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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 22, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> bbc world news presented by kcet los angeles. funding is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, the newman's own foundation. john d. and katherine t. mac arthur foundation and union bank. flu
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>> union bank put its strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> the markets give a thumbs up for the financial bail out for ireland. optimism in noousz that 29 trapped cool minors can be saved. japan's justice minister is forced to redesign. and are children in kabul safer than those living in london and new york? the claim of a top diplomat.
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>> european financial markets have reacted. the euro has strengthened and shares have risen. they will safe guard stability. the mix is that the economies can also need rescuing. the announcement after a week of denials can spark an angry reaction. and with more reports after days of denying the depth of the crisis, the government was
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forced to admit they needed government aid to the tune of tens of millions. >> second element of agree, has to deal with the recess. >> denying that he was to blame for the success. >> i believe government has brought it to point. we are here today. >> waiting to see those measures ahead. hoping the irish bail out will be money well spent and that spreading to other countries such as portugal and spain. jo the bail out had sparked off
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a marked anti-government mood. jo this government has come under a barrage of abuse. even as we speak, there are members of parliament within the coalition. his leadership has not been one of strength. that delay, a lot of people feel got ireland into the situation. the mood is very bleak here in dublin. >> a lot of people are extra imposed now.
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are they happy to hand over the reigns to an outside body. >> a lot of people here are so disgusted that they feel the imf could make a charged statement. jo one has to wait and see what sort of negotiation tactic they will use in the form of a bail out. for now, the mood is very much against the government. >> the market is stabilizing, you'd say. rally is a big of a strong word. the reason being is just because we are seeing a bail out, the
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problems have gone away. all eyes are on the question of who is next. who is in line thinking portugal is the one. they've already come out. let's look at what europe is doing. a bit of stablization and the basic funding, we don't have any of the fix problem. we are waiting for the four-year budget plan. >> we don't even have the final number. possibly going into storing up the banking situation. we haven't seen any details.
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even in asia, there's another story. the moves that china is making of course to try and reign in its inflation. the same problems of the euro zone have gone away. we'll have more on this in the world business report coming up. >> new zealand's prime minister said the 29 trapped minors have a chance of surviving. rescuers are sort of completing. near the pike river mine. minors have been missing for three days. a potential deadly combination
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of deadly gas and heat have prevented colleagues. the police officer in charge of the rescue operation says while good prodress has been made, he's realistic about the chances. >> we are planning for all options and doing everything we can do humanly possible to rescue these guys. it will remain a sensitive operation. we'll keep pushing on until we have a result. >> for the minor's family, so many days has been almost unbearable. relatives are feeling a high degree of fear and anxiety. >> we'll get through this.
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and we'll do all we possibly can to get out the men alive. gentleman he said there was every chance the men were still alive. their age between 17 and 62 including british and australia citizens as well as a south african. two minors did manage to escape. waiting for help from above. >> gonna take you now to the hague. the trial that is beginning.
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>> to ensure all parties will have electronic access in real time to documents, decisions, exhibits, transcripts for different languages. the regular industry is in charge of ensuring that these are publicized by way of public hearing and publication of transcripts. your work as journalists remains indispensable where these
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investigations began. reducing the distance between the court's headquarter between the netherlands and the people concerned by the court's work. >> the public nature is one of the rights of the defense guarante guaranteed, as well as the fact that defendants are presumed innocent and entitled to a public hearing and to call their over evidence, call their own
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witnesses and their own defense. they will carry out court advancing a month liam to cover the defense cost covered by the order of the judges to reimburse amounts. intended to reimburse the amounts in the future. >> giving a little bit of guidance as to how this trial is going to work. this is seen as the most important icc trial to date. he is charged with murder, rape
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and more in the african province. >> something lighter. the atp world tour finals. when you think of tennis in london, you think of beautifully cut lawns and well-behaved fans. this is different. it's more like a rock concert. handy murray with a straight set. we are talking of a rock concert and the stars. winning his match, 6-1, 6-4. when you play ten matches
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against someone and lost all ten, you are probably going to loose game 11. >> you never know because federer has been up and down. >> he wasn't up and down yesterday. >> a charity insists children in kabul are safer than children in london or new york. >> ten soem ally men are on trial in germany. the men are accused of attempting to sees a german containership. if convicted, they face around 15 years in jail.
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>> the stat u of christ that towers over rio. in poland, catholic priests have consecrated their own stat u of christ which they say is bigger. >> a new place of pill grammage. they came in the thousands to see this. christ the king, the giant figure. a potent expression of faith in this deeply catholic country. standing 33 meters, one for
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every year of jesus' life. >> powerful and puzzled by the location. >> it will be a tourist attraction but they don't seem to have built any infa structure here. in ireland, it's surrounded by views and mountains. in poland, a less obvious view appeal. >> let the message flow throughout our homeland. with the faith of priests and citizens, we wish to introduce
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christ into human hearts everywhere. >> paid foreign tirely standing as a reminder of poland's deep christian faith. >> an unusual new recruit to the japanese police force. a chiwawa has passed the test. its small size will allow it to squeeze into smaller spaces. >> our main headline for you, there is positive market reaction to the irish bail out. reactions are stable now. before the irish bail out,
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greece had trouble. let's get more reaction. people reassured that the crisis won't now spread. the feeling is among some quarters that now that the irish have accepted the bail out, the focus will shift. the finance ministry has said that the agreement there would reduce uncertainty. not saying that the banking system is a problem but saying that the system doesn't have those kinds of problems but are committed to the whole range. they are very well aware that whatever the government does
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doesn't necessarily have a dire impact. it is difficult to know how they will develop in the future depending on what remarks are made by officials in europe. >> a reminder of thescale of that portugal. >> the government says next year, it should get through and reduce it to 4.6. the problem is that economics are very weak. the fear is that the economy takes a nose dive in the new year, once that goes up and income tax increases as well. they'll find difficulty hitting the target. it is a bit on the edge and watching closely how it
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develops. >> thank you, very much. we were hearing earlier about the police in new zealand. planning for a possible loss of life. there has bhn gh news from china where 29 minors have been rescued there. they drained an estimated 4,000 meters of wat for make that rescue possible. >> joining me from beijing with the latest. >> there was large tears as these minors were coming out of the shaft. 29 in total. it almost didn't turn out that way, on sunday morning, a dozen or so of minors managed to escape. seven rescue wshgers were trap the when they went into the
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mine. all told, 2d minors have been pulled out. most of them were naked and then wrapped up in blankets. this is a good story for a country whose mining industry is the most dangerous in the world. 5 or 7 of rescuers got trapped themselves gives you some indication of perhaps how poorly prepared authorities are when it comes to these types of operations. more than 2500 minors were
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killed in accident last year. they are making improvements. if you look at the figures over the past ten years, the number of casualties has seen a dramatic increase. authorities will take part from that. minors will say a lot more still needs to be done to improve the company's record. >> a light hearted remark has ended up costing him his job. the japan minister has had to redesign after joking that his job was easy. >> we have the details. >> he said his job was easy. the reason why was if he was
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stumped bhi a question, he need only to remember two stock phrases. first was i don't want to comment on individual cases and the second, we are dealing with the matter appropriately based on the law and evidence. >> you have seen the formula question and answer sessions. the option said it was an insult and will file a motion. they threatened to boycott discussions and debate around the latest stimulus measures. today, he's had to say even though he was joking, he has to redesign. >> he believes children in kabul are safer than those in london. a representative was speaking
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and in an interview broadcast the latest today. >> in the sun. a simple childhood pleasure. in the nine years, few children have known peace. even in this school, pupils are warned of the dangers of land minutes. but it is said that the lives of young afghans are getting better vm >> the taliban hide among the people. >> the kids i've spoken to do feel safe. their parents won't let them out in case a bomb goes off here. >> the children are probably safer here than in london and
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new york and other cities. >> an analysis based on the fact that by afghan standards, ckabu is relatively safe. childhood innocence is a rare thing in this area. >> the comparison between kabul and london and unhelpful. >> i don't think the comparison is mepful. children in afghanistan are extremely vulnerable. 1,000 died last year in the conflicted conflict. we have to listen to the children in afghanistan. it is said that they are very
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frightened. we know children are very scared. >> do you think his motive was to offer some assurance or it was a political move? >> i think he was trying to reassure children. we can't hideaway from the truth and facts which is it's one of the worst places to be born a child in the world. many children don't go to school. half of afghan children are mall nourished. many more die because of their fifth birthday. diarrhea. it's outrageous that children die from diarrhea. these diseases make it unsafe for children in afghanistan.
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there is more on that story. that top story as we welcome that bail out story on b experience the indepth expert reporting on line. >> funding made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont and honolulu. newman's own foundation, the john d. and katherine t. mac arthur foundation and union bank.
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>> union bank has put its global expert he's to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> there is one stage that is the met and carnegey hall. it is a club in austin. closer than any seat in the house. no matter where you call home. the great american stage that fits in every living room. >> your support
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