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kevin: a wet and windy system approaches. how much we will see what futurecast ahead. erin: our first look at the defense' s sentencing memo from owen labrie, whose mother is asking for mercy. and who police are looking for after an hours-long standoff in laconia. hear from the woman who' s apartment was at the center of the search. bill: i have seen such good in people that i have never seen before in my life. erin: a sandown boy gone too soon. what 9-year-old christopher chester' s parents said about their son before giving a final goodbye. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire
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now, wmur news 9 at noon. erin: we begin this noon on the storm watch for you. the weather cloudy out there for you right now. we are waiting for rain and gusty winds for unicef or are new, i am erin fehlau. another concern we are keeping -- we' re waiting for rain and gusty winds. good afternoon. i am erin fehlau. another concern we' re watching for is the coast. kevin: localized flooding from that, and maybe around the next high tide coming up around 1:00 a.m. for the rest of us, not a lot of what you are seeing is actually reaching the ground white yet, but the advent air will continue to moisten throughout the atmosphere. we will have much more on this for your forecast coming up in just a few minutes. erin: just into our newsroom
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how the defense team for owen liberty plans to persuade the judge to reconsider his sentence,' s typically the lifelong requirement to register as a sex offender. wmur' s amy coveno is live in our newsroom with the report. amy: yep, here it is very the balkans from letters written by people all across the country, including his own parents. j.w. carney calls on the court to reduce incentives to probation with mandated counseling and community service, writing that anything more would be "cruel." he wrote in part, "owen will be penalized every day for what he did one night as an 18-year-old high school student are: 12 letters are attached to the filing, the longest from his mother, who says her child from an early age expressed a sense of fairness and honesty.
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his father wrote over the last year and a half, his son has completely lost his innocence. the bright, fortunate boy has watched it all vanished. his son has resisted becoming bitter and wants to become a productive member of society. other letters are from friends, both at st. paul' s school and family friends from his youth, all expressing similar sentiments about how mature, sensitive, and special owen labrie is. we will have much more on this starting tonight at 5:00. for now, live in the newsroom, amy coveno, wmur news 9. erin: developments now in commitment 2016 news. it appears congressman rick into -- congressman frank guinta will receive a challenger. m tucker is officially exploring a run. she will join the candidate dan
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innis in the primary field. a run. this noon, 26-year-old robert audette had an arrest warrant issued for felony criminal threatening. police around the apartment was, when officials when inside, s is live. ray: a may have left the area and may even be out of state. meanwhile, the woman who lives in the apartment where he was allegedly hold up is dealing with the aftermath. windows shattered by tear gas canisters serve as reminders of what unfolded at 20 jewett street tuesday afternoon. police surrounded the apartment house after receiving a report that someone inside had threatened another man with a gun, setting in motion a
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standoff that would last for hours. kristen paul was away when the incident began. kristen paul: everyone was all running around saying different things, and it' s my apartment -- no one would tell me what was going on. ray: after firing the tear gas, police entered the apartment and say they found a shotgun and bags of ammo, but no suspect. he had apparently left before police arrived. paul says the suspect had only been staying in her apartment for a few days, but describes him as a nice guy. kristen: he was just my friend' s friend, so he brought his stuff over because he was moving it to his new house. ray: paul says she has no idea where the man disappeared to, but is upset with police and the mess they left behind. she now has a hole in her shower from the tear gas canister, and she' s worried that the chemical residue may have affected her cat. kristen: we had to bring him downstairs to the neighbors house because we couldn' t breathe or anything, so he definitely wouldn' t be able to
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ray: paul says that the man had just moved up from belmont, but only say that is one of many addresses they have for him. if you have any information asked to get in touch with the laconia police department. reporting live in laconia, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: developments in the search murder. police are searching for 26 earl david rondon. he also uses the alias joseph. officials say the 25-year-old victim suffered a serious but his foot. rondon may be driving a black 2015 nissan maxima with new hampshire license plate 3657175. fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused a devastating fire early this morning at pete and gerry' s organic eggs in monroe. thousands of hens died in the fire. this is the same farm where fire destroyed a processing plant
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back in december of 2011. that building was under construction at the time. a day of mourning and remembrance. today, family and friends are saying a final goodbye to a 9-year-old boy known for his smile and generosity. christopher chester died friday night while walking to a neighbor' s house to deliver cookies. wmur' s kristen carosa spoke with christopher' s parents and joins community is reaching out to help. kristen: erin, christopher' s parents found the strength to speak with us about who their son was. they say he was special, someone who always wanted to give to others even at a very young age and now, as you are about to see, the community is now giving back to them. sharen melanson and bill chester are holding onto each other as they grieve the loss of their son. sharen: i think we got the greatest angel in the world and that he picked us. kristen: 9-year-old christopher
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family, the outdoors, his animals, and giving to others. sharon: he wanted to make sure people would smile because he thought that everybody should have a reason to smile. like he did. kristen: last friday, christopher and his dad made cookies for their neighbor. while the were walking down the street to deliver them, christopher fell to the ground. sharon: and he just died right there, and daddy held him and held onto him and tried to bring him back. kristen: they say he died from heart failure. there was nothing anyone could do. and now, as they prepare to lay their son to rest, people from all over new hampshire are reaching out to help. bill: how do we say thank you to people like that? because thank you is not enough, from the bottom of hearts we want to thank people. kristen: a fund was created to help pay for funeral expenses, something that this family needed help with.
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raised. bill: i have seen such good in people that i have never seen before in my life. i really have. it has absolutely restored my faith in humanity. i cannot believe what people have done for us. kristen: bill says that he and sharon are overwhelmed by the response from those around them. he plans on giving back in some way as soon as he can. reporting in the studio, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. erin: heartbreaking and shocking loss for that family. up next at noon, the third republican debate takes way tonight, and the candidate are in final debate prep. the focus of tonight' s faceoff. kevin: rain and wind approaching. it is the change behind that is the air mass in time for the weekend and the trick-or-treating. we have details coming up. erin: plus in today' s cook' s corner, we' re making ravioli
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not much change. but governor bush made a lot of changes. he got the nickname veto corleone. if he saw something in the budget that he thought violated his conservative principles, you could guarantee it was gonna get whacked. he vetoed a bunch of my stuff and i was the senate president. the message to washington, d.c., is 'get ready...' because there will be change. nright to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. erin: in commitment 2016, it' s round three. the republican presidential candidates are gearing up for another debate. this time, the economy will be at center stage as the candidates will be grilled on issues related to jobs and
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the debate comes amid new poll numbers showing dr. ben carson surging past donald trump in iowa. abc' s lana zak has more. lana: the lambs have become lions. mr. kasich: i' ve about had it with these people. lana: establishment candidate john kasich roaring against what he' s calling a crazy election . mr. kasich: i' m done with the being polite and listening to this nonsense. lana: while jeb bush sounding frustrated in recent days -- mr. bush: if this election is about how we' re going to fight to get nothing done, then, i don' t want any part of it. that is a joke. electrons if you want that. -- elect trump if he wants that. lana: and the loudest lion, donald trump, striking a softer tone. mr. trump: please do me a favor, let me win iowa? lana: trump' s lost his top spot carson. in advance of tonight' s debate, less substantive problems and more logistical ones for the
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rand paul campaign -- greenroom drama. a paul staffer tweeted these photos comparing paul' s debate greenroom to trump' s, and then carly fiorina' s hot tub, and marco rubio' s theater. the rnc changed paul' s room, the campaign saying now, "we are very pleased." marco rubio is perhaps having the most fun. mr. rubio: i know i have a debate, but i' ve got to get this fantasy football done. lana: a hometown newspaper blast of the senator for missing 1/3 of his votes. their message in an editorial today -- show up for your existing job or resign. lana zak, abc news, washington. erin: hillary clinton is back in the granite state. she will be speaking at a politics and eggs event at saint anselm college in less than an hour. later tonight, the democratic frontrunner will attend the annual grover cleveland dinner in bartlett. so we are expecting some rain later on?
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behind and the air mass in place for the weekend coming up . erin: all right, you' re forgot 70 great, and then
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>> now, meteorologist kevin forecast. kevin: the next 24 hours to 46 hours brings us a wild swing in our precipitation chances. of the 20' s and 30' s and slowly thickening up the hardcover as we wait for the rainfall to come in the afternoon. a mostly overcast sky come only getting more darker and more threatening as the day goes along as more rainfall continues to inch in from the west. another system climbing it from way towards us. no precipitation yet reaching the ground, but it is close. you see central vermont actually reaching the ground. our borrowed time continues for the next couple of hours, but as you notice, that arm of moisture
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inch northward. as we get into this rainfall later on this afternoon and evening, some pockets of heavier downpours will be a possibility. also, there could be a couple of rumbles of thunder while most of us are asleep tonig. also, we will continue to see the winds, which will angle out of the east, southeast. eventually, a couple of gusts miles an hour along the coast, to read once that moisture moves by, there will be some warmth for a brief amount of time. it looks like temperatures will be in the 60' s, even some low in mid 70' s. here is the rainfall making its way in, we stop the rainfall at the beginning of the evening commute, periods of rain. we will work the way through the evening and overnight hours, showers, maybe even a couple thunderstorms, and some heavier downpours giving of the
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potential of one inch to two inches of rain. we start the day tomorrow with some of that out there, but a lot of that most of our east 8:00, 9:00. a couple of breaks in the overcast, potential for temperatures to go not only in the mid-60' s but the low in the seventh -- low and mid 70' s possibly. once this goes by, back to near normal, cool breeze friday, fair the mid-40' s. watch that chance of rain from southwest to northeast. s. from there, a big jump in temperatures tomorrow after the rainfall winds down early. a cool breeze friday as we slipped back closer to the average. whether you have trick-or-treating fretting over saturday night, both look great let' s head to cook' s corner.
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re making a great fall dish -- ravioli with roasted butternut squash. i do not think there is anything better than butternut squash this time of year. susan nye joins us. susan is a food writer. what are you doing right now? susan: right now, i am drainingsusan: the ravioli. it is a little hot. i am re-warming the butter. this is a very easy get. it looks spectacular, it tastes wonderful, and you can do it all in minutes. erin: this butternut squash is not in the pasta. susan: no. erin: and i have butternut squash, which i roasted in advance, and i just dollop that on. erin: what you have in there with it? susan: to be special, i ground up some bacon. these watches roasted in bacon fat and vinegar, and i used
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use balsamic vinegar. there is a little bit of onion and some thyme and some sage. what i have got going on here is have to do is cook the butter and then i will add just a little bit more thyme and sage and just swirl that around so it warms up. and to make it more special, put a little cognac in, and just swirl that around again so it gets nice and flavorful. and then i just spoon it, and this recipe is on my blog at the butter has that nutty taste when it browns. he wants be careful because you do not want to run it. then i take the nice little pieces of goat cheese.
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erin: i know you have roasted hazelnuts, is that right? susan: i toasted some hazelnuts, and then i throw some hazelnuts on. if you are vegetarian, you do not have to do the bacon, and you can just roasted the squash in olive oil and vinegar, but, you know, a lot of people will tell you, you cannot have too much bacon. erin: [laughs] susan: and then i sprinkle some bacon on tiered and then to give it a little bit of color -- erin: you put some chives on top. susan: i was some chives on talk. you can find this and other butternut squash recipes and pumpkin recipes just in time for halloween at my blog. erin: austin, thank you so much. beautiful.
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erin: here is something pretty sweet. it is national chocolate day. get your sweet tooth ready just in time for halloween. still trying to figure out your trick or treat schedule? we' ve got you covered. check out for a full
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listing of times by town. kevin: yeah, it should be nice for either night, whether friday night or saturday night or trick-or-treating. looking fantastic. erin: fantastic. starting tonight at 5:00, there' s a new way to enjoy a walk through southern new hampshire. we' ll take you along the new connection between two rail trails. and news 9 sits down with hillary clinton for a one-on-one interview. that does it for us. thanks for joining us, and have
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