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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 28, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. baseball blackout. series. a power outage knocking out the the game coming to a complete halt. >> fox broadcasting has taken some kind of a technical glitch. >> and the power surge on the field. the royals rallying to win the longest game one in world series history. breaking overnight, an american airlines jet hit by a laser while landing. >> a green laser just pointed at american 563. >> the pilot blinded. paramedics called to the scene. the investigation right now. deadly decision. newly released dash cam video
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showing a police officer shooting an unarmed teen. >> stop, stop, stop. >> the split-second decision and why the officer is not facing charges. and donald trump falling behind in the polls and proving he's not too proud to beg for votes. >> please do me a favor, let me win iowa. >> ben carson surges as the candidates take center stage at tonight's big republican debate. is he about to deliver a knockout blow or will donald come back? and we do say good morning, america, on this wednesday morning. big buildup to tonight's big debate. a lot at stake. but you have baseball, debate tonight. >> lots of big showdowns. we'll start with that world series kickoff. the royals take the mets in 14 innings, all kinds of ups and down ending well past 1:00 a.m. on the east coast and the few minutes of blackouts had fans everywhere in a frenzy. t.j. holmes is at kauffman
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stadium. >> reporter: good morning. it was an absolute unforgettable night for a lot of the right and wrong reasons. we had a classic here on this field last night. but in the midst of enjoying all that power hitting and power pitching, we had a power problem that left millions of viewers shut out. >> the royals win game one. >> reporter: overnight the kansas city royals take world series game one, 5-4. after 14 epic innings, a record-setting 5:09. the second longest game in world series history. but it was a technical glitch at the bottom of the fourth inning that had fans at home fuming. >> we have lost our picture. >> reporter: fox lost the broadcast feed for over five minutes, viewers missed one at bat before the game was hauled. >> fox broadcasting has taken some kind of a technical glitch. >> reporter: announcers for the international broadcast called the game until fox's feed was restored. >> okay. we're heading back.
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>> reporter: blaming a rare electronics failure and apologizing for the outage. but back to baseball, both teams came out swinging after the royals scored that jaw-dropping inside-the-park home run in the first -- >> here comes escobar. 1-0, kansas city. >> reporter: -- the mets came roaring back to take the lead. >> here comes the mets and tea thick the lead. >> reporter: only to give up a game tying home run in the bottom of the ninth. >> this game is tied. >> reporter: but it was royals first baseman eric hosmer's bases loaded sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 14th that finally clinched the win for the royals. now, fox says this was a rare issue that actually caused primary and backup systems to go down. but what that meant that the power problem caused issues in the stadium as well so they had to actually stop the gail for a short time, the 40,000 fans inside didn't really know what was going on but, george, robin, fox said they got this issue
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worked out to make sure the world series goes without incident the rest of the way. >> i know that you're going to be there for us, every step of the way. >> see if tonight's game tops it. >> off to a great start. we are still feeling the effects of hurricane patricia this morning. the remains of the storm bringing heavy rain and strong winds to the northeast and the entire east coast is on alert for flooding. ginger has that. >> the pictures out of charleston, south carolina, with the highest tide they've seen in more than 26 years. you've got to see this video. this coming in and unfortunately i think this could happen again anywhere from stuart, florida, up to portland, maine, we have coastal massachusetts, rhode island, new jersey, maryland, all with flood watches and warnings, the wind advisories on the interior for gusts up to 60. most of the rain and wind comes through today into early tomorrow then we dry it out but before that happens three plus inches. i'll have a whole lot coming up and your nation's weather. don't go anywhere. >> we will not, thanks. the race for president, "your voice, your vote." and the stage is set for tonight's big republican
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the first debate where ben carson on top in some polls pulling ahead of donald trump and the billionaire fighting back and pleading for help and abc's tom llamas is on the trail in council bluff, iowa. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning to you. donald trump tells me he can't explain the new polls but he's not giving up on iowa. and he may be playing rope-a-dope going into tonight's debate. last night he was very tame, not on the attack and almost begging iowa voters to stick with him. >> look, please do me a favor, let me win iowa. >> reporter: overnight, donald trump in iowa admitting his drop in the polls is starting to get to him. >> i mean, i am second. it's not like terrible but i don't like being second. second is terrible to me. >> reporter: but the setback motivating trump. >> i'm going to work harder in iowa. i'm not leaving iowa. i'm not leaving iowa. [ applause ] now, if i lose iowa i will never speak to you people again, that i can tell you. >> reporter: i asked about the carson surge.
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what is going on in the polls? >> i have no explanation. i think we're doing great. >> reporter: carson spending the eve of the debate getting in the ring and picking up an endorsement from a former ufc champion bellfort who called had i'm a savior. >> are you going to put trump in a submission pull in the next debate. >> i'll let him do that. >> reporter: trump better be ready for that. marco rubio waking up to serious debate. one of his hometown papers, "the sun sent knell" calling him to resign saying he missed too many votes in the senate. this is very notable because "the sun sent knell" endorsed him in 2010 for senate. >> tom, thanks very much. here with our political team, jon karl and matthew dowd and start out with donald trump. a pretty good sense of humor and spirit but he'll come in in a different position. >> this is the first time we see him come on to a debate stage as anything but the clear front-runner.
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in iowa that have shown him trailing carson. a poll nationally that shows him trailing carson. does he attack carson and come in as somebody who looks like a front-runner or somebody who is worried that the lead is slipping away? >> matthew dowd, ben carson could be under pressure because of inconsistency in his plans. >> donald trump makes me smile in the course of this. watching him yesterday was like a guy with iowa electile dysfunction getting polling up. >> you just wanted to get that viagra line in there. >> he makes me laugh. ben carson you watched him with his gloves and fists. he has to practice more with his vocal chords. he is now the front-runner in some states, iowa and nationally in the last polls, but so he's different way. >> ben carson on the spot. but jeb bush may be under more pressure. >> he's moved further out and marco rubio will be standing next to donald trump and next to
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jeb bush. he really finally needs a breakthrough performance. jeb bush has had two very disappointing debates and his own people at that family retreat they had down in houston were acknowledging he was acknowledging that he needs to do better. >> i think jeb bush's strategy reminds me of the story gathered around and the bears chasing. how you outrun the bear. i don't need to outrun the bear, just you. that's all he is trying to do is outrun marco rubio and the other establishment figures and not donald trump right now. >> we will see if he does it tonight. thanks very much. to robin. >> thank you. now to the new outrage over that violent confrontation in a south carolina classroom. the fbi is now investigating. the deputy who slammed the student to the ground. abc's mary bruce has the story. >> reporter: this morning, the fbi opening an investigation into this disturbing confrontation. as new details about the school officer involved surface.
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call him officer slam. some arguing this shocking classroom takedown shows why. >> are you gonna come with me? >> reporter: the principal vowing to make changes. >> our district and our school have zero tolerance for what occurred. i personally have zero tolerance as well. >> reporter: the sheriff investigating. >> the student was wrong in what she did. there's no doubt about that. it started with her and it ended with my officer. what i'm going to deal with is what my deputy did. >> reporter: the incident prompted when the student who reportedly had been using her cell phone repeatedly refused to leave the classroom when reprimanded. that's when ben fields is called in. when she still refuses, grabs the 16-year-old female student violently slamming her to the ground. >> put your hands behind your back. >> when deputy fields came in there we knew what was about to happen. >> reporter: last year he was honored as an exceptional role model but this is not the first
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time he's been accused 6 misconduct. in 2007 he was sued accused of using excessive force. in that case the jury sided with fields. a second lawsuit filed by another student is heading to trial. and, robin, this morning police say they are investigating yet another video that they say shows the student striking the officer with her fist. >> all right, mary, thank you very much. we'll talk more about that because joining us now from columbia, south carolina, is todd rutherford. he is the attorney for the girl seen in that violent confrontation. mr. rutherford, thank you very much for being with us this morning. let me begin by asking you what has your client told you about what happened in the classroom that day? >> as you can see in the tape, she doesn't say anything when the officer approaches her and she said that they requested her cell phone. she put it away immediately and so when they continued to ask for her cell phone she simply didn't want to give it to him. when the officer came in he
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asked her to leave and she wanted to tay in the classroom. she wanted to continue her education. unfortunately for her that wasn't in the cards and the officer placed his arm around the neck. you can see her kind of reacting and whether it's an intate reaction to try to get his hand off or whether she's never been choked before she either way starts reaching up and punching his arm and then he throws her to the ground and tosses her all the way across the room. it's one of the most disturbing videos i've seen especially one that involves a child. >> disturbing is the word we've heard over and over again. people have that type of reaction. that is a video that people have seen. police officers are saying there is another video and there are reports that the young woman struck the officer with her fist leading to the confrontation starting the confrontation. has she told you anything about that? can you shed any light on that? >> absolutely not, robin and i think what they're referring to are the same hits she delivered
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would submit it doesn't matter. this was not a roadside confrontation or a confrontation where he didn't know the security of his surroundings. he was in a classroom setting. in fact, had he just left her alone she would have sat there and continued with class. he didn't do that. he couldn't do that on his own. he simply had to make sure that he asserted his authority as a 300-pound weight lifting man and tossed her so far across the room that it was out of frame. he had to walk several steps to where her body landed. she now has a cast on her arm. she has neck and back injuries. she has a band-aid on her forehead where she suffered rug burn. she was brutally attacked by a cop who the sheriff is saying we need a civil rights investigation. all the sheriff is doing is taking us down a rabbit hole. her civil rights weren't violated, her simple rights were violated. you should never be able to treat a child and student about that. >> the sheriff said he is going to deal more with the actions of
7:13 am
the young woman, your client, but the actions of the officer and the investigation. it sounds like you're not pleased with how the investigation is proceeding. >> i'm not pleased at all and i would actually differ with the notion the sheriff has been out in front with anything. he's way behind. slam. take out your cell phone because we're going to see something and the world has seen what they were expecting. what she was expecting. the deputy needs to be in handcuffs and should have been video. >> tom, thanks for your time all the best. >> thank you. the officer in question is on suspension, unpaid leave and feel today there will be a determination if indeed he will keep his job. >> many more investigations to go. we got the latest now on former house speaker dennis hastert expected in federal court this morning to plead guilty after he was discovered paying millions of dollars of hush money to cover up sexual abuse while he was a high school
7:14 am
with that story. >> mr. speaker -- >> reporter: once second in line to the presidency, dennis hastert will become the first speaker of the house to be convicted of a crime, at least since the civil war. the charges against hastert come out of his role as a popular high school wrestling coach in yorkville, illinois in the 1970s. authorities say he sexually abused several teenage boys on the team and a few years ago began to pay one of them more than a million dollars in hush money to keep quiet. >> these boys were 14, 15, 16 years old. >> reporter: jolene verge told abc news her late brother steven rhine bold was another of hastert's victims, something she says she learned years later had they brother told her he was gay. >> i asked, stevie, when was your first same-sex experience? i mean, he just looked at me and said, it was with dennis hastert.
7:15 am
and i just -- i was stunned. >> reporter: authorities say what tripped up hastert was not the alleged sexual misconduct from decades ago but his more recent efforts to pay off one of his victims to keep quiet. he's charged with violating bank laws for not reporting his huge cash withdrawals and then lying to the fbi about them. he's expected this morning, george, to plead guilty to one of those two counts either one of which normally means time behind bars, george. >> okay, brian, thanks very much. to amy now for today's other top stories starting with the jet. >> an airline pilot being targeted by a laser beam overnight, the captain of an american airlines flight flying from san diego into phoenix laser. it landed safely and paramediced call but the captain declined treatment. this is the second incident in san diego in the last month. well, there is troubling news about student test scores. for the first time since 1990 average math scores on a nationwide test have dropped
7:16 am
among both fourth and eighth graders. here are this year's scores out of a possible 500. just last week, president obama called for limiting the amount of class time spent preparing for standardized tests. and on wall street the big headline is from apple. the company reporting record iphone sales. apple made $11 billion profit in just three months. many investors though wonder if the company can keep those kind of numbers up. also this morning, a mega megamerger, walgreens is buying rite aid in a deal worth $17 billion pending government approval. and a missing sleepwalker in colorado has been found after wandering away from home for three hours. the 19-year-old finally woke up nine miles away near her uncle's house. she was wearing just socks on her feet and the clothes she slept in. police think she may have stepped onto a bus at one point and even visited a 7-eleven along the way. she doesn't remember any of it.
7:17 am
she just woke up and thought i think i'm near my uncle's house. no idea how she got there. >> why do i have a drink in my hand? >> nine miles. >> nine miles. >> wow. >> glad she's okay. >> all right, amy. thank you. big questions after another frightening injury on a high school football field. that story in just 30 seconds. >> a california high school football player in medically induced coma after a hard hit to the head. abc's matt gutman has that story for us. >> reporter: it seemed like a
7:18 am
routine tackle. >> he's down and he looks like he's in pain. >> reporter: but number 18 is slow to get up. he seems to try to shake it off then wobbles to the surveillance. the 17-year-old varsity staple propped up by a teammate helping him to the bench. >> came off the field, everything seemed normal. he went through like concussion symptoms. >> reporter: the concussion so severe he collapses flopping under that bench. rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to stop the bleeding, swelling and pressure on his brain. he had what was supposed to be an added security measure against concussions. reidel's inside impact helmet rimmed with sensors that alert coaches to hits that could cause brain injuries. >> that sensor is in there to kind of monitor the severity of certain impacts and frequency of certain impacts as well. >> reporter: a product similar to this called brain sentry. a red light will blink if a
7:19 am
if a coach sees a red light like this he at least knows to take a second look at a player wearing this helmet. in his case the school district says his helmet sensor did not go off. riddell saying "we are hopeful he has a full recover" since few facts are known it would be inappropriate for us to speculate on the circumstances surrounding the incident." nava remains in an indunesed coma but overnight his brother posting good news on facebook. he is breathing on his own. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> we are thinking of that young man. coming up newly released video of that confrontation between that police officer and teenager. why the officer is not facing any charges. you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling...
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along with that rain it will be windy too. some gusts 30 to 60 miles per hour in higher elevations. that's all for the local or do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid
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the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p and i approve this message. erin: good morning. firefighters spent hours battling a fire at an egg farm on buffum road in monroe this morning. the fire broke out around 2:30 s organic eggs. when crews arrived, they found heavy fire in one of the barns. whether any people or animals were hurt. we have some video from back in 2011 when another fire destroyed
7:26 am
the same farm. a search is underway this morning in the lakes region for the man accused of causing a standoff in laconia. police surrounded a home on jewett street in laconia yesterday after a man reported he had been threatened with a gun. officers removed a young woman from the home but later discovered that the man who had made the threats was no longer there. police seized a double barreled shotgun they say the man had along with bags full of ammunition. t know the name of the man they are looking for and the arrest warrant simply names john doe. a massachusetts man is accused of choking a five-year-old girl in exeter. 19-year-old solomon martinez is charged with two counts of second degree assault. police say martinez is related to the girl. outside we go. beautiful sunrise out there. kevin: a little bit of filtered sunshine initially. clouds increasing and sickening
7:27 am
as early as 11:00, we may have showers wandering in. those will head northeast and pick up later on this afternoon and tonight. there could be heavier downpours. the wind will start picking up through the day. it will gust 15 to 20 miles per hour in the afternoon, possibly 25 to 30 miles this evening. one or two plus inches of rain. a break could mean more -- could
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welcome back to "gma." the site of tonight's big republican showdown on the university of colorado campus in boulder. the final preparations as you see being made. maybe not that fast. i the first debate where donald and those polls ben carson in the lead, a lot at stake for jeb bush looking to revive his the candidates. >> big night. also game two of the world series. royals and the mets. royals took the opener in 14 innings. big headline, the blackout that knocked the game out for millions across the country and prince harry joins michelle obama and jill biden to meet wounded military veteran and will meet with the president and
7:29 am
preparing for his invictus games in orlando next day. >> espn broadcasting those games. remember the haunted house movie, amy, "the conjuring"? >> how could i forget? my favorite movie and apparently i'm not alone and that's causing problem, right? >> we brought it up because the real-life homeowner, michael, in a bit of a -- >> you're alone at this desk. it's not my favorite movie but the real-life homeowner is in a little -- a little upset because they said they're getting spooked but not by the ghosts. we'll explain that in "the speed feed" when we come back. >> nothing animates amy like a good horror flick. >> a good one. i encourage all of you to see it. >> sure. >> i'm good. >> good morning. >> that is all coming up. we begin with that deadly police shooting of an unrm aed south carolina teenager. officials have finally released dash cam footage of the encounter after the prosecutor decides no the to charge the officer. abc's linsey davis here with the story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. back when this happened over the summer the victim's pardons wanted that dash cam video
7:30 am
released believing it would show the police officer did not have to fatally shoot their son to spare his own life. now that video is out and you can decide for yourself if you believe it vindicates the officer. >> hands up. >> reporter: for the first time we're getting a look at the three-second split decision a south carolina police officer made that took the life of 19-year-old zach hammond. >> stop, stop, stop. >> reporter: this dash cam video released tuesday as officials announced officer mark tiller will not face state charges. watch as tiller approaches with his gun drawn, ordering hammond to stop and show his hands but hammond puts his car in reverse then drive. second after the shooting officer tiller is heard saying this -- >> he tried to hit me. >> reporter: the july shooting happened during a drug sting targeting his female passenger. shortly after hammond's parents said they hoped the officer would be charged with murder. >> i mean, this is over a little
7:31 am
bit of marijuana. you don't kill people over marijuana. >> reporter: all along local police blamed the unarmed man saying he tried to run the officer over with his car calling it attempted murder in the police report. the circuit solicitor who made the decision not to file charges says "the video viewed at full speed standing alone is trouble troublesome" but she goes on to explain the "video shows his feet going underneath the car at the approximate time the shots were fired" adding "the car accelerated with such force that a concrete curb was damaged." hammond had cocaine own other drugs in his system he used within three to six hours of the shooting. his parents say that's no excuse to kill their son. >> he murdered our child. >> reporter: on tuesday they released a statement saying we are thankful the investigation came to an end and showed self-defense. the department of justice opens its own investigation in august and that is still ongoing.
7:32 am
>> linsey, thanks. let's talk to dan abrams. the prosecutor looks at that tape and decides the police officer acted this a reasonable manner. >> at least that he's not going to get charged here, right. just because they're not charging him with a crime doesn't mean he didn't do anything wrong, per se. the legal standard when it comes to something like this is what would a reasonable police officer faced with the same situation have done? would a reasonable police officer have believed that his life was in danger? and the authorities here clearly saying we don't have enough evidence to prosecute but when you look at that tape -- >> not necessarily what a good police officer. >> what an objective police officer would do but when you look at that tape, it sure looks like he's shooting after the car has passed him. and the family did an autopsy. they say he was shot in the back of the shoulder and in the side. that could be the grounds for a powerful civil lawsuit against the police officer and the department. remember, civil lawsuit, the burden of proof is. lower. just more likely than not rather than when you're talking about
7:33 am
filing criminal charges. >> and as linsey said there's still a justice department investigation. >> that's not going to go anywhere. every one of these cases the authorities announce, don't worry, the feds are looking into this. we will investigate possible federal charges and incredibly rare the feds step into a case like this. i would be stunned. this is going to be resolved in the civil court at this point and, look, when you watch that tape you can understand why that's frustrating for the family. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. all right, george. now to the nba star who says he was a victim of racial profiling shut out of a high-end jewelry store when trying to buy a rolex watch. the 911 calls from the store employee has been released. abc's mara schiavocampo has that story for us. >> they are at the front door. i don't feel comfortable letting them in. >> reporter: this morning newly released 911 recordings capturing the alleged racial profiling of nba star john henson. >> i am hiding in the office. i don't want them to see me out there.
7:34 am
>> reporter: the milwaukee bucks forward who has just signed a new deal for a reported $44 million says he called the jewelry store asking about their hours hoping to buy his first rolex. driving to the discover, but store employees describing his calls as suspicious closed early. >> what were the phone calls about? >> they were just asking about what time they're going to close and they just didn't sound like they were legitimate customers. >> reporter: police told employees if they saw the car again to alert authorities. the next week henson and a friend returned hoping again to purchase that watch. but the store employees recognizing the suv but not henson locked the doors. >> we're pretending like we're closed. >> there is inherent power in social media and as with most celebrities and specifically nba players they have a tremendous following so when this post came to growth it quickly went viral. people paid attention. >> reporter: the jewelry store
7:35 am
owner apologized saying the situation as a result of a series of unfortunate misunderstandings adding we believe that everyone desearchings to be treated with dignity and respect. something henson says he was happy to hear. >> it was a sincere apology and, you know, he kind of knew that shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: though he did go somewhere else for that rolex. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> coming up, "gma investigates." taxi riders getting ripped off. how some cars -- some cabs could end up costing you extra and what you can do to make sure it
7:36 am
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and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how to get it done. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. back now with "gma investigates." this morning taxis caught with inaccurate meters. now when you step into a cab, how can you be sure you're not being taken for a ride?
7:40 am
for us. >> that is the worst. >> reporter: we're with the new jersey division of affairs who inspect taxis in new jersey. >> your meter is going to be condemned. >> reporter: two parts. first mechanical conducted by newark police, then it's on to the meter test. each cab starts here, goes around the track one full time and continues on again to this cone which marks one mile. if the meter charges for a pile before it reaches the cone, you're being overcharged. this cab i'm in passes. >> on the money. you're good to go. >> reporter: but this cab, that's another story. he should be all the way up there to that cone. >> yes. >> reporter: the consumer if they were in this cab and that meter was running that consumer is getting hosed. >> basically, yes. >> reporter: the meter starts overcharging more than 500 feet before the one-mile marker so for a ten-mile ride that means you'd be overcharged by $3. >> give us your medallion.
7:41 am
>> reporter: the meter gets a red condemn sticker and it's shut down until it's fixed. are you shocked to hear it came up that short. >> i don't know. i'll go fix it immediately. >> reporter: this cab is even further off the mark. >> 1,323 feet. >> reporter: this time it starts overcharging more than 1300 feet before the mile marker for a ten-mile ride you'd be overcharged 9 bucks. you haven't messed with the meter, right? >> no. >> reporter: just how long will it take you to get it fixed. >> i'm going to fix it thought. >> reporter: that's a lot. >> meter malfunction. it happens but it's egregious. >> reporter: during a week of testing they tested meters 350 times with a failure rate of almost 50%. the drivers we talked to all returned to retake the test and passed. the newark cab association told "gma investigates" the majority of the cabs only work at the
7:42 am
meter. to make sure you're charged fairly experts say ask the driver up front for the rates. only pay the driver and get a receipt. if you believe a taxi meter is inaccurate tell the local regulator. well, it's hard to know from city to city, here in k.c. it's this purple decal lets you know my man clarence's cab passed the inspection on the up and up and tinkering some programs with new technology that could get rid of the meters we're familiar with, maybe be a little more accurate but bottom line, if you don't know, think you're getting cheated just ask a few questions. >> i know. keep that receipt. you didn't take that cab all the way from new york to k.c., did you because i'd love to see what that would have been. >> reporter: well, flights were expensive. s it last minute so i did what i had to do. >> hey, t.j., thank you. coming up that real-life house of horrors. michael is in the social square with more. >> i'm here and holding lara's hand because i'm really scared and this is a haunted house but it's not the ghosts, it's not
7:43 am
the spirits. what the owners are saying and what is really scaring them. all ahead in "the speed feed." >> really spooky. >> hold me. whatever they might be. so, the u.s. army masters not only tactics and strategy, but also physics and chemistry. we make battle plans and create breakthroughs - in medicine, science and engineering. our next mission could be anything. so we prepare for everything. lowe's presents "how to be good at math" how much money do you think we saved today? a lot. now get his troy-bilt 24-in snow blower
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7:46 am
we are back now with "the speed feed" and a real-life house of horrors for one rhode
7:47 am
island couple. abc's david wright has our story. >> reporter: for the owners of this rural rhode island farmhouse the troubles started with the 2013 horror movie "the conjuring." about a pair of real-life ghost hunters -- >> we prefer to be known simply as ed and lorraine warren. >> reporter: -- investigating evil spirits. the film supposedly based on true events. the filmmakers shot it at a different house but used her real name and the name of the town and ever since the movie came out, the new owners of the farmhouse say they've been haunted. not by poltergeist but by horror fans and curiosity seekers. >> we heard about this place from the movie. >> just wanted to take pictures from the road. >> reporter: now the homeowners have filed suit claiming while the makers of "the conjuring" have profited enormously from the film, they received nothing but a conjuring-instigated siege of their property.
7:48 am
speaking to "inside edition" they said. >> if it needs this type of publicity or a lawsuit to get it out that is my main goal is to get it out that this stuff is made up and take the stigma off this house. >> reporter: we reached out to the studio who said they hadn't seen the lawsuit, but it's out there. you better believe it. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. >> you're so happy right now. >> she discussed the entire movie with me. i'm scared all over again. >> he saw it too. it's a really good horror movie. >> for somebody that doesn't like horror movies, i agree. all right. so, no movie for us. enjoy it. all right, coming up, everybody, when we get back at the top of the hour, khloe kardashian is now breaking her silence, what she's saying now about love and lamar. coming up, "good morning america"'s job takeover brought
7:49 am
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up to 4 inches of snow in colorado. these pictures out of breckenridge. we love seeing that and a lot of folks want to see more moisture. that low coming onshore. high surf advisory from just south of the bay area to coastal california. moisture headed even to texas by the weekend. all that weather brought to you
7:53 am
7:54 am
erin: good morning. firefighters are on the scene of a fire at an egg farm in monroe. the fire broke out around 2:30 this morning at pete and gerry' s organic eggs on buffum road. when crews arrived, they found heavy fire in one of the barns. at this time there is no word on whether any people or animals were hurt. this is the same farm where fire destroyed a processing plant back in december of 2011. the building was under construction at the time. a man accused of holding police at bay during a standoff in winchester yesterday is due in court this morning. officers say they were called to a home on jones road for a report of a gun shot. they say the shot was fired during a disagreement between neighbors that led to 35-year-old joseph legere to barricade himself inside his home for about four hours.
7:55 am
legere was eventually taken into custody without incident. he is scheduled to be arraigned today on charges including reckless conduct with a deadly weapon. outside we go. seeing cloudy skies and some fog. kevin: a few breaks in the overcast as the sun has come up. you will notice quite a bit of cloudiness. the rain shield making its way towards us from the southwest. it could be 10:30, 11:00 in southwestern areas. 40' s to mid 50' s, the rainfall tonight. we could see one to two inches of rainfall out of this system. west. there is a chance to get into the 60'
7:56 am
s and lower 70' s. that sets up the air mass for the weekend. highs in the 40' s to mid 50' s. erin: thank you. i thought southern new hampshire university
7:57 am
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7:58 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. khloe kardashian breaks her silence. new details she's just revealed about life with nba star lamar odom as he struggles to recover. why she'll always be there for him. frozen mystery. did the trendy treatment that so many use to help freeze off the pounds go too far? big questions this important about what happened to this 24-year-old in a tragic salon accident. relationship rescue. can you, should you forgive after your partner cheats? how to repair your relationship and move forward. healthier and happier.
7:59 am
michael shoots his cameo role on the funniest sitcom in primetime. so what was his biggest challenge going head-to-head with anthony anderson? >> "gma," i'm on set -- >> michael get your -- back to work, man. >> all that and harry connick jr. here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. go big or go home go go that's not all. we have crusoe this morning. >> i thought that might be one of yours, george. >> he's an instagram celebrity. he's kind of a captain there. >> captain crusoe. >> captain crusoe right there. he's got a lot of hall wane looks. that aall coming up in just a little bit. >> he looks thrilled. well, speaking of halloween, we had that haunting house, the story you two brought us.
8:00 am
house here in the city yesterday. we're going out with cameras to see everybody's reaction. here's a little sneak peek. >> aaagh! [ screaming ] >> aaagh! >> is that camera speeded occupy or is that realtime? >> i'm telling you the pitch that the men in our crew can make. >> oh, man. >> whoo. >> true. >> i wasn't making a pitch at all. i walked through there like a -- >> oh, yeah, you were a real man. >> we're going to have. more of our haunted house visit and wait till you see who screams the loudest. we'll let you be the judge part of our halloween special this friday and always looking forward to you and kelly, the show you put together for halloween. >> it's a big one. we got a lot of costumes -- over 50 costume changes for everybody.
8:01 am
it's going to be -- it's a great show. >> is there one that's going to blow us away? >> all of them. >> whoo, all right. there's a tease. >> that is. let's go now to amy here with the morning rundown. >> all right, good morning, everyone. the big story this morning, slugfest number three in the republican race for president. donald trump slipping in the polls as ben carson gains ground ahead of tonight's debate. trump appeared more tame in iowa last night. appealing for votes and promising to work harder, he's expected to come out swinging on stage in colorado tonight. despite facing criticism from trump that he changed positions on key issues like abortion and a blow to senator marco rubio, a florida newspaper calling on him to resign from the senate saying he's missed too many votes. well, the south carolina officer behind a violent classroom arrest could find out job. the fbi now investigating after sheriff's deputy ben fields flipped a 16-year-old out of her room. she had refused to hand over her phone and leave class according
8:02 am
to her attorney. she suffered arm and head injuries. fields has been sued twice before after allegations of excessive force and racial bias. there are new details this morning about the death of a woman found frozen inside a cryotherapy chamber at a spa in las vegas. that spa has now been shut down and there is word the victim complained about a malfunction with the chamber just days earlier. abc's kayna whitworth has that story. >> reporter: this morning, las vegas police calling the death of salon manager chelsea ake-salvacion accidental. the 24-year-old found in a cryotherapy chamber one week ago. police reporting she was found by one of her employees frozen in solid ice. the salon offering popular cold therapy treatments like this one, inside, the temperature fahrenheit. the las vegas spa was not licensed to perform the procedures. state authorities ordering it to shut down tuesday.
8:03 am
use of cryotherapy is largely un unregulated. >> this is somewhat of a fad. there's no proven medical benefit to whole body cryotherapy at this point. >> reporter: experts warn against using the chambers for longer than three minutes athe a time. officials think chelsea ake-salvacion was inside for at least ten hours before she was found. >> i was told by the coroner that night that they wanted to's assure me and my family that she did not suffer and died instantly. >> reporter: an official cause of death hasn't been ruled yet but police say while the chamber is designed to keep your head above the bitter cold nitrogen gas, it appears she did not have the machine set to the proper height for "good morning america" kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> and our thanks to kayna for that. well, the latest treatment for autism could be as simple as a nasal spray. a new study finds autistic children given a nasal spray of oxytocin showed significant social and behavioral improvements. experts are encouraged but say a
8:04 am
finally, one of the best football coaches in the country is talking strategy but not on the field. michigan coach jim harbaugh is talking about the best strategy for trick-or-treating to get the most candy. here's what he told his kids. >> hit the neighborhood in one costume and run from house to house then you can get more candy than anybody else then you can come home, make a quick change into a second costume and go hit those same houses again. >> yeah, he says the two costume strategy is crucial or multicostume. he urged his kids to be go-getters. i would call that urging his kids to be hustlers, right? >> creative. >> that's one way of putting it. >> i had to talk harper out of her plan. she said why don't i take our candy too? >> always thinking, that one. >> i like that. over to michael. >> all right, thank you, guys. now here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu."
8:05 am
khloe kardashian is breaking her silence about lamar and where their relationship stands now. what really happens when your kids cut sugar from their diet? surprising new research and what we can all learn from it. plus, so many watching this former couple confront each other after cheating. should you reconcile or call it quits? we have all that coming up live on "gma" in times square with the people. "gma's morning menu" brought to you by ricola.
8:06 am
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8:08 am
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oh just relax. it's gonna be a long time before anybody peeks at your undercarriage again. coming up "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax, the bright side of car buying. that's new music from harry connick jr. >> you cannot wait for him. >> i love him. i love him. >> you said it all morning are. that is coming up. welcome back to "gma." khloe kardashian opening up about her relationship with lamar odom talking to "people" magazine in an article hitting newsstands friday. kardashian tells "people," i love lamar and i'll always be there for him like i promised. just two weeks ago the former nba star was found unconscious in a nevada brothel. >> they can't get him to wake up. >> reporter: khloe rushed to his side and staying while he undergoes treatment for pneumonia and kidney damage. this is a very long road ahead of him and he has to walk that
8:11 am
road by himself, she tells "people," but i'll be there supporting him every step of the way. the pair's whirlwind romance started in 2009 after a courtshipnine days they were engaged and got married one month later. >> i, khloe, give you this ring. >> reporter: she filed for divorce in december 2013 after rumors of odom's infidels and drug use and while they signed divorce papers this summer the divorce was never finalized. now khloe and lamar are putting the divorce on hold. khloe remains this charge of his medical decisions and said i pulled back on it becauses had's no rush for it. it's smarter it's put on hold. the tar adds that does not mean i'm back with lamar. only time will tell. we are joined by kate coyne, the executive editor of "people" magazine. boy, only time will tell but is a reconciliation possible? >> i think khloe is being smart. too much is up in the air. lamar's condition is nowhere
8:12 am
it's really impossible for her to say what the future holds. as of this moment, they're not reconciled. they're not back together. but she had supporting him. she is by his side. she's doing what anybody who loves someone would do. >> she does seem to truly love him. >> oh, absolutely and she never stopped and she's very clear about the fact that, you know, lamar odom is largely alone in this world. he's an only child whose mother died. he doesn't have the same sort of familial support that khloe has had her whole life and she recognizes that. she really feels for him in that regard and she wants to be there for him. >> so, how does her boyfriend fit into this. >> again, khloe is very wise to say she just doesn't know what the future is going to bring for them either. that she's completely understanding if at some point james feels overwhelmed by this. right now he's fine. his season is about to start, the nba season so, you know, a lot of things are going to be changing in the future. >> and this has really hit rob
8:13 am
kardashian hard, as well. >> it really has. you know, rob kardashian is the sort of reclusive kardashian. no one has really seen him for pretty much well over a year now. and khloe opened up about that. lamar was a father figure in his life and so when lamar and khloe broke up, he went into a pretty serious spiral. >> and khloe has a big book coming out. >> although you won't be hearing her talking about it quite as. because of what's going on. she has pulled way back on her promotional plans and so, you know, that's just not what's most on to her right now. >> kate coyne, thanks very much. >> sure. robin. thank you and kate. so much drama and emotion in that story. halloween is just days away and that means lots of candy for the kids but a new study this morning is showing the power of cutting sugar from their diets. it fines substituting it with complex carbs can have a dramatic impact on kids' overall health in just days here. dr. jennifer ashton is here telling us more about the study.
8:14 am
smart study out of ucsf and what they wanted to look at with obese kids and teenagers, if just cutting, reducing the amount of added sugar would change the risk factor numbers that put them at risk for future heart disease. they kept their calories the same, the goal was not to have them lose weight and after just nine days, nine day, robin, not nine week, not nine months they saw a decrease in a lot of these abnormal numbers. they saw the bad cholesterol ldl number drop and the lower blood pressure number drop and triglycerides drop and was an indication it actually might be the sugar that is doing something harmful, not just the calories and the weight. >> what more can we learn from this because the study really focused on certain children that were at risk for diabetes and about it. >> here's the actual study. i'll give it to you. things. number one for the very obese, encouragement. you don't have to possibly lose
8:15 am
to improve your health and reduce your risk for future heart disease and, again, also for all of us, nine days, you can make significant changes in your internal health parameters in a very short period of time, so it's never too late. >> jen, halloween is coming up. so what do parents do with this information and knowing that the kids are going to be out and it's a holiday. >> absolutely. look, i'm a parent toos, as you know. worry about the other 364 days a year. don't worry about this one day. however, a lot of parents will have -- say to their kids save up your candy and eat a little of it every day. i think that's a mistake. have them enjoy that holiday and then go back to the clean eating as. as possible and, again, read those labels. this study was looking at added sugar so basically high fructose corn syrup and sucrose. you see that in a label, chuck it. >> always have to look at that label and i want to look at that study. >> i'll put this on your desk. amy. i throw some of the candy out when they're sleeping. i hope they're not watching.
8:16 am
thank you, guys. so much to think about, sugar, kids and candy but lessons for all of us, now to our series "modern romance" and a difficult question, can you or should you overcome cheating in a relationship? many opinions on this one as you might imagine. this is a real-life couple, all allie and andrew together for seven years and confronting each other after a two-year separation, their story has gone viral. take a look. >> why did you cheat on me so many types? >> i did not like do the act of cheating and i never slept with anybody else. i think it's because i was interest ed
8:17 am
why did i do it so many times? probably -- >> that's okay. >> yeah, i don't have the answers. you could change one thing in our relationship, what would it be? and why? >> i know that we have a lot of issues and i blame you for a lot of things but i wasn't perfect. who is at fault for the relationship ending? >> i think me. >> really? >> definitely. >> really? >> absolutely. 100% me. >> why do you want to still be friends post-breakup? >> because i really miss you. >> let's bring in simone bienne, life coach and relationship therapy. that was really raw to watch that. what do you make of that couple.
8:18 am
>> i think they represent a lot of us. his number one need is to feel important and significant and i think her number one need is to feel loved and i think there's a clash there because if you need to feel significant, that's where we go wrong because you are going to do anything to make your needs come true and meet your needs and that includes going against your values and cheating. >> so many times, though? i mean that popped up a couple of type. >> it's a pattern. we are all like living in this movie. it's like a really, really bad movie. would we go and see a bad movie 100 times? huh-uh and if we have a life story that we believe, oh, you know, i'm not going to get my needs met, then what we will do is get into a really negative pattern. >> can we learn something from this couple? >> absolutely. what we can learn from them is they've got to look at themselves. what did i bring to the table? and every single one of us, robin, we have to ask, if we are not getting what we need, we got to ask why.
8:19 am
>> can you, should you repair a relationship if someone cheats? >> we must. we must repair the relationship. now, it's not necessary that the relationship we're in, it is the relationship with ourselves. we've got to say, what are we doing? what did i bring? what is my story? why am i dating guys who cheat on me? >> do you like this idea, what we just watched. do you think it's a good idea for our viewers who are living with this should they try this? >> i think absolutely because what that couple is doing is they're talking, look at yourself first. swap the me to we. if we stay in the me place, then we're going to be suffering and also be passionate about your relationship. i think that is absolute key. our relationships, i think it's like a -- yes. >> why do we say that. >> because ferraris are like relationships, they're precious. they have the potential to make us feel absolutely outstanding. and also, look, if we leave a
8:20 am
ferrari in the garage for a year what's going to what happen? >> it won't start. >> it's not going to start so the older, the older they get, the more we must take care of them and thirdly, you know, ferraris when they're low, i don't know about them, when they're low, they're bumpy, it's uncomfortable. but they have unstoppable power and each one of us, this is the take home, especially, i'm sorry, i love women and i love men, each one of us has unstoppable power. we just need to find it within ourselves. do that and we're going to have a beautiful, beautiful life. >> i wish we could talk with you more. >> i was thinking about taking that ferrari out. >> i was wondering if that was part of it. >> thank you. >> well, please come back. >> i have to have her back. lots to think about there, simone, we thank you for that. also big honor for the women's u.s. soccer team. president obama honoring them at the white house yesterday for
8:21 am
their world cup victory saying they taught all of our children playing like a girl means, well, you -- i won't use the phrase that he used. >> you can. >> no. >> bad -- but -- >> go ahead, george. >> if he can say it, we can say it, badass. >> george. >> the mraits really responded to that, hey, thank you for saying that because it used to be if you said threw like a girl it was considered a negative. now it's a positive and here abby wambach, this is what she said in response to what the president said. >> when somebody says you throw like a girl, you run like a girl, i'm kind of like, yeah, you're damn right i do and i think that's what that statement is and i think that our team completely enexamineses that. >> everybody is jumping in the pool now. >> why not? >> telling it like it is and she officially announced her retirement yesterday, abby, and she is the most decorated male/female soccer player ever in the u.s. >> nice to go out on top. >> yes, indeed. let's go outside to ginger.
8:22 am
here. everybody a little tired. my new friends from lawton, oklahoma, because everyone stayed up so late watching the world series game. tonight it will be a lot chillier in kansas city. most should be dry. first pitch, 50 then it drops to the 40s. minneapolis could even see some snow by tomorrow morning. kevin: clouds continue to thicken up early this morning. rainfall on the doorstep. we are looking at a potential love 1 to 2 inches of rainfall from this system. it will be focused from this afternoon through tomorrow morning. the showers will push in from southwest to northeast. temperatures will be up in the lower to mid 50' s across the state. you will notice a breeze across the east a >> we are getting bucket lists. we got a very simple message. hello, detroit and hello, lara.
8:23 am
in here. "pop news" time and i love a great trash to treasure story where we determine the value of a flea market find. this next story shows that sometimes that line can be very blurry. in that you're looking at now is an art installation, a very high-end gallery in italy called "where are we going to dance tonight?." it's a take on the lavish styles of the italian political classes in the 1980s capturing a messy vibe, just a little too well. just ask the janitorial staff who was asked to clean up after a gallery party. >> oh, no. >> they proceeded to throw away the entire installation. they even separated the champagne bottles for recycling. they did such a good job, totally dismantling that art installation, thankfully someone noticed. reinstalling the art with the help of photographers who had photographs of that thousands and thousands of dollars. i think the janitorial staff came in, what, a party?
8:24 am
>> imitating life. >> absolutely. absolutely. and then just a quick bit about news, this might be the greatest freakout video ever. i wanted to show this to you. this is radio host louis g. from 92.3 in los angeles. he agreed to be blindfolded and to stick his hand in a box that had something very disgusting and that's all he was told. he thinks there's something gross in it. meanwhile, it's just a stuffed animal, louis. the power of the mind. >> right on the bottom. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> oh, my god. what is it? why is it moving, bro? oh. oh. oh, my god. what is that? is it eyes. >> what that is, louis is a fluffy toy. and nothing more and that, by the way, is very reminiscent of what we looked like yesterday going through the haunted house,
8:25 am
m erin fehlau. police in the lakes region are searching for a man who prompted laconia yesterday. the incident happened on jewett street. the man was armed with a gun and was threatening to use it. officers removed the young woman from the home, but later discovered the man was not there. they did confiscate a shotgun in several bags of ammunition. the people in the home were not entirely sure what the man' s name was. the principle of al concord high school is stepping down at the end of the year. gene connolly is battling als and he says he knows he will not be able to physically do his job
8:26 am
after june. he was diagnosed last year and has been using an ipad program to speak for him at school this year. outside we go for you right now. really kind of cool shot in meredith. kevin: several views like this across the area. we have the clouds continuing to drift in. we have had a few breaks of the overcast and a little bit of fog that continues to burn off. any sunny breaks we have early are quickly giving way to a thickening of clouds. we are already seeing a few showers pushing into the berkshires. the general motion is southwest to northeast. that will continue was the rainfall develops through the afternoon. the heaviest of which will be focused from late this afternoon through the overnight hours before ending early tomorrow morning. the wind picks up. you will notice the east and southeast breeze into the afternoon and it will be gusting
8:27 am
tomorrow, lower 70'
8:28 am
erin: welcome back, gearing up for our most spook-tacular halloween ever at "gma" and for everyone who can't wait to go trick-or-treating, us included, we have a sweet "top 5" for you this morning. breaking down yahoo! food's top five favorite halloween candies. funnel five, give me a break, break me off a piece of that kit kat bar. >> classic. >> number four, a classic chocolate bar -- >> can't go wrong. >> hershey's. >> oldie but goody. >> chocolate and candy, m&ms.
8:29 am
number two, you're not you when you're hungry. >> i'm still waiting for my favorite. >> give you two take thee for me. what candy do you think is number one? >> my favorite. >> get over here. >> reese's. >> peanut butter cups, the number one candy. >> have a couple more. >> you want some? >> ninja turtles. >> we want to know, everybody -- >> it's just one day. >> that's right. >> an exception. >> thank you. >> one for everybody. we want to know what you think, go to "gma's" facebook page. twitter, as well, tell us your top five and maybe we'll do it. now we got to get inside to michael. i'll save you one, michael. >> all right, thanks, guys. now, besides the candy, the best part of halloween to me is having an excuse to put on a costume and this year i got the chance to dress up early and make my abc prime time debut at the same time so take a look.
8:30 am
>> don't you drop my apples? >> don't adjust your tv screens. that's me, michael strahan, guest starring on this week's episode of "black-ish" or should we call it "gap-ish." >> hey, everybody, i'm on the set of "black-ish." it's their halloween episode and i am playing anthony anderson's cousin june bug and i am the mean cousin, hence the tattoos and all that stuff. everybody thinks anthony and i look alike so we decided to be on this episode together so we person. close-up. let me get into character. let's go. what's up? but before we start rolling some acting advice. courtesy of my co-stars. >> you know, i'm glad i'm here and that thank you for having me because a lot of people think you and i are the same people. >> i'll show them something. my gap has closed. >> and mine -- >> immensely and his has widened immensely. >> i think it's a compliment to
8:31 am
for them to confuse me with this i'll take that any day. >> maybe i ain't going to be happy with -- no, i'm just saying. what are we looking forward to on this halloween show? >> you'll be scary. >> yes. >> very strong. >> yes, keep going. >> very handsome. there's a lot of acting. no -- >> ha, ha. i was feeling good about myself until you did that. you play the mother to four kids on the show. >> yes, yes. >> wow. >> it's amazing. probably one of my favorite parts working with anthony, working with the kids. >> kids everywhere. i even got schooled by the show's pint-sized performers. yeah, you know what, this is my first time on abc prime time. i am so nervous. what kind of advice do you have for me? help me calm down, please. >> okay. so first like take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. and like focus and if you like
8:32 am
mess up on your lines, it's okay to mess up because everybody messes up, even i mess up. even this guy messes up. >> even he messes up? you mess up. >> everyone messes up. >> i don't picture you messing up. do you ever laugh in the middle of the scene. >> sometimes especially working with anthony because, you know, anthony is a too far if i person. he likes to make faces when the camera is not on him. >> woof, woof. >> i bite the side of my tongue and i try not -- >> hmm. so every time i watch and see you like this -- >> i have to make it a little more subtle but yes. >> not like this? "gma," i'm on set. i got to get back to work, make sure to check out "black-ish," all right. this is -- >> mike, get your [ muted ] back to work, man. come on. >> bye. >> the halloween episode of "black-ish" airs tonight at 9:30 right here on abc and believe me, it was a lot of fun. ginger. >> oh, i believe it. can't wait to see you on there,
8:33 am
seems like the ultimate job takeover. now it is time for "gma's" job takeover sponsored by cigna who wants you to know, go and take control of your health and get that annual checkup to lead to a long and productive life. this morning, rachel smith is taking over a cafe specializing in everyone's favorite wake-up drink to wake up the co-owner who to the importance of getting that crucial checkup. >> reporter: it's the energizing fix many crave in the morning and i'm getting the chance to make some of my own. "gma" enlisted me to brew up some joe at melrose umbrella company in los angeles for this job takeover. how long has it been for you to pay the doctor a visit. >> i couldn't even tell you. when i find two free hours i'm not going to make an appointment for a doctor. take a run or take a nap. >> reporter: after he trains me it's time for him to see the doctor. you are getting your checkup at
8:34 am
the sigma mobile wellness van. >> this routine exam thanks to our sponsors cigna encourages >> uh. >> uh. >> uh. >> ahh! >> most people go to the physician when something is broken. that's a problem because there's a lot of things that we can earlier. >> yeah. >> back at the shop, oh, too heavy. my coffee design skills might be slightly off. but zach's checkup seems spot-on. >> amazing. painless, quick and i can just routinely do them. >> reporter: for "good morning america." >> cheers aren't rachel smith, abc news, los angeles. >> all right and now we've got to get to that weather forecast because the rain just starting to come down. wn. it's going to be a rainy and stormy day a lot of the northeast. we thought why not start with a beautiful picture to get out that fall foilage. the high wind warnings and leave leaves could see gusts up to 60
8:35 am
miles per hour and the rain up to 3 inches especially interior new england, up in the poconos kevin: clouds continuing to thicken up early this morning. rain pushing in through the afternoon. heaviest later on this evening through tomorrow morning. 1-2 >> all that weather brought to you by aarp and right back here, he said, i love aarp. amy. >> all right, ginger here with a special guest. we are happy to have crusoe, the celebrity dachshund with us and he's here to celebrate his new book, "crusoe the celebrity dachshund" and joined us with his owner and i was just watching you. you were giving him commands in french. >> yeah. >> he's bilingual. >> that's really impressive. all right. so tell me go how he handles all the attention. he is a celebrity dachshund as we said. >> we like to think that he
8:36 am
you know, he loves to wear his costumes. >> does he love it? a lot of people wonder do dogs like to dress up? >> he's super calm as you can see and he's been wearing sweaters and jacks since he was a puppy because it was cold where we live so a natural progression and does really well. >> we're looking at some of the costumes. he has over 100 costumes. does he have a favorite. >> i wouldn't say a favorite. he likes bat dog because it's pretty cool. >> captain crusoe. >> no, this is his commercial airline. his new halloween costume. >> he a commercial airline pilot although i would be quite concerned if i saw him in the cockpit. i'm just saying. >> oh, my goodness. how do you make -- do you come up with all these costumes yourself, do you buy them, make them. >> a lot are made from scratch or repurposed but i'm not a tailor. they're all glue gun. that's how i work >> that's okay for a dachshund and, you know, it's a special day for crusoe. >> it's his birthday. >> it's his birthday and we have a birthday cake. this is a dog cake. >> what's that?
8:37 am
it's his sixth birthday. >> sixth birthday? happy birthday, crusoe. do you see the dog biscuits right there, crusoe. he's so sweet. maybe you should tell him in french to eat the cake. >> he can have his cake and eat it too. come on crusoe. so the book is amazing. it's a celebration of all of his costumes and all the fun you can have with your dog, correct? "crusoe the celebrity dachshund" is available now and to see more of crusoe, go to on yahoo! coming up, we actually have some real food for us humans. rachael ray cooking up halloween treats next. "gma's" job takeover brought to you by cigna. together, all the way. do you think when you are president
8:38 am
this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
8:39 am
all right, welcome back to "gma," everybody. joined by our good friend rachael ray. give it up for rachael ray and she's got a new cookbook out called "everyone is italian on sunday" and i know am filled with her italian recipes and she celebrates her tenth season on "the rachael ray show." >> double digits. >> thank you, baby. s. ten years with the magazine and husband and i. >> tell us about this cookbook because you said it's the single most important work of my life. what does that mean? >> it was a true labor of love. scrapbook. >> 400 pages of food and drink. i'm all for it. >> you're in.
8:40 am
>> all right, but we have all these halloween decorations you may have noticed. you'll show us how to make your dishes and transform them into spook alicious halloween delights. >> a whole roast cauliflower. take the whole head out and to me that looks like a brain. >> it does very much so. >> cauliflower is very, very good for your brain so we're going to turn this into a perfect treat for halloween with tons of roasted garlic. >> you want me to do anything. >> stir it in. roasted garlic and lots of ricotta cheese. i'll reach around you. >> do what you got to do. >> parmigiano in there. >> thym e. >> little bit f
8:41 am
>> how does it look when we spooshify it? >> this is green cheese called derby sage and we made this green by topping it with green cheddar all over the top. >> wow. >> then we have giant stuffed butternut squash. perfect for thanksgiving. four cheeses but if you want to spookify it. there you go. turn it into pumpkins, stuffed pumpkins with four cheese. >> it smells so good. >> i know, it is good. >> i got to get all the way to the end. this is my husband's recipe for italian bloody marys. >> i'm not mad. nothing wrong with ha. >> if you want to chookify it. whoo. serve it up. all the recipes including that bloody mary mix are online for you guys. >> "everyone is italian on sunday" is available in book stores now. find all those recipes on our website, on yahoo! and thank you, rachael. always great to have you here. >> have a spooky good weekend.
8:42 am
>> spooky good weekend and coming up, harry connick jr. is here performing live. >> whoo. >> that's a good one. "gma's" halloween countdown is brought to you by ihop. bring the kids to wow, that is good delicious introducing milkwise original with 46% fewer calories, 33% less sugar, and 50% more calcium than 2% milk it's great taste and better nutrition new milkwise
8:43 am
we are having some kind of fun with harry connick jr. here this morning. you have a brand-new album that is out. that would be me. is that you? >> that's me. that would be me. >> first of all, please welcome harry connick jr. back to "good morning america." [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> we have been smiling and dancing. >> we have more fun on the commercial breaks, man, i wish y'all could be here for that. >> you, back. >> leaning over the rope trying to touch us. >> once again, get back. i have to thank you again for spending time with us for the katrina special. >> it was an honor for us.
8:44 am
thank you. >> your beloved new orleans. that is so much a part of your soul. tell me about the new music that you have out. >> this music is different for me in that i worked with some producers that i've never worked with before. so we went in the studio. we wrote a bunch of new songs. one of the songs, the one time doing today was written beforehand. it was just a good time. i wanted to make some music that was fun, that people could relate to and -- >> clap your hands. >> clap your hands too, yeah. >> this is new for you. like you said, i mean, you were out of the driver's seat. i appreciate those people who can say, you know what, i'll get outside of my comfort zone. >> it was very uncomfortable. the music wasn't but the process was because i had people saying try this, try that and i'm not used to that in the studio. it was a learning experience. i had to approach it from a different way but it was in the end i'm glad i did it. >> oh, we are so -- have you
8:45 am
>> we are incredible! >> truly. >> i love your band. >> they're the best. >> okay, quiet. anyway, more about me. >> more about you. we love harry connick jr. his brand-new album, "that would be me" is available now. here he is, the television debut of of, oh, gosh, you should be here, "like we do," "like we do." [ applause ] >> are y'all feeling good? people stay together forever in the light of the meaning too no one does "i do" like we do fireworks fade and the fireflies once the honeymoon's through
8:46 am
>> give me a little beat with it now. nobody got this history times and the wild times we've been through nobody got a me like you and i ain't much but this much is true no one does "i do" like we do i tried to keep you guessin' and you till got me confused no one does "i do" like we do everybody turns out the light when the day is through yeah no one does "i do" like we do whoa whoa yeah nobody got a you like me nobody got this history of the good times and the hard
8:47 am
times and the wild times they've been through whoa whoa whoa nobody got a me like you and i ain't much but this much is true no one does "i do" like we do i ain't knockin' what the others got 'cause they got a good thing too no one does "i do" like we do ramblin' down this same ol' road we found something new and no one does "i do" like we do yeah >> come on now. nobody got a you like me
8:48 am
of the good times and the hard times and the wild times we've been through nobody got a me like you and i ain't much but this much is true no one does "i do" like we do no one does "i do" like we do no one does "i do" like we do no one does no one does no one does no one does no one does no one does no one does no one does no one does no one dossier no one does [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much.
8:49 am
nobody got a you like me "gma's" fall concert series is presented by carmax. the bright side of car buying. the good i had no idea snhu had this amazing campus. even the walk to class is amazing. i love the sense of community. people actually hold the doors open for you here. all my professors really know who i am here. they genuinely want you to succeed. i've made so many friends here. friends i know i'll have for life. snhu is the place for me.
8:50 am
this friday you may warn your own eyes for what you're about to see. sure, we've shocked you with the ghosts of halloween past but this year, oh, my goodness. you're stephanopoulos to gasp out lewd.
8:51 am
"gma" halloween friday on abc. >> we were just saying we can hear that song being played at weddings like we do. >> that groove. you don't even realize what >> that's hot. i like it. have a great day. >> now from wmur news 9 --
8:52 am
erin: good morning. a suspect in connection to a shooting in manchester from monday. his name is david chase rondon. this is the suspect. the 26-year-old is wanting for attempted murder for shooting a man in the foot. he is believed to be driving a black nissan maxima with license plate 3657175. he is considered armed and dangerous. call police if you know anything. firefighters spent hours battling a fire at an egg farm on buffam road in monroe this morning. the fire broke out around 2:30 at pete and gerry' s organic egg farm. when crews arrived, they found heavy fire in one of the barns. there is no word on whether any people or animals were injured. we do have video from 2011 where another fire destroyed a
8:53 am
building under construction at that same farm. outside we go for you. how is the weather looking? kevin: at least we start off fairly quiet. temperatures are dropping into the 20' s and 30' s. clouds are slowly increasing and thickening early on. rain showers are already on the doorstep to the southwest. scattered showers are becoming a little more in the way of heavier rain all late this afternoon and this evening -- rainfall late this afternoon and this evening. the rainfall really gets going this afternoon. later tonight, we could have a couple rumbles of thunder. it pulls away early tomorrow morning. before the cold front gets here, temperatures could run into the lower half of the 70' s before we
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