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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 22, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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this fire was intense and burn sod rapidly they had to fight it from the outside. luckily, everyone got out. the five people inside and the neighbors next door, one woman rescued from a second floor window. lucky because it burned fast and hot. he grew up in the home and could only watch. >> my childhood memories, all gone. my mom's home gone luckily everybody got out alive. so that's the main thing. >> reporter: but it was those memories, firefighters say made this fire so dangerous. each floor had random belongings piled up to five feet high, collected overears and last night acting as kindling for the flames. >> a lot of combustible there that fueled the fire and kept it
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going for awhile. >> reporter: forcing firefighters to force it from the outside side. hot spots crept up through the morning giving neighbors nervous pause. >> what was difficult is the flames never went away. they're still -- i felt like every time they put out a flame, there was a new one. >> reporter: on and on it went as they hoped firefighters could tamper down this well fueled fire before it reached her home. >> you just don't know with to expect. >> counting one, two. >> i'm one, two, three doors away and it's really scary. we all live in these neighborhoods, and i'm lucky. >> reporter: all together this row house fire damaged three
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other homes along battery avenue. family members of the main one said with pets were killed, although the fire department has yet to confirm that. just this afternoon, they were able to get into the house to begin determining a cause. brine kuebler, abc2 news. take a look at this stech on your tv. police hope you can give them the name of the man found under the beltway bridge. police were told about ad about dpi in the water. they tell us he is white, 40 to 60 years old and possibly from dundalk. the body had been in the water awhile. tonight the national weather service has confirmed that a trend did touch down friday in harford county. it was classified as an ef 0. it was enough to do some damage.
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it toucheddown in jarrettsville. >> take a look at the statistics. this is the storm we were on from 6:30 to 7:30 a clear rotation, just north and west of jarrettsville. crystal clear. warm conditions. to the west not other than in the great lakes but all eyes turning south, strengthening in the caribbean. we talk about that and how things shape up through friday.
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a scary attack on a running trail. >> a woman was hit in the head and left in the woods. we have the details. >> reporter: one minute said she stopped on the trail and the next thing she knows she's lying in the woods in the dark. it happened on the capital crescent trail. a man approached her from behind without making a sound. he hit her on the head and sexually assaulted her. she woke up and called for help, flagging someone going nearby. >> she aweak sometime later off the trail and was able to get back on the trail. thankfully a 40-year-old male jogger was passing by. >> reporter: the woman has a serious head injury and is still in the hospital. police are warning joggers not to run aon on the trail.
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they don't have much information about the suspect. they just know he's a white man in his 20s. joce sterman, abc2 news. family and friends of the 12-year-old new jersey girl who disappeared over the weekend have not lost hope that she would be find alive. adam pass equally was last seen on a white bike. her cell phone signal was picked new a wooded area. so far, no sign of autumn. the fbi and new jersey state police are involved in the investigation and community members are handing out flyers all over town with autumn's picture. >> if you're a farmer and out there farming, please take a look. if you're a bus driver, guy on the road, poll taker, we've got to bring autumn home. >> autumn was wearing a yellow soccer t shirt. >> authorities in the million--
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milwaukee suburb has identified the three women killed, among them the ices fer -- them the estranged wife of the killer. >> reporter: this is zina haughton in a television interview about two years ago. yesterday she was the target of her husband's rage. >> kept talking to him, keeping the icon tact, diverting all the attention to her. i think a lot of people would get down on the ground because of her bravery. >> reporter: zina haughton's daughter from another relationship was working at the spa when radcliffe haughton came. >> reporter: she survived but her mother did no haughton killed two others and injured
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four more. >> he really looked like he saw a deer in the headlights. >> reporter: but haughton raced back inside, started a fire and shot himself dead. he was so determined to harm his wife. two weeks ago he slashed the tires on her car at the spa which led to a four-year restraining order and was ordered to give up his guns to authorities. still, it didn't matter. >> they went into that building and removed injured people in a timely manner, which i think may have -- >> reporter: zina haughton said radcliffe accused her of cheating on her and threatened to burn her and her family with gasoline. the promise wasn't an empty threat. reporting for -- for abc2 news. a 9-year-old girl is in
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intensive care after a relative accidentally shot her, mistaking her for a skunk. she was hiding near the party when the shotgun was fired. she was hit in the neck, back, arm. police are still investigating. they haven't decided whether to charge the shooter yet. tomorrow will mark two months since a federal lawsuit was filed against the queen anne's county sheriff. the sheriff was named i the lawsuit who claims hoffman was aware that his brother repeatedly sexually assaulted her but took no action. her lawsuit was filed on august 23rd but records show that the two brothers have not been served. the lawsuit is asking for millions in damage. energy drinks are all the rage. >> one family said monster energy drink is the cause for their daughter's death. plus, important changes when
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this comes to women and cervical cancer screenings. new indications that boys are hitting puberty earlier, sometimes before the age of 10. we'll look at what may be to blame. it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message.
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important news on cancer screening for women. there are new guidelines for cervical cancer. women between the ages of 30 and 65 should get the pap smear test once every five years. the college touses could recommend -- continues to rec men a pap test every three years for young are women. and results of a new study, mainly parents of young boys a
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little worried. data looked at 4,000 boys and found some boys are now reaching puberty as early as nine years old, two years earlier than found in past studies. researchers haven't pinpointed what's happening but believe it has to do with excess weight. they recommend taking young boys for checkups. >> if you've got an 8, 9 or 10-year-old being treated like a 13, 14, 15-year-old, the body of an older kid but brain of a younger kid, parents have to protect them and emotionally prepare them for their size. >> previous studies found the link between excess weight and early puberty in young girls. now an update on the deadly meningitis outbreak. the cdc is reporting 17 cases and one death right here in our
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state. throughout the country, so far, 23 people have died and 297 folks have gotten sick. the outbreak is linked to tainted steroid shots given for back pain. the medicine made by specialty pharmacy in massachusetts has been recalled. meteorologist wyatt everhart is here, a beautiful sunny day. this is about as good as it gets in late october. the air is, extremely dry, dew point is down 39, so comfortable. sun sets and 6:17. things continuing to get shorter. what a day it was. fall color breaking out, peaking and going past peak. havre de grace some red hues on the horizon both in harford and across the river in sealsle
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county -- cecil county. what's not to like. temperatures around 70. we've got a west breeze, a cool breeze tonight. temperatures will drop off. we'll end up in the 40s and spots north and west tonight. it will be cool at daybreak but the map overall lending itself to a warm scenario. the next few days we'll keep the sunshine around, perhaps getting cloudy with a system diving over new england but i think we'll stay dry. temperatures will be warmer as winds slowly turn southern. this is a look at the setup. we'll be close to air in the mid-70s. we should get into the low 70s at least tomorrow despite the cloud cover. tomorrow night we're not mid-50s. warming up as we go into wednesday, staying in the low 70s. great looking weather. sunny conditions. closest active weather is the system that will dive over new england. you can see the showers over new
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england toward chicagoland, headed toward new england. that system will clip maryland and bring clouds. maybe an isolated shower or two. actually with the system moving north, all eyes are focused further south. you see the setup here in the east coast but i want to take us further south down to sandy, tropical storm, named system and what's interesting about sandy, while she's sitting there churning over the caribbean all models bring her slowly, ramping up in strength over cuba. the tra jct ri will bring it -- trajectory will bring it to the atlantic basin. early next week into halloween, we'll be watching this system closely, sandy in the caribbean. in the meantime it's quiet, a little chilly tonight.
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tomorrow upper 70s will be your two-degree guarantee, winds turning southerly. so even with the clouds, we should make, i think, the mid-70s tomorrow. 75. 80 on wednesday, the sun coming out and holding thursday and friday. take a look at the weekend projection. we keep saturday gorgeous. sunday things begin to change. we bring in a bit of a cooler breeze. showers at least the second half and machine day turning stormier. you notice a high in the 50s. this lefthands itself to wild and crazy weather for tuesday and wednesday. so, again, once you're seven, eight, nine days out, it's the land of 50/50. >> you won't be here wednesday. >> windy and rainy for halloween is probably a decent bet. >> you know, great weather
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yesterday, phenomenal. let's take a look at the photos. >> we had close to 20,000 people run, walk for the race. they raised more than $2 million. >> that is great. we were out there. beautiful weather and just great, great, great. thanks for coming out. well, that was quick. lance armstrong's cycling career is over. it includes the stripping of all of his tour de france wins. t.j. winick has the latest. >> reporter: cycle's governing body make it official. lance armstrong will be stripped of his seven tour de france titles and banned from life. this past weekend he made two appearances at his organization live strong's 15th celebration. >> people ask mow how are tell d
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i've been worse. >> reporter: today's decision comes after the anti-doping agency accused him of leading the most successful doping program the organization has seen. the tour expects to remove his name from the record books, erasing his victories from 1999 to 2005. he has called them a witch-hunt. many sponsors have dropped him and he is stepping down as chairman of the organization. >> he's our founder and has been the inspiration. his cancer journey led to this place. >> reporter: 15 riders, including former rider floyd landis said they rue tonally used blood transfusions. >> it's been a birth sweet time,
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i think that live strong will live strong. >> reporter: the world's most famous cycle could lose a title. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >> this is our hot topic. what do you think of him being stripped of his titles. coming up, we'll take a look at a terrifying attack caught on tap. >> behind those flames a man. police want to know who would do this no an act of vandalism caught on camera.
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as a pastor, my support for question 6
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is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i wouldn't want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, so i shouldn't deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. i support this law because it doesn't force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6. a man burns when someone
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threw a molotov cocktail at him. he was waiting for his elderly grandfather. police think the act was random. >> we have no motive for this particular crime. we have no idea why this person was targeted. >> i can't believe someone would do that and right by a child at that, you know. that's wrong. >> a good samaritan used blankets and jackets it put out the victim. the person is in stable condition at the hospital. this is a hatfield and mccoy story and it was caught on tape. a man threw a rk through a window. an unnonman sprays gas on the car. even a pet burst into flames. the people blame the own are of a landscaping service. upset, people canceled his service. >> everybody in my neighborhood.
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>> neighbors are now suing the own are but the landscaping own are said the man in the video is not mow. anglers in australia were trying to reel in a black marlin when the giant fish decided to hop right there on their boat. you can see the men trying to get out of the way of the marlin. the fesh weighs about 600 -- fish weighs about 600 pounds and the feisty fish was released back into the water. >> wow, 600 pounds? energy drinks give a big boost of caffeine when you need it. >> but is it safe for is kids? >> you know fantasy football is popular, but some high schoolers took the concept and are turning it into a way to rate girls based on sexual activity. >> tonight is the final presidential debate, what the candidates will be talking
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about. >> our abc2 news app with an outstanding weather page. you can get the latest forecast 24/7. check it out. hundred and eighty million dollars for maryland schools. that's a lot of money. my classroom. games and a new casino for maryland. million more for education every year. the money goes where it's supposed to. it's the law. this is about our kids. this is about better schools. seven. i'm voting for question seven. i'm voting for question seven.
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if you have high blood pressure and get a cold get coricidin hbp.
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the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure. and the only one i use to relieve my cold symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp. a fire destroys a row home and damages two others. everyone got out safely. the fire was hard to fight because each home had belongings piled up five feet high. a jogger is hit over the head and sexually assaulted. it happened on the capital cress isn't trail. the woman was hit over the head, work up in the woods just off the trail, called for help and a fellow jogger heard her. >> family and friends are searching for a 12-year-old new jersey girl. autumn pasquale disappeared over the weekend.
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her cell phone signal was picked up but police have found no sign of autism -- autumn. we have a confirmation on that rotating thunderstorm that we covered from 6:30 to 7:30. an ef 0 outside of jer -- garrett's county. the storm went on to track further north and east and touched down in the lancaster area of pennsylvania as an ef 1. a friday night storm that did its share of damage. temperatures low 70s, beautiful afternoon across the state. what we're watching is this, a new tropical system as by go into late


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