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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 21, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. chicago under siege. police battle protesters into the night. racing to stop domestic terrorists, saying they have already foiled three violent plots to use fwuns and explosives. as the president meets with world leaders, are they in danger? going to extremes. a tropical storm on the coast. twisters out of "the wizard of oz." good-bye to robin gibb. ♪ staying alive >> one of the most famous singers from "staying alive" to "jive talkin'" his saturday night fever that has so many dancing. and justin bieber turning up with a surprise date. the emotional tribute to w ey
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houston. all the jaw-dropping moments from inside the billboard music awards. >> good morning, america. look at taylor swift, starting the week off. >> a little shoutout. >> hope everyone had fantastic weekend. but in chicago, tense moments. the huge protests in chicago. they're shutting down train lines. people are being told not to come to work. >> president obama and other nato leaders are there. and we hear the latest on aimee copeland. overnight, her father says she's breathing on her own. and mark zuckerberg officially changed his status to married over the weekend. new details on the surprise
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wedding. >> what a week for mark zuckerberg. also, robin gibb. part of the bee gees. we're going to have a tribute to him just ahead. he had a long battle with cancer. donna summer last week. now robin gibb. giants of the era gone. right to chicago, where president obama and many of the world's powerful leaders are gathered. alex perez has the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the big problem began when police tried to disperse the crowd. officers in riot gear beat back anti-war demonstrators in a show of force. hundreds of protester, some using makeshift weapons, tried to push through the security perimeter surrounding the nato
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summit. >> if you fail to come ply, you'll be arrested. >> reporter: chicago's top cop, superintendent gary mccarthy was on the ground trying to help. >> the officers were assaulted. they don't have to stand there and take an assault. the fingers should be pointed at the people that assaulted the cops. >> reporter: the pro ttests and massive police presence continued through the night. nearly 50 protesters were detained or arrested. chicago police are scrambling to stop what they describe as attempted acts of domestic terrorism. three men were charged saturday with plotting attacks on the president's campaign head quarters and the home of chicago mayor rahm emanuel.
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police say they've foiled three violent plots including alleged plans to use molotov cocktails at the summit. also sunday, the hacker group anonymous waged cyber war and police department websites and calling on other hackers to strike in this online video. >> chicago should be fired on as much as possible. >> reporter: most of the protesters were released early this morning. the police superindtendent says most of the protests were peaceful. >> the nato countries seem to be competing to see who can get out of afghanistan more quickly. >> reporter: that's right, george. ont beyond the protests, an important announcement from
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president obama. the afghans will take the lead in secures afghanistan by next summer. and u.s. combat troops will be out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. the war, as we understand it, is over then. is over is the language he uses. not will will over. there will be tough days ahead. it's different language than we hear from the generals talking about how the troops will be fighting up until midnight december 31, 2014. >> the president getting pushback. the campaign seems to be doubling down. >> reporter: that's right. the mayor of newark, cory booker, and steve ratner, both disparaging the attacks on mitt romney. they will talk about how bain dealt with an indiana paper
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company. let's get to josh with the morning headlines. >> we're going begin with break news n from mississippi. a nearly day-long prison riot has turned deadly. authorities regained control of the prison overnight. not before one guard was killed and five others were injured in the mele rks. it's been an especially violent 24 hours in yemen. gunmen opened fire on car carrying three u.s. military instructors. this morning, word of a suicide bombing. abc's martha raddatz is in yemen. she has the very latest. good morning to you, martha. >> reporter: good morning, josh. a suicide bomber strapped on a belt. he was among many, many yemeni arny soldiers practicing for
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unity day. he blew himself up, scores were killed. scores more were wounded. this comes on the heels of an attack on american contractors in southern yemen, wounding one. al qaeda took responsibility. despite what happened here today, the u.s. and yemeni army will continue their fight against al qaeda. >> thank you for that. aftershocks are rocking northeastern italy this morning, following a deadly earthquake gnat destroyed centuries of history. as you can see, a camera rolling as a damaged tower collapsed fofor good in one aftershock. at least six people were killed and dozens were injured. developing right now, high temperatures and dry conditions are threatening to undo progress made over the weekend on the four massive wildfires in
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arizona. cruise used helicopters on the gl gladiator wildfire overnight. sam will have the latest forecast in just moments. and another region ravaged by extreme weather gets a presidential visit today. the president will give the graduation address to the students at joplin. the high school was destroyed. more progress for the georgia grad student battling to survive a case of flesh-eating bacteria. aimee copeland has been taken off a ventilator and is breathing on her own. she's lost her and and feet to the disease. her father says she's in good spirits. she's a fighter. take a look at what happens
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when air force gets are given a bubble bath. foam filling the hangar in florida last week. all the planes swamped by suds when a fire suppression system showed you it could work. mo word on how long it took to clean up. an option, perhaps, when serena does not want to get into the bathtub. now to a celebration of a disco great, robin gibb, of the bee gees. he and his brothers brought us some of the biggest hits of the '70s. they're still getting people on the dance floor today. ♪ whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother you're staying alive ♪ >> reporter: as a bee gee, he was one of the most distinctive
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blepds. from staying alive to you should be dancing. ♪ dancing yeah >> reporter: the bee gees massive hit on the "saturday night fever" sound track made it the biggest selling album of the year. ♪ how deep is your love how deep is your love ♪ >> reporter: they had taken their music to the dance floor in the '70s. nights on broadway and jive talken. despite the disco come nation, it was ballads that made them big. robin, with brothers barry and maurice. sharing a mike on sweeping, sorrowful songs, like how can you mend a broken heart? note help me mend my broken heart ♪ >> reporter: often cupping his hand over his ear making sure he
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was singing in tune. ♪ i finally died ♪ which started the whole world living ♪ >> reporter: robin gibb's death at age 62 brings down the curtain too soon on decades of musing making. a host of styles always certained up with brotherly love and sweet harmony. ♪ nobody gets too much heaven no more it's much harder to come by ♪ >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> a distinctive voice and style. brings you back to a different time. >> immediately hearing all those hits. and boy, so young. >> too young. the latest in the trayvon martin case. should the zimmerman murder charges be dropped? matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, calls
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to dismiss george zimmerman's second-degree murder charge are increasing. from conservatives -- >> i would rather play the defense attorney in this case. i believe there's though way you get a murder two conviction. >> reporter: to liberals. >> there is no second-degree murder evidence in the case. it's a very close case. >> reporter: all of this following the massive release of evidence by the prosecution thursday. revealing, in part, the unseen photos of zimmerman's face and head. just moments after he said he killed trayvon martin in self-defense. as well as this, the first glimpse of martin that night. also part of the release, potentially damning eyewitness accounts. with more evidence now public, legal experts like harvard
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experts alan dershowitz -- >> if there are demonstrations, the finger of responsibility will point directly at the prosecutor. >> reporter: cory was assigned a month after the shooting after the nationwide scrutiny and protests. she said the evidence released is not the sum total of her case. >> the general public and the media have to remember there is a lot we cannot release by law. >> reporter: this case hinges on who started the fight that the prosecution says it was zimmerman, merely by leaving the car that night. we haven't seen zimmerman's statement to the police or his reenactment of the night. what about this? mark zuckerberg changing his facebook status to married over
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the weekend. dan harris is here. i loved when he posted it on the facebook page. >> reporter: good morning to you. let's consider the week that mark zuckerberg just had. last monday, he turned 28. on friday, facebook went blik and he made a mere $19 billion. and then on saturday, a secret, surprise wedding. not a bad run. >> let's do this. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg, who didn't bother to dress up when he rang the opening bell on friday took off the hoodie and put on a suit and a loosened tie the next day. his new bride, priscilla chan wore a white gown. they updated their relationship status to married. >> it makes sense for him to make the announcement on facebook. no showy pr. just a simple status update
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change. >> reporter: the celebration in the backyard. ♪ my beating heart belongs to you ♪ >> reporter: billy jo armstrong, reportedly performed last night on earth. neighbors said they heard tunes from bon jovi, flo-rida and michael jackson. many of the guests were surprised. being told they were coming to a party for priscilla, who just graduated med school. >> she's going to be a pediatrician. our dinner conversations are often about kids. the kids she's meeting. >> reporter: they met nine years ago. what else do we know about this woman who married the richest, most famous geek of this generation? she's 27, from braintree, massachusetts. loves cooking, soft things,
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sun-dried toe may toast and diet a pand pand w. before med school, she spent a year as a fourth and fifth grade science teacher. >> they have a dog. other than that, their life is closed. >> reporter: the ring is a simple ruby, designed by zuckerberg himself. the wedding was apparently not planned after the ipo. but legal experts say this timing will make it harder for her to make claims on his facebook money in the unlikely event of a divorce. >> you're bringing that up already? >> can we get the producers in our ear. they told me to say it. >> thanks, dan. >> thanks a lot. millions under the their eyes to the skies last night hoping to catch a spectacular show, a rare solar eclipse called the ring of fire.
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>> reporter: this dramatic haunting sight is why astronomers call it the ring of fire. an eclipse that started in asia and crept into the western u.s. before vanishing in texas. across the west, people threw parties. none bigger than this one in a football stadium in boulder, colorado. >> the largest eclipse crowd in history. >> reporter: wearing special glasses, even welder's masks. >> people are hungering for an authentic adventure. you can make a whole alien world in the movies. but this is real. >> reporter: so real, looking too long causes permanent damage. >> very quickly, it burns a spot in the paper. if you were looking through this telescope with your eye, the
7:18 am
same thing would happen to your retina. >> reporter: this is the deal. this is supposed to be one of the biggest parties in the country for viewing the eclipse. right now, the main attraction is behind the clouds. but after hours of waiting. >> you see the sun? >> i see it! >> reporter: the clouds parted. >> it looks like an apple that someone's taken a bite out of. >> reporter: astronomers say it will be five years before the next eclipse over the u.s. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, boulder, colorado. >> wow. >> that's a gorgeous image. all kinds of wild things going on. >> we like to serve doughnut holes at our eclipse parties. because you notice, the center. >> crickets. it's crickets, everybody. >> all right, let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning. by the way, this is the first time since we've been keeping weather records that the atlantic and pacific hurricane
7:19 am
seasons have started early. we'll keep an eye on alberto. lit probably shake up the water. max, advance thecomputer for me, sir, because i can't. thank you. that will stay if place today and tomorrow. the warm air back towards chicagoland.
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i'm lynette charles. don't leave the house without the rain gear. we have off and on rain through the afternoon time frame and possibly a thunderstorm especially as we head in to tomorrow. temperatures will be nice and seasonable coming in around 74 degrees. the wet weather will continue as we go through the week. see the showers and storms lingering as we head in to friday. looks better in to the weekend. it will be hot with temperature close to 85 degrees. >> all of america's weather and a new bat ery for the clicker when we come back. >> thank you, sam. coming up on "gma," a new twist in the search for little isabel. dan and nancy weigh in. and we'll weigh in about the billboard musing awards. justin bieber with a special guest. and an emotional night for whitney fans. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet
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. good morning everyone. it's monday, we are dealing with wet weather out there on maryland's most powerful radar. make sure you grab the rain gear, we zoom in closer and see around wood lawn, heavier rain trying to push in. howard county, some heavier rain in the yellows a we head in to montgomery county along i-
7:27 am
270, rockville in on the moderate action as well as gaithersburg. we also do have patchy fog out there that will be out there as we go through the remainder of the morning, 7 miles reduced visibility in baltimore. now a check of time saver traffic with loren. good morning. the roads are going to be slick. an accident is just cleared in arundel along the southbound lanes of 295, arundel mills boulevard. slow ride down towards route 32. if you are traveling through the tunnels, all is clear, no problems to talk about through the harbor tunnel, fort mc henry. the trouble spot is west side of the beltway. this is liberty road, outer loop crawling towards edmonton avenue. the construction on the jfx. expect delays southbound there as well at cold spring lane. three people recovering from injuries after a boat crashed in sparrows point. we told you about the accident
7:28 am
before 10:00, the boat ran in to the concrete pier at bethlehem steel. the coast guard confirms it pulled two people from the water. you can see the damage done. the bow was towed to anchor bay east marina in dundalk.
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i'm sorry, every time i see this, of course, i think about sam and josh and dan harris in the box. so much party rocking last night at the billboard music awards. katy perry was flying high, singing about letting heart break go. yeah. and out on the red carpet, the stars were out. and miley, she's all grown up, miley cyrus. >> i was wondering when they were going to show a little bit more of that. >> pulling back. all the highlights just ahead. and the latest on little isabel celis. her mom is standing by him even though the father is banned from seeing their other children. >> it's been a good 20 minutes since we mentioned pippa. >> is she here yet? >> she's not in new york yet. she's stealing the spotlight at her close friend's wedding.
7:31 am
did she upstage the bride? plus, the final countdown behind the scenes at the last tense rehearsals before the big "dancing with the stars" finale. only lthree left. to the latest on little isabel. it's been a month since she vanished. her mother is speaking out, defending her husband. ryan owens has the latest. >> it's a bad dream we just can't wake up from. >> reporter: at a candle light vigil for her missing daughter, she defends her husband. >> my husband is a great father. my husband loves those boys. loves my daughter. >> reporter: the 6-year-old's father could in the attend because isabel's big brother did. more than a week ago, protective services panned him if having contact with his children. on this night, that separation was literal. sergio forced to watch the individual frl a distance.
7:32 am
a concrete wall between him and his family. >> hi son wants to be here. it was one or the other. my son's coming out instead. >> reporter: workers from whoild protective services visited the home in december. the agency will not say why. they won't explain why they banned the father from seeing his kids. >> it's tough. we're already under a lot of stress because we don't have isabel here. to have more thrown on us. we're strong. we'll be okay. >> reporter: police say they have no suspects. isabel's father says he discovered her bedroom empty on the morning of april 21st. her window screen tossed aside. >> i need to report a missing child. i believe she was abducted from my house. >> reporter: his steely calm call to 911, complete with the now knower to use chuckle. >> is mom there also? >> i just called her work to tell her to get mher butt home.
7:33 am
>> reporter: he was so emotional just a few days later. >> we're looking for you. we love you. we miss you so much. >> reporter: isabel's mother made it clear. she stands by her man. >> at the end of the day, when isabel comes home, the questions will be answered. >> reporter: she vanished one month ago this morning. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, tucson. >> let's bring in the legal experts. nancy grace and dan abrams. good to have you both back together. we heard in the report, the father being kept away. the wife defending the husband. what is your take? >> well, robin, i'm not prepared, based on the facts we've got right now to point the finger at anybody. however, i don't believe -- i thought about it a long time last night in preparation for
7:34 am
this morning, that i ever had a single mother that could come to terms with the fact that her live-in, her boyfriend, her husband, her ex-husband had somehow hurt the child. they don't believe it. i don't understand that. >> the fact that child protective services is stepping in here means there's something they found that suggests he's not a good father. what that is, we don't know. is it connected to the case? we don't know. it's a big deal for them to step in and say, you literally cannot be anywhere near your children. so, for whatever reason, the mother, the wife is saying this, we don't know. but we do know the fact that child protective services issued an opinion about his ainbility be a father. >> the police are not pointing fingers, not naming him a suspect. you bring up a good point. nancy, you're right.
7:35 am
i'm hard-pressed to remember a time, too, when the wife, mother, did not support the live-in or boyfriend. this is not routine for the father to be told not to have any contact with the other children. >> absolutely not. because, think about it. he cannot have any contact at all, robin. that means phone calls, supervise visits, with a relative, sitting there with him and the boys. and the boys are not toddlers. they're, i believe, 10 and 14 years old. child protective services were in the home in december. now, we see it -- the home. it's not relatives or neighbor there's a tpo against. it's the father. at the individualle lavigil las father was standing off. i have analyzed over and over with experts the voice in the
7:36 am
911 call and other times he's spoken, there's an umbrella of suspicion over him today, whether anybody wants to believe it or not, it's there. >> i don't buy you analyze the voice and determine guilt based on that. we have seen people like susan smith and scott petersen -- people like them have gone on television publicly and cried and been so upset and so angry and reacted exactly the way we would expect and we find out later they were guilty. to suggest because someone calls 911 in way most of us wouldn't, to talk about experts and voice experts, it just doesn't mean anything to me. >> i have heard that for so long from defense. attorneys, robin. the reality is, i don't know a single parent that when they're child goes missing, laughs on the 911 call. dan, when you have a child,
7:37 am
maybe you'll understand. i lost john david for about 45 seconds in toys "r" us, and i panicked. >> that's not the way the law works. that t law doesn't work on knowing what you know. >> oh, like you tried so many murder cases? i can tell you right now, a 911 call will come into evidence, dan. >> i'm sure it will. but that doesn't change the reality as to what we know and don't know today. i'll bet you, robin, that the authorities know more than they're telling us about the investigation. >> let's hope so. >> oh, wow, that's smart. of course they know more. they tell us every day they're not giving evidence out. they know enough. they want the father banned from the home. that's what they know, dan. >> the good news is we don't arrest people based on the tone of their voices on 911 calls. >> we have to leave it there.
7:38 am
thank you, nancy. >> thank you, robin. >> and dan, good to see you. >> good to see you. hi, robin. let's start with pictures out of washington, d.c. it's cloudily up ay up and down eastern seaboard. rain in the week, gorgeous weekends. very few people will complain. alberto is not a giant storm. it's working in concert are other systems. clouds and rain and showers. probably for three day ifss in w is the way we look at it. in the wes, the heat. the winds have died down. the fires will drift closer because of the way the
7:39 am
>> phoenix, 107 today. there's a quick look at the big board. all that weather brought to you by folger's. >> but sam, it's a dry heat, right? >> it's a dry heat. >> inside justin bieber's surprise date at the billboard music awards, that was not selena. ( telephone rings ) hi, honey. how's the camping trip? well, kids had fun, but i think i slept on a rock. what are you doing? having coffee. ah, sounds good! i thought you'd say that. ah. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ you're the best! wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ ... is folgers in your cup!
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for her show-stopping performance at the billboard musing awards. it was jordin sparks who stole the show with a tribute to whitney houston that moved bobbi kristina to tears. rachel smith on the red carpet with her first story for us. ♪ and i will always love you >> reporter: jordan sparks brought bobbi kristina to tearing and the audience to their feet. singing whitney houston's most iconic song. you sounded amazing up there. >> thank you, so much. >> reporter: what were you thinking as you were singing? >> i'm thinking i hope whitney knows how much we all loved her. the fact that bobbi kristina and pat were sitting down there. i felt really connected to her. >> reporter: after weekend sec lags about who would speak after the tribute, whitney's
7:44 am
sister-in-law pat, and her daughter, bobbi kristina both spoke. >> thank you so much for showing that much love. because she deserved it. >> reporter: and the love fest continued. lmfao bringing down the house. winning song of the year for party rock anthem. and taylor swift, who won the woman of the year. you're the youngest recipient. >> they're telling me that, so nice. ♪ i need you >> reporter: the night filled with tributes for donna summer to adam yauch, and a moment of silence for robin gibb. katy perry singing about her ex, russell brand. a new date on her arm. grandma. >> she's 91 and from las vegas.
7:45 am
i can't wait to go and do shots with you after this. >> reporter: justin bieber arifd dateless, no selena gomez insight. we asked him about the virginia high school student who asked him to prom. >> i'm going to be at the billboard awards. i'm going to have a car waiting for you. >> reporter: have you been hanging out? >> i haven't met her yet. i'm going meet her in a few seconds. >> reporter: is that any way to treat your date. >> she just got here. >> reporter: when he won his award, he remembered to give his date a hug. ♪ if i was your boyfriend >> reporter: but the night was about honoring legends. stevie wonder won the legends award. he ended the show with a due wet with alicia keys. >> it's ever changing, ever growing, ever flowing. we have no talent. it goes on and on and on. tonight was an xacexample of th. >> reporter: for "good morning
7:46 am
america," rachel smith, las vegas. ♪ >> what a spectacular night. coming up, josh has a spectacular "play of the day. [ male announcer ] aggressive styling. a more fuel-efficient turbocharged engine. and a completely redesigned interior. ♪ the 2012 c-class with over 2,000 refinements. it's amazing...inside and out. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. causing dark marks to become visible.
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to the beaches of northwest florida. book all of our destinations online only at here's "the play of the day." so robin, back in the golden age of espn. the overnights? you got all the sports, you thought to yourself, what exactly is that. one of them was aussie rules football. take a look. melbourne and sidney. it would take far too long to explain. take another look at this replay. it is an up believable sport. if you're ever up at 3:00 am and you have satellite, it's
7:51 am
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we came off of a stellar weekend. the heaviest rain virginia and montgomery county. we will have breaks throughout the day. more showers will move in to the picture. we are breezy, winds east at 10- 15 miles an hour this morning. then we are dealing with patchy fog. we have reduced visibility, 7 miles baltimore and 3 easton, two winchester. temperature wise, we are above average, 60 degrees, we should make it up to 74 for today. alberto, this is the first tropical storm of the season and begins official season begins june 1st, alberto will
7:57 am
stay away from us, offshore. the winds sustained at 40 man. the showers and thunderstorms will continue through the rest of the week. make sure you have the rain gear. there is the 74 for today. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with loren. good morning. the rainy weather is leading to a hectic commute. accident in west baltimore on hilton parkway at west, north avenue. the problems will persist if you are traveling on 695 this morning, expect congestion, here is a live look at liberty. the outer loop moving slow at this time. jammed down towards edmonton, you are using the jfx in to the city, expect more congestion. the southbound lanes clocking in at 30 miles per hour at cold spring lane, an accident in baltimore in rosedale, route 7 at 695. we will see you in 30 minutes for weather and traffic update, back to new york for good
7:58 am
morning america. so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go. be careful. thanks dad. call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i know we say this, but let me, folks, that is a great crowd in times square with us. wow! easily. and are you ready? because they're ready to dance. again. the three star finalists and their pro partners. they better be ready. we'll go inside the top secret rehearsa rehearsals. they have secret messages for "gma" viewers. >> making it look easy. there's cam. check this out, will smith, promoting "men in black 3" will be here wednesday. look at that. a reporter on the red carpet trying to give him a big kiss.
8:01 am
we have seen kim kardashian get flour-bombed. we'll go behind the red carpet incidents. and emily came so close to finding true love on "the bachelor." will she be lucky the second time around? she's here. there were so doozies in there. we're really excited to make a special announcement. there will be an additional hour of "gma." it's called "good afternoon, america" at 2:00 p.m. eastern starting monday, july 9th. josh and lara are the anchors. >> sam will probably join in as well. >> when he graces us. >> sort of boxed in by "gma." >> the new one?
8:02 am
2:00? >> 2:00 p.m. >> it will all make sense. >> a lot of coffee. >> it will be exciting. >> you probably move to something else by 2:00. >> not -- no. 5:00. it's time for the news. developing news from chicago. a city bracing for one more day of disruptive anti-nato demonstrations. security will be out in force. world leaders wrap up their summit. rail stations and downtown businesses are closed today. police say they have already foiled at least three violent plots. a rutgers university student convicted of a hate crime will learn his fate today. dharun ravi, used a web cam to spy on his gay roommate who later committed suicide. the mystery of nick stahl,
8:03 am
the missing actor, has been spochld the star of "terminator 3" checked into rehab this weekend. he called his wife, e-mailed friends before entering the 30-day program. this morning, fans are remembering legendary bee gees singer robin gibb, who died after a long battle with cancer. his and his brother's success spoiled by personal tragedy. robin gibb, another legendary voice of the disco era, died in london at the age of 62. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> good morning, josh. tonight on "world news," more of the exclusive inside the terror zone. the big threat to america. on the trail of the bombmakers watch more tonight on "world news." most newly wed couples walk
8:04 am
out of church to fans tossing confetti. not tim and beth. they tied the knot in downtown chicago and came face to face with the nato protesters. they were smack in the middle of the mob. leaving no time for the posed photos. still, they did end up with a one-of-a-kind picture they can show their grandchildren. she, understandably not happy. less than pleased. but, hey, mazel tov from all of us here at "good morning america." >> she did not look happy. >> at all. >> no. >> at all. >> that would really -- >> i know. but how about a little "pop news" to pick us up. good morning, everybody. pippa middleton has done it again, stealing the show at her friend's wedding.
8:05 am
it was a raspberry colored dress. if you're thinking the dress looks familiar, it's the same forever dress, the style that kate wore in blue to announce her engamt to prince william back in 2010. pippa arrived without a date, but, we hear, got plenty of attention once inside the wedding. >> lara, a question. >> sam in the back. >> you to wear red to someone's wedding. is that appropriate? >>ive never heard that was an issue. it was raz berly. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> she went to the wedding. >> i think because it's the same dress that her sister wore when her engagement was announced. >> maybe the fascinator. >> i don't know. >> wow couldn't crop it into the photos. >> the fascinator? face nating. you have a crush on her, you're always going defend her. >> i'm taking a stand. come on the new york. >> have to update the news.
8:06 am
>> um, country superstar miranda lambert is getting our attention this morning declearing in the new "self" magazine that skinny stars make me hungry. she feels she's her best at a toned size 8. she's banned cheetos from her tour bus. her drink of choice is the bacardi, crystal lite and a splash of crystal light. the randarita. a low-fat margarita. there you have it. a lot of followups i think. the first official footage of the new bond movie was released a few hours ago. hang on to your hats, the stunts look incredible. as does daniel craig.
8:07 am
in the first scene, he's been analy analyzed. we get a glimpse of the bad guy, javier bardem. and "m" played by dame judi dench. it's been four years since the last bond film. it looks like it's worth the wait. >> i love that judi dench. she's tremendous. ladies, if you're trying to set the mood for your men, perhaps you should break out the man candle. candles are getting headacheover. for example, the two by four. the scent of saw dust. riding mower smells like fresh cut grass. and men-tone is a blast of spices, woods, and musks. and i brought some for you all. who wants men tone?
8:08 am
this is man tone. here is -- >> what is man tone supposed to be? >> it's a blend. >> do you have take the garbage out now! >> i wish sam was in here. this is first down. >> what the -- >> pretty good. >> yeah. tops on. >> oh, memories of mowing the lawn. >> you can have that. >> give me first down. >> we must whisk away. enjoy the scent. >> i want to say, this is not what the nfl smells like. i just want to say that. >> let me smell that one. >> can we go to sam before i get in trouble? >> we got a little rain drops right on cue. gang, we all voted. and the fresh cut grass candle was the winner. hey, tammy, where are you? tam tammy. tammy. where's my tammy? where are you? where are you? start from the beginning.
8:09 am
>> good morning, america! >> that's what i'm saying. i couldn't find you in there, tammy. she was -- she had -- that's the best good morning we heard all morning. as the rain and showers start here, in the new york city and east coast area, we're looking in chicagoland. it's about 30 degrees cooler than you were this week end. this break in the cold air doesn't last all week. you'll warm up again. it's courtesy of the low. green bay, you're at 71. spokane, also at 71. it's cool and kind of cloudy in the northwest. we have the rain drops coming right now.
8:10 am
>> yeah. definitely. i'm tied with you now. it's definitely fresh cut grass. i like this one, lara. i don't know about man town. the grass is good. here's a look at what else we have coming up on our "gma" morning menu. close encounters. when the red carpet becomes dangerous. and behind the scenes of the "dancing with the stars" finale. and "the bachelorette" emily m maynard is here.
8:11 am
and bruce willis talking about his baby girl. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates. so it stays on in conditions like pool water... wind... sweat, even 100-degree heat. for uva/uvb protection in seven conditions, banana boat. we've got you covered. by what's getting done. measure commitment for uva/uvb protection in seven conditions, banana boat. the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery.
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♪ [ male announcer ] it's happening right now at your local walgreens.
8:15 am
pharmacists are going above and beyond... armed with expertise and advice... ♪ ...with one goal in mind... to better serve you... ♪ nothing will get between you and the care you deserve. find your pharmacist at some love it. some hate it. but every movie star knows that the red carpet ritual is part of the job. the latest example of this, what happened to will smith here. >> reporter: at first glance, it appears like another friendly greeting from a red carpet reporter. watch how suddenly the situation turns aggressive. this question eer lunges at the
8:16 am
superstar. >> what the -- is your problem, buddy. he tried to kiss me on my mouth. he's lucky i didn't sucker punch him. sorry i said that on camera. >> reporter: this is not the first time the red carpet smoocher has tried to gain notoriety for himself at a celebrity's expense. last year, he handed these to madonna t t madonna. >> it made me feel upset when you, madonna, put the flower on the floor. i forgave you. >> i think reporters and paparazzi do extreme things. whether they're pranking or reacting in a moment. >> reporter: remember when tom cruise was hit by a hidel water pistol. >> why did you do that? you're a jerk. >> reporter: recently, tmz
8:17 am
cameras caught kim kardashian being flour-bombed. and when sacha baron cohen took over the red carpet, nobody was safe. that incident may have been for publicity. but in cases like this, there could be serious ethical concerns. >> i think the reporter crossed the line. will smith was justified in defending himself. sit not professional to invade someone's personal space. >> and lil smith will be here on wednesday. william, katherine, donald, ready to face off on "dancing with the stars." cameron mathison went backstage for an exclusive sneak peek for the top secret rehearsals.
8:18 am
good morning, cam. >> good morning, robin. tonight is huge. each of the couples will perform the free-style dance as well as a dance picked for them by the judges. tomorrow night, they have a 24-hour challenge. they get one day the hear and learn music for a dance that they get to choose. no wonder everybody is sweating. take a look. these are the dances the judges decided that finalists will per fortonight. william levy and cheryl burke will cha-cha. what did you learn about yourself? >> i knew how to dance and i didn't know it. >> reporter: come on. >> i would go to the party. >> deserves that much credit. >> thanks to you. you have to let mer -- she debts sad and starts smiling. i made you dance you're not telling me. >> reporter: the honeymoon period is over. >> it never started. >> reporter: katherine will dance the paso doble.
8:19 am
>> i had a twinge in my back. thankfully, it's fine. >> reporter: the argentine tango is assigned to donald driver. >> you'll see cool tricks in there as well. >> reporter: during my interviews over the past two months, most preferred not to judge other dancers. but now that the end is here, and after eyeing their competition rehearsing yesterday, the final liists are talking. >> william is about showing off his buttocks. the thing that he's good at is his looks. katherine, she has the lines and the legs. she's beautiful and will go out and do what she needs to do. >> we love donald, don't we? >> donald's great. >> he looks like he's enjoying himself. >> he's an athlete. he knows exactly when to peak. i think he's saving it until the end. >> i think he's taking off his pants. >> that's what he's saving? probably, yeah.
8:20 am
>> reporter: check out these photos from a book sent to "good morning america" by katherine's elementary school. check it out. check it out. >> this is so embarrassing. >> i have never seen that picture. that's me as mary in the school's christmas nativity. >> reporter: cute. i'm going give each final cup al chance to look into the camera and tell the viewers why they should vote for you tonight. >> okay, this is why you should vote for us. >> uh, uh, uh. we want our routine to make history with the free style. no one has done the trucks like we're going to do. ♪ >> you guys don't have to, but we rould really appreciate if you do. we'll dedicate it to you guys.
8:21 am
hopefully, we'll get to share this with you guys. >> and yes, you do have to vote for us. ♪ >> we've worked really, really hard. we're hoping to entertain you. >> keep it fun, classy, and explosive. thank you so much, we love you. >> yes, thank you. >> reporter: i will be there live in the ballroom tonight watching. for you football fans out there, i talked to donald. he said he will be back at the green bay packers this season, despite rumors online. unless you hear it from him, he'll be playing football in green bay again. i can't wait for the finals tonight. >> it will be something else. tonight, 8:00, 7:00 central. wednesday morning, our biggest afterparty ever. the winners will be here live
8:22 am
along with the finalists. and their partners. so, it's a big three days here and we want you to join us. "dancing with the stars" is coming to an end. and lara, "the bachelorette" is just getting started. it's just begun. emily didn't find love after getting the rose on the final episode. the adorable single mother from the south is back. we'll talk to her live in a moment. first, let's get everybody up to speed on what's been going on so far. take a look. >> emily! >> reporter: on the season premier of "the bachelorette" single mom emily maynard introduced america to the 25 men competer for her heart. >> you ready for bed? >> yes. >> reporter: the show has moved to her hometown. >> the name is charming, prince
8:23 am
charming. >> reporter: her potential suitors range from fitness models to mushroom farmers. they're willing to do anything to get her attention. >> what's going on? >> there's a helicopter? >> and i mean anything. >> it at one time man who made the flashyest entrance who got the first impression rose. it was single father doug. >> i think you should know that my dad is one of the greatest dads ever. because he always tuckes me in t night. >> reporter: it looks like emily will have her hands full getting to know the rest. >> here's to finding love in charlotte. >> emily joins us live. i want to ask you off the bat about some of though entrances. i have never seen entrances like these. i believe we had a helicopter,
8:24 am
the break-dancer, the glass slipper, mr. prince charming. my favorite was the egg. we all discussed. an old lady. and a skateboard. what were you thinking when all of these were going on? what, these are my selections? >> kind of. to be honest. it was a great learning lesson for me. those guys that i normally would have skrus said, no way. i was forced to really get to know them. i was surprised by them. >> you said even the egg guy. >> so nice. you'll see. later on, i tell him, he needs to lose the egg. i told him. >> a little tough love. and you regret getting rid of the lady who was -- the man dressed up like the old lady. >> i do. i do. i think that took a lot of guts. and he was just trying to stand out. i have to give him some credit. >> i was glad you were not wooed by the helicopter guy.
8:25 am
that felt like a lot. >> i thought it was going to be brad, honestly. i was getting nervous. so i was, um, relieved to see someone new getting out of the helicopter. but it was still a helicopter. >> what if it had been brad? he gave you the final rose, you got engaged, it did not work out. if it had been him, how would that have gone for you? >> i don't know what i would have done. knowing brad, he would never put himself in that position, so -- i was happy to see calin. >> why do this again? where are you and brad today? >> we're on great terms. we don't talk as much as we used to. probably a good thing to put space and distance between the two of us. and it worked out well for me the first time pip know people say, you didn't get married. it was a failure. but for me, falling in love is a success. >> you have the added -- you
8:26 am
really need to think about your daughter. she's deft it initely a part of equation. how has it been for little ricki? >> she loves it. she doesn't know what is going on. i've never said the word bachelor or bachelorette to her. she thinks it's a very elaborate video she can watch many, many, many years down the road. >> hopefully a happy ending? >> i hope so. >> i know you no. iknow. are you happy with the way things under the out? >> i am. i was happy before the show. i'm happy now. >> we wish you success. coming up here, bruce willis like you have never seen him.
8:27 am
good morning everyone. happy monday to you. yes, it is wet outside right now. maryland's most powerful radar, picking up on showers. this continues off and on throughout the day. to the heaviest spot of rain, along i-270, german town. we have light showers around towson right now lock hern, eldersburg along i-70. a wet go on the roadways. visibility is a problem. reduced 2 miles qbaltimore and easton, 4 in york. good morning, we are off to rainy start. several accidents in baltimore county. rosedale a crash on route 7. speeds 24 miles per hour. another accident not far from the scene, notingham, route 1
8:28 am
at ridge road. everything up to speed through the tunnels. a live look at liberty, the outer loop crawling. it will be slow on the outer loop towards edmonton and 10 miles per hour along the b lanes of the jfx at cold spring lane. today is naacp will hold a press conference to discuss the decision to discuss same-sex marriage. it voted to declare it a civil right. a rally in front of city hall will prevent the rec centers from closing. organizers will protest the mayor purchases plan to consolidate youth services.
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ the rain is not going to scare away this crowd. no way, no way. they're anticipating the summer block buster many can in the wait for, "men in black 3." >> there he is, will smith. he'll be here live with the cast on wednesday. we're so excited for that. right here on "good morning america." you like that song. >> isn't it the part of the movie -- i saw the screening yesterday. it's part of it. need for speed? we got you covered. two of the fastest men on planet earth, live, day before they hit the track for the biggest show in racing, the indy 500. we're going to give you a sneak
8:31 am
peek. >> robin noknows about that. >> i was in a car one of the most memorable moments of my life. >> 130 plus? >> good times. that will get you hungry. emeril is here to make your memorial day the most delicious one yet. kicking up the side dish. the little things to make the memorial day blowout fabulous. see you soon. right now, we're moving to bruce willis. he talked about the big things going on with him to nick watt. you got an assignment to go to the cannes film festival. >> reporter: that's unfair. the cannes film festival is hard work. bruce has a new, wonderful, whimsical movie out, a new daughter, mabel rae, and he says he's never been happier.
8:32 am
the new zen of bruce. okay, here's bruce willis as most people know him. sweat, blood, undershirt. >> welcome to the party, pal. >> reporter: "diehard" mode. >> you're captain sharp? >> correct. >> reporter: and here's bruce in "moonrise kingdom." >> what do you have to say for this? >> reporter: young love blooming, adult love dying. >> does it concern you that your daughter has run away from home? >> it's sad and sweet. >> reporter: you to feel you have figured it out? >> i figured out this time, any way, that -- keeping it simpler is a lot more -- it makes things a lot easier. >> reporter: by this time, he means his marriage to emma heming, a model and actress. he was married to demi moore and
8:33 am
they had three kids before breaking up in 2000. you have all stayed friends. how is that possible? >> if you put the kids first, it makes it easier. they need care, attention, love all the time. >> reporter: and put your own ego aside? >> ego is dead. >> reporter: bruce attended demi and ashton's wedding. and they attended his and emma's. they have a beautiful daughter. >> i'm happier. even more happy than i was. >> reporter: and -- possibly too early to say, more kids? >> too early to say. too early to say. mabel rae is only six weeks old. >> reporter: six weeks. >> so we have a little bit of time.
8:34 am
>> reporter: he came to cannes for the day from budapest, where he's back on the set playing john mcclane in "diehard 5." is he wearing the undershirt yet? >> too soon to tell. >> reporter: is it a date movie? it's coming out on valentine's day? >> it could be a date movie. ♪ our parents are to blame >> reporter: two of your daughters are on stage singing. >> thanks goodness. >> reporter: any desire to get up there and join a band? >> no. i've retired. i sing to my youngest daughter now. >> reporter: what do you sing? >> she just knows she likes the
8:35 am
sound. ♪ under the boardwalk >> reporter: are you giving your daughters directions? >> just where the bad guys are. >> reporter: i imagine for some poor teenager coming to take out your daughter, and there's john mcclane. you never pulled that? >> no, i tried once. but scout shoved me out of the way. >> reporter: now, the focus of the new movie is two kids who fall in love and run away. it must be daunting for them to work with you, bill murray. frances mcdorcdormand. did they handle it okay? >> i think they handled it much easier because i don't think they gave a [ bleep ] about who any of us was. all right, we know they're together. >> reporter: you have the cliff claven pants.
8:36 am
you have the hair. can you get into that because you don't take yourself too seriously. >> you saw the film. the absence of vanity. not a vain guy. and hair being what it is these days. i like my hair in that film. ♪ >> reporter: the movie is set on a remote new england island. the year is 1965. >> i grew up in the '60s. i remember how simple everything was. now, come back around to it, not because of the film, but just simpler is a lot easier. >> reporter: and the movie is a real escape, back to a simpler time. before cell phones and social networks. i didn't want to it end. it's weird, wonderful. if you like wes anderson movies, you'll love this one. >> i do. thanks, nick. and now to sam with the weather.
8:37 am
>> we were just talking -- we were just talking with john. did you hang up on him? >> he's on the boot. >> he's dry. we're not. josh had a rain-stopping implement as well. it says "good morning america" all over the top of it. no, no, no. continue. continue to protect us all, josh. thank you. here's what's going on. here's what's going on this morning. i love our audience, though. a little rain comes through times square. they don't go. they're right here. we'll start with the twitter pictures. snoo snyder, texas, philly, as well. we're going to keep this up for a day or two, maybe three. on the west coast, the heat is rolling. vegas at 101. phoenix at 107. all of that heat will not help the fire situation there. as the wind dies down, the fire will follow the natural terrain.
8:38 am
we're a little concerned abo >> we are a hearty bunch here in times square. all that weather brought to you by walgreens. >> times square is iconic. and another iconic place, indy. the indy 500 is on sunday. we have marco andretti and j.r. hildebrand, last year's runner up. the weather is saving me. you have both come real close. none closer than you a year ago, leading into the final turn. you lost things.
8:39 am
what's it been like waiting 365 days for this sunday? >> i don't know, man. i think it's -- it's been a lot of fun. we've gone through a lot of stuff. it's turned into a positive thing for us. it lets you focus on the little details and the process. leading up. to try to just put yourself in a position to be there again. it's cool. >> you're talking about a hair's brea breadth of room. the last name familiar. generations. it's been some time since an andretti has had the celebratory swig of milk. will it end this weekend? >> that's the plan. that's definitely the plan. it's been since 1969. >> how do you prepare? you're days out. what are the final preparations for the race? >> for our team, for andretti auto sport it was yesterday was the last -- kind of the last day
8:40 am
to run in race trim. we get an hour on what they call carb day on friday. you don't want to do a lot of tuning. you can fool yourself on that day. hopefully, we're ready already. >> you ready, j.r.? >> i think so. >> sam champion is a -- you are fashion and weather forward, sam. we do appreciate you getting in the car. what do you think? >> i don't think a real person can actually get in this. >> all right, while we wedge sam out of there, we want to thank j.r. and marco for joining us. good luck to both of you. you can see the race on sunday, starts at 11:00 a.m. on abc. coming up, a cat whisperer. while we try to wedge sam champion back out of that automobile. go nowhere.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
okay, so where in the hottest, sexiest play to be this year on fridays? "gma." look at the guests. neon trees, no doubt, it all start this is friday with a summer kickoff party in central park as supersultry and supercool robin thicke takes the
8:44 am
stage. brought you to by pepsi. live for now. oh, yeah, it's going to be one hot summer. so looking forward to our summer concert series starting this friday. let's start with pets. dan harris has an ornery feline on his hands. we called in expert help. take a look. >> reporter: this cat will do anything you want. including sit like a baby. yeah. i've always considered mist to be something of a cat expert. i've played with tigers and cloud clouded leopards. i have great relationship with the boys. but then there's ruby. she does not like me at all. that's why i called in this guy, a 275-pound, goate rks-sporting,
8:45 am
heavily tattooed dude who loves cats. at least superficially, yor not the stereo typical cat person. >> right. in terms of my goals this lifetime, exploding the concept of a stereo typical cat person is a huge part of that. >> reporter: his name is jackson galaxy. he's a cat behaviorist and a star on a reality show on animal planet called, "my cat from hell." he takes cats like this -- >> she freaked out and bit me and scratched me and transformed them into this -- >> this is the first time i've ever pet her. >> reporter: he came over for an intervention with ruby. >> hi, ruby. >> reporter: he gave me home
8:46 am
work. >> for ten days, you're the only feared. yoe you allow her to come to you and dictate the terms of physicality to you. >> reporter: i tried to feed her and play nicely for a couple of days. it's starting to work. one more cat whose life is improved thanks to an unlikely cat whisperer. for "good morning america," this is dan harris, in my apartment in new york. >> and a personal note from dan. he says since we shot the story, he's slacked off a little bit. he and ruby have hit a backslide. but he is looking forward to -- you know, a long love affair with ruby. we thank you, dan harris. coming up on "good morning america," emeril's memorial day coming up on "good morning a[ male announcer ] are you day paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone
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8:49 am
being memorial day. it's one week away. this morning, we're getting ready to celebrate with delicious dishes for your holiday picnic. joining us now to help us kick-start the summer a little earl sli the one and only emeril lagasse. i have not seen you since mother's day. >> what a special lady. >> how many years has it been? >> we can't keep telling anymore. >> i digress. green beans. >> memorial day, kick the grilling season in. why not do some special salads. the first being green beans. okay, these are chinese long beans. regular snap beans that you can do. blanch them so they're a little -- still have a little snap to them. in salted water. cool them down.
8:50 am
we're going to do a little asian style. tear-drop tomatoes. right now, those are just getting yummy. we're going to spice them with a little bit of chili pepper. a little bit of rice wine vinegar. that's the acidity that will kick it out. a little bit of garlic. >> a little bit? >> some salt, of course. salt it up good. and fresh ground pepper as well. we have the chili pepper in there. and then sesame oil. a little toasted sesame oil and extra virgin olive oil. a little bit of toasted peanuts. we're going toss this -- it's very, very simple. very clean. very light. and really yummy. just a little different twist to go. >> that's one down.
8:51 am
excellent. >> so that's one. >> and now the one with the avocados and tomatoes. >> hi, buddy. >> how are you? now, summer tomatoes. what we did is we just cut these in wedges. we're going to salt them with a little bit of salt first. toss them. and robin, one of the great things right now are vidalia onions. we're going slice them. some avocado. those of you that are -- >> how do you scoop it out? >> we cut them in half. >> everyone has a different way. >> cut them in half. you can take a knife, if you want slices of them. do this. >> i like that idea. >> you want dice, go this way. >> oh, wow, look at that. >> look that. >> is there anything robin can whisk? >> perfection.
8:52 am
>> look at that. >> so there we have that. olive oil. >> you're getting eddie so excited. >> he's so excited. >> we're going to toss this. >> hey, emeril. doesn't everybody have to eat this. once somebody's eaten onion, even in the room has to. even has to go for it. >> we have to put this on the platter and we can just take some fresh herbs and just -- that's it. >> that's beautiful. >> what is that? >> that is bulgur wheat. like tabouleh. a salad with chick peas, bulgur wheat. this one is black beans, hearts of palm and peppers. four great salads.
8:53 am
>> you want clean and light when it's hot outside. >> or pouring rain if times square. >> thank you very much. you can give your memorial day guests a treat with the salads. get the recipes on on yahoo!. we'll be right back. >> you taste? we'll be right back. >> you taste? >> yit was like a red rash... very sore looking kinda blistery. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i was a firefighter for 24 years. but, i have never encountered such a burning sensation until i had the shingles. i remember it well. i was in the back yard doing yard work. i had this irritation going on in my lower neck. i changed shirts because i thought there was something in the collar of the shirt irritating my neck. and i couldn't figure out what was going on. i had no idea it came from chickenpox.
8:54 am
i always thought shingles was associated with people... a lot older than myself. i can tell you from experience, it is bad. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit
8:55 am
8:56 am
thank you, emeril. a big week ahead. princes william and harry this week. will smith. and "dancing with the stars," the afterparty. that is on wednesday. everyone will be here. have a great day. good morning everyone. it's monday. we are off to a wet start. the heaviest rain off in the atlantic. we still have showers pushing in to carroll county, frederick and montgomery county. the winds have been breezy this
8:57 am
morning, that will continue as we go throughout the day at 10- 15 miles per hour. visibility issue this morning as well. we have patchy fog, 2 miles reduced visibility. 3 dc, five frederick. temperatures are in the 60s. we have been mild as we go in to the afternoon we will reach the 70s. the weather pattern on alberto, tropical storm, it has not officially began, but we can see the winds now sustained at 40 miles an hour. it is pushing to the south, southeast and will stay away from us and that's something we like to hear. make sure you grab the rain gear. you will need it all week long. let's get a check of the traffic. good morning. we are off to rainy start. there are several accidents. baltimore, a crash notingham, bel air at ridge road. the problem persists on 95 an accident southbound harbor
8:58 am
tunnel. it will be a slow ride getting in to the city this morning. the west side of the beltway, no relief. here is a live look, 21 minute delay. lot of congestion on the jfx. southbound lanes at cold spring lane, clocking at 21 miles per hour. falls road not a bad alternate route. have a great day. see you tomorrow morning. [ boss ] okay, okay.
8:59 am
let's...uh, skip the chitchat and get down to business here. now listen, i need all of you thinking of ways to improve our bottom line. so let's just sit here awhile and toss around some ideas. this isn't a conference call, hickle -- i'm actually in the room. [ male announcer ] with fares this low, why not surprise a few people? airtran is having a sale with flights all over the country starting at only $69 dollars. book at before it's too late. because with $69 fares they're going to go fast.


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