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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 27, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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bay bridge. this would have been right as school was letting out. a lot of children who leave school go out behind the school and that's the way they get home. we have video that we shot earlier in the day. again, what we know is there was some kind of a fight behind broad neck high school and an 18-year-old victim had to be flown to shock trauma in critical condition. we'll bring you more as we get it. meanwhile, a family looking for answers are hoping someone will come forward and tell them who killed gregory seers. abc2 news don harrison talked to gregory's brother about the
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loss. >> it's horrible, a living hell. >> reporter: that's how it was after his brother was murdered january 6th. greg way was coming home late one night and approached by two men wearing masks. they shot him. >> greg was able to tell them on the way to shock trauma. >> reporter: this husband was about to go through a major life change. >> when greg was shot, he was an expectant father. he's never going to know his child. he's never going to hold that baby, and we're just taking it day by day. >> i had a brother named greg. he was one year younger. >> reporter: he lost a brother named greg in 2000. he was here to show support. >> we need to get a positive
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message out to catch these guys. >> reporter: the family is going through the community handing out fliers offering up a $10,000 reward. the family looking for help, answers that would still not bring back a brother and a father a child will never meet. in laurel, don harrison, abc2 news. >> call metro crime stoppers at 8-866-7 lockup if you have information. firefighters were called to the 3100 block of raven avenue. the child was taken to johns hopkins. the adult was taken to bay view. we started the day with rain in some areas.
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tonight the skies are clear. the roads look clear after a day that had us wanting to play hooky. let's check in with wyatt everhart. not a bad day. we got a steady wind from the north and west and gusting higher. look at some of the peak wind gusts, gusting up to 40. very high profile vehicles going over the bridge. other than that temperatures have been pleasant. they will fall as skies continue to clear out. your evening forecast, we're talking about 50s, eventually going into the 40s. we'll talk more about how the weekend unfolds. it's coming up. two utah teens have been raised, charged with planning to blow up their school. charlie roosevelt leftwich has
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more. >> reporter: the details are unsettling. if the teens managed to pull it off, they could have killed hundreds. the plot was designed to set off explosives during the school assembly when the school would have been filled. the teens were prepared with maps of the school including the security system and thousand logging -- logging thousands of flights on a flight simulator. >> people he cared about he said if i told you not to go to school on this day, would you not go. >> reporter: another text read i had been planning to get back at the school. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. some of the passengers who
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survived the italian cruise ship wreck are rejecting the offer of less thafn $15,000. the company said it's to come pep say the passengers from lost baggage and emotional trauma. a class action lawsuit is in the works. 16 people were killed in the wreck. another 16 are still missing but presumed dead. although there were four candidates on stage at last night's debate in florida, most of the attention was focused on just two. newt gingrich seemed to come out on top but in jacksonville, romney came out ready to fight. gingrich wasted no time. >> don't use a term like that. >> maybe governor romney should tell us how much money he's made on how many households. >> have you checked your own
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investments? you also have investments in mutual funds that invested in fannie mae and freddie mac. >> gingrich may be coming off a win in south carolina. but the latest poll shows romney's message seems to be getting through to vote ares in florida. corruption has given the police department a black eye in recent months. the commissioner announced a shake-up to try to clean thingings up. >> reporter: police commissioner fred bealefeld has gone outside to clean up things inside. cops tied to a towing scandal and officers spelling heroin have questioned the department's integrity. he's hired john king who spent 26 years with the montgomery county police to train officers on the front end.
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>> there are constantly in motion things we have to fix. this effort demonstrates to everybody in this room that the bpd is touse yally challenging -- continually challenging it self- >> reporter: the department will reeval ate itself with how it deals with shootings. the ravens are also making a move. the team found they're promoting linebackers coach dean pees to coordinator and keeping cameron on the offensive side. chuck pagano will did to the
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indianapolis colts. why one family said you need to secure things like your tv, to keep your children safe. big things are happening in towson. when you pay your electric bicialtion even your car -- bill, even your car payment, big brother may be watching. why the extra sharing may help you get a loan.
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it was a big day for towson. representatives unveiled plans for a new entertainment center in towson and they've already lined up an anchor tenant. >> the towson business area is about to change. today county and community
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leaders unveiled plan for a new entertainment center in downtown towson. >> in fall 2014, sin -- cinemark stadium will open with 16,000 seats. >> this will add and come let phases within and two of towson circle, the barnes & noble, the trader joes, et cetera. >> reporter: it's considered to be one of the best entertainment companies in the world and can build anywhere but there was something appealing about towson. >> it's so nice to come. oh, there is a university here. oh, there is shopping. there are homes. this is a fantastic opportunity
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for us. we're excited to get into ties project, enough so that we moved it into our calendar. >> reporter: the cordish company will have five new restaurants and a parking garage. >> this is an eyesore. it's in a strategic location to act as a catalyst. >> reporter: with the recontract closing, he questions whether the entertainment come plsm can be is being sees -- complex can be successful. >> this will be a five-star product. we think the row john will respond to that. >> reporter: he cease the new center as a win-win. >> we're allowing people to come here, but they're going to be -- the other businesses coming and
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people coming. the windows work here. we also have bridal, special occasions. that attracts a new customer base. >> reporter: in towson, reporting for abc2 news. >> the $5 million private investment will generate over $4 million each year in county and state taxes. meteorologist by -- wyatt everhart. the evening will be clear but this will be windy, breezy. eventually the winds letting up but coming back tomorrow night. it will be windy at times. look at that steady west wind at 18 degrees after a cloudy start. things finishing on the clear side. i want to show you an amazing day of weather on the
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chesapeake. this is our view from hemingway, the bay bridge getting fogged. rain and nice clearing. then you see the chops pick up, so just an awesome day and finishing on a quiet weather note. again, out on the mighty chesapeake, our view looking west. maryland's most powerful radar looking clear. wind gusts have been the story, gusting at times up to 40 and above. now we're gusting to 37 at bwi. 3 at dover avenues base -- air force base. it's a steady northwesterly wind that will steadily bring our temperatures down. not a real arctic blast but a cool shot that will crop -- drop our temperatures. it will be chilly overnight. we may get down to freezing. we're in the low freezing. eventually temperatures will drop quite a bit. today in spots we were in the
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mid-60s. we forecast 60 today. 356 -- 65 downtown. tomorrow we'll shave a solid 10 or 12 degrees from the numbers. we'll and up with high temps in the 52-degree range. a nice way to start the weekend, breezy tonight. we may see a few additional clouds come in toward the second half of the weekend but right now dry and somewhat windy. that's our story. the next weather maker dliew to track north -- due to track north of us. show you the trend here. clearing tonight, tomorrow, mostly clear, sunny, a nice looking january day. really, you think about it, this is the last weekend of january and going out on a very quiet note and somewhat mild note. we'll lose 10 degrees tomorrow, another 10 degrees on sunday.
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overnight tonight down to 32, mostly clear, colder, breezy. your two-degree guarantee tomorrow, 52 getting windier. it will be breezier as we go do 30. as we look ahead into your seven-day forecast, you see the trend. the trend is cooler each day but the sunshine hangs out. then we're going to start top -- to bounce back temperature wise as we go into tuesday and wednesday, seeing temperatures topping out into the mid-50s on thursday. it's interesting that these last days of january going out on a very, you know, like a lamb as they say. >> absolutely. i keep wondering when are we going to pay the price. march we'll get hit with five major blizzards. that's my fear. >> it can be interesting. so let's see what happens. >> all right.
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thanks. meanwhile, consumers may have a lot more information at their disposal to help. it's thanks to a new kind of credit report that's available. it's packed with information about you and how you handle everything from electric payments to past rent. most people realize their credit report will dictate whether they get a loan for anything from a car to a house and if so, what kind of interest rate they'll pay on that loan but a new kind of credit report called core score contains information that digs deeper than ever into your payment history. >> rental application and evictions, payday loans, auto title loans. rent to own transactions. >> reporter: even payments to the electric company. so where do they get the information? >> from the public records s
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traditionally credit reports only pulled three types of public records. bankrupt circumstance tax lien -- bankruptcy, tax liens and ju -- judgments. >> all of a sudden five years ago you make one mistake and it's come back to haunt you. it's not fair. >> reporter: others who pay bills that are not on traditional credit reports see it as a plus. >> i guess if they had more information this would benefit me. >> reporter: corp. logic said the extra information could help some and hurt others. borrowers who would traditionally have insignificant credit history could have more opportunities. >> the addition of this type of nontraditional information is going to help some people have a credit report who have never had
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a credit report. >> reporter: but an thorn with the national consumer law center sees it differently. she's concerned people with legitimate reasons for not paying bills will be penalized. >> if there's mice running around or you don't have hot water, you're allowed to not pay your bill. you can get aggregate pieces of information about anything and turn it into a report. >> reporter: he still believes this will help lenders and consumers. >> those who deserve the credit will get it at competitive terms. those who don't need to be saddled with that type of debt will be denied. >> remember to check out your credit report once a year. it's free. go to and check on
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the money section. how a new test is able to predict whether patients with one form of cancer will wind up battling the disease again. if you have pink eye, we have information on how to keep it out of your house.
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a new test for lung cancer can predict which cancer patients are more likely to have their cancers come back. two clinical studies identified a genetic test which predicts lung cancer. it will decide whether patients
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will need chemo after surgery. pink eye is something many families deal with and it's more common this time of the year. it can be from a spec of dust to a virus but the symptoms are pretty much the same. >> sometimes the lids will be so crusty that you're not able to open the eye. >> doctors say many cases will clear up on their own. if left untreated, they can get worse. try a cold compress or get a prescription for an antibiotic. wash your hands frequently and keep any kids home until this passes. is the place for all the health headlines you need. every parent knows it's not a good idea to let your kid watch too much television. there's a risk it could cause serious injuries.
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getting you up not minute on some of our top stories. medic had to fly a teenager to the hospital after he was assaulted near broad neck in cape st. clear. police are still investigating. the family of a laurel man who was murdered january 6th are
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talking about their loss. gregory sears was shot from an parent robbery and died from his wounds. police are looking for suspects. baltimore's top cop has gone outside to clean up problems in the department. and the sun came out this afternoon. we got yet another taste of spring. want to give you a look at the friday rush home, looking good. we, of course, started the day soaked and ended sunny. so how will that weekend end up. let's head over to wyatt everhart. it's a gusty one. it will continue to be breezy. you can see the winds steady around 18 to 22. temperature wise we're around 50 or so. a mild night yes, but a


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