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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  September 30, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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what a season. what a team. orioles won today. camden yards turned into a giant party room. if l.a. loses tonight orioles make the playouts. let's go out where the orioles could know if they are in the playoffs by the time their heads hit their pillows tonight in tampa. >> reporter: we saw rain move in here. fans were slow to go home. they were high fiving and giving tickles and sliders. plenty of business hanging out
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for a few hours after the regular season. i want to show you exactly what those players did on the field following their win. players would normally head into the locker room. they stuck with fans to see if they would clinch a playoff spot. champaign toast may be moved to tampa. 92 wins for the orioles this season. post season the first in 15 years looks likely. >> it is awesome seeing the orioles having a winning season. >> i graduated in 1983 when we made it to the world series. that was like forever again. >> 2012 started as a special
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year. orioles now head to tampa for a three game series. last of the regular season. we they know tonight if they clinch a wild card playoff spot. 41,000 fan out here today. certainly something the team is not used to seeing in september. so much excitement. we are live in camden yards cheryl o'conner abc2 news. >> we'll cover the birds for the next three days with christian schafer let's show you who is happy with the orioles success? brooks robertson joined the club. for the first time since the orioles started doing this all six were in person.
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what a night for brooks. he said he never looks at us as fans but friends. not a bad start to the day. certainly a wet finish. there is the rain overhead. city limits clearing out. moderate rain in belair. that's the deal through the evening as everything exits east. middle river got a good downpour. essex as well. this moves into white marsh over the next 20 minutes. thunder and small hail. take a look at temperatures. while we hit 72 it is at 63 degrees now. hagerstown up towards frederick 55. york 56. eastern shore 70. 60 through the evening. clears out around the nighttime
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going into the midnight hour. cool conditions tomorrow. 50 degrees. we got a good warm up in the seven-day forecast. that's coming up. there is an intense search going on in tennessee. two children are missing. they are a sister and brother ages 7 and 9. amber alert has been issued. fire investigators did not find their bodies after a fire destroyed their farmhouse and killed their grandparents a week ago. >> children were last seen by a neighborhood at 6:30. three hours before the fire broke out. we know they were in close proximity of the home within hours before the fire erupted. >> police are questioning everyone who knew the kids, including parents who have extensive criminal records. this morning a man was shot in the 600 block of north bellmar avenue. police are still trying to find leads. 22 walked the hospital after being shot in the 2,000
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block of west lexington. police are working on the shooting. gm is recalling 2007 to 2009 cobalt along with the 2007 equinox, 2007 to 2009 pontiac g 5. the reason? a faulty fuel pump. cars were sold and registered in seven states. closest one to us is florida. >> it is what dreams are made for. illegal immigrants wanting to go to college. they were knocking on doors urging people to support question four on the ballot innovember. it is the push for the dream act. >> reporter: going door-to-door knocking, dropping off information, some aren't even old enough to vote but they had a voice. >> there are a lots of people who work hard in school and do their best. and try and deserve to go to college. >> reporter: high schoolers made it their mission to
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support the dream act and ask voters to do the same. on saturday, members of the group the intersection walked through northeast baltimore for a few hours. >> can we count on your support? >> thank you. >> reporter: they are not just asking people to support question four. they are telling them what the dream act is. 2011 law allows illegal immigrants to pay discounted in-state tuition price if they attend maryland scols and if their families filed tax returns. opponents push it to a referendum saying they don't deserve the break since they are not maryland citizen. the group educating maryland kids coalition says 1% of student population is made up of dreamers. >> in order for these students to be eligible for in-state tuition through the maryland dream act their family must have filed income taxes for three years before going to a maryland college. and file taxes every year they
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are in college. >> reporter: dream act was well received in this neighborhood. the push will continue until election day on november 6th. cheryl conner abc2 news. so called popular kids thought they pulled off a prank. it backfired. now they are embarrassed on tv ne. find out what happened here. >> it is cool overhead now. spotty showers moving across the state. it is a warm up in the seven- day forecast. that's coming up.
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16-year-old high school student was honored for the high school court as a prank. now the joke is on the bully. >> reporter: it was the whirl wind weekend that wasn't supposed to be.
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hummer limo at the homecoming dance. standing ovation on the football field. sophomore whitney on the homecoming court in her michigan high school. last week she found out her nomination for homecoming queen was a prank engineered by bullies. 16-year-old was so upset she thought about suicide. >> i thought i wasn't worthy. >> reporter: with the help of family and friends support whitney facebook page was set up receiving 20,000 likes. her story touching people around the country and the world. >> i want her to know there are people here for her. >> reporter: in a rally of support, local businesses stepped in. offering her a makeover and donating everything from prom dresses to jewelry to anti- bully t-shirts. flowers came in from as far away
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as california. on friday she bravely took the field to absent the nomination. other father walked her down the field. opposing team had signs for support. >> they are supporting me. that's overwhelming. >> reporter: though she didn't win homecoming queen her courage takes the crown. >> stand up for what you believe in. go with your heart and gut. >> is that something else? watch out a chunk of bridge fell without warning yesterday. it is part of the ten mile stretch project of the 405 freeway in l.a. work is going to go on and the
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freeways should be opened in time for a perfect bumper-to- bumper rush out tomorrow morning in l.a. >> it was a nice start. towsend had sunshine. that allows temperatures to get in the 70s. watch what happens. late this afternoon and evening you saw a band of rain come in and drop temperatures. it gave us a lot of clouds. quarter of an inch in a bucket. we had a few close north and west of town. beautiful shot in dundalk. storm clouds in play with the sunsetting. the shot downtown is looking really beautiful. 73 degrees this afternoon. should be around 72. we are on par for average. 92 record high. that was set back in 1986. morning lows 51. normally should be 52.
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we were on norm for the afternoon. temperatures were in the 70s two hours ago. now 63. eastern shore 70. rain is on its way. that will cool temperatures down. clouds in place now. they will push south. dew points still low in the 40s. we'll see 40s for overnight lows in the predawn hours of montana morning. 60 degrees 8:00. spotty shower and storm. things clear out. 70s tomorrow with a blend of sunshine. note the showers from the city on pointing north. cecil county you'll get into showers. maybe small hail with some of these spot showers and a rumble of thunder. middle river essex reporting thunder. this is pushing towards the
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chesapeake and green haven. look at the rain totals. north and west of town three quarters of an inch to half an inch in locations. quick moving showers will be out of here. clearing skies north and west. clouds come in by the tail end of your day on monday. this will be a storm system we have to keep an eye on for tuesday. juice from the gulf of mexico. it will run through the tennessee valley into this upcoming work week. here's the low bringing in the gulf of mexico moisture. warm front bumps up temperatures tuesday and wednesday. comes at the cost of a shower or thunderstorm tuesday and wednesday. this is a closer look to show you things. through the course of tomorrow morning clear skies. here comes the clouds during the course of your day tomorrow. 48 in town. early showers before 11:00. things will look better afterwards. 73 under sunshine.
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tomorrow seasonable afternoon. 60 tomorrow night. 48 tonight. things are warming up. seven-day forecast. while we go to 73 on monday. 77 on tuesday. 80 wednesday and thursday. watching a storm for tuesday. back up in the 80s by the end of the week. >> we had a good weekend.
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tell us how the night
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unfolds. >> we'll start on the wet note then things will look better. clouds in place for the evening. 60 degrees. nighttime hours down in the 50s. clear start with about the 80s that's coming up at 11:00. >> by 11:00 we they know if the orioles are in the playoffs. we'll find out. big game coming up at 7:00. see you tonight at 11:00.
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back to maryland spotlight. i'm kim knight. you see me sporting pink. you know what that means. it is time for the susan g. komen race for the cure. i want to get some information on that to pass along to you. britney fowler is joining me. she is the communications
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marketing founder. this is a big year for the foundation. >> this is our 20th annual komen maryland race for the cure. >> i can't believe it is the 20th year. >> it is amazing. we have grown each year. we are hoping to continue trends. we are hoping people will come out to hunt valley october 21st and join us. >> you have new things and team challenges. what is a team challenge? >> people create teams surrounding somebody they know affected by breast cancer. we encourage them to create a team of ten or more people. that's a challenge they can use to utilize to challenge themselves. we have a couple incentives for larger teams. we have a team area where people who qualify can gather the morning of the race and it is a social area to have breakfast before walking over to the
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start line. >> helps get each other motivated for the race. >> we have four categories where people can compete against teams that are in similar sizes. we have teams of 500 or more employees. 499 or less are schools and other businesses. >> that sounds like fun. it makes it fun instead of going out for a run or family walk. it is nice to get people to gather. it doesn't matter. they don't have to be the best runner in the world. it is not about that. it is about coming out supporting the foundation and raising awareness for breast cancer. >> it is about the celebration of it all. we have a survivor crew at the beginning of the morning which is an emotional experience. sun is rising. we have survivors going around through the village on their route. they end at a set of bleachers and they take a survivor photo.
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we seen the number of survivors grow each year who participate in that. >> it goes to show you the awareness of the susan g. komen foundation and the race. it shows you that it does work. you are seeing more and more survivors. where do funds go? >> 75% of funds are staying in maryland to fund educational treatment and support services for men, women and families affected by breast cancer. we help people getting into mammogram and screening exam. we have programs we fund that support people who need money for gas to get to and from treatment. for people who need somebody this is something that affects every facet of your life. we try to fill the gaps to make
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sure you have support in every facet that you need support in. >> do we touch on the pink honor role? >> it is our top 100 fundraisers. they are a great group of people we like to honor every year. we are doing a couple new things this year. we are getting them greened in. you can pinpoint these people and know they were a top funding from last year. >> we want to get people out there. 20th anniversary is a big year year. >> www.crow race day is sunday october 21st. race village opens at 6:00 a.m. it is in hunt valley. >> good luck to you. thank you for joining me today. thank you for joining us on
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maryland spotlight. i'm kim knight. p
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