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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  January 31, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. you're watching the station that works for you, "good morning maryland" at 4:30. taxs are high enough. now governor o'malley wants to raise them pump. what he is proposing you pay when you go to fill up and what the money will be used to fix. and a state divided over same sex marriage. the fight hours away from going before the state lawmakers. >> reporter: i am sherrie johnson live in northeast baltimore. you know, it's not exactly move that bus. but coming up, i am going to show you how this mobile learning lab is helping students. >> all those stories straight ahead on this tuesday january 31st. i am charley croweson. lynette charles jones -- crowson. lynette charles joins me. did i hear you utter 60s. >> i did. what do you get when you cross january with june? >> a big mess.
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>> hello, juneary: check out what i have. this is my new word for the dale. we are dealing with 60s at the end of january. plenty of sunshine in the forecast will prevail and sleetly warmer by tomorrow. and then the showers -- slightly warmer by tomorrow. and then showers push in. not dealing with showers this morning. you are wake up to maryland's most powerful radar and we are nice and dry. that's the scenario going through the remainder of today. get out and enjoy it. speaking of getting out there, you are bundling up. temperatures are cold right around 34 degrees and to baltimore. coming up i will have current temperatures on the eastern shore. let's check of the traffic with angela. good morning. tell me, please, it's quiet, right. >> reporter: good morning to you. and yes, it's very quiet. off to an excellent start for a tuesday morning drive. we are dealing with overnight construction. should be wrapping up in about a half-hour or so. especially for those of you
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traveling on i-95. keep in mind we are reduced to two lanes on the north and southbound side between key highway and the fort mchenry tunnel. traveling south of the city, heading towards the capital beltway here's u.s. 29 through howard county. no troubles to report. make your way past maryland 108. no surprises on i-95. we have a live look at 95 just north of maryland 32 and speak of 3 2, your east and westbound travels checking out fine between 95 and i-97. >> not a quiet night overnight. breaking news we are following out of baltimore city. according to the county dispatchers, an officer tried a pull over a driver this morning on 695 and washington boulevard regarding a shooting and it happened overnight. that's when a struggle started between the driver and the officer. all this according to police reports. authorities say that driver jumped into the officer's car and took off. he later ditched the squad car and stole another car. a chase later ended on west patapsco avenue. and we have a crew on the scene
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and a live report coming up shortly. also, you can follow this on well if the governor has his way you will pay more to fill up the car. he wants to impose a 6% sales tax on gas. to give you an idea of what it means you can tack on 18 cents per gallon from what you are paying right now. governor wants to phase it in by 2% over the year during the next three years. here owe's how it breaks down. first year raising the price by 6 cents per gallon and then it would go up to 12 cents for the second year and 18 cents by the third year. this would be on top of the state's 23.5 cent flat tax on gasoline and governor o'malley says the tax increase is needed to pay for repairs to the aging roads, bridges and mass transit. as you can imagine, the governor's proposal is criticized by republicans who say it's a terrible thing to do when families are struggling. it's unclear if it will be enough to gain support from lawmakers who are willing to say yes to another tax.
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this is our hot topic. what other way could governor o'malley raise taxes other than raising the price on gasoline in go to facebook and let us know what you think. we want you a part of the conversation. the official wmar facebook fan page. join in and join the conversation. several hundred religious leaders don't give their blessings for same sex marriage and today the debate will begin in front of lawmakers. >> never. >> human history has marriage been defined between two women. never. who has the right to redefinite? >> adam and eve yes adam and steven no. >> there was a rally telling the governor what they thought about the mearnlg equality bill. leaders from many religious organizations believe lawmakers don't have the right to change what they say the bible defines as marriage one man and one woman even if a bill allows them to on the out. the senate committee will hear both sides today at one. supporters think it will move through the senate as it did
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last year but the trouble they say could once again come from the house side. new for you this morning, maryland first leady katy o'malley is helping to crackdown on child abuse and joined lawmakers in downtown announcing efforts to help end child abuse. the goal is to educate every adult about the effects of child abuse. she says she knows all too well the horrors of sexual abuse. >> for 13 years i worked in baltimore county as prosecutor in the state's attorney's office and sadly, sadly, he saw too many victims of child sexual abuse. >> three communities will take place in an effort to end child abuse including baltimore city talbot county and bruisester county. a school is using technology to improve student achievement a mobile learning lab is helping some baltimore studentswith academics. and sherrie johnson is standing by on the campus of morgan
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state university to explain how it works. sherrie. >> reporter: good morning. we are live here in northeast baltimore at reginald lewis high school wherefore the fer time the mobile learning lab will be brought into the classroom. this is exciting. we will take you on a tour here coming up in to the learning lab. five classes will use 30 new galaxy stamps on tablets powered by verizon wireless, 4g, lge network for lessons in spanish one, spanish 2 and ap spanish. you are looking at the students. look at them up bright and early. they are up already working on the devices here. and i got to tell you verizon wireless mobile learning lab bus will visit schools weekly. this morning, we have dr. barney wilson the principal of the school joining us. and dr. wilson can you tell us
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why has this mobile learning lab? >> it's very exciting. we are at reginald lewis high school. it's important to have high tech exciting education. we are preparing students for college and thanks to verizon mobile, we have an opportunity to have students learn in a mobile learning laboratory using high tech equipment and learning how to actually prepare for the s. ark t.s so they can go -- s.a.t.s so they can go onto college. >> reporter: wonderful. we will talk to dr. wilson throughout the entire morning,talking more about the mobile learning lab and they will a open house later this morning starting at 9 a.m. to show off the bus. reporting live in northeast baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news time 4:37. there are a lot of us who rather pass when it comes to going to the dentist. some people have a reason to quiver. a maryland doctor who decided to use paper clip for root canal. yes says he did it. also, ladies an epidural is a way a lot of you go the way
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of child birth. today hip know birthing. details coming up. the wakeup window at the bottom of the screen. all the manufacturing for the weather and traffic and -- all the information for the weather and traffic and a live look at new york. we are first and only at 4:30, on "good morning maryland."
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are's watching the station at that works for you, abc2 baltimore. now, good morning maryland" at 4:30. good morning everyone. it's tuesday and we have made it through monday. and i think you are going to like today. as you're looking at the television right now you are wondering what the weather is going to be and the temperatures right now not so bad. 41 right now in goldboro. 43 centerville and easton 41. so yes, we like the temperatures are ready on the milder side and going through the afternoon we are going to warm up out there. we have the winds out of the southwest that's really going to help propel the temperatures in the up direction. satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot. you will have to zoom out to
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get some action and that snow is well to the north right now. as we go through the remainder of today, check it out, 63 degrees is what i am forecasting. the question is how long will the 60s last. those details are coming up. let me send it over to angela with a check of traffic. it will me there's no traffic or accidents. >> reporter: i can't tell you there are no accidents. we are getting reports of a serious accident. if you are heading out in the parkville region and travel onjoppa road its eastbound joppa at old hardfort a vehicle ran into a -- hartford. a vehicle ran into a pole. we are dealing with downed poles. and there's a closure. we will try to get more details in the next farce traffic flow, it's light for this time morning. dealing with the overnight work zones. but not on i-83 the harrisburg expressway, clear making the drive through the cockeysville region. shawan southbound lanes with a little bit of volume picking up. on the top side of the beltway,
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695 at harford road, this is in parkville, the accident is on a joppa at old hartford road. >> a new trend in child birth enabling moms to do that. relax during child birth. it's called hypo birthing they use a trance light state. it takes extreme dedication and dealy practice to master what's being called hypno birthing. if you want to go to a sunday branch and what a lawmaker said on the radio about aids that made him an unwelcomed guest>> you stepped on a land mind with that kind of stuff. >> the fight a state is battling over drug test for residents who receive public assistance. details on that coming up in just a bit. you are watching what's new, now and next on this tuesday morning. that's a live look at baltimore's inner harbor. we are good morning maryland and we will return in a few moments.
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it's 4:4 4 and five things to know. occupy dc protesters have until 7 this morning to get out of two camps. the national park service will crackdown on what it is calling sleeping activity. and the short-term measure funding the faa will expire but law lawmakers worked on an extension through next month that is the 23rd since the funding bill expired in 2007. and president obama has been trying to promote the auto industry after it crashed a few years ago. today it's expected to -- he is expected to tour the washington auto show. and president obama's car is going on sale. 2005 model that would sell for around $20,000 is at top a of the line chrysler 300 with a powerful v-8 engine starting price on ebay for the president's car is a cool million bucks. it's media day for
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superbowl 46 and for the first time the nfl is allowing more than 5,000 fans to sit in the stand at lucas oil stadium and watch it unfold. back now to the breaking news we told you about. out of baltimore city, according to dispapers, an officer tried to pull over a driver on 695 and washington boulevard regarding a shooting that happened earlier last night. that's when a struggle between the driver and officer took place. and authorities say the driver jumped in the squad car and took off. he later ditched the squad car stealing another car. a chase end on west patapsco avenue and we are following this on abc 2 and we have a crew on the way to the scene right now. news around the nation, it's primary day in florida. and the state that could decide the fall's presidential election. polls open at 6 this morning andmitt romney lead by 15 points. 42% to 27% in the pivotal state. if romney pulls off a victory of that magnitude he could be
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on the glide path toward nomination. abc 2 corinne redman is standing by with details and preview. >> reporter: if the polls are correct, republican presidential candidate mitt romney may be cruising to a victory in florida but a win in the sunshine state may not be enough to secure him the gop nomination because therival newt gingrich rick santorum and ron paul vowed to keep fighting. romney skipped the trash talking in the hours leading up to today. but gingrich's win in south carolina add new life in his campaign and in the past week romney hammered newt gingrich with 13.8 million on attack ads in florida nearly 4 times the gingrich and his supporters. both candidates spent the last hours campaigning trying to get voters to pick a side. >> we need your help in reaching out to everyone you know. i think if we get our turnout, we get everybody agrees with us, and everybody who wants a conservative, i think we will do very, very well.
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>> thank you for all your work. i need your work tomorrow. get out and vote and let's keep america hope of the earth. >> reporter: newt gingrich told reporters no matter what the outcome of today's primary in florida he plans on staying on the race until the convention. corinne redman, abc2 news. a new report shows that 15% or roughly 46 million americans live on or below the poverty line. the corporation for enterpone f blow could put a family on welfare. the report found that nearly 130 million americans are liquid assets. what that means is if someone loses the job the family will fall below the poverty line with-the next three months. drug tests for residents who received public assistance now lawmakers in kentucky are nearing a vote on a measure that would enforce that idea. not all welfare resip gents would be drug tested only those whose caseworkers determined they showed the signs of possible drug abuse. >> i am definitely in favor of
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anybody receiving any kind of welfare having a drug test. if you can't be employed you shouldn't get a hand out being a druggy. aclu is arguing the food stamp recipients are not the only kentuckyans who receive monies and a target says its unconstitutional. if a reel fare recipients test positive they would be placed on probation but receive the government benefit. a tennessee restaurant owner booted a lawmaker over comments made on a radio interview. during the interview they said it was virtually impossible for aid to be transmitted during head ht row sexual sex. the owner denies the-- heterosexual sex. the owner took the stand to let him know what it is like to be discriminated against. lance corporal
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jacobypleaded guilty to assaulting lance corporal lu in april. and his rank will be reduced by one grade to private first class and two others have been accused of hazing and haze face court -- face court martials. a former dentist admitted to using paper clips instead of stainless steelest. >> root canal. he pleaded felt -- steel instead of -- in a root canal e mft pay the monies back and the mother one of his victims was visibly distraught following the sentencing. >> should have got more time. if you people knew what my kids went through and the pain and suffering they went there, he should have got more time. might as well have sent him to the ymca. >> the victim's mother says the tooth turned black and was pulled after the root canal took place six years ago. a soldier from new jersey who returned from afghanistan weeks ago is heading to the
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superbowl thanks to his mom. of course mom came through. she won the tickets but the mom is giving them to her son and also he can take a buddy as well. andrew is a die-hard giants fan and tickets were estimated to be worth about $800 on face value. lynette charles, i know that if you came with up superbowl tickets, you would let me go wouldn't you. >> how did you know. >> because you are a ghiefer that's how i feel about -- giver. >> that's how i feel about you. >> i love you so much i am giving you plenty of sunshine today. it will be gorgeous. we have the wind and i will talk about the wind because it's going to be playing a big factor in how we -- playing a big factor in how we warm up. this morning, we have a light wind into baltimore. more of the same in hagerstown and check out dc at 8 and easton coming in at 7. as we go throughout the day, we will see plenty of sunshine in the forecast for us. we are dealing with mainly
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clear skies right now. and a batch of clouds back across the ohio valley but we are to the going to be dealing with that so much. it's going to be a good day. get out and enjoy it because the 60s are not going to be around for long. those details coming up in a second. but here we go. we have high pressure. that's going to be sliding off towards the east. once it does that, it allows return flow that southerly flow from the gulf of mexico. so that is a warm flow and that's what we are going to be feeling going throughout the day. and then we will have a cold front move through the area as we go into wednesday and also into your thursday which could be bringing a chance for showers in the forecast. but future trend not picking up on anything going through today. here we go on wednesday. a chance for showers early in the morning. that could linger as we go into thursday as well. but for today, that temperature will be right around 63 degrees, 63 degrees. mostly sunny and it's going to be warmer and as we go through tonight the temperatures come in around 43 and not as cold so i am going to call it cool and this is the forecast for
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tomorrow. 64 degrees showers possible and it is going to be warm out there. and then we go through the 7- day forecast, temperatures well above average. the next chance for showers work in on sunday. let's head over to traffic with angela. >> reporter: thanks. and good morning. on the road right now, dealing with a pretty serious accident. but we have an alternate route if you are traveling on joppa road, get off on ellis road or maybe say ther hill road to -- sater hill road to avoid this. we have confirmed it's closed in east and westbound. so the road is is shut down with down -- is shut down with down wires and poles due to the accident in the parkville carney region. we are good on other key routes. i-70 is moving well between 32 and u.s. 29 as we get a live look at 29. also no reported troubles on 95 north of maryland 43. charley over to you. hey, if lynette givesous the tickets r. you -- gives you the tickets are you going with me? >> reporter: i am going. >> all right lynette it's on
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you. a scramble to keep dozens alive in peru. a massive earthquake left parts of the country in ruins. what memories that brings back for thousands. also, civil unrest in syria. the plea u.s. secretary hillary clinton is making in the next few hours for the country's leaders. we are following breaking news this morning out of baltimore city. high-speed chase involving officers that continues when "good morning maryland" is back in a few moments.
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in central peru dozens are recovering after a 6.2 magnitudequake struck early yesterday. nearly 150 people were injured and memories are fresh from the powerful 8.0 magnitude quake that struck the area in 2007 killing 500 people.
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and syrian troops are pushing back disaccidents troops and -- dissident troops. the regime is intensifying the assault. secretary of state hillary clinton is scheduled to headto new york to rally support for the u.s. security council resolution calling for hafez assad to step aside. an american from georgia was held hostage by he is was in the african country nearly 18 months work as a construction engineer for a japanese firm which he was snatched. he says he and the police guard why ambushed after he withdrew cash from an atm. >> came running up beside the van and just shot him five
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tombs i think and shot felix in the stomach. they would a bring the gun in and so you know who this is and i said yeah. and this is what we are going to kill you with and showed me two billets and said these are your two bullets. >> thee made a deal with the kidnappers getting him home. no word on how big the payout was. time to start the 5:00 hour. now "good morning maryland." the florida primary is today and if polls are question mitt romney may be cruising to a victory but don't count out newt gingrich yet. a live report coming up. [ no audio from station ] all of that and much more corinne was talking about the occupy dc movement and we will have a report coming up in bit. good morning. i am charley crowson.
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tuesday, january 31st. let's check the forecast. it feels like spring out there lynette and you are certainly smiling today? >> i am. i am so excited. i do. some people love the winter and love the snow. i love the sunshine and that's what we are seeing today on maryland's most powerful radar. we are not dealing with any type of precipitation. no type of snow unfortunately for you who like it but we will get that in here before the winter is over that's for sure. i can guarantee that. right now, we are talking about temperatures that are not so bad this morning. we should be at 25 degrees now for a low temperature. and we are well above that. 36 degrees in baltimore right now. dulles at 37. along the eastern shore in east opt temperature coming in at 37 degrees -- easton, temperatures coming in at 37 degrees. by lunch today, 57 degrees. yeah, you can eat it outdoors. 63 is the high and that's what i am forecast being. let's check the traffic with angela. how are the road looking? last time you talked about that accident. >> reporter: yes, we


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