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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  February 21, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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rage. police say ross brandon sudbrook stabbed another man at an intersection in gambrills. that man began chasing after sudbrook. police arrested sudbrook. we told you about it at 5:00. a head-on crash in owings mills killed two people tonight. mcdonogh road between-- between painters mill and winands is shut down because of the crash, a car traveling on mcdonogh road crossed over the center turn lane into oncoming traffic. the car collided head-on with another vehicle and then struck a third car. both drivers died at the scene. the driver in the third vehicle we're told was not seriously hurt. domestic violence is not just a problem in the home. it's something that can spill over into your workplace. that's why some lawmakers in annapolis want to have unemployment benefits available to those victims.
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abc2's don harrison explains. >> reporter: lieutenant governor brown testified before the senate committee in support of unemployment benefits made to employees who may not feel safe at work because of domestic violence issues. let me say at the outset -- it's an issue that hits home to the lieutenant governor. his cousin was hit by an estranged boyfriend. >> when we encourage or at least support victims of domestic violence to leave that workplace, then we're going to eliminate the risk that could occur and we have seen it in the past where a domestic abuser shows up on the job. >> reporter: the abuser may have to leave behind everything, even the job. >> she loses her income. this would allow her to maintain some level of financial support while she relocates. >> reporter: this may put a
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burden on the employer that pays into the unemployment fund. >> right now employers are paying the highest unemployment insurance rates that they've ever paid in the state. the premier priority needs to get the unemployment rates down. >> reporter: if maryland approves the legislation, they'll join 32 other states along with washington, d.c. that already have this on their books. in annapolis, don harrison, abc2 news. later this evening the baltimore county council will vote on a gender identity protection bill. that bill came in to play after this video of an attack on a transgender woman in a rose dale mcdonald's. that video went viral. maryland's most powerful radar sits clear. take a look at some of the current conditions. winds are up, gusting to 35 in baltimore.
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30 in mt. rainier. 20 in rock hall. as we take you into the current winds and these are the live conditions out of our abc2 weather bug sites, a few spots close to 15. still breezy. i think the highest winds are a done deal. temperature wise farley comfortable, depending on where you are in central maryland. the rls of this evening down through the 40s, partly cloudy skies and still breezy but, again, in the has windy as earlier today. we'll talk about when we could see rain and how warm does it get later this week. it's coming up. now to the very latest on a former california teacher accused of child sex abuse. mark berndt pleaded not guilty. the 23 victims were between the ages of seven and 10. days after he was arrested
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another teacher was arrested and charged with lewd acts with a girl under the age of 14. he also plead not guilty. the group sugarland is responding to a lawsuit claiming its negligence in a stage collapse at the indiana state fair last august. in court documents sugarland said the collapse was cause pied a gust of winds unprecedented in intensity. the band said it had nothing to do with the construction of the venue. the executive director said she tried to convince the band to delay the show. however, they wanted to go on. sugarland said no one asked them to delay the show. now the latest on the father who sparked a viral sensation in a heated debate over how parents
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should handle themselves. >> tommy jordan is the man's name. he said he was trying to teach his daughter a lesson about sharing too much on facebook. critics say he's defending himself. 28million people have watched this video of jordan shooting his daughter's laptop after discovering a ranted on his teenage daughter's facebook page. >> this is your laptop. this right here, is my 45. one, two, three, four, fiervetion six. after that comment you made about your mom, your mom said be sure to put one in there for her. >> some say he muscled the mark. others said the tough love was on target. he said to those who support us
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we appreciate it. i believe everything i did was appropriate. many wonder why he didn't take the laptop away. he said did it. didn't work. new at 5:30, thousands of teachers face layoffs across the country. teachers in buffalo, new york, are getting lie pow, all on -- lipo, all on the taxpayers dime. they are eligible to get plastic surgeon under the insurance options. botox, liposuction, tummy tucks and there's no deductible. last year buffalo schools spent $5.9 million on plastic surgery and the school is facing a $42 million deficit in next year's budget. slick roads continue to playing areas of the south and that's what caused a police officer in north carolina to crash into two other cars.
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that is what happened after that crash. an interactive video game is all the rage with kids and some of their parents. why taking a swing may have you landing in the doctor's office.
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a hit and run in pennsylvania. the driver is accused of hitting a girl on her bike, then speeding away. it was caught on surveillance in fill's park -- philadelphia's park side section. it threw the 9-year-old from her bike. she suffered minor bums and because -- bruises. the search is on for a hit-and-run driver. he ran down two machine with his car. it was caught on tape. the suspect left the store and came close to the men. then he accelerated and ran one of the men down. the man survived. police found the suspect's suv. in north carolina a police officer slamed into two cars. police say hoe was chasing the suspect when he hit a patch of
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ice. it crashed into an emergency services vehicle and another truck. moments after the crash the cruiser burst into flames. the good news, he is in good condition tonight. today's video game systems bring you there. you're in the middle of the heavy action. it makes the kids feel like they're swinging and dancing away. what precautions you feed to take to make sure they don't hurt themselves. and groupons offer items to your inbox for free.
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wii sports, modern nfl.
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if you have kids in your house, chances are you have these video games. they are becoming a source of lot of pain. abc2's linda so works for you and shows us how it can lead to breaking a bone. >> reporter: when it's time to play, ashley likes to groove to the music. she isn't shy about showing off her moves. >> i like it because it's fun. >> reporter: it didn't take long for the fun to start hurting. >> ow. >> reporter: there's the occasion album here and there but ashley got a lot more than she bargained for while playing wii's just dance 3. >> i heard some crying. ashley said she hurt her foot. >> it was pinching at first. then it started to really, really hurt.
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we thought it was a bruise or not a big deal but she couldn't walk on it. >> reporter: ashley hit her foot on the coffee table and broke it. >> most people think it's funny. >> reporter: this orthopedic surgeon treated ashley. he said video game injuries are on the rise. >> while it doesn't seem to be an epidemic, we are seeing them more often. >> reporter: some can be pretty bad. >> i had a patient trying to throw 100-mile-an-hour baseball with the wii game and developed painful rotator cuff tendinitis of the shoulder. the worst thing i saw was an injury where someone cut their hand on a ceiling fan and ended up having emergency surgery. >> reporter: the repetitive motion can strain parts of your body, especially, your shoulders, arms and hands.
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>> they're fun and addictive and people feel like they're getting a lot of exercise and activity which is great, but at the same time just as with any activity you can overdo it. it's important to be mindful of that. >> reporter: that's why it's important to limit the amount of time you spend playing video games and in cases like ashley's, make sure there's enough room to jump around. linda so, abc2 news. >> she is busting a move. the doctor says it's a good idea to move furniture out of the way, get the toys off the floor and be mindful of how high your ceiling is, especially if you have a ceiling fan. nice clear evening after a fairly cloudy day for much of the mid-part of the day. we had the mid-level clouds, not
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rain makers but enough to obscure the sun. winds southwest at 12, a quiet day of weather over baltimore as we take a look at our view looking across the inner harbor, finding sunshine breaking out late in the day. how about ellicott city. then the sun comes through. it's nice when it got here. look at the sunset. a windy day at the beach. it was windy in ocean side. maryland's most powerful radar chris cal-- crystal clear. temperatures will steadily fall tonight. it's the south wind. so that will, to a certain degree, slow down the cool off. it will take awhile to get down to 30s. wind gust wise check this out. 18 easton. gusting over 30 later today. how about today, warmer, upper
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50s downtown. i will say this. numbers in some of the outskirts could be closer to the mid-50s, reisterstown, owings mills, up through hunt valley could be cooler. satellite radar trend showing basically not a lot. quiet here. that band of cloud cover comes through with no precipitation in maryland. certainly up in pennsylvania and new york, that's where we had active weather. wind shift will help generate the wind but not much cooler. we'll warm up tomorrow due to winds shifting and also a lot or sunshine, which makes for a clunk of the day. take a look at the trend. you can see the chance for rain will be nil tonight. then we goat a little disturbance developing over the appalachians. that will come through wednesday evening just for a few hours, from 6:00 to 9:00. then it's out of here and dry and mild are, still with some ridging on thursday.
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so it's looking good right through thursday. overnight 38, late clearing not as cold. your forecast tomorrow 58. early sun, getting milder but not as mild has thursday, we don't think. tomorrow night down to 42 with scattered showers. here's the seven-day forecast. it show as nicer warm up in the upper 60s. good chance for rain and even some thunder showers. showers possible, cooler and drier for the weekend. back to you. now to democracy 2012, two big contests are just around the corner. voters in arizona and michigan head to the polls. tonight there's a new poll out. we have the very latest. is the race tightening at all? >> tight is not the word, kelly. we are talking about a new cnn time orc poll it.
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shows the race in arizona will be a tough one. you can see that mitt romney and rick santorum, they are in a statistical tie when you consider the margin of error. newt gingrich trails in third place and ron paul is in fourth plate. what's also interesting which came out of this poll, is that one third of the voters polled in arizona said they're not sure who they're going to vote for. so this is wide open and this is really anyone's race as far as the front two-- two front-runners. >> let's talk about how much money they're raising. there's an indication of how well they're fairing. >> reporter: at this point, mitt romney, he is the front-runner as far as cash goes. he still has the most amount of money. what is interesting with mitt romney, when you look at january, he actually spent nearly three times more than the amount of money that he was able
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to fund raise in january. he's not in debt but some are now wondering is his ability to fund raise slowing down. since this race started, mitt romney raised more than $63 million. take a look where rick santorum is. he raised more than $6 million. interesting to see that of all of the candidates, rick santorum, he raised the least amount of money. yet, kelly, he is leading all of these candidates. back to you. >> live from d.c. thanks for that live report. jamie, what's coming up at 6:00. coming up all knew, the helicopter -- new, the helicopter involved in yesterday's crash had its own emergency. what happened and what this has to do with the state medivac update. a look at local ago ago
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compared to last year and where you can find the best price.
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a record-setting day on wall street. the down finished up almost 16, the nasdaq almost down three and a quarter and the s&p 500 up almost one. in consumer alert tonight the tablet war is heating up. the tech website reports barnes & noble will release a new cheaper nook tablet this week. according to the report, the
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tablet would allow barnes & noble to match or undercut amazon's kindle fire. the current nook has 16 gigabytes and costs about $250. barnes & noble as not commented so far. would you pay $30 a year for access to such deals? groupons is hoping you l the vip service will give you early access to the deals. you can see and buy them 12 hours before it's open to the public. with access to a deal vault, you can buy certain deals even after they'ret. vips can also trade in unused daily deals for groupon bucks, even have they have expired. right now they're being tested in a handful of cities. this is not exactly something you want to put on
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your tourism brochure. houston has won the title of the fattest city. the hot weather and long commute contributes to the wider waist line and the city with the most fast food restaurants. wonder if there's a correlation there. the mayor turns up at a local elementary school this morning. why she showed up to support a special donation for students. that's on abc2 news at 6:00 with jamie costello, which starts right now. brothers and thir sister killed in a crash. hear how it happened. and the state police helicopter that responded to that crash had to make an emergency landing after one of its own engines caught fire. we want to start with an update, a head-on crash is taking the lives of two.
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abc2 news cheryl conner is at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: tow trucks are here. debris is in the road. looks like mcdonogh road will reopen soon. it's been nearly four hours since the crash caused people to come running out of their home. we have video that will make you passments the engine in this silver car, that's the one that crossed the center turn lane and caused the head-on crash. the driver, also partially hee jected. he was pronounced dead on the scene. police say hoe was speeding when he ran head-on into a blue car. the driver of that car died at the scene. there's a third car involved, the suv, the driver was not injured. we're between painters mill and winands. this has been shut down for


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