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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  January 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tonight what witnesses saw just before the crash. >> i saw that my account on itunes had been frozen. >> those popular itunes gift cards could be hacked. we want to start with the continuing coverage of same-sex marriage. an antisame-sex marriage rally is going on. ministers are gathering to have their voices heard before the governor would introduce a bill to make maryland the seventh state to allow same-sex marriage. at the hilton in baltimore this past weekend, the national conference of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality laid the foundation for what this hopes to be a victory. >> we've been here five days
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training, making strategy, building the political power of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. >> reporter: a political power that is getting quite the boost here in maryland from a governor that not only spoke at this year's conference but is about to introduce a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, setting up pro and antisame-sex marriage believers. >> other states have found a way to protect religious freedom and protect rights equally. it is time for maryland to do the same. that's why we propose a civil marriage law in the general assembly of maryland and we seek to get it done this year. [ applause ] >> reporter: many proponents believes it stand has better shot at passing but it would meet the very same opposition that sunk it last year.
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>> i'm definitely opposed to same-sex marriage. no ifs, ends or buts about it. >> reporter: one of the men leading the charge is emmet burns, part of the progressive ministers against same-sex marriage. he said it is more organized this year and will fight against what he calls the slippery slope the governor's bill presents. >> let them be as they want to be and what they want to be, but don't come here telling me to marry you, because you are man and man and woman and woman, no. that goes against every ethical, moral understanding that we've had throughout the centuries. >> reporter: but this is a new century that may bring about a new understanding, an argument that both sides are lining up to fight this week in annapolis.
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in baltimore, brian kuebler. >> only home said the bill he will introduce strikes a balance, a notion delegate burns rejects. we'll have much more on this rally happening tonight right here on at 11:00. now governor o'malley home is talking about phasing in a 6% increase on our gas tax. the governor said he believes that would be the best option for addressing many of the infrastructure needs in our state. let's say you're paying $3.33 a gallon. with the increase staggered over three years you would pay $3.55. that's about 20 cents more per gallon over three years. the annual address will take place wednesday at noon right in front of the general assembly. we have news coming in from cecil county. westbound route 40 is shut down near route 272 due to a deadly
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accident. we're not sure how many vehicles are involved. we understand one person has died. westbound route 40 closed near 272 due to a deadly accident. today interstate 97 was shut down for a while after a trart and a car were involved in an accident. the accident happened near route 178 near millers dale. the fuel came from the truck. the driver was taken to shock trauma. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. we're learning more tonight about a crash over the weekend that claimed the lives of four people. a cadirectionok hitt(xd anotheri right near routezyñi northçó ofr dat
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victims had been traveling the wrong way on not one but two highways. >> i just all of a sudden saw these lights. i thought, whoa, wait a minutes. he's on my side of the highway. >> there were counselors at the high school where the teens graduated. the 55-year-old victim in the other vehicle is terry davis who lives in severna park. and anne arundel county detectives are trying to determine who started a fight between two teens outside broadneck high school on friday. police talked to several witnesses who said an 18-year-old apleached 15-year-old. e -- approached a 15-year-old and the two began to time of the so far, there have been no charges filed. authorities are also trying to figure out what caused a small plane crash in york county that took the life of a
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westminster man. douglas helm was flying the plane short of york airport. helms had taken whoever in his uiuáj beforeñi the ntsbçóñi isñixdfá investigag yesterday's crash. ññiñi ñ of a body found in the patapsco river near frankfort avenue. firefighters were first called out to respond about a body. now police are investigating. no word yet on non-life-threatening age or the -- an even the age orend -- orend der. der. the man contaminated a meat
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county with bleach. waskey was identified as a former worker at the shop. help turned himself in. today the manager said the meat he ruined has been re?oofd a queen anne's mom has reported her ak47 rifle stolen. melissa mccarthy's left the weapon under some clothes in a friend's bedroom for safe keeping but when the pair came back, this was gone. a bag containing ammunitionñi ad gas s#áj --çó açó gas maskñr you're looking atñi thexd zw3 road.e looking atñi thexd qxdñi a quiet day,ñi plenf sunshine butñziñhisñixdxd weekxt quite interesting. wyatt everhart joinsç')ujokñiñrk your first forecast.xd this will be an interesting change in temperatures over the next few days, jamie.
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i mean, really a shocker because this is a chilly evening, very little precipitation, just a stray winter shower. even that's not hitting the ground too much. temperatures upper 30s, so we continue to stall temperature wise. wise-- fall temperature wise. low 60s by tomorrow afternoon with some sunshine. wow. this is not the end of it tomorrow. we'll talk about how long this unseasonably mild streak lasts coming up. one of the most popular gifts to give peernlings especially those hard to shop for itune gift cards, but they could be prone to hackers. abc2's joce sterman is protecting your money and music after a hacker may steal cash right out of your itunes account. it's in this year's scam alert. >> reporter: jim emmert isn't
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exactly the easiest guy to get gifts for. >> my first response is nothing and they never accept that. so i always go for the itunes gift card. >> reporter: after getting several his balance went as high as $170 until one day emmert got an email from apple. >> it said my account on itunes had been frozen and until further notice because my account had been hacked. >> reporter: hackers spent apps for smartphones. >> just out of curiosity, i wondered if i was the only one with the account hacked. >> reporter: not by a long shot. it's been going on more than a year and there are more than 65 pages in the forum with hundreds of replies. most of them ask the same question of apple. >> is there a way i can get a refund on what i lost?
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>> reporter: for emmerkts the answer is yes pooh apple -- >> apple refund the money. >> reporter: don't load all your gift cards at once. you'll lose less cash if you get hacked. check your itunes purchases. if you see something you didn't authorize, contact itunes and your bank. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> now the company says they're always working to enhance account security for users and their rep says if you notice unauthorized change your password right away. for more information, head to our website, click on the money tab on the home page and scam alerts. all right. the ravens have fired a brand-new quarterback coach and the ravens head coach is being honored for his work off the
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field. coming up, we're putting john harbaugh in the spotlight. usually when you eat somewhere, the scraps have to go somewhere. there's a landfill in annapolis with a better idea. >> 45 at bwi. art thistle from annapolis, you get our abc2 news weather prize. by the way, our next weather maker is tough to see on the map. it's all about the temperatures, and they're coming up. [ man ] launch sequence initiated. [ beep ]
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network. the boulevard diner will show offxdñiñiçóçórfdñi its topñi dis and dumplings and pancakes as big as your head. the diner said the customers got them on the show by telling them they need to get to dundalk and check this out. >> talked a little bit about the menu. she said customers have been calling and emailing some pictures and they really enjoy the place and this felt like somebody needed to come out here. >> you can see the boulevard diner on the food network at 10:00. have you ever wondered where all that trash goes when you haul it to the curb at night. one person had a thought. don harrison found out more oar
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oar one of the great things about going to a restaurant, you don't have to clean up or cook. he figured his restaurant took up about an acre of trash at the landfill every year. he did some research and came up with a different plan. >> recycling and all of our compost goes in here. >> reporter: he sends the other to be composted. he didn't stop there. he changed some of his prd -- products, too. >> it didn't make any difference. anybody who works for us is on board with the program. they think it's great. >> reporter: one of those on board is matt stoler. he didn't mind the change. >> especially being the first restaurant to doñpáhat, it feels
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good toñi be a part of it. >> reporter:xd ifñi helping the] xd enough,ñi there's an[micñrñi benefit. >> i would say between 50% and 60% of what we were spending before, having our trash go to the landfill. >> reporter: you may won dprer what happens -- wonder what happens to the trash help sends to be costed -- composted. >> that's it. >> reporter: there are five other restaurants in town that have shown interest. in annapolis, i'm don harrison for abc2 news. a chilly day at times. the sunshine was nice. winds have calmed down. at the top of the hour, bwi reporting calm, 39 degrees. temperatures continuing to drop. we'll be down or below freezing overnight. through the day it was nice,
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nice looking day, nice view from hemingway pass we look out over the chesapeake. love to see a these sun sets. in towson at loch raven just a few high thin clouds before we had sunset. the same scenario in laurel at st. vincent high. a pretty nice day across the state. there was a bit of a chill in the air. clear tonight on maryland's most powerful radar. temperature wise running in the upper 30s to mid-30s to the north and east. temperatures will continue to sink, maybe 32, down to 30. highs struggle to get out of the mid-40s but that will not be the case. bone dry air in placement one thing that will factor into our weather tomorrow is the very dry air, heats and cools more rapidly. if there are other conditions present, a breeze, you can get
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some unseasonably warm temperatures. that's what we have headed our way. tomorrow, pretty -- almost poet tick that we would end this january with 60 in reisterstown, 60 in arbutus, the mid-60s towards davidsonville. closer to the water, bay breeze. satellite radar pictures, you can see that clouding up but no precipitation with these clouds. ár)u$ere were to bei indication with thatñiok dry aii the surface, chancesçi#gñ a[ur -q(recipitation "7wldñi evaporak before itñrñ@touches the groun. the most active is on the great lakes. you can seat snow reaching down in the central northern pennsylvania and also into the upstate new york area, but that's it. that is not a big testimony. it's the closest thing to us right now. other than that, high pressure cell that will keep the skies clear. abundant sunshine, dry air.
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it's going to mean a big shift. you can see the warm air just poised to our south and west where they're well into the mid-50s has close as roanoke, virginia. our trend shows addition mal cloud cover at times late in the evening. i think it's sunny early in the day. brings the sunglass. additional cloud cover wednesday, maybe a stray rain shower. looks like most of the rain will stay site of us in the baltimore region. so there we g a couple of mild days. things will cool off. overnight down to 30, a few clouds, breezy cold. your two-degree guarantee, 62 balmy degrees. tomorrow night partly cloudy. the outlook, a couple of plield days -- mild days, then further into february we cool off back into the 40s so a reality check with some rain showers, jamie.
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>> man, 62, 64. that's lived. >> all right. >> the ravens have hired form colts coach jim caldwell. he spent the last 10 years with indianapolis before being let go for chuck pagano. he helped peyton manning. ravens coach said caldwell will be an exlent fit for the team. harbaugh is being honored. he's a final iflt for the salute to service from usaa. he was the main driver for the team to institute military pressuration day. when the team visited san diego, rñid
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the place. airports and now hotels. abc2 works for you. the three things you cran do to avoid paying too much. i'm kelly swoope. they're warm, and fashionable. what could a school system have against ugs. we'll tell you what's behind the boot ban at 11. just take a look the your screen. watch this. >> i just love this shot. this is the sunset tonight just past 5:30 from hemingway. i just love this shot. gorgeous over the bay when you're looking west. let's show you tomorrow. it's a chilly night but tomorrow we'll climb into the low 60s, about 20 degrees above average on the last day of january pooh go back to the hemingway shot. >> i don't have a reverse button. >> watch it tonight at 8:00. that's beautiful. we'll see you later.
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