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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 17, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news. >> this is bbc "world news." i'm johnathan charles live in brussels as yet more trouble hits the euro. trying to stop the crisis deepening, e. finance ministers are meeting again after a promise that instability won't be allowed to wreck the country, and ireland has help available if necessary to deal with its tidal wave of debt. >> looking to the future. prince william and kate middleton plan their wedding set to take place next year. >> she's excited. >> i don't know the ropes
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really, but now i'm willing to learn quickly and work hard. >> also a special report for you from a lebanese border town as they contemplate withdrawing their troops. >> hello. the pressure on ire land is intensifying again here in brussels. e. finance ministers are meeting in the building right behind me as yet another crisis rocks the euro. at stake is the whole question of ireland's financial debt, 32% of its goodell unsustainable.
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that's having shock waste across the rest of the euro members. making it hard for the euro to raise their debt. that's why they are pressing ire throoned accept a bailout package. the ministers here say yes you do. you have to stop this escalating. even britain's finance minister, george, went into the meeting and said britain would also be taking part. >> we're going to do what's in britain's national interest. airplaneland is our closest neighbor and it's in our interest that we have a stable system. so we stand ready to support ireland to do what it takes to maintain that stability. >> as we heard britain there.
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saying it will be taking part in this. the 16 members who met last night, late into the night said they'd do whatever necessary to protect the stability of the euro. they were fine words but hasn't dwight worked out that way. we hear greece may not be getting the next installment required to fund its debt and the whole payment agood could be due. it may not happen until january because there's concerns greece is not doing enough to raise taxes around deal with the austarity. those remarks by their finance minister has riled the financial market. they've made it again rather choppy waters in the bond market. we've been speaking to the greek prime minister about this
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crisis that's unfolding and things were more serious last year than priest thought. greece's prime minister spoke with our correspondent. >> we have what it takes to make the euro stable and stronger. 7 and i think we've shown even in very difficult squations in the 2008 crisis and recent sovereign debt crisis that we do have the will and we can survive and we can make this a more stable continent. >> having the will and deliving on that will are two very different things, aren't they? and what we've seen is after more than 16 months after you stided to take the rescue package which was supposed to stable the euro zone, it's deeply turbulent and now we look at ireland and portugal it
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seems like more rescue packages are in the works. >> first of all, we did do that and discussing a more permanent measure for now and beyond and yes, the markets are volatile. this was part of the problem. markets are very risk averse, particularly after 2008. so this mechanism, what it does is gives us the time to make the necessary reforms country-by-country, ifo countries come in, obviously for greece, in order so that if we do go back on the markets, we can do so in a viable way. >> let's exam how this crisis is unfoldingal. the greek prime minister we just heard in there that greece is doing everything they can to deal with the debt crisis but we've heard the next amount of
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money may not be sent. it may be postponed because some people think greece isn't doing enough. >> as much as greece has done, and this is recognized. it's true there's been a disappointment on the revenue side. this is partly due to the fact that economic growth in greece is slightly below what was expected. the program is moreless -- a few disappointing, the minister finance that met yesterday saying austria would hold out from dispursing its payment. this has indeed caused a number of issues whether this as a whole question, and this is crippling the problems with ire lashed. >> what it does is state of the market. no reason to be calm yet. the numbers are still in place. >> yes.
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there was a greek program that was going on pretty well. there was another facility that had entries and in the meantime it goes other problems. what the markets are left with now is uncertainty. one with the groundstroke program which seems to be doing ok but not enough. and the esfs or other financial system created since may although is in theory reachible to ireland, still hasn't been nut place yet. >> so in brief, this crisis has a long way to go? >> well, with the euro group statement issued yesterday and late at night suggests is that europe as a whole is ready. and they are only waiting for the irish government make a
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step and request. now i see why they are doing so. they see it as exclusively al banking question. there's no solution to deal with that. at the moment the irish government seaving financial support from the ecb with operation at 1%. the appetite to go for an esf which will cost them 5%. i think there is behind this discussion both a cost and the number of political implications. if the government decides to go with the sfs it will come with -- >> thank you, very much indeed. we'll be following a bit unfomeding in the building behind me. there's a full briefing on all the background at our web side. at our website. >> looking at the markets, they
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are not very impress i in materials of movement. >> right. let's bring them up on the board. they are watching this scenario in the e.u. very, very closely. two stories are affecting it. the euro debt issues and china. china may be implementing economic tools fight its ever-rising slowdown. the hang sange reacting to that down 2%. but debt is the latest terminology being used to possibly restructure the irish banking sector. big concerns there, because it could allow the wholesale investors taking a loss. the british banks and if you add it up there's about $170 billion they have provided or loaned to the irish banks but if it happens to ireland, they
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are saying why can't it happen to portugal and others. ire land up slightly 8.3%. it's a very high number. portugal also up on their seven-year bonds. and spain around 4 1/2%. again, they are very nervous and investors can panic quickly. so everyone is watching what is happening out of brussels. >> and in india media are reporting an official inquiry into an india plane crash concluded the pilot was to blame. although the report hasn't been released publicly it said the pilot slept through more than half the flight and woke up disoriented when it was set to wake up and the data box caught
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the sound of heavy snoring in the cockpit. in his first televised address -- the -- defended many controversial -- >> the trial of a well known chinese artist has begun in beijing. after a four-hour session the court did not issue a verdict, and the trial has been delayed until further notice. he has been accused of attacking a police officer after he took his mobile phone away in a police station. well, it's the day after that big and much-anticipated announcement. speculation rife as to when prince william and his fiance kate middleton will be walking down the aisle. exactly where or when they will wed will remain something of a
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mist enrichment mike has a report for you which contains plenty of flash photography. >> nine years after they met the man destined to be met has put an engagement ring on his wife to be. but not just any ring. it's special to me. >> it's very, very special. >> so the comparisons with charles and diana are inescapable. for their marriage there was no fairy tale ending. william and kate want to embrace the future but not forget the past. >> i would have loved to have met her and she is an inspirational woman to look up to. >> but like kate said, it's about caving your own future and no one's trying to fill my
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mother's shoes and what she did is fantastic. it's about making her own future and destiny and kate will do a very good job of that. >> the couple certainly took their time getting to this stage so when might they start their family? >> i think we'll take it one step at a time. obviously we a family, so we'll have to start thinking a about that. >> miss middleton says joining the most -- family in the world is a daunting task but she hopes to take it in stride. >> and you're watching bbc "world news." still to come stories inside vladimir putin's come into russia. >> and the people of sudan are to choose whether they will start a new country. whether the south breaks away
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from the arab-dominated north. there are fears it could cause instability. on tuesday, our east africa will ross reported on how the ref ren dumb is being seen in the knot. today he reports from jufea, the main city in the south of sudan. >> the national anthem for a country that does not yet exist. but there's plenty of thought here that a new south sudan is about to be born. >> they want millions who shed their blood for the sake of freedom, justice, liberty and equality. >> for decades, the people of
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southern sudan with their traditional and christian beliefs fought a war of domination by the knot. it caused millions to die. >> when the war ended just over five years ago, the development began but progress has been show. this is where the tarmac ends on the main town in the south of southern sudan. right across the south of the country there are left than 50 kilometers of tarred road. it's not a question of rebuilding the country. it's really being fwrilt scratch. >> delicately piecing their lives together, these women who missed out on an entire education learn thou make arts and crafts. it's a rare chance to earn a living. mary cooked for the soldiers during the war. mistrust of the old enemies still runs deep.
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she says she hopes they are able to break free from the north. >> a $50 million brewery as the north is reluctant to see the south break away. >> i think they realize both parties have to be good neighbors, because they are currently very dependant on each other. >> the march towards zipped in full swing. there are still hurdles to overcome but it is unstoppable. from juba, southern, sudan. >> the headlines here on bbc "world news." the european union held
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emergency talks on ireland's debt crisis and made preparations for a potential rescue. there are plans also expected to get underway for the prince william and kate middleton. now more on the news of the european union talking about delaying the next transfer of payment for the bailout agreement. the euro finance minister saying the ireland wasn't doing enough. sort of a double whammy, malcolm suggestions the depeek budget deficit didn't work and now the suggestion that the measures being taken by greece aren't stringent enough. >> in the past hour we've heard from the european union that the finance ministers decided the third part of this international rescue package is going to be delayed. it was due to be paid on
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december 15. now it's apparently going to happen some time in january. now the way the greeks are portraying this, they are saying this is purely a technical thing, but i think that's glossing over it somewhat because austria has been making a lot of fuss about how greece has been failling to meet its targets and how austria wouldn't make their next contribution. but austria is not the only country upset about that. slovakia said they were a poor nation and they didn't want to pay for greece's prove la ga as i, so it seems this is to make sure greece tries get as close to the targets laid down by the union. >> thank you. out of the village of gaga which fits right on the
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israeli-lebanese border split in two by the u.n.'s defacto bored that separates the two enemy country. ever since they withdrew their forces but now in the last few minutes it has announced those troops will leave. a correspondent has visited hajad and sent us this report. >> cracking nuts outside the home he's lived in most of his life. he was born as a syrian. his 40's after the annexation he became an israeli citizen. now toward the end of his life he's about to become lebanese although he is not really sure what's going on. >> i'm a man and a citizen of this village. the village committee will decide what happens to us. i am just part of the village. >> hassan and some 200 other people live in the village on
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the front line. when israel's military occupation ended israeli troops remained in the whole of hajad even though mappers determined the northern part of the village was actually now in lebanon. clearly defining the blue line, the unofficial border is -- earlier this year, just a few miles from here, israeli and lebanese soldiers were killed in a gunfight. the border remains tense. >> it's a massive withdrawal. this is the decision of the security council and this is not subject to negotiation. >> this is official part of lebanon. and by withdrawing its forces across the blue line, the defacto border, israeli is fulfilling the obligation to the u.n. but inadvertently creating a new problem, cutting
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the village in half. >> many services are in the southern israeli part of hajad. families are spread out on either side of the village and people are worried. >> if people in the north have brothers here in the south, it's like one big family. i can't leave my children, my brother and children and it can't happen. it's like cutting a person in half. >> these u.n. troops should initially fill sflume knot erin hajad but with an international frontier running through the middle, they could face enemies from hezbollah and others on the other side of main street. >> more breaking news for you coming in. this time from paris in fact, but it's the iraqi president jalal talabani with toronto the
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former deputy prime minister during saddam hussein's reign. he said he will not sign an execution order for mr. aziz. he said he will not do so because he is a socialist and sympathizes with him because he is a christian and an old man and so he says he will not sign an execution for aziz who was sentenced to death just a few weeks ago. >> well, 10 years since vladimir putin first came to power in russia. he was president in those days and in the course of those 10 years, what sort of country has he created? our correspondent in moscow. he's leighing after nearly four
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years and he has been traveling the country to see how mr. putin has shaped russia and in a small town in central russia, he finds a dark side of the new russian stability and uncorpses reports of shocking police violence. >> the small town of stovall, 500 kilometers east of moscow. the landmarks here are familiar to almost every town in russia. but the drab apartment buildings are not the only thing common to places like this. so is the growing feeling that russia is becoming a policed state. >> the level of police violence today is truly extraordinary. and because of that, many people go in fear of the police. they believe they can act with impunity, in this town in the last few months there's been two reported cases offs extreme police violence. one of them a 50-year-old man was taken from his apartment,
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taken to a local police station and then tortured for hours. what happened in this building is not an aberration. the story pavel is about to tell me will be familiar to thousands of other russians. so is the fear he and his wife now live with. she is still reluctant to let him speak. the police accused pavel of killing one of his best friends. and then the beating began. >> they were getting pleasure out of doing this. towards the end they raped me with a stick. everyone passing by would kick me as if i was an animal.
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>> pavel, can you describe what it's like for you now having had this experience, how do you feel when you walk down the street when you see a policeman? >> it's hard for me to talk about this. i lived through those five hours, but i can't sheep at night now. i can't even get drunk properly to forget what was said and done to me. >> prosecutors have refused to investigate his case and tv stations are banned from telling his story and in putin's country there are now almost no way for people like this to take on the state. in central russia. >> before i go just want to bring you up to date with a story we brought you yesterday, a preview yesterday about this pink diamond ring.
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it's massive and it sold nearly $46 million dollars was the final knockdown price. that in gentleman -- more on the website, >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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