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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this man has a simple message. >> we need people to stop killing people and be friendly. >> so as for those civil rights charges, the department said in a statement today that it's looking into the case to determine if they should be filed. another rally is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. protestors plan to walk to city hall. live in the newsroom, cheryl conner. george zimmerman may be free and the case over, but it's still trigger a lot of discussions all over. >> not guilty. >> with those words, george zimmerman left the seminole county courthouse a freeman. a month long trial over, his attorney telling abc news in an exclusive interview, he'll soon get back a central piece of evidence, the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. >> he truly believes if he did
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not have that weapon that night he might not be here. >> you think if he could, he would carry a gun again? >> yes. even more a reason now, isn't there? a lot more people would actually hate him, though they shouldn't. >> from miami to new york, the verdict sparking protest including one that turned destructive in oakland california. his cousin shared disappointment in the outcome. >> we don't want this to happen to anyone else again. >> while martin's parents mourn after last night's verdict. because of death threats zimmerman also saying he killed trayvon in self-defense. the jury's decision to acquit was no surprise. >> the amount of evidence there was that george zimmerman had been beaten by trayvon martin, it was difficult to see how the prosecution was going to win this case. >> the department of justice released a statement explaining their
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martin's death is on going. >> the justice department will be under intense pressure by the civil rights community to do something. >> and there could still be more legal battles ahead. george zimmerman and martin's family could still file civil lawsuits. marcy gonzalez, abc news, stanford, florida. breaking news that we first brought you, an amtrak conduct or said his train struck a child. the conduct or -- they can't find the ctim. it happened in middle river. officers found blood and clothing along the track, but no body. police later received a report of a child taken to the hospital. but the child's parents are giving police a different reason for the hospital visit. investigation into what happened continues tonight. now lansdowne just yesterday a man was struck and killed by a train. 33 year old daniel shock was
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killed by a freight train. he was pulled under the train. shock's body was found on the track. police say he had no known address, but does have familiarly in the newport news area, and they were notified. while the status is just unbelievable. two men came out of their medically induced coma after a lightning strike. 19 year old and 23 year old is still in the medical center. but to survive, not many get this chance. and in the rescue, both were out, nobody was breathing, and the danger of not making it. they are now both listed in fair condition. so good luck to the family and the benson family. for the rest of us, if you like today's hot and muggy and humid weather, repeat performance tomorrow. >> that's right. the heat is on. >> how about johnnie cash, the
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ring of fire. hey guys, this is a long duration heat wave. not one, not two, not three days, but the entire week. and it could end on a pretty storm's note. we'll talk about that forecast. look at the numbers across town and at 11:00 we are still in the upper 70s. 83 downtown, heat index close to 93 degrees. today is just a taste of heat wave no. 4 for the baltimore area which starts tomorrow. it could rise to 100 to 110 downtown, but when will it finally end? your seven-day forecast coming up. a police officer killed in a crash last night will be laid to rest. poke was off duty when his car crashed. had was 32 years old. he believes behind his wife and the child's wife is expecting a second child. this weekend a 15-year-old
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was shot. the boy was taken to the hospital. he is expected to survive and tonight police are investigating. and a man shot is the at golf and lee high street did not make it. 20-year-old ramon rodriguez was shot in the head. they have issued an arrest warrant. and police say everyone involved in this shooting knew each other, and that rodriguez's death is not believed to be retaliatory. despite the string of shootings here, the murder rate for young people is declining. homicide rate for children, teens and young adults hit a 30- year low back in 2010. murder still is the cause of death. most of the killings involved, firearms. a gun for a computer, that's how they're working to curb the violence in baltimore city this weekend. baltimore city teamed up for the first of its kind,
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computer for guns swap. a trade for technology. they're hoping for an innovative approach like this. it provides a community with the tools for the a brighter future. >> we're going to give the people something in place of that gun. we give you something that you can be creative and kob instruct i have and use your imagine nation. >> they collected 55 guns. one week after that tragic train derailment, people gats erd outside a church to remember the victims of the firey train crash. as the church bells running 50 times, there was a moment of silence. 33 people were killed. others still missing tonight. investigators believe the trailment caused when the
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brakes failed. 72 out of the 73 cars were filled with oil when they went rolling out of control in that small town. well there are claims tonight that eric snowden is carrying the instruction manual for how the nsa is built. thousands of documents on how the nsa does its business. thisis coming from the journalist. snowden is still in russia tonight. our county team goes for a psychotic break after taking synthetic drugs. a local kindergarten are is fighting to raise money for cancer. and after 11:00, it's still 83 degrees. but that means it's a long duration heat wave. it could hilt 100 degrees this week. we'll have your seven day forecast coming up after this.
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when super storm sandy hit, she covered the beaches with debris. months later, they made a discovery. >> a bottle found ten years ago. the girl who left the message behind. >> after hurricane sandy covered debris, he was part of the clean up. >> there was three, four feet worth of debris. car badge, car parts. >> underneath it all, a worker found this, a message in a bottle. >> we just all huddled around the bottle and opened it up. itwas a green ginger ale bottle. >> the message was written by a ten-year old girl. be excellent to yourself dude. the message had a phone number on it. brian decided to call and
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reached the mom. >> she was crying hysterically on the phone. >> turns out she was killed in a tragic accident three years ago when she fell from a cliff in swilt certify land. mow mow said getting this message was overwhelming. >> unbelievable. to have a message from my child. >> she have was visiting friends ten years ago when she threw the bottle into the ocean. today the village held a special ceremony in memory of her and built a plaque in her honor. >> it's unbelievable how she just made sure that whenever life seems to be impossible, that she reaches out to us. >> 1, 2, 3. >> i think this makes her totally alive. >> to also honor her love for art, her mom made coffee mugs and her daughter's message. all proceeds going to an art
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program. new at 11:00 tonight, a teenager can count on one hand how many times he's tried synthetic drugs, but he's lived with mental illness for three years. his mom is addicted to finding a cure for kyle, and changing how easy the drugs are to access. cheryl con or brings us the story. >> reporter: five times, that's all it took. >> he was a normal child one day and he was not normal the next. >> reporter: robin smith's little boy has a big-man problem. >> it led to, you know, hallucinations and voices and psychotic behavior. that wasn't going away after he came down from the high. >> reporter: at age 15 kyle smith tried synthetic drugs, not for five years, just five times. >> towards the end of his ninth grade year he left school because he was hospitalized and never returned. >> reporter: kyle missed graduation this may.
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he played football, lacrosse. now he's lost friends and he nearly lost his life to suicide four times. medical papers have stacked up. 17 hospital stays, 15 doctors, 14 electronic shocks and his body is still resisting the therapy drugs. >> because it's legal, the kids think that there's no wrong in taking it, trying it, doing it. >> reporter: makers changed the recipes to stay one puff ahead of the law. robin smith is high on hopes of getting her son back on track. she started an on line petition, and she works on organizing a rally in washington, d.c. this fall. her family is not the only to suffer. >> until the medical community is forced to learn, to become educated and know how to treat these patients and people, we're going to have more and
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more over flowing psych units. >> reporter: five times, that's all it took. and the mom will spend the rest of time to clean the spice rack. in forest hills, cheryl conner abc 2 news. we go to a boy who saved his familiar leaf and their neighbors. a huge fire broke out in edwin perez's chicago neighborhood. the 12-year-old, when he went to grab his brother some milk, he raced to get his family up and out of the house. >> i woke up my cousins, and my sister didn't want to wake up, so i just grabbed her really hard and said wake up. >> he also went door to door to alert his neighbors. thanks to him, nobody hurt but four homes were badly damaged. he won an award. 6-year-old an gail set up a
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lemonade stand to raise money for cancer. her mom says she came home from school with the idea. >> she told me she wanted to make a lemonade stand and i thought all right, we'll do it in front of our house. no big deal, she'll make a couple bucks. and they be she said we're sending the money to alex. i said alex who? >> that's the name of the foundation. annie learned about it in school from her kindergarten teacher and all the money she raised will go towards funding new cancer treatments and other efforts in the fight against childhood cancer. downtown we go, pretty steam oh. look at the numbers from the airport. 77 degrees, due point still up there. feels like it's 81. it's going to stay pretty muggy and steam oh, 73 degrees.
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wake up temperature of 75 degrees. when you're starting at 75, you know it's going to be hot by lunchtime. pushing close to 90. how about surpassing 90, going to be 95. 83 in baltimore city, cottonville, 76. aberdeen you're at 76 degrees, cecil county 76. it's bringing all this moist air up to the north. it feels like 87 downtown. weare expecting a decline going into tomorrow. good news, we'll find some good news. it's clear over the entire state, that's the good news, but the bad news is there's not a cloud to be found and that's a problem tomorrow. lots of sunshine we'll guarantee our temperatures are skyrocketing, and it's because of this high pressure sitting just to the south. you go out towards the west, you can't find any presip.
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that's not going to be part of the equation until say saturday. so it's going to be pretty hot for the next several days. it's 80 all the way down towards the southeastern shoreline. if you're going to canada to try to escape the heat? no dies. 70 two to 77 degrees. so we're talking about wall to wall heat all because of this high pressure drifting in from bermuda heading to the west. that's sinking air, that's lots of sunshine, that's low wind, and that going to be that way for the next several days. here's radar and temp, showing us around 5:00 we should be around 95 degrees again. much hotter downtown. notice there's storms north of york, during the course of the evening, it's going to be bone dry for tuesday h. temperatures getting into the 90s, 100
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degrees we think in downtown baltimore. this is the problem, heat and humidity will make this temperature feel like it's 101 degrees tomorrow afternoon. there are excessive heat warnings. look at tuesday, it's going to feel like 103 degrees. exercise caution, be smt, please. by the way if you're wondering where the next storm system is, it's over the islands. that could bring around severe weather. so water and shade is a must. 95 degrees will be your guarantee. monday night is going to be miserable. it could be down to 75. i don'tthink it's going to get out of the 80s in the city. 97 for tuesday. that's the dangerous heat where the heat index could come to 114. i don't want to put that 100 and have to take it down, but it's going to be close if not
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there in baltimore city. guys, it was much hotter last summer, okay. >> it seems like so far away though. >> exercise caution. please leave your pets at home and the ac comfortable. >> and plenty of water. aich ah ran into silence. it's general hospital. they were just doing this for laughs. general hospital getting set for its 50th anniversary. you missed them. hey, you hit wal-mart, twinkies are back. hostess, which went bankrupt last year is under new management and the twinkie returns tomorrow as the sweetest come back in the history ever.
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hostess says the cakes will have a shelf life almost forever. 45 days. >> you have a desk full of them already. >> give me one. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet?
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plus get a special bonus -- $300 back with a 2 year agreement. technology that makes life more entertaining, call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800.974.6006 tty/v. chris davis did it again. he hit home run no. 37. that ties the american league record. and jones also knocked one out of the park.
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the orioles are headed to new york. chris will take the derby tomorrow night. the all-star game tuesday night. she had no trouble with her first pitch in baltimore. but tampa call me maybe, maybe the worst first pitch ever in the history. carly ray jepson, call me maybe should maybe stick to the bullpen. panthers ninth graders finish this week in orlando. the team from richmond beat them in the finals. i'm telling you, they won four straight maryland titles, second in the nation. that is great for them.
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>> all right. let's talk about the heat. >> it's going to be hot. here's the deal, i mean the heat index is going to be 101 tomorrow. that's dangerous heat. just again, exercise caution, be smart. it's going to feel 103 on tuesday p. shows that this is a long stretch of 90s, guys. this is a good -- well, five days of 95 degree weather. there is not much in the way of presip action until we get into the weekend. this heat could end with a bang. we could be talking about some big storms by saturday and sunday. maybe we should put 100 on the seven-day. ast sandwich with jalapeño and habanero peppers. taste what's hot today. america runs on dunkin'.
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did you see the turtles? >> they're moving. >> it's the turtle derby. you get different kind of divisions. they don't really take that long. they're still out there. but you know, they should be through by tomorrow morning. look at that one go. >> it's moving. >> come on. >> they're faster than i thought they would be. >> have a good one.
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(esposito) one victim-- donald kendall, 18. he was a senior at redding prep. (ryan) someone's gonna miss prom night. (beckett) redding prep? private school on park avenue. no trust fund baby left behind. what's he doing in the boat? no idea. dr. parish, how are you doing? feet are cold. so what do you got for me? single g.s.w. to the chest, fairly large caliber. and from the lack of blood inside the boat, i'd say he wasn't killed at sea. somebody moved him. he's got dirt and grass all on his chucky t's. other than the postmortem voyage, looks like a pop and drop. i'm guessing sometime late last night. well, somebody dragged him here. he couldn't have come from very far. let's get uniforms down here to do a perimeter walk. get 'em to go from the boats over there down to fifth. and tell 'em they're looking for a blood pool and possible shell casings. (ryan) roger that. esposito, did you check the boathouse? (esposito) not yet. so why the burial at sea? the vikings believed that if you wanted to reach valhalla, you needed a vessel. gun-toting viking-- that's your theory? no, no, no. they also launched their dead with a sacrificial woman...


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