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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  February 1, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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the blessings of two baby girls. >> we will show you the photos and introduce us if you wo. we have shown them earlier but we want to hear from mom. >> they are in the purple that's jordan rose. and next to her her younger sister by one minute nola jane and they are pure joy. we were happy before and we are so happy now. this is what they look like when they go to bed wrapped up in the straight jackets. >> what's that? >> that's called swadeling and makes them feel secure like they are in the womb. >> says you. we learned over the course of the show that jordan is the one who is rambunctious. >> are you kidding. >> tough keep her in place. >> they are airtight and in the morning we go in and jordan arms are out of and she can houdini her way out. we will have to record it sometime to filling out how the it is done. >> go to facebook and let us know how happy you -- you are to have megan back. let's check the forecast and say good morning to meteorologist lynette charles.
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>> good morning. welcome back megan i missed you so much. check out the head hines. yesterday it's -- headlines. yesterday it's juneary and this morning let's go february so you know i know like we are talking about the mild weather and talking about the sunshine. people don't like the mild weather. so, we have to talk about the snow a little bit. it's not in the forecast but i am feeling your pain and hopefully we will get snow because it's not about what i like but what you like and i appreciate you sending this information on facebook. but right now we are dealing with the wet weather. we can see it into maryland's most powerful radar. the weather is coming down across the area. and as we zoom in around white oak silver spring more of the same. and down into dc heavier rain and that will be the scenario through the remainder of the morning. it's the temperatures coming up but right now let's check the traffic with angela. good morning angela. do you like the warm weather? >> reporter: i love the warm weather. yesterday it was great and heading out right now, actually a pretty good start. especially on the key routes.
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we have a couple trouble spots and minor accidents on dundalk avenue at eastern. downtown on pratt street at president so be on the lookout for those. as we look at key routes in great shape for this time morning. here's a live look at harrisburg expressway at shawan moving well to the top side of the beltway. and starting to stack up a little on the beltway west side. volume is building through the pikesville region and continuing through arbutus heading to i-95. megan and charley, over to you. mitt romney cruised to a double digit win over newt gingrich in florida's state primary last night. romney received 46% of the vote and the closest competitor was gingrich at 32%. rick santorum finished third followed by ron paul. while addressing supporters in tampa, romney said he is prepared to win the presidential election and take the white house. >> as this primary unfolds the opponents in the other party have been watching and like to comfort themselves with the thought a competitive campaign
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will leave us divided. and weak. but i've got news for them. a competitive primary doesn't divide us it prepares us and we will win. >> so with florida in the rear view mirror all four go to nevada, state where the caucuses are held saturday and romney won back in 2008 and is the same day of maine week long contest kicking off as well. two minutes after 6 right now. more delegates and more problems and that could be the case for mitt romney the republican front-runner primary win in florida has apparently earned him secret service protection. the republican presidential candidate will be under the watchful eye of secret service officers within days. today governor o'malley will tackle issues that are important to you. governor o'malley gives the state of the state address and sherrie johnson is here to give you a preview. >> reporter: welcome back. well today all eyes will be on annapolis as governor o'malley
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updates us at noon on the condition of maryland. governor says he will discuss how there's nothing more important for family security in future than a job. and how together we created over 30,000 new jobs last year driving our unemployment rate down to 6.7%, the lowest in three years. the agenda includes capital programs to support 52,000 jobs. the civil marriage protection act of 2012 and legislation to promote affordable health care. now governor o'malley wants to hear from you. people can view the speech streamed live and head to and click on the state for the link. again the governor will give his annual state of the state address at noon to the general assembly. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. all right. one bill the governor is particularly passionate about is the same sex marriage. it's officially being debated in annapolis. on tuesday, the senate judicialary proceedings committee held a hearing a similar bill failed last year. you may remember.
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but now governor o'malley is in full support and opponents say the governor's help is not going to make a difference. >> we live in a litigious society. if this masses, we will be sued if we deny same sex couples service we give others. >> it's not right and it's not just that the children of gay couples should have lesser protections than the children of other families in our state. >> the senate committee should take the vote on the bill later this week. if it passes, the next step is the full senate and then to the house of delegates where it was defeated last year. the senate is set to take a vote on a propossessional of legalizing same sex marriage. it's expected to pass. if it does it moves into the house and it has enough votes to pass the bill at a more comfortable margin. governor said he will sign the law washington state will be the 7th state to approve same
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sex marriage. today closing arguments will be heard in the murder trial of a man accused of killing a corrections officer. lee stevens is charged with stabbing corrections officer david mcgwen to death in 2006 at the maryland house of corrections. the death was primary factor in the decision to close the facility. this is the first death penalty case to go to trial since it became law and was changed in 2009. capital punishment is an option if there's a videotaped confession or biological evidence linking the defendant to the crime. a new bilk proposed inannapolis could create a streamlined plan to find missing children in the state. the bill is aimed at improving the cooperation between state agencies and local groups. it would include more resources for police. and including the establishment of dna base that would be helpful. bill is called the missing children's act but there's been talk of naming it for phylicia barnes the teen whose 2010 disappearance from home here in baltimore spurred a broader interest in overall missing
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persons cases. an update on a crash that left four people dead over the weekend near davidsonville. maryland state police say both drivers were under the influence of alcohol. three teens were in the car headed in the wrong direction that was on route 50 when the car crashed head on into another car. the driver of that car and all three teens died in the crash. an update on a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. we now know the name of the man shot and killed by police. the person led police on a chase even stole a cruiser overnight. tuesday police eventually shot and killed him in a parking lot of the patapsco shopping center in south baltimore. he has been in trouble with the law before. he had 20 charges against him since 2003, four of the charges stemming from running from baltimore county police. all right. ladies, there's an important recall to tell you about this morning, one you will want to know ba. popular brand of birth control pills has been recalled. health reporter linda so is here with the latest details to
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fill us in. linda. >> reporter: the pills which we have listed on the website are being recalled because of a packaging error that might cause accidental pregnancy. eye affects 1 million packets sold in the u.s. pfizer says they may not contain enough contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. the pills doesn't pose a health threat but if you are affected by the recall you should use a nonhormonal form of the contraception immediately. now here are the specific pills that are being recalled. look at your screen. it affects 14 lots of low oval 28 tablets and 14 lots of ethanol tablets. they are manufactured by pfizer we have a link on the website to the specific lot numbers that are part of the recall. you can find all that information in the slide show at linda so, abc2 news. a nation leading breast cancer charity susan g. komen is halting partnership with
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planned parenthood meeting a cut off to hundreds of thousands in grants mainly for breast exams. planned parenthood says it results from komen bowing to pressure from antiabortion activists. comen says the key re-- komen says the key reason is planned parenthood is under investigation in congress launched by a conservative republican urged to act by antiabortion groups. komen gave 68 a you -- 608,000 to -- 680,000 dollars to planned parenthood last year. way in and -- weigh in and join the conversation. we always want to know what you have to say. a warning to men considering a pricey new treatment for prostate cancer called proton therapy that may have more side effects than traditional radiation. eye use as different form of radiation and causes twice as much as usual treatments. high end liquor is flying off the shelves. >> how alcohol sales may be a sign that things are not as bad as they seem.
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also, serious snow falling in upstate new york. why officials in the state one county declared a snow emergency. a story you can't get enough of. a 10-year-old gets not just one but two special gifts from afghanistan. first let's go up to new york to look at the latest business news happening right now. >> reporter: good wednesday morning everyone. topping america's money today is the day for facebook. various reports say the social network will file the initial pub hick offering of stock. the preliminary target is likely 5 billion dollars. the markets are not waiting for facebook. wall street posted the best january in 15 years despite a small loss yesterday. dow up 3.4% and investors are encouraged by modest improvement the not so for the housing market home prices fell in nearly all cities hardest hit was atlanta where they hit the lowest level since the crisis began. a chicago zoo says a superbowl
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commercial featuring chimps is just wrong. the ad shows suit and tie wearing chimps playing tricks on a human coworker. the link says the spot will hurt conservation efforts and that's america's money. have a great wednesday.
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now "good morning maryland." if you want prost economy is improving -- proof economy are improving check out sales of boos -- booze. now this is the strongest increase in five years they say. sale of high end booze increased in some -- and some experts say this is a sign we are slowly returning to prerecession days. if you are look for great
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shopping deal -- looking for great shopping deals, j.c. penney is rolling out a new strategy to lure shoppers and they are doingate away with the concept of a sale. they will start by perm innocently marking down most of the items by 40% -- permanently marking down most of the items by 40%. there will be an every day low price and monthly discounts on select items and clearance deals called best price during the first and third friday of every glongt some people near chicago felt rock and rolling 2.4 magnitude outside 57 miles northwest of chicago. the quake toppled trash cans and shook a few things out of place. there was no significant reported dang. -- damage. upstate new york it's known for the brutal winners. lake ontario is getting serious snow. look at this. that storm brought 29 inches there by midday. now the snow is still coming and one man had to shovel a
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path to get to the snow blower.the town declared a snow emergency asking drivers to stay off the road. time for a check of the forecast. lynette we are not dealing with anything close to that. >> nothing close to it. and i feel bad for the people that like the snow. like bob and darleen and scott likes -- scott likes the snow but you see it. 50s you can't get snow with 50s. that's what we are seeing intobaltimore and easton. that temperature right around 52 degrees and york, pennsylvania 53. and hagerstown 53 this morning. these temperatures will shoot up throughout the day. satellite and radar picking up on the rain pushing in. we have a solid shield of rain moving in but then we get break behind that. that's some good news. but then we will see more rain pushing in. i will show you that in a
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second. in the meantime, we are in between the cold front and warm front. we are feeling the milder air going throughout the day. and this cold front will push through as we go through the overnight, and we will start to see the temperatures and feel the temperatures drop off but we still will be above average. you will need the rain gear this morning and then also maybe even tomorrow morning. looks like this model shows it to the south of us. but i think some of us could get clipped by that. if you are one of those that likes the sunshine, then you will like friday because that's when the sun returns to the area. neighborhood forecast goes like this for today. 66 degrees and showers possible. more of the same into elk ridge around 67 as we slide down to dole at 68. severna park around 68 and maybe a chance for a shower as we go into the afternoon. by tonight, 42 degrees overcast and more showers will be possible. and then tomorrow's forecast, 53and chance of morning rain and it will be cooler. let's check the traffic now with angela. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning everyone. as you gear up for the drive this wednesday morning, looking pretty good for the most part. dealing with one reported accident. one we reported downtown still on the scene. police there at pratt street and president. but heading into downtown on 395, all lanes are open and moving well. here on the harrisburg expressway, we are getting reports of more activity around middletown and belfast road. but you are moving at posted speed at shawan road. a check of traffic on i-95 through the kingsville region is okay for now. but here's the view of 95 north of maryland 43. we are picking up in the southbound lanes getting busier as you continue to the top side of the beltway. and heading to the fort mchenry tunnel. over to you. a -- a publisher is honored. the postal service black heritage forever stamp features john h. johnson the man behind ebony jet and other mag steens he. he found the company with a 500
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loan using his mother's furniture as collateral of the he was the -- was the first african american named to the forbes 500 list. a 10-year-old girl gets a very special delivery sent to her school. >> afghanistan. >> oh. >> my dad. >> so jeffrey is brave jury of a details her father's adven tiers he has been a popular figure in her classroom but she doesn't know jeffrey is not alone. -- adventures. he has been a popular figure in her classroom but she doesn't know jeff riry is not alone. >> i miss -- jeffrey is not alone. >> i miss you. >> after he surprised caitlin master sergeant james reynold headed over to the high school to surprise his oldest
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daughter. what a day. news time 6:18. and victims of the costnamed th price. >> how much those on board are saying the cruise line needs to pay up after the deadly disaster. a casting call for a block buster in new zealand canceled. authorities were forced to shut it down when good morning america continues on this wednesday, february 1st. thanks for waking up with us. kç
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#:to 22 -- 6:22. a newark about iran. director of the national entell generals says -- a new warning about iran. director of the national intelligence says they are trying to attack american soil. >> they are trying to penetrate engage in this hemisphere. >> the director of the national intelligence says iranian officials are more willing to attack the u.s. in response to
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real or perceived actions that they think threatens the regime e pointed specifically to last year's plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the united states and report that the country iran rather has been supporting hezbollah cells in latin america. this comes as america increases pressure on iran to drop the nuclear program. passengers on the cruise ship that crashed off the coast is suing fore460 million. this came less than week after the cruise line offered a $14,000. an attorney representing the passengers calls the initial compensation offer insulting. cruise ended the -- crews ended the underwater search for 17 people missing and it is too dangerous for divers right now. the children of the minnesota couple missing in that italian cruise ship disaster say they are now planning a memorial service to celebrate their parents lives. gerald and barbara are two
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passengers still missing from the costa concordia shipwreck. the family says they are disheartened but understand and accept the decision and thanked the search crews. one serious bloodiest days since the uprising began. 100 people died monday according to an op a significance group including 76 in hamas and 15 in darra. 6 people are killed in damascus suburbs where activists say ahumanitarian crisis is developing as fighting intensifies. serious state controlled media says 6 members of the armed forces were killed during monday's violence. well arctic cold snap continues to grip europe including bull gare why where temperatures are hitting 17 of the cities breaking 122-year- old record. the lowest temperature record in the area was a negative 20. the railways and transit offices and services suffered massive delays and forced a closing of hundreds of schools. the hershey company is investing 10 million dollars to
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improving west african cocoaa farms. hershey says it produces 70% of the cocoaa. also is the plans to expand the link program into the ivory coast. that program gives cell phones to farmers and sends them text and voice messages aimed at helping to improve the overall farm practices. police were called to a shutdown of the casting call for extras for the film the hobit because more than 3,000 people showed up. the hobit is the prequell to theblock buster trilly the --y the lord of the rings -- trilogy the lord of the rings. what emergency responders were up against saving a man from car. a robber used to hide his face while robbing a florida mcdonald's. that's a face you may recognize. sherrie. >> reporter: florida is behind us and now onto nevada for gop presidential hopefuls. find out one candidate's caravan is getting larger, coming up. at lysol, we discovered a problem.
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the more products we touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen, and the more germs we can spread on our hands. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one no-touch solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. because our mission is a healthy home made simple. lysol. mission for health.
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now "good morning maryland." mitt romney has mojo after winning the florida primary. what's next for the candidate. and the largest social media site going public. the latest on facebook's
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possible stock offering. the superbowl bets are made between new york and boston mayors. so we will look at what's at stake to lose for superbowl xlvi. welcome in. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. >> you are back. >> i am back. >> she has been gone since early september and you come back two babies stronger. >> they are strong and healthy and we feel very blessed. >> do we have a photo. rob gets in this one. >> of course he does. yes. that's him with his arms full. who would think you could carry two babies. >> i think he probably manages just fine. >> he does. he is a great dad. and i said it a million times we were happy before and i would have never imagined we could be this happy with nola and jordan. >> i am going to put you on the spot. which is which? >> that's not putting me on the spot i know my girls. that's nola on the left and jordan on the right. and it's very easy to tell them


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