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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  August 12, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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inning 3-run homer. he says during the bottom of the 9th someone threw a banana at him. throwing a banana in the direction of a black athlete is considered a racist action. way to show your class he he is and another expletive. there are 128,000 twitter followers. retweeted 1800 times. picked up by espn and huxington post. fans apologized but others gave him more grief. he tweeted out, quote, good chance this means i will get off of social media soon. the team will review security
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camera video from the game, especially the 9th inning to see who threw the banana. they received no reports. one fan tweeted jones and says he saw someone throw it out on the field. he says he saw jones pick it up and toss it over the fence, over in to an area where there is no fans. that's why jones was very upset. more on this coming up later. today, baltimore councilman, nick mosey plans to file a resolution asking baltimore to boycott florida based businesses. hesays it encourage as
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vigilante attitude. student leaders at city hall talking about gun violence. students from the intersection listening campaign spent the summer speaking to teachers, students, leaders and community members to get opinions on how to reduce gun violence. expected to release the results later today. we could learn about wrong doing within the arundel county police department. laura newman expected to announce findings of a task force. it was looking in to allegations against the department dating back to john lepoled's administration. porter is accused of hiring someone to kill her husband in towson three years ago. porter claims the threats and abuse got so bad she had no choice but to kill him. she never reported abuse or
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threats oh police. attack and purse snatching at a mall turns in to bravery. 26-year-old adam gray assaulted a woman inside a jc penney and took off with her purse. five men chased gray down outside the mall catching him near his car before taking him down and holding him until police arrived. i heard people yelling, he stole the purse and took the purse. i ran out, it was my instinct to run to help somebody. >> the victim was not seriously jude and got her purse back. gray faces robbery, theft, false statements and assault. police say initially he lied about his name. summer activity so blame for the death of a man.
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a man was mowing his lawn, police say he was mowing the lawn on a hillside when the mower rolled over on top of him pinning him he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. a 17 yield boy is in critical condition, after getting in to a car crab near annapolis. happened during the weekend on spa road, police say the boy, driving a volkswagen, failed to negotiate a curve and hit a tree. another car couldn't make the turn and crashed in to a different tree. both drives were speeding. let's look at the big picture on this monday morning. we see showers and thunderstorms across the middle of the nation again. they will be hit hard, same areas that lot rain and flooding. northern oklahoma, the hardest hit for today. close to home heres we are dealing with not a lot.
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patchy fog around, a few clouds, we will get sunshine in here. not going to rule out the chance for isolated shower. we will stay dry this morning, we have the potential for showers to pop up in to the afternoon. possibly a thunderstorm. again, yes, lots of humidity out there. dew points in the 60s, 73 now annapolis. 69 baltimore city. 67 glen burnie. 66 ellicott city. a dupe dew point of 68 elkton. 70 cockeysville, 77 baltimore city, 72 glen burnie. by lunchtime, we will get the sun cloud mix rs temperature 83. the gentlemen arrested arundel county in the mall accident, aaron gray, not adam
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gray. hit the field after emotional sunday practice. flash flooding and a mudslide leads one person dead and another missing. theyest on the devastation current in colorado.
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big changes in store for the justice system. eric holder has changes that could include scaling back harsh prison sentences for drug related crimes. the plan would expand release of elderly, nonviolent offenders. federal prisons are operating 40% above capacity. a missing teen found safe and her abductor shot and killed. hanna ander sop was found at a camp site in idaho. james dimaggio was shot after horse back riders intercepted a bear. >> for us to be there is one
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chance in a trillion. >> these people didn't want to talk to us. >> riders say they had a short conversation with them last week but didn't know about the amber alert. anderson will be reunited with her father after her mother and brother were found dead. a 2 year old boy is safe after disappearing yesterday. 2 year old isaiah perez was found in providence. polic issued an amber alert. two men were arrested. parez wasn't found with them. police located him wondering the streets alone. >> he appears to be in good health. the toddler lived at a home where the victims with killed. his relationship to the victims
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is unknown and unclear how the 2 year old came to be wondering in the streets alone after being taken. a michigan doctor is waking up behind bars accused of committing health care fraud. he misdiagnosed and mistreated patients. agents arrested him and raided his offices. the doctor's attorney says his client is innocent and feds duped by disgruntled employees. he is due in court tomorrow for a bond hearing. a person is missing after a flash flood and mudslide in colorado. authorities say witnesses last saw a woman and seen her clinging to a tree. there were rains in the area. one person was killed and more than a dozen buildings damaged.
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time for a check of the forecast. how is it looking to start the workweek. >> we don't feel that great. we have the humidity out there and ts are on the up and up. i will show you those in a second. we have patchy fog, if you are heading to pennsylvania, you could be running in to isolated showers. we will stay dry through the morning hours. possibility for showers and thunderstorms popping up in to the afternoon. this will be courtesy of the stationary front draped to the south. disturbance that's riding along that. isolated shower this morning. don't forget the umbrella. you could need it especially this afternoon. 70 hanover. 71 centerville. 70 churchville. westminster 72 degrees. the most accurate future trend goes in to motion. showers and storms possible in to the afternoon and especially towards tuesday, you will need
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the umbrella then. if you are out and about, you want to download the storm shield app. the temperature by lunchtime today, coming in around 83 degrees. over the next several days, improving conditions. i will show you the remaining days in a few minutes. you mentioned it, dealing with fog this morning, you might need to use the low beams. look at the speeds across the region. everything is nice and clear on the harrisburg expressway. hunt valley, 16 miles per hour, shawan, everything remains clear heading downtown. 95 harford, going to be in great shape. a live look at 543s no delays pubbing from the harbors that will take you no mall 6 minutes on 695, 11 minutes on the outer loop up to 83. things will remain calm on the
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west side, 11 minute ride on the outer loop, 795, down to 95. follow me on twitter at maryland traffic. ravens getting ready for a second preseason football game. emotional sunday at mt. the players honoring men and women dedicating lives to keeping us safe. >> reporter: ray rice to doomerville, they hit m and t to showcase team 2013, allowing fans to get up close and personal with favorite players and honoring men and women.
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>> military appreciation day, gave the ravens and fans an opportunity to say thank you. about 3500 special seats were reserved for service members and families. thomas and his family enjoyed the well deserved special treatment. >> america loves our military. it's good to be honored, especially as the football game. everybody is great. >> reporter: at m and t, stadium. >> a physical, the team agreed to a contract with dallas clark. the 34 year old spent first 9 seasons with indianapolis. he spent last season tampa bay buccaneers. ravens have been looking for help. world champs added a veteran player to the team, no
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stranger to baltimore, brandon stokely is back. drafted back in 1999 by baltimore and helped the ravens win the first super bowl and spent last season in denver with the broncos and signed a 1- year contract. ladies, listen up, you need to be aware you will not be allowed to bring large purses in to the stadium with you what can you bring? tomorrow, we will learn about the new policy regarding bags on game day. the ravens will hold a press conference at mt at 11:00 too many morning. official says the rules will increase public safety and make it easy for fans to get in to the stadium. good news, gas prices appear to be going down. how much can you expect to pay when you head to the pump? could it be less or is this just a little bit of a reprieve along the way to higher gas prices? so i'm checking out the jetta. 34 hwy mpg. check.
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almost all u.s. embassies are back open this morning for the first time in a week. the only embassy remains closed is the one in yemen. intercepted message between al- qaeda about plans for an attack triggered the closures. national security agent accused of leaking details could be
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getting a special visit. snowden's father skewed documents needed to visit his son, where snowden is living after the country granted him asylum. the focus is to come up with a criminal defense against charges in the u.s. against espionage. >> i would like for this to be vetted and open court for the american people to have all the facts. [technical difficulties] . all right, as you step out the door, some of you will be impacted by fog. we can see it north and west of baltimore. if you are traveling i-83, pennsylvania, five miles reduced visibility. 7 hagerstown, less than one, winchester and cull pper.
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around through the morning house but will burn off. temperature this afternoon, coming in and 86 degrees, scattered showers, thunderstorms possible, 71 and 84 by sticky tomrow. drying ow out by the middle of the week. utility work in lutherville. 55 miles per hour south on the bellway, 11 minute ride down to fayette street tunnels delay free. baltimore national pike, no problems. 11 minute ride on the outer loop, 95 nice and clear. if you feel like you are paying less at the pump you
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are, the national average for a gallon is dropped to $3.56 down a nickel. baltimore, paying $3.57. the reason behind the dip, crude oil prices dropping lower. officials are hoping prices continue falling as we head if to the autumn months. get what you need and save money. yesterday, you saw this. tax free shopping week in married. clothes and shoes less than $100 are tax free through saturday. it comes as you get ready to send the kids back to school. the average family will spend $600 back to school shopping. the biggest chunk will go towards the new clothes. maybe hungry after the shopping. you are in luck, save great money on restaurants now, too. restaurant week is underway. 51 restaurants are of ohing
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fixed prices for lunch and dinner menus. the promotion runs longer than a week and ends august 25th. good morning maryland returns, news time is 4:56.
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a costume party. thousand of people came to take
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part. asian pop culture. they will move to it dc. organizers say they are making the move because space is needed. good morning maryland at 5:00 begins right now. breaking news on this monday morning, evacuations at a florida resort, a sink hole causing a villa to go in to the ground. kids, heading back to school soon. the health checklist you need to know about, details coming up and it is straight up 5:00, and a great day. i'm charley crowson. lynette charles is standing by with a check of the forecast. skies are dark. sun not risen obviously. what do we have in store as we start the workweek. starting out with humidity out there. also patchy fog. we check out davidsonville,
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temperature coming in 70 degrees. dew point 67. uncomfortable again for today. s that what going to be dealing with. be prepared. union bridge temperature, coming in 69 degrees with the dew point 68. we will continue this trend in to jessup. looking at the temperature now, coming in 68 degrees. temperatures are above average this mornings in to the afternoons well we are going to be seasonable, we are see chapes in the foreclosure for us -- changes in the forecast us. travels to the north, moderate showers heavy rains towards the north and east. as you step out the doo, take the rain gear. we have the possibility for isolated scattered showers in to the afternoon, if you are going to play tennis, have a good time with it. keep your eyes to the sky.
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we are stating off with a life drive, harford, as you can see, mountain, nothing to get in you way. nice and clear, as you make the push to white marsh, white marsh to the fort mc henry. if you are traveling 83s no problems hunt valley, clear onto the jfx. we have construction underway on york. the left, northbound and the left southbound lanes will be shutdown between padonia and pa moania. 695, outer loop clear, 12 minutes from 95 up to 83. on the west side, 11 minute ride from 795 to 95. find the times on twitter. follow me at maryland traffic. we are tracking breaking news, evacuations a at florida
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resort near disney world. a sink hole caused a villa to fall in to a bay resort. this is in clearmont, partially collapsed. no injuries reported. witnesses say they can hear a cracking sound before everything began collapsing. imagine the scene as people were awakened to this. 30-foot sink hole. new developments as they continue coming in to us. be the first to know about breaking news, follow us on twitter@abc 2 news. deliberations could begin in a murder for hire trial. porter is accused of arranging her husband's murder. she told a jury the threats and abuse got so bad she had no choice but to kill him. the state pointed out, she never reported any abuse or threats to police. new for you,


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