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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  June 27, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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what can we do y >> and now, "bbc world news." c worldsabc wor news." remember this handshake. thqueen and a formerra from ireland shakeands. more violence since the peace plan was struck. she breathes new life into old romantic comedies. tonight we look back on the work of nora ephron o.
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>> welcome to our viewers on pbs a america and around the globe. rarely has a single handshake console scrutinized as it was in hern ireland. when queen elizabeth reached out her hand to martin mcguinness, a former commander of the irish commander general. he killed th= under his role, hr cousin was killed. all of that was put aside. >> departing from hillsborough ccastle this morning, the monarch of the six counties that formed northern ireland was partitioned way back in 1921. at the same time, are arriving at a tater in belfast, the man who years called what was
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called but armed struggle against the british crown. today martin mcguinness, formally abovof the ira, and queen elizabeth came through the security cordons and all of the past three run unprecedented meeting. the first handshake had taken place in private, but then from behind closed doors the queen emerged, and there a few steps behind her was martin ness. she wore green, a color appropriate to ireland. he looks comfortablof the ira, d and zero -- made no attempt to be seen in close proximity to the queen. quite the reverse in fact. microphones were bay and so conversations could not be recorded, but the small talk was all about art. the event was to be you are rich portraits and pottery. at one point, he seemed to want to talk to prince philip, but the lips moved smartly away. it should not be brought in that his uncle was killed by a an ira
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bomber in 1979. then, the departure and farewell handshake. the queen smiled warmly as they held out hands to each other. it was all over in moments. get some much time has passed and pain has been endured to get to this point? once the queen had left, martin mcguinness emerge. . he greeted the queen initially an no attempt to be irish. [inaudible] just as the republican deputy first minister was happy, so, too, was the first minister. >> i think we cast aside one of the taboos and indicate for normality of northern ireland. >> the queen went finally to
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storm land, once regarded as unionist supremacy, but a place where it agreed was greeted by crowds off by both of northern ireland's communities. this visit will be remembered for the meeting with martin mcguinness, but pretty much every point of the past two days the queen has seen an northern ireland where the hatreds of the past have finally receded. symbols matter, and this one as powerful. martin mcguinness, the former commander who fought against the british, shaking hands as a democratic politician with the queen. northern ireland has a new script, and reconciliation is written large. >> just a few seconds, and yet quite remarkable. today's meeting was the latest milestone in the peace process. a path that began with the good friday ament in 1998, and
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led to the queen's visit to the republic of ireland last year. mark simpson has more on the reception she received in northern ireland today. >> the changing face of belfast, a paramilitary mural that has been here for decades is disappearing. it is a sign of the new northern ireland, but there are still reminders of the old one. the walls that keep the communities apart, more than 40 of them, including this one in east belfast. on the catholic side of the fence people give their verdict of martin mcguinness' meeting with the queen. >> i am glad he met the queen really, because there are a lot of people that really want this. this carrying on going back in history and all that. >> i think it is a good thing. >> but what was the view of the
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unionist side of the wall? >> it is nice to see them shaking hands. >> it is a good thing. it is good to see people moving forward. everyone has to try to predict the past and move forward. >> she should not even be here. [inaudible] >> the path to peace has been painful. more than 3000 people were kied during 30 years of violence. >> an agreement has been reached. to go after the killing eventually stopped, politicians signed the good friday agreement that led to bitter enemies agreeing to share part. not everyone signed up for peace. dissident republicans have killed soldiers and police officers. how big of a threat they pose? >> i do not think we are going
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back. i think we will probably have to deal with this type of activity for some time yet, but what will really be important is how the community respond and react around this. >> belfast used toe knowas bong city. not anymore. community relations are also being built. for most people in the new northern ireland if the future is much more grain than the past. looking around the city, you can see the changes. they are painting a sports fan instead of a gunman. bit by bit, they are edging toward a brighter future. mark simpson, belfast. >> the violence in syria has gone worse since the cease-fire deal was struck and able. that was the start admission from the united nations today. -- the violence in syria has gotten worse since the cease-
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fire deal was struck in april. a pro-government television station was rated leaving seven people dead today. >> a new target, an escalating war. this was the pro-government television station close to the capital. state media says it was gunned and blown up, and those killed were tied up and then shot. others, they claim, were kidnapped. this is another sign that the reach of rebel forces is growing. only a few hours earlier, the president convened his new cabinet. no longer talking now, but just terrorist gangs. >> we are living in a state of real war in every sense of the world. policy should be directed at winning this war. to win this war sounds like a death for
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diplomacy, but the international community's other options are increasingly limited. a no-fly zone looks even more likely after syria shot down a turkish plan last week. an international arms embargo would only work if the russians were on board. saudia arabia and qatar already helped arm the rebels. the peace plan exists only in name. he is not try to revive it with plans to help the crisis meeting in geneva this weekend. >> if you want to avoid a bloody collapse, even bloodier than anything we've seen so far in syria, and try to organize a syrian-led transition from a political transition with the departure of assad, then we need to work together to do so. and >> with dozens of syrians dying every day, the u.n.
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concern the conflict is becoming increasingly secretariat, many wonder what another meeting can actually achieve. the most likely may be that the west watches as syria delves deeper into civil war. >> that does seem to be the most likely option at the moment. for more on the meeting in geneva and what this can accomplish, i am joined by the former u.s. state department spokesperson, t.j. calich. secretary clinton said she had great hopes this could be a turning point for the syrian conflict. >> there is a dichotomy. one of the targets of the meeting is the syrian military. if the regional powers and the global powers are planning for a post-assad syria, they're basically saying those still supporting him will go. you would be on the right side or wrong side of history. there can be a powerful message.
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the real question is whether everyone can come together and define a route to a post-assad syria the same way. the good that has not been possible so far. -- >> that has not been possible so far. is there an agreement the russians would agree to? >> i do not think the united states would agree to the meeting if there was not going to be some sort of unity on paper. the real question is will all of the players, including russia, actually follow through to implement this plan. again, the dilemma for this plan is he is talking about a ceasefire and peaceful transition while assad is talking about war. >> which the russians have affectively gone along with. >> this process is about
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raising costs for those that continue to support assad. they are able to put more pressure on the government. at some point, the cost and the calculations. >> let me ask you about iran. one of the conditions for the americans attending the meeting is that iran. will not be there. was that a useful decision? >> sure. it is an election year in the united states. that would be a very difficult picture for the obama administration to defend that syria's supporter is sitting at the table with the secretary of the united states. >> [inaudible] >> they are providing material support inside syria to defend assad. >> if the americans do not agree
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to the content of the meeting. >> iran does not sign up for the plan, it was not qualified to attend. >> think you very much for coming. we will bring you the results from not agree to the content of the the meeti. -- thank you very much for coming. another meeting with spain and italy making desperate pleas for action to reduce that soaring far we cost. on deliver golf who holds the eurozone purse strings arrived in paris for pre-summit talks with french president. before she left, she made it clear germany is not prepared to guarantee the debt of other countries. more than 30,000 people have been forced to flee their homes after wild fires cost. threatening the u.s. city of colorado springs doubled in size. traffic and smoke choked the streets as people read to evacuate the city and nearby u.s. air force academy. extreme fire warnings have been issued across several other
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western states. spain the is the route to the final of the european championships. the team beat portugal 4-2 on penalties after neither side may score in normal times. now, for a story there reads like traditional crime, but with the modern twist. three decades ago the remains of a teenage boy and girl were discovered murdered in the north california woods. the case quickly went cold because beadsthere were not able to identify the remains. now a new technology may put a face on the victims. >> inside these cardboard boxes murder schoolskulls of two teenagers. detective so new technology will help identify them. >> we have no leads on this
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case. we can go nowhere until we identify them. the chances of being able to pay their faces on the remains that we have is our only hope. >> ts ct scanr is normally ed tnosenternal sg soar faces. >> is aasthat h ofeiris s erwents are teenagerwe not much tetsruir
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fa similar cases inot bee seectified. it crehe pu can q>>e daeoou i whetop? person stang back at or wl be addedo becau t ea arol mu myste. o'brien. ram, saving of the w thehallenankistan.
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allors ne ldon olymcsmonth the hasnng wi take place. to mark ts milestone, a giant bn loto plan the lonn toweidthis way ince mid-septem underneath tower bridgyad to world >> >> slowly lointokelyo be one ofc images of e londmps. elhe citer still plenty t. grads beinurne t aach vleybalnu
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iwhere sale buthe mains confident tha everything will ll out. . at is important beuse you wad, noiassionate fans in of competit >> de the olympick, vees a fished. most thbig seen inilled is bound to be is aroune edges, making the spectator exrienceasble. e gardens are well looked nor r.yone insidthe stadi -- dium h excitement it's too muc of is it down, relax,nd enjoy the view. >>haco insidth park should be
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tower bridge is about as b they will get to the olympic it ds one of the first planneds cities blt anyere in e world. itth sho be a site that is cherishe it ione of the first cs to have been created anywhere in
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the world. it once housed the tens of arguably t most vanced architecnywhere in world. 4.5000 years ago. ere were double sth wis, eac thr supply and only around 10 percent of the best site s been excavated. the mostmpressive of the street in the urban plag. for tor class and upper town for the wealthy. you can see some of the splendor would have livedr there. thousand old, but amount as well, but over the past 10 years or so crumbled and dnothing more than bricks. there are real concerns tha without proper conseation, more of this incredible ago. sight coulgo the se lt,moisture, and rain are eating away at the bas walls.
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the pakistani autties have lit would effectivel p even theeum was looted most t valuae artifacts gone missing. >>humidity and direct sunlight >> despair the decline for many years. accelerated as of late because of poor conservation. society. gi is quite for an would be to see a sight this. think if things go on like this, it will not survive me an 20 ars. >> e local vernme says it is nowming a pto the site. withges out to st
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the site haseen wi us since the bronze age and could be gone in 20 year sigor. now to a woman's words to a was an author, but perhaps she will be most rembered for her romantic when harry met sly" and " sleepless in seattle" for just a the site has bn with us since the bronze age and c few of those titles. -- we st few of those titles. >> "when har met sly." the romanc breathed new life into a jad writer ora epon
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ins films eattle" --featuring tom hanks updated the moderoutdated plots for theodern audice. her films were so good. the romantic had grown
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out of her writing. everything his coffee her mother once said and ups and downs of nora ephron's life gave her rial fred jourli, to med filmessaysnd films. that a sto hapry hadned to thadd knewt into a funny sry. it wasappening there were elements of it thatomay mig [laughter] comedy had grown out of her>> you may think thatt that is mpossible feat -- her most recent flilm sar reunited with meryl streep. tom hanks says she lifted as all with wisand wit. xed with lov >> remembering nora ephron. is e of my favorite films ever quick reminder of the matory before we go. and martin mcguinness and the queen had met for the first time and shaken hands. theeeting is bein held as the one of the most significant symbols ofonciliion in the peace press. the spokesperson for the prime
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minister david camerond this n threlationship to a new level. close.rings today shows to a get updates any time on our websit thank you so much for watching. tune itorr. >> makes sense of international news at the freeman york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank.
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