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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 19, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. millions of americans hit with a wintry blast. snow from michigan to connecticut. up to nine inches in some areas. icy roads responsible for dozens of wrecks. and a deep freeze sending temperatures as much as 20 degrees below normal this morning. breaking at this hour. a southwest jet makes an emergency landing at l.a.x. the fbi investigating a possible fight on board. and a mechanical problem forcing a jetblue flight down. passengers sickened. donald trump under attack. jeb bush saying he's not fit to be commander in chief. firing back after trump's
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comments that seem to blame his brother for the 9/11 attack. and vice president joe biden getting key support. is he about to get into the race. and the punter whose mistake cost his team the game this weekend. >> and he scores! >> how his team and hometown are rallying to his defense. and good morning, america. cold monday here in new york. and look at this picture up here. mexico, new york. a live picture. nine inches of snow falling there. millions of americans getting their first taste of winter over the weekend. 19 states under freeze warnings and watches this morning. >> we want to look at parish, new york. nice fall day. oh, not so much now. >> oh. >> before and after the first snow. abc's rob marciano is in mexico, new york, and starts us off this
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morning. good morning, rob. robin. how about this? it's the middle of october. to snow. but this much coming this early, about that. and this cold, bitter ak tir air mass extends across the entire eastern half of the u.s. >> it's too early for snow. >> reporter: this morning, the sentiment of millions. early snowfall bringing treacherous treacherous, miserable driving conditions. in upstate new york, icy roads responsible for more than 50 kreks wrecks. >> we thought maybe a couple of inches. it kept coming and coming. >> reporter: buffalo bills fans getting snowed on too. >> i woke up this morning and i thought it was christmas. >> reporter: snowmen surfacing before halloween pumpkins. in the mountains of vermont, whiteout conditions. from ohio to norng michigan,
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more than half a foot of snow covering some parts. marathoners in dprand rapids enduring temperatures in the 30s while doing their 26.2-mile run. the runners endured the race. went on. nine inches here. not enough to cancel school. winter, the official start, still two months away. >> oh, great. >> you have spoken, rob. thank you. the snow is gone in some places. frigid temperatures are not. ginger, the 19 states on alert for freezing temperatures. >> oh, the frost and freeze warnings for the 19 states from mississippi to massachusetts. let's go to the map and show you the number. yes, we have tied records. place like raleigh, below freezing at this hour. mid 30s from huntsville to macon. look at mt. washington. the wind chill, 21 below. a big warmup on the way. look at the highs.
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we'll put onning tack on 0 degrees or so as we get toward the midweek. it's not over. the dryer, warm stretch is coming. now the breaking news. two diverted flights. a possible fight on a southwest jet. mechanical failure on a jetblue plane. >> reporter: the southwest flight was an emergency landing. francisco. the pilot came back to l.a. because of an altercation, apparently because of two passengers. the fbi involved. we're getting early report mans and a woman. the man was angered that the woman in front of him had reclind the seat. we have heard that before. the jetblue flight, ft. flaps got stuck. people got sick from the circling around. he decided to put it down in boston. it's a longer runway.
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without the fraps, you need a little longer to land. the southwest incident is under investigation. to race for president now. the birt feud between donald trump and jeb bush heating up, after trump accuses george w. bush for not stopping the 9/11 attacks. >> reporter: jeb bush, once thought to be the clear republican front-runner now finds himself in an increasingly nasty war of words with the real front-runner, donald trump. he was once considered the candidate to beat. but jeb bush is down in the polls, collecting less cash, and lashing out at donald trump, suggesting he's not fit to be commander in chief. >> he talks about things as though he's still on "the apprentice." he's noik taking the possibility of being the president of the united states seriously.
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went after george w. bush. >> say what you want. the world trade center came down during his time. if you look at sandy hook -- >> wait, you can't blame george bush. >> he was president. don't blame him or don't blame him, but he was president. >> reporter: a charge trump didn't back down from on sunday. >> jeb said we were safe with my brother. we were safe. well, the world trade center just fell down. am i trying to blame him? i'm not blaming anybody. the world trade center came down. >> reporter: trump sukted it wouldn't have happened on his watch because the hijackers would vice president made it into the country if he was president. >> what would you have done? >> i doubt that those people would have been in the country. >> reporter: over the week end, bush's campaign released a new video, ridiculing trump on national security. >> i'm used to, you know, dealing with killers. people that go -- let me tell you, i'm really smart guy.
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poll, jeb bush is trailing not just trump, but carson, cruz, and rubio, too. everyone when it kooms to fund-raising, which was thought to be his biggest advantage, he was outraised last quarter by the soft-spoken political new comer dr. ben carson, who declined to criticize trump's remarks to george on "this week." >> what do you make of that? >> i would probably ask him pip seriously doubt that he's saying george w. bush is to blame for it. >> reporter: bush is also fighting with marco rubio, who he once considered to be the future of the republican party. he now cease as his main competition to becoming the alt tern ty to trump. >> also republican in-fighting about the benghazi committee where hillary clinton will testify on thursday. >> reporter: that's right. she'll be there for eight hours of testimony on thursday.
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trey gowdy is telling fellow republicans to shut up about what they're doing. he's annoyed by comments by republicans on the committee talking about how it's doing political damage to hillary clinton. >> let's talk about the democrats now. matt dowd is here. and of course, the big story right now, joe biden. likely to make a decision within the next couple of days. in or out? you have been saying in? >> if you're looking for a candidate, the goldilocks candidate, authentic like bernie sanders, and confident and experienced like hillary clinton, he's your person. >> a new poll out showing hillary clinton maintaining her lead. the number of democrat who is support joe biden and want him to get in going down. >> he can't become hamlet on the delaware. i think he has the next 48, 7 2 hours to get in.
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the benghazi testimony. a plur rally now doesn't want him to get in. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders going strong. the impression by larry david. >> i'm an outside person the only candidate up here who is not a billionaire. i don't have a superpac. i don't have a backpack. i carry my stuff around loose in my arms like a professor between classes. i own one pair of underwear. that's it. some of these billionaires, they got three, four pairs. >> bernie sanders loved it. he says he wants larry david to play him out on the stump. it's a sign that sanders is breaking through and affecting the debate. >> absolutely. he has this immense authenticity. he lafd about thapt. he said he had more than one pair of underwear. bernie sanders polls at 25, 26, 27%. he'll keep that.
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>> that impersonation was spot on. now to a hack attack targeting the head of the cia. director john brennan's personal accounts apparently breached by a high school student. >> reporter: this hacker told "the new york post" that he infiltrated a private e-mail at of john brennan. the hacker got access to brennan's application for security clearance, so it's said. the cia tells us we're aware of the reports on social media and have referred the matter to proerpt authorities. robin? >> secretary johnson's account? >> this appears less serious. the hacker dlims have dotten into a private cable account of secretary johnson. that claim is also under investigation. >> you're staying on top of it for us, pierre. thank you.
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a zombicon vengs, zombicon. gunfire erupting. please still searching for the shooting. ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: good morning, robin robin. they call themselves the largestzombies. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this morning, police on the hunt for a killer. one dead, injuring five others. sending hundreds of others running for their lives. the chaos at the an jewel zombicon street festival in ft. meyers, florida. massive party. at 11:45 p.m., the event turned from spooky to tragic. [ gunshots ] those gunshots sending throngs of revelers fleeing. their costumes, some covered in fake blood, adding to the confusion. >> we ran. we're like, wait, was that real?
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>> reporter: 20-year-old tyler taylor was killed in the shooting. >> we need ems. gunshot to the head. >> reporter: this man, one of several treated for gunshot wounds. >> i looked at my hand. there's a giant hole in it. >> reporter: police leaving no stone unturned. asking attendees to turn over pictures and videos. hoping for any clue to track down those responsible. authorities don't know if one or more people are responsible. they're reviewing surveillance vid dwroes try to find suspects. so far, they haven't released a motive. to a major crackdown on drones. the government issues new ing new rules today. hey, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. this morning, you know, i could go out to a store and buy a drone and i could fly it like this one that's coming into our shot right here. as long as i'm five miles away from an airport. don't go higher than 400 feet. i'm away from a pop lated area.
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going to change. this morning, new rules expected to be floated about drones like these. because users have put these craft in dangerous situations. we have heard those commercial pilots complaining. remote-controlled devices are in their air space. >> we almost got hit by a drone, just to let you know up here, just about 20 feet. >> kennedy tower, for your information, we just saw a little drone below us. >> we just spotted a drone over here by hawthorne. >> reporter: drones now affordable. their availability far out in front of new rules. this morning, the department of transportation and its faa expected to announce that anyone buying a drone will have to register it with the government. the secretary hinted as much when we talked to him this summer. >> the ability of someone to go the a countertop, any place in america, and buy one of these things without having any ability to trace the ownership
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standpoint. >> reporter: the new rules may not be in place for christmas. and drone this is holiday season expected to be a popular gift. a total of 750,000 drones are estimated to be sold this year. now, there are registration numbers on this drone that we're using. it's a professional drone. as they start to remg steer the track it. will you be able to find the person who is flying it? because the faa currently relies on local authorities to actually go ahended a enforce the rules about flying the drones in the wrong spots. george in back to you. >> a good pilot for that one. tom llamas in for amy today. >> the leader of an al qaeda cell of plotting attacks against the u.s. has been killed in a drone strike in syria. the pentagon says sanafi al nasr
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one sports writer criticizing chuck pagano for letting it happening, saying what the chuck? what the chuck, guys. what the chuck. >> very careful when you say that. >> just one plerpt it has to end right there. >> panic. >> i was nervous saying it. i said it about 100 times just to make sure. it brings us to the next story. the state of michigan stunned by a last-second mistake{ on the field. that in 30 seconds. and we're coming up on 7:17
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with the opening fail in the final seconds of the michigan-michigan state football game. jesse has that. >> it was an unbelievable botched last play of the game. there's still fallout in morning. >> trouble with the snap. and the ball is free! it's picked up by michigan state! jaylen watts jackson. and he scores! on the last play of the game! >> reporter: this is the most hated man in michigan this morning. 22-year-old university of michigan punter blake o'neill. with just ten seconds left and his team up two points against hated rifle michigan state. all he had to do was kick the ball down the field, as he had done successfully seven times in the game. he fumbled the snap. instead of falling on the the ball, he tried to kick it. >> what just happened? what the hell just happened? >> reporter: in an instant, he became infamous. getting death threats on twitter. kill yourself, use just cost us
7:18 am
the game. another tweeting, hate you. please transfer. the backlash prompting an open letter from michigan's athletic director, jim hackett. i'm asking that our community not lose this game twice by thoughtless comments. back home, words of comfort. people need to pull their head in and think before they say. #it's only a game. >> i'm proud you're on the team i root for. stay positive. knoll everything coming up positive for the person who made the touchdown. he broke his hip after being tackled by his team mats. they had a less than 1% chance to win the game before that punt. these are 18 to 2-year-old kids. it's plays like that that make the rivalries in college football so special. >> absolutely. all right, jesse.
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look at the vid quooe. this close to las vegas. nevada, three-quarters of an
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>> now from wmur news 9. sean: good morning. it is 7:25. counsels will be on hand at spaulding high school in rochester after a student died over the weekend. police are investigating the death as an apparent drug overdose. as police continue to investigate, they are highlighting the importance of families addressing substance abuse issues with their children at an early age. fish and game officials came to the rescue of three hikers who got lost in rumney. the teens called 911 after getting lost just
7:26 am
they were using a google app to find their way up to the top of the mountain when the app sent them to the wrong trail. rescuers had to hike steep cliffs in the dark in order to reach the hikers and help them back down the mountain. a goffstown boy remains in critical condition this morning after he was hit by a car. the 14-year-old was riding his bike friday afternoon. the driver hit him and fled the scene. police arrested 45-year-old richard marin. he's charged with leaving the scene of a personal injury crash. we had a cold day out there yesterday. we're waking up to some chilly temperatures this morning. kevin has your forecast. kevin: 20's formost. single digits on top of mt. washington. ten minutes of snow there in the last three to four days. we're going to expect nothing but sunshine into the afternoon. we're in the upper 20's at the coast. about as warm as we are across the state. that fall color still out there. with the sun, it looks really nice. we have a big area of high pressure in control. tonight we'll start to see some high clouds
7:27 am
drift in. there may be a stray, mixed shower for the north country. as cold as we've been for any day this season, down to 19 in concord, 28 in portsmouth. three degrees shy of the record low. high temperatures this afternoon getting back into the 40's. lower half of the 40's in coos county. mid to upper 40's to maybe near 50. sunshine today maybe a stray mixed shower up north tonight. maybe a stray rain shower moving from northwest to southeast tomorrow. moderating temperatures into the 50's tomorrow and wednesday. lower half of the 60's for thursday. sean: all right. sounds good. we'll be back here in 25 minutes. if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go
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back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at mexico, new york. hit so hard by the snowstorm. nine inches falling. the first snow of the season for millions of americans. the bittest blast of cold air sticks around for another day. >> ginger, still two months until the official start? >> can you check the calendar, please. >> the lake-effect snow zones are okay. but the rest of us, oh, man. in the first time you've said lake-effect. >> mark it down. too early. other headlines. a southwest jet forced to make an emergency landing at l.a.x. the plane turning around after takeoff because of an alleged fight over passengers over a reclining seat.
7:31 am
the fbi is investigating. and brand-new guidelines this morning for expectant moms. the top doctors group saying no alcohol is acceptable. even women trying to conceive should not be drinking. zplnchs also this morning, a daredevil biker. look at this. fell off the cliff. 40 feet. took about five seconds. no serious injury. he got up and finished the race. >> he finished the race? >> that fall is crazy. >> i'm going to talk to him in a little bit. we begin this half hour with former nba star lamar odom showing signs of recovery this morning after waking up from that coma. abc's kayna whitworth has been vegas. you. lamar odom is still in the icu at this las vegas hospital. according to a source close to the situation. adding that visitation is limited to next of kin and that
7:32 am
people sign a confidentiality agreement. this morning, lamar odom defying the odds. since waking up from a coma friday, the former nba star is showing signs of improvement. able to text, smile, and communicate with loved ones, reportedly giving a thumbs up and saying hi to his former wife, khloe kardashian, who hasn't left his bedside. family sources saying lamar is doing very well. by the grace of god, he's doing much bet were. his children seen smiling in the photos after leaving the hospital on friday. the kardashians returning to las vegas to join khloe. kim posting this photo and saying, i'm so happy kendall and i could make you smile today. six days ago, odom was rushed to the hospital after being found
7:33 am
>> they can't get him to wake up. >> reporter: new details emerging. odom racking up a bill totalling nearly $80,000. the ranch owner telling abc news odom negotiated the rates himself and was planning to stay there for up to five days. >> there are thousands of celebrities that come to the ranch. >> reporter: the ranch says odom was the first celebrity to have the women at the brothel sign a confidentiality agreement. yet he still wanted to be alone monday night. >> the night before he was hospitalized, he told the girls he wanted to spend that night alone. >> reporter: now the ranch employee who picked up lamar on saturday said that in the hour and half drive, he talked a lot about his family. especially how impactful it was to lose his mother at such a young age. a source close to the situation
7:34 am
saying they plan to move lamar to a los angeles hospital as soon as possible. they're saying that could happen in the next 48 hours. >> all right, kayna, thank you. >> boy, what a story. we turn to the fiery small plane crash in texas. the pilot and his wife lucky to be a live. they described what happened in this exclusive with ryan owens. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is cite the survival story. their plane had it own parachute. boy, did it come in handy. one look, it's impossible the believe anyone survived this plane crash. but a husband and wife did, almost without a scratch. >> it was so fast. >> so fast. >> it just happened too quick. >> reporter: those survivors telling abc news exclusively, their plane's parachute is the only thing that stood between them and certain death. they said as they began their descent south of dallas this
7:35 am
week end, their landing gear clipped a powerline. the man has been a pilot for nearly four decades. his wife, laura, who sustained a broken clavicle who knead lifesaving move. the parachute. my wife has already pulled it. >> reporter: the chute lines tangled up in the power lines. >> the parachute saved our lives. i turned the plane pauch both of us said sh let's get out of here. >> get out. >> reporter: they literally opened the plane door and jumped to safety. somehow avoiding being elect row to kruted by the pourlines that seconds later caused their plane to burst into planes. >> it sounded like an explosion. almost like a bomb going off. >> reporter: tens of thousands of small planes equipped with these parachutes.
7:36 am
they're designed to be deployed like this, when an engine stalls. it happened to this pilot earlier this year. before he was saved by the coast guard. the parachute may not be designed to be pulled so close to the ground. but without a doubt, it saved this couple. they're eager to get back into the air. >> i can't wait. hope fly, we'll go able to have another plane. and of course it will have a parachute. >> reporter: of course. so about 30,000 of these parachutes have been installed on smaller planes. again, this is not exactly how they were designed to be used. but robin and george, tough to argue with these results. >> absolutely. >> came in handy. coming up, big warning this morning for people shopping on what you need to watch out for as the online jooint cracks down
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rebecca jarvis is here with the story. >> reporter: hi, lara. good morning to you. this is a serious problem all over the internet. almost 1 out of everyreviews may be fake. and this morning, the world's largest retailer online is cracking down. those online reviews. we rely on them to tell us where to stay, what bookses to read, which clothes to buy. are real people really writing them? this morning, amazon suing more than 1,000 allegedly fake reviewers, offering their services on the the online marketplace for posting ads like this one, promising an awesome five-star review for just five bucks. satisfaction guaranteed. >> if people notice there's not fake-seeming reviews, they won't trust amazon. >> reporter: look how easy they are to find. i go on fiverr. type in amazon reviews.
7:42 am
just like that, dozens of people offering to write a review for five bucks. in the complaint filed last week, amazon calls the fake deceptive. adding they knew that am don's policies prohibited both paid and fictional reviews. we actively remove services that violate or terms of use. and respond promplly. >> i will write a positive review. >> reporter: i spoke to 17-year-old casey two years ago who said she wrote hundreds of flowing reviews for four bucks a pop. she's not advertising on fiverr and not part of the lawsuit. >> i feel like these people are going the pay somebody to write a review any way. it might as well just be me. >> reporter: have you ever renovated a bathroom? >> no. i'm 17. >> amazon's effects will result in fewer fake reviews. it's clear they're getting
7:43 am
>> reporter: how do you spot a fake? if something sounds fishy, copy and paste a phrase from the review and often fake reviewers are using one review everywhere, just making small weeks to. you can tell. >> that's a great idea. >> all right. i want to know. any dead give aways to whether or not a review is fake. >> if you're looking at it, look for corporate speak. a brand name. specific model number. a discount code or a link to place to purchase, that often means it's not real. it's paid for because they have an incentive to push you in the right direction. >> makes sense the. >> really important. thank you so much. and coming up on "good morning america," tracy morgan's triumphant return to "saturday night live." and up next, caught on camera, a daredevil mountain biker. tumbling off a cliff wp you said he finished the race? >> got back up. >> it's an abc news exclosive. getting
7:44 am
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the abc news exclues nif the speed feed. check out this daredevil mountain biker crashes off the cliff a t the red bull rampage
7:48 am
competition. ? oh, no. no. oh, my god. >> oh, my dposh. nickolai is okay. believe it or not. he got up and finished the race. he joins us by skype. thank you for joining us this morning. what happened? >> it was the craziest experience i ever had. lining on the most technical and most difficult part of it. just made a slight mistake and went tumbling down a massive cliff. >> the fall only took a few seconds. it must have felt like a lifetime. >> oh, it felt like maybe ten seconds, a minute even. i remember everything so vividly. i remember trying to stop myself. and realizing i wouldn't be able to stop. and then just catching air and falling off the cliff. i was scared for my life in that moment. i didn't know what to think at all. >> once you landed, what were you thinking? what were you feeling? >> as soon as i landed the i felt okay.
7:49 am
i saw a little bit of blood dripping from if imy face. i got up. started walking around. the medics told he to stay down. luckily, i felt like i was okay. >> how did you make the decision to get back on the bike? >> i took a look at my bike. and i got up on it, i felt it was all okay. i got back on and continued. >> you took the huge canyon gap, too. >> the canyon gap is definitely the scary jump i ever did in my life. hitting that right away was definitely helped by the adrenaline. >> have you ever had a worse fall? >> no, i definitely, it has to be the most terrifying fall of my life. >> you have the scratch on your nose. how are you feeling? >> somehow, besides the mangles face, i'm 100% okay. i'm really lucky. >> you're going to keep on racing? mgts mountain biking is my life, my passion. can't stop. >> we're philadelphia you're okay. we're glad you kept going. thank you for joining thus morning.
7:50 am
>> thank you very much. >> he's doing great. he wanted to give a shoutout to paul bass, a fellow biker. shattered a vertebrae if that race and they're all praying for him. >> so lucky. >> and there's helmet cam video of the crash. it's dizzying. >> to finish that and go do the canyon gap after that? >> i don't know. i'm never mountain biking again. >> you're out? >> out. out. drop the mike. when we come back, new warning about helicopter parenting. experts saying it could be hurting your child's future. up. and big news about oprah and weight watcher this is morning.
7:51 am
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the best part, it tastes great! dannon we all know it's been an incredibly active pacific. as far as typhoons go. the latest picture of the philippines. 0 equivalent cat 4 or grater typhoons the hurricanes. at least two dead. up to 40 inches for the northern it is time to deal out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan
7:55 am
commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent. i'm hillary clinton,
7:56 am
>> now wmur news 9. sean: 7:55 on monday. a goffstown boy remains in critical condition this morning after he was hit by a car. the 14-year-old was riding his bike on friday afternoon when 45-year-old richard marin hit him with his car and fled the scene. marin was arrested on the following day on a charge of leaving the scene of a personal injury crash. it's been one year since riots broke out at keene state college during the pumpkin festival. they denied a license for the 2015 festival. it is scheduled for next weekend in laconia. the new pumpkin festival will be held in monadnock.
7:57 am
moved from the marsh field section to the intersection of base road and route 302 in breton woods. it will be part of a new sign for the railway. let's look outside. it's been a cold couple of days. it is 19 degrees in concord in october. kevin: ho hum. we start off in a lot of areas into the 20's. a few notches colder than yesterday. full sunshine and light breeze. if anything, trying to help through the afternoon. out of the southwest, a few clouds late in the day. all in all, temperatures recovering nicely compared to levels that we are at early this morning. it is mostly in the 30's. highs today will range anywhere from 41, 42 up in pittsburgh to nearing 50 in a couple of southern locations away from the coast. you'll notice a few high clouds later on this afternoon. you'll notice as we cycle through this just the occasional shower or two along with partly to mostly cloudy skies. that's the reality through what looks like thursday. temperatures will moderate tomorrow.
7:58 am
the 50's statewide. likely there and near 60 in a few spots on wednesday. best chance of a couple of showers likely with the mildest of the days thursday for cooling off
7:59 am
sean: we have to bundle good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. shark attack in paradise. >> a swimmer's in distress. >> the struggle to fight off a ten-foot charge in hawaii. the bystanders rush in. brand-new guidelines revealed overnight. the strong stand against women drinking any alcohol during pregnancy. why the okay on occasional right now. the story of my life and tracy morgan's triumphant return. >> thank you so much. no, i'm just playing. y'all thought for a minute that was real. >> the laughs and the epic on-staple reunion after the
8:00 am
crash that near lie took his life. and late night in the daylight. jimmy kimmel is here. >> good morning, america. i would like to introduce you to me, and me, and me, and me, and me. what great way to start the week. look at him. jimmy. >> guillermo. >> with our audience outside here in times square. we have a lot of fun with them. just ahead. >> we can -- also this morning, your new warning about helicopter parenting. could overbearing parents be kids? one mom thinks so. pushing these kids too{ hard may be hurting them. also ahead, we're kicking off our brand-new series "turn back time." helping you turn back the clock streemts. first up, how to turn your frown
8:01 am
rundown. good morning again, guys. the big story. the nasty war of words between jeb bush and donald trump. bush is taking a swipe at trump with a new came pain video ridiculing his lack of knowledge or national security. it started with trump's comments on 9/11 implying bush's brother, george w. bush failed to keep the country safe. trump says it would not have happened had he been president. trump suggesting his immigration policy could have prevented the hijackers from entering the u.s. and the deadly violence is spreading beyond jerusalem. a palestinian attacker opened southern israel. killing a soldier before he was shot dead. a bystander also killed in the cross fire. a terrifying shark encount person the victim is in critical condition this morning. matt gutman has more.
8:02 am
>> get out of the water! >> reporter: chaos on this hawaii beach this weekend. >> swimmer's in distress. >> reporter: the beach on the east coast of oahu closing after a 44-year-old resident was attacked by what eyewitnesses shark. >> we're looking at the guy right now. he's in bad condition it look like. >> reporter: the victim was swimming with a friend a quarter mile offshore, despite warnings on the beach. >> he fought off the shark, punched him a couple of time. i was screaming help, waving to the people on the shore. >> reporter: two good samaritans, a father and son in canoes, racing in to help. >> the dad took his shirt off and used it as a tourniquette. >> reporter: the victim troushd the hospital in critical condition. this is the sixth shark take in hawaii this year. 25-year-old surfer colin cook speaking out after losing a leg
8:03 am
week ago. >> it had serious power. >> reporter: bystanders on the beach using his surfboard's leash as a tourniquet, likely saving his life. >> we thank matt for that story. a moving memorial for a special member of our fam already. friends, colleagues and others zimmerman. she was just31. a foundation was established in her honor. an emphatic warning about pregnancy and alcohol. the american academy of pediatrics says pregnant women should not drink alcohol at all. even women trying to conceive are told to abstain entirely. a big move by oprah this morning.
8:04 am
she's spending $43 million to watchers. she's joining the company's brapd, as well. finally, one father came up with a unique way to warn his daughter's date not to cross any lines at the homecoming dance. check this out. her daughter and boyfriend on the left. on the right, the dad who also posed right there with the boyfriend. the kapgs posted online, whatever you do to my daughter,ly do to you. george? i don't know about that. i know you have daughters. i have one. i kind of like this guy's style. he's sending a message. >> you're looking var closely. >> you like this stale? >> he is setting a tone there. >> i like the intent. >> you did that. that might be a little weird. >> don't we have something on helicoptering in "pop?" after lara in the social square. >> thank you, george. here's what's copping up.
8:05 am
first, tracy morgan's triumphant return. a huge comeback. parenting. hurt them. then, look who's here? i love guillermo. he's per rksscoping live. we'll go outside. we have one more very special person. we have on get out here. we have to get out here. jimmy kimmel is here. how do you put up with this? he's periscoping. we have jimmy. we have guillermo. and we have you coming up on "gma." [ doorbell rings ]
8:06 am
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welcome back to "gma." time for our "gma heat index." this morning, wait for it. [ bell rings ] hot button. tracy morgan's triumphant return to "saturday night live." his first appearance since a deaf stating car crash last year almost took his life. linzie davis has more. >> reporter: from his first moments on the stage, he talked about hi horrific crash. then he joked about it. people are wondering, can he speak? does he have 100% capacity? but the truth is i never did.
8:11 am
nen off to the races to make people laugh again. for those who say laft sir the best form of therapy, tracy morgan stood before a live television audience as proof. >> thank you so much. no i'm just playing. kraul thought for a minute that was real. >> reporter: an emotional comeback on "saturday night live". >> people are wondering, can he speak? does he have 100% mental capacity? but the truth is, i never did. i might actually be a few points higher now. >> reporter: his "30 rock" co-stars by his side. >> good god, tracy. >> i'm black and better than ever. >> reporter: and bringing some of his most over the top contacts back to life. >> i'm brian fell lowe's. this is astronaut jones. i'll call you back, oprah. all i ever wanted to do was dance, lady.
8:12 am
just last year the 46-year-old was critically injured in fatal crash. >> there's a terrible zept. the car flipped. it's on its side. >> reporter: this walmart tractor trailer collided with the van he was riding in, killing the star's friend, james mcnair. morgan stayed hospitalized for five weeks. settling a lawsuit with walmart for an undisclosed amount this sum person morgan's been on a long road to recovery. receiving a standing owe vation while taking the stage last month. >> it's been a long road back. i was ecstatic to learn i wasn't the one who messed up. >> reporter: on this particular night, it was as if he never left. >> but i'm back. it feels so good to be here. >> yes. it was part reunion and part morgan reprising his most
8:13 am
including astronaut jones, brian fell lowe's. we have to mention larry david as bernie sanders. the general consensus is he was back and better. just as funny as ever before. >> didn't lose a beat at all. >> and where is jackie chan at any way? >> so much energy. >> the whole cast coming back was great. is there one of the better showing in awhile, yeah. next up, helicopter parenting. hearing those words gets the debate going. one mom saying it could be ruining a whole generation of kids. ruining? jesse as that story. >> people think we're raising a real world. how do you avoid that if you're a parent? we have tips from the author of the book "how to raise an adult." parenting styles can very ray. >> i'll not like a regular mom, i'm a cool mom. >> reporter: to too protective. >> i'm getting rid of everything
8:14 am
in the house that has gluten or sugar. >> reporter: to so-called helicopter parenting. could overbearing parents be harming their kids. >> kids grow up, they can't do for themselves. they don't have the skills needed in the work place. they have higher anxiety and depression. >> reporter: julie lythcott haines believe parent who is hover could ruin the next general rain. >> we're overhepping the independent leads to harm. >> reporter: one woman writing, children should learn how to solve their own problems. one saying, if you're child is druning, you're not going to walk away. >> i would never tell parents to cut their children off. they have to begin leading their own life.
8:15 am
there are ways to step back. stop saying we when we forring to your kids. >> i said we. >> yeah, you do that sometimes. >> i'm so sorry. >> reporter: second, stop arguing with the adults in their live ps. teachers. and finally, stop doing their home work for them. >> our job is to put ourselves out of a job. >> here's two more tips. parents should avoid being a concierge to their kids. making sure they get up on time. meet the deadline. and have them do chores. this builds a sense of accountability, real life, and skills and work ethic. you? >> i'm thinking back to what my make your bed. it gives you accountability. >> great example. >> thank you, jesse. time now for our brand-new anti-aging series we're
8:16 am
launching to help you -- you hear cher, turn back time. you remember when jack did that on "will & grace "? >> i do. >> every smile makes you a day younger. if you feel yours has faded to a frown, a new treatment may be able to help you get back your shil. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: it's no secret. ladies love a lush lip. >> i have temporary lip fillers. it's what i wanted to do. if my sisters can own up to their insecurities, then so can i. >> reporter: and kylie jenner is not alone. other celebrities like lady gaga, squen for hudson, and jessica simpson have all admitted to trying cosmetic lip fillers. recently juvederm ultra xc slamed to have results. lasting up to a year. >> if the past, i needed to
8:17 am
repeat the procedure every six months or so. >> reporter: this temporary lip filler can help women from all walks of life. >> the corners turn down. it makes them look unpleasant. this product fixes the fine lines around the lips by smoothing them out. it turns up the corners of the lips and can add a ly ittle bit of volume. the whole procedure takes about ten minutes. >> reporter: it can be uncomfortable. it might cause swelling far few day. the drawbacks are minimal in comparison to laser and other surgeries. >> if done properly, the results can be extremely natural. it makes people more pleasant. more self-confident. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> and the doctor making a house call. we saw the treatments. that -- that you can use. but it's also not just cosmetic. there's some medical issues about the frown, too.
8:18 am
>> as a normal part of the aging process, we tepid to lose volume and support many the corners of the mouth. they tend to turn down. it can make you look older and can lead lade to a medical condition called keylitis. saliva can pool in the corpers of the mouth. think about what saliva does to a cracker. it breaks down a creaker. the same thing happens in contact with your skin night after night. ? what kind of treatment? >> ewe can try an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. you can place a drop of a filler there. imagine that the sponge represents the hyaluronic as sit. it adds volume and hydrates the the skin from beneath the surface.
8:19 am
and after. one patient turned her frown back up. >> something else your patients talk about. between the mouth and the nose. the lines right here people feel that that shows your age. >> yes, in the past, we chased lines. filled folds. the new trend is to lift for a more natural look. by simply placing filler right into those lines, yeah, you can make the lines go away. you don't necessarily look younger. in some patients, it max the lower face look heavy. the lift was just approved for treatment in the cheeks. you can lift and smooth those smile lines away from above. >> wow. i kind of like it. it's like a badge of honor that you're so happy -- no, i just felt like i had to say that. but thank you very much. concern. you want to, whatever works best
8:20 am
for you. >> exactly. let's go outside now the ginger. >> oh, on a chilly morning. i got all my friends. some of them coming back from the bahamas. what a slap in the face this cold is. let's talk about what happened. remember, we had near record warmth. no now marquette, michigan, with the snow on the dproupd. you can see some of the fall leaves. warmth is coming back. it comes with fire watches and warnings up through parts of illinois. theb moves east. chicago close to 80 by wednesday kevin: a lot of sunshine but the chilly start. kevin: a cloudy andy start. they will start to fill in late this afternoon. temperatures with the sunshine and a light southwest. back into the upper 40's across a good part of afternoon. maybe even teasing 50. here. it will be with some added clouds and maybe
8:21 am
the risk of a shower the next couple of days. low and mid >> i am loving this look. look, it's the boots up to the mittens. my ladies from shelbyville, indiana. doing it right this morning. time for "pop news" everybody. good morning. and, there's the music. less than two months until you're taken to a galaxy far, far away. that's hen the new "star wars" movie hits theaters. this morning, the official poster. there it is. making its debut on "good morning america." and later tonight, a trailer for the movie will premier during espn's "monday night football" half time. and listen to this, the minute the trailer ends, tickets go on sale at movie theaters and online for the movie. >>. >> reporter:? >> december 18th debut. >> it's huge.
8:22 am
>> get on your buns and go online. princess leia costumes await. nothing like the bond between a mother and daughter. over the weekend, beyonce and blue ivy showing theirs. they wept backstage and posed with some of the kid who is performed during the show. beyonce and blue. >> can we take the banner down? she's so beautiful. >> oh there you go. >> thank you. >> hi, little blue ivy. >> yeah. >> that banner just magically disappeared. >> please remove the banner! i have spoken. >> removeth thy banner. >> jesse, don't try it.
8:23 am
not only were bey and blue there, channing tatum, tagging girlfriend. he sang a few favorites. then posted them on instagram. let's go escapade we'll have a good time >> choreographed in the car. you're remarkable. >> janet touring all over the country. through 2016. >> are you a fan? >> i am after that. this is also, i think, an important note for all of us. talking about sleep. we do it all the time. if you wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back to sleep, try listening to a boring podcast. i actually have done this. it does work. >> really? >> research showing, this was in knot a "pop news investigation." research shows this satisfies the language center of your
8:24 am
brain, tuning your thoughts out. the study, which we first saw in the daily mail, suggests using boring subject matter, slow, monotonous voice. including food spoos your dinner that contain serotonin, line ke bananas, bread. >> you can watch one of my late night ben is espn college bowl games. george is smirking the whole time. >> i was wondering who would take the hit on that one. you. >> thank you. >> you're welcome, america. and hopefully, you'll like this. another contender for the cutest halloween costume. i arrgh-ue. >> amazing. >> i call him captain hook. he looks like he's got --
8:25 am
his hook ready to do. >> that's perfect. >> who did this? who did this? >> he's coming after you. that is "pop news." >> good way. jimmy kimmel is here. >> aw.
8:26 am
sean: it is 8:27 on monday. hikers got lost on rattlesnake mountain. they called 9-11 after getting lost just belot summit. they were using a google app to find a way up the mountain when the app sent them to the wrong trail. they had to hike steep trails in the dark in order to reach them and help them back down. the girlfriend of former boston mob boss, whitey bulger, is expected to appear in federal court. catherine greig faces several charges.
8:27 am
could add up to more time behind bars. we had a chilly sunday. a live look at meredith. the beautiful fall colors. 28 degrees and chilly. kevin: we're continuing to see the fall color nearing the peak. we continue to also have a breeze. today out of the southwest will go around five to ten miles an hour. with the sunshine despite the cool start to the day, it will eventually get us back into the 40's to near 50 degrees through the afternoon. it is going to be a series of weak systems that will be gliding in the first of which develops later on this evening for the north country. with that, there could be a passing shower after temperatures get into the 40's to near 50 degrees this afternoon. you notice as we cycle through the next 48 to 72 hours just a couple of passing showers here or there. clouds and a few sunny breaks moderating temperatures. temperatures will be up into the 50's just about statewide tomorrow and likely in the 50's to near 60 degrees on wednesday.
8:28 am
lower 60's on thursday. the push of cool air behind a few possible
8:29 am
sean: sounds you know what i don't understand, america? these podiums. what are you supposed to do with your elbows? put them on top? they're too short. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to "good morning america." funny moment, larry david playing bernie sanders. a dead-on impersonation. that brings us to -- >> right now, it's time to count down the "top 5." >> wow, we got animation. the five best political impressions. george, you're up. >> larry is at the top of the the list right now. jay pharaoh as barack obama.
8:30 am
>> okay, so you're telling me republicans are going the pass an immigration bill? that's one of your first acts. a bill of imdprags? >> absolutely. >> really? >> definitely. [ laughter ] >> he's a little more gray, actually. number four, kevin spacey doing bill clinton. >> we have to talk about this baby name for chelsea. i was thinking, if it's a boy, we should encourage them to name him frank. if it's a girl, what about claire? >> both. >> not the look. the voice is dead on. >> remember frank call iendo as george w. bush. >> i think it's winnable. i think we have plan. >> uh huh.
8:31 am
>> he can do, like, 20 people. >> the classic. dana carvey did his dad. >> let me just sum up. on track. stay the course. 1,000 points of light. >> who is number one? >> i'm with you. larry david. jimmy mi fal my fallon trump. >> one more. tina fey. >> i was so excited when i was told senator clint and i would be addressing you tonight. >> and i was told i would be addressing you alone. >> a little bonus. >> the facial impressions are hysterical hysterical. that was fun. let's go inside to robin. looking good in my coat there, lara. bring it back in. it's time for late night in
8:32 am
the daylight. live from times square. a great show. kicking it off, our special guests and favorite late-night host, please give a late night in the daylight welcome to jimmy kimmel. >> you walk behind the chair, right, please, have a seat, have a seat. >> it's great to be here on your late-night show. >> in the daylight. in the daylight. >> row are you? >> i'm doing well. >> nice desk. >> this is how you lean back and make the person feel at home. i told you, first thing, that was something last night nlcs. throughing out the first pitch. it's not easy to do. >> you know what, for some people it is easy to do. and i'm one of those people. >> it comes naturally. >> it was very windy. cold, you get out there, you realize, oh, i'm at citi field it's the playoffs, i'm throwing out the first pitch. it's a no-win situation. if it's bad, you'll see it rae
8:33 am
played for the rest of your life. like at your funeral, people will say, great guy. terrible pitcher. but, um, it went all right. thank god. >> it would make our top five list. you think about it, um, who are some other ones that have been -- >> bah bah buoy is the worst of all time. >> you're better than that. >> thanks goodness. >> where's guillermo? are you going to help me out? >> he was up until 2:00 a.m. last night. >> it was actually 3:00. >> he was eating friday pizza. i didn't know such thing existed. he's a mess today. >> he's a hot mess. you're here because you're back in your hometown. back from brooklyn. >> we're doing the show from brooklyn starting tonight. tonight, bill murray is on the show. guillermo and i did ballet dancing with misty copeland. >> one of our favors es.
8:34 am
>> he's giving us a sample. >> if you thought my pitching plie. >> what else can we expect? >> jay z, tracy morgan. we wept to the zoo with him. and a lot of good stuff. >> how often do you get back home to brooklyn? >> i come a few times a year. i'm here fairly regularly. >> do you have to lean in? >> you're supposed to lean in a little bit. between us. >> there is. >> you should be a tongue's length from your guest. >> this isn't late night. i'm so glad you and matt damon with working things out. >> we are. sitting down with a professional has helped. we still have a lot of work ahead of us. but that was, that was a ridiculous thing. >> what were you hoping to get out of the day? >> what were you hoping to get
8:35 am
>> i was hoping to get back to my office. >> the rung thing is you always run out of time. i've run out of time for my second guest on the show. you did come bearing a gift. so -- in tribute to our second guest, this was a clip that, yeah. what is he doing over there? what is george doing? let's show a little bit. >> eyebrows are like a privacy hedge for his forehead. >> very special george stephanopoulos only i edition of mean tweets. >> you see that. he's working on the hedge. >> didn't bother me at all. >> go with it, george. you're greek. be proud of it. >> i was trying to clean up the eyebrows. >> what a pair of scissors.
8:36 am
>> there's never a shortage of mean tweets. >> a lot of times, celebrities will say, you must have meaner tweets than this. we have to go back on the internet to find meern things. it's like a competition now who has the meanest tweet. >> sit more comfortable for you to sit here or there? >> sitting there. but i'm getting used to it. i'm starting to get acclimated. jimmy kimmel live, back to brooklyn, starts tonight. at 11:35 eastern. as we said, on abc. jimmy, always a pleasure to have you here. >> thank you, robin. i watch this show every morning/night. >> and guillermo, as well. i want to check you out in brooklyn. >> we're so happy to have jimmy kimmel. one of my weirdest pregnancy dreams included him selling me breast pumps. it got real weird. time for the "gma" football countdown.n. i'm with the eagles
8:37 am
cheerleaders. and swoop. the eagles taking on the giants tonight. and here's espn's senior fantasy analyst. >> reporter: i love sam bradford. bradford at home on a monday night is an easy top ten play. i don't like murray because if they're throwing, they're not running. giants have the number one rushing defense. he's outside my top 15. >> all right. so we do the forecast for the game tonight in philly. ready? actually here. philadelphia, kickoff will be 46. we have the dry, light winds. very comfy. look at the temperatures though. it will feel like the upper 30s or low 40s. see the game at 8 :15 on check out the unsung see roe game. actor james franco finally
8:38 am
he haed a bar mitzvah. nick watt got a look. you know you make me want to shout >> reporter: my lie cyrus sang bar mitzvah. a 13-year-old boy's dream. but james franco is 37. he's only now coming of age. does this mean you now have to act like a responsible adult? >> think so. yes. my days of childhood are over. >> reporter: can you handle it? can you do it? a real bar mitzvah. he did some studying. it was thrown by bff seth rogen to raise money for alzheimer's charities. we ran into rogue and his wife preshow. there's a personal reason for this, right? >> my mother was diagnosed with early on set always himmer at 55 years old. >> reporter: they're here to get greg and karen from chicago. they won this double date.
8:39 am
limb limo ride. red carpet ride. yep, there's miley. miley singing. say that you love me say that you need me >> it's a guy with an awful hair cut in the front row. >> reporter: bill hader as the auction near. >> we should auction off a bar barber for this man. >> reporter: they raised $2.5 million. mazel tov.
8:40 am
8:41 am
and we're back now with sienna miller. she snars the phew movie, "burnt," with bradley cooper. he plays a bad boy chef. >> cooking is an expression of what? tell me? >> at its best? of sustaining someone. of love. >> adam jones delangham is one of the the best and most spresing places to come and eat. >> what don't you like? >> i don't want your restaurant to be a place where you come and eat. >> and sienna miller joips ns us now. you were handling that pas that sheet so well.
8:42 am
i got trained by marcus and sasha. >> he said of all the people on the set, you have the most potential as a chef. >> he did, yes. >> you spent hours and hours over the stoves. end? >> i was on the the fish station. that is manager that is kind of simple but difficult to cook well. i -- that's what i can do better now than before. >> what else did you learn about food that you didn't know before? >> think you understand more the way that a restaurant is run. and, the kind of -- as food sits on a path for more than two minutes, they have to throw it away. if somebody went to the bathroom when the food was ready, they would have to start again. >> if bradley coop sir the chef, there's rage in the kitchen. >> it's a high-octane environment. >> this is the second movie in a row you have done with bradley cooper. very different role.
8:43 am
? think. and is obviously incredibly versatile as an actor. we get along very well. >> he's weighed in on the debate in hollywood since jennifer lawrence talked about her pay for "american hustle." he says he wants to step in and negotiate with his partners, and you actually had an experience on broadway. you turned down a role over pay? what happened? >> um, it was just a situation where i was -- it was two people in a play, i was offered less than half what the male was offered. i was certain that if it was two men, it wouldn't have happened. and it would have felt undignified for me. >> you said no. walked away. >> yeah. >> do you think bradley's idea might help? >> i think everybody has to come together and do something. it's think it's outrageous that women are undervalued. i think there is a global
8:44 am
inspiring. it will take sacrifice. i really wanted to do that play. i'm really sad i can't do it. but ultimately, we have to make -- we have to make changes. >> had to take a stand. before you go, we want to give you a gift in honor of the movie. burnt sienna. your own burnt see ienna{ bouquet. >> what a lovely thing to pack and take back to london. and it is a perfect time to head back out here because it's never too early to start saving for your child's future. and on this, the first day of national save for retirement week, who knew? there's an exciting program helping some newborns take the first step towards securing their financial future. ? hi. ? say hi to little theo. >> look, sweet maert.
8:45 am
to be dreams of. celebrated in movies like "what to expect when you're expecting." but for joe and katie, the day their daughter was born they started saving the. >> it's opened our eyes. it's never too early to start saving. >> reporter: the couple enrolled in our sponsor, voya's, born to save program. more than 1,000 parents signed up. >> starting a fund for her certainly made us think about our own retirement. >> reporter: the program, now in its second year is offering the same $500 mutual fund investment for parents of babies born today. it could gro to $30,000 over a 60-year span. sflit does free our minds.
8:46 am
>> the end. >> oh, and coming up, get riddy to get yummy. we're talking chocolate. best-selling author sandra boynton is here. stay with us. if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for
8:47 am
equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. this is connor like so many kids, he was missing things in school - distracted - disengaged - just not getting it. we tried tutors but they didn't connect. then we heard about sylvan's new teaching system, sylvansync.
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personal lessons, taught by sylvan certified instructors, using technology kids love. i've never seen him more engaged. r and the results arettruly inspiring. p kids like connor typicallyr see up to two to three p times more growth than if theyr hadn't come to sylvan. and now sylvan has fun, cutting edge robotics and coding classes. call 1-800-educate to learn more! hi, nobody knows chocolate like this lady. sandra boynton, since her first best seller back in 1982, she's sold more than 500 million greeting cards. she's out with a new version of "chocolate, the consuming passion." such a pleasure to meet you. i'm a giant fan myself.
8:49 am
i didn't know you were a chocoholic. >> it's a long-standing issue. >> what sit about the book. beautiful articles written on you. of late. this resurgence in your passion for chocolate. >> the world of chocolate has changed a lot since i first wrote this book. the opportunity to do the research again, so i got the eat enormous quantities of fab low chocolate. i took that one for the team. just had to do it. >> between chocolate and the cartoons, a wonderful life to consume, no pun sbepded. >> it is. >> tell me about where you came up with these adorable characters. >> the fear of having to get a real job was very real out of college. i started to do cards to pay my way through drama school. i never finished. >> you were not classically trained as a cartoon snis. >> no, oh, no.
8:50 am
>> which is your favorite? i love the pig. >> i think the pig is perhaps pi favorite. it changes. i identify with all of them. >> there's a sardonic tone in your book, the the chocolate book. this is not just a guide to chocolate. >> no, it has a lot of information. a lot of misinformation. and, a lot of illustrations. i redrew the entire book. reresearched. and rewrote it. it's exciting to reencount ter whole world of chocolate 30 years later. >> yeah, i bet. >> a lot of research to be done. >> i'm happy to help you next time. absolutely. then. >> and you defend white which is -- >> well -- >> did i misread that? >> it's complex. it's complex. it's complex. >> we can't skip the game.
8:51 am
we'll do a fast version. >> the best game show every. >> the questions. they're going to give their guests. they could win chocolate. you let help know ho who is right? chocolate is good for your complexion? >> fib. complexion. >> absolutely. >> i said it's bad. congratulations. chocolate coming. question two chocolate is an after aphrodisiac aphrodisiac. true? >> true. >> white chocolate contains cocoa. true or fib? true, true? >> no. >> all right. giving more chocolate away. we love sandra. stay with us.
8:52 am
if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
8:53 am
i thought southern new hampshire university was only online. but then i visited and saw that there was this amazing campus, with a great campus culture. the community was just amazing, i really feel like this is my family. i've made so many friends here, friends that i know i'll have for life. i have everything i need to succeed right here. there's always something happening here. this is such a fun place to be. everybody really loves what they're doing here.
8:54 am
kind of wild monday. >> nice role play. chocolate for our friends. >> chocolate for everyone. >> bring me the chocolate. >> now from wmur news 9. sean: welcome back.
8:55 am
they denied the license for the 2015 festival. organizers moved it to laconia where it is scheduled for next weekend. the new pumpkin festival will be held on the cheshire fairgrounds on saturday. lest take you outside. chilly 30 degrees in goffstown. kevin: a lot of 20's to lower 30's. you'll notice the clearer skies overhead. just a few high clouds out to the west. a couple the of those will work in as the day moves along. temperatures will slowly make their way back into the 50's after falling into the 20's and upper teens. still running five to
8:56 am
ten degrees below the average with a light breeze out of the south. sunshine and light winds will make it feel good through the afternoon. shower overnight up north. there may be a passing point tomorrow, wednesday, or thursday. we blind of blend in the clouds. days. certainly not the worst of days. moderating temperatures, tomorrow we should be up in the 50's statewide. wednesday. looks like 50's to even lower half of the 60's ahead of the next front that comes in. that will knock the highs into the 50's for the end of the week. focus on. just a couple of showers here and there. the front coming through thursday and a cooler push of air friday into next weekend. sean: all right. not so bad. back here at noontime. have a great morning,
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