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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 31, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. they are fighting to the finish. as florida goes the the polls. will it be the end of the road for newt gingrich is mitt romney wins big? is donald trump poised to jump back in? he joins us live. rude awakening. a car smashes into the bedroom of this house. landing on top of a sleeping man. it took 90 minutes to free him. a mother's mystery. a young mom who abandoned her two little boys in a van for hours. she can't remember a thing. her husband speaks out about what he says really happened. and -- ♪ hey baby >> he tipped the scales at 14 pounds. the oversized infant you have to
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see to believe. i love how the two daddies on the set go, oh, whoa. both of you were -- i loved the reactions. >> 14 pounds at birth. the mom had no c-section, no epidural. i told alli that last night, she screamed. good morning, everyone. down in florida, they didn't let up one minute in the final hours before the vote. mitt romney crushing newt gingrich right now. he sang in the final minutes. this morning, we'll talk live to donald trump. he'll be here in a moment. will he endorse? whether he's about to shake up the race all over again. >> just minutes ago, he walked by by ooims. right here into our studio. and murder mystery. what happened to the mother of
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two found strangled in her car. why police are pointing fingers at her husband right now. and prince harry dishing on the queen. he's opening up now. these revelations may be a sign that the family has some concerns about the queen and prince philip. >> it give us insight. we begin with breaking news in the middle east. a significant attack in the middle of the night in yemen against al qaeda. a convoy of militants was taken out. american planes carried out strikes. up to 15 people were killed. the civil war in syria intensifying as government forces appear to have reclaimed the suburbs around the capital city of damascus. secretary of state hillary
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clinton is pushing for a u.n. resolution urging the president to step aside. a wild police chase came to a remarkable end. a suspect's suv crashed into this bedroom, landing on top of a sleeping man. the bmw went through the wall. strapped the man beneath the vehicle. he suffered burns but is expected to survive. the drive ran from the scene. meanwhile, the governor of florida launching an investigation as to why the highway patrol reopened interstate 75 on sunday shortly before the massive pileup that killed ten people. drives in a state of panic. >> oh, my gosh. what happened. tell me what happened? >> another accident. >> drivers were blined by fog and smoke from a nearby brush
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fire. e quipt malfunction may be to blame for a power failure at a nuclear plant north of chicago. the steam contains low levels of radio active hydrogen. new doubt this is morning about where quarterback peyton manning will ever play football again. his rehabilitation from neck surgery is not progressing well enough for him to return to the field. nerves in his arm have not healed. there's growing concern he may never be healthy enough to play again. he's throwing again. the velocity is not there. we have our first big story of super bowl week. >> rob lowe already said. now to the crucial vote in florida happening right now.
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"your voice, your vote." david muir is in tampa for us. the polls are open. >> reporter: they've opened just as we have come on the air. a fight to the finish. governor romney saying to his spof supporters, with crowds like these, i'm beginning to think i could win this. he's not guaranteed the nomination just yet. this morning, voters headed to the polls after a battle. newt gingrich trying to convince voters mitt romney is moderate mitt. ♪ oh beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain ♪ >> reporter: and overnight in a show of confidence here, mitt romney sang "america the beautiful" rather than recite it for a huge crowd outside tampa. the rare performance came after
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a while wirl wind tour of the s. >> the speaker is not excited. he's been flailing around going after me for one thing or another. >> reporter: in florida, a much tougher romney in the debates. >> don't use a term like that. >> reporter: gingrich has been slammed by the spending from romney and his al lilies. gingrich said this to our jon karl. >> no matter what happens here, you're just getting started? >> just getting started. >> reporter: rick perry back in the race for gingrich. >> newt was the true fiscal conservative. he has the ain't to operate in the shark tank of washington, d.c. >> reporter: the attacks between the two have been especially punishing here. a new indication many voters don't like it or the republican
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choices. a new poll of republican voters show 52% say the gop field is fair or poor. that's an 8% increase from a few weeks ago. the polls are open here. a protracted battle. already a bruising one. why so many republican voters are still unhappy with the gop field. >> they are. thank you, david. now we're joined by a man keeping a close eye on the race, donald tump. the author of "time to get tough, making american number one again." thanks for coming in. >> good morning. >> romney is headed for a win today, it looks like. is he the one? >> he did great in the debates. that was the catalyst. i'm very impressed. i was in florida, as you were a couple of days ago. the ads are brutal. >> too brutal? >> well, they're very tough. very tough.
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i don't think too brutal. he wants to win. >> what is holding you back from endorsing mitt romney at this point? i thought you were moving in that direction? >> i'm friendly with both. i like both. i respect both. in a short period of time, i'll make an endorsement. >> today? >> not today. >> not today. >> not right now. >> i gotta try. >> that was a good try. >> not bad. one thing we have seen. we have a new abc news poll out. this may be taking a toll on each or them. it's about how voters view their work experience. romney in the private sector, gingrich in washington. unfavorable view of their work backgrounds. >> that is something president obama will target. >> i think he's going to be very vulnerable if you look at unemployment, what is going on
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with the economy. look at what's happening with a number of other nations. he's got plenty to worry about. they're hurting themselves, bringing up the negative rating. that's bad. they're talking about the republicans. the more they talk and the longer they talk, if you remember, when mccain won last time, there was dead silence for four months. because he won early. not a lot of silence right now. >> do you think newt gingrich should stay in the he loses big? >> that's up to him. >> as you know, the obama campaign is poised the attack mitt romney on the issue of bani capital. cayman island investments. how big on of a problem is that? >> i think he's shown that. he started to be proud of what he did. now he's out there saying, i
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created thousands of jobs. i'm the one that can do it. if you look at obama, he did nothing before he became a senator. nobody knew him, nobody heard of him. he came from nowhere. >> a state senator, that's right. the president clearly signaling he's make an issue out of taxes. >> what are they doing with our money? where is it going? why can't they cut expenses in they can't get together on a committee and cut expenses. for people that pay tax, they want to know where the money is going? how is it being spent? >> do you pay 30%? >> i pay a lot of on tax. i wrote a very big check. >> how about your rate? >> i don't know what it is. it was substantial. i paid a lot of tax. >> let me ask you about the race. you say you'll endorse shortly. you'll not run as a third party
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candidate? >> if i endorse somebody and they win the nomination, then i'm not running. i'm not allowed to run because of a ridiculous law that says, if you have a show, you can't run. i don't have that option until may. >> it's too late by may. >> as an independent, it's not. it wouldn't be too late. >> how do you get on the ballot? >> it would be easy. maybe there's work going on now. >> would you join a group of americans -- >> it's an option. they've gathered for not all states. i was number one in the polls for people that wanted an independent candidate. we'll see what happens. in the meantime, i can't do much about it until the show ends. >> your counsel is talking to people about how to set something up? >> i wouldn't be surprised. i would rather endorse great candidate that will do a great
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job, win the election and become a great president. that would be number one option for me. >> donald trump, thank you very much. diane sawyer and i will have complete coverage tonight. >> good to have donald trump in the studio with us this morning. a new study out says statins work just as well in women as in men. this is major news because doctors are more likely to prescribe statins for men. heart disease, the number one kirl of women. could it be this is the first study looking at statins for women? >> this is big news. when it comes to statins, what's good for the gander is good for the goose. the big surprise is, though it's the number one killer in women, none of the studies done to date had enough women in them to answer the question. here, they combined all of the studies done, they looked at 40,000 women. statins decreased the risk of
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heart disease, stroke, and death in women just as well as men. >> why do they work so well? >> they reduce cholesterol. they reduce inflammation in your blood vessels. >> if statins work so well, women have -- number one killer for us. why haven't we been less like lly to be prescribed them than men? >> a lot of doctors want to see evidence. without having a study that says they work as well, some doctors were hesitant. i think coming out of the study, we'll see more doctors prescribe equally. >> not sure about the side effects? >> no. >> i would imagine your advice to women is talk to their doctors. >> i never like to ask for a drug. sxw for the best treatment for what you have. it's looking at what your risk
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factors are, including do you have -- are you a smoker? do you have obesity? diabetes? high blood pressure? does it run in your family? if it want to address it. >> always know your family history. >> and now, statins for men and women. well turn to a mystery out of colorado. a mother left her two toddlers in a parking lot on saturday, disappeared for hours, called home late that night from miles way saying she didn't remember anything that happened. police say she committed a crime. she claims she needs a doctor. >> reporter: doctors, detectives and even sarah hatfield herself whant to know this morning how she could have abandoned her children. employees at this gas station discovered her minivan on saturday. her 2 and 4-year-old sons alone inside for two hours. hatfield had vanished.
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>> no evidence to suggest foul play. no video surveillance. no answers. >> reporter: her husband, matt, soon raeldsed a handgun was missing from her home. for eight hours, he feared the worst. at midnight, his phone rang. >> she doesn't know where she is, how she got there. >> reporter: she claimed amnesia. police called her with misdemeanor child abuse. what does she remember? >> nothing. absolutely nothing. she was crying. she was hysterical. >> reporter: in the last few weeks, his wife's migraines had become more intense. >> the best theory doctors have at the moment is that she suffered an epileptic seizure, partial seizure. that triggered an amnesia experience. >> reporter: some psychiatrists,
7:16 am
who we shoeld note have not treated hatfield, say episodes like this are rare. >> in my experience, they have not be due to seizures or epilep epilepsy. though it's possible. it could be a psychiatric dissodi dissociative disorder. >> reporter: is she a criminal or someone in need of a cure? for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. now let's get some weather from sam champion. >> we head into our sleeveless february. more than two dozen high record temperatures yesterday. this is warmth in a very big way. these are yesterday's record highs. rockford, topeka, dallas. jackson at 70.
7:17 am
atlanta, 66, new york city, 55 degrees. that's right in line what is going on in the deep south. here's where the heavy rain sets up today. for right now, that's the warm weather around the nation.
7:18 am
we like to say, a step on the mild side. >> we don't want to see june-uary. >> i think we're about ten degrees off june-uary. >> but sleeveless february. >> sleeveless february. >> sam has integrity. >> a short amount. now to prince harry. what he's revealing about life in the royal family. abcs' nick watt has the story. >> reporter: for instance philip is seen by in as a loose cannon,
7:19 am
an irascible buffoon. harry says the old guy is a royal rock. regardless of whether my grandfather seems to be doing his own thing, harry told a bbc reporter, wandering off like a fish down the river, the fact that he's there, i don't think she could do it without him. especially when they're both this age. >> it's the first time a royal has said anything like this. >> reporter: she's 85, he's 90, he spent christmas in the hospital with a heart scare. >> if his health deteriorates, maybe it will mean the time that the queen calls it a day. >> reporter: we have to sit through chals and camilla before we get to the young fun one. harry is training, just in case he's shot down behind enemy lines. >> they've put in under interrogation.
7:20 am
they've not tortured him. but they've tried to get him prepared for those scenarios. >> reporter: for now, the queen is in charge with philip, her indispensable wingman, on walk about. these are the things she shouldn't be doing, said harry, yet she's carrying on. palaces are fun. but the job itself, pretty the i boring. they make 400 appearance a year. if i was them, i would turn in the crowns, move to florida and enjoy. 60 years on the throne. chilling new details in the search for missing baby ayla. nancy grace and dan abrams here to weigh in. and the giants player headed to the super bowl might have had the toughest road of all to make it to indy.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning everyone. we are nice and dry this morning. maryland's most powerful radar is trying to stay in the skies but not finding too much out there. and that will be the name of the game as we go into the afternoon. but, temperatures this morning a little bit on the chilly side. we are not where we should be for this time of the year many still above average but we are at 29 in baltimore right now.
7:27 am
and annapolis around 36 and edgewater at 42. but, the big story is that we will warm up nicely as we go throughout the day and it will be mild with the temperature coming in right around 63 degrees as we go into the afternoon. let's check the traffic with angela good morning. >> good morning. our biggest traffic problem is the closure in the parkville carney area. a downed pole and wires. we suggest the beltway and as we look live at the top side, seeing very heavy traffic on the outer loop going to take an extra 10 minutes. a lot of bailout traffic from the joppa road closure and west side, congestion around rush hour volume 13 minute from 795 to baltimore national pike. charley over to you. today a hearing will be held on legalizing same sex marriage in the state. hearing is this afternoon and it will be first on the bill. governor o'malley is scheduled to stef. last night opponents rallied in front of the statehouse. the senate has passed a version
7:28 am
last year but it stalled in the house. the governor says this year bill offers additional protection to religious institution that don't support same sex unions. time to go back to new york for more good morning america. one more check of weather and traffic in about 30 minutes. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ sometimes you seem a little mad ♪ >> okay, david beckham headed to the super bowl showdown. why the super star is revealing almost all for millions. from becks to bueller. >> we had ferris yesterday. >> i can't get over angie's reaction to david beckham. she's blushing. >> she forgot to cue me. she was just -- >> that's right. we're going get into the murder mystery that's got a lot of people puzzled. new questions about what happened to this wealthy executive and mother of two in michigan. she was found straggled in her mercedes.
7:31 am
>> her funeral is being held today. also ahead, how did this woman lose more than 500 pounds? she's here with the story of her astounding transformation. >> big, big change. we begin with the latest on baby ayla. new questions about her father. linsey davis here to start us out. >> reporter: good morning, george. police are calling this the most intense investigation led by maine police in the last decade. they're saying they believe the adults in the house the night baby ayla disappeared know more than what they're saying. police with dismissing the basic premise suggested all along, that his little girl was abducted. >> we have searched that home. we have found not one piece of evidence that leads us to believe ayla was abducted. >> reporter: police reveal that evidence includes ayla's blood.
7:32 am
investigators found it in her father's basement. ayla's mother says police told her it was more than a small cut would produce. >> there was blood found. it wasn't just -- you know, a small amount. i don't want it to be real. >> reporter: and we know more about who was inside the house six week ago when the then 20-month-old went missing. dipietro, his girlfriend, and her small child where there. ayla was in an adjacent bedroom by herself from dipietro's sister. >> they say they think someone came in the house, went into a bedroom that ayla doesn't normally sleep in, took her and vanished into the night and not one of them heard anything. it doesn't pass the straight-face test.
7:33 am
>> i'm not here to answer questions. i'm just here to show my support for the community that is supporting ayla. >> reporter: police say he's been answering all of their questions. they say someone is not telling the whole truth. >> we think one or all three of those adults have information they haven't told us. we need that information in order to find ayla. >> reporter: police have not named dipietro a suspect or a person of interest. they say they've ruled no one out and no one in. they say they are no closer to solving this case now than they were on the morning of december 17th, the morning that ayla was reported missing. >> let's bring in dan abrams and nancy grace. and nancy, let me begin with you and pick up right where linsey went off. seems like the police don't believe the story they're being told.
7:34 am
>> yes, you're right. and i spoke with the maine state police at length last night. many stunning developments have emerged in the last 24 hours. i've learned from cnn and hln going inside the home that where the blood was found, george, is the basement. but in effect, the entire basement is the father's bedroom. so, her blood, ayla's blood is found in his bedroom. not only that, accords to reports that were corrected this morning, there was apparently a cleanup of sorts. some of the blood was visible to the make then eye. some of the blood was only visible for the use of csi technique luminol, that apparently shows wiping of the blood. that's not good. they told me point blank, she didn't wander out of the home and there was no kidnapping.
7:35 am
that points the finger at one of the three adults. >> it sure does. so dan, why not maim one of them a person of interest? >> you don't need to. the bottom line is to name a person is to put the heat on them. they're doing that any way, by coming out publicly saying what nancy just laid out. they don't believe the story. they don't believe there was a kidnapping. why are they making the public pro clam magss? why? to put heat on the father. they're not releasing the 911 call. why? florida is a really open state when it comes to releasing things like 911 calls and investigations. why? because they believe that something was said on that 911 call. there's some detail on that 911 call that is important for the investigation. >> hey, dan, there's something else. what do you think of this? you know, dan, once you go to trial or start interviewing the witnesses, you may find out additional facts than what they told you when you started,
7:36 am
depending on if you ask the right questions. but the stories shouldn't change fund mentally. i found four different versions of what happened last night in the reporters were correct. first of all, two infants in the room together. one was daddy was asleep with ayla in the bed with him. the grandmother was there. now it's the daddy, the girlfriend, the sister, three children no grandmother, ayla is off sleeping by here's. the story keeps changing as to how she was found missing. >> explain something to me. what is the mother of that child doing hanging out with a father of that child at the vigil? if all this suspicion is pointing at him, why is she publicing m coing out next to him? though she's posed all sorts of questions about him to this
7:37 am
point? >> she's been attacked mercilessly by the press because she was this rehab. i don't see that a problem. she was 50, 60 miles away the night ayla goes missing. you're right. i don't want to incite vigilante justice. i would have had to take a swing at him, simply for not coming clean with police. they were all snugged up at the individual. he's like, i'm here, wearing the t-shirt. another thing happened that hit a nerve with me. that is the police showed him the crime scene photos of the blood evidence and the luminol findings. he got up and ran out of the the police station. you may all scream, there's no playbook for sorrow. i think that is downright weird. i think a joury would agree. >> do you believe that the police are no closer than they were when this happened?
7:38 am
>> no. i think they're no closer to figuring out which of the three people in the house know more than they're disclosing. one of the questions that could be asked, what else could possibly have happened? it's possible season in the house knows. could she be being held somewhere? they have to leave every possibility open despite the fact that it sounds like a superlong shot. >> thanks, guys. time for the weather and sam. we're going to start with pictures out of new york. fulton, new york. they have had snow and plenty of snow. the lake-effect snow is blowing. every time a cold air system drops in, it pumps the snow. in some cases, 4 inches of snow in an hour. the audience, the twitter audience likes june-uary.
7:39 am
they like that idea for the description of the warm air. boston, philly, new york city into the milder temperatures as well. brand new system in the northwest. it doesn't get as far down south as san franc >> all that weather was brought to you by thank you, sam, coming up, a shocking murder mystery. what happened to the mother of two found stranglinged in her car? grows questions for her husband right now. eggland's best eggs.
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we carry only the highest quality used vehicles. and at carmax dot com, you can choose from nearly 30 thousand cars with most available for transfer to the store nearest you. so come find the one for you today... at carmax. busy day! yes it is! and now to the grows murder mystery unfolding in gross point park, michigan. new questions for the husband of the mother of two. jane's body found far from home in suspicious circumstances. dan harris, our weekend anchor is back from being down there and has more for us. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning to you. jane beschar will be laid to rest today. this morning, frerk and disturbing new details about her death and her husband who now finds himself in a harsh spotlight. late monday, one of america's
7:44 am
wealthiest towns poured into this funeral home for the funeral of jane beschara. her case is the source of misery. her body was found in an al lee in a poor neighborhood. she was dressed in black slacks and a green blouse. he heavy bruised body was lodged between the front and back seats with a prescription bottle on the passenger seat. this morning, growing questions about her husband, a former rotary club president. who in the hours after the murder, appeared at a candlelight vigil. >> what she haed to suffer, i'm so upset about it. >> reporter: but now reports that he failed a polygraph and police say thag have unspecified every day that contradicts his story. if this was really a robbery or
7:45 am
car jacking, why would they have left the body here in this alley, without taking her credit cards or suv, which could be worth upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. his family and attorney say he's innocent. today, he'll attend his wives a funer funeral. the police tell the detroit free press that bob was in a bar called the hard luck lounge for a period of time when his wife went missing. he's delinquent of $18,000 in taxes on properties he owns. >> how is the community? >> they're reeling. one of the deepest fears of the neighbors was this was random. it could shatter the sense of calm that has existed. no homicides in that town since 1992.
7:46 am
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here's "the play of the day." >> take this couch. multiply it by 29. give us all water-ski handles. out the us in the water. every goes at once. an attempt at cracking the world record. the most water-skiers being pulled behind a single boat. 145 of them. in tasmania. of course, the australian state. >> how many ropes are there? >> 145. everybody needs their own rope. >> they could be holding on to each other. >> the fult nautical mile, not one person went down. >> that would be the pressure. guinness is expected to
7:51 am
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7:56 am
bueller. forecast. good morning. and happy tuesday to you. what's going to be a nice one out there. plenty of sun shine in the forecast but we are dealing with chilly temperatures this morning. once again although they are above average. 31 right now in baltimore. easton not so bad coming in right around 37 degrees. and 28 in frederick and york at 25 degrees. and satellite and radar picking up on a few high clouds streaming in. lots of sunshine earlier but it will filter in cloud with that we will be getting some partly cloudy skies to mostly sunny skies. that's what i am forecasting going through the remainder of today. high pressure in control of the weather but once it slides off towards the east that's what's going to allowing lots of warmer air to move in here.
7:57 am
so i am forecasting a high around 63. and as we go into tomorrow, though, we have a chance for some wet weather to work your way into the picture. future trend picking up on showers by 8 in the morning. grab the rain gear as you head out but today don't forget the sun shades. now angela with a check of traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are having a tough time on the north side of the beltway. the delays are extending to the east side before i-95 all the way over to the harrisburg expressway. a lot of that is bailout traffic. this is the closure on joppa road remains shut down between old harford and perring parkway a live look in the heart of that delay at prove lens -- providence road. delay extends before 95 to the harrisburg expressway at least 15 minutes through the delay and if you are traveling on the harrisberg expressway slow from 45 all the way to mount carmel road and continues on the jones falls bummer to bumper to falls
7:58 am
road. now back to new york for more good morning america. [ male announcer ] meet lafayette.
7:59 am
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♪ hey baby hey baby hey baby hey ♪ the crowd picking up outside. it will be a warm day here in new york. in january. check out this picture right here. that music is there for a reason. hey, baby. you're about to meet one very big baby. that is not a 1-year-old. baby asher was born a week ago at 14 points. >> he has the necktie on. >> it could be a real one. he's going to join us with his parent, whole family. there he is right there. they're going to be here live. we'll meet them in just a little bit. >> and no epidural, no c-section. and here >> and here on tv a week late person. >> seriously. the greatest thing -- the kounch
8:01 am
and bravery is beyond the pail. >> give that woman a medal. also ahead, an incredible trants formation. one determined woman. she lost more than 500 pounds. she's here live for the story of how losing that weight changed her life. wait physical yuntil you see he. she says it's all about being healthy, not skinny. also coming up, we fell in love with rachel mcadams in "the no notebook." i can't wake to talk to her live about her new ex-picture. we begin with new video from southern florida. a wildfire erupting there kroefr night. burning dangerously close to dozens of homes in southwest miami-dade county. peek are supposed to stay in
8:02 am
their homes and keep the windows closed. drought conditions are helping to fuel the fire. meanwhile in texas, one town is forced to truck in water. spicewood beach is shipping about 16,000 gallons of water per day because the town's main well has dried up. to politics, voters headed to the polls in the florida primary. mitt romney is headed to a win. 92% of the campaign ads airing in florida over the last week were negative. meantime, political wild card donald trump sitting down with george this morning saying he would rather enjodorse a republican candidate than jumping in the race himself. following a breaking story. as many as four air strikes overnight targeting al qaeda in
8:03 am
yemen. 15 militants have been killed, including a regional al qaeda leader. gas prices at a record high are on the rise once again. in the last week, prices rose another five cents. the national average, $3.44 a gallon. the bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease has been found in the water at one of the biggest resorts in las vegas. two guests at the luxor got six and one has died. a bizarre scene. fire crews just responding to this truck on fire when all of a sudden, the brake lets go. the truck rolls back wards on to a busy road, narrowly missing oncoming cars before coming to a stop. no one was hurt.
8:04 am
and now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good tuesday morning to you, josh. tonight, on "world news," a single mom who put on a hard hat and a tool belt and went from minimum wage to nearly $30 an hour. find out how. a threat been taken very seriously. in the florida everglades, too many pythons. that big. many of them, once pets, simply got too large. owners decided to set them free. a new study says those big guys and gals are now wiping out raccoon, possum, other mammal populations. up to 95% of the populations. if this continues, it could upset the entire ecosystem. i have no idea what to do because i'm not getting near
8:05 am
there. >> scratch out everglades. lets do it, everybody. good morning to you. beckham or bueller? bueller or beckham? it may be hard to choose as men are inhaling their buffalo wij wings and nachos? would bueller have settled for a honda? the ad is out. 26 years after the original, he's traded in the ferrari for a crv for his sick day out on the town. the 2:00 commercial has more than two dozen references to the 1986 classic. lots of fun, even when the game's not on. those are two of the super bowl ads. now here's some inspirations. mark herlich.
8:06 am
she sai-- he said, two years agi was told i would never walk again. today, i walked off the plane for the super bowl. >> there was a hash tag. he was tweeting blue, shall we say, big blue, if you will. >> i said tweeting -- i decided to -- well, it's rare that i use restraint. thank you, thank you. well, they may not be performing at halftime, but the spice girls, including mrs. beckham, or posh spice, back in the day, may be back on stage soon enough. mel b., that would be scary spice, george -- >> i'll write that down, too. >> she let it slip that they'll be performing for the queen's diamond jubilee. >> remember how huge they were? >> sow big. >> oh, my gosh. >> really, george? >> i do remember.
8:07 am
>> name all the spice girls. >> i'm out. i'm out. >> i want to get to that. >> scary. >> i have no idea, come on. baby? >> sporty. >> sporty. >> ginger. >> okay. >> you guys are good. no to your sneak peek of next week's episode of "the bachelor." courtney is giving editors another reason to cruise the little black box. >> you to have to take your bra off or no? >> your bathing suit? >> probably not. >> i'm definitely not taking it off. >> these girls are like, they're so prude. why be modest? we're one with nature. it's raining. go bikini-less. i'm bare-chesting it. >> why?
8:08 am
>> to do it all the way. >> courtney's not wearing a top. she's just wearing the -- these. yeah. i know. classy, right? >> didn't she go skinny dipping last week? >> she's free, george. you can catch the next episode on monday. right here on abc. that is pop news. let's focus on bueller and beckham, shall we? >> let's focus on the weather. sam? >> it's am swim suit weather. this is the first. >> rob. >> the belt side. here at "gma" is the first time i have seen anyone wear the sign as an article of clothing. happy birthday to dana. >> her daughter. >> where is she from? >> texas. >> happyrthday, dana. outside your doors in washington, d.c., 62 degrees is
8:09 am
the expected. 62. 65 is the record. so you're very close to record warmth. it spreads east today. the west coast, a new system works in. coastal fog. now an onshore flow. expect cooler temperatures, low clouds and fog in the san diego area. it seems to be worse in san diego. if you don't like the fog. >> and we're live in times
8:10 am
square. i was standing in from of rokema. jennifer, we were here, she was blocked out. lara? >> well done, sam. we got her. here's a look at what else we have coming up. an incredible transformation. one woman's journey to lose over 500 pounds. wait until you see her now. and the hot new celebrity trend. why so many superstar couples are dressing alike? and, oh, baby. one big bundle of joy. we'll introduce you to not so little baby asher. just ahead on "good morning america." [ male announcer ] at pizza hut, we know your tuesdays are busy.
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8:15 am
and now to one woman's journey of loss and empowerment. melissa morris lost a staggering 500 pounds. weight that kept her in a virtual prison until she took the steps to free herself. her life and almost unbelievable transformation is control kled chronicled in a new show. called "my 600-pound life." take a look. >> it's not like i set out to be the world's biggest lady. i want to be 700 pounds. it just happened. >> reporter: melissa has been overweight her entire life. she never thought she would get this big. >> the last time i weighed myself, i weighed 337 pounds. i went to the doctor. i started crying when it said
8:16 am
645. you're faced with that now. where do you want to go eat? >> it would be nothing to bring home two big macs, chocolate bars, soda pop. >> reporter: she met her husband in 1997. >> she wouldn't tell me what she weighed. it didn't matter to me. i just knew she was the one. >> reporter: she had to rely on chris for everything. >> you get lots of looks. >> you get bigger, you just get a bigger wagon. >> to say it out loud is the worst. the only thing i want to do is just fall into a deep hole. >> reporter: desperate to lose weight, she finds a doctor willing to perform gastric bypa bypass. >> i knew without it, i was going die. >> reporter: the surgery goes
8:17 am
smoothly. >> after a few bites, i've just about had enough. >> reporter: after a week of recovery, it's time to go home. >> i don't hope to be skinny. i hope to be healthy. >> that was her motivation to be healthy. before we meet her, let's show you a picture of her one more time. just over 650 pounds. can you join us now, melissa? this is melissa today. [ cheers and applause ] come here, babe. so happy and proud of you. >> thank you, thank you. >> have a seat here. and even scotty, our floor manager said the same thing. we couldn't help but notice when she were showing that piece, you were not watching. >> no, i won't watch it. >> why is that? >> because i'm still her. unfortunately, i'm still her. that lady next to me is still
8:18 am
me. every day i look in the mirror, i see the 673-pound lady. i don't recognize the body i have. but the face is still mine. >> even though you look and how hard you have worked -- how you're hepling others, for everyone there is always that final straw. that final, hmm. what was that moment? >> my mom was sick with cancer. we went to ohio where she's from to be with her. the doctors said, okay, we got as much out as we can. but it did spread. so i was in my scooter. i went to go into her hospital room. i couldn't get in there. to my mom's bed. then i'm like, okay, everybody in my family is in my mom's room but me. we went home, my mom was in her chair, she still had her bandages from her surgery. she looked at me and said,ky i
8:19 am
g -- can i get up and make you something to eat? my mom could die and she's worried about whether she can get up to make me something to eat. i didn't get up to make myself food. somebody always brought me something. somebody always -- i didn't get up and cook. somebody always brought it to me. my mom was looking at me, as sick as she was, i need to get up and take care of her. i was done. i was absolutely done. >> we do this from time to time. this is a skirt. can we show -- >> this is my good skirt. my going out skirt. the skirt i wore the day of surgery. it was tight. >> do you all see this? >> it's four yards of material. there's three -- four yards of material. three feet in a yard.
8:20 am
so 12 feet of merriaterial. >> it's incredible. you still, when you look in the mirror, that's what you think. i want to ask you something, your husband, chris. people -- you have been very open about this. you're having difficulty now. he's having difficulty with you losing so much weight. >> it's very hard. he is a care-taker. he's always been a care-taker. i was heavy when we met. i wasn't as heavy. but we are defining our relationship. it's hard to learn to define a relationship. he's so used to doing everything for me. i let him. as i goat skinnier, i was like, i don't want you to do that up can do that. i can do that. it's hard to define a relationship. >> that is so cool of you to be honest and up front about it. people automatically think everything is just perfect and -- >> no, i'm very, very, very up front.
8:21 am
when i go in, i'm not telling you the pretty ciparts. you'll see all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly. >> but the good part. how old is your daughter? >> he'll be two in may. she's worth everything. she's my whole world. she's what i live for. literally. >> you are a fine example. with your daughter. we're going have to have you back from time to time. thank you very much. you have really touched us. >> thank you. >> you can see more of melissa's story on "night line." tonight and the rest of her journey on tlc tomorrow. now you're about to meet the amazing baby boy. asher came out twice the size of most babies. he'll be leer with his mom and family. first, a look at the big day less than one week ago.
8:22 am
on january 26th, kendall stewart did something amazing. after six hours of labor and only six minutes of pushing. she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named asher. tipping the scales at nearly 14 pounds. 14 pounds. that's about the size of a thanksgiving turkey. but much cuter. more amazing, she did it all naturally, no c-section, no epidural. asher is not the first big baby in their home. his big brother, judah, weighed in at a little over 12 pounds when he was born. but there will be no hand me downs for his bigger, little brother. some of his onesies are already too snug for asher. and the whole family joins us now. proud parents kendall and joshua along with asher and judah. good morning. how is your football team this morning?
8:23 am
>> good morning. doing great. >> i was telling robin at the top of the show, i told my wife, ali, the story last night. 14-pound baby, no c-section no epidural. how did you do that? >> i have the best labor coach in the world. joshua helped me through the whole thing and then, we were just really blessed that god enabled my body to be able to do this well. and it went very fast, which was nice, too. six hours, no one can complain. >> and only six minutes of pushing, huh? >> he was just ready apparently. >> easy for me to say. i wasn't there. why was it so important to you to do this all naturally? >> it's a good question. we had decided to just research all of our options before we had judah, just to see what would happen to me basically when he's about to come out.
8:24 am
and we saw a lot about doing it naturally. there's just a lot of options for women out there. but this seemed like the best thing for our family and for -- for me and judah. and then asher. so we decided to try to fight for that, because we wanted to lower my chances of getting a c-section and apparently if you don't get induced and don't get the epidural, your chances decrease significantly for getting a c manufacture section. we wanted to try to avoid any unnecessary procedures. there's a lot of times they are necessary. i would never tell a woman not to do what is nez for her family. for our family, we decided to try to stick with that and fight for it for us and our boys. >> josh, any a point where you said, please, let's just try something else? >> she -- she had it under control. i -- i remember i did tell her,
8:25 am
you know, just look in my eyes to relax during the contractions with judah. she looked in my eyes and i started bawling. and i said, don't look in my eyes anymore. i said, look away. she did it. >> boy, asher is sleeping so peacefully. how much does he weigh now? >> i don't know. we have our appointment this week. i don't think he's lost any. he's a good eater. >> you skipped over the newborn diapers. >> he did, yes. stocking up on the bigger ones. >> how is judah taking to it all? she se he seems happy this morning? >> he loves asher. he will go and try to snuggle with him. sometimes it's let me clobber you. but he does mean well. it's cute to see them. >> where is asher? >> where's your brother?
8:26 am
>>. >> there he is. >> you've already lost all the baby weight. >> apparently when your babies are so big, you don't get to keep it. >> well, we're so happy to meet your whole family this morning. asher and judah look great. thank you for sharing your story with us today. >> thank you. >> we'll be back with katie couric.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast c accurate by weatherate. good morning everyone. and happy tuesday to you. right now, temperatures are on the chilly side. but we are above average. 34 right now in baltimore. we are looking at 40s into annapolis and also edgewater this morning. towson 30 and bel air right around 38. we will warm up nicely as we go into the afternoon but maryland's most powerful radar right now is dry. we will stay that way as we go through the day. so it's nice time to be out and about. hour by hour forecast takes you to 57 by lunchtime. and 63 degrees is what i am forecasting as we go into 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning. we have stop and go traffic in howard county. for those eastbound on maryland 100, as you approach i-95 the accident is off to the shoulder. but still causing major delays. also got an accident on the
8:28 am
bellway -- wealthway -- beltway west side within security boulevard with an existing delay. u.s. 29 at maryland 108 thinning out but not the case on the jfx southbound jammed from the beltway to falls road. over to you. >> well an update on the officer-involved shoot we go brought you as breaking news on good morning maryland. according to police, just after 2 this morning an officer tried to pull over a suspect wanted from an overnight shooting. authorities say he was able to take the officer's cruiser his squad car. he ditched and drove off with another car. officers were able to stop him and dispapper says the suspect was shot at least once and taken to shock trauma. no word on his condition. we will update you on abc2 news and back to new york for more "good morning america. one more check of the forecast in 25 minutes. see you then.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ girls run the world girls who run the world ♪ beyonce telling us something we already know. the girls run the world. the girl scouts are turning 100. girl scout troops 3441 is joining us today. >> i'm not in the troop. i'm just here with the girls. the world's oldest girl scout over here. also ahead, the 3w50ubeauti and talented rachel mcadams is here. starring in a wonderful valentine's day movie. might be the most romantic movie she's done since "the notebook." >> i can't wait to talk to you.
8:31 am
>> i can't wait to talk to you. i'm so confused. this is a sneak peek at the "vanity fair" cover. the next generation of hollywood's rising stars. rooney mara and jessica chastain are on the cover. go to it's part of our countdown to the oscars, february 26th. only five days until the super bowl. champ dwight freeney and all-star chef josh capin are cooking today. first, robin and the girl supreme courts and katie. >> are you ready, katie? are you ready? >> busy morning. >> this is who we are. like katie, i was a girl scout growing up. it gave me a foundation, the
8:32 am
courage, the confidence, the character to try to realize my dreams. girl scouts of the usa will celebrate their 100th anniversary. it's rising and meeting new challenges. and our katie couric, you were a girl scout right? >> i was. >> i feel like we're so far apart. >> both of us spoke at the national convention in houston. i wore a vintage girl scout uniform for my talk. much of the discussion that convention was about a brand new initiative for 2012 called the year of the girl. and the to get her there campaign. right here in new york, today, that campaign kicks off. the message, girl scouts is about a lot more than selling cookies. it's about turning girls into smart cookies who mean business. ♪
8:33 am
>> reporter: a century ago, the first girl scouts went to camp. they still do today. the pools may have changed. swimming is still part of the program. back then, all girl scouts got a lesson in keeping it clean. >> it look likes crude oil to me. >> reporter: today, they're learning how to clean an oil spill. >> wonderful. very nice. >> reporter: let's see a show of hands. how many of you enjoy the science projects? your hand wasn't raised very high. do you enjoy it? >> it teaches you how to solve the problems in real life. >> to become what we appear to be. we have to pay attention and, like, especially math and science and engineering. >> reporter: it's called s.t.e.m. science, technology, engineering, and math. it's a corner stone of the girl
8:34 am
scout agenda. one group invented a prosthetic hand for a 3-year-old born without fingers. >> imagine if a girl can do that at a young age what other girls can do if we give them the resources. >> reporter: anna marie chavez is the first hispanic to head the girl scouts. she's confronting a big challenge. how girl scouts can create the women leaders of tomorrow. what can the girl scouts do to promote girls and push them forward? >> i think girl scouts has done a great job over the last 100 years of filling the pipeline of girl and women leaders. >> reporter: more than half of all female astronauts were girl scouts. so were 80% of women executives. of the 17 women in the u.s. senate, 11 of them took the girl scout pledge.
8:35 am
still, there's major leadership gap. there's a saying, if you can't see it, you can't be it. just 3% of ceos are women. 17% of congress female. >> if i was a young child growing up in mississippi, alabama, arizona, i wanted to be an astrophysicist, how many role models look like me? >> reporter: so she's fortifying another corner stone of the girl scouts, diversity. martin luther king called the organization a force for desegregation. now chavez wants to reach out to more black and latino girls. >> we need the girls to engage in the leadership discussion. >> i hope to work for apple. >> i want to be a fashion designer. >> i am hoping to be an
8:36 am
obstetrician. >> reporter: scouting is more an a life lesson. it's a lifeline. tell me why you like girl scouts. and why you like being a part of the organization. >> because i feel like i'm a part of something. i want people to respect me. >> reporter: i feel like some of you are getting emotional talking about girl scouts. how come? tell me why? it's okay. tell me why you're getting emotional. >> because it's just -- it makes you feel good when you're around people that want to be around you and -- you like doing something positive. >> reporter: has the girl supreme courts given you a sense of family? >> no, i used to never have confidence in stuff that i wanted to do and say. this helps me to be strong, helped me to be who i am and appreciate it. >> and obviously, how important
8:37 am
scouting is for these young girls. i asked them about that, it was like waterworks through the crowd. some of them have less than perfect family situations. it was touching to see that. >> i could see you were touched by that, too. we were, too. you're the girl, it is the campaign. there's an eye. popping survey dealing with girls. >> probably thousands of girls that the girl scouts conducted. they realized that confidence and interest in leadership positions begins to fail, actually in middle school. it starts to decline. so that's why this is so important to encourage girls to take on leadership positions. 21% they think they have what it takes to lead. 40% say they feel like they're
8:38 am
made fun or or put down when they try to take on leadership positions. this a critically important initiative for girls all across the country. >> and around the world. we have photos of you. >> i wore that vintage girl scout uniform in houston. >> wow. >> 1962. at least i kind of jazzed it up with shoes. i have a photo of when i was in fourth grade. i was a junior girl scout. i was very mad at my dad. i can't remember why when hi was taking this photo. i almost burst into tears. as you could tell. that does not reflect my feelings about the girl scouts. i loved being a girl scout. >> yes, you do. we love that you brought troops 3441 here and their leaders, as well. >> leaders in training, right girls? >> i love the chair. >> that's still in our living
8:39 am
room, i think. >> let's go to sam. our twitter and face book pictures are not as cute. let's get to them. we have one or two. fulton, new york, 32 inches of snow. snow, not easy to find across the nation. there's rain today. here in the rain from new orleans to little rock, paducah, they'll get heavy rain. that's about the only place. after that clears, it doesn't make it as far south as san francisco. it's from san francisco north. the rest of the week is dry on into the wee >> and all of that weather was
8:40 am
brought to you by prevacid. robin? >> thank you, sam. still surrounded by the girl scouts. >> did they bring cookies? >> i know, really. sho shortbreads. >> rachel mack adams. you said you were a
8:41 am
i just had it with cable. it just got more frustrating and frustrating. a lot of times, the picture would break up. for the amount of money that i am paying, my cable company should take care of me. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best. move up to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for our best price online -- just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years. first time we saw tv on fios was amazing! i was just in a trance watching it. i'm discovering new channels every day. [ male announcer ] and here's a special bonus: sign up now and get $300 back with a two-year contract. fios internet -- the speed, you can't compare. i'm able to take care of things much faster now. [ male announcer ] start saving now.
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move up to fios for our best price online -- $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years and get $300 back with a two-year contract. or ask us about the option of no annual contract. is change good? in this case, change is very good. [ male announcer ] visit contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. so just in time for
8:43 am
valentine's day, rachel mcadams is back on the screen in the movie "the vow." happy couple finds their marriage tested after really bad car accident. rachel mcadams is joining us live. hi. >> nice to see you. >> based on a true story. kim and cricket. >> yeah, they were married for two months. i think this was in the early '90s. got in this car crash. she lost all memory of him. and in our story, my character's lost about four years of her life. so -- she has no recollection that she's married to the lovely channing tatum. >> yeah, remember that. you want to remember that. >> they're incredible people. i mean, channing and i were saying, they're more extraordinary than our characters.
8:44 am
because, our characters go on a more tumultuous ride. they hung in there. i'm sure it was very difficult. they're still together, they got remarried. they have two beautiful children. >> and they were helpful in the process of building your character and getting this movie made? >> very much so. very positive and encouraging of the movie. you know, just incredible, inspiring people. >> we fell in love with you in "the notebook." this is probably the most romantic movie you have done since. let's show a clip. >> okay. >> so, i have an idea. it involved going into the city. are you okay with that? >> yeah, that's fine. i have to be back by 10:00 in the morning. >> oh, my god. >> what? >> first date, you're already inviting yourself to stay the night? >> i just meant -- >> i'll have you back tonight.
8:45 am
i mean, if you want to stay the night. if you want. you want to just see how it goes. >> i how do you not remember beg in love with him? he's so adorable. you said erp concerned about chemistry. hard to believe watching. you're so tight. you'resister, sort of friends. >> yeah, we're good friends and so, you don't know if they will come off weird and -- you know, will it work. he's so -- >> it worked. >> thank you, thank you. >> he's the loveliest guy you could meet. he's a prankster. >> yeah? >> i came up to my car. there was a giant branch sticking out of the passenger side seat. i knew who it was. >> that's very josh-like to do that. take a giant branch and put it in your car. >> he kept it fun.
8:46 am
so -- he's -- he's wonderful. >> and nothing to worry about in the chemistry department. we want to congratulate you on "midnight in paris." accolades are pouring in. woody said he wrote the part for you. >> yeah, he didn't tell me that. that's something i have learned afterwards. yeah, i mean -- i was just so happy to be in a woody allen movie at all. and so the fact that people like it and, you know, are enjoying it. he's getting all these accolades is just -- you know, big bonus. >> and working worki ing is just -- you know, big bonus. >> and working worki i is just -- you know, big bonus. >> and working worki ing is just -- you know, big bonus. >> and working worki nerve racr the great woody allen? >> at time. he made us feel relaxed. we were shooting in these beautiful places in paris. it was great. >> it's a good job.
8:47 am
>> it's all right. not too shabby. >> congratulations on "the vow." is it good to be back home on "gma"? >> my old stomping grounds. >> you used "gma" for your research for another movie. "the vow" is in theaters february 10th. coming up, gridiron champ and an all--star chef joining fo forces for a winning super bowl 3q
8:48 am
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8:49 am
and five days until the super bowl. the giants facing the patriots. we have a super bowl champion and an all-star chef here to make us some great grub.
8:50 am
he is dwight freeney. he is josh capon. welcome, guys. we had a coin toss before, you elected to cook first. what are we throwing together. >> some lime mojo wings. garlic, oil. orange juice. sauce. we're going to get it right. >> so where will you be taking in the game on sunday? >> on my couch. >> yeah. >> with my feet up. watching those guys go after it. >> sounds good. >> i'm going to be on his couch. >> how will indy be as a super bowl city? >> it will be great. a lot of great people, great events. indianapolis will bring out the best. >> and a beautiful new stadium to show case and quite again. as we prepare the lime mojo,
8:51 am
what kind of game do you think we're going to see? >> i think it's going to be a high-scoring game. the patriots have a lot of weapons. they have the no huddle offense. we faced them, unfortunately, we lost. but you know, the giants have great defensive line, too. i'm a defensive line guy. i grew up a giants fan. >> g-men. a high-scoring game for the g-men. >> what are we seeing here? >> it's a quick marinade going. a jerk. the recipe is online. throw it in a bag overnight. the longer you marinate, the more flavor you get in. throw on it a sheet, bake it. it ain't a super bowl without the wings. >> once i work on the the wings. i see sliders. there's a lot of work.
8:52 am
>> in is a brisket. it's barbecued low and slow. have it in the oven all day long, come halftime, slice it up. >> you're a barbecue guy, right? >> absolutely. >> slicing the meat. >> go against the grain. a little bit of dijon mayonnaise. caramelized onions. >> josh, you're pulling for the patriots right? >> i know i'm on your set. the g-men. peyton is a legend. it's in peyton's house. little brother, big brother. i think there's something special brewing. >> you're archie, you have two sons to go on do what they've done. >> proud father indeed.
8:53 am
>> the cheese on there. the mojo wings. get the recipes on tell us about your charity. >> gridiron for girls. a drought in africa. refugee camps. the girls walk for 30 days to get food and water.
8:54 am
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and again, logon gridiron girms 4 it's part of a u.n. initiative. thank you all for watching. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning everyone. i hope you are having a good tuesday. temperatures right now coming in right around 34 degrees in baltimore. and easton is at 41. so the temperatures are above average. we will stay that way as we
8:57 am
gothroughout the day. high pressure is building in across the area. and we are going to be seeing plenty of sunshine and feeling the temperatures as well. the future trend not picking up on a whole lot for today but we will see that we have showers working their way in here for tomorrow morning. you don't need the rain gear today but you might need it tomorrow and you need the sunglasses as you head out andout the door. for today, temperatures around 63. and it will be mostly sunny to partly cloudy. and we will be warmer and then by tonight, that temperature coming in around 43 degrees and clouds will be on the increase and it will be cool not cold outside. and then tomorrow, chance for showers in the forecast and temperatures right around 64 degrees and it is still going to be warm. let's check the traffic now with angela good morning a. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning. baltimore county police remain on the scene of an early morning crash on east joppa road. it's still shut down between perring and old harford road.
8:58 am
a downed pole and wires. a pretty good route is an -- alternate is the beltway. bumper to bumper eastbound maryland 100 approaching i-95. an accident there a lot of stop and go traffic trying to access 95 coming from the eastbound maryland 100. jfx very slow traffic there. not the case on 29. that's one of the areas where things are clearing out. but again on the jfx stop and go heading into downtown from the beltway. thanks fortuning in to good morning maryland. make it a great day. ♪
8:59 am
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