying attention to what's going on in the background. >> the girls in the front are yelling at him, telling him to stop the bus. he gets on the radio. i think finally gets to the school. the five girls ranging in age from 12 to 15 years old. they beat her 10 to 15 times, gave her a concussion, knocked her unconscious. this happened on january 6th, they're being prosecuted in jewel knife court. the school is recommending that every single one of these kids be expelled from the district.
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>> i don't understand the behavior of these kids and what would cause them to not allow this girl to sit down. like who came up with that rule? >> this is alarming and this says something about what we're doing wrong as society. if we're allowing young people to behave in this way. dash cam video was released this week for an incident that happened back in september involving a pretty famous athlete. we see this truck in the middle of our screen. >> right from the far left lane. >> the driver of the car is 44-year-old curtis leskanic. the former pitcher of the boston red sox. when officers asked for his driver's license. instead he pulled out his major league baseball scout i.d. card. it turns out his blood alcohol level was .33. >> whoa! >> oh, my gosh. i can't believe he could even start the car. >> that's nearly four times the legal limit. in the state of florida. police did arrest him for d.u.i.
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he was also charged with child neglect. because not only was his 5-year-old daughter in the car, she was in the front seat, unrestrained. the reason the dash cam video was released this week, he had his preliminary court hearing on monday. so video of leskanic continues once they have him cuffed and in the back seat of the officer's car. he was pretty compliant as you can see, as they were putting the cuffs on him outside the car. but once he's inside the car, he gets pretty angry. >> [ bleep ] you! y-o-u! you're [ bleep ] awesome! 9/11 awesome! >> listen to him, he's sobbing in the back seat of the cop car. >> oh, my god! i pay taxes on everything and you're going to arrest me? that's awesome, dude! >> i pay taxes, so the police
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will take people like him off the roads. i can guarantee you ladies are not going to be happy at how this little boy is talking to his mother. >> uh-oh. >> her, somebody caught this conversation in a london transit bus. you see this little boy, is having a bit of an argument with his mom. >> i want to sit by myself. you won't never let me sit by myself. i don't like sitting next to you! it's shameful! >> he's not done. >> he's not done, he goes on to say a lot worse things. listen -- >> i'm going to call the police. >> when you go home you're not going it lie to me. >> i'm going to report you to the police. >> i'm going to venture a guess that martha and nancy would not put up with this. >> no. >> oh, the pinch and twist. >> oh, that hurts. >> oh, they got me good. >> oh, you got me! >> stop it, you're not going to ruin this!
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>> does he start getting physical with his mom? he starts attacking his mom? >> it looks like they're wrestling in the seat. he's shouting at somebody else. >> calm down. >> i'm going to punch your face out! >> wow. >> she also dares him to do it. >> it looks like she is still in control, though. in spite of the fact that he's being completely disrespectful. >> growing up, we all get in arguments with our parents and say things that you know, we now regret. ten, 20 years from now, i think he's going to be embarrassed to the things that he's saying to his own mother. >> she brought him into this world. >> and she can take him out, too. >> he needs to respect her. >> i'll punch your face out. guys, we need to raise $289 to buy nick an onrithopter. >> a 1993, shawn kincaid knighthawk. >> wow! >> i've seen toy airplanes and i
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think it's amazing when people fly those. but this, this is pretty cool. >> that's really cool. >> and from a distance, it looks like a real bird. >> these shots were further away, you wouldn't think it was like a robot bird. >> i was expecting a gopro on it to see what happens, if they didn't. >> yes. >> whoa! >> what do you think? >> it's awesome. i love it. >> which is what nick will say if we raise the money to get one! >> it landed solid, i'll tell you that. >> look at that thing, isn't that neat? >> you want this for my birthday, gayle, you're exactly right. so start saving your money, guys, because this is a good gift. my birthday is coming up in few months. >> what happened to the link? some sky-diving vergens take
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it slomo on their first time. and a girlfriend makes her boyfriend think she's cheating. but, was she expecting this? >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> oh, man!
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>> have you ever been sky-diving? >> no. do you want to? >> no. >> would you be terrified coming out of the plane or elated? >> i would be dead, someone would have to throw me out of the plane. >> is that the only way you would do it? >> yup. >> this video is from sky dive dubai. it shows people on their first tandem jumps, and surprisingly, they look pretty happy. >> where is the camera? >> on the sky diver that jumped out just ahead of them. maybe it's not as scary as you think? >> yeah, it is. >> how do you know? >> i'm convinced if you're falling 15,000 feet that it's scary. >> i don't even know if i would want to see what i look like.
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i would ask the photographer, just throw away the camera. >> they're holding what looks like the photographer's foot and hands during that, that is crazy. >> it's mesmerizing, you see everybody's slow-mo and all the smiling, happy faces. i pictured everybody jumping out, looking terrified. what day of the year do we consume the most calories? >> thanksgiving. >> and what day do we consume the second-most amount of calories we do in a year? >> christmas. >> nope. super bowl sunday. we found some recipes posted that have a lot of people's interest for the big game. and let's start with hot pizza dip. >> already on board. >> the recipe is easy. and i although of what it starts with -- eight ounces of cream cheese. aut all the best recipes start out with eight ounces of cream cheese. for people who want something to take to a potluck, somebody posted the sweet life, a blog with savory eats and they came
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up with pizza puffs. you make what look like muffins but they're actually pizza puffs. >> that looks like a little blueberry mini muffin. if it tastes like pizza? i'm all for it. >> and then there's the one person who says, i'm not eating meat or bread, i'm doing low carbs. we give you cauliflower crust pizza. a pizza with crust made out of cauliflower. >> i would take a bite of this? but then i would do a face-plant in the dip. these are alternatives to just calling a pizza place and ordering pizza. these are the creative alternatives? >> yes. for people who want to try this, we will put the recipes on our website at pat sayjac is famous for his host on "wheel of fortune." he recently made a guest appearance on another tv show.
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and. >> welcome again. >> who is it, poppi? >> pat sayjac. >> sitting to dan's right is his father. >> have you ever done "wheel of fortune" a little bit drunk? >> yes. we had a different show then, you didn't win money, you won fake money with which you could buy cheesy prizes. >> you don't remember that? >> i absolutely remember that. and i always remember when people had a few bucks left they would always buy the ceramic greyhound. >> i thought that maybe you hadn't seen it. i wanted to show you an old episode of "wheel of fortune" from the 1980s. >> if i had $1.50 i would have found -- >> $1300, what would you like? >> the greyhound, it was totally in the shot. >> the turntable would go around and housewives from teaneck would say, for $100 i'll have
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the lamp. because we had all of those prizes, our dinner hour would be two and a half hours long. we had a place across the street that served great margaritas. vana and i would go across and have two or three or six and then come do and the last show and have trouble recognizing the alphabet. >> he was so honest in this video that you can't help but really like him. he said on average it was four margaritas. >> i would be hesitant to have anything to drink now, although i'm hammered at this moment. next time on "right this minute" -- >> what do you want to be when you grow up? that's next time on "right this minute." a back flip a day for a year. no matter the condition. oh! he is naked. >> dude. >> yes, that, too, see why a back flip a day. and here's a traffic speed camera you just think is funny. >> rarely do we get to see the radar gun in action. >> and rarely do they have two
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a lot of people set their new year's resolutions, right? generally -- they kind of forget about them. >> sam morrison did one back flip every single day in 2011. >> whoa. >> that's 365 back flips. sam's dad bet him $100 that he
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couldn't do a back flip every single day for an entire year. >> basically his dad was challenging him to keep something up for a year. >> you can tell as the snow starts to melt and the weather gets warmer, he's getting better and better at these things. >> pay close attention to this back flip. >> oh, he is naked! >> dude! >> at least we can tell if he's cold. >> and finally, new year's eve 2011, the grand finale of one whole year of back flips. >> aw! >> i hope he gets it all back. >> he rolls in it. >> to tell us more about this adventure, we have sam morrison himself all the way from syracuse university in new york. >> the back flips weren't that difficult. it's the idea that you have to commit to something and follow through with it every day. >> how did you prove to your dad were you doing it every day? did he demand proof? >> at first he was kind of taking my word for it then i
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realized i should put up a blog about it so he could check ever are i day. >> why the naked back flip? >> what was going on there, were you a little worried about posting that video? >> i was. there's actually two. i thought it would be funny to do a birthday back flip in my birthday suit. we actually took a very classy holiday picture to send out to all the sorts on campus. in this picture we're all naked, covering ourselves with santa hats. so it was during that photo shoot that i actually did a bac >> did you ever worry about getting hurt and not being able to finish the challenge? >> that was a scary thought. but i set out to do it, even if i break my leg or something, i'm going to find out a way to finish this. >> so did you this for $100, that's about 27 cents a day. it was worth it? >> absolutely. >> i actually didn't end up getting all the money. i threw it up in the air and all the little kids just jumped on it. >> oh. >> i only got like $30 out of it.
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our favorite kufrl, jesse and gina are back at it, pranking each other. you may remember her most famous trick, while he was watching the philadelphia flyers and she turned offer the tv with the universal remote. they're back, and have most recently done the 100th prank. this one they uploaded the otherday. >> i was going to play a good prank where i pretended i was cheating on him with this guy --. >> that's kind of a, it could get messy. >> she went to the mall and bought all of these clothes that were not jesse's. >> next to my heels like i was out. my date's clothes. and -- my clothes. and there goes my date, waiting for me in bed.
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>> whoa, what the -- --? i'm going to -- [ laughter ] >> oh, man! i got you so good. >> he was going to yank the guy out of his bed. >> that made my heart race, man. >> it's really scary. >> that's, that's some cojones on that girl. >> coming up on the second half hour, the "rtm" top 10 "countdown," you can see what our number one video pick of the day is. you can go to and see all kinds of great videos -- free. the rtm top 10 "countdown,", a great day. dang, those lego things are everywhere. now even in space! >> this is a lego-naut.
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>> the story behind the lego-naut. and if space isn't your adventure, maybe this place
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♪ >> we see a lot of videos on this show, with cops pulling people over and chasing people down for speeding. but rarely do we get to see the radar gun in action. this is actually a popular actor and director from france.
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it looks like that's where he shot this video. his videos on youtube are immensely popular. this one was just posted on the 25th of january. ari has more than 150,000 views. he said if i can't pull these cars over, let me try a little small plane. >> it's so funny to see him try to run in this box contraption. >> here's a tractor, can you imagine how fast the tractor is going? he almost gets knock over by this high-speed train. the best is here when he pulls out the radar gun out on the police. they're not too happy about him impersonating their duties. >> oh my gosh! >> he doesn't get too far. running in that costume is not so easy. he pulls him over. these guy's videos are super-popular, he has more than four million fans on his facebook account. he got in some trouble here, but i think he'll live on to see
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another day and make us another really funny video. there's a new man in space and nasa had nothing to do with it. this is a lego-naut. put up into space by two canadian teenagers. they decided to build their own helium balloon and send their lego man up into space, 80,000 feet. it took them about four months of saturdays, working on this, they met while they were in middle school. before assad muhammed even knew english. his family had emigrated from pakistan. they got to befriend each other and look what they've accomplished. with no more than 400 u.s. dollars, they were able to send lego-naut up into the air. and recover him. >> whoa. >> they recovered him? >> you bet. >> how? >> they had a gps locater on
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board. they said the flight lasted 97 minutes, they used four cameras. two remarkables that two 17-year-olds put all together and pulled this little trick off. >> and the time, four months of saturdays? saturday is like the best day. >> that's cherished time. >> i love that they took the time to put the canadian flag in the shot to represent their home country as they sent mr. lego man, and they call him a lego-naut -- i don't get it? >> astronaut? >> oh, i get it! that's it for this edition of "right this minute." thanks so much for joining us, and right now, before we go, we're going to take you on a trip to malaysia. a video called the land below the wind. enjoy it and stick around, because rtm top ten "countdown" is on the way. ♪ is on the way. ♪ ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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