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tv   BBC World News  PBS  April 13, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> bbc world news is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. the newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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>> union bank offers unique insight and expertise in a range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now bbc world news. >> change the mindset, president obama says that a new approach is needed to deal with nuclear risks. >> just the smallest amount of litani and could kill and injure hundreds of thousands of innocent people. >> the ousted president of says that he will resign if he and his family are a guaranteed
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safety. radovan karadzic cross-examine some witnesses. a very warm welcome to bbc world news. coming up later, the tragedy for a family and a nation. thousands lined the streets of warsaw paying respects to the first lady of poland. how hairdressers are taking a cue but a bit closer to the free market. -- taking cuba closer to the free market. president obama's security summit has begun. 47 leaders are there to find a way to deal with nuclear weapons. but on the first full day of the
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summit, russia and the u.s. have signed an agreement to dispose with plutonium that they have stored. >> the biggest gathering of world leaders by an american president since 1945. an opportunity for barack obama to show leadership and give some momentum to his agenda. nuclear threats topped the list. >> just the smallest amount of plutonium could killed and injured hundreds of thousands of innocent people. terrorist networks such as al qaeda have tried to acquire the weapon for a nuclear weapon. if they ever succeeded, they would use it. >> the summit was an opportunity for world leaders to meet barack obama. there is a quick handshake, a
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few polite words and then on to the next leader. was this enough to foster ties and cooperation? he would like concrete action from each one to help to get rid of nuclear material. the ukraine has given up its highly enriched stock. what the u.s. really wants is china's help on iran. the meeting between president obama and hu jintao was positive but they disagreed what exactly what was agreed on. russia said that they would back you in rushes against iran, beijing says not so fast. there has been no movement in their position. they have agreed to discuss sanctions in principle. the road will be long and difficult. - [inaudible]
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-- to respond to the effort to step down. they met last night in the capital of bishkek. president bakiyev says that he will resign if his family and he can be guaranteed safety. >> it has been a critical week for the president of kyrgyzstan. he fled the capital last week and he emerged in his hometown to say that he is ready to stand down. >> under what conditions can i resign? i need to guarantee that our people will stop running kyrgyzstan. >> his list of guarantees also included guarantees of safety for his family and himself. the self-declared opposition government which had been offering him safe passage from
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kyrgyzstan in return for resignation has changed its rhetoric. >> if he does not show up, we will hold an operation to detain him. yesterday evening we abolished his community. now he can be detained. -- yesterday we abolished his facts immunity. >> hundreds were injured and many died in the protests. people were demanding the resignation of the president. now those who lost to their villages want to bring the president to justice. there are others who would like to see the end to the crisis in their country. president bakiyev's will not stop all of the problems in kyrgyzstan but it could help to
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end the conflict. >> a weekend air strike by the pakistani air force has reported to have killed 70 people. there was a gunfight and an air strike in the valley. the military said that they targeted militants. the survivors said that most of the victims were killed when they tried to rescue people from an earlier strike. >> it has taken several days for details of this incident to emerge. it happened on saturday in a remote location. a village in one of the tribal regions. all of those killed were civilians. at least 73 people lost their lives and that there were women and children among them. the military has tried to gag
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the individual that gave us disinformation. the official has suggested that the fighter jet involved might have strayed off course from the area that the military has been targeting military positions. the military has been insisting that there are no civilians killed. they said that they had intelligence that militants were gathering at the scene. people who survived at the hospital insist that there were no militants in the village. they said that they have built up their own defenses to keep them out. there was an initial strike, local people rushed to give assistance and add to that point there was a second round of bombing which claimed many lives. the authorities have paid out compensation to the victims. they sent food to the area. this is a signal that they believe that a very tragic mistake has been made.
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>> and brazilian rancher has been convicted of murdering an american nun in 2005. he ordered the killing of the environmentalists because she blocked him seizing land at the government had given to amazonian farmers. he has been sentenced to 30 years in jail. there is new allegations of voter fraud in sudan. the allegations are clear and specific and they relate to the activities of the president's party in two constituencies in the capital of the twin city. pope benedict's summit has weighed in on the sec's scandal. he said that the rule of celibacy has no connection to the priest modesto ash molesting children. -- he has said there is no rule
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of celibacy in connection with the priest molestations. witnesses have in the -- witnesses have appeared in the trial of radovan karadzic. this is the first time that radovan karadzic appeared as his own defense counsel. >> for radovan karadzic, this marked a very important phase of his trials. the prosecution was to present at their opening witnesses. the first to give evidence was a man held in a camp in 1992. he said that he was nearly beaten to death by the prison wguards. he was luckier than other men had to build their own graves
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before they were killed. >> i feel disabled by the psychological stress and burden. this is catching up with me and getting worse. even now as i'm speaking, i don't know what it will be like for me when i get home. every time i tell it, i believe it again and again. >> then it was time for mr. karadzic to make his cross- examination. started by asking a series of questions about who the witness knew in the village. questions that started going in a confrontational direction. >> did you know him? >> he is a writer. >> no, he is not. >> he is it? >> he never was.
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>> don't say stupid things. >> ok, thank you. >> the court has warned radovan karadzic to keep his questions relevant. there will be difficult challenges ahead. future prosecution witnesses will try to draw a direct link between mr. karadzic and the war crimes of which he is charged. >> radio stations in rwanda have stopped playing music because of a ban by islamic militants. some say they will be broadcasting traditional homes instead. a controversial kurdish politician has been a strike -- attacked in the street in turkey. the kurdish parties were banned last september. this has sparked difficulties in
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the region. human rights groups fear the deportation of thousands of palestinians from the west bank. date will not able to stay there without the correct permits approved by 80 israeli government. the first lady has visited haiti. she spent several hours touring projects in the capital on her first overseas trip.
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>> malaria is a consent. the u.n. would like to increase the number of toilets in the 10's. they have set the target of 11,000 latrines. they have not been able to provide half of that. foreign aid agencies have started to move the most
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vulnerable to say for accommodation and to get them shelter before the rainy season starts. >> stay with us if you can on bbc world news. a ship has taken a piece of the great barrier reef. it might take 20 years to recover. the new year holiday is starting in thailand and the government is looking vulnerable to opposition demands for the prime minister to resign and hold fresh elections. even some partners in the ruling coalition think that some kind of vote is needed. >> three days on from the violence witness here on saturday, the government is planning terrorists that they say infiltrated the protesters. the protesters are now suggesting that perhaps some members of the military switched
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sides and came in in sympathy. each side is blaming the other. the protesters are camped down in the commercial heart of bangkok. businesses are losing on the enormous amount of money. some regional tour operators are cancelling trips to thailand for the time being. there is a festival feeling it because it is the new year. we have seen water pistols, large pockets of water thrown at people as they go past. it is a chance for people to release the tension that has been building. as the politicians try to work out what to do next, there is a consensus between the coalition partners. some in the military as well and they are all saying that the dissolution of parliament is the only resolution for this crisis.
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the question would be when and how and whether that would be accepted. the protesters seem to be more angry and provoked what has happened -- by what has happened over the weekend. they would like the prime minister to resign and leave the country. it is uncertain. today, there was a bit of a wall -- lull. >> president obama has told leaders meeting in washington that they may still -- must change their mind set about where a nuclear attack may come from. our special correspondent spoke to the prime minister to the czech republic and asked him if he thought that the goal of a nuclear-free world is realistic. >> time and the future will show us. first of all, you want to be as strong politician, a strong
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leader. if you want the initiative, you can bring the very ambitious goals. we are observing the steps that are going towards these goals. there are many steps along the way. >> how important do you think that the danger of nuclear materials is for europeans? >> it could appear anywhere in the world. some areas are less risky but this is a common issue. this was stressed many times by the leaders in this summit. we are successfully diminishing the threat of nuclear war. we have not succeeded so far. the nuclear attack is based on the gaining of it by terrorist
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groups. >> on the issue of nuclear defenses, did the people of the czech republic want the missile shield? >> that is an interesting issue. you know about the debate we have had. there are devices that should have been planned and located for the czech republic. there was some strong support -- >> the czech prime minister speaking to our correspondent. the remains of poland's first lady have been flown back to warsaw. thousands lined the streets of the capital to pay their
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respects. botshe died along with 94 others in a plane crash in russia. parliament held a special session. >> two days after her husband made this journey, it was the first lady whose coffin was brought home. a military band greeted the arrival of maria kaczynska who had died in the air crash on saturday. in a poignant moment, the couple's only child came forward to neal and touched the coffin -- kneel and touch the coffin.
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other visitors and dignitaries made similar gestures. the coffin was driven to central warsaw passed an almost unbroken line of people. some strong flowers as a mark of their affection for the first lady. she was highly intelligent and she chose to put her political ambitions ahead of her own. the polish people had taken her to our heart are -- their hard because of her suffering and world war ii 2. thousands of people have begun filing past, a final glimpse of the couple who led poland's for five years and a chance to say goodbye.
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in poland, preparations are being made for a state funeral for the president and first lady. they are expected to take place this weekend. this will bring an end to the official week of mourning. the lying in state begins and an intensity of the motion is expected to magnify once again. there are church services and joint sessions of parliament to honor all of the dead. this is a difficult week for the people poland. >> australia's great barrier reef could take 20 years to recover from a star that was left by a chinese coal ship. -- scar that was left by a chinese coal ship. >> a salvage team decided that
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they had no choice but to refloat the ship earlier than planned because of storms. there was a catastrophic breakup that would have meant an ecological disaster. the ship is once again and safe anchorage and thousands of experts have told the government of queensland there is no evidence of further spillage. >> the ship was successfully refloated just before 8:00 p.m.. reports are good in that it is not taking on any water or leaking oil. aid is now unsafe act -- anchorage. -- is now in safe anchorage. >> they had a chance to offer an earlier assessment of the damage done to the reef.
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there is significant scarring and the cleanup is likely to be the biggest operation ever undertaken on the reef. the toxic paint scraped from the halull of deep vessel is also a problem. the prime minister said it was outrageous for the ship to stray so far off course. he has indicated that prosecutions will follow and that the country's maritime laws will remain more robust. >> it is a small step towards a market economy but a huge one for cuba where hundreds of state run barbershops, will be turned over to their employees. this could be the first up towards privatization for small
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firms. >> it is a light trim rather than a small back and sides. the retail sector has long been renowned for its poor service and rampant theft. now all farmers and hair dressers will be allowed to rent the space where they work and pay taxes instead of receiving a monthly wage. -- now all barbers and hairdressers will be allowed to rent the space where they work. >> i have never worked like this. we are just getting started. >> fidel castro nationalized all small businesses in 1968. the economy is in deep trouble. now, fidel's brother and successor is trying to modernize the system without jumping to full-scale capitalism. he started by giving
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unproductive land to farmers. now they're turning to the retail sector. >> there is uncertainty and but they will explain how it all works. there are many people who think that it is a good idea. >> cuba and north korea are the only remaining soviet-style command economies. china and vietnam have long since pushed through market reforms while maintaining political control. this could be the first small step towards the return of small-scale business cooperatives. >> couple from israel has won the biggest prize in the country's history. they arrived to collect the $20 million. that explained that the ticket had just been lying around in a pile of paper. they found out that they had one
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once the check. you can find the story and all of the international news on you can get ahold of me and most of the team on twitter. you can also see what we are working on on our facebook page. president obama has told world leaders meeting in washington they must change their mind set about where a nuclear attack might come from. thank you for being with us on bbc world news. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. the newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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